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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  February 11, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with gray hall, nydia han and meteorologist chris soars. good afternoon, it is sunday, february 11th i'm nydia han along with gray hall >> here is a look at some of the stories we are following for you on "action news". it is a wet, miserable day as
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constant rain creates flood ago long the roads and rivers. plus we will continue to follow developing news out of russia where an air liner has crashed and no survivors have been found. and how will you remember super bowl lii? the determined fans are showing they really do bleed green. more on those stories in a moment but first we are under a accu weather alert with rain and flooding causing problems with many folks. lets start with meteorologist chris sowers and accu weather, it is messy, chris. >> good afternoon, it will come to an end, i prom that is but it is continuing to rain. we have been seeing this since yesterday evening. starting to ease autopsy cross south jersey and delaware areas hit very hard, but we're still, dealing with heavy rains north and west of philadelphia we will make a quick zoom to a couple of areas here one to the west of the trenton area, rapidly lifting off to the northeast and then there is this heavy ban right here just to the west of philadelphia which is right there, so malvern, exton , downingtown, coatsville , and, getting into west chester and chadds ford
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very heavy driving rain pushing east at 20 to 25 miles an hour creating standing water on the roads, ponding as we call it. visibility has been impacted because of the heavier rain. traveling, out through here is a real mess this afternoon. more rain, still waiting in the wings down to the south, baltimore, d.c. both reporting moderate rain, all of this has to lift through and if you look at the movement here it appears as if that heavy rain, will actually push over areas hardest hit already. south jersey, delaware. speaking of hardest hit take a look at these numbers up to this point, dover rapidly approaching 3 inches of rain. now there are other areas in kent county to the west of dover that have exceeded inches of rain. millville 2.5. atlantic city two and a half. williamstown just over 2 inches. wilmington 1.6. north and west of the delaware river rainfall totals still heavy but lighter then what they have seen south and east. 1.4 in philadelphia, doyletown 1.3, same number for pottstown , downingtown 1.2, and allentown about three-quarters of an inch.
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forecast for the remainder on of the day, rain, tapers off over the next couple of hours, after that it is cloud which drizzle and occasional shower and very mild, 63 degrees. i will be back along in a few minutes timing the rest of it out with future tracker six and we will talk about a i much quieter accu weather seven day forecast, guys. >> thanks, chris. as christmas been telling us some areas have already seen several inches of rain and when all of this rain, flooding is a big concern for anyone who plans to drive today. >> our live accu weather alert coverage continues with bob brooks, who is live along cooper river in new jersey with details on those flooded out areas, hi there, bob. >> reporter: hi, nydia and gray, right now rain starting to let up where we're at. i will step out of the way and show you quite a unique looking view down the cooper river. when that warm rain hits that very cold river you get that fog driving up out. you can barely see down the river right now. luckily it is not coming over the banks just yet down here,
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it doesn't look like it is going to but other places around the area got nasty, earlier. let'sably up video. first piece from wilmington, brandywine river, and as you know, you can see it, hear it, definitely a spot to keep an eye on that water moving really fast down there. but also, some nasty road conditions, what is next is on route 13 southbound in new castle. we can sea water ponding there on the road like chris was talking about. drivers, we want you to be wear down there, don't go too fast through that and then also backup here in philadelphia, this is on lincoln drive, one of the lanes of traffic earlier had to be closed down. you can see cars splashing through that. flooding there. we're told that was because of some sewer backup, we know, when it rains this hard the sewers, hard to handle so much water coming in so drivers, you want to be careful, you want to keep an eye out for pockets of water along the road today that can be dangerous but another live look out here, at the cooper river you can see that fog
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building up along there but again, good news, not coming down too hard right now, although it has been a very wet, rainy morning, from the last several hours. reporting live along the cooper river bob brooks channel six "action news", gray, back to you. >> drivers to have use caution , bob, thanks very much lets update this weekend's rainy forecast and check storm tracker six live anytime on your phone or your tablet. six abc app of course a free down load for your mobile device. developing this noon, no survivors have been found after a russian air liner crashed outside of moscow. the airline, and m148 had 65 passengers and six crew members on board as it took off from moscow's ork. the plane crashed 25 miles from moscow's airport. plane fragments have been found, at this time, it is unclear what might have caused the crash. the philadelphia department of prisons now reviewing its policies after an inmate was shot during an attempted carjacking friday night. police say this man here 26
