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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  February 19, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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to contain the blaze. man leads police on a chase. >> two dozen people are forced from their home after a massive fire over the weekend now there are concerns the buildings if old city could collapse. >> we'll get to that in a moment, let's talk about weather and traffic on president's day. good morning. >> reporter: talking about cold air coming, we have slick spots. >> reporter: ice on the windshields, too, winters is -- winter is rearing its ugly -- you know what i what i am sayin. we're starting out kind of cold. 32 degrees in trenton, the freezing mark. 31 in allentown. 37 in philadelphia. a little bit better in philadelphia. 31 in millville. not a lot of wind out there, but just enough to give you windchills making it feel cooler in some cases.
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32 in trenton him winds have died down in philadelphia right now, so windchill same as the temperature. as we look at numbers, the rest of the way, it's starting out cool. upper 30s by 8:00. maybe early sun, as we go through the day, testers rise, clouds get thicker. there's a chance of a spotty sprinkle or shower around. the model has us up around 50. i'm going tore a high of 52. the next couple of days we're looking at highs in the 70s tuesday and wednesday and falling records. details coming up. >> reporter: let's hit the roads, in horsham, we're hearing the accident involves a pedestrian. as we look live, police are on the scene. they have set up the flares and shut down the road. horsham road is closed between doylestown and upper state, stick to knapp. an accident on the northeast extension northbound past lansdale not causing issues at the moment but blocking the
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right lane. we have closure with sunday morning fire location, chestnut is shut down between arch and walnut. and portions of second and third street shut down in old city. if you're in the area, stick to arch or 4th, now this is causing problems with septa bus detours, 7, 41, 33, 48, 5, 57 and 79, all the septa rudes are being detoured. we're looking live on the schuylkill expressway at city avenue. no problems westbound heading toward king of prussia. we have light volume on the roads with the holiday. but a handsful of accidents we'll talk about that in the suburban traffic report in just a few minutes. >> breaking news, a huge fire broke out in south jersey, "action news" has learned it's under control. the company charles d. wilson hall maple court woodstown, salem county. it broke out at 4:00 a.m. with
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heavy flames and smoke coming from the buildings. as fire officials were ringing a seconds alarm, neighbors were hearing explosions. fire officials have placed it under control. there are concerns that an apartment buildings that caught fire in old city may collapse. firefighters are on the scene nearly 24 hours ever the flames ripped through the buildings at third and chestnut street. jeanette reyes joins us live in old city with the update. >> good morning, jennette. >> reporter: morning, matt. more than a day later many of the road closures are in place. the fire alch r lch are r are are the fire alarm going off this morning. 3:00 a.m., four-alarm blazed quickly coomedz -- consumed much of the buildings.
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150 firefighters responded. local businesses took in those forced out into the cold. red cross set up a shelter at the museum of the american revolution, residents said the fire began inside an apartment units at 239 chestnut. the flames were placed under control four hours later at 7:30 a.m. serious concerns remain about how structural sounds the building is. >> we have 80 employees, 80 people depending on us for their livelihoods. i'm on the phone for all the different insurance his we have checking on the remediation we have for them. >> the little lion is on the corner. i interviewed the owner a few months ago, this is a relatively new restaurant. 80 employees hoping to rush to work soon, once police and l&i
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determine the building is structural sounds. no timeline on when we'll hear on that. tam. >> more breaking news, a driver led police on a chase in east landsdown, delaware county. the police pulled the driver over on cobbs creek parkway. the driver took off. the officer followed him and pulled back when the car reaped a high rate of speed. the driver crashed into two parked cars less than a mile away on the 800 block of baltimore avenue. the driver suffered a broken electric and -- broken leg and taken into custody. chopper 6 hd is over the fire in salem county. the intlier building is gone. the company located on maple
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court woods down, salem county. the fire breaking out at 4:00 a.m. fire crews there, it wasn't to a second alarm, fire crews inside it is buildings with flashlights trying to figure out if there were any hot spots left. they heard explosions in there, what went off, the good news, because fire companies have people there overnights. in this case there were no injuries. a 15-year-old boy scout is safe after spending 6 hours trapped in a cave in lancaster county. 60 rescuer he is were part of the rescue. he became wedged between rocks, crews had a tough time getting to the victim, but they freed him early sunday morning. >> it is president's day and the markets are closed today. >> that means fun for us, we have a very special guest today, maribel aber who we talk to
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every morning is in the studio forehead. >> i was going to wear my green for phillies and eagles love, imu -- but i'm wearing black for the marvel film it's the first super hero featuring a black cast. it is estimated back panther will make 218 million today. if you're looking for something to do on this holiday, the national constitution center has free admission today there's a costume contest and the kids are encouraged to dress as a first lady and president. >> it's great to hang out with you today. >> volatility throughout the year with the market. >> if i had a crystal ball, matt we would all be rich. >> looks like we're steady
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right now. we'll see it tomorrow 25,000. >> reporter: i guess the best advice is stay where you are. >> don't make any decisions based on based on on he a motions. >> true there and in life. >> let's go over to sky6 live hd the ben franklin bridge, you can see that we're starting to get a little bit of sunrise there on the horizon. you have to bundle up. it's 37 degrees and 6:08 a.m. treat to see maribel on the president's day. >> reporter: we love her so much not because she brings us cookies all the time. let's check the suburban traffic report, i want to show you the shot 202 at king of prussia. we're looking at the ramps and overpasses with extra caution today. we have slick spots here and there. i'm getting a lot of reports of accidents in the suburbs, mcdade boulevard.
