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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 14, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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tv's number one daily viral video show. "right this minute." sheer terror as flames force a woman onto a balcony. >> she really doesn't have any other choice at this point. >> how she pulled ninja moves to make one brave escape. a diver braces himself for impact. >> here comes his friend jen. >> see why this is a man who can handle a14-footer. when7-year-old makes a run for it -- >> look at us running! >> this mom is cheering her son on. >> the inspiring story behind why it's victory lap. >> yeah, boy, run! we've got christiane, holly, charity, nikki gale breaking down the best on the web, including a funny wife's holiday prank. >> do i like it?
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>> happy valentines day! >> how she put her romantic stamp on the ride. >> this car is being tracked by my wife. >> this is great! >> a dire situation. reports are this little girl was playing in brazil, nip-year-old, and i believe she fell. several people tried to help her, digging away themselves, when that didn't work a woman ran to military police and they jumped into action. they get her out. >> looks like she was playing in some sort of construction area where they had been digging a hole and the dirt collapsed on her. >> it's heavier than dirt and that's why they were so concerned. they say the clay was weighing down on her as well. they wanted to use that digger that was there on site but they were afraid it would only make the situation worse. >> the good thing is they got to her in time. >> yeah, looks like she was more scared than anything. they take her to the car and get her to a hospital, she is in stable condition, she's going to be okay. let's go over to china where
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this building is on fire. >> oh, no. >> yeah, you hear the screams coming from the building. >> there's someone stuck in the unit with the fire. >> it's a young woman, they believe she's a college student. that balcony is completely engulfed in flames. she can't do anything. >> trapped in a cable of fire, she's got nowhere to go. >> the neighbors up top seem to be trying to yell. she steps onto the ledge, she's going to go for it, she doesn't have any other choice at this point. >> she the only one in there? >> there aren't reports of anybody else being in that unit with her. as she makes her way across the ledge, she goes over to another set of bars -- >> when you're on the outside the railings are something to hold on to. >> she uses them to climb, makes her way to the next balcony, just in time. here's a look at the balcony in the unit she was living in. >> what? >> yeah, completely up in smoke. she's going to have a long recovery ahead of her. she suffered second degree burns on her body and face and will require extensive skin graft
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treatments. her family is looking at thousands in medical care. >> poor girl, my goodness. >> terrifying thing for her. keep your eyes peeled. for a little smoke on the water. right there! bingo! we got a sighting. if you're on a whale tour that there may be the most you see. that's what our friend here julia is doing. the cool part about her trip, she's a french activist. she's part of a nongovernmental organization that helps protect marine mammals and helps end captivity. for her, this work is very special and very important. >> also it could be dangerous, right? because there are people out there that are trying to catch these whales, keep them in captivity, at different parks. >> that's her point. you see that smoke on the water getting a little closer. the one thing i did learn about this is that i had no idea that the french actually use the phrase -- >> ooh-la-la! >> i thought that was just
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something we said to seem french. but no, the french really do say ooh-la-la! it's quite the thing, ooh-la-la! >> sure is. >> you're getting closer. and hopefully we see more than just mist. >> that was huge. >> he's enormous. >> when it was out further it looked like a little baby. >> the whale goes down beneath the water and surfaces up on the other side as it continues along its journey. here it is. you're a car in the middle of a whale crossing. let's say aah-la-la for the next video off the coast of tiger beach in the bahamas. a number of divers with eli martinez, he's been doing this for a long time, 47 years old. his friend jen, a 14-footer. and -- gee. >> not cool, jen, not cool. >> ah-la-la, take a look down the gull legal.
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>> a big, beautiful animal and eli handled it with calm. when you're a parent and you see your kid running down the middle of the street -- >> time stops and you take off like usain bolt. >> not this mom. >> look at us running! >> in fact, this mom is cheering her son on. she's so happy to see him running away from her. his name is wyatt. he'd been at a buddy's house in montgomery, alabama, when mom courtney picked him up, he asked if he could run home. he took off. he ran all the way home already she is following closely behind. >> she's letting him blow off steam. you know you get home from school, bouncing off the walls. she's like, all right, do it. >> get it, boy, get it, run! >> the reason this is precious is because this 7-year-old boy had had an aneurysm, a brain aneurysm. that diagnosis was just 18 months ago. and he had to have surgery.
