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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 21, 2018 2:40am-4:00am EST

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[ meowing ] >> come on. can you get out of the sink, please? [ meowing ] all right, just stay in there. okay. come on. [ meowing ]. sherlock holmes and spock likes to say when you've eliminated the impossible, however remains must be true. occam's razor. this is a perfect example. brad can't find his home. we can hasser it but can't find it. they start eliminating possibilities. >> the whole time it's in his pocket. >> he's checking his pockets.
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he's checking his shirt, checking the car. it is it inside? to make sure it's not coming from inside someone inside shuts the door, gets somebody else to react. >> shut the door. >> okay, do you hear it ringing? >> there it is. >> we can hear it. they can hear it. everyone can hear it. there's only so many places it can be. before you know it, people are suggesting -- >> you have to take your pands off. >> he's like hold your horses. >> i'm dying to see where this phone is. >> at this point he is now straight up losing his mind. >> give him a pat-down. >> frisk the dude! this doesn't make any sense. so now they're like okay, why don't we go back inside, maybe it will be quieter, we can locate where this ringing is coming from. everyone gathers around, they ring it again. what is going on? they start going right next to him with their ears. >> is it in his sock? >> that would be ridiculous.
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>> in his left shoe. >> it's in his shoe. >> of all places, the entire time it has been in his left shoe. >> in his defense -- >> there is no defense! >> a lot of phones are really thin and i forget mine in here all the time. >> it probably slipped, fell in the shoe, he put his shoe on and kept going. that's it for today's show. we'll see you next time. ing a confrontation in the street. the woman reportedly said it happened when he became enraged that she didn't turn at a green light. 28-year-old ricardo has been charged with assault. he says he was acing in self
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defense. a fourth death is linked to a millionaire's challenging to find buried treasure in the west. he published a poem two years ago to say where he thid riches. a man fell in yellow stone park. critics say the search should be stopped. and to a health alert involving women and heart disease. that new yael study shows women are more likely than men to have heart attack symptoms to be dismissed. and they include the same chest pain, tightening and pressure. shortness of breath and pain in the neck, jaw or back. coming up our friend will ganz is back. when did he leave? he's taking on one of the most
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dangerous olympic sports out there. careful. will on ice. >> such a dare devil. and adrenalin junkies everywhere are breaking out the brooms. i'm lucky to get through a shift without a disaster. my bargain detergent couldn't keep up. so, i switched to tide pods. they're super concentrated, so i get a better clean. number one trusted. number one awarded. it's got to be tide
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♪ sliding down the ice for spouses can be so nice ♪ ♪ just be careful with the hand ♪ is this a real song? >> is that song about curling? >> yeah. >> it's always one of the most talked about events every four years. we're talking not skating, not lushing, bob dsled, not hockey. curling. >> reunited and it feels so good. >> everyone's sitting around going what is this sport? i don't understand. so many questions. so you went to check that out for us.
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>> i did because i'm the most athletic person we all know. it was such an adventure. take a look. ah, curling. the sport with the things and the sticks and they try to do good. curling or at least that's what it looks like to the untrained eye and trust me my eye and the rest of me were very untrained when i pecked up the curling club outside new york city to learn how to curl. do i let it go? nailed it. it doesn't take any special skills to know curlers have the snaziest pants of any sport anywhere which is honestly why i showed up in the first place. more on that later. as far as the actual sport go, i figured the curling cup president could give me the
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details on winter's coolest and probably least understood winter sport. first up a vocabulary lesson. >> it's called a brush or a broom. >> the rings are call snd. >> they're called rocks or stones. >> reporter: those stones by the way are 45-pounds each and the goal is to slide your stone to the middle of the house. that bull's-eye in the middle is called a button. >> you can only get a point if you're closest. >> and if your stone seems like the may not make it to the button by itself, that's where the brooms come in. whenever you see someone using their broom, waulhat's the purp? >> it melts the ice making the rock go further and straighter. >> reporter: i was ready to make like the french fries at arby's
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and curl, curl, curl. but the key to olympic success is all about the outfit. ♪ and since i apparently wasn't going to win any medals for my outfit, i figured i should play the sport and after a few trial runs, i got the hang of things. not that i was 100% curly. i was less perm and more beachy waves which is when had the regulars showed up. inter nancy clancy who has been curling for 30 years.
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>> basically a friend who curled invited me to an open house where three attractive men gave messages which all said we're nice people and this is fun and i said i'm in. >> all it took was three attractive men -- >> and the word fun. >> and since then in your 30 years of curling you're here recreationally but you've also travelled. tell me where youb a've gone. >> iceland, germany, france, tampa. there was a thing about curling in the olympics. i curled there last year. >> reporter: and since tampa and pyeongchang didn't quite happen for me, i jumped on the chance to get competitive with nancy on the ice here in new york. and i mean competitive. was it all right? >> no, it was fabulous.