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an accident that car flipped over on city avenue. it just cleared a minute ago. in woodstown this fire is under control route 40 is closed between main and elm street. stick to main as the alternate at that point. i've been checking in with the waze appear there's icy roads hillsboro township triangle road. watch for that in bucks county. we're looking at the temperatures 31 in bethlehem. 26 in quakertown, 27 in coatsville, 33 in million -- malvern. 29 in browns mills, below freezing in hammonton, vineland, claymont, delaware, 29 degrees. storm tracker 6 live double scan, we can see the showers from the southwest. we're talking about the chance for showers and warmup that's something of a treat coming up
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in just a few minutes. >> booted from a boat, a family gets cikdz off -- concluded off a cruise ship for an all out brawl. facebook is going old school using snail mail for the new initiative. sorry. i can't make it.
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give you an another update on the fire that burned out this ambulance company in salem county. our chopper 6 hd over the scene. you can see pretty much all they have left are just the four
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walls and everything inside has been incinerated. this is the charles d. wilson hall on maple court in woodstown, new jersey. it broke out at 2:00 a.m. this morning. they have it under control. we have fire crews inside looking to see what set off explosions and make sure there are no hot spots. you can see the smoke and steam coming off in the cold morning air. some of the ambulances in front of the buildings, if there are people in need they will have some of the trucks. an entire family eject rejected from a cruise ship while at sea. carnival cruise security and officers are scene kicking those involved in the brawl as they try to gain control of the chaotic situation. at one point it became so violent passengers locked themselves in cabins. children on board watched in
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horror. >> i felt quite threatened. >> >> the fight seems to have begun when someone stepped on someone's flip flop. all 26 members of the family was removed. carnival plans to take action and offered a 25% discount for the other passengers on future cruises. >> i wonder where the family trip is next year. >> let's stay home in the backyard, we know how to get along there. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we're dry, but there's moisture gathering to the south and west of us on the other side of baltimore. occasionally during the day we might see showers. sky6 live hd flags not blowing all that strongly. the winds are relatively light today, but it's chilly out there, with temperatures in the 30s across the region a little bit of a breeze giving you an occasional windchill. 37 in philadelphia. 32 in trenton.
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30 in reading, 30 in millville. down the shore, notice how the wind direction is from the south and probably shifting from the southwest as we go later today and tonight. that is going to draw in milder air, later today it will be milder than yesterday. might see early sunny breaks, 10:30, a couple of sprinkles and showers around, we might see something farther south with the radar sticking up around baltimore an washington, d.c. tle -- the madle -- model wants to place this up north. obviously we're looking at mainly dry conditions. up in the lehigh valley we're posting chance of showers at times, high of 46. a little cooler up north today. at the shore, 52, milder, mainly dry. in philadelphia, lots of clouds overall, not raining all the time. we get a high of 52.
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we stopped in the mid 40s yesterday, that rent an improvement. overnights tonight -- represents an improvement. overnight tonight, it's milder, we have a warm front today that will push past us the next several days. a southerly flow will gather a batch of warm air and guide it into the region. we'll be in the upper 60s at some points in the afternoon. i think we may touch 7 or to the high. if we do in philadelphia it's a record. 52 is the high, not all that wet just a spotty shower. tomorrow, temperatures jump, fog and clouds early, record-tieing high of 70. wednesday, record warmth, high of 73. that would beat the old record 72 by one degree.
