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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 1, 2018 2:40am-4:00am EST

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coffee table with built in cooler or planter.
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>> that is gorgeous. >> pretty neat ideas. dearly beloved we are gathered here in a village ceremony in india for the marriage of abonnie muda. >> she's a little young. >> she's a little young and about to be married to this puppy. >> that man is a real dog. >> they had two possible grooms but the one you see there is the one that was chosen. this is a tradition practiced by some people in this village because the baby was ceremonially married to this puppy to ward off bad omen. they think all the evil on the baby will be cast on the dog. >> i don't know why they hate dogs so much. that is so unfair. the dog is like, oh, cool, a party. wait, what? i'm like an evil sucker? >> the practice is popular but community leaders are not big fans of it. they think people should not be doing this, but as you can see, they do have the bride, and you have the puppy right next to her, and the puppy's family is also there, you see two other pups there.
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the interesting thing -- >> the interesting thing is everything. >> the reason why they say they wanted to ward off the bad omen, the bad omen the baby started teething and her teeth started coming from the top instead of the bottom and that is seen as a bad omen, that is why they did the ceremony. >> that's so twisted. >> and again, this is something that they do to ward off evil. now, they may think the stuff we do to ward off evil is just as weird. >> it is. [ cheers ] >> we have so many comments just none of them are going to make it on to very wetelevision. >> nope. at the end the little girl went back to live with her parents and the little dog was released back into the streets to be with his animal family. thanks for hanging with us today. we appreciat
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you're watching a dramatic dash camvideo. he was emergency. even losing a wheel with sparks flying. after two more hard slams into the concrete median, he over. officers learned he was diabetic and called for an ambulance. after a spy satellite last
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month, spacex has launched another one. this one looking successful and it's for the government of luxembourg. it blasted off from cape canaveral yesterday afternoon. the rocket booster splashed down about nine minutes after the launch. >> good stuff. turning to an alarming number of growing deaths off the coast of hawaii. they're looking into nine drowning deaths of less than two weeks all near the same area. >> a dramatic spike in drowning deaths off several maui beaches that officials are calling unprecedented. nine dead in less than two weeks and according to authorities five of those tourists snorkeling in the picturesque waters. 50-year-old from the bay area was snorkeling by himself that was just knee deep. when bistanders noticed him
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facedown in the water. they say 17 visitors who are snorkeling drown every year on average. >> stay close together, watch if somebody wants to dive down under water, somebody should stay on the surface. >> reporter: experts say swimmers should know their limits, take frequent breaks and get out of the water when you know you're comfortable and recommend getting fitted for your snorkel and mask before vacation. often times it doesn't fit properly on site. abc news, san francisco. >> good tips to know ahead of the mass vacation season. what's it like to be a young girl in today's world? >> a panel of experts weigh in while their parents watch, including how they feel about boys verses girls. a breakthrough moisturizer whipped for instant absorption feel a light-as-air finish in a flash new olay whips
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a lot of trump-themed books there. >> a lot of trump-themes in the edhadlines. parents raising girls have a lot of difficult issues to deal with. >> we sat down with some 7 to 10-year-old girls to find out what it really means to be a girl in today's world. >> reporter: when you say somebody and a girl, what does that mean? >> well, for the people who think boys and girls are different, i bet they would say girls like pink and they like the wear dresses. >> reporter: do you feel like boys and girls are better? >> maybe i will say i don't like what he's doing and if he could stop it. >> girls are just the same as
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boys are. >> reporter: the girls' parents and psychologist david anderson. they had a clear sense of boys and girls being equal. >> for they may believe there's certain things girls can do or aren't supposed to. >> reporter: if somebody was being mean to your friend, would you stand up? >> i might say can you please be nicer. i did it for my sister once. it felt good. >> when we ask boys the same question, the answer was if it comes to it, we may have to get physical. but for the girls on the panel, you didn't get a single answer that involved going to someone's space. >> reporter: in fact that may be one of the critical rights young girls are learning at this critical age. what if somebody is giving you a
