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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  February 15, 2018 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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opening fire yesterday is charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder. the tragedy was the deadliest school shooting in the u.s. in five years. and we are waiting to hear about the timeline of events during the school massacre in broward county florida. the accused shooter had a trouble the past. >> now the latest from the scene in parkland, florida. >> marjorie stoneman douglas high school is closed until further notice. the public school home to some 3,000 students is now a crime scene. at least 17 are dead and more than a dozen others are injured after police say shooting suspect and former 19-year-old student, nicholas cruz opened fire as school was close to being dismissed for the day. >> the violence has to stop. we cannot lose another child in
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this country to violence in a school. >> investigators believe that the suspect pulled the fire alarm to draw people out of school to kill as many as possible. cruz is expected in court today as investigate ofs look into the teen's troubled past and posts on social media. >> now is the time for this country to have a real conversation on sensible gun control laws in this country. >> the broward county sheriff says there are still victims left inside of the school building and they have notified all the families of those killed yesterday. >> within the last hour, president trump addressed the nation about the deadly school shooting saying that the shooting turned the school into terrible violence and evil. he did not talk about gun
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control and suggested that the accused gunman was mentally disturbed. >> if you need help turn to a teacher, a family member, a local police officer, or a faith leader. answer hate with love, answer cruelty with kindness. >> president trump said the entire nation with one heavy heart is praying for the victims and their families. >> you may not like school because you don't like reading, writing or arithmetic. you never thought about getting killed in school but now it's a legitimate threat. now it's not just fire drills it's active shooter drills. it's not normal. we set the stage for this to continue. >> that was former police commissioner charles ramsey speaking out today about the school shooting. he ran our city's police force
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from 2008 to 2016. and in his retirement he adds his expertise on issues nationwide. >> and our coverage continues at and hear more from the witnesses and an expert's advise and how parents can discuss the tragic news with their children. >> back here we are working to learn more about the man killed in a tragic accident in fairmount park. police say that a 72-year-old man fell into the hole and died trying to rescue his dog. it happened in the 7400 block not far from belmont. and the man's dog fell into the two and a half foot wide six foot deep hole and the man tumbled if as well trying to help his pet and neither survived. >> the action cam was on the scene of the 500 block of beach street in pottstown. firefighters were called at 1:00
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this morning and flames were coming from the upper level of the two story building and everyone was able to escape safely. no word on how the blaze started. firefighters doused the fire on the home in delaware county. at one point firefighters had to evacuate the home because fears the roof might collapse. >> well, they got things under control in 15 minutes and residents were able to escape the burning home safely. turning now to the accuweather forecast. the warmest day of the week when have rain moving in tonight. sky 6 hd showing you the scene here in chester. enjoy the warmer air now because temperatures will be dropping by the end of the week and there i. meteorologist, david murphy, is outdoors on the terrace with the details. >> it's a long time i was able to do this noon broad waft without a coat on. lets start with you cloud cover on satellite. there is plenty of it.
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we had showers and sprinkles left over this morning and now the clouds. farther to the end of the loop there say breakup and maybe the skies will lighten up late today. 52 now and not bad and 54 in wilmington and 54 in allentown and 53 in trenton and millville 57 and 60 in places like the airport in ac and cape may new jersey and dover. you see the southwesterly wind continuing to pulse milder air winds are not that strong officially at the last per houre epti not the, you look at fairly light winds today. 65es and the overnight low of onomerr is y fo
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in the 60s today. it's mild. as we go through tomorrow up until noon the temperatures start to dip a bit and low 50s later tomorrow and then a lot cooler on friday nigh and saturday and of course saturday night the of potential snong into philadelphia. it looks like the worst time pe. we'll have more on how much we think areas around the region are going to get and of course what comes behind that sno event on saturday night in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. for now cloudy and delightful p >> thank you. >> four local postal workers were recognized for achieving a milestone. they have each driven a million miles or more accident free.