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year-old jamal bennet was just released from the curan from hold correctional facility when he attempted to steel an off-duty corrections officers vehicles. that officer 27 year veteran michael meritay got in a fight with bennet and then shot him in the chest. that parking lot is used by inmates, their families, guest s and employees, that is an arrangement that has been criticized by the local corrections officer union. >> the parking arrangement and shared parking with civilian and staff at house of corrections has been in place for over 20 years. >> we are told bennet's in the hospital in critical condition but he is expected to survive. of course he will face some new charges. two people were killed in the gruesome crash in chester county. crash happened at grove road and pottstown pike in west goshen township just before midnight. crews have not released the identity of the victim and no word what might have caused the crash. well, for many eagles fans
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the super bowl win just one week ago is a moment they will , of course, never forget, and just to be sure they don't forget dozens of dedicated fans flocked to the philadelphia, tattoo art convention to give themselves a permanent reminder. "action news" reporter, trish hartman has details. >> reporter: if you had to come up with an image, that is undeniablely philly it might look like jason kelce in the mummers costume eating scrapple and pork roll. now that image is that dude on bill miller's arm. >> i had an idea, then breakfast came into play and kelce's speech, long story short, i will give you killer deal if you let me tattoo kelce on you. >> reporter: adam elliott from passion and christ tattoos says philadelphia tattoo arts convention could not have come at a better time. he is booked solid mostly with clients looking for eagles ink >> tons, tons of requests, my phonies smoking on fire with texts, and messages for requests for eagles tattoos.
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>> go birds baby. >> reporter: for colin ruley this is a big step we spoke to him midway through a eagles logo tattoo on his thigh. >> my first tattoo representing with the birds. >> reporter: number nine for nick foles to a sketch of the philly special, these eagles fans say it is a permanent way to celebrate this victory. >> tattoos on my body forever. it don't matter how oldy get, i know super bowl lii, nick foles, led us to the promise land, let us to the w. >> it is a moment i'll never forget. >> reporter: reporting from the pennsylvania convention center, trish hartman for channel six "action news". >> got to love diehard fans. relive eagles super bowl win and that parade on the six abc app, you can see videos from the biggest moments of the celebration, raw video from the action campaign chopper six and dozens of pictures of eagles players and those fans enjoying that great championship parade. now we are looking at next year. >> yes. >> go eagles. is there still much more to come on "action news" this sunday afternoon, three people
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are dead in nevada after a helicopter crash, what the tour company says about its history with passengers. then listen to this new study says, frenchfries may be good for you, sort of, we will explain. and meteorologist chris sowers will be back with the full forecast, chris, when is the rain leaving? details after we see you after the break.
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welcome back everybody. a live look right now at sky 6 hd overlooking commodore barry bridge this has been the picture all morning, glummy, gray, foggy, rainy, when will this even. >> i think technical term is yucky. >> yes, it looks like the bridge was just floating in the cloud there is. lets get over to the weather center. absolutely miserable around the delaware and lehigh valleys. >> yes. >> what makes it worse there is no football today, so i
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cannot sit on the couch and waste the day away after this. i have to find something to do indoors here, all that heavy rain. see behind me the view looking down penns landing low level clouds. visibility is some where between one and 2 miles. visibility has been severely impact. it is not improving here as we take a look at storm tracker six. we will make a quick zoom west of philadelphia still seeing pockets of very heavy rain, indicated by yellows and oranges and reds. now this particular round of heavy rain is actually further north and west then what had fallen earlier this morning. we had a bit what is called training taking place, across south jersey and delaware, earlier this morning. that is when heavy cells run over the same locations over and over again. so this is a bit of good news. we have shifted everything off to the northwest a little bit giving south jersey and delaware a little bit of the break, throughout the midday hours. but is there more heavy rain to come, as we take a wider view here. you can clearly see more heavy rain down toward baltimore,
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d.c. and that is yet to pull through. that additional rain could create flooding problems later this afternoon this line stretches from new york city all the way dunn through i-95 corridor just to the south and east of walt more, d.c. metro area. we have a couple flood advisories issued and they have been extended this one just west of philadelphia until 2:45, and then one across south injuries any new castle county in delaware in effect until 2:00 this afternoon. right now only minor flooding is being reported in these areas but fit continues to rain like it is, we may have to watch smaller creeks, streams very carefully over next couple of hours. smaller tributaries are reaching their banks and flowing in the bigger creeks, streams, rivers here and that is when you start to get flooding problems. as long as it continues to rain like this we will to have watch things carefully. one and a half miles visibility has been severely impacted as i mentioned earlier. 2 miles in lancaster. philadelphia is as good as it has been all day, 2 miles. 1.7 in trenton.
