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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 20, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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that is what people are not happy b a truck here from the tri-state transportation company. one of their tankers. it was at the paulsboro refinery. and it boiled over. that is when this mixes with the hot liquid asphalt and creates a malfunction and leaked down the highway. down swedesboro road down 295 to mile marker 4. and it really created a sticky situation, police are out here throughout the day, they are assisting crews, getting these big globs of this hot liquid asphalt off and we spoke with many victims today. we spoke with victims today about going through the experience. lets take a listen. >> it was so thick and there was so much of it. crews were rolling it off like
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carpet from a florida. >> liquid asphalt and fell on 14 miles of south jersey road from a tasker this morning. vince drove through it in his new truck and you can see it caked on quite a layer on his tires. >> i was going down the road and thought i had a flat tire. i pulled over the side of the road and called the cops and file aid report. >> we met him at the company in west depford because the trucking company is taking the blame. they said one of their trucks pulled out of the paulsboro refinery and experienced a boil over. >> that is when condensation gets into the tank and hot asphalt mixes with it. you close the lid and start moving it activates it and it boils over. >> down to 295 south clear down to mile marker 4 before it stopped. a 14 mile stretch. >> it starts on its own and then the water is boiled out and then
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it stops. the big globs are cleaned out but it's still covered in a thin layer. 20 people have called with it stuck to their cars, bring it here and they will get it off. >> all they have to do is give me a call and we'll take care of it and we are sorry about it. >> you see the asphalt quickly dissolves off when added to a chemical. >> certainly nasty stuff there. i wouldn't want that on my car. it's tri-state transportation, here in west depford if you have that stuff on your car bring it in here and they are wash it and keep watching it until you are satisfied with how it looks. reporting live in west depford. bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> quite a mess there thank you. authorities in camden county are trying to figure out what caused the violent three vehicle crash that claimed two lives at
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a busy intersection. police say that two sedans collided on the white horse pike. the drivers of both cars are pronounced dead at the scene before 11:00 a.m. and a third person was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. and the camden county prosecutors office is handling the investigation. 15 people were taken to the hospital from what looked like a nasty crash in the frankford section of philadelphia. a route 5 septa but the hit a tractor trailer and witnesses conbelieve what they saw. >> it's crazy you don't see this every day. it's like how did this even happen. >> it looks horrible. you know, it's two big vehicles and i hope everything in there is safe. >> despite how bad it looks nobody was seriously hurt here. >> federal atf agents are looking for the cause of the four alarm fire that happened in old city. today crews began removing the
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fire escapes from 239 chestnut in order to lessen the stress of the building that is slated for demolition. 237 chestnut is declared unsafe but they leave that it can be repaired. and restaurants and hotel along the block. sources tell "action news" they have not ruled out foul play. >> now the reason we are all smiling here today as we get a check of the accuweather forecast. a winter warm-up is underway. >> no need for the heavy coat. the heavy jackets today forget it. tomorrow is even initiationer we hear. >> even on my facebook page people are posting their flip-flops on. 72 in philadelphia today an impressive 27 above average
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breaking the old record by 2 degrees in 1939 and this is more typical for early may not the end of february. records in wilmington of 74 degrees. record in trenton 70 and record in atlantic city airport. 73. and record if the poconos of 64 degrees and lancaster and dover, no record but you are extremely mild with a high so far today at 74. if we take a look to the south and west 80 in cincinnati and 77 in memphis. we'll pull in warmer air for tomorrow. if you look at bismark, omaha 21 degrees and a big change coming and for tonight. fog develops again like last night. once we burn up the fog tomorrow morning and more records will fall. four straight days. damp dreary weather is heading our way. get out and enjoy now.