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these records go back to the 30s, it's been a while. thursday, cooler air comes back in, 55 degrees is the high, we get showers possible during the day, periods of rain possible on friday, with cloudy skies and a high of 49. for the weekend we bounce back up to 61 on saturday, 63 on sunday and weekend rain is possible, it's starting saturday night into sunday morning, we'll see if that holds. >> i'm excited about the 70s. it makes it harder to imagine we're starting off cold and have icy spots. that's kind of the case here, as we look live at horsham road an accident involving a pedestrian, stick to knapp road. we have light volume causing delays on northeast extension southbound past lansdale. the highways are in the green no problems on the majors.
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>> alex lion was forced into action against the rangers. michael nor went on to score. joel embiid the most scored in an all star game by a sixer since alan i'veer -- iverson in 1963. casual whiz kid alicia vitarelli gets in the kitchen to make belgium waffles for breakfast or desert. >> you can't make a cake in 6 minutes, but you can make a waffles. >> reporter: we're not using eggs, we're using baking powder
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and egg replacer. brown sugar a touch of engine -- vanilla extract. you can make a whole bunch them ahead of time and heat them up in the overren. >> if you want to go desert. >> you came out with your own line of vegan ice cream. >> grab some chocolate chips. get the kids involved belgium waffles. you can find kate's recipe at head to whiz kid their fast casual spots tell them you saw this on 6abc. they will give you a dollar off this week. >> 6:20 a.m., "healthcheck" is up next. first up, tech bytes. >> reporter: facebook is going low tech in the fight against
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russian election meddling. >> >> reporter: anyone who wants to buy an election ad will have a special postcard to approve they are in the u.s. space x is spending two satellites into space wednesday to test the satellites to delivery high speed internet service across the globe. >> reporter: there's a new alarm that makes you put your foot down. that gets annoying. it's designed to help chronic oversleepers it is said to be snooze proof. it won't stop beeping before you stand on it for three seconds. >> those are tech bytes, have a great day.
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dealing with high blood pressure you might want to add yogurt to your diet. a new study revealed that the popular snack food is more than good for just your gut. it is associated with a 20% lower risk of heart disease and stroke for men and women. >> coming up on "action news" at 11:00 p.m. a story you cannot afford to miss. he find companies that offer the best perks for employees. >> reporter: forget salary and health insurance, if you're looking for a job, listen up. some companies and businesses provide free meal and continue oust education and nap rooms and laundry facilities and open bar. how about a company that offers unlimited time off and flexible schedules and free trips to cool places. we'll show you work perks tonight on "action news" at
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11:00 p.m. >> reporter: open bar? we have problems today with mass transit. we've been talking about this fire location in old city. we have a number of detours because of this. 17, 22, 32, 48, 5, 57 and 9. today is a holiday, new jersey transit on a holiday schedule. >> reporter: we're on the platform early, we'll get up to 52 degrees for the high. clouds increase and there could be a spotty shower here and there through the day. at the airport, looking at at all green aircraft. rain in atlanta that's a spot that could give you trouble later on. a pretty big hub, too. >> we're following several breaking news stories, including a fire burning at an ambulance company in south jersey. >> it's no ordinary hotel
6:27 am
heist, thieves break into a room and make off with tens of thousands of dollars in cash.
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news," a fire has been burning at an ambulance company in salem county, new jersey, chopper 6 hd was over the scene they just recently got under control. >> collapse concerns, crews surrounded a fire scene in old city over fears the building could give away. >> the story of a man and what happened with his lost wallet
6:31 am
will approve eagles fans are not all that bad. >> good morning, david and karen, it's president's day. >> reporter: a lot of people have off, but there's issues out there. >> reporter: plan extra time, because it's cold enough to have frost object your windshield. we have showers out to the west, when they arrive they will be rain not snow because temperatures are on the rise. 31 in i will -- allentown, 31 in wilmington, 30 in millville. 39 in cape may. not a lot of wind out there, but in some cases we have windchills knocking the numbers down a little bit. right now the winds are calm, millville is a spot it's got slightly chiller windchill. the winds are coming up from the south that's a good direction for us, upper 30s by 8:00 in philadelphia. might be early sunny breaks, notice how the clouds get thicker might be spotty
6:32 am
sprinkles and showers around during the day, but the temperatures get warmer. we'll get up to 50 degrees on this model i'll go for a high of 52 if the rain pushes in we should not have any problems with frozen precipitation. lastrecord warmth on the way, tuesday and wednesday, those details coming up. >> reporter: we'll be dealing with the possibility of icy spots here and there. we have an accident in horsham hearing it involved a pedestrian. police on the scene. looks like they have a tow truck, we can see the flares they set up. they had to shut down horsham road between doylestown town road and upper state road. stick to knapp road. we have issues in old city because of the fire location yesterday. they have chestnut shut down between third and second, we have third street shut down in the area.
