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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  February 20, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EST

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. >> ♪ >> now on "action news" the growing gun debate. a brand new national poll is released this morning as a top local police official proposes armed personnel in schools. >> fog rolls in as temperatures head upwards. we're helping you through the commute as accuweather tracks a winter warmup. >> calling on kelce. the eagles center fires up the phillies in florida like only he knows how. >> good morning. it is 5:30 here on your tuesday morning. it's so nice to see the teens. you: teams -- you know they're neighbors coming across street from each other come together like that. >> it is nice to see those teams together. as you're headed to work we have some issues with the weather. >> nice to see you dressed in your phillies red as there are big workouts going on this week. they actually start playing baseball exhibition-wise at the end of the week. i love it. we have low lying clouds. you can see them right here and that darker shade of gray is infrared satellite's way of
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showing you those clouds that are closer to the surface and there's a lot of fog out there this morning, too, and we'll talk more about that in a moment. temperatures are on the mild side. 48 degrees in philadelphia. 51 degrees in trenton. 51 in wilmington. little cooler up in allentown and reading. and you know when you get fog, you're getting that moisture on your windshield because it's really just a cloud at the surface and clouds are made out of water and sometimes when the temperatures are real cool, we worry about a freeze-up. i think those numbers are high enough even in between those reporting stations where we don't have to worry about that. 54 degrees in millville. 51 in wilmington and trenton, 44 in cape may. and now let's talk about that fog situation. we do have a dense fog advisory. and it is across the entire region from the poconos all the way down to the shore. this goes until 10 o'clock this morning where some visibilities are going to be extremely low. in fact the current map shows that to you. under a third of a mile visibility or thereabouts in philadelphia, allentown, the poconos, reading, lancaster. we're up to 2 miles in wilmington but down to one in millville and wildwood and under a mile in trenton. what does that mean?
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everywhere you see the gray you got to be careful 'cause you could be chugging along at kind of a high speed and then have a real hard time seeing like a deer coming out into the road or maybe a parked car or a pedestrian so take it slow in the fog. overall fog and clouds give way to increasing sunshine as we go through the day and as we have been promising today is going to be very mild later this afternoon. this model has us getting up to about 68 degrees by 3 o'clock. i'm actually going to go 70 today and karen, tomorrow we could be even milder with records being challenged today and tomorrow. details ahead in the accuweather 7-day. >> all right, dave, checking the schuylkill expressway, you see the fog out there. roads are a little damp. the construction is clear now south street but crews will return again tonight at 9 o'clock and block a lane in either direction so that will slow you down overnight and early morning but overall looking at the big picture, this is the first day back to work for a lot of people after a long weekend. blue route, schuylkill, i-95 in pretty good shape. don't forget in olde city we have portions of chestnut second and third still blocked from sunday morning's fire location and the flyers play tonight at 7:00.
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you'll see congestion in south philadelphia. here's i-95 near bridge street. construction has cleared. traffic's moving okay at this point. fog not too bad in this shot on i-95. in upper moreland we continue to have big problems here because of this accident involving a pedestrian. ms crews on the scene. easton road southbound between mill road and pennsylvania turnpike still shut down at this point matt. >> thank you, karen. a new washington post abc news poll on the gun control debate released overnight. it shows most americans want action to prevent future mass shootings but not everyone agrees on the best way to do it. 77 percent of americans blame congress and 62 percent say president trump is not doing enough to prevent the violence. when it comes to solutions, 77 percent want to address mental health issues. more than half of those polled said there should be stricter gun laws. when broken down by party lines, democrats significantly outweighed republicans in their support for gun control. conservatives favored health screenings and arming teachers in school. the support for banning
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assault weapons remained flat compared to two years ago. the polls showed less than half of americans surveyed favored arming teachers in school but a top police commander in delaware county what's to do just that saying it is the best way to protect students in the future. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live at upper darby high school with reaction to that proposal. good morning, jeanette. >> reporter: good morning, matt. this police official says this proposal is really about recognizing that every second counts and according to him arming school personnel could eliminate a deadly threat even before police are able to arrive on scene. >> we got to do something and it's time to think out of the box. >> reporter: after yet another deadly mass school shooting, a proposal that is sure to spark some heated discussion. superintendent michael chitwood is proposing a controversial program called the save our children initiative it would allow preselected teachers or other