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he spent 49 days in the hospital. and afterward, he had to learn how to walk, he had to basically learn everything all over again. so when his mom picked him up, you can imagine her joy when he said, hey, can i run home? >> why is he running? because he can. >> yeah. >> keep going, you're almost there! most people like to go fishing with bait. if you're from the world war ii youtube channel you like to go fishing with industrial maggene. all it involves is taking these serious magnets, putting them on a reap are rope, throw them into the water. things come up like this ax. >> an ax? bloody hell. >> they start getting clues what might be down there around here. they've got a heavy metal shelf, one that might come from a safe? a little bit later they latch on to something seriously heavy.
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so they deploy other magnets, hooks, and then just start trying to pull it up. >> get out of here. >> what? >> it's a monster safe. one that's obviously been ripped open, full of water, and in fact too heavy to get out. >> what if the robbers threw it in there? >> that was the speculation that local robbers were ditching them in the water. they returned and it looks like the robbers have been busy. >> i want to know the stories behind all of these safes. >> right. >> safe, a definite safe. >> while it looks relatively secure, that door is still closed. how did the robbers get in? >> busted a window. how have they got into this one? >> they cracked it from the other side. nothing left in there. back to fishing. they pull this monster out. >> whoa, look at that door! >> before you know it, they find another. >> it's another safe! >> in this case, it's closed. >> that means we've got to call the police. >> they are actually calling the police when they find this stuff. this is all things that then become evidence or can help close cold cases.
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>> can't they call the police after they see what's inside this one? >> yes, because they're going to open it up right now. >> yeah! i don't want to be disappointed, i want to see what's inside. >> the thing is, you may still be disappointed. for a different reason. >> it's got stuff in it. it's a charity wand. >> oh my gosh. >> it's a charity box for an air ambulance group. these robbers have been knocking over charities by the looks of it. there's more. this book. >> this book -- yeah that's got data, everyone's wages and stuff. >> they'll be able to track down where this safe came from. >> look at that. >> obviously pretty busy robbers out there. it's a hot new show full of -- >> so much drama, it needs two judges! >> you overtalk her, she overtalk you -- >> the husband and wife duo laying down the laws of love in "couples court." >> you're stronger together now? >> i tell you what, we know what not to do, that's for sure.
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your crtroom drama? there's a new show that has so much drama, it needs two judges. >> oh, see slipped that court cuppers." >> wait, ple of judges that are a couple, judng who better to judge other righ. people's drama than the couple that's been marriedt no the versus johnson. monet is a reality celebrity. he's been on the "bad girls club" tv show. her boyfriend johnson believesh >> when i asked her how was she poking, she gave me a weak excuse saying her fans would be mad if she's i relationship. >> okay, wel done. herto start
2:44 pm
being rude t y and saying the things they say to me because c please? that witness is the original bad girl. natae thegiav front of you, really trying, you need to bring it down a few noecwhdown? >> nobody going to tell me to calm down. >> wait,, iwas a know i using r. understand a little better, judge keith cutler and his wife,udge dana >> how are you? >> now when it comes to a courtroom, the judges have seen it all. how does it work with two? >> you'll see, leou going to take it orm i goie we>> you keep that from
2:45 pm
spilling over at homf y'all disagree in the courtroom? >> we disagree at home. >> someone may tell us a story, i may nod like i agree. she'll look at me and say -- >> i can't believe you're nodding your head like you understand that. at the end of the day, we're hoping to help couples move forward. whether that's together or apart. >> you guys are stronger together now? >> i tell you what, we know what not to, do that's for sure. >> also, what's your number? >> if you want to get into the drama of "couples court with the cutlers," check your local listings at ♪ the red bull downhill race in chile is amazing. this run by tomas from the czech republic is jaw-dropping.
