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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 14, 2018 2:10am-2:40am EST

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before the philly's first spring workout. >> there is a buzz down here. pitchers and catchers are not due for the official workout until tomorrow. >> eagles went from worst to first, nobody believed, why not the eagles too? >> he was inspired by the eagle season. >> we would be foolish not to take from what the phillies accomplished, not just the last couple of weeks, but since coach pederson said this is what the world thinks. this is who we think you are. we think you are special. >> he watched the win against the patriots down here. he loved the way the birds played and wants to phillies to play just as bold. >> jeff skversky, "action news." >> lasalle hosting bon adventure
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team. bonnies jalen adams 26 points for him. they win 79-68. baseball in the morning. >> all right, ducis. sounds good. they served up a big helping of a tony award winning musical. waitress opened with music by sarah borelli. the story centers around a waitress, an expert pie maker who dreams of leaving the small town through a baking competition. >> "jimmy kimmel live" next followed by "nightline." "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edwards, matt o'donnell, karen murphy an.
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for the entire news team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪ tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." something's wrong and all these kids seem to know it.
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>> except the 2-year-old boy. >> how he survived one very close call. >> oh! it's a "fifty shades freed" screening complete with -- >> a big, big question. >> see if she's up for a life time bond. >> so wait, is he going to tie the knot and maybe tie a few more knots? rooftop dare devils coming straight at you. the phenomenal run that leads to an epic getaway. and if you hate dressing up, but still want to look professional -- >> they might be for you. >> the workwear that lets you slip into something more formal. they're so comfortable and perfect you forget you're not wearing pants. >> you're like no, no, no, no! ing this is a neighborhood in thailand and lots of kids playing around. the mom left her 2-year-old boy
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to play with the other kids. the other kids keep pointing up and a few seconds later you see that all of them start running out of the way except the 2-year-old boy. >> wow! >> that palm tree just fell over, barely missing him. >> i wonder if the truck hadn't been there, if it wouldn't have been a different story. hard to tell if the truck kept the tree from hitting him. >> trees don't just fall over. >> apparently they knew it was an old tree but didn't expect it to fall down. they decided to check the other palm trees to make sure that none of them are compromised. the good thing is, nobody was injured, because all of these kids were able to run out of the way. that video proves you always have to be alert and that comes into play in this next video as the 54-year-old grandmother is carrying her infant grandkid. they're walking across this parking lot but see these two women over here? they already know something is wrong. they're run willing out of the
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way. unfortunately grandma doesn't realize that this -- >> what? >> -- is coming right at her. it looked like maybe it was windy that day but there's no confirmation as to what caused that huge billboard to fall off. she ended up suffering several broken bones and a also rated scalp. the child also had a number of scratches, and they were both taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. >> looks like another case like the last one of the car, had it not been there, it could have been a different story because they had that little area of protection. >> otherwise the full weight of that sign could have come down on top of them. could you see where it came from. >> it's possible it wasn't secured properly. the good thing is everybody walked out of these incidents alive. if i say a dog's taking a hike, you think no big deal but it is a big deal for noel here because as you can see noel is not like other dogs. >> she's cute.
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>> adorabldorable. >> she's bipedal. >> she's a rescue dog a ban donned, hit by a car and the prognosis didn't look good. marley's mutts took her in, to a vet and two broken legs. the doctor said in order for this dog to survive we have to amputate the front two legs but even if they did the surgery it was risky. she might not survive. but check this out. >> oh my goodness. >> she made it through the surgery but they said she's not going to have much of a life but she's having one heck of a life and that's why rocky kanaka made this video. this video is part of a new thing he's doing online called dog's day out and dog's day out is where he goes to get a rescue dog, tacks him out to have a great day so people can watch their stories online and think you know what? that is a great dog. maybe i should adopt that dog. so on noel's day out, she got a hike, and then they took her to get a pupacchino.
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she got a party with her friends at the shelter. they had some cake, doggy approved cake. >> these dogs make their jobs easy because they're just so cute. >> you could see how this dog can now jump up on the couch. >> wow. >> just like a boxer jumps. you mentioned they were concerned about her quality of life. it would take the right person to take her in. >> one heck of a day for that dog that now needs a forever home. >> we love noel! what are you doing, mate? >> starts with a grumpy uncle on a rooftop in hong kong becomes one of the scariest, stupidest slickist videos i've seen. >> where are we going? >> all around hong kong. >> they start making their escape across the rooftops leaping and jumping like gazelles but with precision and while it's relatively convention until now, hold onto your butts.
