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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 23, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." >> he's the man in the middle of three women, including -- >> his mother-in-law. >> see what has the ladies duking it out. >> ain't no man ever been that good. there's a big surprise in the box. the moment you know it's so much better than that. it's a flying bathtub on a much-needed mission. somewhere, the wright brothers are watching this. why grocery shopping has never been so cool. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the web. including the exciting night ahead for this woman. >> headed on a blind date. >> see if you can spot the secret she's hiding in plain sight. >> i have a hunch there's going to be no second date. terrible people being
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terrible. local mma gym, what we should start calling them, play gyms where all the kids like to play. >> this looked so colorful i thought it was a cartoon at first. >> if only it was a cartoon. what's happening in fact is some kids 4, 5-year-old kids playing, don't really know each other, getting into a teenie, tiny bit of a tussle. the mother of one of the kids decides i'm having none of that, storming over, grabs that kid, yanks it out onto the floor. the grandmother comes in and watch this, boom! yes, yes, use your words. use your words, kids, unless you're adults in the room, use a toy car and smack another woman in the face. >> i'm sorry, if someone does that to my kid i'm not taking it easy. >> credit to grandma in blue that doesn't continue to escalate the situation, even in the face of such brazen violence and shoving, until it does eventually calm down. the lady in the pink needs to sit in time-out for a little while. >> she was a bar brawler in her past life.
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the next video vird many viewings to fully get my head around just what's going on. >> is the guy trying to break up the fight between these two women? >> you are pretty close. the woman in white is the girlfriend that he's protecting. the woman in black is the wife, trying to get at the girlfriend, and the lady in the purple hat is his mother-in-law. >> right. >> ooh. >> so while initially it looked like he was trying to get at the woman in white he's trying to protect her. >> that's adding insult to injury. not only are you cheating on your wife, now you're protecting the mistress instead of your wife. >> what a dirt bag. >> he's mad he got caught. they are all looney toons. ain't no man ever been that good. ♪ this family is gathered around watching carlos open his
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gifts. >> carlos and the rat tail, bringing it back to 19 2. >> something tells me he's a fan of that era. the first gift appears to be some tennis shoes. >> oh, wow. >> tennis shoes or boxer shoes? i feel like this has something to do with world cup, you know? i don't believe it. >> oh. >> looks like they've been sneaking with the sneakers. looks like he's opening a cd. no wonder he's so confused. >> what is this? >> no, no, no, no, no. this kid knows what's up. he looks up and he smiles. because it's not just any cd. he really loves it. now he opens up the cd case. >> what's this? >> he's a little bit stunned at first. >> what does it say? >> what does it say? >> he can't even tell you what it says because he really, really, really, really wanted
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this. those are tickets to the bruno mars concert. hey! >> 24 carat magic. >> yes and his uncle bought him the tickets. he told carlos the tickets were sold out. he told carlos since he couldn't get tickets into the concert, the two would enjoy the concert from outside in the car and just have dinner there and carlos was okay with it. >> well he's going to really enjoy it now. >> i'm pretty sure luke is a favorite uncle. in my opinion, he gets uncle of the year. dream it, build it, do it. that's what the real life guys are all about. you may remember a while back we saw a flying bathtub that they had built. today it's time to go shopping and why would you take your nice car, when you could take your flying bathtub? our guy gets into his bathtub and takes flight. >> there is a distressing amount
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there, their invention. >> all they did was build the framework to carry the motors and the batteries. the bathtub is really a cockpit for him. you cannot deny that it works and it works well. >> somewhere the wright brothers are watching this going, where he's going? >> they're going, "you're welcome. ". >> they are flying this thing outside at a pretty decent altitude. they're really going to take this thing and shop it. >> are they going to load it up with groceries? >> not exactly load it up because weight is still an issue here. >> guys don't fail me now. >> they fly low and slow over this field, kick up a little bit of water just for fun and fly over to this little bakery. could you imagine being at the bakery and seeing a bathtub flying in? walks in, looks at the delicious baked goods, has the lady pack
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it up, gets back outside, throws the sandwich in into his bathtub, gets seated again and up and away they go. it's ridiculous. it looks sketchy, but it works. larry gomez has a special tower. >> i am the hairiest guy in the world. >> this video put together by the wizard of odd. he's getting a lot of attention because is he very hairy, almost 100% of his body is covered in hair, and as you can see, his face is completely covered by it. he's got a condition known as hypertycosis, also known as werewolf syndrome. >> since childhood or grown over the years? >> he's grown up like this. he and his brother grew up working in the circus, he says. if you're thinking that this is a bad thing for him, unh-uh. >> he's one of the hairiest guys in the world, being for me makes
