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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 18, 2018 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning, not fully informed. that's what white house chief of staff john kelly is now sayabous on immigration and the border wall. this morning, wt kelly's hill and the looming government shutdown. flu fears growing. this morning the rising death toll and one poremother's angui >> i was supposed to protect my kids and i couldn't protect him. >> her seemingly healthy 12-year-old dying from flu symptoms two days after getting sick at dinner. what doctors want every parent to know. double trouble. customers of a major bank seeing red finding their accounts drained. why they were charged twice for bills. plus, this home on the brink as the ground below crumbles. new details on tom brady's hand
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injury and the audio tattoo. how this body art can talk to you. we do say good morning on this thursday and tart with the battle over immigration pushing the government to the brink. >> as congress scrams bles to reach a deal john kelly says the president's views are evolving on issues like the d.r.e.a.m.ers and the border wall. abc's megan hughes has the latest. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, diane and kendis. this time line is getting tight. the government is currently operating on its third temporary funding extension at this hour. it's unclear if there are enough votes to pass a fourth. with a potential government shutdown imminent president trump on capitol hill had little to say about an immigration deal. >> we're working on it. >> reporter: but elsewhere at
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the capitol tears and protests from some of the nearly 800,000 undocumented immigrants brought here as children known as d.r.e.a.m.ers and mitch mcconnell pointed the finger directly at the president for why there was no deal in i'm looking for something that president trump supports. as soon as we figure out what he is for, then i would be convinced that we were not just spinning our wheels. >> reporter: the president rejecting a bipartisan senate proposal calling it horrible and very, very weak. but a little over a week ago, trump brought in cameras to witness him negotiating with republicans and democrats. >> what about a clean daca bill now with the commitment that we go into a comprehensive immigration reform to procedure? >> i have no problem -- i think that's basically what dick is saying. we'll come out with daca. >> reporter: one sticking point, the border wall. kelly telling fox news president trump's campaign promises were not fully formed. >> it's been an evolutionary
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process he's gone through as a campaign and pointed out to all members they all say things during the course of campaigns that may be hard to do. >> reporter: it's a one-month funding extension that doesn't address immigration. if it does not pass the government shutdown starts at midnight friday. diane, kendis. >> that's megan hughes from washington, thank you. meanwhile, in a separate development the trump administration is making a move to ban haigs from getting seasonal working visas citing concerns about fraud and abuse. people from belize and so samoa are also being targeted. bannon could return to capitol hill as early as today. he was also hit with a congressional subpoena for refusing to answer questions about his time while working for president trump. the white house confirms bannon's attorney consulted with
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the administration as he was being questioned but insists they have nothing to hide. and the website axios reports he had conversations with reince priebus and sean spicer about donald trump jr.'s meeting with the rugs in trump tower. we have new details about a 25-year-old american identified as an isis commander. his mother confirms to a philadelphia tv station her son traveled to syria to join isis. he appeared in a propaganda video last may calling for lone wolf attacks in the u.s. his mother says he, quote, hated people at the mosque he attended in new jersey but she says he never talked about terrorism before he traveled to syria and they haven't spoken for about a year. north and south korea are finding common ground as the olympics approach. athletes from both sides will march together under one flag during the opening ceremony. and after three rounds of talks the north and south have agreed to form a joint women's hockey team, an olympic first for the two koreas.
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the southern california parents accused of holding their 13 children captive are expected in court today and we're learning more about that family. the mother there, louise turpin, her sister, a former neighbor said the children marched single file anywhere they went and another neighbor claims he often saw the children marching in their home for several hours in the middle of the night. >> that record blast of cold is not quite finished with the south with hard freeze and ndchill effect from texas to florida. right now the effects of the storm are lingering with most schools and government facilities closed yet again today. with the death toll rising, pleh people to stay off the icy roads. abc's maggie rulli with more. >> reporter: from the gulf coast to the northeast, the storm responsible for at least ten deaths including an 8-month-old child who perished after this car outside new orleans crashed into a canal. this icy highway in houston a parking lot. drivers stuck for hours, opting to get off the road by going the
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wrong way on an entrance ramp. >> people are turning off the freeway because they are stuck. >> reporter: police warning if you crash, do not get out of your vehicle. a driver was killed after he walked out of this wreck on interstate 45. in metro atlanta nearly 3 inches of snow, government offices and schools are closed thursday. in nearby peachtree city residents are soaking it all in. >> it's rare here. this is the second time this year we've had snow. most years we don't get any so this is great fun. >> reporter: the storm sparing no one. not even dale earnhardt jr. the nascar legend striking a tree just minutes after he helped a famrive thrgh a snow covered road. richmond, virginia, this man's jeep flipped over and got stuck in a snowbank. the snow may be clearing up but the cold has only just started. behind this massive storm is another blast of arctic air that will bring cold temperatures to the midwest, south and here in the northeast. maggie rulli, abc news, new
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york. maggie, thank you. a closer look at your forecast for this thursday morning. >> good morning. well, the cold continues over the southeast, even though the snow and ice is moving away. still talking about slippery conditions and there will be some melting today. another concern is refreezing as we talk about the overnight hours. but, again, temperatures running below normal then they will stay below normal throughout the northeast and movingut o as weenture into friday.m jather f. still ahead the mistake at a major bank draining people's accounts. also ahead a facebook selfie leads to an arrest in a high-profile crime after police find the murder weapon in the picture. and airline passengers preparing for the worst bracing themselves, the video from
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inside an emergency landing.