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they were honored dura special ceremony in frankford this morning. each receive aid certificate and pin and postal service jacket. they worked for the postal service for more than 30 years. >> congratulations. the liquidation sale at the hotel in philadelphia is underway and everything must go. the 230 room hotel on packer avenue is being torn down and redeveloped. everything is up for grabs including flat scene tvs microwaves, refrigerators and even commercial kitchen equipment. it continues every day for the next 30 days or until all the items are sold out. >> you like that chair? >> i was looking at the commode in the background. >> i don't need that. there is more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, an elementary school student comes to the rescue of a classmate who was
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choking. >> when "action news" continues in a moment.
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a bus driver in wisconsin is praised for doing the right thing when he spotted a woman in distress. michael was driving his route and saw the woman on crutches fall crossing a snow covered street. you can see him rushing to help the woman. there he is, he walked the woman to her destination two blocks away before returning to the bus. an 8-year-old boy helped a classmate when the 7-year-old choked. she turned pink at their fresno school. andrew's father is an emergency
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room doctor and taught him the heimlich maneuver. >> you get them here and push back like a hard hug. >> he wants to be a doctor some day. >> i think he will be. >> abc's hit show rose ann is making a returntars of the sw r how the success 20 years ago is easier to deal with.
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they also talk about what to expect with the revival. don't miss 20/20 here at 10:00 on 6 abc. the long wait is over. the black panther hits the theaters today. it's expected to make $150 million at leaf in the debut weekend in the u.s. here is a look at the film and we hear from the stars. >> the anticipation for this movie is record breaking, ticket presales for black panther out pacing every other super hero ever made. >> everyone involved in this wanted this to be special. >> it already has a near perfect 97% rating on rotten tomatoes and even before the public had a chance to see it and what it represents in terms of diversity in alcohol is resonating with hollywood. >> tapping into something long overdue. >> the movie set in the
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fictional african nation as the main character returns home to take his place as king follows his father's death to be met by an olden my. it deals with real world problems including racism and sexism. something the director says is important. >> we wanted the morale questions to be not as easy as black and white. >> realized how to figure out the potential of all the citizens and the women have power and does not diminish the man. >> and it created a buzz on social media like the black panther challenge. so children of color can see the film for free. >> check out the reaction these students in atlanta had when they learned they had tickets to the movie. >> that is the best video. >> they should be allowed to go
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it's a comic book. why not. now on the stage of forest theater, the hit musical, waitress. alicia vitarelli joins us now to tell us more about the traveling production in town now and introduces us to the star. >> you will love dezi oakley she says stepping into the role is a dream come true. she plays jenna an expert pie maker working at a diner. >> they say this musical is baked from the heart. dezi says that jenna is a character we can all connect with. someone that doesn't always realize her full potential and is lifted up and guided by good friends. a journey like a pie with lots
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of layer and it gets sweeter as the show goes on and playing the role -- >> now in this position where she has chosen me to take this around the country but she is currently on broadway now. also playing this role. so the two of us together. i would pinching myself. if i said this to myself five years ago. and the audience falls in love with the music. >> a great score, it's here at the forest theater own through sunday. dezi says come on down and join her at the diner. those tickets are selling like hot pies. >> it's a great show. >> i am going this weekend. i can't wait. >> is there food what does the food taste like? >> there is pie. >> you may be disappointed. >> thanks sara. still to come on "action news" another check of the accuweather forecast. we'll be right back.