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and tomorrow. we'll chat about the changes coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> adam thanks. >> turning now to "action news" is sara bloomquist live on washington square where people are outside enjoying the weather we have not seen in quite sometime. >> hi there sharrie, a beautiful late afternoon here on washington square, we are around sixth street and we get a good gust of wind and otherwise absolutely beautiful. here is the new news van that features stormtracker 6 live double scan, the radar on the side of the news van. there is green up here i am told that is ground clutter not actual precipitation. come over here to washington square as we said a gorgeous afternoon, we are checking in with lots of people out and about enjoying the weather. >> it's a really nice day. >> it is a really nice day so nice no jacket required. mid-day today plenty of people
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stepped you of work to workup a sweat and some went for a run and others got going on a bike or for a nice long walk. >> it's real nice. nice, stop by hit a day and a nice long walken joy the solitude and fresh air it's nice out here. the calendar says february 20th, we see so many in shorts, kelly drive on the river. >> i could not believe it. and today is absolutely beautiful today. it's absolutely amazing. >> it's amazing. i'm off of work today. i'm getting over a cold. feels great. >> this kind of weather puts everyone in a great mood here on washington square people plopped down on benches and enjoy a great book, a salad and most of all the bright warm sunshine. >> wham do you think of this
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weather? >> beautiful, gorgeous. >> you had to get out and enjoy a book? >> that is right. >> very to take advantage of it. i like coming to this park in the summer and spring. and nice to get out here a little early and bask in the sun. >> reporter: back out here live with our new news van with the radar on the side. you want to get out and enjoy the weather now, you heard adam say it won't be long until we see rain back on the radar. live on washington square, sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> "action news" meteorologist, sara bloomquist, you look good out there. you can get updates on the big warm-up and check stormtracker 6 live double scan on your phone or tablet it's a free download for your mobile device. >> this morning. survivors of the florida school shooting began their 400 mile trip to the state capital there to pressure lawmakers to act on gun control laws and 100
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students from marjorie stoneman douglas high school are heading to tallahassee with the message of their new movement. hashtag never again. they are focusing on gun rights and mental health and demanding action after the teachers and coaches and classmates were killed. >> we have trying to save the lives of innocent children, if you are not for that we are going to vote you out. >> and their voices are loud. and they are expected to arrive in in tallahassee tonight and plan to hold a rally and some members of the gop in florida say they will consider new bills with new restrictions on gun sa sales. >> today the army is awarding medals to three students. peter wang and martin duky lost their lives in the attack. wang was shot while holding the door open so others could escape
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and he was buried with that medal of heroism pinned to his junior rotc uniform. and president trump will be meeting with survivors and teachers. and with state and local officials on thursday. and just in at this hour. president trump has signed an order directing the justice department to ban gun modifications like the bump stock that was used in the las vegas massacre. >> all right, it is time for the first check of the "action news" traffic report. >> lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> a nice afternoon time for everybody to crash into each other as they drive home and maybe for trucks to break down. here is what we have on the walt whitman bridge jersey bound a truck here just cleared out from the eastbound lanes and slow coming out of south philadelphia and speeds like 10 miles per hour coming off the expressway.
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and getting better because of the delay by the walt whitman bridge. the rush hour last even, broken down truck locally gone. >> northbound from depford to 42 and sluggish we need to pick up the pace 168 the black horse pike. nj dot the travel time is double. out of princeton speeds of 8 miles per hour from route 1 after a crash in the left lane near 571, and lower south ford, a vehicle flipped over at freed road. the fire police are directing you there and luckily the speeds in the northeast extension almost match the temperatures, 68 miles per hour. let check the ways app on this
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tuesday afternoon. slowing on aramingo in the normal spot. i don't know what day it is but i'll be back in a half hour. >> that is all that matters. >> really sad none of us could answer right away. next on "action news" the president is on social media again this time tweeting the battle over the pennsylvania congressional map. see his message on twitter to state republicans. and the company that owns a local grocery store is considering a big purchase. >> and a trademark play in the super bowl and now the eagles want to legally own it. we'll explain the battle unfolding next. and with the gigabit connection on the 100% fiber-optic network, you can stream on up to 100 devices at once. so get the fastest internet available, plus netflix, plus up to200 tv channels, plus phone,
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other side effects include gas, stomach-area pain, and swelling. ask your doctor if 90 days of linzess may be right for you. president trump is weighing in on pennsylvania's redistricting fight to fight the court ordered map released yesterday. the president tweeted today telling republican leaders their original map was correct.