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we're back with video of a home in malibu, california, threatened bylandslide. you can see there beneath the house crumbling. the owners are not being allowed back inside. maki mters worse rain is in the forecast today and that could cause even more erosion. u.s. border patrol agents are being accused of routinely vandalizing water left for migrants in the desert. two humanitarian groups are making the accusation and releasing this video not verified by abc news but claim agents sabotaged the water to deter people from crossing into the u.s. in a statement, patrol said it does not behavio committed to ensuring the safety of all individuals.
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prosecutors are looking for evidence that the murder of a gay college student in southern california may have been a hate crime. 20-year-old samuel woodward is accused of stabbing blaze bernstein and burying his body in a park. the court filing obtained by the orange county register said woodward told investigators he got angry after bernstein kissed him the night they visited the park together. a canadian woman was convicted of killing her friend after police spotted the murder weapon on a selfie on her facebook page. brittany was found strangled the same day this was posted. they fond the belt in the selfie near the body and say she used it to strangle her friend. antuan has been sensed to seven years behind bars. thousands of customers are wells fargo have been criticizing the bank on somebody after an apparent malfunction with the company's automatic bill pay service. many said the bank double dipped into their accounts charging them twice for scheduled
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payments. customers report waiting for an hour or longer on the bank's customer service line. wells fargo says it's working to fix the issue. apple is promising to create 20,000 jobs in the u.s. the company says as a result of president trump's tax overhaul, it's making a tax payment as well of $38 billion on its overseas profits. it'll also invest another 30 billion in capital spending right here at home to create jobs and build another campus in the u.s. no word on the location as yet but apple's ceo tells abc news the campus will not be in california or texas. when we come back inside an emergency landing as passengers are told to brace. also ahead, flu cases spiking and killing healthy people. the hardest hit areas and places with hidden germs that you should avoid. the big surprise formotiona.
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brace. >> tense moments inside this commuter jet greated by american airlines as the crew prepared for an emergency landing in dallas. all of this because of smoke in that cockpit. passengers were told to brace. they eventually landed safely. the smoke was blamed on a problem with a fan. well, with america in the grip of one of the worst influenza outbreaks in recent years researchers hope they're finally closing in on stronger flu shots. >> they can't come too soon. one of the youngest victims, in fact, did get a flu shot but it wasn't enough to save his life. this morning, the number of flu cases continue to spike from coast to coast. >> this seems to be the worst flu season we've had in 10 to 15 years. >> reporter: the epidemic is hitting california particularly hard. there are already 142 flu-related deaths this season in san diego county. 51 of them were reported just last week. across the country there are numerous reports of healthy people suddenly dying from
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flu-related complications including a marathon runner and mother of three, a body builder and more recently a 12-year-old. >> -- i still can't believe it. i really can't. >> reporter: michael messenger's mother found him nearly unconscious in his room just 48 hours after suffering from flu-like symptoms. >> when i came into his room he was -- he was kind of on the floor. his eyes were open and he was looking at me. the only way i can describe the way he looked he looked like a fish out of water. a fish trying to breathe. >> reporter: dr. there's no exp why they're dying from the flu but underscores the importance of vaccinations and getting sick people to the hospital right away. >> there is medication that can be given h to at least shorten the course and severity but knees to be given within the first 48 hours of symptoms. >> reporter: this season could
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linger for another 13 weeks but there are precautions you can take. experts advise trying not to touch certain things where germs likely hang out such as the coffee station and water cooler at work. door handles and elevator buttons. exercise equipment at the gym and even salt and pepper shakers. and there is another piece of equipment you should avoid. this one is a big of a head scratcher. soap dispensers. an estimated 1 in 4 dispensers in public bathrooms are contaminated with bacteria. of course, one of the big pieces of advice is wash your hands. in a new interview president trump is commenting on his latest medical exam which found him in good health but on the verge of obesity. he says he gets more exercise than people think because all the walking he does between meetings in the west wing. he also seemed to defend not going to the gym saying he knows people who had to get knee and hip replacements in their 50s and he's never had to do that. so, the british government has appointed what they're calling a minister of loneliness
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to raise awareness about how a lack of social interaction can endanger your health. a recent study found loneliness is as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and the proem is getti worse as we live longer and social media and other technology leaves some people feeling more a new hope. the report commissioned by the government is recommending all stat blood alcohol level 0.08 or from 08 to 0.05. they recommend raising taxes on alcohol, more than 10,000 people are killed in drunk driving crashes every year. to sports and nba has suspended two players from the houston rockets for entering the clippers locker room after things got heated during monday's game. trevor ariza and gerald green are suspended for two games. james harden and chris paul only defused the situation so they, the stars there, they won't be punished. in football the steelers and
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jets have now parted ways with their offensive coordinators and, remember, this referee who famously used an index card to measure a first down, he's gene stereter and now chosen as the referee for the super bowl. >> i like his moves. it was a big reveal that's been a year in the making for a graf in louisville, kentucky. cameron deadman began secretly restoring his graf's classic '57 chevy last year, the car fred lamar drove every day when his kids were young but for the past 30mothballed in the garage until the surprise reveal for his 81st birthday. take a look. >> take it off, pop. take it off. >> oh, my goodness. oh. oh. [ cheers and applause ] >> can't look at that and not smile. they're already making plans to visit car shows later this year.
