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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  February 17, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program work meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez. saturday night, i'm walter perez. in the news qualified patients can now buy medical marijuana in bucks and chester counties. also penn state students are entering a 24th hour of dancing we're live in state college for all of the action of thon 2018. big story is an action you weather alert, snow is falling in parts of our area and someplaces could receive several inches before it its over. we have team coverage, "action news" reporter trish hartman is in bucks county with much more there and annie mccormack is in south philadelphia but we will begin with meteorologist melissa magee with details about is what moving our way, melissa.
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>> walter, we have large area of precipitation we are tracking, from new england stretched back to pennsylvania and down through ohio valleys. we are tracking a precipitation as we go throughout the rest of tonight we will go in tighter on street level with storm track er six and light snow here in philadelphia but we even have, some mixed precipitation, down across areas in south jersey, heavy rain as well for atlantic city , sea isle city and also some mixed precipitation there in millville and hammington, but just to the north of that we are getting a good thumping of snowfall right now, and this will continue as we go throughout the rest of the evening hours. as far as temperatures are concerned here's in philadelphia, in the last hour we had a temperature of 38 degrees. we have dropped that number by 3 degrees with that column of cold air that is moving down to the surface and that is why we are dealing with that light snow, 35 in the city, to the north and west, already below freezing, lancaster at 31. thirty-six in cape may where we are getting that heavier rain and 29 degrees in the
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poconos. winter weather advisory stays up until 4:00 a.m. on sunday, for the heart of the delaware and lehigh valley with the higher snow fall accumulation to the north and west. extending outside on your saturday night you have got evening plans make sure you are prepared, major impact from 7:00 p.m. right through 10:00 o'clock tonight and then snow quickly tapers at 11:00 p.m. with moderate concerns. what should you expect? why we have issued that accu weather alert we have reduced visibility in the region. snowfall rates a half an inch to an inch an hour. snow in philadelphia will quickly change over to rain, for that i-95 corridor and also, for areas to the south ande, the travel concerns look to be to the north and west. we will have more details on expected snowfall coming up with the accu weather forecast , walter. >> lets move outside to see how things are shaping up out there, "action news" reporter trish hartman joins us live from doyletown, trish. >> reporter: hi, walter much different scene then last time we spoke. we're here in doyletown. it is coming down steadily now we will show you intersection
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here. nothing sticking on the roads just yet, roads are wet but it its coming down and affecting visibility. we are here at main and state, in downtown doyletown. the snow started to fall about an hour ago right at 5:00 p.m. we saw first flurries and then started to pick up quickly after that. plenty of folks are still out and about going out to dinner, visiting theater not letting them change their weekend plans. we met others going home just as snow began who wanted to get home before it started accumulating. on our way up here we saw some snow removal vehicles, at the ready before the snow started and we just met a family visiting the area from jacksonville, florida and they were, very under dressed in my opinion but they are making the best of it. >> i'm freezing. i should have brought a coat. >> it was like 80 when we left to come here. it is a rude awakening. >> i like it but it is kind of cold. >> yeah. >> reporter: sweat shirt and ankle socks for this crew they
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were making me cold just looking at them. they return on monday and they say they will not miss this weather. with the snow on the way, things could get slick as snow does start to accumulate so they are warning if you have to be out this evening to take your time on the roads. reporting live from doyletown bucks county trish hartman for channel have "action news". >> thanks, trish. lets go back to the city to "action news" reporter anni e mccormack live in south philadelphia with that part of the coverage, annie. >> reporter: what we're seeing around here is mostly wet road s, wet sidewalks, just before 5:00 we started to see precipitation coming down, it started out as rain and then 5:15 it turned to icy conditions. now back to rain. we will take a look at this video from earlier where we are right now, oregon and swanson, and that is at the penndot salt yard. it was earlier around midday that they started to prepare for this, it was about 400 trucks that they are going to have around the entire area,