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personnel to conceal carry guns in school. the idea is that they could stop the threat in case of an attack and save countless lives. chitwood says school shootings typically last three to five minutes on it takes police about that long to just arrive on scene. >> bottom line is by the time we get there, the threat is already over. >> reporter: under pennsylvania law, guns are currently not allowed in schools so the legislature would have to make an exception to school personnel. as for parents, it's already getting strong reactions on both sides of the issue. >> i think they really need that 'cause you never know what to expect here. >> i'd certainly like to know a little more than just a snap fire judgment to bring more guns in the school. >> people would be against it. i got it. i understand it. the bottom line is we need to save our children. >> reporter: you probably have an opinion about this either way whether or not you're a parent so we want you to join the discussion. we've posted this story on our facebook page. we've already seen hundreds of
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comments. we want to hear from you. tell us if this is a good or bad idea or if you think you have a better one. reporting live in upper darby, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." tam. >> okay, thank you for that jeanette. and in florida 100 students who survived last week's deadly rampage they're headed to the state capitol of tallahassee today to urge lawmakers to do something to take action. president trump plans to meet with some of them tomorrow in washington and the white house announced yesterday that trump supports efforts in congress to improve background checks for gun purchases. the suspect in the school shooting, nikolas cruz appeared in court yesterday. the 19-year-old now faces 17 counts of first degree murder. and the principal of marjory stoneman douglas high school where the rampage occurred has announced the plans to try to reopen that school next tuesday. back here certain road closures remain in effect around that olde city building that was destroyed by fire on sunday. and engineers say it has got to be torn down before it collapses. part of the roof at 239 chestnut street has already
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begun to cave in. authorities are hoping to salvage some of the historic facade but the rest of the structure will be demolished. federal atf agents are helping in the fire investigation. there's still no clear cause for the four alarm inferno. a pickup truck left a gaping hole in a south jersey auto parts shop. the driver slammed into the auto zone on wellington avenue in ventnor last night. glass and debris littered the inside of the store. no one was seriously hurt. and it's still unclear what caused the driver to lose control. >> 5:37 on the clock. every phillies player was there for the first day of full squad workouts in clearwater, florida, and a philadelphia eagle joined them. management invited center jason kelce to speak to the team yesterday following his unforgettable speech at the eagles super bowl parade. kelce told them there is nothing wrong with being an underdog. use the doubt as fuel. >> there's a lot of similarities, you know, good young team with a lot of talent, not really anybody -- i think we usually projected
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to be like eight and eight before the season and then we went on to win the super bowl. >> kelce says he sees big things for the phillies and other philadelphia sports teams. so, who is going to be the jason kelce on the phillies? >> i think gabe kapler. i think it's the manager. this guy just seems animated and gung-ho. we'll see how that works. sometimes a manager like that can wear you down. >> how would he look in a mummers costume. >> how would he. >> we might find out. >> a little bit more red in that mummers costume. storm tracker6 shows you we're dry. the big issue is the fog and it is thick in some spots. looks like it's improving a little bit at the airport potentially because earlier when we had this shot we couldn't see the terminals in the distance and now we can. nonetheless i do want you to be careful out there. we'll talk more about that visibility in a moment. it's thick fog out there making it hard to see in some spots. we're at 38 degrees in allentown and reading, 48 though in philadelphia. and low 50's in wilmington and
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trenton. 45 in cape may. here come those visibilities. fog is out there. lowest numbers we're seeing on this map are in philadelphia, allentown, through the poconos, reading, lancaster and also fairly low for millville down to wildwood and over toward trenton and all these areas which is most of the area you do want to slow it down if you encounter that thick fog. makes it hard to see parts of stalled vehicles and pedestrians and things like that. you see the dark gray color here on satellite. that's low lying cloud cover and that's the sort that has the tendency to mix out once we get the sun up. we do expect a gradual breakup of that fog around 9, 10 o'clock this morning and we're likely to see sun coming back into play. 67 is your high in the lehigh valley, increasing sun and milder today. staying a little cooler down the shore but that high of 60 is still above average for this time of year by a good site and 70 degrees is your high in philadelphia today, increasing sunshine once we get rid of the morning clouds, warm obviously and a breeze out of the southwest that will that continue to guide mild air into place. overnight we only get down to
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58 degrees. that's well above the average high for this time of year. average high today is 45 so you can see that mild air still in place. overnight tonight partly cloudy skies and perhaps another round of fog developing by tomorrow morning. right now out in the west it feels more like it should be here. it's cold, we've got freeze warnings in california but a big ridge of high pressure in the east, a powerful ridge that's going to stick in place for the next couple of days is going to continue to pump mild air that resides right now down in places like atlanta and out in saint louis and bring it right into here so over the next couple of days average highs about 25 degrees above average. in fact, records could be challenged. today in philadelphia, a forecast high of 70 would tie the old record. it will probably be the only one that gets challenged today but tomorrow even more records could fall and that includes philadelphia with that high of 73. the old record 72 degrees t your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast today 70, some sun coming back later. tomorrow record warmth with a of 73 and then on thursday cooler and damp, more clouds building in and a high of 49 degrees.