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then clearing or somewhat down here to the south, dover 10 miles, millville the, not too bad but then on the water 1.7 in wildwood and .8 of a mile in atlantic city. we have a warm front lifting to the north still somewhat chilly up here across lehigh valley and poconos but very mild spring-like stuff to the south where it is 68 degrees, right now in dover but yet 43 on the other side of the front in allentown. tremendous contrast in temperatures. if you live up in through here and want mild air it doesn't look like warm front will lift that far north today. this is as far north as it travels, 55 in philadelphia right now, millville 60, atlantic city 57 degrees. future tracker showing pockets of heavier rain continuing throughout the afternoon hour, winding down late, 2:30, 60 in philadelphia. cloudy skies, light showers, spritz, sprinkle, drizzle going on. by six or 7:00 o'clock this evening all that heavy rain pull is a way, left over with cloudy conditions, damp roads and miss continuing taking
12:15 pm
place. after midnight tonight, the winds shift out of the northwest. is there you are cool front right there everything dries out. we will see cooler numbers race in. so tomorrow morning we are nothing looking at 50's and 60 's. we are looking at 30's north and west and lower 40's south iron east. for the remainder of the afternoon on and off pockets of heavier rain tapering off late, visibility reduced at times and poor drainage flooding is likely. forecast for this afternoon high temperature wise 63 in philadelphia we have exceeded 66 in dover. presently at 68. we will to have adjust that one. wilmington 62. trenton 60. millville 63. probably upper 40's to lower 50's north and west. atlantic city 58, and cape may . here's your exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, so miserable today, we mentioned accu weather alert for possibility of flooding and heavy rain. clouds and sun for monday. tuesday and wednesday look nice. more rain possible for thursday and 63. guys. >> thanks, chris. >> in today's health check
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frenchfries may not good for your waist line but might be beneficial for your hairline. japanese scientists say they were able to regrow air in mice by using method that involves the shape time of silicone used by fast food restaurant. it is often added to frenchfries to prevent frosting. preliminary research suggest it may be just as successful on people as it is on mice. a new study out of china suggest that people who smoke and drink alcohol heavily are more lakely to develop esophageal cancer if they also drink hot tea. study find excessive alcohol use has equivalent of the 12- ounce more of glass a beer a day. tea count in the u.s. says health benefits of tea out weigh the possible risks. still some new research shows that is there good reason to tell your doctor what is on your bucket list. researchers from stanford found sharing your life goals with your physician can lead to a medical plan that better lies with your priorities, when want to travel, run a
12:17 pm
marathon, study found doctors do have the information, can help met straight patients and encourage healthier behavior. is there new evidence that shows that for some people l are lyme disease could have effects such as fatigue, pain, inn some me a and depression and those symptoms cannulas, even, when blood tests in longer detected bacteria that causes the disease. this has been a controversial issue in the medical community , whether the effects of a tic born illness can persists.
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a tour helicopter with seven people on board crashed in the grand canyon killing three people. the chopper crashed last night near the canyon, and the four survivors defined as level one trauma patients and being treated at the scene. the grand canyon helicopter web site says it flies roughly 600,000 passengers a year on grand canyon and other tours. what caused the crash remains
12:20 pm
under investigation. two police officers in ohio were shot and killed while responding to a domestic incident. it happened yesterday in westerville a suburb of columbus. police say a man opened fire on the officers as they walked toward the house. one officer died at the scene, the other at the hospital. officer anthony morley was a 30 year veteran of the force and eric during had been with the department for 17 years. suspect is in the hospital, with a gunshot wound. five people are dead in what police are calling a murder spree in kentucky. police say that two of the victim's bodies were found in a home when officers responded to a report of shooting. deputies were searching for a suspect two more victims and suspected gunman were found dead in an apartment about 10 miles away. victim's identity have not yet been released, a motive for the shooting, not yet clear. amtrak says it will pay for last weekend's fatal crash in south carolina even if that company is not found responsible. two amtrak employees were killed and 116 people were
12:21 pm
injured, when amtrak train was mistakenly divert todd a side track and then crashed into a csx freight train and investigators are looking into whether csx is to blame for that diversion but amtrak will pay for the accident because of negotiations between the company, and the railroad.