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hug, what can you do. ? >> you don't know if they have lice -- >> even with had it kids mention lice, they say that was developmentally appropriate because they were happy that was one of the biggest threats they were thinking about. you've done a pretty good job keeping your kid protected. >> reporter: these girls are already imagining the future. what does it mean to be a powerful woman? >> maybe be strong. >> don't show off and just do it. >> it's not like there's a superhero or anything. they feel good about themselves and they -- they're just strong. >> reporter: and when their parents joined in, no embarra embarrassment here, only pride on both sides. >> i taught it was really wonderful to just thaer girls talk about how girls are equal to boys and in my day and age if
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i had been interviewed, the answers would have been so across the board. >> reporter: what's the hardest thing about raising strong girls that there going to grow up to be strong, good women? >> at a younger age it's mommy and daddy. now it's more my friends are doing this. my friends are showing me this sort of thing. >> reporter: as it kids get older, parents as role models fade in power and there get to be different social pressures which is where we want these ideals to stay. >> they're growing up in an era of confident women and i think that's the biggest gift we can give to our girls. >> i could have just given you my journal growing up as a young lady. >> what it's like to be a girl. >> they kept putting it in there. what's it like to be a girl? let me tell you. >> good to see strong young girls ready to turn into strong
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it's starting to get weird. well, now it's weird science specifically. we're go tag start things off with objects that may be taking our jobs soon, starting off with a killer whale. so scientists have demonstrated for the first time that orcas may be a able to learn how to talk. a killer whale in france has learned how to say amy, bye-bye and one, two, three. >> really? is that what it's saying right there? >> so it's not perfect but they say they are recognizable, especially when she says amy,
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which is the name of thestru s t instructor. she probably doesn't know what she's saying but is able to mimic the language. >> as long as she doesinantterpret any of them as i'm going to attack. those are all calming words. >> she hasn't learned to read a teleprompter yet. somebody who has, meet it lovely erica. erica's it one on the right. erica is a life-like android anchor in japan. she's meant to look like a 23-year-old and may soon become the tv news anchor of the future in japan. what say you? >> you know i can't move my arms or legs so all i can really do is sit here and look pretty. sometimes it's good to be a robot because if i do make a mistake i can blame it on my programmers, ha-ha.
2:57 am
>> similar to us. >> probably got better dance moves than you do. >> that's true. we just blame it on our producers when we screw up, which is often. she can recite scripted writing and sit in a chair, look pretty and she can move around like a real anchor. >> so it's the end of days for us. but we may not be alone, my friend. the earth polls may be trying to flip. they say experts are warning reversal could cause widespread blackouts if it happens. the magnetic field has weakened and that could be a sign the north and south poles are about to flip. pandemonium. >> maybe we'll be around for it and for the next time we have a blood moon. >> a super blue blood moon that is. >> these are some of the pictures we saw all around the place. that one of the super blue blood moon.
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this morning on "abc news now" the deadly train crash. >> tearing it into two. investigators are now on the scene and new details just coming in. new details surrounding the secret republican memo now in the president's hands. the fbi is fighting its release which could happen today. and the missile intercept system meant to protect from an attack is put to the test and failed. officials say it's like hitting a bullet with another bullet. so what now? >> and as we gear up for the super bowl, we're getting help from the greatest receiver to ever play the game. two legends meeting right there. just jerry rice. he gives us some party tips,
3:01 am
hi hinting who he thinks is the best looking in the nfl. where did january go? >> announcer: from abc news, this is "abc news now." >> best looking quarterback, huh? >> and that's what happens when you send this guy eto look for football questions. interesting. espn is not calling. >> i will not be doing sportscenter anytime soon. we have to start with a situation with virginia. federal investigators planned to be on the scene about 125 miles southwest of washington. for several days. >> the amtrak train was carrying members of congress to their annual policy retreat. abc's lindsey janice reports from the scene. a train packed with dozens of law makers, their staffers
3:02 am
and families on their way to a retreat, slamming into a truck in rural virginia. leaving one person dead. >> didn't know what we hit. knocked several people down. >> and the next thing i realize is we were slowing down significantly and coming to a stop and that's when we knew we hit something. >> their train was edhadding from west virginia -- the impact obliterating the truck, sending debris flying, smashing in the front of the train. north carolina representative, mark walker capturing the aftermath through the train window. law makers springing if to action, rushing to get to the three men in the truck. >> reporter: we took rotating turns on cpr on one gentleman. >> i never could get him back i'm afraid. >> reporter: senators helping carry this wounded passenger away on a stretcher. five people, includeling
