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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  February 18, 2018 11:45pm-12:01am EST

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tonight on sports sunday aw the sounds of spring we will play ball with the phillies in clear water with a new manager and eagles. >> we can win. >> a milestone day for drew, i go one on one with the flyers captain and it's all-star weekend for sixers star joel embiid trust the process, sports sunday starts now. ♪ this is action news sports sunday sponsored by audi. ♪ hello and welcome into action news sports sunday i'm jamie apody two weeks ago the eagles won and the clear water where the phillies are getting set for a workout tomorrow and bragging about them down there and you can take a lot from what doug
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pederson and the eagles were able to domainly making the team believe they can be better than people think and kapler had a bounding on the eve of their workout and his first spring training and his first chance to make an impact and hammer home his message to these guys and that message is this. >> ultimately the message is we can win, right, and it's not like a delusionel statement we did not watch what happened last year at various points. it's more like i said we all take small step forward, we all get a little bit better, we all develop just enough where we surprise people. i don't think there has to be any like major declaration made here. we are fighting for the national league east in september. >> reporter: he is the guy that gave us chills last season when he went on the home run with the phillies may have a special player on their hands by he got
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chills this off season off the field and jeff skversky has that story from clear water. >> at the end of last season reese hoskins told his girlfriend if the eagles make it to the super bowl we are going and sure enough they were on hand in minneapolis two weeks ago today cheering on the birds and the game was so good he will never be able to go to another nfl game. >> get chills thinking about it. [ cheering ] reese hoskins still gets chills thinking about the eagles winning the superbowl the phillies left fielder had a front row seat in minneapolis to witness history two weeks ago and remembers it like yesterday. >> the biggest thing was the ra and genuine passion of the fans. everyone we were sitting around was genuinely happy when they won, i wish i got to go to the parade and i saw videos pictures of the parade. i think that is why we ultimately play the game to
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achieve that feeling. [ horn honks ] hoskins wants this feeling with the phillies too. he believes they can shock people this year just like he did at the end of last season. when he was called up with 18 homers faster than anyone in baseball history breaking hall of famers ted williams record. >> ted williams considered one of the best hitters to ever play the game and just to be mentioned looking back on it and to be mentioned in the same sentence as some of those guys is pretty sereal and not necessarily to top it but coming in the ballpark and be the best i can be everyday. >> reporter: hoskins does not want added pressure on himself to live up to what he did last year the first phillies in rookie to homer in five straight games with the phillies in clear water jeff skversky for sports sunday jamie back to you. >> he is fun to watch all right on a day when he lost another goalie the flyers made sure they did not lose the game and
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michael went down with a lower body injury in the third and third stringer stepped in for the first nhl win and winners of the last 7 and more goals against the rival rangers than a game since them in 92 and one was special the flyers six of their seven win scored by drew the 200th of nhl career and drew and teammates watched the eagles win the super bowl together and like all of us it inspired him and them after all now that the birds have finally won the players have the longest championship drought their last stanley cup was 1975 and earlier this week i had a chance to go one on one with the flyers captain. experiencing the night they won does that make you guys hungry for your own? >> yeah it definitely doesn't hurt but just seeing the passion of the fans that we knew was always there but to actually live it and be in the mix was a pretty good yeah pretty good
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experience. >> how about pressure wise you guys are next up and they got the monkey off their backs. >> yeah i mean we are playing some good hockey right now, we are a young team but at the same time we are doing a lot of good things so we will see what happens but hopefully we are next. >> reporter: the way you guys are playing now i mean you are on a role, you guys like your playoff position how does it feel heading into the push here? >> it feels good. i mean when you go in the playoffs all you have to make sure you get in and when you get in anything can happen so match-ups or whatever it is right now we can't get too comfortable. we can't be thinking we are in the playoff already we need to earn it and we need to keep getting better and just keep building. >> reporter: the flyers sitting in third place in the division but only four points behind the penguins for the lead. all right much more coming up, on action news sports sunday and trust the process joel embiid makes his nba all-star game
