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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 12, 2018 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning -- hollywood mogul harvey weinstein is slapped have a civil rights lawsuit. accused of forcing his staff to manage his sexual encounters. what the lawsuit means for the sale of his company. president trump under fire for his response to the domestic abuse allegations against fo morning, porter's ex-wife fires back. u.s. figure skater adam rippon finishes in third place. this morning, the explanation for his score. and team with an historic first on the ic on two air disasters. jetrashes all on board.
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s into flames in canyon. later, the the producers of "peter rabbit" apologize as they face a boycott. and driven to distraction. everybody, on this monday. we start with the week with a serious new legal fight for disgraced harvey weinstein. >> he's now facing a civil rights lawsuit here in new york. that suit claims weinstein consistently -- female employees. >> his attorney is responding this morning as the sale of weinstein's company is called into question. this morning, harvey weinstein now the target of a lute. the new york state attorney general filed the civil rights suit against the weinstein company claiming it repeatedly broke state law by failing to
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protect its employees from sexual harassment, and discrimination. >> he held all the cards. >> reporter: zelda perkins was his former assistant. she slams weinstein tried to rape her colleague in 1998 at the venice film festival. in an sbrir with the bbc, perkins talked about the hostile work environment. >> he was a master manipulator. and his moods changed very quickly. you never knew whether you were his confidant or where you were going to be screamed at. >> reporter: the suit cites violations of human rights and business laws, by the weinstein company, harvey weinstein, and his brother, robert. actress rose mcgowan, one of the first to accuse weins rape, says she believed the people around the media mogul permitted his behavior. >> everybody knew.
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>> you really believe >> i know that. i was there. >> reporter: the lawsuit now jeopardizes the sale of the weinstein company. any sale must ensure that victims will be compensated. weinstein's attorney says a fair investigation will find that the allegations are without merit. if the purpose inquiry is suppose enkourmt reform throughout to film weinstein will embrace the investigation. the suit in new york is hardly weinstein's only legal problem. the district attorney in los angeles is considering possible charges and weinstein also faces a cri investigation in both new york and london. turning to president trump under fire for defending a top aide who stepped down over a string of domestic violence allegations. the president said it's a tough time for rob porter and follow upd with a tweet about people being falsely accused. porter's ex-wife is responding.
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abc's serena marshall has more from washington. >> reporter: she's firing back and firg back forcefully. writing in a "time" magazine op ed piece that the president will not diminish my truth. it was a tweet that appeared to question the accusers over the accused. the president writing, people's lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation. there is no recovery for someone falsely accused. life and career are gone. is there no such thing any longer as due process. mr. trump now facing backlash this morning for praising and defender former aide rob porter, a i kuzed of domestic absolute. >> reporter: in "time" magazine, porter aex second wife said, i was floord. my friend turned to me and said, the president of the just called you a liar. the staff says that the
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president's staff actefa. the first wife claims that the pictures and information came up in investigations. >> the tweet could be applied to a bunch of wondered if the president was anlt his friend, steve wynn. >> reporter: wynn faces allegations. kirsten gillibrand reminding the people that that also means the president. >> we're obligated to have hearings. >> translator: president has fund mentally denid those allegations. >> those accusers have had their day on your network and elsewhere for a long time. >> reporter: well, publicly, the president continues to defiend porter. privately, the website axios says he's called porter sick and that image doesn't line up with the man he knew but he believes the women. kendis? diane? overseas, investigators have
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recovered at least one of the flight recorders from the russian passenger jet seen here crashing outside moscow. it killed all 71 people on board. snow is making the serge for clues extra challenginging this morning. authorities have not ruled out terrorism. reports indicate they don't believe terror was the likely cause. everything from pilot error to weather is being considered. the pilot who they described as experienced never reported an energy. it's a first crash of a commercial airliner in more than a year. in the country, investigators aring look into the cause of a helicopter crash in the grand canyon. three british soldiers were killed. the rough ter rare hampered rescue efforts. first responders had to hike to the crash site. >> the tail broke in half. it hit the bottom. biggest explosion you ever heard. and flames like never seen. >> some of the injured are badly
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burned. it was more than eight hours before the survivors could be air-lifted out of the canyon. other air tours over the grand canyon have been suspended. experts have complained about crowded air space in the area. puerto rico is trying to recover from another blow. an explosion and a fire at a substation caused a blackout if the northern part of the island, which includes parts of san juan. officials think it will take about a day for power to be restored. nearly 500,000 customers remain without electricity 145 days after hurricane maria devastated that island. time for a look at your weather on this monday morning. the flood advisories are expiring in tennessee. now parts of the state are waiting for thingings to dry out. heavy rain left roads flooded and the ground soaked near nashville. up to three inches fell in some areas over the weekend. looking at today's highs, tern
