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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 2, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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night. sharrie wilnd brian taff are at the nfl experience in minneapolis. >> first let's start with sara bloomquist where all the birds fans started arriving today. hi sarah. >> reporter: hi there rick and monica. yeah, we've been watching all day as this steady stream of eagles fans arrive here in minneapolis. i have to say i'm not sure the people of minneapolis quite understand what's coming their way. these are eagles fans. they are loud, they are proud and they are hungry for a super bowl win. from one end of the baggage claim to the other. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles! >> reporter: the eagles chant echoed loud and proud across the arrivals hall here at minneapolis saint paul international airport all day today. this is the busiest day for arrivals this super bowl weekend and eagles fans are everywhere.
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>> this is incredibly exciting. we're so happy to be here. we bought tickets early in the season assuming the eagles would be here and we're right. we're so excited. >> oh, my god it's unbelievable. it's a once in a lifetime experience i mean, going to take -- take advantage of it and hopefully come out with a win. >> no, we're coming out with a win. >> we are coming out with a win. >> it hasn't hit that it's real life. >> reporter: if today is busy monday is expected to be historic here as people leave this city following the game. the airport has volunteers on hand to help and extra staff to assist. >> t.s.a. has done that for sure. they've got all of their lanes at all of their checkpoints are going to be staffed so they're going to be ready to go as best as they can. >> of. >> reporter: but it's monday. these eagles fans have a full weekend of fun ahead. >> biggest thing in the world, man, super bowl. it's insane. it's amazing. come out here we going to see philly win. >> reporter: this is just
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commercial flights we're talking about. this airport also has hundreds of private planes and charter flights arriving over the coming days with the most arriving on super bowl sunday. live at minneapolis saint paul international airport i'm sarah bloomquist channel6 "action news." back to you. >> thank you, sarah. now let's go to brian taff and sharrie williams. fl experience in minneapolis tonit. h reporter:. >> reporter: hey, rick, hey yeah, the atmosphere has gone up a notch as we of course get closer to that game come sunday and we're also seeing more and more crowds of people coming into the experience and also fans here not at all shy about representing for their. >> they're very passionate. the super bowl is about the two teams that will square off on the field on sunday night but in all ways it pits the cities they represent against each other. today i hit the streets of minneapolis to find out where the loyalty lies. >> we're having a little of fun with people today doing some either/ors.
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can i ask you some either/ors. let's see. cheesesteaks or chowder. >> chowder. >> chowder. >> cheesesteak. >> okay, good one. >> chowder. >> cheesesteak. >> bradley cooper or mark wahlberg. >> bradley cooper. >> all right. >> bradley cooper. >> oh. mark. >> bradley cooper. >> mark wahlberg. >> more significantfigure ben fran revere. >> ben franklin. >> ben franklin. >> ben franklin. >> okay. >> paul revere. >> ben franklin. >> tough one. >> all right, all ri ben franklin. >> bev. sounds good. boyz ii men or new kids on the block. >> new kids on the block. >> boyz ii men. >> there you go. [l >> new kids. >> i'd have to go new kids i guess. i'm embarrassed to say that but i'm going new kids. >> more historical moment the tea party or the signing of the declaration of independence. >> the signing. >> more historical moment the
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tea party or the signing of the declaration of in the declaration of>> good. you see a theme developing. >> awesome. [laughter] weigh.l. >>ontest there's still a lot more coming of course tonight throughout our newscast and into the weekend as we continue our live coveragefrom minneapolis all in preparation for super bowl lii. for brian taff i'm sharrie williams lnpolis. we'll send it back to the >> thank you both. meantime philadelphia police say they're ready for whatever happens sunday night after the super bowl. includes fans in course if and when the eagles win. "action news" repodom lie hall with the details. vernon.ening, ton look atw law enforcement has prepared to keep a reasonable lid on celebrations that may spring up on sunday night. have a good time p say will not violent destruc at citynight the metal barricades are already in place anticipating an eagles win sunday night.
