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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  February 9, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon sara bloomquist is off and alicia vitarelli is joining us. in the news this hour it's a wet
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weekend and we are tracking heavy rain in the accuweather forecast. plus, the time for the still exuberant deleerous fans to make room for baseball. the phillies head out for spring training. >> and the big cleanup aft parade. from south philadelphia to the or the museum steps they left a significant pile of trash behind. jeanette reyes is live. >> reporter: speaking of massive. the streets department says this is a massive cleanup effort and the largest they have seen. the crews are still here, hundreds came out and found everything from lawn chairs to grills and crates. >> trash is kind of gross.
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it's a mess but anyhow it was not so fun. after hundreds of thousands of eagles fans descended on the parkway to celebrate a super bowl win. crew with the streets department whipped out a full gamut of tools to clean up the mess behind from a rake to a street sweeper. a leaf blower -- even heavy duty machinery like a front end loader. the amount of trash was nearly overwhelming and it didn't help that much of it was encased in mud and frozen to the ground. 250 employees cleaned up south broad street before rush hour yesterday and then moved on to clear major roadways and took a break from 2:00 to 6:00 this morning and were back at it again. >> this is the the largest we have had to deal with in terms of cleanup effort. this eagles blanket was the only
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green to be seen. >> there was a lot of unique items. grills and crates. and maybe people were standing on them i don't know. >> it was clear evidence of a good time. >> it was so exciting, the whole city came together and everyone was friends with everyone else. once in a lifetime. >> this is the last of the locations that had to be cleaned up and you see they have made quite some progress and will be done by late this afternoon. reporting live channel 6 "action news." >> they are working quickly thank you. for the most part, city officials say the parade went smoothly but a few rowdy fans that got out of control. >> we made two arrests yesterday one was for an assault on police a female in south philadelphia decided to rush on to the parade line, and actually had to be arrested and decided to assault one with of the police officers.
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no real injuries to speak of. the second one was just an assault civilian to civilian. five citations for disorder conduct and minor things in nature. and investigators are looking for the person responsible for a stabbing on the ben franklin parkway. the 25-year-old man is expected to survive. but police say that the vast majority of that massive crowd was well behaved and septa is celebrating a successful day and they carried 395,000 people on the market and broad street lines alone. relive the day on the 6 abc app and see video frtz biggest moments of the parade and rally and photos of the players and fans enjoying the celebration. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast for your friday and we are tracking heavy weekend rain. looking live outside sky 6 hd showing you center city on a friday afternoon. and dry for now and come tomorrow we are in for a good
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soaking. for the latest we turn to melissa magee in for david murphy. happy friday. >> happy friday rick. we have changes as we get into the start of our weekend. sun giving way to clouds and we look at the temperatures outside right now, 34 in philadelphia and a chill in the air. 31 for allentown and reading and 36 at the coast in atlantic city. and 35 in beach haven as we go throughout the rest of the afternoon temperatures for the most part will be in the upper 30s across the region but we have got a mostly cloudy sky. stormtracker 6 live double scan radar 3-d showing you a swath of snow stretching out from areas in the midwest to the great lakes and a lot of precipitation for our region moving up to the north. other than the poconos as we look at future tracker 61:30 this afternoon a couple of snow showers are far to the north and west. and what this will do is allow for milder air to pump in for
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the start of our weekend. here are the numbers, 3:00 marking out in the 30s in reading and 41 degrees in dover. i'll continue to advance this with the south-southwestly wind tomorr tomorr . tomorrow upper his to the north and west and with that comes a threat of rain. coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. the federal government is back open for business in the nation's capital after a brief shut down after president trump signed a $400 billion budget deal narrowly approved by congress. it keeps the government funded through march 23rd. >> good afternoon the legislation to open the government funds the government through march 23rd. the second shut down in less than a month ended earlier with
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votes in both house and senate. >> the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. >> despite the support from the majority of republicans and democrats it was closed for one senator. rand paul rejected to the budget deal because it increases the deficit. i don't advocate for shutting the government down neither do i advocate keeping it open and borrowing a billion dollars a minute. >> the friend from kentucky does not join the president in supporting the bill. but i would argue it's time to vote. >> many are upset that it does not to protect the undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children. >> if another country said they were going to deport 800,000 people and place in jeopardy their protections under the law.