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my doctor recommended i switch to miralax.on, stimulant laxatives make your body go by forcefully stimulating the nerves in your colon. miralax is different. it works with the water in your body to hydrate and soften. unblocking your system naturally. miralax. ♪ okay, so "the pulse" will start with lots of questions about patriots quarterback tom brady. he's now nursing some sort of injury to his throwing hand. >> oh, brady reportedly jammed his hand during practice when a teammate accidentally ran into him. media reports say an x-ray showed no structural damage. sources tell espn that brady should be okay for the big game on sunday on twitter fans were offering their own hands to give to brady
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and some said all the rings injured his hand. a discovery underground. >> they revealed the largest flooded cave system spanning 260 miles of subterranean caverns. >> the scientists say the immense cave system is an important archaeological find that could reveal lost secrets of the ancient mayan civilization including the remains of artifacts and graves. >> interesting. people are now getting tattoos that can speak to them. >> all right. so here's how it works. uplowndes any sound clip called skin motion. an artist takes the sound wave from the app and makes a tattoo out of that. >> it's cool. if you scan the tattoo with the app the associated audio clip is played for one man it was a chance to keep a voice mail from his grandmother who recently passed away. >> hey, brian, this is grandma. see you later, babe. >> ah.
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4:27 a.m., truss, -- thursday morning. two people suffered minor injuries in an overnight house fire. a man eating a swanned -- sandwich is the target of a gunman who unloaded 20 shots. sky6 live hd looking at center city skyline, very chilly this morning, david murphy is tracking warmer weather in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. a look at the roads and problems at septa stations with youngsters over the last few days, a live report next. it's warming up in the northeast but another day of frigid conditions in the deep south as
4:28 am
far as florida. finally this morning, the story behind a viral video shot during a one-on-one basketball game in maryland. >> the game matched a young man and a police officer. amy o'bear in washington has details. >> oh, yes. objection! oh! oh! oh, my god. whoo! get him out of here. >> reporter: the voice behind in viral video still in shoc >> i see him go between the legs, behind the back a couple of types and said if he throw this ball over the head it's going to be crazy and he did it and i was like, man, the whole place went crazy. >> for cory little watching it it doesn't get old. >> i was like, n,o see what's going to happen owe started recording. >> reporter: the 21-year-old says they've played basketball
4:29 am
with the officer before. they knew he had talent. >> i played one-on-one one time. he's a prett solid dude. >> reporter: howard county police officer doesn't want to be identified but his department says it's this kind of activity that is at the heart of community policing. >> an officer who engages the people that he serves, wants to be around them. talk with them, get to know them and have those kids get to know him in a comfortable environment and that's really the goal. >> a slam dunk of sorts for creating those relationships the department calls crucial. >> pretty cool to have an officer coming in just play basketball with us and kick it with us and stuff like that. >> reporter: with millions of views it's a move and a story shared all over. in howard county, amy o'bear, abc news. >> his reaction is priceless. i love that. >> the kid who shot the video says he's watched it more times than he wishes to admit and still in shock. >> i have watched it more times than i would like to admit. >> that's
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>> good morning everyone, 4:30 a.m., thursday, january 18. >> breaking this morning fire breaks out at a philadelphia rooming house injuring two people. squabbles among teenagers two days in a relieves among sta riders. bars and restaurants get ready for the championship game. >> it's cold out there. >> reporter: we warned you about it, so hopefully you're ready. let's get you to


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