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the multiple count that is penndot does to have take care of. they are starting off as a salting operation, front end loaders dumping that salt in the dump trucks before they headed out. one of the things they do have on their side they say that is their roadways are warmer, which means even if there is, precipitation, icy precipitation that is falling it is less likely then to stick. but still, they do want to be prepared. we did catch up with some folks from penndot to take, lets take a listen. >> we're pretty prepared as far as the amount of snow. >> i think we lucked out this year. we had all these nuisance storms. they didn't add up to anything really. >> reporter: that means we have plenty of salt available. >> yes, we have plenty of salt >> reporter: about 100,000 tons, to be exact, or a largest mate. so they are very prepared, at this point, also the incident command center is up and running, that means they have cameras on all of the roadways , and i'm told that here, at oregon and swanson
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they will work here throughout the night. reporting live from south philadelphia, annie mccormack for channel six "action news". >> hope for the best, thanks, anni. get updates from possible snow totals tonight and tomorrow, check storm tracker six live anytime on your even if or your tablet. six abc app is a free down load for your mobile device. a man from new jersey has been charged with causing his girl friend's death. on january 14th jacob garrett 's car, plunged into the delaware river in burlington county, and he was able to make it out alive but his girlfriend stephanie white did not. prosecutors say that officers, smelled alcohol on his breath, after the crash, and he was initially charged with leaving the scene of an accident but now, prosecutors have charged him with first degree vehicular homicide. a business owner in new jersey is accused of having a friend burn down his restaurant so he could collect the insurance money. last month the country town diner in berlin, camden county was the destroyed by fire. prosecutors have now charged the owner thomas genevieve and
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his friend robert dobowsky for arson for hire. patient was one of the 17 serious medical conditions are able to purchase, medical marijuana in chester and bucks county. two new dispensaries opened up their doors and "action news" reporter bob brooks was there talking to patients hoff been waiting a long time for this day. >> i have multiple sclerosis. i also lived in chronic pain and i have glaucoma. >> reporter: genie deselma has been waiting for this day for a long time. medical marijuana is now for sale in pennsylvania. deselma and many others will for the first time buy medical marijuana at keystone shops in devon. she nearly cried when talking about her hopes for this. >> my neurologist said and i have neuropathy, he said that he thinks this will help me up to 50 percent. so i'm almost in tears that i cannot wait to see fit does. >> reporter: keystone shops is one of the first six medical marijuana dispensaries to open
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up in the state in the last two days. other in our areas called the tara holistic center in sellersville. >> we are opened tomorrow. >> reporter: this is what it looks like when you walk in the keystone shops, you won't see dry marijuana leafs for sale, that is not considered medicine in the state yet but according to the keystone shops chief medical director doctor lewis van debeek he sells oils, topical cremes and item vaporized. he only sees this as a positive. >> people you see out there are looking for relief, from some very serious medical conditions. we know that not everyone of them will be helped by medical marijuana but we know many will be. >> reporter: he also hopes this can help curtail the opioid epidemic. >> it is our sincere hope that medical marijuana represents one solution to that horrible, horrible dilemma we face as a society. >> reporter: according to the state right now 17,000 patients have registered to participate, with nearly 4,000 patients approved, by certified, physicians.
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>> the grand opening of the keystone shops so popular, that they are expecting a few hundred patients to show up. i want to show you just to my left here they had to invite out local police to direct traffic because so many people , are trying to come in. reporting from devon, bob brooks, channel six, "action news". much more to come on "action news" former vice-president joe biden, may be exploring a run for president. new details coming up from a meeting with a top aid. also thousands of students are spending this weekend dancing for a great cause, we will go live to thon 2018 at penn state when "action news" comes right back.
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it is a tradition like few others thousands of students are dancing the week and he way at pen stat and they won't stop until tomorrow night. "action news" reporter chad pradelli joins us live from state college with much more, chad. >> reporter: hi walter in just a few moments ago the children 's talent show started at bryce jordan center, a real
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touching moment of thon 2018 but this charity really has so many of those moments. these students are raising money for pediatric cancer. we wanted to introduce you to a family who is benefiting. it has been nearly 24 hours since these penn state students rose up, began their 46 hour dance marathon. the cramping is setting in. the pain intensifying. but they find ways, to continue on. >> right now you know i'm feeling g it is all mental thing. so we're all well with that. if i can control that everything else is fine. >> just trying to keep myself occupied, keep walking, listening to music, trying to be meeting as many people as possible. >> reporter: but more than anything it is the kids who dealt with the horrors of cancer who inspired these penn staters. kid like keyleni le body of lancaster who was diagnosed with brain cancer as a infant.
