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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 19, 2018 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning -- new video showing the alleged florida school sheeter fighting can classmates. the couple that he was living with opening up. a call for action. students who escaped the school shooting rallying for gun control. >> they say tougher gun laws do not decrease gun violence. we call b.s. >> how they're taking their fight to lawmakers. a war of words with the fox news host. >> keep the political commentary to yourself. or as someone once say, shut up and dribble. >> how james and the sports world are responding to the
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comment. plus, fergie's national anthem. ♪ our flag was still there, oh say ♪ >> why some are calling it the worst ever. the wild wreck kicking off the daytona 500. and two kids tried to sneak into "black panther" with one ticket. did their disguise work? we do have to give them props for trying, don't you? >> creativity. >> we say good morning on this monday. >> i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm linda lopez. a new glimpse of the troubled student. >> the suspect caught on camera fighting at the school in 2016 and was later suspended. 1 of 5 times he was disciplined by the school before getting expelled. and the family who took him in after he lost his mother has broken their silence. calling him a monster. overnight, video of the alleged
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shooter fighting with classmates. that's him in the white shirt in a brawl with several students last year. the family who welcomed the alleged shooter into their home saying, we had this monster living under our roof and we didn't know. kim ber any sneed and her husband telling the reporter, what emp seemed to know, we didn't know. they say he fold every rule of their home to the "t" and he was battingle depress. they took him to a therapist. the day before the massacre, she said she left home to run errands. by the time she returned, he was gone. the next and last time they saw him, he was in custody. one classmate saying he likely waited for valentine's day to carry out his plan. >> love was something nik never really understood. valentine's day might have been a trigger as to why that day was
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a day he chose to do this. >> he's now evoked his right to remain silent. he's been held in solitary confinement and remains on suicide watch. >> there's no doubt in my mind that nikolas cruz shot many people. killed 17. the killer is in custody. and, we're moving forward with the legal process. >> we'll hear much more from the couple who welcomed the shooting suspect into their home on "good morning america" this morning. the survivors of the school massacre have channeled their grief and anger into a nationwide call for action. >> they're taking aim at president trump. arlette saenz has the latest from washington. good morning. >> reporter: linda and kendis, good morning. in the days after the shooting, president trump praised law enforcement for its response. he's now turned to bashing the fbi while the survivors of the massacre are issuing a call to action.
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president trump unleashed a new attack on the fbi. linking one of the deadliest school shootings in history to the russia investigation. the president tweeted very sad that the fbi missed all of the many signals sent out by the florida school shooter. this is not acceptable. they are spending too much time trying to prove russian collusion with the trump campaign. there is no collusion. that tweet drew criticism from members of his own party. >> the president should be staying out of law enforcement business. >> so many folks in the fbi with doing all they can to keep us safe. the reality is they are two separate issues. >> reporter: oh, my god, 17 of my classmates and friends are geend you have the audacity to make this about russia. over the weekend, people said good-bye to some of the victims. survivors are turning the loss
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into rallying cry. >> they say that tougher gun laws do not decrease violence. we call b.s. >> reporter: students are calling for nationwide marches, demanding an end to gun violence. >> march 4th, in every single city, we'll be marching together as students, begging for our lives. >> reporter: the white house says the president will hold a listening session with high school students and teachers later this week. he'll meet with state and local officials to discuss school safety. kendis and linda. >> thank you. a former top trump campaign advise sir reportedly about to change his plea. rick gates was the president's deputy campaign manager. "the l.a. times" says he'll change a not guilty plea to fraud-related charges to not guilty. he's reportedly ready to testify against paul manafort. both were indicted in october.