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>> fabulous, baby. >> i thought that was going to go in a different direction when she said no. also, nancy clancy. >> the real deal. the lebron james of curling. >> what was it like meeting everybody? >> they were so fun and so nice. after the game is over there's a bar next to the rink and they buy each other drinks. >> we should be curlers. >> we should be curlers. you're halfway there. >> we were so pumped about your outfit, we decided to join you. >> half the battle is the outfit. >> i heard it wasn't all smooth sailing. >> i don't know where you're hearing that. it was 100%. >> are these the out takes. >> that's flair. that's curling with flair. >> that doesn't look like dwhiet
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same form as the olympians. . >> it was a blast. un-stop right there!
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♪ we are back now with this happened and we are back still with our resident curling expert for our next story in this happened. we're going to take you to a north carolina toy story where things get pretty serious. at the dancing bears toy store and this is how they decided to reenact the sport with the help of cb 8. >> honestly, she is ready for pyeongchang. that is perfect form. as long as she's listening to the guy behind her, that's the skip. >> look at you throw out these terms like oh, that's skip, she's nancy. >> nancy clancy.
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>> in it to win it. >> we have yet to hear about this reason. >> but it might be my favorite. >> a flight from dubai to amsterdam had to make an emergency landing in austria after a fight broke out because one of the passengers would not stop breaking wind. >> yep, yep. >> oh, no. >> the alleged perpetrator would not stop disgusting his seat mates they complained to the airline crew who did nothing to make this stop. >> how do you stop it? >> so they issued a warning to the complainants, accusing them of noisy and aggressive behavior. but the freedom from flachulence would not stop and a fight broke out. >> the only thing that can make traveling more stressful would be to be seated next to farty
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fran or whoever it was. >> but there are other flights where the person is a bit more silent about it. >> open the emergency door and jump. with a parachute, with a parachute. over to a musical elephant who was not being musical in the same way as the person on the plane was. this elephant has serious skills. can we listen in? she's playing the harmonica with her trunk. >> this elephant is having a more successful musical weekend than fergie did. >> oh, burn. actually that is -- we tell you it's the elephant you're listening to. you're listening to fergie playing the national anthem. and lastly let's land on a high note. this tony puppy sweater is just too heavy for her. check her out.
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this morning on "world news now" students on a quest for change. >> more survivors of the florida school shooting are arriving in the state capitol tonight to meet with law makers. but a bill is already hitting a staff maker. and as president trump announces new gun control ideas in the wake of the school shooting. he's also on the defensive of russia saying he has been much tougher than his predecessor. there may be hope for millions of kids with peanut allergies. weir we'll tell you about the new treatment getting positive results. plus lindsey vonn in the gold medal race. but how would lindsey do in the selfie olympics?
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it is the game taking over the world. it is wednesday, february 21st. from abc news this is "world news now." we're going to start this half hour off with the survivors of the florida school massacre arriving in the state capitol by the bus load. >> and many of those students boarded moments after attending funerals for class mates killed in the shooting rampage. >> but this was the reaction as the state house refused to consider a bill to ban assault weapons. >> reporter: they consider themselves family. students who refuse to quietly let their friends die in vein. students from the site of the brutal on-campus shooting that killed 17 boarding these buses for the 400-mile journey to the state capitol of tallahassee, led by the student-led group,
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never again. >> we don't believe people should be able to possess a semiautomatic, which can be a wep often mass destruction. >> we don't want to take the second amendment away. we do want to make sure people who are dangerous aren't able to easily access guns. >> reporter: and effectively killing any vote on the measure anytime soon. on tuesday four more students were laid to rest, including peter wang who helped others escape to safety. one of three junior rotc students who died. and wang honored with posthumous admission to west point. his life long dream. >> i will be in tallahassee but
3:03 am
i think what i'm doing with my class mates this is the way we're commemorating had her and making sure no other family or individual has to go through what this city as been going through. >> reporter: parkland, florida. >> those students are going hoping to be in action a little bit later on today at the state house. in the meantime an aid to a florida state law maker has been fired. his name is benjamin kelly and until last night worked for a republican state repfrom tampa. >> he wrote an email to a reporter saying quote both kids in the picture aren't students but who thier various crisis when they happen. kelly later tweeted he meant no disrespect to the students or parents of parkland, florida and called his original claim an error in judgment.