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debut and how did he do find out when we return but from last night cease slam dunk contest here is our play of the week. if you are thinking the play. he had the play. he is bringing out kevin. he is bringing out his son too. >> kevin hart is smaller than everyone out there. if i'm the person standing up here i don't want to be the one closest to where he is landing. i think no that is kevin hart. ohhhh! okay! that is what we have been waiting for. ♪ action news sports sunday continues right after this. ♪ ♪
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action news sports sunday sponsored by audi challenge all givens. here is exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast it's mild on monday for president's day high temperature up to 50 but we will be tracking some showers by
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day's end on tuesday in the wake of that front milder it's a nice afternoon with record warmth overhead in at 70 and near records on wednesday 73, cooler on thursday with a couple showers in at 58, 50 on friday jamie back over to you. >> shorts weather all right i realize it's just the nba all-star game which is actually a joke when it comes to defense but not tonight, tonight joel embiid was a difference maker in his nba all star game debut and it's exciting he is our difference maker. >> talking about joel embiid. >> reporter: philadelphia kevin hart with the introduction and embiid doesn't waste time and throws down the jam for the first bucket of the game and how about this three and then he gets right back on defense and rejects russell westbrook defense at the all star game and keep off late in the game too and star lowry loving that 19 points and 8 boards for the team and captain joined the process and ended up losing to team lebron 148-145.
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three mascot friends in town for the hooters birthday and 12 and 0 on the big day until today houston red hot on 15-0 and 26 in the first half and squad loses 80-59 and hurts their ncaa birthday hopes and the hooters birthday the daytona 500 with two laps to go and kurt bush spun around and sends the race to over time, austin dylann in the three car made famous by dale earnhardt wins the first daytona 500 the only lap he led was the final one on the eve of the full squad workout in clear water i can tell you tomorrow all eyes will be on the phillies key off season carlos santana already settling in camp signing a 60 million contract the big bat they have been missing and hard at work this off season and stayed in shape pushing a
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mercedes benz 120 yards at a time 8 times in a row and jeff skversky who definitely cannot do that goes one on one with the phillies first baseman. >> you guys believe you can win gabe before you got here said we can shock people do you believe in this young team? >> yes, score, score i mean we have to a lot of talent and a lot of talent and younger player and everyday and that is why i'm here, i'm here and trying to help and like everyday and try to win what i can so i know that people say washington is mad and have a very good team but it's comforting and we are comforting for motivation and competition and we will see. we are scared, we play hard and try to keep touch with the guys. i'm scared and let it go and play hard and enjoy the game. >> with you in the line up how
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dangerous do you think the line up can be in philadelphia? >> a lot a lot. >> phillies fans love to hear that. >> yeah, yeah i mean make you think everybody knows me i'm a patient guy and staying in the base and that is why i'm working hard to try to do what i can and i mean it's exciting and why i'm prepping here. >> the super bowl champ making the rounds signing autographs in havertown and almost missed out on incentive clause to pay 250,000 bonus the eagles gave it to him anyway. >> it's awesome you know they didn't have to do that but you know they chose to do the right thing and it says a lot about an organization that you know they are willing to take care of their players. >> reporter: indeed it does that that is it for action news sports sunday have a great night and a great week. ♪
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>> i'm karen rogers. >> and i'm melissa magee, tonight on fyi philly. >> (laughter) >> are you ready for an adventure? >> cheesesteak pizza. >> we are discovering new pizza spots in philly. >> love it! >> exploring the beer scene in new jersey. >> thi is cajnu turkey wings. >> and studying the success of soul food in camden. >> woooo. >> plus, we're giving you the chance to win your own adventure in orlando. hello and welcome to fyi philly. we are at porta, a brand new pizza spot in midtown village. >> it's a really cool space and look at these pies, neapolitan style beauties. >> pizza is such a popular food here in philadelphia. >> and spots like this are popping up all over the city. >> so we had alicia run down 4 newcomers that are bringing their take to the traditional dish. >> alice a family owned pizza place that hails from rome.


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