3:03 am
minnesota congressman jason lewis were sent to the hospital for an evaluation. one in critical condition. you can see investigators sifting through the wreckage and if you look in the distance about a quarter mile in front you can see where the train finally came to a stop. those investigators now looking into why that garbage truck was on the tracks. the ntsb sending a go team to the site. >> reporter: noemost of the injd including the man who died were on the truck. congressman lewis has now joined his fellow law makers on the retreat. >> lindsey, thank you. and we return to the show down between president trump and his hand picked fbi director over a classified memo. christopher wray signed off on a statement that expressed grave concerns over the memo. the president was over heard last night saying he 100% plans
3:04 am
to release that memo. during his conformation hearing he made it clear he's willing to challenge the president. >> you have be to willing to be quit or be fired at moment's notees to stand up for what you think is right. >> and overnight the ranking democrat accused devyn nunez of alterring the memo. they say the white house was give an different version which members did not review or approve. the spokesman dismissed it as minor edits. meantime details have surfaced of a conversation. a source confirmed to abc news the president asked deputy rod rosenstein are you on my team? and res portedly asked him where the russia investigation was edhadding, taking rosenstein, we're told by surprise. they say this is part of a
3:05 am
pattern of demanding loyalty. an intersep has failed in hawaii. the second failed test in the past year and renewing concerns of how the u.s. would defend itself. about half of the tests done since the system was made operational have been at least somewhat successful. >> one of the most powerful republicans in the house won't seek reelection in the fall. ease rar former prosecutor and says his next job will be in the justice system. he led the attacks. about three dozen republican members are leaving the house after this year. and the justice department has decided not to retry senator bob men end ez. as he runs for reelection next
3:06 am
year. he was accused of using his political clout in exchange for 50s and campaign contributions. >> more women and girls are coming forward against team u.s.a. gymnastics doctor as he awaits another sentence for assault. nearly 30 women confronted nasaron day one. detailing how they've suffered as a result of his abuse. >> you are the most vile, disgusting creature i've ever met. scum of the earth is too high a title for you. i hope you realize you will never have any power over anybody for the rest of your life. >> at least 30 more women and girls are set. in all 265 victims have come forward against nassar
3:07 am
and resignations come less than a week after the u.s. olympic committee urged the board to quit. the organization plans to point an interim board later tis month. most of us have been late to work once in a while. usualvy an excuse, the alarm didn't go off. the cab driver took broadway instead of columbus. we all know broadway's lights are really, really bad. >> want to talk about it? >> no, just gave him a one rating though. >> so usually you come to work, you make your excuses, appaologe and move on. but that's not what happens in the house of lords. lord michael bates was so mortified about his lack of p k punctuali punctuality. >> i thoroughly ashamed for not being in my place and floer i should be offering my
3:08 am
resignation. >> he's resigning because he was a few minutes late. >> so some of the members shouted no, come back. don't go, gary. they thought he was kidding, but he wasn't. a few hours later a spokesman for the prime minister says she rejected his resignation and bates was back on the job. but don't threat hlet it happen again. >> was this a ploy for sympathy? did he know she wasn't going to accept his resignation? everybody's like what a great guy. >> good riddance. >> i think lord bates will be on time from now on. >> don't take broadway anytime of day. target begins same-day delivery service today. find out when it's coming to your town plus this.
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plus we're with hall of famer, jerry rice or should i say second runner up to dancing with the hstars 2006. >> i liked you before. i don't like you right now. >> i know how he feels. and remember to find us on facebook and twitter. my shoulders carry more than my country's pride
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this american airlines plane bound for the dominican republic forced to turn backing to charlotte after a foul odor in the cabin sickened three people. >> to me it felt like motor burning up. the smell went away when we got to altitude. >> i only noticed it after they said we were turning around and coming back. had a little edhad ache. >> the one flight attendant was taken to the hospital with a nonlife threatening condition. two passengers were checked out at the gate. the cause of the odor is still under investigation. bazar.