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churs won't get out of the teens in the northern plains. chicago is digging out from a record nine consecutive days of snowfall. matching a record there. coming up, gas prices are on the rise. we'll look at what is causing the increase. and also ahead, the trump administration's plans to take the international space station private. and the ame we just moved in about four months ago,
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just kind of ties in very well. we're back with video of an explosion on a highway outside of beijing. a truck carrying liquefied natural gas burst into flames sending a fireball down the
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roadway. tw two penople in the truck were taken to the hospital. 500 people had to be evacuated in the city of diamond bar. the truck was carrying about 1,000 gals on of high drone general. crews did not pekt to let anyone back into the area until daylight. police in ohio have released the 911 car that led to the killings of two police officers. antdny morelli and eric jerring were shot. the call came from wester vnville. she told the dispatcher she was afraid for both her life and her daughter's. what's your emergency? >> please help, please help, please help. >> what's wrong? >> he shot the police officers. >> 30-year-old quinton smith is charged in the murders. he's recovering after being shot in the incident. police had responded to the home
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three other times since september. without making any arrests. smith's wife says he previously threatened to kill her. gas prices are on the rise. currently 34 cents a gallon higher than this time last year. and up seven cents over the last three weeks. we're expecting to learn more detail today about the a plan from the trump administration to privatize the international space station. it reportedly involves ending funding in seven years and turning the operation over to the international and commercial partnerships. organized by nasa. part of a white house budget request that is expected to face stiff opposition if congress. the u.s. has spent nearly $100 billion to build and operate the space station. when we come back, a new indication that the u.s. may be ready to talk to north korea. history at the olympics. what this american figure skater did for the first time ever.
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feel fuller longer. benefiber® healthy shape. this i can do! of vice president mike pence has a new message for north korea, saying if you want the talk, we'll talk. he made the comments while flying home from the olympics. but he told "the washington post" the u.s. will continue to impose sanctions on kim jong-un until he takes clear steps ending his nuclear program. he describes it as maximum pressure and engagement at the the same time. a lot of talk about the olympic figure skating competition. you have the american adam rippon, who finished third in men's free skate. he came in behind a russian who fell during his program. that set twitter on fire. rippon likely came in third because the other skaters attempted more difficult routines. but fans are not liking that explanation. his performance helped the u.s.
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win bronze in the team competition. alex stone has more from pyeongchang. alex? >> reporter: kendis and diane, good morning. after a slow start, team usa is pulling in the medals. there would be many more on the horizon. team usa won the bronze in the team figureh a strong showing from the shibutani siblings, maia and alex. ma rye nag su became the first american woman to land a triple axel olympic games. chris masder making u.s. olympic history. becoming the first american man to ever medal in the luge. >> you want that win. but to know you solid fied a medal for your country is incredible. >> reporter: on the slopes, 17-year-old red gerard coming back from last place to steal the gold.
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gerard, now youngest american man to win a gold medal in 90 years. jamie anderson taking gold in the women's snowboard slow stile, defending her 2014 title. chloe kim is expected to be the best hope for gold. mikaela shiffrin has to wait this will thursday to go for th. dangerous winds canceled the events. organizers are being asked if they have to extend the games. they say it's premature to think about that so far.ex, tha. in the medal race, norway leads the way, fold by canada. >> the united states sits in fifth place behind the netherlands and germany. we're getting there. >> slowly but surely. >> yep. >> we hope. >> we're like the sloth. former nfl quarterback tal a possible comeback. he talked about his former
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heard-partying lifestyle with abc's t.j. holmes saying he was cut by the cleveland browns two years ago. now he says his heavy drinking led to his depression and worse. >> i was self-medicating with alcohol. that's what i thought was making me happy and get out of that depression to a point where i had some sense of happiness. what did that get me? where did that get me besides out of the nfl? where did that get me? disgraced? >> he credits his fiance with forcing him to focus on football again. tennis superstar serena will jams back, but not all the way. she and venus lost if doubles in straight sets at a competition in asheville, north carolina. serena's first competitive match since giving birth five months ago. she's been away from tennis for more than a year. she said she felt better than expected. the u.s. had already clinched a tie at the fed cup tournament there.
