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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 20, 2018 2:40am-4:00am EST

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for indoor and outdoor plants as well are if you've got this at home, get to work. first up. ♪ ♪ >> little man is not having it. >> when your son don't want to cooperate -- oh! >> wow, the stinkeye! >> the attitude is going to cost him his neck and his ears. >> apparently 3-year-old legend sebastian doesn't like it. >> i couldn't tell. >> he's getting his haircut at extreme cuts. they say when the clipper's too sharp and you've had enough of your barber -- >> that's the look.
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>> yo, what you doing, cuz? >> the barber's like, okay, hold on, reroute. going from the look to straight pouting with his arms folded. wonder woman here is awesome. >> let's get to it! >> 5 years old, she's going to give us a makeup tutorial. >> got it, got it, got it, got it. >> foundation and beauty wonder. >> now -- >> yeah. spread it, blend it. >> rrow! >> now you rub it in like this. >> yep, just like that. >> now using this -- the purple color. >> oh. no purple. >> it's time for eye shadow. you've got to beat those eyes, girl, make them pop. >> just go all-in, girlfriend. go all-in, commit. >> she's committed. >> yep, okay. yep, yep. >> good thing the shower's right behind her. >> smoky eye.
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you've got to smudge it and smudge it and smudge it. okay, wait -- >> no, she's going for drama. >> now she catches a glimpse of her artistry. >> see? she's oeven shocked herself. >> shut off the camera! ♪ ♪ >> it goes fast when you're having fun. has more interesting and entertaining content. check the stand off outside san antonio, texas forced them to
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close down for hours. there's no word yet as to what started that pursuit. the fbi has joaned in the search of a 5-year-old boy reported missing over the weekend. he was last seen saturday afternoon in his bedroom by his st stepmother right before she took a shower and fell asleep. there's no evidence lucas was abducted. >> we're in shock. he's a sweet little boy and we're just concerned for his safety. we don't know where he is. we want him home safely. >> court records show lucas has been living with his father, not biological mother. family members say they've raised concerns in the past, including child services last year. at least nine people have died from carbon monoxide
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poisoning. >> most is from faulty heating equipment. >> reporter: we're in new jersey going door to door with members of the pse & g energy company, making sure they're equipped -- >> an operable carbon monoxide detecter. >> reporter: we make sure home owners have those detecters and that they're working properly. wanda has one plugged into her wall but with had the fire chief plugs it in, it doesn't work. the install dates on the back should not be older than 7 to 10 years. steve from the energy company shows thus source of many leaks. appliances like the furnace, boiler or hot water heater, what we find cracked in the concrete and two holes covered up with
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warn out duct tape. he says if the furnace ever malfunctions this is where carbon monoxide could get out. and show you something you can do yourself. one way it deadly gas can pump enyour home, blocked chimneys. a simple match test above your hot water heater. when you blow out the match, the smoke should also go up into the flew. >> but you put it near the bell and it instantly blew that out, there's a chance of a blockage. >> we'll get here and make sure you know your family's safe. >> very good tip. people are always reminded to change batteries in their smoke
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detecters. they don't get reminded to do the same in the carbon monoxide detecters as well. >> it is silent, odorless and colorless for that matter. coming up mr. rogers is more than just our neighbor and to sell bracelebrate this iconic. lyrics: ooh-oo child lyrics: thing's are gonna get easier. lyrics: ooh-oo child, lyrics: things'll get brighter.