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on south broad for many blocks it's starting to look the same on this typical friday night with congestion starting to build. but how will these locations look by 10 o'clock or so l they be jammed with june lant fans delirious from an eagles victory. police have their plan in place from the far northeast all the way south to oregon. >> social media is always live and with people who plan to do different things. so we would be remiss if we didn't look at who's coming and what force they're coming. it's always some who might be coming with the intent of causing trouble. >> reporter: tonight police are announcing parking restrictions for south broad beginning sunday afternoon at 2:00 until 3:00 monday morning. the police brass is having a knock down about tactics. businesses near city hall will not be asked to close early for example. >> this is an opportunity for people in this city, businesses to make money. we're not asking anybody to close. i don't know where that information came from.
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they have a right to be opened. we're going to be out there protecting those businesses. >> reporter: in light of crisco failing to keepers on the ground after the minnesota win the commissioner is shooting down reports that greasy nasty gear oil will be used. >> we are not using gear oil. i also will tell you we're not telling you what we're going to use as well but it is not gear for those restrictions on south broad beginning sunday afternoon, you could check outour web site. i'm vernon odom channel6 "action news" live at city ha. >> vernon thank you. kickoff your super bowl week on channel6. especially tonight at 8 o'clock tune in for the "action news" championship preview live from minneapolis. stay with "action news"turday as the excitement builds with live reports throughout the day also from the twin cities. then on game day sunday, start it off our coverage on "action news" at 6:00 a.m. with live reports all morning long and then through "action news" at noon our live game --
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our live pregame coverage begins on "action news" at 5 o'clock and then of course we'll continue immediately after the game from philadelphia and minneapolis and then wrap it all up with "action news" and sports sunday. we've got you covered all weekend long right here on "action news." >> in other trump has declassified a highly controversial document written by house republicans. it claims the fbi abused its surveillance powers in the russia investigation and it also accuses the fbi and justice department of having an anti-trump bias. democrats say the memo selectively highlights information in an attempt they believe to discredit the special prosecutor's probe. fbi director christopher wray has also expressed concerns about the memo's accuracy. >> checking stocks tonight. it is not good the dow dropped more than 660 points today to close at 25520. it's the biggest drop since the trump presidency in fact. the nasdaq and the s & p 500 also had huge losses. again, this is the worst
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ending to a stocks week in two years and it's the dow's biggest drop in percentage terms since it wasn't june of 2016. emotional proceedings during the sentencing of sports doctor larry nassar ahead when a grieving father lost control. randall margraves physically went after nassar and had to be physically restrained and puree deputies right there. his three daugh among the more than 30 victims giving statements ats alleged sexualassault. his sentencing foc abuse thatnassar worked at an elite gymnastics club. margraves apologized for his reactions. the judge decided she would not punish him. >> time for a check of "action news" traffic report friday night. >> matt pelman in the "acaffic center with the lowdown on the slowdown matt. how we looking on 676. >> ground hog day rick and monica and we're seeing the same delays we see day after day but we're also seeing some additional complications this afternoon like a crash right here on the eastbound side of the vin e the exit for eighth street.