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he went on to say quote, don't let the dems take the election away from you to raise taxes and waste money. they say they will file a lawsuit tomorrow calling it a rushed decision that created chaos and confusion, now the changes are expected to be in effect for the may 15th primary. special counsel robert mueller charged an attorney with giving false statements. alex evanderswan is charged with rick gates. he entered a guilty plea today in u.s. district court in washington, d.c. this is the latest indictment in the ongoing probe of russia interfering in the 2016 election. looking at stocks and the closing on tuesday. the dow fell sharply today closing down 254 points and some analysts saying in part because wal-mart posted its worst day in
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decades and interest rates went up today. and the nasdaq and s&p 500 down today. >> a massive business deal in the works and could impact local shoppers. albertsons that owns safe way and acme and put forth a plan to buy a portion of rite-aid. the directors have signed off. but the agreement still needs approval from shareholders and federal regulators. meanwhile, amazon is rolling out a new perk for prime members. they can get 5% back shopping at whole foods if they use the amazon prime visa card. it will still be 3% back on the purchases, the new offer is available now and amazon is slashing prices and offering deals since it took over the popular grocery store chain. a nice bright spot to the day. it's in the 70s. it's everyone in a good mood.
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if you are a snow lover, deep down you agree it's a nice day out there. weather center live on sky 6 hd. one place that is much cooler at the shore wind coming in off the water coming in from the spring and water temperatures in the 30s can do a number on that air temperature right along the immediate shore. and still a nice shot with the deep blue sky. city of philadelphia 72 degrees and the dew point up to 57. slightly feel humid for some out there. and winds southwest 14 miles per hour. and the pressure 30.28 inches and lots of 7's on the board and 70 in trenton and 73 at the atlantic city airport. and hugging the shore only in the 50s long beach island and straight down to cape may. dover 73. and 75 right now in wilmington. and a bit cooler in the lehigh valley. air temperature right now. going into the lower 60s and
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right now 59 degrees. as we look ahead. we are looking at the warmer days. 28 days until spring officially begins, a little less than a month. 44 days for the phillies home opener and if you think about planning and your gardens, usually mothers day when the safe zone to plant the vegetable gardens still quite a ways away 82 degrees. the front is to the north than allows the winds to come in from the south pumping in the warmth and overnight tonight the only flaw with warmth this time of year. especially with the damp ground mid-50s tonight and yes it's mild and the fog is developing again much like last night. and you see it rolling in on the south and on the ocean. 7:30 tomorrow morning, low clouds and patchy fog. dry with temperatures in the upper 50s. then the sun breaks out ahead of the cold front. 73 in philadelphia and 74 wilmington and 70s for the
4:20 pm
lehigh valley. ahead of it we smash records across the board. philadelphia forecasting 3 above the old record 72 and allentown way over the record of 67 and trenton 62 and atlantic city airport. 74 degrees record tying from 1930. your four day at 4:00 forecast, one more day of the string like warmth 75 at the morning fog burns off. chilly and rainy at times thursday 49 for a high and raw feeling on friday and 46 and milder and more rain on saturday and 59 degrees. and guess what? more rain the second half of the weekend. we'll talk about it in the next half hour. >> we'll enjoy today and tomorrow. next on "action news" the most iconic moment from the super bowl is fow at the center of the off the field fight. we'll explain. >> dozens of philadelphia students take their work out of
4:21 pm
the classroom and into city hall. it's giving them a firsthand look at local government.