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wow, that looked like a good 40 or 50 stories. the video just getting going. >> that was a huge gap, dude. >> that's a city view i don't want to pay for. >> they leap across, leap across again, land on the edge of this wall and make another transfer. >> these guys are really good. >> go through the laundry. didn't need to do that but i guess we'll do it anyway. get over to the building over there, no problem, do a little bit of tight walking across there. >> no, no, no. >> i can see myself tripping over all this stuff they're jumping over like it's nothing. >> how are we getting off the roof? >> take the stairs. >> we'll take this. >> cool, now i'm understanding these guys have a lot of this planned out. looks like they just went for it and that's the beauty of the video. >> they head down the escalatoe, people in the way. how can we get down quicker? >> they found an escalator that doesn't have stoppers in the middle. >> it does in the end. wave to the security dude and out onto the streets of hong kong. it is all put together and
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presented like it is one just continuous shot, like they made their getaway and it was epic, but there's a lot of planning that's gone into this. what you're seeing here is just a fantastically planned well executed phenomenally edited video that has at the moment just over a million views. i'm surprised it doesn't have 100 million. people around the world are headed into the theaters to see $fifty shades freed." ♪ and since it's one of ashley's favorite movie trilogies her man decided to do something special. he has a big, big question. he asked her to marry him. the crowd cheers. >> so is he going to tie the knot and maybe tie a few more knots, maybe blindfold her as well. >> instead of being mrs. grey he wants her to be mrs. flores. he walks up with roses and a pretty box. she says yes, the crowd cheers.
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>> the crowd of overwhelmingly women cheers. >> they kiss, and they're engaged and she's super happy about it. this video has been viewed millions of times because the theater posted it to their page as well. over here in nigeria, jennifer is pretty excited. >> yeah! >> you can barely make out what's being said because the person recording seems even more excited. she's getting several surprises, but first the white car. her knees buckle, she falls to the ground. her man not only bought her a new car but he proposed to her. >> before or after the car? >> does it really matter? >> kind of does. you don't want to mix that order up. >> maybe she really loves her man and really loves that car and he paired them perfectly.
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they've repurposed their tub to make this, a snowmobile of sorts. see how their idea washes out. plus he's an amazing hair stylist. >> looks like he's weaving a basket. >> that's one of his stunning hairdos. unlike ordinary diapers pampers is the first and only diaper that distributes wetness evenly into three extra absorb channels. they stay up to three times drier so babies can sleep soundly all night wishing you love, sleep and play pampers everyone wants to be (cthe cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs. while others may keep trying, nobunny knows easter better than cadbury. i had this chest cold, but my medicine kept wearing off.
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closed captioning provided by -- it's appropriate this is the week for valentine's day. this is a giant love letter to a place, kualua, hawaii. you couldn't pick a more beautiful location. movie buffs may recognize locations from jurassic park, jumanji, or kong skull island. >> is she safe? >> she is. stunning shot after stunning shot.
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>> starting to ring a bell, start the to look devin supertrampy. >> that would be meghan graham, devin graham's wife. this video is a passion project devin put together, he funded this himself. they spent eight days shooting around hawaii, sounds awful, devin, for you. >> most of his videos are out of control crazy, leaping, jumping, spinning. in this one he's just simply showing the beauty. >> true, but his production levels are still out of control. it's what we've come to expect from devin supertramp and his team and this video is no different. we get the rainbows and the mountains, they get up in the air, we get spielberg-ian shots of this stunning island. >> pretty. >> right, this is youtube people. this isn't a hollywood movie. >> one thing devin, my brother, there's something up there very beautiful on the island. i don't see any polynesian men.