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me special and famous, too. so why not? >> as he says in the video, not only has it actually allowed him to make a living out of his condition, he has a business, j&j's jumpers and party supplies where he sets up jumpers and different parties and also worked at a circus and doesn't hate it. >> i try to do all stuff in my life. i work in the circus, i do movies, i do commercials, i do jobs. >> as you can see it's not stopping him. he's using this as a positive in his life and the best part is that if you're wondering if he found love, oh he's found love. he used to be married. divorced, and then found his new wife when he was looking for a room to rent. he found the room to rent at this lady's house. he just never moved out. >> oh! that's how you get out of paying rent, you marry the girl. >> he says he's very happy, he
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says it feels like a honeymoon every day of his life. so he's living the dream, man. an example of why -- >> you really shouldn't speed and try to overtake someone. >> what happens when things on the road spin out of control. >> whoa! and a couple is having fun hanging with the penguins. >> but mr. goofy penguin over here is actually being serious. >> the romantic twist sure to drive her wild. >> all the other penguins around were like, i wish i had these. >> brought to you by progressive. drivers who switch to progressive can save an average of $620. it's me. jamie. i'm not good with names. celeste! i trained you. we share a locker. -moose man! -yo. he gets two name your price tools. he gets two? i literally coined the phrase, "we give you coverage options based on your budget." -that's me. -jamie!
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closed captioning provided by -- gold bond eczema relief relieves five frustrating symptoms of eczema. my skin's back. when you're driving a big truck, you have a big responsible especially if you're on the roadway, because other people are there, too. this guy all he needed to do was simply stay awake, but he doesn't. you could see he's drifting from one side of the roadway to the other. >> whoa, he's over it! oh, no! oh, crikey! >> you guys, he crossed the median, but this keeps going for miles. you could see he's driving on the other side of the road. he crossed that median. you see other cars coming
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directly at them. getting over just in the knick of time. >> is he still asleep? >> yes. >> sleepy or stupid now. >> according to police, at one point he must have woken up. he didn't stop. he keeps going. could you tell this man is awake. at this point he's staying in the lane. you see other cars moving over, some at the last minute. >> how is he still awake. >> this man continues in the same lane, he does not get over until right about here but you see right here, the other traffic on the roadway slows down and allows him to turn, and to get over, and watch what happens next. and it's still the wrong direction. >> wow. >> how does this guy get a license to drive a big truck. >> it needs to be revoked after this. >> how no one is killed is ridiculous. >> the man collided with another vehicle and that man suffered long-lasting injuries.
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this man was sentenced to nine months for dangerous driving. it shows how you shouldn't speed and try to overtake someone. >> whoa! >> that silver car looks like it ran right into part of that bridge, which is made of concrete, but notice, the front of that car messed up completely. according to the person who posted this video, the driver of the bmw had to pay a fine for causing this accident. this last one it's not people who really got hurt in this, but they could have. it's the christmas tree. >> whoa. >> i was about to say there's a kr christmas tree on the road. >> you can see after it's hit there's still a lot of volume. look at the rear dash cam video. >> kind of like has one of those little air fresheners. you know had it to smell good. >> like piney fresh. >> yeah. that's laura and justin. they're in argentina and they're behind packed perfectly, an interactive digital travel
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magazine and on this day visiting with the penguins in this region. apparently it's the last stop before actually getting to an art ka. they'd be really cute to dress up at penguins and do the script to promote their journey. >> morgan freeman doing the voiceover. >> at this point she's thinking they're recording a practice run for their project but he's reading his script. she starts acting goofy. >> laura. you're laughing. >> how cute. >> she's improvising. but mr. goofy penguin over here is actually being serious. he hands her the note, takes out a ring. >> are you serious? >> he gets down on one knee and she realizes he really is proposing. >> at that moment all the other penguins around are like, i wish i had knees. look at that guy over there, he's got knees. >> she does say yes, jumps on
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him and gives him a big hug. >> i'm going to live happily ever after, in cold, winter, brutal wind. look, i'm english. >> yes. >> you guys have terrible morgan freeman voice. >> i'll have to work on that. this is the most precious thing you'll see all day. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, rigging up a bouncy house for some sledding fun. >> and down the slope they go. >> see how the party staple makes for an epic run. plus steve-o decided to find a four-legged friend to tag along on his expedition. >> none of them wanted anything to do with me, until i met wendy. >> but see why he ended up finding a forever adventure buddy instead. >> he's like, you mad. let's go.