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♪ it's a beautiful day in this neighborhood a beautiful day for a neighbor ♪ ♪ would you be mine could you be mine ♪ can you believe it's been 50 years since the premier of "mr. rogers' neighborhood?" >> we thought it would be a beautiful day in our neighborhood to open the vault to 2001 when john donovan took a look at the tv legend. >> reporter: next month the final new episode of "mr. rogers' neighborhood" will air on television and after that
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they'll be recycled. still, it must be said he was an acquired taste for some viewers, including nightline correspondent. >> reporter: the really tricky thing about appreciating "mr. rogers' neighborhood" is you have to see it through it right set of eyes. ♪ it's a beautiful day in this neighborhood a beautiful day for a neighbor would you be mine could you be mine ♪ >> reporter: can i must admit i did not possess until recently. it launched in the late 60s. the one thing i was 12 years old at that point and struggling to be cool. one thing you know for sure is a grown man woo puts on colored tennis shoes and feeds the fish
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every day and sings songs about feelings -- ♪ i'm proud of you i hope that you are proud of you too ♪ >> reporter: he was definitely not cool. click and goodbye, mr. rogers. >> how aare you? everything peaceful in the neighborhood today? >> reporter: except mr. rogers never said goodbye. he stayed around and times changed but he did not. >> let's pretend that it's still night time. and to those viewers who had it right set of eyes and that means anyone three or four or five in the 1960s or 1970s or 9 1980s or 1990s to those viewers he became important, huge, a permanent memory. and now comes this news that "mr. rogers' neighborhood" has ceased production and you think
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wait a minute, could this be it end? and if you're one of his long-time fans or a late comer like me, you res are there will never be anyone quite like him in children's television again. he was quirky and not cool but he knew what he was toing and he did for 34 years and did more good than anyone maybe on television. >> and he composed most of the musicing on the show himself. all those songs were his. >> for 34 years he did that. and the show premiering 50 years ago. kids that started out with mr. rogers are now on aarp. >> 895 episodes. i loved mr. rogers as a kid. >> with he went to congress. >> his congressional testimony is so persuasive. i urge you to google it. mr. rogers congressional
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♪ if it's meant to be it will be it will be ♪ ♪ baby just let it be little georgia line. >> southern music there. technology has become a huge, huge part of our workout routines. >> suited up for a shocking workout. >> reporter: at shock therapy on the upper east side, the workout is based on these power suits. they're hosed down first. the water helps the electric current move and it goes on top of specially woven undergarments. power suit is on and i can tell
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you it is cold and wet and i'm ready. the currents that will go in our body need to be calibrated. i don't feel -- ow! yep, it's working. we follow an avatar while an instructor checks our form. it causes the muscles to contract 10s of thousands of times. evra is a psychologist who opened the studio because she believes in the workout and how expedeiant it is. >> you're trying to do a bicep curl, even without a weight in your hand, makes you feel like you're lifting five pounds. you can't see this but my fingers feel like they're twitching. that's coming directly from here
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to the tips of my fingers. each class is $50 and those behind shock therapy say you only need two classes a week to get stronger and more fit. just expect the shock to be a little stronger with each visit. >> i need the kind of shock suit that shocks you off athe couch. go to the gym. >> we have our own sort of shock. jack, you okay back there? so two classes, 30 minutes each. i like that idea. >> i still need the shock suit. we tried a technological workout. didn't work out well for either one of us i'm alex trebek, here to tell you
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. this morning on "world news now" students take action after the florida school shooting. and a vigil for the fallen. plus the white house aid who reportedly called the shooting a reprieve from their scandals. plus a developing health headline. they say they can detect autism with a single blood test. see what that could mean for earlier diagnoses and treatment. surveillance cameras capturing this visit by a wild cougar. they're warning families to stay alert. and this bride's big day didn't go quite as planned. see how she got stuck in an elevator on the way to her
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reception and see what happens next on this tuesday, february 20th. >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now." >> so much for going to the chapel and i'm going to get stuck in an elevator. that was a different song. we'll see how it plays out for her. but we're going to start this half hour with it pressure mounting on the president and congress to tighten gun safety measures. several candle lite vigils were held last night. they gathered to share their thoughts and memories. the suspect made a brief court appearance, looking down the if tire time. they say he had access to 10 guns. he will plead guilty if prosecutors agree not to pursue the death penalty. the white house says he's u supportive of updates to
3:02 am
threats. >> reporter: head bowed, eyes to the ground. investigators piecing together clues from his past, including this video obtained by abc affiliate allegedly showing cruz in the white shirt fighting over school. >> he would hit her, threaten her. >> reporter: cruz eventually expelled after the fight. but lopez says she and her friends alerted them to alarming behavior from cruz. >> he said he was going to use the guns that he owned. >> reporter: and fou the couple who took him in last november breaking their silence. >> everything that everybody seemed to know we didn't know. he followed every rule to the tee. he was very polite. he seemed normal.
