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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  February 2, 2018 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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two days and fiveours away afrom patriots going head to head in minnesota. you can feel the excitement wherever you go especially today at the airport. picture it. should yous of lucky eagles fans going to the game. for many this is the trip of a lifetime and for others a real family affair. richard sand from wilmington bought tickets for his dad and son three generations of eagles noons. >> long time eagles fan, win or lose, the experience of going to the super withson,son,t forever. >> i am really excited. >> it's worth it? >> yes. >> and this trisota saflying to chicago and then to wisconsin and then driving a rental car all t minneapolis and the big game ions and grandpa says he will scream his brains out. meanwhile in minnesota t airport there. minneap handled finals to super bowl that
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juxed to close to 70,000 folks arriv. eagles hit the pra usidoor facility university of minnesotathd a don aboutlkng to m business and hitting the fiesunday night. if you can't get to the where would you rather be that be in philadelphia. they are hosting a huge sell brings for the birds and gray hall joins us live there and a lot of food a fun happening all day begin friday. >> reporter: that is right rick a whole lot of people let me you can feel the excitement in the city. come to the may fair section you will feel it. look behind me thi u 2:00 and today it'ut the eagles eagle! >> the easing frenzy continues across the city and the mayor fair section takes center stage way pep rally leading up. and we hope the celebration
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continues and we are thanking our rest raps and retail and ill see the benefit. >> and what started out as an appreciation day morphed as a celebration day and businesses in the area are jumping on the band wagon showing off their eagles pride. >> people come in. and everybody is in a better mood. and comes in and it's like a tmosphere and we deck the store out with eagles stuff. and creating special eagles treats like this box of goodies and eagles bouquets and made the arrange many that took three hours to make and they make eagles shirts sell issing like hot cakes and this is january and our slow time. and it's like christmas never ended. >> shops in the may fair section says that business is booming because of the eagles and now waiting for a win in the super bowl and want to see green light the cash register. >> you can't talk about anything
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else now, anything talks about is the eagles and they are walkiy from you, you know what i mean. >>till her may fair section and they are excited and this rally lasts until 2:00 and when you come out expect discounts and b and rita's is serving green water ice. even in the cold people want the water ice. >> live in may fair gray hall channel 6 "action news" back to you. >> never too cold for water ice. thank you. in south philadelphia it has become a presuper bditi yearnd 2 annual wing bowl took on a special significance and it was more than a belly busting spectacle but the largest pep for theles yet. and here is more from the wells fargo center. >> reporter: it was a triumphant moment.
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molly skylar is named winner. 501 wings eaten. where does it all go?on't know i'm a bottomless pit. they won $5,000 and a new car and theng. nd thi thae a super bowl ring to go along with the ring bowl . ood minus a stom ago full of 501 wing >> this was als my first wing bowl. and tried for a while to t how to write in the words for the experience from the contestants that barely held down the wings and the bea wing ets that kept them coming. >> and the outlandish by the contestants and when it was all said and done you didn't need to put in the word. it was an entertaining spectacle a philadelphian did it more me. >> welcome to philly we are real that is how we do it. >> and this year that is not the
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case. the crowd let that be known. >> eagles! >> according to google the average chicken win has 80 lories a gramsn today molly ate 40, calories worth of chicken wings 3500 grams of protein. bobks channel 6 "action news." >> that is before you dip it in the blu dressing. >> kick off your super bowl weekend here on channel 6. we don't count the calories on super bowl sunday and tune in for the championship preview live from minneapolis at 8:00 and we have live reports throughout the day on saturday and then on sunday start the game day coverage on "action news" at 6:00 a.m. and "action news" at noon the pregame conk begins at 5:00 p.m. and then join us after the game and to see how the city is reacting. we'll have a complete coverage for you from philadelphia all the way to min. and we wrap it up with "action