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you can see it here the center lane. it's causing big delays as you come away from the schuylkill expressway, i-76 and cross town out to accident scene e traffic lights that won't in south philadelphia at 26th and penrose just off the platt bridge. things are extra congested there as you come off the schuylkill and head southbound toward the platt and toward the airport. let's check our speeds like 18 miles per it's 95 southbound side starts to jam here approaching 420 on down to the commodore barry bridge. reports of a crash on the off ramp from the southbound side to the barry bridge not helping us out and sun glare is kind of wicked t the this those drivers. for those heading north on the northeast extension i would not right now. speeds like just 9 miles per hour approaching lehigh valley. just north of allentown there's a crash blocking both lanes of the northbound northeast exte head over to 309 and then 145 or 33. 476 is not where you be. we'll check it again, rick and monica, coming up in the next half hour. >> okay. >> thank you. >> thanks matt. >> still to come on "action news" tonight of course we'll be jumping and cheering wildly all the things that fans do on a super bowl sunday but when
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is the excitement too much for your heart? health reporter and nurse aliill take a look at why too much cheering may be bad for your health. >> also it's a philadelphia tradition inspired of course by the super bowl with a lot more ca we'll you to south philadelphia for wing bowl 26 cecily. > we've got a cold andstart to super bowlnd chills now in the single digits and low teens and we're going from windy to wet as we head through the weekend. i'll have all the details on what to expect in the accuweather forecast when "action news" returns. >> ♪♪
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adelphia team going for a big prize in minneapolis this start upcompany vying for the nfl's first and ftech contest. it's designed diagnosis concussions. it tracks how your can make circles your he concussion. if it wgory. >> health check tonight. some local doctorsarning about how high stakes games dangerous for fans with hea disease. >> health reporter and registered n joins us with more on wha need to know.
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ali. >> hey, guys yeah and it is also national wear red today. that's why i'm takingay off from w it's an effort to raise awareness about heart disease and to and women to know your cardiologists are also voicing their concerns about this weekend: cardiologist vincent reme welot just for his disappointment in seeing the eagles lose but also f what came afterwards. ed to einstein failure. aonsequence has been seen at emergency rooms wovery well documented acro world during major increases in the heart attacks, the rhythms su >> he says these occur the day of the game during the game to three days after the gamexcitement a tense moments like a game that comes down to the wire drives ad making the heart wo harder. add in too much alcohol eating too much or eating heavy greasy foods andbe overloaded. people who have heart disease are the most vulnerable. but also at risk are people with risk factors such as
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diabetes, high blood pssuregh choleste he get workout in a new sdy canadian hockey fans, those at the rate increases of 110 percent. even tv watchers sitting at home had a 75 percent rise. that's about equal to moderate to vigorous exercise. >> excitement has consequences. it's l a stress test and just be careful. realize it's a game. and try and enjoy it. >> and everyone wants to enjoy the game. if you have heart diseaserisk fay to keep your stress level down, maybe go a walk before or at halftime. also, try to limitntake of greasyse listen to your body. if you have any of thes symptoms here these could be signs of a heart attau to call 911 and get medical help. you don't want to delay. rick and monica. >> all right. >> thank. >> good advice. thank you ali. >> nothing says eagles spirit like green hair. just ask principal leslie mason of the thomas mitchell school in east falls today. check it out.
5:15 pm
her student met a challenge to bring in dog food and donate to the spca because we're underdogs. as a result she agreed to dye her hair green. the kids wlly about that challenge and helping shelter dogs.
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hiiiiiii! hey hun. look at all this extra room i have on this king size ikea bed.i' are you wearing a... duvet cover? why yes. yes i am. looks good, doesn't it? (phone buzzes) you can't see me can you? nope.e of these new blackout curtains! hi kids!! where's mom? we finally redid our bedroom and she's prettttttttttty into it. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. >> the philadelphia auto show is wrapping up this week. if you have eagles fever they have for you to see. it's 11 football fields of cars on the upper floors but downstairs in the showroom they have a ford super duty from fletcher cox.
5:18 pm
jason kelce's 1986 chevy silverado got a makeover. and moo knows if the eagles win the super bowl you might see these beauties on the parade route. >> they were nice enough to drop off their cars at the auto show for safekeeping. there's no way you'll leave this hall without feeling a little inspired. you'll do something to your car after you leave this hall. >> the philadelphia auto show runs through this sunday. >> it was a philadelphia tradition established so birds fans could have something to root for during the super bowl but there are plenty of folks up bright and early this morning anyway for wing bowl 26. 20,000 strong filled the wells fargo center for the eating spectacle and it did not disappoint. fans wore their best eagles gear while the contestants donned outlandish outfits. only one person could win and that was three time winner molly schuyler. >> she's awesome. unexpected. >> how about that? go molly.