3:03 am
>> they never saw what his had neighbors did, animal cruelty. >> as far as the animal killings, he never did anything like that at our house. we animals. our animals loved him sgrp there's no way i would allow someone in our house who's torturing animals at all. and cruz had his own guns but they say they were locked away. >> we got a gun safe on the way back from moving his stuff to our house. >> he didn't have free access? >> no. i thought i had the only key. >> cruz had legally purchased seven guns including an ak-47 and the ar-15 allegedly used in the massacre. just hours after the rampage,
3:04 am
she confronted him. >> i yelled at him and he mumbled something that i didn't hear and he said he was sorry. >> he said he was sorry. >> i didn't hear that. i was just furious and heart broken. dev devastated. i still can't process what he's done because this isn't the person that we knew, not at all. >> reporter: there was an investigation that found nikolas cruz suffered from depression and in the end they found no seens off neglect and closed the investigation. abc news, parkland, florida. >> it turns out most americans would like to see tougher gun control and mental elth screenings. >> 58% believe stricter gun laws would have prevented the parkland shooting.
3:05 am
while 50% approve of a assault weapon ban. 77% believe congress is not doing enough. many others across the country are joining that movement. >> reporter: as funerals continue for the 17 victims, students rallied in front of the white house. they lay on the ground for two minutes. >> if we don't stand up, our voices will never be heard and real change needs to happen now. >> reporter: president trump is slated to hold listening sessions. parkland supporters announced a march on washington on march 24th. >> we feel neglected and at this
3:06 am
point you're with us or against us. about 100 students will head to florida's capitol demandsinging changes to gun laws. a ban of bump stocks and gun violence restraining orders. the out cry leading some to put unexpected pressure on the nra. dallas officials suggest they find a new city for -- >> we will have to bare the cost, the responsibility and protect the citizens. >> in a statement the white house spokesperson thds president is open to tougher background checks on gun purchases. >> and the white house is said to hold its first pref briefing.
3:07 am
it turned out to be a reprieve from the administration. they shiefted -- it an alleged affair with a play boy model and the russia probe. republicans say they're going to fight it. so this is the old map, which was largely viewed as the most jerry mandered in the country. they say it should improve democratic prospects while still favoring republicans overall. republicans say they will chal chg that map in court. and deluth, minnesota felt the effects of the front edge on monday after 10-inches fell, accuweather's paul williams had the forecast.
3:08 am
>> we're watching for six to 12 inches portions of south dakota and minnesota dealing with the snow. then wisconsin dealing with an icy mix through northern portions off missouri and a chance of flooding down to san antonio. >> are right. our thanks to paul there. a 6-year-old girl has become one of the latest victims in the nation's deadly flu epidemic. a friend of the family says first grader did have the flu shot and was brought to the hospital right away. her death comes as the number of hososizations -- just over 1800. and scientists are signaling a major break through inning
3:09 am
aing ainosing autism. the first of the contests are said to be 92% accurate. they check for damaged proteins. doctors also think they may beably to identify currently unknown causes. right now it's blamed on genetic and other fukters. prrs a friend to the family version after brady won last year sold at auction. it's a little smaller than the one brady himself received. >> so an apraisal letter listed its value for just under $33,000. it sold for $344 thousand.