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news" at 11:00 and sports sunday. >> breaking n trump says he has declassified the gop memo that the fbi against the white house. >> i think it's terrible you want to know the truth. what is going on in this country i think it's a disgrace. the memo was sent to congress and declassified. they ll do whatever they are going to do. i think it's a disgrace what is happening in our country. >> abc news learns that the memo will be released by the house committee without redactions and released on the website later today and based on classified information and accuses the fbi of abusing government surveillance powers as it stig interf. and they have grave concerns about the accuracy and not a immediate response from intelligence c r chairman representative devon nunez. >> turning to the forecast snow
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flurries fell in the region and all over winfield heights and after a few hour the snow moved out and looking ahead to the weekend we'll see a slight warm up and could be interesting super bowl sun and sky 6 hd fromall camera at lunch time and cloudy skies are hanging around the area and you need the heavy coat if you head out. meteorologist melissa magee, at the big board. interesting weather here. >> a little bit of everything and cold today and staying cold in the afternoon and into the weekend. part of the reason why it feels colder is because of the winds and peak win gusts 29 miles per hour a gust in reading of 30 miles per hour 38 miles per hour in the poconos and down in beach haven, gusting now at 30. as you factor in the northwesterly wind feeling like the teens in the i-95 metro area
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and 5 below if the poconos and single digits off to the north and west. and 17 in beef haven. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan street level a few level over showers in pressing into absecon and they are starting to exit the region. and flurries into egg harbor as we get the strong winds on the backside that moved through earlier this morning. future tracker 6 showing you the todit h windc feeling like the teens along it's i-95 corridor and as we get into later on tonight most spots are dropping likein dchilikee singleits. a l windchills in the teens and sing isle digit today and dry on saturday and tracking a soaker for super bowl >> thank you. there is more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, a father, of three of larry nasser's victims tried to attack the former sports doctor at a sentencing hearing today. the chaos in that courtroom.
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and germs on the sports field or the court. and i wild fire and even worse. >> hear how parents can try to protect the young athletes. that anaction
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tic moments in a ourtroom a father ofe of dr. larry nasser's sexual assault victims tried to attack the doctor and the man asked the judge to allow him five minutocked room and then he denied and he lunged toward nas was y. it came on the third hearing for sexual abuse charges. and this flu season is promising to be the worst. it cant at school and we are also seeing it past on when kids play sports. abc's nick wattling was on the court. >> flu can spread on germy hands. >> maybe during flu seasone don't to so much hand slapping. >> we got the cougars, three time champions. >> ioing to axle in glow
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germ and how how this mimics the spread of the virus. go play. >> less than five minute later that glows under aflashlight. >> she had the flu you might have it too. >> every single kid on the team. >> oh chris. look at that. all of them. germy fingers. all over his cheek. and rule numbero, don'tch your face. if you touch the face we transfer that virus into the bodies and we almost often breathe it in andf that kid is sick there a super zone passing it around and coughing and sneezing. >> and your heart rate is up and breathing fast and more air exchange woulding on and don't let sick kids >> there is a report we push ourselves tell them it's okay not to play and the virus e on hard surface for about 24 hours. up harmless dirt and
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bacteria and viruses and every reading over 100 is considered lly germ reading. >> 3. >> i to sterilize them every single day. >> 1,830. >> rule number four. cleaning the water bottle every day and not sharing the water bottle and then not touching the water bottle to the lips. >> the game ball? 2, 890. golden rule. >> you are goiour hands after practice? >> yes. >> i am a germ aphobe i can handily handle that. and the super bowl is on track to be the most expensivehistory. the cheapest is going for that just a fraction of the most
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expenseive ticket on the market for $22,000. and stubhub says that the game attracted people oud sig u.s. they have is sold tickethi guess wthis is cole fitzgerald from glouce t he is going to the super bowl. this morning, a trip made possible by an anonymous broken h an donor in a raffle and cole beat cancer when he was younger and it's donor called this moment history. >> that is an amazing story. he'll have a great time too. and still ahead on "action news" at noon. another check of the wintry forecast for you. >>pping live outside sky 6 hd showing you sent isser city from the templey camera, a gray day out there. definitely want to bundle up and melissa magee has update from weather.