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we are asking a very important question, is winning contagious for the philadelphia teams? we hope so. >> sure seems to be. from the basketball court to the ice, a streak of w's sends the eagles super bowl victory and here's jeff skversky. joel embiid says that the sixers are next to win a championship. well, they are starting to play like the eagles. dominating in their own house,
12:24 pm
they have won seven straight at home for the first time in a decade. fletcher cox and world champs in the house last night against the clippers. joel embiid a game time decision, he looks great here how about the fade, sixers bench start imitating that fade. they love it. joe joe on the go here in the third, slams it down as embiid had 29 points, ties his career high 16 boards. scary moment he goes flying in the bench as he tries to get up, right ankle, buckle. he falls again in the fourth, this time holding his right knee and embiid, briefly leaves, he is okay. brett brown surprised he comes back. sixers back in the winning column 112-98. they have 28 wins. that is as much as they have had all last year. afterward everyone worried about the big guy. >> joe says he is fine, for a quick, you know, moment there i was worried, but they cleared him to come back and play and we go on i think five
12:25 pm
-zero run and life is still good. >> any swelling or pain right now. >> no. >> stop talking about it. who is this guy rooting for wearing a flares hat and coyoties jersey. flyers in phoenix on the power play wayne simmonds putting flyers up three-two in the third. zach renaldo, former flyer, beating brian elliott, tying it at three. we will get to the shoot-out when, um-hmm, elliott goes down with the lower body injury. he had to be helped off ice, he does in the return. game on, it continues, with no land patrick the rookie, for the win, good night, good hockey, flyers win four-three, their first shoot-out win of the season. michal neuvirth will get the start later today in las vegas eagles offensive coordinator frank reich could be next coach to take off, he interviewed for colts head coach job. eagles continue to parade around town, to the fans, running back lagarrette blunt
12:26 pm
signing autographs at dynasty sports in oxford valley yesterday, blount a free agent , could be signing elsewhere. fellow running back corry clement in havertown at karl's cards an incredible week for the kid from glassboro, new jersey. he will never forget the ride up broad street and to the art museum. >> the parade really stood out to me just seeing how well we are supported not even just in philadelphia but around the nation. i saw people coming in from different areas. so this eagles nation is worldwide for sure. >> and clement believes that they can do it yet again next year. that is sports. i'm jeff skversky. have a good day. we all believe that, right another half an hour of "action news" is just ahead. >> here are the stories we will have for you do new england patriots have a new owner with philadelphia ties? according to google, yes but that is not really the case. we will explain. getting your final destination on time is important to you, which airline you might want to consider flying.
12:27 pm
>> those stories plus exclusive accu weather forecast and much more when we see you after the break.