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>> now to a group of hard working eagles us philly proud tonight. the staff at active day of delran in south jersey got a seniors inirit today. they led cheers and underdog masks as well. >> very nice. time right now for a check ofuweather. meteorologist cecily tynan tell us about the weekend. >> sf super bo start it wet and windy -- no, sorry. windy. >> start over, start all over. >> windy and wintry and then we turn wet.
5:22 pm
>> okay. >> very good. >> mind is on the super bowl. >> and we'll be right back. >> ran out of time now. "action news" weatherr, i want to show you this shot6 live philadelphia international airport and if you steam off the refinery you can see it's not heading straight up. away with the very strong gustyhind this system that brought us the overnight rain, of morni showers, we'veot aryriday evening. wind gusts now anywhere from 26 to 33 miles per hour out of the northwest and that's creating wind chills in the single digits and teens and that's where they're staying pretty much all night. the wee hours morning dropping down to nine, basically it's going to feel like the teens as the temperatures drop and the winds diminish went do have a chilly saturday on the way. satellite and radar showing with the cloud cover you can actually see the direction of the winds out of the northwest and as high pressure builds in tonight the winds diminish. we have nothing more than partly cloudy skies and it's going to be a cold night. 17 degrees in philadelphia. allentown 10. cape may 19. reading 11 and wilmington all the way down to 14 degrees.
5:23 pm
and future tracker showing as we head through the afternoon, good amount of sunshine with high clouds buil afmperatures hovering right around free saturday but dry and then heading to sunday the clouds are. we could some snow showers oping in the morningurs around the poconos parts of berks county but the main event waits until kind of midday and this will be arriving in philadelphia mainly as rain and hours you can see rain/snow line moving up to the north and west. by 4 o'clock it's raining pretty much everywhere except for the poconos and the northern lehigh valley. so before that changeover to rain, this is what you can expect as far as snow. the poconos mainly snow, one to 4-inches of snow pretty good snow for the slopes. the far north and west suburbs we're looking at a coating to perhaps an inch before that changeover to rain. the i-95 corridor south jersey and delaware a flake or two before that changeover to rain planning super bowl sunday eating the chips and dip for the pregame parties, 43 degrees with rain. during the game actually the rain will be heavy, 42 degrees. time to celebrate still in the
5:24 pm
40's and the rain will be shutting off after the game. so the five day at 5:00 tomorrow it's cold, 33 degrees increasing clouds. super bowl sunday that rain moving in in the afternoon and we dry out and cool offon monday, 34. cloudy, 41 and wednesday it's rainy and it's mild 52 degrees. we'll talbehind that system in the seven-dayly. much more still ahead in our next half hour of "action news." stick around. >> we'll be back. >> ♪♪
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5:26 pm
>> ♪♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody, ric and monica malpass. >> ♪♪ >> hello again. friday night. we're down to two days before kickoff to super bowl lii. >> fans couldn't be more excited including us. all day long from schools to work places to outdoor spaces, eagles nation has been rallying around the birds. >> and we have team coverage of all the festivities today. ducis rodgers and jaime apody are in minneapolis with the team. "action news" reporter walt perez is with fans in bucks county. >> but we begin with john rawlins at the philadelphia international airport where folks are flocking to minnesota. hi john. >> repor well, yes, it's full speed ahead for the super migration here. flights are packed despite extra flights and larger aircraft. walk around this airport and at times it seems like there is a pep rally going on.