3:13 am
well, san francisco is clearing thousands of marijuana convictions. >> recreational pot use became legal and it allows anyone with low level convictions to have those thrown out. it will clear people's records of crimes that offven been barriers to employers and housing. san diego is also clearing old convictions. and target testing out same-day delivery service. it starts today for select stores in alabama and florida. expected to spread to half of its stores nation wide by easter. this is a surprise and a first for facebook. users are spending less time on it and ceo mark zuckerberg says it's a good thing. >> the amount of time they're using on facebook has declined. that's after making changes like showing fewer viral videos. some say sites like facebook are
3:14 am
addictive. zuckerberg wants to make sure it's fun to use and good for well being. >> it's damaging to the stock because the more time people are spending there, the more they're being exposed to advertising -- >> yes, but maybe he's looking long term. maybe if they see facebook addiction is bad, they'll stop going on there altogether. >> it is spin for mark zuckerberg. coming up in our next half hour, tom brady has a plan to keep his super bowl jersey from being stolen like last year. jerry rice, his message to taumnt brady the greatest receiver ever telling us he's ready to play again. the super bowl party. powerful skincare, now light-as-air a breakthrough moisturizer delightfully whipped for instant absorption feel a light-as-air finish in a flash
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new olay whips ageless
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♪ not annoying lat. >> elhhello everybody. if you're talking about the greatest of all time, jerry rice
3:17 am
is on the list and he knows how to throw a party. >> yes, he does. i caught up wp the nfl legend to see if he's really thinking about a return and he's still got the moves. >> on the ballroom. >> reporter: with the big game just days away. who better to talk super bowl than three-time champ jerry rice. >> rice, what an incredible star he has become. >> reporter: starting with the one thing the hall of famer is best known for. you got vegies, pigskin in a blanket. >> reporter: inspiring this fanny pack. if i'm at home and trying to put together my own super bowl party, i've got my fanny sglak yeah, you got that. the no fumble fanny pack. then you put your chips right in
3:18 am
here. then you got your beer here. then you got your dip right here. >> and i put my hand and you dip, we dip, we dip. >> right. you got to go with the chips here. >> my celery in there. chicken wings. >> now you ready to just kickback and really enjoy. >> we just need some ham hawks. >> what you know about ham hocks? you don't know anything about hamhocks. you know i'm from mississippi i know about that. you put hot sauce on them, man. >> there's nothing you can't dip. >> it's finger licking good, man. >> reporter: let's really talk about what jerry is best known for. the 2006 season of "dancing with the stars" of course where he was second runner up. were you robbed? >> yeah.
3:19 am
i don't like coming in second. we going toi have a dance party. he already knew how todance. >> i've interviewed them. they have one move. >> reporter: he may be a football hall of famer, but in his recent years it's his dancing getting attention. >> they want to take a picture of me because of "dancing with the stars." >> forget the hall of fame, the super bowl ring. "dancing with the stars." >> right, right. so they want to get twirled. they want to get dipped. >> reporter: but seriously one of the greatest of all time, he knows football. who's going to win? >> i don't know. i think with experience, it goes to the patriots. but philadelphia they didn't luck up just to get to the super bowl. it's like whenever i pick someone i always end up losing.
3:20 am
>> reporter: jerry making headlines by saying he has thought about making a return to the sport. would you have loved to have gotten a pass from tom brady? >> oh, yeah. i can still do it. i got maybe 80 catches in me. so tom, if you really need a good receiver, i'm your guy. >> reporter: and settling the age-old argument is joe montana or tom brady the greatest all of time? >> it's a whole different era. what he has accomplished is amazing. five rings right now. he's going for number six and still wants to continue to play. i would love to see if he was able to do what he's doing now back when i played. >> reporter: and for the other quarterback controversy. 49ers are looking good with jimmy. >> i call him jimmy gq. >> who's better looking jimmy or tom brady?
3:21 am
>> that one just flew over me. >> that's a tough one. >> i love your sports question almost as much as i love this snack belt. >> you put it over and you attach and you're able to put all of your snacks here. >> oh, i figured it out. i didn't need your help. i got it. >> and you can expand it as the game gets worse or your belly gets bigger. >> did jerry teach you how ato dance? >> he taught me how to twirl. but since we're talking dips, we did a different sort of song. i put my hand upon my hip when you dip, we dip, you dip. >> wait. >> he wouldn't say who he has for the big game. >> i put my hand upon your hip.
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fred would do anything for his daughter.
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great, more food. >> it's time now for the mix. still got my snack belt going. and i have good news everybody. >> pizza. >> it turns out pizza is a healthier breakfast than breakfast cereal. i'll tell you why. it doesn't matter what type of pie is on your plate, pizza. because average slice of pizza with your cereal plus whole milk, same amount of calories. but the pizza has protein and it has less fat and sugar. so you won't get the quick sugar crash that you get. >> so healthier to have pizza as your breakfast. >> yeah. >> so what's been it problem. why this hateraid on pizza?