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happening right now on "action news" flood watches and warnings across the delaware valley as more rain continues to fall in the region. plus latest on the investigation into an explosion inside of a car, in the parking lot of a philadelphia business. and president trump tweets and seems to be taking aim at the me too movement, we will
12:29 pm
go to meteorologist chris sowers for more on our accu weather alert, chris. >> it just keeps raining, raining, raining, we have one flood warning in effect for kent county. everybody else under a flood advisory. do you realize all of the rain we have picked upright now if temperatures were cold enough for snow we would be shoveling between 20 and 30 inches of snow right now. that is how heavy these rain bands have been. here's where the flood warning is for kent county this patch right here, this is a small line of thunderstorms starting to develop. that will pass to the north of kent county which is good news because rainfall in this bandies from a half inch to three-quarters of an inch. you certainly don't need that on top of the 3 inches you have already seen in kent county. then heavier rains across new castle county. you can see that line of thunderstorms starting to flare up east of d.c. and baltimore, that should push just like this in the heart of our viewing area within the next hour or so. so more heavy rains are on the way for south jersey and delaware. otherwise we're seeing moderate rains for
12:30 pm
southeastern, pennsylvania, lower montgomery, bucks counties, eastern chester and delaware counties reporting very heavy rain, at times, into philadelphia, as well. and we're starting to see those smaller tributaries filling up now. we are reporting minor flooding in low lying areas and areas of poor drainage. lot at temperatures. this is the other big story to day. look at how mild it is. 60 degrees in blueberry country. glassboro 60. smyrna 66. dover is up to a may-like 68 degrees right now. the warm front is right about here running parallel to the delaware river. so north and west you will stay well above freeze to go day but not nearly as warm as, sections, south ande and that is because this warm front business as far north as it will get to day. forty's north and west, 50's and 60's south and east. for the afternoon we are looking at clouds on and off periods of afternoon should taper off in the late afternoon hours. so 1:00 o'clock temperature 56 by 4:00 o'clock 616789 same number by seven. up to 63 by 10. do you see is what happening,
12:31 pm
the numbers are increasing during evening hours. they will not drop off until after midnight. when i come back in a few minutes i will show you as front passes through what it does to those temperatures and when we will clear out in the accu weather seven day forecast, guys. >> chris, thank you. we cannot stress enough drivers should use caution today, several main roads and back roads are now flooded. >> "action news" reporter bob brooks is live along the cooper river in new jersey with the break down of the flooded areas, bob? >> reporter: gray, nydia rains picking backup as chris said it keeps raining, raining, die down and then start backup. just a really, really wet, rainy morning we are having this sunday morning. behind me cooper river when that rain hits it, it is warmer then that river water and fog just comes up. you can barely see anything out there. about five minutes ago we were sitting in our live truck and "action news" van and could in the see the river at that point. that is how much fog. good news we don't see any water coming over in other areas. we want to bring up pieces of
12:32 pm
video we have compiled this morning. first little bit you will see is in wilmington. brandywine walker. as walkers know really high down there you can hear it, rushing along, definitely a spot to keep an eye on. water moving very, very fast down there. then we want to move over to route 13, southbound, in new castle, and you can sea water ponding on the road there. that is what nydia, gray were talking about. road conditions getting dicey, drivers will want to take their time. do not want to fly through water like that on the road and then backup in philadelphia on lincoln drive, more of the same, we know that one of the lanes of traffic had to be closed down because of some flooding this morning. again, you can see your clouding go through there, going through turns, fast, it will cause a problem. we were told by the city that the reason it is flooding on lincoln drive is because of the sewer backup we know so much rain hard for sewage system to handle all that. back out here live along the cooper river very unique,
12:33 pm
beautiful view but we know it is because of heavy downpours we have had all morning, again , just a wet one and we advise drivers out there please be careful this morning reporting live along the coupe are river bob brooks channel six "action news", now back to you guys. >> bob, thanks for the update. you can actually goat updates on this weekend's rainy forecast, check out storm tracker six live anytime right on your phone or tablet the six abc app is a free down load for your mobile tea vice. and the bomb squad was called in after an explosion in philadelphia's northern liberties section overnight. officials say that the explosion happened inside of a vehicle in the parking lot of delilah's in the unit block of spring gander street at 3:00 this morning. hood of the vehicle was damaged, no injuries have been reported and at this time it is unclear if the vehicle is targeted or what caused the explosion. peco crew where is called to philadelphia's east mt. airy section this morning. officials tell "action news" a tree near intersection of montana street and came in contact with wires around 6:00 . that caused the tree to catch on fire. no word on any power outages at this time.
