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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  February 16, 2018 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> good morning everyone, it's 5:00 a.m., friday, february 16. here's whether a we're following on "action news." >> thousands come together to remember the 17 victims killed in the deadly school shooting in florida. we've learned one of the victims has ties to the area. >> a young girl enjoying the warm weather is killed riding her bike in camden. >> make sure you take your umbrella. we're tracking rain. we could have the possibility of snow this weekend. >> you'll have to wring everything out at the end of the day, let's go over to david murphy. >> reporter: yesterday, man, it was really mild. >> reporter: i was raking leaves out of the yard acting like it was may. we had rain popping through, happening overnight, looks like a good portion of this continues to fall during the morning and a good portion of the afternoon, too. there's light to moderate rain,
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there are breaks in the rain every now and then, i'll point out areas from dover, south, cape may, a little sprinkle, more steady rain the farther north you go, is pushing toward the east. mild this morning 54 degrees in philadelphia. 54 in allentown. 56 in reading, 57 in trenton. 56 in wilmington, already up to 60 in millville. 62 in dover. these numbers that i just showed you are not going to be around all day. we're sort of going upside down. 57 for the high by 9:00. look how the numbers fall and by dinnertime they are in the upper 40s, 7:00 p.m., 47. we have a winter storm watch that's in effect in the northern suburbs outside of philadelphia, north of delaware county everybody else included. this is saturday night that's because these are the areas that will be most impacted by snow, i could see one to three inches in
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philadelphia, anywhere else up in the blue counties you could go 4 or higher. i'll have a snow map for you and show you on future tracker 6 and what it looks like for sunday, recovery day coming up, karen. >> reporter: you get a sense of what kind of day it is, damp and dreary. we can see the rain drops on the camera lens and you're driving through the puddles on i-95 at cottman. we have an accident, butler pike and ridge. crews on the sce. no problems on on the vine street expressway near the schuylkill expressway. all area bdg in good shape, it's mild, we have a few people coming up over the ben frali bridge into the city nicely. >> one day after a gunman armed with an went on a deadly rampage students,
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parents andnity memgathered to r victims. >> while detaiman charged in t. thousands attended a candle light vigil to honor the memory of the 17 people who were killed at marjory stoneman douglas high school. some of sobbed openly as the names were read all the victi i students, 3 most movin speech ws grieving was supposed to be safl
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and wife is ood husband and father. >> we took many studentsour hon he would give money, rides, he loved being around kids. >> hick son was a navy reservist and deployed to iraq t was his >> o coverage of toting, wll have a live parkle half read stories on ourte and learn
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to tragedy with young children. >> aou girl riding her bike on the sidewalk was camden. an elderly driver lost control of his car and hit the young girl. >> reporter: the young girlamdee probably unusually warm weather we had yesterday. she w by a car riding her bike. the suv turned side on the sidewalk, the girl at bike mangled underbeneath. police say it happened at 4:15. the young girl was riding along state street vehicle driven by an 8 jumped the curb and a the front ste home. all threeto cooper medical center where
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84-year-old driver are in sbl condition this morning. >> we definitely wish and extend everything we can in our. we have partnered with other support agencies that willreachd what we can to to the family, help the communi whole come back tog and he'll. t control of but details of the investigation are still underway, they a still looking . jeanette reyes channews."hi homicide detectivesookinghethe . long crest section of the city at rising sun avenue at rose lee
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suspect or the victim. ten inhiladelphia, takes place on 6. results of the lottery will be announced on tuesday. orter: and still comingof rain down on a lot of roads ways. storm tracker 6 live double havn across the region down in delaware and cape may. look for this to make for wet roads during the morning get a break, and later on there's another batch coming in todae'll have rain tapering off later in the afternoon. looking outsi, still ice onthe e parking lots. you may be slowed dow by that,od there with the rain and fog. still mild, 53 degrees at this
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hour. 56 in wilmington, 54 in 57 ines in millville. fure y between now a:0in and out of rain drops. there maybe a lull in and out of anotn cominthroug coast and time for a dry out y, high in the morning with temperatures sliding in the 4 by dinnertime. down the shore, 56 cloudy andpes n turningright now the winheno. sout ime and goingnwest tha inol a te down from there overnight, we clear, but 28 brisk and
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overnight. saturday, 40. we expect rain and snow overnight. it will be south and west of the region, but quickly it fills in. we'll see rain and snow to the south. it end up and wraps up in the overnight hours, by sunday morning, the snow is gone and hopefully the salt crews have gotten out there and improved the road. what to expect on the roads, coating to an inch. there's 1 to 3 up here. and up in the northern suburbs, 3 to 6. there will be a sharp cut off where it snows and where it doesn't. the farther south you are, more iffy, you're in the snow or out of it. not great for travel if you have plans on saturday night. the roughest tra i-
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the cut o occur someplace southeast o philadelpa.the rains uncertainty. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 57 is the during the rainy graduallypping during the day and tonight. temperatipping overnight and dry on sunday, a bit48 a de. we'lll snow. mondaytingfter that, 68 degrees on, 70 on wednesday. both days look to miss the records by a couple of degrees, maybe a couple of showers in the af >> tak t don't take the coat the next d, to keep up withn recovery eading toiladelphia a m a
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institute exhibit.atue at a >> justin and jennifer aniston are calling it quits. >> reporter: i wanted her to have happy and have babies. >> 5:13 a.m., if only old york
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road looked like this all the time. 611 in jenkintown, montgomery county. the road is wet, and it will be busy when the rain is coming down. >> let's go over to karen rogers for the morning commute. >> reporter: we were talking yesterday about all the accidents people had, why can't people drive in the rain. this is commerce drive, exton, chester county. we have an accident conshohocken but butler pike at ridge pike. watch for crews blocking a lane. roads are wet, southbound traffic heading toward center city, although not a delay.