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the philly special. the eagles owned that epic trick play when they clinched the super bowl special. they want the rights to exclusively own the phrase the philly special also. lets go! >> you foe the play. corey clements and nick foles in the end zone for a touch down. the team filed to trademark the train for the phrase mostly for apparel. but the eagles are not first in line. they are eighth ahead of them people in pennsylvania, new jersey and maryland and florida. local brewing company yuengling filed for rights to own the
4:25 pm
phrase. they tell our sister station espn four months to sort out the filings and another eight months for an answer. the big question here is whether the name of the play belongs to the eagles or whether it deserves to be in the public domain. the eagles say whatever. they have already used it on merchandise after their super bowl win. this shirt was available the very next day from fanatics. that is who made the shirt. they are owning it without owning it. it's a trademark fly eagles fly. any way this shirt is for sale. always legal battles. we'll see what happens. all right alicia. the eagles super bowl win tastes pretty sweet. >> right liberty coca cola gave away 50,000 cans of soda today at the airport.
4:26 pm
celebrating the win that was had of of course in that super bowl. as you see the cans have the eagles logo on them and eagles cheerleaders and mascot scoop stopped by for the big give away. philadelphia city hall was overtaken by leaders, the officials on hand to kick off pal day. it gives talented teachers a chance to run the city. jordan newsom little got started with the battle. >> take it up this is your life and your world. thank you and god bless. >> an impressive young lady and the students were chosen as a part of their academics and community service. bernie prazenica was there the president of the police athletic league of philadelphia.
4:27 pm
temple university's main campus looked like the indy 500. they zoomed their race car down 12th street. part of the engineering week event a chance for men and women to show off their knowledge and their contractses. i want one. >> can i get one of those more "action news" when we come back.
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"action news" continues. >> hello again 4:30 now "action news" continues with a story social media regret. a mother wishes she did not shame a passenger for her hid air melt down. we'll tell you how the service works in what's the deal. >> injured by a fire escape. what we know about a mid collapse at a hospital in the brewery section. we begin 4:30 with a new tragic murder-suicide. at a south jersey health care center. in the last few hours. you learn about the husband and wife that died this morning. vernon odom is live this morning at the couple's mullica hill neighborhood with more on this sad story. >> reporter: sharrie it's a sad
4:30 pm
and tragic story. the gloucester county prosecutors story determine it's a murder-suicide. and bad rehab in washington township. involving a couple that is married a very long time and the husband shot his wife and then took his own life. >> it was ever so quiet for the jefferson rehab this morning and then two gunshots rang out at 8:00. workers ran to a patient's room they found two persons shot. ramon mckenna died at the scene and 74-year-old wife arlene the patient here was rushed to the hospital but soon pronounced. they had two children and multiple grandchildren. they lived here quietly in the retirement community in mullica hill. neighbors tell me he was always attentive to her needs, they ruled it a murder-suicide. and arlene was a rehab patient
4:31 pm
for sometime. and her husband a freak when visitor and another patient in another part of the room this morning. she was not injured he told me. that bringing up the question of a person bringing a loaded gun into a facility like this one and firing. they are scrambling to put together a statement and there are no metal detectors and familiar visitors went in and out without being questioned. >> here now a few excerpts from the director. we have comprehensive consistent safety measures in place and on going training for our staff. no weapons are allowed here and now a thorough review will take place to ensure the continueal safety. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> all right a lot of questions to be answered. thank you. >> a center city man is accused
4:32 pm
of kicking a pregnant woman in the stomach for not giving him money. police say that the 31-year-old attacked a woman at dunkin' donuts. the victim that is 5 months pregnant that palmer asked for $2, when she told them she didn't have any cash. the woman was taken to the hospital for observation. police are looking for the gunman that wounded an innocent bystander at the 2700 block of reed street at 8:00. the 59-year-old victim heard 20 gunshots and felt pain in her arms. she looked down and realized she had been shot. anyone with information on this shooting is urged to contact south detectives. police are looking for two men
4:33 pm
that robbed a city wireless at gun point. the suspects used bandanas as they took cash from the store. the employees handed over $300 and no one was hurt. if you have idea are you asked to contact philadelphia police. a fire escape collapsed in the brewery town section of the city for one person in the hospital. the man was wheeled into the ambulance on the stretcher just after 2:00 today. no officials are not releasing much in the way of information we know this happened in an alley at 29th street and girard avenue. the man may have been trapped underneath the fire escape. and waiting on the cause and update on the injuries. >> time for a check of the forecast. on a sunny very warm february day. something we love to talk about.