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at that time, gates pleaded not guilty. overseas, crews in iran are being hampered by bad weather as they try to reach the seen of a deadly plane crash. all 65 people on board the flight were killed when their plane went down in southern iran the. weather in the mountainous area was described as severe. the plane was reportedly 14 miles from the airport when the pilot was last heard from. time now for a look at your weather this monday morning. ♪ the nation's midsection is bracing for a winter whiplash. radar showing a new system that's been slamming the west is now moves east. an ice storm is bearing down on much of the midwest, threatening to blanket everything with up to half an inch of ice. a major warmup on the way to the east. by tomorrow, a warm weather system will h will make its way up the ohio valley and east coast, pushing temperatures well into the 70s and approaching the
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80s in some areas. ♪ still ahead, how black panther is smashing records at the box office. and also, lebron james going head to head with a fox news host. his reaction after she said just shut up and dribble. and the controversial contest third graders raveling off an ar-15 assault rifle. why the order nicers say they're not chanceling it, even after the shoogt in the florida.
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an extended family was kicked off a south pacific
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carnival cruise in australia, accused of starting a violent brawl. security guards tried to break it up by punching and kicking passengers. some people were so afraid they locked themselves in the cabins. it reportedly started when someone stepped on another passenger's flip-flop. lebron james is going on the offensive in his one-on-one battle with fox news host laura ingra ingraham. >> reporter: lebron james is not backing down. >> we will definitely not shut up and dribble. >> reporter: the nba superstar speaking about comments laura ingraham made on her show. the battle started over this video of james criticizing president trump on
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"uninterrupted" james' video platform. >> the number one job in america is someone who doesn't understand the people. and really don't give a [ bleep ] about the people. >> keep the political commentary about yourself. or as some might say, shut up and dribble. many claim my line was racist. uh, what? if you're a white nba player and said that stuff that he said about obama, you would never play again. >> reporter: this is not the first time james has been critical of the president. in september, calling the president a bum. in a tweet saying, going to white house was a great honor, until you showed up. james actually thanked ingraham saying she gave him another opportunity to you can about the issues he thinks are important. she's invited him on her show. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york.
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>> lebron was on fire at the all-star glaims night. we'll have the hit lights in a moment. zblths. "black panther" set records. it brought in $192 million in over the weekend. it's fifth. it sets a new mark for a february opening. when we come back, the doepg scandal at the olympics. involving curling? big air snowboarding makes its debut at the games. see how the americans did. and a wild daytona 500. the crash that started it off. and who took home the checkered flag.
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down on highway 101 near san jose. the pilot was the the only person on board. he is said to be okay. the faa is investigating. a search is under way for a shooter who opened fire on a family outside a san antonio restaurant last night. >> four people were wounded, including a 6-year-old boy. the shooter was wearing a mask and they don't believe it was random. two adult victims are the critical condition. a raffle for an ar-15 rifle is drawing harsh criticism it's a fund-raiser for a baseball team made up of 7 to 9-year-olds. the team's coach says the idea of the raffle was con received before last week's carnage. the winner of the raffle are have to pass a background check before sooeching the gun. at the olympics, doepg charges are rocking the curling competition. >> a russian curler has left the village after failing a drug test.
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he and his wife won bronze last week in mixed doubles. >> he tested positive to the same substance that caused the suspension of marie yoo sharapova in 10 20 16. abc's alex stone has more of today's events. >> reporter: kennedys and linda, good morning to you. not a lot of medals to report right now. team usa is making progress towards medals. three take plaeams from the uni states on the way. alex and maia shibutani moving up into second. evan bates and madison jonk with in seventh place. a score of 75.34. the americans are vary work cut out for them as they compete against canadian and french couples. two-time gold medalest jamie anderson earning a score of 90
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on her second rund. good enough for sixth place, allowing her to move to the finals. including two other women. the women performing well in the halfpipe skiing events. maddie bowman qualified in sixth place. fellow two-time teammates, britain that sigorney and anna lisa drew also competed. team usa women's hockey team crushed finland 5-0. they'll be playing for gold. >> it will be huge to represent your country on a world stage. >> reporter: the u.s. women will play the winner of today's game between canada and the olympic athletes from russia. a week ago, athletes and spectators were dealing with 50-mile-an-hour winds. now almost 40 degrees and no winds. kendis? linda? >> quite balmy indeed.