12:34 pm
so far no arrests have been made in connection to the shooting near sports bar in north philadelphia, police were called to the prime time sports bar, on 3400 block of north walter street just before midnight. they say a man was shot about a block away from that bar, on ontario and el street. victim was taken to temple hospital. the condition of that person is not yet known. we have also learned that one person is dead after a shooting in southwest philadelphia overnight. police were called to the area of 66th and guyer avenue shortly after midnight. they found the victim pronounced dead at the scene with multiple gunshot wounds. that victim has not yet been identified but police believe that the person is in his 20's , no word yet about suspects. a south jersey police department has a warning about potentially lethal batch of heroin. evesham township police department says there has been four overdoseness connection with the batch. they are urging anyone who feels as if they or anyone they know might be overdose to go call 911 right away. the good samaritan law protect
12:35 pm
s them from arrest. drug overdose is leading cause of accidental death in the united states among people age 25 to 64. pennsylvania's republican party endorsed candidates to run in conn kes ted primaries to challenge the state two leading democrats, governor tom wolf and u.s. senator bob casey. they endorsed scott wagner, a state senator from york county , who is also endorsed by former trump white house strategies steve ban on, and for senate lou barleta, four term congressman from luzerne county, president trump has spoken well of barleta who co chaired president trump's 2016 campaign in pennsylvania. president trump appears to be walking directly in the #me too debate. in the latest twit are storm the president defended the accused saying people are brought down by mere allegations. abc's david wright has latest from the white house. >> reporter: in the aftermath of the scandal that has cost two west wing staffers their jobs president trump tweeted a
12:36 pm
full on critique of the me too movement, peoples lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation he said. some are true, or false. some are old and some are new. there is no recovery for someone falsely accused -- life and career are gone. is there no such thing any longer as due process? this one day after trump lavished praise on former white house staff secretary rob porter who resigned after two of his ex-wife's accused him of domestic abuse. porter denied the allegations. >> we absolutely wish him well , he did a very good job at the white house. >> reporter: women democrats are now slamming trump, senator patty murray shot back women's lives are up ended every day by sexual violence and harassment, i will keep standing with them, and trust ing them, even if the president won't. senator christie gillbrandt went further reminding her constituents that american a
12:37 pm
dozen women accused trum of sexual misconduct. if he wants due process let's have congressional hearings, tomorrow. i would support that, and my collogues should too. when it comes to allegations of sexual misconduct the president has tend todd give alleys like senate candidate roy moore the benefit of the doubt while calling auto pope events like senator al franken >> women are very special, i think it is a very special time because a lot of things are coming out and i think that is good for our society and i think it is very, very good for women. >> reporter: one woman the president does stand bias hope hicks, the white house communications director, who has been on his team since trump tower, and hicks was men to be dating rob porter, during their time at the white house, trump said to be less than pleased with her handling of the porter situation, but saturday he issued a formal statement saying hope is absolutely fantastic, and calling her smart, very
12:38 pm
talented and respected by all. we will keep up with that report, accord took google new england patriots have a new owner eagles quarterback nick foles? what? when fans used the search engine to look up the patriots owner foles photo and information pops up. clearly this is not true. the rightful owner of the patriots of course is robert k raft. it left many fans laughing at this especially those who think foles owned the patriots during the super bowl to bring home that lombardi trophy. one week after winning super bowl lii eagles players continue to meet with fans hoff supported them all these years. this was the scene at sports shop in plymouth meeting where fans lined up to meet rodney mccloud and others. the fun continued, in manayunk where fans flocked to the nickels building to sign a 8- foot tall congratulations card delivered to the eagles. this is an event organized by manayunk development
12:39 pm
corporation. relive the eagles super bowl win and parade right on the six abc app. you can see videos from the biggest moment of the celebration, raw video from the action campaign chopper six and dozens of photos of eagles players, fans enjoying that championship parade. is there is still much more to come on "action news" go back in time with the chamber orchestra as they perform iconic pieces, from the 1740's. plus a new agreement could mean fast food delivered right here to your front door we will explain. and sky 6hd taking you live outside over philadelphia international airport still rainy out there you can tell by the cameras meteorologist chris sowers will have your full accu weather forecast when "action news" continues.
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12:41 pm
students in nebraska took their learning outside for a quick lesson, in sledding
12:42 pm
safety. teachers showed students how to go up and downhill safely and taught them right way, to, fall after offed sled. it is important to show students you can still get outside be active and even when weather is cold outside. school has often planned education for the last 10 years. while some parts of the u.s. are dealing with snow city in south after rick case celebrating recent spot of rain. get some from frustrates. cape town officials warned that the city would run out of water, and, a day, and a zero but this weekend is finally rained and residents used buck tote collect as much as that water as possible. here's somebody with the bucket. city is facing war drought in more than a century; time for accu weather. we are certainly not in need of any rain. >> we are more than happy to share our rain. >> all right. sky six. here's first one. well, we just showed it. center city. >> well, center city that is right, center city.