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where are they? >> i can't aing with that logic, charity. >> this is a love letter to his wife in one of his favorite shooting locations. >> oh. >> did you miss that? this balloon has been leading her on a merry chase one that has the pot of gold, otherwise known as devin supertramp. >> i would call him youtube gold. >> yes. let's face it, some of the hair styles we see from hair shows are fantastical, but this guy makes them exceptionally beautiful. this is yorgi cott. i would call him a hair designer because he makes the most fantastical designs in hair, with some hair, mousse and air spra hair spray. >> you realize baskets and hats are woven the same way. he weaves her hair like a basket and fanning it out and dragging that out. >> is it still called a weave? >> right, it's like literally a weave. >> he spreads it out and makes
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an unreal design with that hair. >> that's the thing, the way that he's using the tension and pulling it out to create these sort of shapes that are then holding themselves in that position, it's mental. >> this is not a hair style. this is art, like you could never take this off. >> this really is art and not just the basket weave design that's incredible. check out what he does with this woman's hair, making a flower. you could see the design that he's put together and he says that he does teach students, but check out this one. this is amazing. >> what? >> he's created a rose. >> dude, that is crazy. would you think this would be awesome for a wedding but just the picture, because you couldn't dance with it. when you find something that works, you stick with it. right? you guys remember that flying drone tub thing, the real life guys made? well, they're working with the same materials and concept and idea, except this time they're going to stay terrestrial.
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they've repurposed their tub to make this. snowmobile of sorts. they've taken that same old bathtub, they've attached the front end of a mountain bike, some skis on the front, skis at the back, and taken their electric motor and just strapped it to the back of the pub there, and yeah, it works. so the first test run. it works well, so let's get two guys in there and the one guy with the remote control is controlling the thrust, the throttle of the motor and why not add a little flourish. again, it works really well and the red smoke adds some sweetness to it. >> i often wonder how these ideas come to pass, but we experience it every day, just a couple of dudes sitting around coming up with bad ideas. >> genius ideas. >> okay, we have success all around so far. the third guy jump in, somebody else now is running the throttle on the outside, so he has no control over the speed.
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>> that's troubling. >> is it troubling? >> whoa. oh! hey! >> they just drove their tub right into this ditch. it does not fly. he was smart enough to bail out before he took the brunt of the hit. >> you know what? this all seems okay, only because right now, there's a tesla flying in space. so that balances out this sort of thing. >> the one side real life guy the other side says yes. i'm going with no. recently taiwan suffered a pretty devastating earthquake and lots of people had to be rescued. see what it takes the rescuers to get the job done. >> brave guys to do this. >> and 3-year-old lilac -- >> was born at 34 weeks. she suffered a septic infection, which triggered her organs to start shutting down. >> but she's full of determination and she's not giving up. >> nice. >> hey.
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pretty devastating earthquake, and lots of people had to be rescued, in all, about 277 injured, and around a dozen people were killed. but what you may not think about is what it takes these rescuers to do some of the work they have to do. take a look at what these guys are going through. it takes a minute for your mind to adjust to what you're seeing. >> they're basic cl i ally in a building that has leaning at an angle. >> the building is leaning about 35 degrees, what looks like the floor is almost the wall. the side walls have become the floor and it plays tricks on the minds of these rescuers. several of them suffering from vertigo after this, and spacial awareness issues. just really having a mental issue figuring all of this out. the guys are having a hard time coping with the angle of the building, having to help each other through, as they search
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all the nooks and crannies of this. >> brave guys to do this. >> rescues continuing to go on days after the earthquake. they found a kitty stuck between some security bars and a window. precarious position for that poor animal could be in. these guys doing everything they can to save as much as they can. when faced with difficult tasks we often advise people to take one step at a time. that's what little lilac is doing quite literally. >> one step, two, step, three step. >> she's 3 years old now. she was born at 34 weeks. she suffered a septic infection which triggered her organs to start shutting down. >> that's usually fatal. >> doctors fought to save her, and they were able to bring her back to life. 18 months later, she was diagnosed with spastic dyplegic cerebral palsy which is seen days ago. >> that little boy trying to walk. >> in this case we also see the determination in little lilac's
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face. doctors told her because of her diagnosis she would never be able to walk. the condition makes her muscles insanely tight. she and her family are hoping she is accepted into a surgery that would allow her to regain some mobility, but it's not covered by their national health service and the surgery can cost up to roughly $83,000 u.s. the family is raising the money through crowd found funding to hopefully have the surgery. >> there's no stopping her determination. >> not at all. last video she's standing on her own, no walker in sight, and watch what she does. >> nice. >> hey, did she have her braces on her feet? >> didn't look like it. >> looks like she's barefoot. >> i think she should send videos like that every day to the national health service. maybe we should just let her have the surgery. if you hate wearing a full
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