3:10 am
>> right, you have be to a close family member or friend to get that ring. the question is who decided to cash in? coming up the latest from the winter games. and now it hunt is on. plus the search for a young man who vanished after his phone called 911. i'm never gonna be able to sleep with this cold.
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it traps and removes the waste that weighs me down, so i feel lighter. try metamucil, and begin to feel what lighter feels like. there was an unwanted visitor to a home in wisconsin. a surveillance camera caught a cougar coming right up to the window of a home. several people made calls about the animal. they're telling everyone in the neighborhood to be alert when they're outside and not get too close to the cougar. >> i would not need to be told that. >> the people who owned it home had no idea about the cat's
3:14 am
aproach until they checked the tape. >> frank does not like this story, by the way. over to a more serious note. police in dallas are trying to track down the killer of a postal perker. the vehicle was riddled with bullet holes. a postal worker said it had been done before help could arrive. and there is a new development to tell you about this morning in the search afor missing uber and lyft driver in l.a. >> his car has been found but no way. >> friends taking to the streetsds and putting up flyers in hopes of finding 29-year-old
3:15 am
josh. >> he would at least tell one person he's taking off. >> reporter: friends and family say a 911 call was made from his phone the next day. >> we're not sure why he made that phone call. there's no transcript because for was fought a conversation recorded. >> reporter: it mother finding the phone call in his had log and two miles away his car found by authorities. the los angeles police department telling his mother they're investigating tips that have recently come in. they will continue to assist however ta can. so police say they found the car, they did not find the
3:16 am
driver. >> and last known wrrnts were. >> so he was last keen droiving with the -- >> and they do sometimes drive their cars on their own. so a lot still to investigate in this case. hopefully, he's found safe. rae carruth, the former nfl player is speaking out frump with hind bars. but first it's the bronze age in south korea as team u.s.a. medals. but all that glitters isn't all goelt this time around. around here, i'm lucky to get through a shift without a disaster. my bargain detergent couldn't keep up. it was mostly water.
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so, i switched to tide pods. they're super concentrated, so i get a better clean. i mean, i give away water for free. i'm not about to pay for it in my detergent. #1 trusted. #1 awarded it's got to be tide. and for a plant-based clean, try tide purclean
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all right. it is time to check in on the winter games and team u.s.a. racked up a few more medals, even in highly competitive ice dancing. . >> slow but steady but things didn't really go so well for coomes and -- >> so that's not a move. >> who knew they had ice wrestling as part of the competition. they still finished ninth. abc's alex stone is in pyeongchang. >> reporter: earning another medal here as they delighted the crowd with an energy filled free dance program. hubble finished in fourth place.
3:20 am
tessa virtue and scott moir again. and barely edging out her teammate and friend who finished in fourth. defending olympic champion falling on all three of her runs. lindsey von waiting to go for gold. arks b trrks -- time u.s.a. -- alex and maya now have two bronze pedals after winning the team competition next week. on social media maya posted oh, my god we did it. >> yes, they did. >> in case you missed it we're still in the medal contention in curling. they beat canada. >> for the first time ever.
3:21 am
>> at the olympics. in a dramatic, dramatic win. >> guys, we beat canada in curling. >> that is 2018's miracle on ice right there. and another american is making headlines. she's competing for hungary but she never did a single trick. just went right through. that landed her had in 24th place. the berkeley and harvard grad said she just wants to inspiere others. >> it's sort of like the kiss count, just not as high. norway, still on top. 28 medals overall. >> enough, norway. stop it. >> but we are tied with the
3:22 am
french. >> 12 medals, almost there. we got them right there. oh, sorry i'm late, sir.
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it is time for your tuesday mix and we're going to start in philadelphia. i guess everybody was getting in the mood and excitement over the super bowl victory. you know they do this night at it museum thing and ta have a terra cotta soldier on loan from china. some guy at the after party broke off the thumb of a soldier and took it home for him. so these are treasure in china. they're valued at 4 1$1/2 million. >> who does that? >> i'll tell you.