5:27 pm
eagles fever on display. [cheers and applause] >> eagles, eagles. >> reporter: among those super bowl bound a sense of soon to be achieved destiny. >> man it feels amazing. our eagles we finally made it. we d we're there. we're going to win. i'm flying,. [laughter] >> tenacity, grit, underdogs, underrated. >> underdog. >> absolutely. >> hold >> underdog. >> let's see it. >> underdog. >> here we go. [laughter] >> reporter: from the astroturf at the check in to its rally towel stocked airplanes american, the official eagles airline, has added additional flights and bigger planes for the phl to minneapolis runs this week. >> this would normally be a 190 and we've upgraded to an airbus 319 which has about 70 seats. >> reporter: more seats more >> more seats more planes. >> reporter: thisiots
5:28 pm
colors. we asked was he brave or merely foolish. >> a little bit of both, baby a little bit of both. >> (boo). >> we're here. hello hello. i'll be up in first class. i'll be in first class. [laughter] >> reporter: i don't know if he ever made it to first class. i'm not sure if he was even invited inside the airplane after that very, very warm welcome that he got from eagles fans. anyway, live from the airport, john rawlins channel6 "action news." back to you guys. >> a brave man right there, john. thank you. let's head out now to bucks county. "acti news" reporter walter perez is attending an eagles pep rally at alte monty's italian market tonight. hey, walter. >> reporter: rick i want to introduce you to a few dozen of my closest friends here in doylestown. it's a party in doylestown. they had their 6abc underdog
5:29 pm
masks in the anticipation leading up to the big game is hitting a fevered pitch. the good citizens of red here at the italian market in doylestown a little pep rally ahead of sundas big game. this party has a little of everything from eagles pastries to a wing eating contest along with some good most of these fans say they've never seen an eagles squad with so much heart. >> they're resilient. somebody like carson wentz foles steps re doesn't mattell >> reporter: and as the celebration continues after the birds won the nfc, ese folks are confident that the party will continue after the eagles bring home the vince lombardi trophy for the first time in franchise history. and the bird bankers we spoke with here say the best part is that this squad is doing it through resilience and dedication to each other. >> they're all like brothers. they're altogether more than it would seem than they were in the past. >> i think they have a lot of heart. they have a great coach. they have -- it's a real team. >> they're a family and you
5:30 pm
can tell. everything they do they do together. it doesn't seem to be a division between them. >> they have a lot of heart. they seem to get along very well and to me i feel like they've got it this year. >> reporter: one more thing about the underdog spirit. their local craft bruce here as well one is from the stable 12 brewing company look at this, the underdog beer. they started canning it this morning. alout.guys ready for an eagles cheer. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: one two, three. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> reporter: all right. doylest hannel6 "actionrick monica. >> love it. >> pep rallies of course have been taking place all over the area. nearly everybody is cheering on our birds this weekend. the action cam in norristownis morning as hundreds of folks gathered on the courthouse steps in the snow flurries. several area mascots also showed up to lend their support and some talented young drummers provided the back beat for the eagles fight. string
5:31 pm
band entertained employees in media today. employees gathered in the dancesing and just enjoy all of the excitement. >> ♪♪gton saint academy rallied in support of the eagles today as well. theirnthusiasm so greated to let them come to school two hours l >> good idea. and as we've been telling you security will be tight in center city when the on sunday night. metal barricadee already in p will soon line south broad street for many parking restr street that will start on sunday p.m. and will remain in place until 3 a yes, the poles will be greased to forbid dangerouse in for the "action news" cha preview 8 o'clock. liveout the day tomorrow and then on sunday, start your game day coverageith "action news" at 6:00 a.m. and "action news" at noon. begi p.m. and of course join us right after the game for philadelphia and minneapolis
5:32 pm