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we would be appalled. >> disagreement would allow us to step off this carousel of short-term funding bills that do nothing but hurt our military and stymie our ability to focus on other items. >> president trump tweeted it was a big victory for the military and that the negotiations on the fate of the dreamers would begin soon. >> reporting from washington channel 6 "action news." the roller coaster continues on wall street a day after the dow suffered second 1,000 point drop in a week. stocks are trading up and down after the opening bell and fears of inflation contributed to a volatile week but the message from experts is don't panic. stocks are still higher than a year ago and the typical 401(k) investor is looking at 12% gain in the last year. and it's time to talk
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baseball with spring training around the corner the phillies staff packed up for clearwater, florida. the truck was loaded with equipment heading south. 2400 baseballs. 2000 short and long sleeve shirts and 1200 bats and 140 helmets and 600 pairs of pants and one phanatic hot dog launcher. it's expected to arrive on sunday and with that baseball season folks. and a sign of spring that is kind of nice. >> please. >> still to come a new lawsuit that could stop the president's proposed border wall. details on the case headed to federal court. >> and a false alarm. scientists want to set the record street on a study about cancer and asparagus.
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the winter limb pics are kicking off in south korea and not just the athletes making headlines. for the first time in history.
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north and south korea are competing under a neutral flag. kim jong un arrived with the sister the first member of the family to visit since the korean war. and vice president mike pence is in ta attendance with the father of otto warmbier who died after being released from a north korean jail. and arguments in a lawsuit that could block a border wall. they say that the plan must be subjected to normal environmental reviews. the trump administration dismissed. and the case is being heard by the same federal judge. over the mexican heritage during the 2016 campaign. from chicago to detroit schools are closed and hundreds of schools are canceled as snow makes its way through the upper great lakes. and some areas could see as much as a foot of snow and several
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crashes are reported and drivers are advised to stay off the roads if possible. a 6-year-old in florida was desperate to win a stuffed animal inside of the claw machine. he got frustrated and climbed in. and then he got stuck inside. the fire department came with a crowbar and rescued him. if you wonder whether he got a stuffed animal? the answer is yes. the restaurant sent him home with four. >> nobody gets those. >> it's a scam. more to come on "action news" at noon. the new type of onion that claims it won't make you cry. we'll explain. and two lifelong residents started out as college sweethearts and now after 75 years of marriage they are still going strong. we have their love story when
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health check this noon, scientists are working to clear up a massive misunderstooding that a compound found in asparagus can cure types of cancer. and it is found in healthy foods like whole grains to vegetables. but they say they cannot give you cancer and no need to
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eliminate them from your diet. and they need to block the compound in tumor cells. and it takes decades to grow but you can buy onions that don't make you cry. they are now available at giant eagle grocery stores and fresh market and grown through a natural cross breeding program over the course of 30 years. there is new competition in the smart speaker market. home pod hits shelves and goes head to head with products like amazon echo and google home. it can do tasks like read the news. and control other devices in your home like siri. the price is $150. >> valentine's day is swiftly approaching and from you in need of inspiration. immediate the ruddknicks married
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72 years this past september. >> reporter: jeanette and jessie are lifelong philadelphians but they were like two ships. >> same junior high and high school and lived four or five block as part and never met each other. >> they went to temple university too. and in math class cupid's arrow struck. >> and he said you are from overbroke. and then you are having trouble i'll meet you in the library. >> they got married before yes, siree set off for basic training. >> we were underage and had to get our parents to get the marriage license. >> her mother had more to do with it. >> she liked him. >> they settled in park side before moving to logan square in
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2015. >> they have six children and three grandchildren. >> we love the philadelphia orchestra and the theater. they have a love of culture and each others company. >> we have visited all 50 states and have been to asia and africa. and jessie taught in nigeria. >> she said to me can you teach anywhere you want as long as it's in philadelphia. >> they based their marriage on a simple word. >> she told me if i accept her, she will accept my. >> that is translated, closely, peculiarities. >> for 75 years and happily counting. >> if i had to live my life over i would not change anything. >> channel 6 "action news." i love them.