2:46 pm
>> this is so much fun. >> he takes off and immediately starts gaining speed. and that is when all of these ramps through the town -- >> oh my gosh, look at that gutter next to the steps, you get it wrong, you're dead. >> i would have blown it right there. >> i'm trying to count the number of skinned knees i would have had by now. >> i think every step of this race would be an injury for all of us. >> that's kind of narrow. >> catch your bar on that railing, you're done. >> nice move. >> they go over roofs of houses -- >> they're so inconveniencive, just sort of sitting around the landscape of the town. >> i love that people get involved too. >> they probably want to pay the local paper boy, because he does this every day. >> tomas won the race. >> that was transcendent action. >> yes. in less than three minutes, too. he's jumping off a mountain. tussles with some trees. whee! next "right this minute." still to come, this dad's
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breakthrough allergies with allegra®. trust icy hot when for powerful relief.down, [ male announcer ] the icy hot patch. goes on icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. so you're back to full speed. [ male announcer ] icy hot. power past pain. there's a saying, when something tastes really good, it tastes so good, make you want to slab somebody. well, lucky for a man, makes her want to cry. >> why are you crying? >> you're a jerk. >> is it because that breakfast steak burrito is so good? >> please don't. please stop. >> there must be some pregnancy hormones going on, right? >> it's just an amazing burrito, nicholas. >> amanda is pregnant. >> you don't say. i'd have never guessed. >> she took a little bite and
2:51 pm
she kept it because -- >> no, stop. >> i get your pain of joy. this next dad, josh, he's just the man. >> all right, ready? >> that's jace. >> oh, oh! >> what did he do? >> what? >> what did he do? >> my guess is the son had something stuck in his nose, and to get it out he blew inside his mouth to force it out. >> snot rocket. >> that is genius dadding. >> it wasn't his idea but it is a genius move. when jace stopped eating he thought he was finished, but no, he'd stuffed macaroni up his nose. he called his wife and she was like, well, dad, ante up. >> oh, oh! >> liking the reaction, it's hilarious. >> blech! >> so gross.
2:52 pm
and they find it amusing. >> yeah, you put macaroni in your nose, so gross. the robots are coming. and they're looking more and more realistic every day. like this one here. this one is coming back to life. it is so freaky. and so real. >> is the robot broken? or does it need to be reprogrammed? >> the robot probably may need is doing some weird things. what? >> wow. that's pretty neat. that is a talented, talented robot. >> actually, it's the acrobot. and her name is georgia bryan. she is amazing. she's also a contortionist. so she teamed up with paul ralst ralston, a well-known body painter. this is what they came up with. it's truly amazing. he obviously painted her to make her look like a robot, but he also used paint that reacted to
2:53 pm
black light. it's reflective paint. >> pretty cool. i feel like i have a backache just watching her. >> yeah, one of my disks is across the room. it's something out of star trek to be honest. >> it really is, especially her face. this is what she looked like before all of that paint is covering her body andface. >> pretty need. very talented people. you put them together, you get something special. she wants to pull a fast one on her prankster hubby. >> she's taken his car. >> see why her valentine's surprise is one he's not loving. >> like it? >> do i like it? >> happy valentine's day!
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in this case it's all flipped around. >> it's her turn. >> he's on his way out the door and she mentions -- >> i need the keys. to do the shopping and stuff. >> yeah, sure, whatever. >> hee hee hee! >> you know you probably shouldn't have done that. >> it's about time. >> she's taken his car. >> you can be the judge as to what's happened when you see her reaction to when she first sees it. >> oh! ha ha ha! >> takes the car to where he is. walks past. >> hey! >> messing with somebody's car, it's very risky. somebody can really lose it. >> like it? >> do i like it? >> happy valentine's day. >> he's taking in the glory. >> why is your face all over my car? >> why not? look how wonderful she is! >> oh, that's so great.
2:57 pm
he loves her, how can he not love this? >> happy valentine's day. i thought there's nothing better -- >> happy valentine's day? what have you done to my car? >> look at this, even better! >> over to the other side. >> really? >> yes. >> your favorite thing. >> i'm so surprised that he's so upset. he's pulled all kinds of other stuff. >> yeah, i love my wife, yeah. >> true fact. >> that's why her face is six foot across the window. >> tell the world, baby, tell the world. >> you haven't seen the roof yet. >> oh. >> this car is being tracked by my wife. >> she crazy. >> happy environmevalentines da >> just you wait.
2:58 pm
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except when i'm there, wearing the one i got for winning best at being the best. progresso soup you simply must taste it. you brought me flowers. see? your, uh, keen powers of observation are what make you such a great cop. thank you. that is really sweet of you to try to cheer me up. well, i hope i succeeded. but it's not the only reason why i brought them. -it's not? -mnh-mnh. what's the other one? you really don't know what today is? mm. [ gasps ] what about your dad? yeah, he -- he went to bed early. ohh. and josslyn's at a sleepover. -mm-hmm. -mm-hmm.
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mike: just pretend i'm not here. i'll be as quiet as sister bilanda on good friday.


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