that is followed by "action news" at 11:00 and sports sunday. art a us on monday morning at 4:00 a.m. we have you covered from beginning to end. don't go anywhere. >> it's going to be exciting. time to get an update on the highways and byways for your friday night commute. >> over to matt pelman live in the "action news" traffic center. go eagles matt. >> yeah, we need to get you home so you can start the super bowl weekend but unfortunately we're not flying on the way home in honor of our birds tonight. schuylkill expressway, it's very heavy here in the eastbound lanes as you come away from center city through this point in south philadelphia. you have to either keep going on the schuylkill or exit for passyunk avenue. you cannot get onto 26th street southbound and head toward the platt bridge. reason is those traffic lights at 26th and penrose still aren't working. i showed you this shot and the police out there directing traffic in the intersection. now they've just blocked off 26th street southbound entirely. so on the schuylkill you can't access it. you could keep going on the schuylkill over to broad street and then run broad street on down to 95 southbound. that could be another option for you. if you're crossing town on the
5:33 pm
vine street expressway we had a crash right about here by eighth street. cleared out now but still some slow traffic there heading over toward 95 and the merge there in the typically busy spot. it's been really busy this afternoon on the northbound side of 476, the northeast extension. still just 3 miles per hour coming up from quakertown and it's all thanks to an earlier crash that did block the roadway just north of the lehigh valley interchange. open now but i would still avoid it. the jam is colossal. head to 309, 145 and 33 instead. in worcester near the elementary school a crash along skippack pike at valley forge road and in pennsauken watch out for one-on-one 30 northbound at terrace avenue taking out the right lane. who cares about all of that? it's all about the birds. go bird this weekend. i'll see you monday rick and monica. >> you got it. >> just get home. thank you, matt. an emotional reunion in new jersey as two little boise their soldier father for the first time in months. see the boys adorable reaction when they spot him in their
5:34 pm
classroom. >> plus a lot of prewhy the outcome of the sunday super bowl will determine who this little boy his entire life. >> adam joseph tracking the accuweather. first friday in february feeling frigid. >> it is frigid. strong winds from start to finish, air temps right now in the 20's but that really doesn't matter because with the wind it feels like it's in low teens but a turn around this weekend and we'll chat about that super bowl storm coming up in that seven-day forecast. >> our eagles coverage continues live from minnesota. >> ducis rodgers, jaime apody joins us live in bloomington with look sports.>> reporter: hey rick and monica. it's getting crazy. we brought ourselves some security. >> oh, yeah the trot, the ax man. he's going to protect us. we'll talk to jeremiah trotter about his birds live coming up rick and monica. >> sounds good. we can't wait. and as we go to break. >> not so much. well, here's a look at some of the great pictures you've been
5:35 pm
sharing with us showing off your eagles spirit. we love it. we'll be right back. >> ♪♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the gig-speed network that powers the dreams of america's businesses is now doing the same for america's olympic and paralympic athletes. dream gig. comcast business.
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>> it was eagles mania today at smith park elementary school in conshohocken. dressed up in citement. on the stage up of adorable cheerleaders who led everyone in the cheers and the un they had a balloon popping
5:38 pm
contest. >> well, you better believe the players can feel all this team spirit all the way to minnesota. >> let's find out as we head to ducis apody live in bloomington with the latest on how the team is getting ready. hey, guys. >> reporte special guest with us former eagles defensive star jerem here to minnesota because you want to see the patriots go down in person, correct. >> no doubt man. i had to come out check my boys out. i couldn't. in this position against the patriots. >> right. >> here the eagles are again. is that uncanny. >> it's amazing man. i'm -- i can't be more happy for my guys the city and, you know, i remember just after the game was over and the nfc championship game sitting on the couch like whoa we going back and it makes you appreciate, you know, what we were able to accomplish 13 years ago because i mean it's not easy to get back. i know the patriots make it look easy but it's hard to get back to the super bowl. >> reporter: it's the friday before the super bowl, the eagles have wrapped up their practice, theire flown in.