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peculiarities. they are so cute. the "action news" team is work on news stories today at 4:00 and a delicious edition of freebie friday can you get chocolate, ice-cream, pizza and wine for flee. >> it's like a buffet. and the attorney general will fight for a proposal allowing employers to keep the stip tips earned by their staff. >> that is an interesting idea. you've worked hard. busted tail. and impressed the boss. maybe it's time to be your own? transform your career
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with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it.
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tgif we made it. >> we did and we are here. as we get into the weekend there are changes and milder tomorrow and with that comes rain. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan you can see we are dry in philadelphia and well off to the northern and west there
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are snow showers thanks to a frontal boundary move on through the same front by the way responsible for heavy snow across the midwest. we are dry across the region, sky 6 hd from our temple university camera looking at the center city skyline. we have lots of clouds around and they hang on tough through the rest of the afternoon. it's chilly if philadelphia. 34 degrees and 20 up in the poconos. and 37 down in dover, in the coast in atlantic city 36 and upper 30s in millville. here is satellite 6 along with action radar lots of clouds around and ridge of high pressure is losing its grip and moving offshore. making way north. you see the snow stretched out across the great lakes and chicago and some spots find a foot of snow as the moisture works its way to the north and east. as that does we tap into a
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southwesterly wind flow so milder tomorrow. here is the setup. high pressure is starting to move offshore and chilly and mostly cloudy skies and high temperature of 39 and tracking the area of low pressure with the warm front to the north and flurries are likely to the north later this afternoon. the area of low pressure stalls out and allows warmer air to move on through. the high temperature not bad at 51 and afternoon and evening rain is likely as we get into our saturday with another wave of energy looking to be wet over the weekend. here is future tracker 66:00 p.m. tomorrow evening we have the wall of water approaching much of the area. and by 11:00 tomorrow night from you out on the town make sure you have the wet gear with you. as we get through sunday morning heavy rainfall is setting up over the i-95 corridor and the
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sound and east. we are calling for 1 to 2 inches of rain and the heaviest looks to be sunday morning and localized flooding is a big concern and the ground is dry. and temperatures are soaring into the 50s both saturday and on sunday. here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, increasing clouds today a high temperature of 39. milder tomorrow up to saw for a high. and we are tracking the evening rain and allow yourself extra time out and about. a soaking on saturday morning and 61 on on monday brisk and cooler and a high temperature of 47. cloudy and rain around on tuesday in at 44. and rain is possible on a wednesday. high of 50 for valentine's day and thursday mostly cloudy and high temperature of 48. milder over the weekend but we are dodging wet weather guys. >> it could be snow. >> true. from rare roadsters to
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muscle cars you can find them in atlantic city this weekend. including a decked out eagles limo there. the 45th annual classic car show is underway at the center. there is cars for sale and a number of venders for people to check out. there is more ahead in the next half hour of "action news." smart smoke detecters the smart detectors to save more lives because of their technology. and a hot air balloon that left several people injured.
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hello again here are the stories we are following for you on "action news" at 12:30 a celebration that people will remember forever. the city got a chance to honor them with a parade. and also the wild ride on wall street continues at this hour. the dow experiences a big loss again we'll check the numbers this afternoon and have the latest. and new smart detectors are been tested to identify if smoke is coming from cooking or a real life fire in your home. >> parade more than fulfilled fans expectations and when it was all over. you see the aftermath, the
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cleanup. the ben franklin parkway was left a mess and the work to get it cleaned up is underway at this moment. the philadelphia streets department workers keep at it as they always do after an event of this size. it was a big one. >> it was. >> and there is talk how many people packed the parkway for the super bowl championship parade. it was hundreds of thousands if not more. you had a front row seat. >> it looked like millions from where we stood. they had a briefing on the parade. john rawlins is live inside of city hall, to find out how much the parade impacted the city of philadelphia. >> hi guys, well we heard from a number of organizations. a post analysis. up beat saying it went off


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