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now far look at the medal count. >> norway, the smallest nation in the top six. it has the most medals. it's tied jurmny for gold. the u.s. is sixth in the overall medal standings. the new daytona 500 champ led just one lap of that famous race. it was the one that mastered the most. austin dillon took the checkered flag last night to win his first daytona title. earlier in the day, danica patrick's seven-year career crashed to an end. she made it through 19 laps before the wreck. she was not injured. lansd night's nba all-star game was defense optional? the teams picked by lebron and steph curry mostly opted not play defense. in tend, james' team won. final score, 148-145. james scored a game high 29 points. named mvp. the regular season resumes thursday night. and up next in "the pulse,"
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♪ gave proof through the night ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ oh >> look at the faces. >> oh. >> on the players. >> it was a little too jazzy. a little too scatty. >> i'm not sure what it was. some are saying it's the worst ever. draymond couldn't -- couldn't help but laugh. >> the comedians in the crowd, trying to see what was happening like -- >> jimmy kimmel. cracked a smile. >> chance the rapper was looking up saying, get the camera off me so i can laugh. >> a lot of them saying, what's happening? what happensing now? >> social media went crazy. >> one joked colin kaepernick
4:23 am
stood up and told her not to disrespect the anthem like that. >> that's the ultimate disrespect for the anthem. oh, my god. let it stop. we haven't heard from fergie. she did rehearsals beforehand. to the final major awards show before the big one. >> that would be the baftas. the british academy film awards. held in london. the big winner, no surprise, "three billboards outside ebbing, missouri." that took home five. >> frances mcdormand won for her performance. gary oldman won best actor for his portrayal of winston churchill from "the darkest hour." many wore black. the duchess of cambridge wore green. >> with a little bit of black. most of us would be eternally grateful for an
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>> good morning i'm tamala edwards. it is muds, february 18. we have breaking news. gunshots hit parked cars in northwest philadelphia. there are still traffic issues in old city this morning in the aftermath of the massive four-alarm fire at one point displace 150 people. sky6 live hd taking live look out across penns landing. , david murphy has the details on what to expect for your president's day forecast and talk about warmup later this week all ahead on "action news." . the west coast, just 58 in l.a. one man with a single mission. trying to do as much good as possible. >> he's a firemen from long
4:28 am
island, new york, piz quest for goodness is taking him across the country. john donvan tells us more. >> reporter: a man and a van. and a mission. that is tommy mars' story. >> what can i do today to make a difference. >> reporter: a new york area firefighter. a husband. dad. a guy two sees something bad in the world and he pushing back with kindness. it started after the october mass shooting in las vegas. >> the plan was i had bracelets made with each person's name on it that died. i would show up in their town, do a random act of kindness in their honor. >> reporter: tommy's been in the van giving out to all the communities from west virginia to california. in each place, performing an act of kindness. in shippensburg, pennsylvania, tommy taped envelopes of quarters in honor of bill wolf. who came from that town. on a cold colorado day, hand
4:29 am
warmers to honor christopher roybal. as tommy's daughter says of her dad -- >> he's always been the guy who tut himself last before anyone else. >> reporter: it's catching on. instagram is filling up with pictures of acts of kindness. >> for me, there's no better remembering than honoring. >> reporter: and tommy is showing how. john donvan, abc news. >> a wonderful mission. he's done other things like that. pel. ing other areas as well. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> do stick around for "good morning america" on this monday. have great start to the week. >> have a great day. >> good morning it is 4 --
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4:30 a.m. >> a big haul for thieves who targeted a hotel in northeast philadelphia. a dangerous collapse, a firefighters are on the scene of a massive fire that destroyed an old city buildings. doing the right think, an eagles fan gets his wallet back that was lost during the celebration parade. >> let's go over to david murphy and karen rogers, good


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