4:34 pm
>> today and tomorrow and pay back here times two here. four days in a row of rain but we won't talk about that yet. the sunshine and the warmth in fact your temperature 72 right now in philadelphia. 75 in wilmington and a bit cooler in allentown and 59 degrees. if you look at the change of the last 24 hours, we are close to 30 degrees warmer in wilmington right now than this time yesterday and 24 degrees warmer if philadelphia. above the birthday boy, our meteorologist producer. i had to put it out there. sky 6 hd there in spring mountain it's starting to get sloppiness on the slopes here melting a bit of that snow away. and records will fall again tomorrow. but so far records today they are all new records in philadelphia, 72 and wilmington 75 and 70 in trenton. and 73 in mt. pocono.
4:35 pm
and we'll chat about rain in the seven-day forecast coming up in just a bit. trying to get paul to turn around. there he is. happy birthday guy. you can get updates on the warm-up and check stormtracker 6 live double scan any time on your phone or tablet. the 6 abc app is a free download for your mobile device. >> religious leaders for the delaware valley are joining together for patience and understanding for varying finals. a delegation of leading pastors and rabbis and moms and a two day retreat focused on peace the direct responsible for rising religious intolerance and focusing on building relationships and fostering respect. >> there is hope on the horizon for kids that suffer from a potential food allergy. >> rick williams is live with details on this. >> that is right.
4:36 pm
food allergies are more and more common each varying in severity. the other food allergy is the peanut allergy but hope for those that suffer from it. they are developing a treatment and promise in the most extreme cases. coming up tonight at 5:00. also coming up the weather is warming up and the gorgeous sunshine out there. and the seesaw temperatures come potholes. if you have managed to avoid them so far you have been lucky and we go out with a road crew to see where they are popping up. the adventures of the pothole patrol at 5:00. we'll see you at 5:00. >> i have had a few pothole misadventures. and she is known as a trailblazer for women of color and today she was recognized. delaware recognizes synthi yeah martin, she was chosen for her
4:37 pm
work with numerous nonprofits including the united way and food bank of delaware and trustees of color to ensure diversity of the nonprofit boards. >> well deserved recognition today. still ahead lucky charms. are getting more magically delicious because of their new marshmallows. when it comes to a car most of us buy it or rent it or lease it. now subscribe, now the service works coming up in what's the deal. >> and a mom posting a viral video of a mother sitting next to her vealing toddler and it may surprise you.
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a teenage driver is a wrong turn that led them on property and urged police to open fire after the unlicensed 17-year-old drove on to restricted property
4:40 pm
in maryland. that the gps led him there and agents starts firing if he did not immediately make a u-turn and nobody was seriously injured and nobody has been charged. a new study says that the key to a long life may be at the bottom of the wine glass. researchers at the university of california irvin are following the people that live into their 90s since 2003. those that enjoyed two glasses of wine or beer a day were 18% less likely to die prematurely than those that sustained. yes. and another fun at this time bit those a tad overweight but not obese have a 11% chance of living longer than those with a perfect body mass index. >> we like this. a california couple is receiving free stuff from amazon but not as great as it sounds.