3:26 am
>> not necessarily that it's had healthy, just healthier than a bowl of cereal. >> so here's one guy who probably had had way too much pizza and was trying to run it off. just an average day in phoenix. this is obviously at golf tournament and there's always a brad. there goes brad streaking. i don't know if his name is brad. >> silly brad, naked brad. >> they had the proamthere. he even got to the sand trap and tried to do a lebron james sort of thing where he tosses the chalk. he was running around for quite a bit. >> he went all out. >> yeah, quite a bit. >> i wonder if brad was texting after that. because researchers offal alberta would say we likely
3:27 am
would not have a healthy relationship. so apparently we looked at various coupleals who sexed -- and people who sext, it shows they're insecure and they have less healthy relationships. >> couples sext each other? >> i guess so. >> i thought -- >> they say couples need put the phone down and have good old-fashioned conversation and spend time together, instead of spending time with sexting. >> why would your send a sext message to your significant other? okay. bacon makes you fall asleep. did you know there's a popular -- >> bacon? you have bacon? >> you forgot bacon. there's a popular youtube channel that proves that studies have shown the natural sounds of bacon cooking has put people to sleep. >> so just the sound of it? >> j
3:28 am
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this morning on "abc news now" the president's show down with his own fbi over that secret republican memo. a congressional committee voted to release it and a congressional committee voted to release it and then it changed. there are new concerns over it supply of that rapid test plus a family is blaming tamiflu for their son's suicide. former first lady michelle obama for the first time is revealing what was in that tiffany box from the new first lady. >> and george clooney reveals yet another reason why he's a very lucky man, describing his first encounter with his wife, amall and why he didn't have to go very far to meet her.
3:31 am
we're feeling the love in the skinny on this thursday, february 1st. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "abc news now." it is the month of love, afterall. valentine's day coming up. >> february has arrived. it is your birth month. >> it is. another reason the month of love. >> and a good reason why it's the shortest month. we're going to start things off with the public clash over a secret memo pitting the president against his hand picked fbi director. >> siting grave concerns. and overnight committee's vote release it is invalid. they changed the memo after the vote. >> reporter: it's a show down between the president and the man he chose to lead the fbi. at issue a controversial classified memo accusing the
3:32 am
justice department of political bias. he left the state of the union address, the president was caught on camera telling a republican congressman that he would allow the memo to remain public. chief of staff john kelly told fox news it will happen soon. >> did you see it? >> i did. >> what did you think? >> it will be released pretty quick i think. >> reporter: hours later the fbi directly challenging the president and his chief of staff, saying the fbi been given only a limited chance to review the memo and quote we have grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo's accuracy. the memo was written by republicans on the house intelligence committee. chaired by california republican, devyn nunez. sources briefed on the memo tell abc news it accuses the justice
3:33 am
department of acting inappropriately when it obtained a surveillance warrant of a former trump campaign advisor. >> there may have been malfeesance by people on the fbi. >> reporter: but they say it cherry picks the facts. deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein and christopher wray met with john kelly earlier this month to urge the memo not be released. wray made it clear he is willing to stand up to the president. >> you have to be willing to quit or be fired at a moment's notice in order to stand up for what you think is right. >> reporter: although there's no indication wray would be willing to resign, people close to the president take him at his word about being willing to step
3:34 am
down. jonathan carl, abc thnews the white house. >> the president does seem bent on releasing the memo. damic congressman says he was given a different document which members did not approve that, making it invalid. federal investigators will be working at deadly train site for several days. the amtrak train was carrying dozens of members of congress to an annual retreat when it slammed into a garbage truck. one person died, one member of congress had a concussion. >> suddenly there's a loud bang, light went off. there was a smell of electrical smoke. >> no question we hit something.