3:26 am
they reerized somebody violated the clothes. >> and he's like, no that's my terra cotta thumb. >> he's been fine and charged with several different things including artwork. >> this is why we can't have good stuff. over to a bride who probably planned a lot of stuff for her cocktail hour but she never made it. she was on her way with two wedding planners when she got stuck in the elevator. they still had to wait another 45 minutes for the elvaert tech nelsh could come. >> bravo. she made it. that is the important part of the wedding.
3:27 am
not i dos. they have some up with thaer new/hold, and prop genes. during the roosevelt administration they were popular. so 3 town rr people are already seened up on a wait list to get their hands on the new cropped flair jeans. >> 3,000 people want pair of jeans? >> yes. >> why? >> it's sort of like throw back, midraces. cut. so first we had amazon with their two-day delivery but a chinese grocery store is tapping them are. you don't even have to
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. this morning on "world news now" a new poll revealing just how americans feel about gun control in this country. this as theel for fll school shooting suspect making his second appearance. and students head to the capitol as part of the never again movement. president trump and mitt romney, you may remember they were at odds. the pd is spoking out. i knew it was chicken chaos at kfc. they have been forced to close unhads of outlets. we'll show you where this morning. and judgmental parents. oh, yeah, ta got that.
3:31 am
brothers threatening to fight with each other. taxidermy, why not. and they're on the final lap to find love. that's coming up on this skinny. it's tuesday, february 20th. happy birthday to my nephew logan. >> oh, it's logan's birthday. very nice. i a 50/50 shot. we're going to start this half hour on a serious note with the look of the mient said is different and most americans see inaction on the part of all olicks shootings and stwoo% say the president is not doing neph as well.
3:32 am
58% believe tougher gun laws would have prevented the parkland shooting. and we're getting stunning new details about it suspect while he attended classes there. >> and at the time he was atenting the special gun, warx terrorists and thinking of getting jimnts. but wup specialist called the profile of a mass killer. >> reporter: the 19-year-old accused of killing 17 people was led into the court room for proceedings that only lasted a few minutes. >> are all of the attorneys present? >> yes, your honor. it judge agreed to keep it sealed but said from here on out motions would be hurt in open
3:33 am
court. in a separate hearing the judge granted an ortder to release daumntuments from a 2016 -- >> and all agencies that interacted with nikolas cruz -- >> reporter: records show he cut his arms and posted images on snapchat that he wanted to buy a gun. he suffers from addiction. >> he was very plight. he seemed normal. >> reporter: james and kimberley sneed said nay second degreed it be locked up. >> he followed every rule to the tee. >> reporter: until wednesday. leaving the sneeds alonging with an entire community.
3:34 am
i skill can't quite process it. and the students who survived that shooting rg leading the charge as they head to tallahassee. and they're taking a bus lide to try urge them to enact gun kerf troll laws. >> showing we can get to the capitol a week after the shooting shows we're resilient to make a change bautz there's so much grief and we got to do this for it lives they lost and make sure they don't do it in vein. we follow them on tal hatty on gma. posted with 17 on the ground
3:35 am
i stayed for for three minutes saying that's how long it took for the suspect to buy an ar-15 rifle. as president trump prepares for a listening section, he's now open to tougher gun saw politics. the two have criticized each other in the past. trump saying romney checked like a dog against rommy. and romney calling hame phoney diring the campaign. jump tweeting he will make a gradeker and worthy successor to orrin hatch. the president called for a bannon such people in july. since then several court rulings have blocked the president's policy from taking effect. the new pallied will change the
3:36 am
rules. defense secretary mattis could discuss with had they go to lunch today. they had to clime thb 14,000 foot mountain where the plane went by. all people on board were killed. it twin turbo ingen crash took about -- and airlines were warned to stay away from the island. visibility in some nearby villages was reduce said to let less than 20 feet and a not so secret ingredient is missing from restaurants in the irks k. >> hundred hads of kfc has win forced to close their door.