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there could be rain at times. friday looks cloudy with periods of rain, 48 degrees there. and for the weekend we're back up to 61 on saturday with cloudy skies and it could be a little damp in the morning with some light rain and drizzle at times. i think the steadier rain probably holds off until the afternoon and evening. and sunday unfortunately could also be wet at times with clouds and another high 61. at least those numbers are warming up both in the morning and afternoon to support rain and not any frozen stuff. >> i'm looking at the 70's. there's nothing you can say -- >> i know, just enjoy that. >> yeah. 5:41. paramedics thought it was just an average day at work but then someone they were trying to help went on the attack. new video shows how the dramatic ride to the hospital ended. >> newly discovered bones may be remains of an infamous pirate. researchers are hoping dna will solve this mystery once and for all. karen. >> looking live on the vine street expressway at eighth street you can see it's a little damp out there. the fog isn't too bad at this point on the vine. we'll check a couple of accidents next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. the action cam has been live this morning along the boulevard showing you the foggy conditions that commuters are dealing with trying to get to work and school. it's 5:44 and 48 degrees. and all morning long that fog has kind of stuck around. >> karen i hope everybody had their day off an enjoyable one because it's going to be a rough commute for some i think. >> yeah, it's a tough commute traveling in the fog. we're sitting out live in fort washington and we're looking at 309 at the pennsylvania turnpike here and as you're
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traveling around you may want to use 309 to get to the turnpike because we've got an accident involving a pedestrian that's been restricting traffic. it's over here on easton road southbound which is shut down and you can see the action cam is on the scene with this. watch and the crews there on the scene, they have the detours set up. you can see clearly the road is closed. police are out there. this accident involving a pedestrian shutting down easton road southbound between mill road and the turnpike here. the accident happened at 3:30 in the morning. fog was pretty dense in and around that region so it's restricting traffic trying to get to the turnpike and causing some problems out there, so you may want to stick to york road or moreland road instead of easton road and you also might want to use 309 or route one to get to the turnpike. that accident at 3:30 still causing problems at this hour as you head to your morning commute in upper moreland township. let's check another problem here. upper gwynedd a building fire wissahickon avenue restricted in this area.
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watch for that near station square boulevard. also in cherry hill, we've got an accident here although traffic's getting by, it's a busy area, 38 eastbound at chapel avenue. so watch for that one. and you can see the fog and how it's really impacting your commute. still only .3 of a mile in the city itself as well as reading, allentown, lancaster, less than a mile visibility in trenton. the warmer air in place. today's high is 70, starting it off in the low 40's in the lehigh valley, upper 40's in the city, couple 50's like malvern and long wood and well into the 50's in hammonton and vineland, mid 50's. upper 50's in dover, it's 57 heading to 70. >> a missing uber and lyft driver found alive at a los angeles hospital. joshua thebe vanished on february 11th. his abandoned nissan was covered yesterday afternoon. his friends did not provide any further details on how he was located at the hospital or on what had happened to him. the last time he or someone
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else used his phone was to call 911 the day after his disappearance. sheriff's deputies rushed to a wild scene in florida to find a man choking a paramedic on the side of the road. >> let go of him. let go of him now. let go of him now. >> back up. >> body cam video shows the 33-year-old man straddling one paramedic while the other emt tries to pull him off of his colleague in the town of deland on sunday night. when the man refused to stop a police deputy tased him and took him into custody. the paramedics are expected to be okay. the ambulance crew says they were taking the man to the hospital when their passenger for some reason attacked them. >> a sunken pirate ship in new england may have led scientists to a historical treasure. experts believe a bone found in the wreck off cape cod belonged to 18th century pirate samuel black sam bellamy. the femur was encased in a block of sand. it took 250 hours of preparation to finally free
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the bone. researchers plan to compare its dna to sample of one of bellamy's descendants. >> still celebrating that eagles super bowl victory? find out how it is paying off for fans if they're heading to the airport today. >> a berks county city battling an ongoing problem with graffiti and is taking action to stop the spike in vandalism. david. >> fog is the story this morning. you can see those visibilities i'll bring it back in a second, those visibilities are pretty intense out there with just a third of a mile visibility, there it comes in philadelphia. same thing up in allentown and even 1.7 readings in wilmington bee lie the fact that you could run into thick fog. slow it down if you encounter that. your 12-hour forecast with nice temperatures this afternoon coming up.