3:35 am
we just didn't know what at that point. >> they'll be looking at safety equipment where the crossing took place. the crossing arms were knowncti. house speaker paul ryan said it's a reminder of how fragile life can be. a state official in florida says this season's flu season has several weeks to go before it's over. in the meantime doctors say tests that help diagnose the virus quickly are in short supply. >> reporter: hospitals in clinics across the country trying to stave off what they call one of the worst flu seasons in nearry a decade with the best defense possible, free flu shots. would you characterize it as a severe flu season? >> it's certainly severe now. >> reporter: nearly 8,000 confirmed cases last week in new york state. close to 2,000 patients hospitalized. this doctor tells us those rapid
3:36 am
tests used to quickly diagnose the flu are in short supply. >> the major suppliers can't supply them right now. >> just feeling exhausted. i got achy pains right now. >> reporter: ronald townsend was just diagnosed with the flu. >> i got the flu shot. >> she was getting rest and fluids and doing everything she thought was right. >> reporter: her family says she didn't take antiviral medication because she was worried about side effects. two days later she got sicker. she died on the way to the hospital. even when the flu shot doesn't prevent the flu, it can still lessen the severity and keep you out of the hospital. >> reporter: and an indiana family is blaming their son's flu treatment for causing his
3:37 am
suicide. the family of charley said he was happy all it time. within 24 hours of taking tamiflu he was dead. the maker says patients should be closely monitored for behavioral changes. charley's funeral is today. and the cdc has abruptly lost its director. brenda fitzgerald has resigned one day after politico reported she bought tobacco stock after taking the position which conflicts with the cdc's health mission. she was already under the microscope for investing in a pharmaceutical and a health insurance company. >> plenty of attention being paid to tom brady. >> the patriots quarterback is now practicing without a glove on his throwing hand, not big deal. he seems to have put that injury behind him. >> and brady as a plan to make sure his super bowl jersey
3:38 am
doesn't get stolen again. brady says he's taken the jersey with him. if they lose the jersey's going to go in the trash. it will still be valuable, i thin. and we're getting closer to the big game when animals are starting to make their selections. >> this is april, the giraffe. her keepers put up signs representing the patriots and eagles, each with a leafy green vegie top. april chose new england to win its second straight title. we got to play this game with frank. >> that's true. see which one the rabbit picks. she'll point out she does live in upstate new york. so april is a little bias there. >> good point. coming up the big city mayor who now admits she had an affair with a member of her security team. and in the skinny how demy
3:39 am
lovato's fans may have captured the social
3:40 am
3:41 am
3:42 am
. breaking overnite firefighters are keeping a close eye on this brush fire south of phoenix. so far no structures are threatened. a former nba star and a finalist on american idle have been killed in a car crash. >> butler and his wife, 30-year-old r & b singer died after their suv lost control in studio city. butler hit three parking meters and slammed into a concrete wall before flipping over twice and landing in a parking rot. they believe excessive speed was a factor. the city of nashville is realing over a sex standing involving its mayor. megan barry admitted to having an affair with her former head
3:43 am
of security who is also married. she's now apologizing to her family, his family. >> and i if am embarrassed and sorry for the pain i've caused my family and his family. >> she says she's not stepping down but her former head of security, sergeant robert forest has abruptly retired. barry received a lot of national atengtention and support last j after reports that her son had died after a drug over dose. first lady michelle obama is finally revealing what was in the tiffany box. >> she explained what happened when mrs. trump unexpectedly handed her a tiffany's box on inauguration day. >> there was a gift exchange,
3:44 am
there was a box given. >> the tiffany was box. >> so what was in there? >> it was a lovely frame. >> a frame? >> a frame. there's all this protocol. this is like a state visit. they tell you they're going to stand here. never before doyou get this gift. so i'm like okay what am i supposed to do with this gift? and everyone cleared out. >> because the gift was not part of that choreographed meeting, nobody was assigned to take it off mrs. obama's hands. >> guess who stepped in and took charge? hers, the president himself, barack obama who was still technically the president at the time. he took the box and brought it inside the white house. problem solved. >> he hasn't seen the box since.
3:45 am
3:46 am
>> alexa, how far is mars? >> how am i supposed to know? there's not even oxygen there.
3:47 am
>> alexa, please play country music. ♪ i don't dance now i make money moves ♪ >> no, i said country. ♪ i be in and out so much ♪ skinny so skinny that's pretty funny. that's rapper, cardi b starring as alex aa after the robot somehow lost her voice. >> she's among one of the biggest internet stars of the week including blue ivy carter, the super blue blood moon and senator joe kennedy's lips. >> he's now doing explaining. one person even writing ask not what your country can drool for you, ask what you can drool for your country.