4:41 pm
is it started with a talking hamster and more packages filled with pillows. and the problem was she never ordered this stuff. and now she fears she is the victim of a scam known as brushing where the overseas company used a phoney account to make purchases and use it to make fake posts. >> they are using our fames and regular names, i would like for this to stop and we'll place another call to amazon. i'll go to the local authorities. you know, i don't know. >> how many talking hamsters does one need. when asked for a response amazon says they are making an on going effort to detect the ongoing abusive behavior and to prevent it. >> big talkers now, we told you about the youth baseball team in
4:42 pm
missouri that sparked a firestorm for raffling off an ar 15 rifle to raise money for the third grade baseball team. and we hear from the mayor of the town defending the raffle and the weapon itself. the reason many are taking offense to this, the ar 15 raffled is the same kind of gun used in the florida shooting. now the mayor is stepping in and urging people to support the team. and that gun raffles are common in missouri and describe the gun culture in this town then particular weapon is a popular one. >> the ar 15 is light and accurate and my children shoot an ar 15, it's a perfect weapon for huntsing and sporting. >> and the mayor adds the raffle was started before the shooting in parkland. he admits it's bad timing but
4:43 pm
will go on to help the 11-year-old boys play travel baseball. viral videos a few clicks and shares and a moment spreads like wild fire on social media. in this case unintended fallout from a viral clip a woman so upset sitting next to a crying toddler on the plane. >> she gave the attendant a hard time. >> you may not have a job tomorrow. >> no, i can't -- >> marissa rendell was traveling with her 2-year-old son and started rolling when susan perez the woman you saw complaining there started speaking like that to the flight attendant and perez apologized but was escorted off any way. this has been viewed millions of times. now the fallout. perez's employer has placed her
4:44 pm
on leave. and today rendell is the one apologizing, she had no idea her profile was public and never thought it would go this far. >> i don't think she deserved that people say don't feel bad she deserve tropical disturbance but i honestly don't think she did. >> she says she hopes she doesn't lose her job and think before you post. and finally, plastic shopping bags. a thing of controversy in big cities, banned in some as people toss them out after one use two at best. plus, surely wouldn't call them fashionable. not the kind of accessory on the spring must have list. enter now the reuseable plastic shopping bag from french shopping house celine and now the celine pop-up at the nordstrom in seattle is selling them. clear and shoulder straps and the celine logo and keep away from children like the plastic
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ones in the supermarket and $590. you know high fashion but imagine yourself at the supermarket with your avocados and quinoa in your reuseable shopping bag. >> your $600 reuseable shopping bag. all right thank you. lets get another check of the roads right now. matt pellman is here with the update for us. >> you may think the tuesday is in the bag and a few things on the way home. bright out there. not that we are complaining along the schuylkill expressway expressway. and drivers into the bright sunshine by the conshohocken curve. a 13 minute delay on the westbound side. not much better on the eastbound side 26 minutes now blue route to the vine. slowing down on 95 northbound normal stuff with paids in the upper 20s and westbound norristown off to the side and
4:46 pm
it's eastbound where we see the bigger delays on the turnpike in the afternoon and not too bad so far. in the 50s so far. 10 miles per hour below where they ideally should be. horsham looking at a crash at limokiln pike and slow speeds through montgomeriville. 13 miles per hour. and the northeast extension 476 looks good involving a overturned vehicle by the church is in the process of clearing out. and this one is gone too, coming out of prince ton all reopened and still slow speeds in the area of mercer county. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> matt, thanks. meteorologist, adam joseph standing by with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast next.
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i tried but fought to have the newscast outside today. >> we didn't try hard enough. we are even better tomorrow here. even warmer temperatures. beautiful out there. looking at the action cam looking at boathouse row for the schuylkill river. and beautiful sunshine for the morning fog. is it really going to get 70s and turn sunny season patience, and have patience tomorrow. as we look at sky 6 hd at philadelphia international airport no weather woes but early tomorrow morning. low clouds and fog once again and some interruption flights 2-philadelphia and record breaking high for the day. and lower 70s for interior south jersey and delaware. right along the coast though. much cooler with the cold ocean water and there it is only in the lower 50s. and if you are a walker and
4:50 pm
jogger. going to be great. clouds in the morning and fog and once it starts to break off notice how quickly the temperatures break up and shorts and t-shirts and tank tops tomorrow for running. it's in the 60s in the morning. 70s in the afternoon. take a look at the almanac. 72 is the official high. way above the normal of 55 degrees, low is below the normal high for this time of year. the old record of 70 set in 1939. you see the track of the rain going through the deep south across st. louis and chicago and great lakes and eastern canada. it will hold off for one more day. this is the separation and there is cold air to the northern and this is collapsing down tomorrow night into thursday. and for tonight. and extremely mild and fog develops 50 in the suburbs and 56 degrees for center city and the highs for tomorrow.