6:33 am
if you're traveling around old city, arch street and 4th street will get you around it. now we have bus detours, 5, 9, 17, 2 1, 42, 48, 57. southbound traffic very light volume heading toward center city. the bigger issue is in the suburbs, we'll have the suburban traffic report in just a minute. >> let's go to chopper 6 hd over a ambulance company in salem county, new jersey that has been on fire, you can see the fire is under control. that place is burned out shell. it has smoke coming from the scene in woodstown. the fire started at 4:00 at the american allegiance association. there were explosions that came from the buildings. we learned that some of the
6:34 am
ambulances are damaged. ems crews have come together to help assist with any incoming emergency calls. >> they will make plans to make sure everybody is covered as far as the emergency concerns are met. >> you can see smoke is coming from the scene, this place is going to have to be we built. the new jersey division of fire safety is on the scene, we'll let you know if we get word on their investigation. philadelphia firefighters continue to keep an eye on a burned out build in old city. crews fear the ruins are in danger of collapsing, jeanette reyes is live on the scene at third and chestnut with the latest on what's going on, good morning, jennette. >> reporter: good morning, tam, more than a day after this massive fire broke out, still a lot of portions of the area blocked off because there is
6:35 am
still a concern this morning about a collapse. this is where it all happened here, you can hear the fire alarm going off, that started 24 hours ago, when the four-alarm blaze broke out at 3:00 a.m. and consumed much of the building. 150 firefighters battled the flames, 160 apartment residents and hotel guests were evacuated. buffalo billards did what they could to take people out of the cold. "action news" has learned that the fire began inside an apartment at 239 chestnut. the flames were placed under controlling four hours later 7:30 p.m. sunday morning. serious concerns remain about how structural sound the building is. >> we set up collapse zones that include the residences around the building which
6:36 am
preclude us from letting citizens back into the building. there's a danger of secondary collapse if a fire burns long enough. >> reporter: coming back out live, you can see firefighters gathered this morning, more than 24 hours after the fire started. they are really just keeping an eye on how structural sound the building is. in the meantime, we know a lot of residents are waiting to go back home, as well as employees wroo a couple of businesses are impacted by all this. we'll let you know when we get word that it's safe to go in for residents and employees. more breaking news, armed robbers burst into hotel room in the rhawnhurst section, within minutes they were marker be a run for it a long with stash of $80,000. a line of police cars pulled up to the place on the 7600 block of the boulevard at 11:00 p.m.