12:43 pm
we have another one, lets get out to... >> that would be ben franklin bridge. >> very close, commodore barry >> okay. >> you get the idea. that is kind of day it is. visibility has been greatly reduced. we are still seeing pockets of heavy rain. if you are not picking up fog we have low level included but just a miserable sunday afternoon around delaware and lehigh valleys. taking a look at storm tracker we are still dealing with this band of heavy rain here which is parallelling the i-95 corridor from philadelphia up into new york city and then another back down here to the southwest and thinks how this has been going all morning long, just kind of drains over the same areas over and over again, southwest to northeast. we will make a quick zoom areas west of philadelphia, here's manayunk, along 202, bright red, very heavy driving rains for lower montgomery and bucks counties, all this lifting off to the northe at 20 or 25 miles an hour. so sipping along which is good news there because this is moving slowly we would have a tremendous amount of flooding
12:44 pm
problems but the fact that it is moving swiftly is a good sign. with that said is there plenty more moisture down to the south. that is very last of it around richmond, virginia. all that still has to pull through, before we can finally clear things out. a couple of flood advisories minor flooding taking place in low lying areas and areas of poor drainage. this advisory here is in effect until 2:45 this afternoon and mess of the south jersey including new castle county and delaware that advisory is in effect until 2:00 this afternoon. we have a ton of travel delays starting to mount now. philadelphia about 90 minutes, newark, 92. hour and a half, getting in to the new york city jfk airports over an hour, look at detroit they are not seeing heavy rains but a icy mess out there over two hours in detroit and we have even more delays, further out to the west, chicago picking up more snow they have pick up snow now, measurable snow for nine straight days, and they are seeing more today. just under a hour there. everybody else doing okay but traveling in the northeast and
12:45 pm
mid-atlantic part of the u.s. is a real has toll day. 62 degrees is today's high. normal is 43. low temperature this morning was warmer then normal high. we have bottom out at 50. looking at future tracker six it tells story of the heavy rain, pockets of the heavier rain continues through early part of the afternoon three or 4:00 o'clock or so and everything should wind down from southwest to northeast. but even by 6:00 it is still cloudy, damp with drizzle, mist and occasional shower but it is extremely mild 62 degrees in philadelphia 40 's north and west. by midnight that is cold front right there, the numbers begin to drop off from northwest to south east. once that pulls through everything starts to clear out and monday actually looks nice around here, combination of the sun and clouds. big concern for remainder of the day is is this right here flooding concerns. we are seeing standing water on local streets, and we are seeing some low level flooding in areas of poor drainage.
12:46 pm
flooding there as well. smaller creeks and streams are rapidly approaching their banks. be mindful of your surroundings. if you live in an area that typically flood during heavy rain events just keep monitoring things this he have i rain will taper off over the next couple of hours but we have two or three hours to go. 63 degrees is the forecasted high for this evening. cloudy, dam one evening showers, clearing after midnight and turning cooler, 37 degrees, outlying suburbs, 44 for center city. your exclusive seven day forecast. 63 degrees today. cooler 46, still above average 46 degrees for tomorrow. tuesday increasing clouds, 43. we are mild again valentines day, 55. thursday, 63. maybe some more rain, and then friday and saturday 48 and 42. just no winter in sight, terrible. >> i know. >> we're happen bye that. >> i know you guys are. >> chamber orchestra is traveling back in time to one of the most popular ge nres in
12:47 pm
the 18th century. karen rodgers has more in the six abc love the arts. >> reporter: year was 1747 when sound of music took europe by storm and chamber orchestra is staging a concert that pays tribute to the iconic scores of the time. >> ♪ >> reporter: concert is called all brooke and will be led by guest conductor jeffery brill heart. >> you can describe it the same way you describe rock music, there is a lot of detail that goes on, most gripping is it is a beat. >> reporter: kicks off with a overture written by french composer who lived in the shadows of the legend. >> ramold, greatest composer in france at the same time as bach. >> the piece is inspired by four seasons. >> it is a sanity piece. it starts off with just a drummer giving thunder in the distance. would you never guess it was from 1740's. really amazing. >> reporter: hair bye bach opens up the second half of the program with a softer
12:48 pm
sound. >> it is an extremely poignant piece way very beautiful melody. you could reset your heart rhythm to what goes on in the base line. >> reporter: as a special treat brillheart will do a piece playing a keyboard industry that predates the piano. >> harpscord music was court of the music and royalty and been described as aid twangy sound. >> reporter: brillheart has been working with the orchestra for nearly three decade and promises a show that will pleasantly surprise the audience. >> i think a lot of people will be amazed at the muse being. they will love it. them walk out of the room for sure tapping their toes. >> reporter: chamber orchestra performs february 25th and 26th at kimmel center pearl man theater. for tickets and show times visit arts in for six abc love the arts, i'm karen rodgers.