5:39 pm
what's that like when you're about 48 hours before the life. >> well, i'm sure the jitters are starting to set in a little bit. you trying to put the final touches on the game plan tonight and then tomorrow, it's just a quick walk through and you're really trying not to play the game too early. i can imagine what the guys are going through with family members and your phone ringing offer the hook so you trying to distance yourself so you can -- you're trying to treat it like a normal week but once you get down here you know it's nothing normal about it. those guys have done a great job playing loose all year. i've seen some of the coverage this week. ame thingo i'm pretty sure they'll hit the field as loose as possible. >> we've seen a lot of 04-05 week. you talked about how it's so hard for you that you weren't able to finish that job. you still had to watch in nfc championship game or the super bowl game shall i say. what would it mean for this team to be able to do that for the city of philadelphia and what is it about this team
5:40 pm
that makes you think they can. >> it would mean the world not just for the guys that played in the super bowl 13 years ago but for the city, you know, jeffrey and then to be able to do it against the team that beat us, that would make it a little bit more special, so, you know, i'm hoping those guys get the win. like you said i haven't watched the super bowl not once so if we get the win when we get the win. >> reporter: when we get the win. >> you know, i'll probably watch it. >> i wish you guys could see all the fans around here to see the ax man here. in terms of on the field x's and o's what do you think the biggest key to this game is. >> i think -- well listen, belichick is a genius everybody knows that. it's no secret. i think if the eagles come out, they're going to have to show something that belichick hasn't seen before because belichick can go back to when you played in high school and serious he'll go back to when you playe high school. i know doug was school a little bit before he got back into the nfl and so he's going to have to give him something's he hasn't seen. he's going to have to have two
5:41 pm
or three different game plans and try to keep belichick and that defense off balance. you you told m hate the patriots, right? >> still hate 'em. [laughter] >> my hate still runs deep for those guys. >> how about e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. come on trot. >> y'all ready? >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> that's the ax man. >> that is awesome. for jaime apody, jeremiah trotter i'm ducis rodgers reporting live from minnesota at the super bowl with the birds. back to you guys in the studio. >> allight. thank you. quite a cheer. >> best.ank you. >> that awesome. breaking news. it's aut the th baby can breakthe his ones both an logo bearing the word patriots logo showing the word mom. tj and stephanie dolan are fierce football fans but as a pats tj says whoever wins on sunday will determine who his son and of course she's hoping it's the eagles. >> when it comes down to it,
5:42 pm
my family isn't going to be the ones that see my son every day. it's going to be his who is going to be influencing him and for that reason i'm a little -- i'm a little worried 'cause this game means a lot more to my family and our future anything. >> little jamie even has two knit caps one with each team's logo. the outcome of the game will decide which one he gets to wear after sunday. >> going to be green. i just know it. there's a new exhibit opening at the academy of natural today "action news" peek. this is kroc ancient predators in a modern world. let's visitors get face to face with live crocodiles a species that's been around for 200 million years. there's lots of information about the evolution of these amazing creatures and it opens to the public tomorrow. >> much more still ahead on "action news" tonight. the exclusive accuweather forecast for the weekend. >> all right. taking a live look through our sky6 cameras at the ben franklin bridge of course. meteorologist adam joseph will
5:43 pm
have details on that weather when we come right back. >> ♪♪ new this is going to be the place for binge watching, ladies.
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>> breaking newses from north philadelphia where police are shooting. this is the 2600 block of north broad street. chopper6 was over the scene. apparently a 26-year-old man was shot in the back as he was a norristown train. he was rushed to temple university. no word on his condition but because of that shooting there are residual delays on a number of lines tonight. the norristown line the fox chase line, chestnut hill line and the west trenton line all are delayed because of this shooting. the victim was boarding a norristown train when he was shot in the back. we'll keep an eye on the situation and update you as
5:46 pm
more information become available on this shooting here along north broad street. >> all right, adam is here with the accuweather story for the weekend. a lot of activity parties and we want to know what about next week. >> if you're prepping for sunday, tomorrow perfect dry conditions sunshine a little cool but then the rain sets in here on sunday. we look at the action cam and fly eagles fly and that's the way the flags are doing today, that's exactly what they were doing is what i'm trying to say here. they were getting quite a workout with those really strong cold winter winds out of the northwest but those winds easing overnight tonight. we head to the weather sent we chat about the game here on sunday and if you're having a party i tell you that weather is going to go a little downhill the second half of the weekend. if we can go to the weather sent we will show you, thank you, there's sunday 6:30 p.m., we got that lombardi trophy sitting very comfy and happy on the eagles side here and that's where it will stay. as we look at the numbers 43 degrees for your pregame party in the afternoon with that rain coming down.