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i've also got some ideas on a better cereal selection, which i will keep to myself.e fiber-optic network made andor streaming meteorologist, melissa magee where a frosty friday forecast. >> i put first friday in february feeling. three times fast. >> the cold outside. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan radar you can see it
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is dry now with no issues with precipitation the only lane with left over flurries in south jersey from surf city to atlantic city. we go in tighter on street level with stormtracker 6 live double scan you can see the snow showers and beach haven just to the west of that region and south of lower bank and things start to clear out and a left over flurry or two is pressing to the north and east of hammonton and we are dry as we gh the rest of the afternoon and it's cold this weekend and we show what is going on outside in spring mountain montgomery county. there are snow showers on the slopes earlier today and enjoying the afternoon in philadelphia. 28 degrees and dew point at 10 and winds from the northwest at 21 miles per hour with higher gusts so we have a bit of a windchill to factor in right now the pressure is 30.12 and windchill at 15 21 tore slatington and cute town
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and media 24 steer 28ns for lake har bethlehem. and 30 in tuckahoe and brigantine 29 and claymont 4. the windchill feels like the teens in philade digits to the north and west and poconos minus 5 and cape may 22. and there is that frontal t moves through late last night and this morning. and with the strong northwesterly wins you snow showers currently blowing in and those depart and the clouds start to break for some late day peeks of sun and the rest of today it's windy and cold and dropping down to 29 for the high temperature and they continue to fall through the rest of the afternoon. and overnight brisk and cold and we fall down to 17 in philadelphia with that northwesterly wind at 8 to 17 miles per hour. and fast forward into sunday
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saturday dry and cold and sunday the temperatures warm up and an area of low pressure to the north and at the onset here in philadelphia. light snow showers and a couple of flakes and snow to the north n and westhes over rain io sunon into sunday evening. what to expect super bowl sun. o 4 inches of snow and then a mix and valley an inch changing over to rainnd a soaking through the rest of the evening. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast showing you temperatures in the 20s falling throughout the day and windchills in the teens and the single digits on saturday morn clouds and cold and a high ure of 33 and sunday rainy and a high of 44. and monday some clearing on the way and still chilly and 40 and 39 on tuesday and wednesday rain is possible and a high temperature of 52 and 37 as we get into next thursday guys. >> thank you. the philadelphia auto show wraps up this sunday at the pennsylvania convention center
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there are 40 brands and 700 cars under one roof our meteorologist melissa magee, shows us around. >> make your way over to the cf charity car show and it may be the only time to see world class speedsters like these. >> that is the reason for going to the show there. and see the exotic lamborghini and rolls royce and bentley. and four seater from didce in the camera and action to the hollywood lights d frond tv and nighter who doesn't remember kit or mr. t. >> get a head of the curve and be one of the first to check out volvo40. >> it's not available at dealerships to come down to see >>hers vno someone you the car will
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stop four. >> and wireless phoneer and brings in apps from your smart phone. and cheer on your favorite from temple penn and villanova. >> they want to be the stage of automobiles and fun from ford. check out the vd course. the water and they bro >> get it. there you go. the in on action. i think i lost. >> jeep lets you take jaunt with a jolt. the most fun you'll have with this side a roller coaster. >> doing it all on its own and how the rugged rough riders roll out. >> take your ride on the wild side. >> for fyi philly i'm melissa magee.
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n on the 1:00 hour energy che theuweather igh and temperatures for the most part are craowthrougho 20s n clare breaking for late day sunshine and it wi tho4 in and 3 in dover forhigh temperatures
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and windchills in the teens and single digits throughout the day. >> going to be a chilly one. >> good football watching weather. >> that it for "action news" don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. have a nice afternoon we'll see you here later today. this winter in the state with more ski mountains than any other family fun reaches a new peak.
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thompson, hannah storm and maria taylor. >> did you see that pass from that guy to that other guy? >> announcer: plus, clinton's joined by nfl legend tony siragusa to make another incredible wing recipe that'll make your guests scream touchdown! the action starts right now on “the chew.” ♪ [ cheers and applause ] good afternoon and welcome to “the chew.”
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