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you want to watch for fog 2 miles in philadelphia international. foggy in ocean county, as well. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we have rain coming down. it's not driving-heavy rain, but nonetheless, you get the puddles and splash back on your car. enough watered that we have someone reported on cow path road in montgomeryville. ponding because of the flooding issues. jack ma tweeted me these pictures. they had a cookout yesterday. >> a man is facing charges that he broke off a thumb of a statue
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that was created in 209bc. the destruction and theft was caught on video. the governor of puerto rico will be in philadelphia. governor and the army corps of engineer said 90% of residents should have the power back by the end of march. train derailed in new york hurting two employees. the ten rail cars were knocked off the rails near at can a yesterday. an engineer and conductor were treated for broken bones. the fires face the columbus blue jackets tonight. the flyers are in 6th place in the eastern conference. phillies got down to
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practice in spring training in florida. the team's first full squad workout is monday, the first exhibition game is against the university of tampa on thursday.
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colgate optic white high impact white is different. it has hydrogen peroxide, to whiten four shades for a visibly whiter smile. trust your smile to colgate optic white. members of the camden county police department were honored for going beyond the call of duty. these heros used their own money to buy dinner and ten bags of groceries to she didn't have any food for her children. they were presented last night. >> reporter: very nice. kloeffler lane at rydle road
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blocking the roadway. >> reporter: rain is coming through this morning, another batch in the afternoon, doesn't look like we dry out until later in the day. we'll start out mild, 57 is the high, around 7:00 p.m. you see how the testers start to to -- temperatures start to fall around 40 drying out this afternoon tonight should be dry, but getting cooler. all green aircraft no major delays at the airport. we have rain, an up the pike to new york. if you're skiing, saturday night we could have snow, it will be a decent weekend for that. highs in the 40s today and 31 saturday and sunday. >> going to "healthcheck," researchers in france examined eating habits of 100,000 adults those who eat processed bread and meat and cake have a higher
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risk of developing cancer. there's a connection between your height and risk of having a stroke. a recent study followed hundred -- 300,000 people. people who were on the short rie later in life. what kids eat growing up can stunt growth and hurt the heart. the troubleshooters were called on to help with an emotional situation. it involved a mother's death a temporary burial and family mission to get their parent moved to the final resting place. >> we have not heard one message from the family. >> that's what you said before, the but the family insisted that they tried to contact you
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repeatedly. >> reporter: find out how this saga ends tonight on channel 6 at 11:00 p.m. >> 5:21 a.m., local movie goers tell us what black panthers means for them. >> eagles nick foles jokes about his new found fame. up next, "g.m.a.'s" first look. >> reporter: jennifer aniston is announcing her breakup after being secretly separated for two months. in a joint statement, the pair said the decision was mutual and lovely made we are two best friends whole part ways as a a couple of. >> 2015, justin opened up about married life. they are making their story clear, writing wherever else is
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and with panera catering, it's food worth sharing. look there, down the benjamin franklin parkway, you can see it's a wet start to your friday
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morning, 5:25 a.m., 53 degrees. morning buzz time, the wait is over, marvel's black panther roared in across the country. mover goers in bucks county are givele film a thumbs up. >> it was unbelievable. i love the character, just the portrayal of the character. the cast was phenomenal. >> i was overcome. i was like, tearing up, it's just so beautiful to see us defending us, depictions of our culture. >> it was cool like my mom said, to see people that looked like me doing everything. >> the film marks the first time hollywood has green lit a enter budget film anchored by a black cast and production team.
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presales of black panther outpaced every other super hero ever made. finally this weekend you might want to check out the oscar nominated film get out. it's playing for free monday president's day at 55amc theaters. locally in cherry hill and bensalem. request a ticket before you go so you're guaranteed a seat forget out. >> camden county's basketball team gave its players a chance for a lifetime. a coach knows what to do when someone suffers a heart attack. a child in camden is killed hit by a car while riding here bike. those stories on "action news" continue. >> now on "action news," an
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elderly driver who lost control in camden kills an 8-year-old girl. the victim during the florida school shooting will be remembered during a vigil as an an -- anguished community leans on each other for support. >> nick foles is on jimmy kimmel.
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>> i love where he said his happy place where he could hide. >> reporter: i don't like that, this will be an agent that can handles that. >> reporter: that's a performance we'll never forget. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you it's raining across the region. scowrn delaware and extreme -- southern delaware and extreme south jersey missing out on this so far. you're seeing light to slightly darker shades of green is moderate rain. that may taper off during the rush hour, but another one is coming that may hinter the afternoon. 53 in allentown. 57 in trenton. 53 in beach haven. 60 in millville. 62 in dover. numbers going upside down today we're starting out mild hitting
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57 at some point this morning. you can see how the numbers fall in the after when we expect them to be coming up. cooler air coming i


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