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the thon and four diamonds fund helped her and her family in the recovery. >> they helped us with bills, and, back and forth to the hospital, meals, you know, medical assistance. >> reporter: she was given just a 50 percent chance, at survival. but then thanks to thon she received, some of the best care. >> you have to be here to know what thon is. it is better than christmas for our kids. >> reporter: inside the bryce jordan center pictures of the afflicted line the walls. each child with their own terrible journey, fighting cancer. each in the minds of these dancers. >> i just dance for pretty much anything so no family has to hear the word your child has cancer. >> reporter: you can see right now, staying loose staying stretched, it is critical as each minute passes. this event doesn't end for 22 more hours, of course, six abc will be there to see the the
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the big reveal to find out how much money was raised at thon 2018. live from state college, chad pradelli for channel six "action news". >> thanks, chad. former vice-president joe biden, may be edging toward a potential presidential run in 2020. during the opening of his new diplomacy center in washington biden says he is keeping his options opened for 2020. some at the opening believe mr. biden will feel compelled to run if there is no strong contender over the next year or so. sports is next on "action news" and feel like winter around here but spring training is well underway in florida, latest from clearwater and much more when "action news" comes right back
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time for a check of sports , jamie's in for jeff and eagles won two weeks ago. move on to baseball.
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>> okay, fair enough. >> yes. >> if you say, if we have to, spring training continues in clearwater. full squad work out on monday all eyes will be on big time off season acquisition carlos santana who is already there. when it comes to hard work the first base man has quite a motor. jeff skversky has more. >> reporter: phillies are counting on carlos santana to be a driving force in the mid of their line up. speaking of driving one of his off season training rituals in the dominican republic this off season involved santana pushing a mercedes, over 100- yard, over and over and over again. carlos santana is a big hit in clearwater, after signing a three-year, 60 million-dollar deal this off season, phillies believe they can go from worst to first with his bat, and glove. >> we have a lot of planning, we have younger players, hungry players that play hard every day. that is why i'm here. i'm here to try to help.
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>> santana brings a different kind of energy, calm, relaxed focused energy. >> reporter: santana is catching at tension of the young teammates. much needed veteran presence and he solidifies the middle of the line up. >> how dangerous do you think this line up can be in philadelphia. >> a lot. a lot. it is tough. >> reporter: philly fans love to hear that. >> i mean, everybody necessity me i'm a patient guy. >> we have a guy in the middle of the line up grinding down the pitcher, you get exhausted , you get benefits from. that next man up, next man up, ripple effect, exhausted starting pitcher or exhausted reliever is a good thing for the philadelphia phillies. >> reporter: not only is santana hitting for power but work the count. he has most walks over last seven seasons in the american league and phillies need him to do that, right here. with the phillies in clearwater, jeff skversky for channel six "action news". all right, it it is also
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busy for jell embiid. yesterday sixers world star helped them to a blow out win. tomorrow he will start in the all-star game. tonight is the skills challenge. >> from your philadelphia 76ers, joel embiid. >> embiid making his all-star debut, first of many, he will compete for big in the obstacle course that includes three-point shooting, dribbling, agility drills. process shining in the spotlight out in l.a. >> this is my first, time in this type of an environment. everybody told me it would be fun. it is kind of overwhelming. but you know, i feel like this is my type offsetting. i love having fun. i'm glad to be here. >> congrats to the former sixers legend and coach mo cheeks maimed a finalist for basketball hall of fame. he ace monk 13 finalist, it includes chris weber, and mo was four time all-star playing 11 of his 15 seasons here. inductees for class of 2018
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will be announced at final four in san antonio. and speaking of the final four, two of the favorites going at it in college basketball. third ranked villanova taking on fourth rang xavier in the big time battle. wildcats hit 11, three's, had a 14-point lead. right now not as hot in the second half but they are up 73 -65. how come explorers, cheerleaders don't deliver to "action news". we would have taken a pizza, right. lasalle hosting george mason explorers down by 13. they rally back. tony washington gives explorers a lead with 1:25 to go. washington with a career high 20. lasalle wins 69-62. direct he will on the road with hofstra, jermaine is bill was nearly unstoppable. watch this spin move. yes, he poured in 29 points. not enough. hawks drop drexel 88-76. st. joes and duquesne just underway, and that is right there. >> flip a disk in my back. >> true. >> thanks, jamie. much more to come on "action news", including the accu weather forecast. taking a live look from sky
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six looking at i-95 where the roads are a bit wet, not much snow around here as far as accumulation, meteorologist melissa me gee has the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast when "action news" comes right back. so i want my glasses to be unique... my girlfriend loves artists. and i need a conservative pair, cuz her parents hate artists! get up to 40% off a second pair of glasses. schedule your eye exam at