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one of them, you'd be strong. he's been in peru for a couple of weeks taking part in a show you can watch on youtube red, ultimate expedition. they're taking a bunch of celebs and youtubers and teaching them how to climb a mountain. >> i wanted to find a street dog to be my companion. on my first day i bought a couple bags of dog food and i went around trying to feed dogs. >> he wasn't getting much log. lot of dogs skittish, not sure. none of them wanted anything to do with me until i met wendy. here, pretty girl. hello. who is the sweetest girl? >> they quickly made friends. >> i thought i'd never see her again but later that night we went out to a restaurant and when we came out, wendy appeared with a whole bunch of friendly dogs. >> wow. that's funny. >> started making his way back to the hoe tell. he wasn't alone. >> we've been walking for 20 minutes. >> gets back to the hotel, let's sneak the dog inside.
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makes its way through the lobby, up the stairs, almost to the room. busted. >> dogs are not allowed in this facility. >> but does eventually get leew leeway. >> we'll give her a bath and that's the end of that. >> okay. >> okay, cool. >> so steve-o and gus jumped in the bath together. >> that is so friggin' cool, making me so happy. >>ed whenny clean. steve-o sets up a tent downstairs outside at the hotel, so that he can sleep with wendy. >> they say you don't choose the dog, the dog chooses you. wendy's like, you mine, let's go. >> the very next day i took her to the vet. >> wendy got the flea, dewormed, the lot. >> no street dog anymore. mwah! >> they spent two and a half weeks in the mountains of peru having fun. but -- >> she's already got a flight to l.a. and like that i'm going to make her a service animal and buy her a ticket on every irplane and bring her everywhere
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i go. >> you have folks like me itching. >> steve-o has completely changed the way i see him. in this case his heart was so open and this adorable story of steve-o and wendy coming together and having a happy ending i love it. watch ultimate expedition, it landed on youtube last week, you can go online and stream the whole thing. only devin supertramp own his team can take a very mundane jumpy castle that you usually see at kids birthday parties and make it insanely epic. >> oh. >> down the slope they go. >> you'd be worried about this thinking maybe you need an air bag but you're riding in one giant air bag. you'll be fine. >> they still have helmets on. >> they're not just riding the castle down, they're also doing the jenga challenge. while in the castle they'll try
2:53 pm
to play jenga. >> even just setting up the game would be impossibly. >> nevertheless it's still a ton of fun. especially when they hit the mounds and get knocked all over the place. >> this is the adult way to do the bouncy house. >> don't try this at home. if you have one of these at your birthday party, leave it where it is on your driveway. >> this should be an olympic sport. a woman's all dressed up for her blind date. >> the date looks to be going well and now the time has come for her to start talking about her clothing. >> see why what she's wearing o do it
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before the police shut him down. jen the body painter is popular on youtube for painting her clothes on. this time she decided to paint her friend, maria. >> she's very good at it.
2:56 pm
her outfits are very convincing. >> this one is as well. notice she paints on gray pants and a black tank top. they painted flowers on the top, added sequins. she's ready for a night out on the town. >> clubbing in that? >> no, no, no, no she's headed on a blind date. >> is the guy actually blind? he's going to have to be to not notice this. >> that's the whole thing. they want to see if he notices and how he'll respond. she gets there, they greet each other. >> he'll charm the pants off her. >> her friends are sitting next to them and he has no idea. the day looks to be going well and the time has come for her to start talking about her clothing or lack thereof. he says those look a little tight. she says it's tight because it's painted on. >> it's actually skin tight to be exact. >> i think he's taking it well. >> i think he's taking it well. the girl sitting in front of you
2:57 pm
basically naked of course he's taking it well. >> he could be mature and taking it well, but now they ask the waiter -- he's like, oh, if it works for you, works for me. she tells him she feels clothed. >> i think who helps are the rhine stones they put around her corset to make it look like the stones are part of
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well, look at this! if it isn't our star reporter! oh, hi, olivia! mm. ned. lulu. i heard about spencer's accident. how's he doing -- okay? my mother is with him now. she's been in grenoble for about five minutes, and spencer is itching to take his casts off -- literally and figuratively. -[ laughs ] well, i certainly admire your mother's devotion to spencer, but i kind of hate to see her drop out of the mayor's race. i was looking forward to the campaign. i bet! at least now you won't have to write a concession speech. [ chuckles ] [ sighs ] don't take it personally. i choose to look at it this way. no matter what happens, your husband will be the next mayor of port charles. oh, come here. ♪ i'm not sure what worries me more -- that you were asphyxiated almost or that your landlord is messing with you


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