4:51 pm
once we burn the fog away in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon and records will soar for trenton and allentown and reading and wilmington and philadelphia. and the atlantic city airport with most of us in the mid-70s. then on thursday. the low pressure comes in. cloudy and dreary and rain at times, a nasty day. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast get out tomorrow afternoon once again 75 degrees if it's your day off. two thumbs up. chilly and rainy at times. periods of rain a raw high of 46 degrees. warmer, 60 degrees. the bad thing more rain on saturday. and more rain on sunday especially in the morning and on monday the sun returns and pretty mild at 56 degrees and not bad on tuesday. 52 degrees with sun and clouds
4:52 pm
so two days in the 70s and sun and four days on and off. >> a price to pay with the rain. >> it's still february. >> coming up in what's the deal we'll talk about car subscription services. new tv, new speakers, netflix. this is going to be the place for binge watching, ladies. is it, ladies? don't get me wrong, you have killer tech mrs. d, but you still don't have fios. ok? fios is a 100% fiber-optic network, literally engineered for streaming. good advice.
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you can buy, lease or now subscribe, a new purchasing option that they are betting on and could make it as simple as an upgrade. here is the growing trend and what it costs. >> swedish automaker released details about a subscription based program care by volvo. starting at $600 a month including vehicle, insurance, and roadside assistance and replacement for wear and tear
4:55 pm
items. like wiper blades. >> and they are based on what you do with the mobile phone and one monthly fee covering everything short of gasoline and parking. >> and lets a person upgrade once a year or even once a week depending on the program. >> bmw, hyundai and cadillac have similar programs with varying degrees on how often you could exchange a car for a new one. and those that bal can at it it's easy to note that the base vehicle starts at at -- >> as it goes mainstream so will the price. >> if you ref up for the latest in technologies and the new model could be a big hit. >> a consume their likes a subscription based program is
4:56 pm
one that wants to stay on the top of the convenience items. >> and an ownership experience is not for everyone especially true for consumers that like paying off their vehicles and not having monthly car payments good and if you want to get in on the action check the availability in your area. some manufacturers are specific to certain states not yet available nationwide. but an option for people. >> sounds good to me. thank you. finally at 4:00 lucky charms is channelling the inner mill elian introducing a unicorn shaped marshmallow, replacing the hour glass charm becoming the first permanent marshmallow in a decade. you need a purple pink and blue creature in cereal boxes everywhere next month. like all kids i remember growing up eating all the marshmallows
4:57 pm
first. >> getting an upgrade on cereal. that does it for "action news" at 4:00, for brian taff, alicia vitarelli, i'm sharrie williams, join me with brian along with ducis rogers tonight and every night for "action news" at 10:00. at phl 17. in the meantime. "action news" at 5:00 is coming up next. my shoulders carry more than my country's pride they carry my community's pride my family's pride
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. new jersey is taking a major step tonight in protecting children. while they are at school. this in the wake of the tragedy in parkland, florida, that cost more than a dozen people their lives. new jersey's top officials have just announced a comprehensive strategy to increase security in schools across the state. governor phil murphy says this is a coordinated effort to make sure everyone including teachers and staff remain safe. >> john rawlins is live in the trenton bureau with the details tonight. >> reporter: hi guys, what we had today was a potpourri of ideas, of existing policy and future wants. we heard from the governor, and
5:00 pm
we heard from legislate he officials and from cabinet members, considerable number of people. the hook of course is what happened last year in broward county, florida. new jersey was explained here has had specific policies on the books be in the paper for money drills. everybody is content with that. but the governor says that the protocol and procedures will be examined as they go forward in the coming days, weeks and months to look for areas of improvement. >> today we will review current protocol and outline additional steps being taken at the state level to augment the vigilance being practiced by law enforcement. let me be perfectly clear nothing we are doing here can be a replacement for comprehensive gun safety reform at the federal level. including


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