6:37 am
officers are questioning one woman and three men. nobody was hurt during the holdup. police have not said why someone had all that money in the hotel room. breaking overnight. >> bullets struck two people in west philadelphia on haverford avenue at 2:00 a.m. police were investigating an earlier shooting when they heard the gunfire, when they arrived at the second scene, the gunman was gone. smoke and flames damaged an apartment buildings in the east mount airy section on the 6600 block of sprague street at 4:00 a.m. no injuries. phillies have a first full squad work out in clearwater. gabe kapleer wants to hammer
6:38 am
home a message. the phils go up against the college team in florida on thursday, followed by the toronto blue jays on friday. an eagles fan lost his wallet during the super bowl celebration. he said his wallet fell out of his pocket celebrating the eagles super bowl win. he diplomat realize it was gone until the next morning. >> i woke you mean and went to look for my wallet. it wasn't there. i started calling everyone. >> two weeks later his wallet arrived in a package in the mail everything was inside, including all his cash and social security card. no note attached, no return address, he said he wants the kind soul who did this, how grateful he is to have his wallet back. >> taking a look on sky6 live hd, a brilliant sunrise over the
6:39 am
skies of south jersey and birds out there, as well, many of you can enjoy this and go back to bed. >> reporter: not many people can, in that group are the people on the highway. >> reporter: what a nice ride in when you can see a sky like that, how gorgeous. we're looking at a problem that pop upped, disabled vehicle on the schuylkill expressway westbound the ramp from spring garden. penndot on the scene with the arrow board blocking the right lane. now we have slowing on the schuylkill expressway westbound near spring garden because of the disabled vehicle blocking a lane. more of the issues today have been in the suburbs, we're live in cherry hill, camden county, we have a quiet scene here, i would watch the secondary roads, the ramps and controversy passes. we have a few slick spots here and there, we have a handsful of accidents moving okay at this intersection here on route 70. northeast extension, southbound past lansdale, an accident blocks the right lane, this is
6:40 am
new an accident investigation in hatfield shutting down unionville pike. crews on the scene that's between maple avenue and school road. ridley township three vehicles involved with the scene mcdade boulevard at morton avenue. when you look at the temperatures in the suburbs, you can see why, 27 in quakertown. it's above freezing in bethlehem, and pottstown, not in coatsville yet. 28 there. 31 in long wood. in the mid and upper 30s. south jersey, 29 in browns mills, 30 in hammonton and vineland. below freezing in tuckahoe and k4r5eu789 -- claymont delaware, storm tracker 6 live showing we have showers on way, dave is tracking that and a warm up in the seven day. >> 6:40 a.m., still ahead on "action news," a pilot makes a daring landings in the middle of on coming cars. >> a pop star stuns the mba all
6:41 am
star crowd with her interesting rendition of the national anthem. you'll hear it later on "action news." ♪
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6:43 a.m. arc new surveillance video has been released of the florida shooting suspect this is niklas cruz walk you go away from the rampage. he stopped and had something to eat anne drink after 17 people were killed. he is being held in solitary confinement and remains on suicide watch. survivorring students are mobilizing, they are starting in florida and culminating on a march in washington next month. >> emotions ran high in coral springs yesterday, survivors are criticizing trump's tweet over a weekend linked the follow up on the shooter with the russian
6:45 am
investigation. he plans to meet with students on wednesday. faa says the pilot reported engine trouble before bringing the plane down. cell phone video shows the plane on a grassy strip near san jose jetter. the pilot was the only person on board and he was not hurt. and nobody on the ground. >> reporter: this afternoon milder than yesterday, but not a record. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing sprinkles and showers and wet snow mixed in by harrisburg, generally speaking it's going to be a while before it reaches us, baltimore barely seeing that. sky6 live hd there's indications of sunshine early, at the same time you can see clouds getting thicker and generally speaking that's going to be the story today, a few sunny breaks early
6:46 am
and the clouds getting thicker. temperatures 37 degrees in philadelphia. winds light, so we don't have a windchill to worry about right now, but you want a coat in most of the suburbs, trenton, 32. 31 in allentown. 32 in reading, 31 in wilmington and millville. you see how the winds is coming up from the south that will get us milder later on. future tracker 6 shows light sprinkles and showers around 10:30, most of rain will be in the afternoon. you see how the model wants to push this off to the motor. based on on what we're seeing on radar, anybody can get wet anytime today, but it's not a washout. around 9:00 p.m. we're off the hook from the rain. it will be milder today, we got in the mid 40s cross the region. 47 degrees by noon, spotty showers possible and mild.