3:48 am
>> you couldn't completely escape the curse of the state of the union response. twitter had a field day with your shiny lips. so did you bring your chapstick this morning? >> oddly enough i decided to go light on the chap stick, more on the coffee, light on the chap stick, which is probably a wise choice skblp so chapstick is weighing in saying he took our advice and put his lips first. it happens all the time. >> it does to the best of us. >> be careful of the territory. >> just need to color inside the lines, you know. >> i have that problem. >> because you put it everywhere. that's not where it goes. oh, boy. here we go. our makeup department just had a heart attack. >> i don't wear makeup. george clooney didn't have to leave home to find his soul
3:49 am
mate. ♪ soul mates >> i think it's like. ♪ soul glow >> so clooney is revealing that close friend brought his now wife amal to his house to visit. >> i got her email address. she was going to send me pictures of my parents and we started writing. i didn't really have -- i didn't know if she wanted to go out with me. i thought we were buddies. >> who would, george? let's be frank. who really would want to go out with you? >> surprise, surprise she did want to go out with him. they got married in 2014. they now have twins and you see the full interview on netflix starting next friday. >> a good series with david
3:50 am
letterman. singer demy lovato is known for being confident and now eagle eyed fans are revealing just how confident she is with her instagram game by going after superman actor henry cavill. >> she posted this photo of herself with the caption big news coming soon. >> okay. and it seems like any other celebrity post, right? but her fans notice something right before posting that victoria secret style shot, lovato followed cavill and liked two of his posts involving martial arts and then the strategy paid off with cavill liking and commenting on one of lovatos photos in revealing his
3:51 am
cryptonite for jujitsu. don't these people know about the dm? you slide in the dm? >> you sound experienced. >> i just might or maybe it's the minty smell on my face. as to who will join justin timberlake on stage, we're hearing from the inforeign minister -- infamous left shark. >> he's saying it wasn't flubed choreography. he was doing his own thing. >> he admitted his choreography but went free style because there's no way to look cool insad seven foot tall blue costume. and said don't take life so seriously. do you, be you. >> but your rar back up dancer and there's choreography.
3:52 am
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3:55 am
♪ i feel it i want it i dream it, i work hard i own it ♪ >> so a lot of us -- twirl. love beyonce of course. some of us have restraining orders. but it's orcay. judge says it will go away soon. but you combine that with jay-z, her husband and you have a celebrity supernova. >> which explains why one woman was jaw dropped. the photo went viral and our boston station has tracked that woman down and she's still in disbelief. >> i met beyonce and all i could do was go like this. >> reporter: now the story behind the moment susan found
3:56 am
herself face to face with a queen. the queen b. >> and then i turned and i'm like beyonce? and i was like frozen. >> reporter: she was in new york city this weekend with her family staying in the same hotel as a pregrammy party. she was hoping to get a glimpse of a big star. >> i was getting tired. >> reporter: on the way to her room in the hallway an entourage. >> this man says do i know you? and i looked at him and said i don't think so and then i was like uh-oh, it dawns on me. that's jay-z. and i turned. >> she said you're never going to guess who i met and i said who jay-z and beyonce. and i go you're right i don't believe you. >> reporter: no one except give or take 5 million or so after
3:57 am
beyonce posted it picture on her instagram. >> i didn't even know what a meme is. what is this thing? you're a mime, you're famous. >> reporter: she has only one regret from her moment with the stars. >> i didn't say good luck at the grammy's jay-z. i didn't say anything. i was just -- i'm lost. i'm a mime. >> oh, i love her and her daughter. you're right i don't believe you. it kind of reminds us of this moment. it's 10 years old now where there you have bruno mars walking by pete wendt. when he was star struck. bit there. . >> where's pete wentd? ,$8drw
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, several new developments overnight in the russia investigation. a new battle erupts over that secret memo claiming to show bias in the fib. w was it changed without approval. hope hicks now in the crosshairs of the investigation. what she reportedly said about donald trump jr.'s e-mails. a train carrying republican lawmakers kills a driver. we have new details and hear from the congressman who jumped into action to treat the victims. a parenting alert about the flu. the early symptom often overlooked in children and growing concerns after a family blames tamiflu for their son's suicide. plus, the debate over whether coffee should come with a cancer warning? the new way target is


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