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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  February 18, 2018 11:30pm-11:45pm EST

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more cute video. >> time for a check on sports and jamie is in for jeff and joel embiid showing off his awesomeness. >> it's getting late. >> it is and do you know what he was fantastic tonight and he should have made the mvp but didn't happen and the first of many and taken by storm and joel embiid made his all-star debut. philadelphia kevin hart with the introduction and embiid does not waste it and has the first bucket of the game and rainbow three and gets back on defense after this and will reject russell westbrook. defense at the all-star game also had a key block later in the game and star kyle is loving it and embiid 18 boards and captain enjoying the process but lost 148-145 because the coach took him out in the last of the game just saying. yesterday we told you phillies first baseman carlos santana has
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been pushing cars in the off season and it's spring training and will be pushing franco with a lot of work this year and jeff skversky has that story from clear water. >> reporter: two years ago hall of famer smith made a bold statement saying third baseman franco is better than he at his age and he has not lived up to it and working hard in clear water with tell low teammate carlos santana and could be a make it or break it for franco and may have led in homers and rbi but the lowest in the league and lost his everyday job in the stretch. >> just get better at everything and try to control my emotion try to be more aggressive and like i said to just have to do what i have to do to get better. >> reporter: to get better he played winter ball in the dominican republic and played with carlos santana in camp taking him under his wing and
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the lockers are side by side. >> and he called me, he said i'm so happy for you. i want to work together. the thing is with franco is great he come to work and working hard. >> reporter: he also worked hard cutting down his weight and arrived at camp ten pounds later. >> doing a lot of running and caught a little bit of the flu. >> no more ice cream. >> no more ice cream no more cheese burger and that is tough. >> no more cheese steaks. >> a cheese steak or two never hurt anybody and they will host a team dinner tonight on the eve of their first full squad workout with the phillies in clear water jeff skversky. >> more on sports sunday and one on one with a guy who scored 200 today coming up, next tonight in a few minutes here on channel six and when the flyers lose a
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golly they did not lose the game and winners of six of the last 7 scored more goals against the rival rangers than a game against them since 92 and alex lion forced in action after michael went down at the first with a lower body injury and 25 saves allowing one goal and second period and the game is tied and lunquist with the shot and then 200th goal of his career flyers win 7-4 and lions have the first nhl victory. 30 mascots in town to celebrate hooters birthday at temple and 12-0 on the big birthday until today and houston was red hot on 15-0 and temple losing 80-59 huge hit to ncaa tournament hopes and will never have another birthday party. >> he ruined that. >> nice, wow. >> thank you. >> thanks jamie. still to come on action news tonight acts of kindness to
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combat acts of violence. firefighter from new york city who is making it his mission to spread love in the face of hate that and much more when action news comes right back. the pennsylvania spca and fish
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town is hoping someone will show some love for a group of dogs who are a part of the lonely
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hearts club the six dogs spent the last six months at the shelter the staff and volunteers adore them and hoping someone else will as well all this week you can adopt one of these dogs for just 14 bucks in recognition of valentine's day. after a week filled with stories of such tragedy how about something to make you smile. >> a new york firefighter and honoring the lives lost with simple acts of kindness here is abc john donavan. >> a man and a van and a mission. that is tommy mars story. >> what can i do today to make a difference. >> reporter: a new york area firefighter a husband, a dad and a guy who sees something bad in the world and then he pushes back with kindness. it started after the october mass shooting in las vegas. >> the plan was i had bracelets made with each person's name on it that died and i would show up in their town do a random act of kindness in their honor. >> reporter: he has been in the van getting out to all of the
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communities from west virginia to california and in each place performing an act of kindness in shippensburg pennsylvania in a laundromat he taped quarters in honor of bill wolf who came from that town. on a cold colorado day it was hand warmers for construction workers to honor christopher royble and california gift cards passed out by mars daughter in honor of carrie barnett and she says of her dad. >> to put himself before someone else always he will do anything for anyone. >> reporter: guess what it's catching on instagram is filling up with pictures of checks picked up by strangers and doing so with the honor#58 and tommy is showing how, abc news. two young sisters in ohio are spreading birthday cheer
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campbell and paisley barber have been collecting birthday supplies and decorations won't be used for their own parties instead donated to an organization that throws parties for children whose families cannot afford a party. >> if i didn't have a birthday i would feel like no one loves me i really want them to feel loved inside. they don't care where it's from they just want a happy birthday from somebody. >> reporter: the girls hope their effort will bring joy to everyone who benefits. 'sup, world? it's the box with 30% savings for safe drivers.
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say what up, rocco. many shapes and sizes and ages turned out in camden new jersey today children with autism attended a free day of family fun at super hero autism activity at the salvation army cross center the children got faces painted, ran obstacle courses bounced in bounce houses and enjoyed a snack by centria healthcare leader of proviezing
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analysis and therapy for children with autism and sports is next and action continues tomorrow at 4:30 with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards karen rogers and dave murder per. >> for sarah bloomquist, melissa magee, jeff skversky, i'm walter perez have a great night and week ahead ♪ move closer to your world my friends, take a little bit of time ♪ ♪ move closer to your friends and you will see ♪ action news is sponsored by the heart and lung center when your
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the future is for the unafraid. tonight on sports sunday aw the sounds of spring we will play ball with the phillies in clear water with a new manager and eagles. >> we can win. >> a milestone day for drew, i go one on one with the flyers captain and it's all-star weekend for sixers star joel embiid trust the process, sports sunday starts now. ♪ this is action news sports sunday sponsored by audi. ♪ hello and welcome into action news sports sunday i'm jamie apody two weeks ago the eagles won and the clear water where the phillies are getting set for a workout tomorrow and bragging about them down there and you


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