12:49 pm
12:50 pm
welcome back thon sunday at 12:50, 55 degrees, sky 6hd
12:51 pm
looking live from our city hall camera at masonic temple. amazon is getting ready to offer a shipping services for businesses. shipping with amazon would be in direct competition with ups and fedex. accord together wall street journal service is part of the pilot program that will start in los angeles and roll on it to other cities later this year. drivers will pick up packages from third party sellers and deliver them to customers. young brands is partnering with the food delivery app grub hub to deliver kfc and taco bell. as part of the deal they will buy 200 million-dollar of grub hub stock and young executive will join grub hub's board. grub hub said young's investment will further enhance ordering and delivery experience for diners, restaurants and divers. united airlines lead u.s. in terms of the on time performance accord together federal bureau of transportation statistics. united saw flights arrive on time nearly 85 percent of the time last month. delta and alaska were right
12:52 pm
behind, and on time rate of 83 . jet blue, the lowest ranked with just over 74 percent. federal government counts flights as on time if it arrives no more than 14 minutes behind schedule. well, a few dozen couples tied the knot at mass pet wedding ceremony that happened this weekend in peru. take a look at this video. dogs from all shapes, sizes and ages came to the open air ceremony. they don't bite. they are not even married yet. >> pampered pets got married during the pet valentine 2018 event surrounded by balloons and cake as you just saw. owners took home wedding certificates which included paul prints of the bride and groom. it is raised annually for pet owners to be responsible. cute little ceremony there. when "action news" continues an update of our top stores is. >> plus a final look at the accu weather forecast in just a moment.
12:53 pm
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y2p9hy y5yy recapping our top stories, heavy rain is causing pockets of flooding in our area brandywine river is threatening to overflow its banks and in wilmington delaware. in new castle delaware flooding is causing traffic headaches in the southbound lanes of route 13, near the route 40 split. chris sowers follows our top stories recap with the accu weather update. a one car crash in west goshen township chester county has killed two people. action cam was at the scene early this morning, grove road and pottstown pike. police have not yet indicated the cause of the accident. and since the birds won the super bowl local tattoo artists are a wash in green in
12:56 pm
k. fans crowded in this weekend's philadelphia tattoo arts convention at pennsylvania convention center to get engraved on their skin everything from eagles logos to jason kelce, in his mummers outfit. >> yes. >> that is at the arts convention continuing through today. >> dedicated fans. >> looks good. >> it looks good, get you one. >> no, i don't think so. >> i do do the whole ink thing >> we have a new warning issued by national weather service for northwestern burlington county, it is rancocas creek at pemberton rapidly approaching flood stage, flood stage is 2.5 feet right now at 2.2. it is expected to crest at 2.8 . this flood warning will remain in effect until it lowers back down below, flood stage. here's a quick look at that area northwestern burlington county. heavy rain continuing to push over the same area, over and over and over again from palmyra all the way through moorestown and getting in the willingboro, rancocas area see shades of yellow, orange, red
12:57 pm
all that moving from southwest to northeast. there is plenty more still to come. it is raining all the way back into d.c. and richmond, virginia. all that moisture has to pull through first, before we can finally clear out. here's the exclusive seven day forecast, good news we will clear out later this evening. 63 degrees toys day's forecast ed high and most of the upcoming week looks nice. we will clear it out monday, tuesday, wednesday, sun and clouds, 46, 43 and milder 55 for valentines day, maybe some more wet weather for thursday, 63. friday and saturday quiet as well, 48 and 42. >> not bad. south korea held its annual naked marathon, this weekend. do we have video of that? 18,000 people, turned out for that event despite temperatures in the 20's. to qualify for a medal you are required to run shirtless like that guy right there and then this was the 26th running of the naked marathon a lot of sports events happening in south korea right now.
12:58 pm
>> yes. ac c basketball is next. >> "action news" continues at 5:00. >> for gray hall, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team i'm nydia han, have a great sunday. >> ♪
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the following is a presentation of the acc network, an exclusive production of raycom sports. >> wes: with less than three weeks remaining in


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