3:37 am
>> so ffc switched to dhl last week but their experiencing op -- and as a result kfc's closed. >> so you show up at some skb they're like you can have a biscuit, mashed potatoes. >> no, they know they would have a riot on their hands so we don't have checken, we're not coming to work. >> some have gone so far as to make it just kf kpp. >> it's a good time to take a vacation, guys. >> all right. well, examining up rae carruth played in the nfl but he's been in prison for nearly 20 years. and in the skinny it fergie fallout. she as a message about her
3:38 am
version of the nathal angtsm. >> we're going to take a look at today's forecast. un-stop right there!
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3:40 am
i'm about to pop a cap of "mmm fresh" in that washer. with unstopables in-wash scent boosters by downy. ah, it's so fresh. and it's going to last from wash to... ...wear for up to 12 weeks. unstopables by downy.
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yesterday rae carruth was wearing a prison uniform. ee was taken by prison van to raleigh prison -- and that of course was our old colleague and "world news now" coverage of rae carruth's murder for hire case in 2001. >> he's now issuing an open letter apologizing for his pregnant woman's death and seek custody of his son who suffers from cerebral palsy. >> it says to whom it may concern. >> reporter: no one was more surpriseered than sandra adams
3:42 am
to learn of this 15-page letter sent not to her but -- and rae carruth says he wants to openly contrount and defunct the lies adams has told about pim. i call them a god send after carruth conspired to kill chaptler's mother. then he apologizes saying quote i take full responsibility for everything. >> whether he means it or not, he's spoken to universe and said he was responsible fortia rika's death and for chancellor's cerebral paullsy and i have nev heard that before. >> reporter: saying she's quote capitalized on the situation.
3:43 am
carruth whose prison sentence is up wrote i'mall retdy going to have -- and acuss adams of quote unfairly making matters worse. >> he is attacking me, saying that i'm telling lies about him that i'm trying to turn the public against him and i've never done that. >> reporter: adams as long said she would like chancellor lee to know and have a relationship with carruth and carruth's letter indicates that too. she takes him to prison to about domestic violence. she doesn't know the motivation behind the letter but it doesn't change anything with her grandson. >> kind of like that letter had mixed messages. >> he was going on attack
3:44 am
against the grandmother who raised his son. >> who he also called that. awful. >> all right. it will be at the end of his sentence very soon. h be at the end of his sentence very soon. e be at the sentence very soon. ' be at the sentence very soon. l be at the sentence very soon. l be at the sentence very soon. okay - let's try this. it says you apply the blue one to me. here? no... make every day valentine's day with k-y yours and mine. two sensations. one great way to discover new feelings together.
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♪ skinny the skinny the skinny ♪ it was trippy hearing it skinny song and you weren't here today. like you were still with us. >> that's why i recorded it. it's going to haunt you forever sfw . >> so tuesday morning update on the bachelor of course. >> it sounds like a pretty eventful night. let's check in with our senior national, global analyst contrubutor. home towns only mean one thing. roll that beautiful bachelor
3:47 am
footage. ari and kendall taxidermy. they looked at taxidermy. eventually they did some taxidermy. yes, white rat skins right there. okay. that was weird. are are of it's weird. >> did they stage a taxidermy rat wedding? >> they were in paris. they get to the family. kendall's mom and swin sister was sewing seeds of doubt. unnofrp underly no one embarrassed themselves. next ari and tia in arkansas. ari in his elements, tia not so much. here we go.
3:48 am
flowers to try to win them over. you get the idea. he's meeting with the big brother who was trying to be protective. ari and becka in minnesota. in the end there were no problems between these folks. beckak. still looking strong. time to head to virginia beach for lauren b's military family. ari wins them over with a story of going on your troop i here we go. >> here's the drama. timeout, timeout.