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oh, boy, thousands of people endured brisk, cold wind this afternoon for 24th annual polar bear plunge right there in the waters off sea isle city in new jersey. it will fun other local event later this year. some came in costume as you can see, others in eagles green, flags as well. it is all part of the whole
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presidents day weekend full of fun down at the shore. and time for a final check of the accu weather forecast. >> yeah, at the shore we are finding rain and even some snow across portions of south jersey and delaware. we will talk about the details as we go throughout the rest of tonight. sky six live in hd, we are in spring mountain, montgomery county, you can see snow coming down, nice for skiers on a saturday evening, and the snow will continue, heavier accumulation right now looks to be north and west where we have higher elevation where we are anticipating those high snowfall totals. here is a picture taken from our six abc editors bob in the parking lot in vineland, new jersey and get a good dumping of snow moving through. we will look at the radar and track that precipitation. storm tracker six live double scan radar showing we've got some snow here in philadelphia even mixing with some rain along i-95 corridor from philadelphia up into trenton. but to the north and west for berks county, lehigh county, over into pottstown, quakertown and doyletown we
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are find something snow. as this precipitation hits hard enough some of that snow to the north and west can drift southward into philadelphia now another pocket we are tracking down across areas in south jersey and delaware. we've got snow there in glassboro, elmer, also along route 40, between elmer, mays landing. rain further to the south. also to the west. with you with storm tracker six we have capability to switch this over to correlation, our dual, radar can detect where we are find something mixed precipitation. for glassboro, elmer, millville, mays landing it is all snow but move further to the south, for atlantic city, down in sea isle city and cape may all rain but for a middletown, salem, and smyrna we are finding some mixed precipitation with that snow as we go throughout the rest of tonight. so we will be tracking that, as we go throughout the evening. so storm tracker six live double scan radar showing you snow across much of the delaware and lehigh valley. that is why we have winter weather advisory posted across
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the region. you can see that as we are's tracking the snow for most locations and then pockets of mixed precipitation scattered about the region. temperatures certainly cold enough to produce all snow and in lancaster we're below freezing in at 31. we're dropping quickly in the city down to 35. thirty-two in millville where it is currently all snow but it is that heavy rain for cape may, also into atlantic city. satellite six along with action radar is showing you a wide area of snow from new england back through the ohio valley where areas of southern new england when all said and done could find a half foot of snowfall that will be moving on through. we're tracking it for our region. future tracker six showing you at 8:00 o'clock tonight we've got that snow still in philadelphia but that mix line quickly inching northward from where it is currently snowing. we will fine rain later tonight, even rain press nothing to philadelphia it stays all snow for lehigh county, berks, lancaster and poconos. by 10:00 o'clock it is still snowing in allentown and red bug that rain line press nothing to philadelphia, also into south jersey, and this is
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a quick mover, so as we go throughout the overnight hours , 1:00 o'clock in the morning we've got that snow departing from the southwest and northeasterly direction. so as far as expected snowfall with that nice area of snow, moving in across interior sections of south jersey, we will drifted the snowfall line , to encompass that. so one to 3 inches of snow across interior new jersey, even into philadelphia, grassy coating, little further south with higher snowfall accumulations looking to be to the north's win, west chester, exton, quakertown, easton and through the poconos you can find three to 5 inches of snow so here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast. once this move on out, it is a nice day tomorrow. sunny, milder, 48. fifty-two for presidents day. and gorgeous by tuesday, record warmth, in at 70, we will continue that, on wednesday, and then at 73. we're staying above average, walter with numbers in the 50 's, as we get in the end of next week. >> wow, all right, thanks, melissa. world news saturday is next here on channel six. for melissa magee, jeff
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tonight, the mass shooting in florida. and now the death penalty showdown. lawyers for nikolas cruz offering a guilty plea. to avoid the ultimate punishment. but prosecutors say the death penalty was made for a case like this. also, the new trail of clues. the long list of behavioral disorders outlined in his child welfare report. demanding action. shock and mourning turning into outrage, students leading the way. >> it's time for the victims to be the change that we need to be see. winter storm threat. more than 40 million people in its path. the fast-moving snowmaker, the dangers on the roads from virginia to maine. sam champion standing by. deadly quake disaster. the earthquake rocking mexico. causing little harm until a military helicopter spins out of


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