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lucy the vw bug was removed
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from the perch in the three after the town if utah declared it a nuisance. >> they gutted the vehicle and sealed it closed and painted it like an alady bug and used a neighbor's forklift and bolted it into the tree. after a complaint was filed. she was ordered to remove it. >> i wish i
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65's and 64's around the region and cape may stuck at 58 with the flow coming in off the cool ocean water. the rest of the afternoon low to mid 6:00 by 2:00 and 4:00 and low 60s at 6:00. and as we get into the evening hours showers developing here and there. and future tracker 6 showing you
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from 5:00 and maybe 6:00 or 7:00 we start to moisten up and by 9:00 most of the rain is off to the north and we can't rule out something farther south and all the way into tomorrow morning we'll have something to show you on stormtracker 6 live double scan during tomorrow morning's broadcast. that starts out at 4:30 in the morning. rain tapers off later tomorrow morning and the rest of the day we see the wins pick up and temperatures start to dip a bit. and cold on saturday and saturday night we are looking at models showing snow in and around philadelphia and rain to the south. this gets cranking after dinner time and continues and shuts out in the wee hours of sunday morning. this will look like the same model pushing snow into philadelphia and rain down to the south. someone is liable to go north of 3 or 4 inches and the best chance of that would be if the
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northern and western suburbs up to the lehigh valley. and less of a chance going up to 4 if philadelphia and less as you step down towardshore. a snowfall map will come out for you at 4:00 today. and adam and cecily will talk more specifics. and the higher amounts will be north and west and future tracker 6 showing i by 10:00, between 6:00 and 10:00 it moves if and gets out of here around 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning on sunday. 65 today and mild out there. tomorrow damp and mild in the morning and getting cooler in the afternoon and evening and cooler on saturday the high of 40 and in the early evening we see rain and snow arrive and accumulate a little bit into saturday evening. and up until 2:00 or 3:00 sunday morning. sunday is all gone and up to 46 and presidents day 51 and late rain and 68 on tuesday. you asked if i was a record and i didn't think so.
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and i was right the record is 70. >> sounds like a pleasant day. some people like rick would argue there is nothing better than eating a fresh donut. >> nothing better. >> and spots in our area offer up the best donuts with the most unique flavors. melissa magee takes us on a delicious tour in this fyi philly. >> the dapper donut is new to plymouth meeting mall serving cake batter donuts. >> they look as good as they taste. >> the idea of four friends that started the franchise and the first spot to open in pennsylvania. >> lets get this party started. and made to order if three easy step. first choose your quantity. step two your toppings. choose from over 14 different toppings to different sugars to chocolate and caramel and peanut
12:53 pm
butter. >> and then a shake. peanut butternut eland donuts crunched up inside. like breakfast and dessert all in one. >> and as a child john loved coming to the bakery. >> the smell of freshly fried donuts was in the air in the morning. and he purchased the business and kept the name and recipes. >> the owner taught me a lot of the business when i bought the bakery. >> and they serve a variety of pastries including glazed and cream filled donuts and have a new touch like the salted caramel and one of a kind donut. >> it's cut if half with ricotta cheese inside and powdered sugar on time. >> it's a true family business .
12:54 pm
husband and wife david and heathened factory donuts la summer. >> a maple donut explosion and coconut lovers with shredded coconut and coconut icing. >> and the coolest part of it all -- >> you can customize it. up to 200 options. >> strawberry icing and chocolate chips. >> it was heather's home recipe. >> people were saying these are amazing donuts. >> i had all of these crazy concoctions and the icing is prepared fresh every day and made to order. >> i know how to eat a good donut. >> factory donuts!
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one final check of the accuweather forecast. >> we are looking at mild
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getting up to the 60s in the northern and western suburbs under mostly cloudy skies and in philadelphia if we thin out the clouds a bit. we'll have a chance of getting up into the mid-60s and down the shore cooler as you expect and southerly breeze bringing in cooler air off the wateruty. >> tha you david. >> that will do it for "action news" at noon. >> now for meteorologist, david murphy, sara bloomquist and the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon and get out and enjoy it. we'll see you back here later today. announ
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on. we're taking youorites.en with the absolutely fabulous kandi burruss. then michael's dishing the deets on a simple supper your family will go wild for. continues with a stand up comedy show l >> ah. >> we're serving our faves and"" [ cheers and applause ] >> good afternoo wethe chew."pudience, i want y to picture youon a tropical beach with yo
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