3:49 am
ari needs to have a bit of a word with kendall. >> that can't go to. >> but it does get us to the sound fies of the day. >> i just wasn't expecting to have this conversation but i see a lot in you i see in a partner for marriage and i can't say -- in this very moempt i'm ready to be engaged but i see so much enyou that i do love. repeckau k gets a rose. skendal tet a cease.. and into the next bachelorette spot. ari asked to speak to her outsi outside. >> he wanted reassurances. >> wanted to see if she was ready to move forward. who was ready but didn't get a chance was tia.
3:50 am
>> she should have moved forward with the race car. she drove it so slowly. >> we'll have the details monday morning. then finale. peru. no kiss count. he kissed them all. you get the idea. analyst out. >> so that's it. >> he's trying desperately to get this season over. >> by the way it's slightly shorter than meevious ones. on to day two of the star spangled scandal. the senger's now apologizing. she said she tried to jazz things up a little bitd but saying clearly this rendition didn't strike the if hntended t.
3:51 am
>> people were nautd very nice about this. >> well, i'll tell you what johannsson said. she -- kaepernick stands up to knock the microphone away. reminds me of dory, finding nemo, trying to speak whale. you can't put a sandau baby win the -- but she is getting support. s i think mine was better, low key. >> her husband had, in the mean time, ex-husband was foughted prims peerb hones. and listen, fergie, everybody
3:52 am
loves a comeback. mariah carey. >> boens. carey. dianne's version of.
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
♪ skinny it is time for the skinny bonus round and we're starting things off with "black panther." a record breaking $235 million for it four-day total. that smashes the president's day records. >> and you can see the rascal movie was close behind. >> bowsman didn't even have to audition for the role unlike robert downy jr. and chris evans. >> and they agree the movie's getting a a-plus on cinema score and a 97% fresh on rotten tomatoes. and now it's getting a mega
3:56 am
endorsement from the former first lady. "congrats to the if tire black panther team. i know it will inspire people of all backgrounds to dig deep and be heroes of their own stories. >> looks like she used are had the characters to talk about it. it forced level head hadded adults to do what they normally wouldn't do. a man was so overwhelmed with the feels he proposed minutes before the movie started. >> would have been really awkward if she said no but he didn't. she said yes. so now to jennifer lawrence being candid about life on the set. she to stand naked in front of a room full of people and said it wasn't bad. >> she said everybody made me feel so uncomfortable i probably
3:57 am
made other people feel comfortable. people are like she really needs to cover up now. >> she's come a long way. >> so when filming "passengers" h to get drunk to film sex scenes with chris pratt. and finally if you want a friend to spend over $100,000 on your birthday, you should probably become besties with jay-z. >> he skipped all-star weekend to spend time with a friend for their birthday. the grand total for it night, more than 1 hundr$110,000. >> so a stunned server posted the night club tab on snapchat. $91,000 including an $11,000 tip. >> just want to point out that while 11,000 is a big tip, it's while 11,000 is a big tip, it's still not we just moved in about four months ago,
3:58 am
but the living room's pretty blank. we did a lot of research online. we just need to have a designer put it all together. mmm hmm. this is great! so, it's really nice when clients come in and have... done some of their own research. and then, i make it happen. what do you think about these chairs and that table? working with a bassett designer was really easy. us being young professionals, we're so busy... there's no way we could've designed it ourselves. no. just kind of ties in very well. we love it!
3:59 am
4:00 am
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 4:00 a.m. on this tuesday, february 20th. here's what we're following. >> fog could cause problems for your morning commute. here's a live look from sky6 showing a foggy philadelphia international airport. accuweather is also tracking springlike temperatures. >> gunfire erupts in a philadelphia neighborhood hitting a woman who was caught up in the crossfire. >> delaware county police official is calling for armed personnel in schools in response to the florida school shooting. >> we'll get to that in a moment but first up let's talk about this weather and your traffic. let's go over to dave murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> good morning.


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