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♪ how beautiful, ♪ when seeds we sow ♪ give free their fruit ♪ to hands below ♪ as thank you for ♪ the chance to grow pick your free yogurt at
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pick your free yogurt >> the ohio river crested more than 50 feet yesterday morning before the water slowly began to retreat. a flood warning remains in effect throughout cincinnati where the river is cresting and may reach up to 55 feet by tomorrow. >> terrible conditions there. have you guys been hitting potholes lately. >> i had a blowout. >> you're not the only one tam. i don't know if that makes you feel better. >> no. >> i don't know, misery loves company maybe. but the police are assisting here. we have a number of disabled vehicles that struck a pothole there. they're sticking out into the right lane. you see police out there and penndot. this is moving slowly. this is route one past oxford valley. got to watch out for big potholes. they've been creating problems
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dave. >> i can't believe my tires haven't popped yet. like tam i've really nailed a couple of them but so far so good. we have visibility not so good. below a half mile in philadelphia allentown reading lancaster poconos and also low in trenton. fairly low in these areas in south jersey where you see gray so slow it down if you encounter the thick fog. makes it hard to see things in the road. 53 degrees by 7 o'clock. we are going to go up today, going for a high of 70 degrees at about 4 o'clock this afternoon and probably still holding the upper 50's all the way into early tomorrow morning so the next 24 hours very mild. today's high 70. tomorrow probably around 73, tam. >> all right, thank you david. thick clouds continue to cover villages near mount sinabung in indonesia. shot ash more than 16,000 feet in the air. fortunately no deaths or injuries were reported. the volcano has killed at least 25 people since 2010. >> 5:52 now. a treasured memento back in
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the hands of a philadelphia widow. it may help lead police to the thieves who took it. >> plans to build a hyper loop something that could get you to new york to d.c. in half an hour they're moving forward. details coming up at 6:00 makes black
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♪ ♪ it isn't just about vision, it's about care. nobody cares for eyes more than pearle.
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>> ♪ >> second time we put up this shot and there's no one there. is this -- is this static? this is one of the largest cities in the country. >> obviously not. >> and there is no one in center city philadelphia. turn it all off, all the lights, the traffic lights. i don't know. 48 degrees. foggy out there. getting up to 70 degrees today. >> you know what, i do think you have a good question, was that a static shot 'cause there's no way that's the case. there's a major cleanup effort going on right now in reading berks county. city officials say they're clearing out alleys sprucing up public property and tackling the graffiti problem. they say the primary problems are the shear volume of the vandalism and the difficulty tracking down the people responsible. a week after a break in in torresdale a woman has her late husband's dog tags back. police returned them to francis adaire's widow over the weekend. they were found at the intersection of brous and knorr streets in mayfair. police are now reviewing surveillance video cameras in that area to see if they can
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figure out who left those items behind. the family says the dog tags were in a jewelry box that also contained adaire's rosary. they're praying that turns up along with the quilt that had been made out of his shirts. >> have a coke and a smile today. travelers at philadelphia international airport are being treated in honor of the eagles super bowl title. american airlines is teaming up with a local beverage distributor to hand out 50,000 commemorative super bowl soda cans bit birds logo on there. swoop and members of the cheer squad and pep band will be on hand to celebrate. the give away is for passengers with airline tickets after you pass the security checkpoints. >> 5:57. up next the new loyalty program for amazon members when you're shopping at whole foods. >> chilling surveillance from a philadelphia school. the search is on for the teenager who tried to bring a gun into the building. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday, february 20th and here's what we're following on "action news." >> dense fog could cause problems on your drive to work but you will be able to skip the jacket later today. we're getting a taste of spring right here in winter. >> more than 20 gunshots ring out across the grays ferry neighborhood and an innocent victim is caught in the crossfire. >> and a delaware county police and official wants guns in schools as a means to keep kids safe. we'll tell you more about his proposal and who he would like to see carrying those weapons during the school day. >> the ting is fog is going to make it difficult to drive in and to see some of the potholes there. >> potholes we've all been hitting them.


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