5:47 pm
will begin as a little wet snow in the northwestern suburbs before it changes to rain. during the game still a steady soaking at 42 degrees. and then when it's time to celebrate that rain will start to ease a little bit with temperatures of 40 degrees later on in the evening. with that wind today again those wind chills have been on the brutal side. eight right now in allentown same for wilmington, seven in reading, 10 philadelphia. and feeling just 11 degrees in millville. we had a lot of clouds today especially the front end of the day with that rain early this morning and a couple of snow showers to follow but those clouds beginning to break apart. so, it will turn clear overnight tonight, bitter as those winds relax but still those air temperatures only between about 10 and 17 degrees. those winds that clocked in near 40 miles an hour today will be down to six to 12 miles an hour. 33 is the high tomorrow but another one of those days where the air temperature doesn't matter. we're going to have that sunshine, clouds build ahead of this system in the
5:48 pm
afternoon. wind chills only in the 20's despite that air temperature just above freezing. and then on super bowl sunday some brief snow at the onset north and west of philadelphia. and then it will switch to rain there but for philadelphia to the south it's mainly rain from start to finish, probably around a half an inch on average and we're talking about here on sunday into sunday night. the poconos will pick up two to 4 inches of snow before they mix a little bit late saturday night -- sunday afternoon to sunday evening. in the lehigh valley far northwestern suburbs a quick coating to an inch before it flips to rain and melts that coating to an inch and for the i-95 metro area south jersey and delaware maybe a couple of flakes late sunday morning into the early afternoon before that rain takes over. as we look at the accuweather 7-day forecast, 33 tomorrow. it is your dry day to get the errands done. cloudy wi taking over, 43 on sunday and then behind it temperatures drop,ew clouds blustery and cold and then clouds build ahead of the next system, a pretty active pattern, 41 on
5:49 pm
tuesday. mild and rainy wednesday, 52 degrees. and then turning sharply colder behind that as well as we go back into the upper 30's on thursday and friday so rather wet roads and that's the way it's going to be. >> thank you adam t local member of the air force is back home tonight after being deployed overseas for six months. then he was able to surprise his two sons today at school. master sergeant joseph peloti was given huge hugs when he school in vineland. seven-year-old joseph jr. and six-year-old dominic didn't want to let go right there and as you can see the boys are eagles fans as well. just like their dad. >> it feels great. just being away from the kids is really the hardest part and just seeing them again couldn't ask for nothing more. >> perfect timing with the super bowl, hm. >> oh yeah, go eagles. >> he gets to watch the super bowl with his family sunday
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
>> right now jim gardner and
5:52 pm
the "action news" team standing by with these stories and more at 6:00. it is super bowl weekend. we have live team coverage on all the happenings in and around minneapolis as eagles fans flock to the game festivities. >> philadelphia officials preparing security for a super bowl celebration. those stories and more coming your way at entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass. have a good night a great week >> go good night. >> ♪
5:53 pm
>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪♪ [cheers and applause] >> eagles nation arriving in minnesota today all fired up and ready to cheer their team
5:54 pm
to a historic victory. this the scene at minneapolis airport. they are here and they are psyched. it is friday night and the big story on "action news" tonight, two days and you the pulsean entire region of the think again. let's make introductions. brian taff and sharrie williams are live at the nfl experience in minneapolis. sarah bloomquist is outside minneapolis saint paul international airport. she could be inside but now she's just showing off. ducis rodgers is at the mall of america in bloomington, om is at philadelphia city hall and chad prad pradelli is at the art museum. let's start with brian and sharrie. fans are arriving.what's the atmosphere around town? >> good evening, jim. this has to be the hottest place to be in the country right now. all eyes of course on minneapolis and fans are arriving here in droves and this is super bowl weekend. >> yeah, you know, the city
5:55 pm
completely changed overnight as fans of a feather, eagles fans flock together and changed the complexion of minneapolis to a deep shade to the color of your dress, turning very green around here jim. we walked the streets downtown this morning as fans
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