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a top drag race sir in the hospital after a terrifying crash in the first race of the season spp brittany force suffered no major internal injuries but suffered bruising of the lungs. her car veered to the right and slammed into the wall. she's the defending champion in drag racing after winning four races last season. check out this accident caught on camera at a parking garage. you can see the car bursting through the wall, flipping overed a crashing to the ground. this happened in china. the two people car suiv no injuries. driver says he was distracted after dropping the the cable for his cell phone and accidentally hit the accelerator as he reacheit. >> ah. at least it wasn't sending out a snapchat or something like that. >> that would be embarrassing. up next in "the pulse," the
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feel the power of thenew power...smax. fight back theraflu's powerful new formula to defeat 7 cold so you can play on. theraflu expressmax. new power. time to check the monday "pulse" starting with new details of the much anticipated royal wedding coming together. now three months away. >> prince harry and meghan markle will take a carriage ride through windsor after their ceremony. they're set to exchange vows at noon at st. george's chapel. you'll have to set your alarm for 7:00 a.m. eastern time. they'll be married by the
4:23 am
archbishop of canterbury. have the they'll have two receptions. including a private one hosted by prince charles. and the people behind a children's movie are apologizing for being insensitive. >> a character says he's allergic to blackberries stop the rabbits throw the fruit at him. that triggers an allergic reaction. it's triggered on facebook and twitter to boycott the movie. >> the movie sent the wrong message to children that it's something to joke about. and it's not. you could say to your children, in the movie, they joked. but in our family, it's not a laughing matter. >> well now "peter rabbit" creative team and studio admit food allergies are a serious issue and they should if the have made fun of it.they didn't taking the scene out of the movie itself. >> mm-hmm. lawmakers in missouri are considering a bill to declare july 7th as sliced bread day. >>irst commercially sliced
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>> good morning i'm matt o'donnell, it is monday morning. we're preparing for you a wet commute. rain forced the closures of mlk drive overnight we're live in fairmont park. showers out there, mostly in new jersey and delaware, david murphy is tracking that. a delaware man is hit in the face guy a bullet during an overnight shooting all those stories and much more, "action news" is next. a florida teacher fired after posting pictures of her same-sex marriage on facebook has filed a lawsuit. look at today's weather, look for showers in southern california, cold in the midwest.
4:28 am
expect thunderstorms in the south. the northeast will be dry but cooler than the weekend. finally, the soul sisters have captured many hearts. they grew up in the same house in many opinion with the same parents. they both play ice hockey. zblun one plays for team usa. the other plays for the korean team. amy robach has the story. >> reporter: growing up in minnesota, marissa and hannah brandt did everything together. first figure skad scathing. then following in love with hockey. playing in the olympics, a dream for them both. when that dream became a reality, they ended up on different teams. that's marissa, number 23 for korea. and hannah, number 20 for team usa. >> to be here in my birth country. to have my family come. being here with my sister. it's incredible. >> reporter: in 1993, greg and robin brandt adopted a baby girl from south korea. just before she arooifrd, they found out they were pregnant.
4:29 am
marissa arooifrd 4 months old. and hannah six months later. >> we did egg together. we trained together all year round. >> reporter: they both starred in college. when han ma made the american team, marissa didn't expect to go. then she got an invitation to play for a country she hadn't seen since she was adopted. so now, hannah and marissa with both in korea. oh, hey. oh, my god, the to sisters. something that's made their bon other, they'll be fierce con pet or thes on the ice. but also be sisters and best friends off the ice. amy robach, pyeongchang, south korea. zblefr time the other has game, one sister sends the other a text message. good look, score for me. i love you. >> and the parents must be rooting for several zplae see w. and that's what's making news this america this morning. >> we're going to go that beautiful >> good morning everyone it4:3.
4:30 am
here's what we're following for you, heavy rains have flooded mlk drive in fairmont park. we'll have the latest on the local road closures and what to expect from accuweather. >> eagles celebration are still going on. this morning another star player will be appearing on national television. >> first up the soggy commute with meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers good morning to you both. >> reporter: not raining everywhere, but driving


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