6:47 am
in allentown, 46 today. 52 in millville. 50 down the shore in cape may. today's high is only the beginning of the story. we have a warm front that will be pushing past us and wind up way up north over the next several days. warmer air residing not all that far to the south will make for record warmth tuesday and wednesday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows you that, today, 52, lots of clouds for president's day, spotty sprinkle or shower at times. tuesday, fog in the morning, cloud cover and sunshine reemergeses as the day goes on. we winds up with an afternoon high of 70. if we hit that it will tie the old record in 1939. thursday, 73. that would beat the old record of 72 back in 1930. a couple of old records falling in the next couple of days. other parts of the region could
6:48 am
see records tuesday and wednesday. thursday, damp, periods of rain on friday, 49. saturday, 61 degrees, cloudy on sunday, 63. there's a chance of rain, right now it's timing saturday night into sunday morning, we'll is if that changes. for the second half of february taken as a whole those are great numbers. >> reporter: tomorrow we'll be dealing with the fog through the morning rush. we have an accident horror -- horsham road involving a pedestrian, the road is shut down between doylestown road and upper state road. stick with knapp. working on a modified weekday schedule on mass transit. >> campbell and paisley have been collecting decorations they
6:49 am
will be donating to an organization that throws parties for children who can not afford them. >> they don't care it's fun, they just want a happy birthday from somebody. >> the girls hope their effort will be something that the children remember for ever. >> time to get a preview of what's coming up on "g.m.a." >> robin roberts joining us live, you're talking about the students who want to make this response to this school shooting different and more long lasting. >> reporter: the teen survivors of the school shooting take a strong stance against gun violence and march on washington this as we learn about the missed warning signs and the family that took him in after the his mother will join us live in the studio. the latest on the
6:50 am
investigation into the massive cruise ship brawl involving 23 members of a family being removed from the ship. we'll have the details this morning. star of lady bird and first time oscar nominee lori metcaff. >> fergie has a lot of people talking about her take on the national anthem. just because your friend said it was a good idea, maybe not. we'll be right back.
6:51 am
6:52 am
puerto rico's power company will reduce the operating in order to save money. it will not affect customers and save $9 million a month.
6:53 am
the move comes days after a federal judge rejected a 1 billion-dollar loan request for the utility. 250,000 customers are without power five months after hurricane maria hit the territory. roslyn carter underwent surgery to remove scar tissue on her intestine. she'll continue to recover at emory hospital in atlanta. >> labron james is not backing down from the showdown off the court. he supported the sneakers with the message, more than an the athlete. laura ingraham told james to shut up and dribble. he said he will not stay silent because of fans looking for you
6:54 am
for a better life. here's former black eye peas sink, fergie singing the national anthem. ♪ >> you can see some of the players and those in the crowd unable to hide their amuse him or confusion, jimmy kimmel, joel embiid a little shocked with the performance, there it was fergie at the all star game. >> sometimes a big risk is a big fail. we'll be right back. david. >> reporter: we're be looking at temperatures on the cool side today, and right now anyway they are looking at 37 degrees in philadelphia. some of the suburbs cooler than
6:55 am
that we'll be back with the 12-hour forecast and get you set for today. big time warmth coming tomorrow, karen. we have a problem schuylkill expressway westbound at spring garden, a disabled vehicle cleared. travel times are not too bad. it's a holiday. people are sleeping in. i-95 looking good. we have an issue in horsham that's up next. 6:57 a.m., we have breaking
6:56 am
6:57 am
news, an update as we look at chopper 6 hd, fire absolutely destroyed an ambulance company
6:58 am
in south jersey. neighbors in woodstown heard explosions as firefighters called a second alarm. building was destroyed, but no reports of injuries. another fire in old city, there's concerns it may collapse. firefighters are still there 24 hours after flames ripped through the building at third and chestnut street. armed robbers got away with cash from the roosevelt inn in rhawnhurst section, nobody was injured. we have an accident in horsham, it's causing problems for hours, an accident involving a pedestrian. it's an accident investigation you can see all the flares set up. they are blocking horsham road, stick to knapp road. good shot of the roads look clear, but we have slick spots here and there. fire locations from yesterday morning, still impacting the morning commute.
6:59 am
crews on chestnut street shut down between third and second street. second is shut down between arch and walnut. third street is shut down, buses 21, 42, 57 can't drive through old city. >> reporter: 37 in philadelphia. suburbs around the freezing mark. maybe you're scraping ice off the windshield. later today, 52 degrees, it will be cloudy for the most part, maybe early sunny breaks. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you there's rain creeping up through baltimore. future tracker 6 has this off to the northern suburbs, off and on through the day and evening. it's probably over by 9:00, 9:30 a.m., i would allow it anywhere. >> for david, matt, karen, i'm tam, enjoy your president's day. now on to "g.m.a."
7:00 am
good morning, america. march for our lives. the teenage survivors of the the florida school shooting, now planning to fight. demanding the president take action. as he faces new fallout for criticizing the fbi over the shooting. blaming the agency for missing the warning signs because they were focused on russia. monster living under our roof. the family that took in the gunman, nikolas cruz, here live. telling their story. why they let him into their home. guns he brought with him. and what they knew about his behavior. as new video surfaces, allegedl, only on "gma" this morning. cruise ship chaos. a violent


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