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and a look inside stoneman douglas high for the first time since the shooting. these photos show the ground floor classrooms that were suddenly abandoned. desks in complete disarray and in one of the most haunting images you can see the broken window believed to have been shattered by the gunman to shoot insi inside. bump stocks were used in vegas, at that mas sacre that killed 58 people. the president now says we must do more to protect our children. >> just a few moments ago i signed a memorandum directing the attorney gen eral to propos regulations to ban all devices that turn weapons into machine
3:05 am
guns. >> "whether we are republican or democrat we must now focus on strengthening background checks." we're told some from parkland, columbine and new town, connecticut. and the president is claiming he's been tougher on russia than former president obama ever was. he says just look at the facts. >> reporter: answering questions for the first time since robert mueller's sweeping indictment, the white house press secretary was pressed on why the president hasn't forcely condemned russia's actions. >> what he's saying is it didn't have an impact and it certainly wasn't with help from the trump campai campaign. it's very clear russia medaled in the election. >> but the president has never been so clear, raising doubts after the story first broke. >> but i notice anytime anything
3:06 am
wrong happens, they like the say it's the russians. she doesn't know if it's the russians doing the hacking. maybe there is no hacking. >> he acknowledged the meddling but with a caveat. >> i think it was russia. but i think we get hacked by other countries and other people. >> and the president has never called for punishing russia. >> what is he specifically doing about it fact that russia interfered with our election and has every intention of doing it again? >> everybody wants to blame this on the trump administration. >> this happened over a year ago, what has he done about it? >> cyber security. focusing on proteching the fairness on our elections. >> reporter: most recently the president criticized barack obama for not responding to the meddling. as for putin he believes the russian leader is sen sear.
3:07 am
>> he criticized obama, the fbi. he didn't even criticize vladimir putin in the wake -- >> he's been tougher on russia in the first year than obama was in eight years combined. >> reporter: we've heard from both the secretaries of state and treasury that sanctions on russia are coming. but bottom line it's seven months after they passed those sanctions, they still haven't been fully implemented by this administration. and a 33-year-old lawyer is now the fourth person to plead guilty in the special counsel robert mueller's investigation. he's admitted to lying to investigators about former campaign aid, rick gates. and claimed he deleted records that prosecutors sought. his guilty plea could increase pressure on gates and paul
3:08 am
manafort who was one of the president's campaign managers. and information on secret talks that ended up being cancelled when the north backed out. that meeting between mike pence and kim jong-un's sister was supposed to take place. they sat just a few feet apart at the opening ceremony. but the north says they refused to meet because of new sanctions. a confirmed tornado touched down just south of fort worth, texas destroying several homes in the city of joshua. >> further north ice storms have killed at least half a dozen people on the roads. triggering close calls like that one in rapid city, south dakota and record warmth in the east. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. spring-like along the east
3:09 am
coast. but record setting heat. but this brings with it misery showers. in the deep south rang in thunderstorms with ice behind it. we're watching out for flood risk from chicago to st. louis with river flood warnings and flood warnings and bracing for ice down towards oklahoma city. >> thank you. and doctors may have hope for children allergic to peanuts. in a study with 500 kids, a california company says its daily capsules of peanut flour helped kids build up a tolerance. they were able to eventually tolerate the equivalent of two peanuts. >> they're warning parents do not try this at home. this is still potentially dangerous in an uncontrolled setting. hopefully progress there. and big names in entertainment are opening their
3:10 am
wallets to the students fight. >> the clooneys have also promised to join next month's march on washington. >> and oprah winfrey is giving half million dollars to the cause. coming up. results just in from the olympics. the u.s. men's hockey team in action and so was skier lindsey vonn. and later in the mix luck or skill? you can decide after you see what happened in the middle of the tennis match. and remember to find us on facebook on wnn and twitter. any object. any surface.
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if you've got a life you gotta swiffer
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we're back with breaking news from the olympics. the u.s. men's hockey team is done. eliminated by the czech republic. unlike years past, this u.s. team did not have any nhl
3:14 am
players on it. >> and there will be no miracle on ice this year. lindsey vonn competed in what is likely her last olympic race. >> reporter: lindsey vonn will have to settle for bronze. trying to reclaim her 2010 down hill olympic title, she couldn't catch -- it was a first ever medal for a norwegian woman in down hill, taking silver. and kyle macks, to a third place with a score of 88.75. and gerard narrowly making the cut. and in figure skating, brady tinel skating first. she took a spill to hurt her score. and karen chen still to come. alex stone, abc news, pyeongchang. >> really wanted her to bring
3:15 am
home the gold, lindsey vonn. >> in the build up in her practice runs she's like i'm slowing down near the finish line because i don't want them to realize how fast she really was. well, you fooled them. >> missions accomplished. all right. well, now for the competition. anyone with a smart phone a mirror and a prop can partes pate in. the selfie olympics are back. so this whole thing started back in 2014. during the games in sochi. fans just started tweeting out photos of themselves. this is bad brad. he's considered very high up there. perhaps the gold medalist. >> a gold medalist in the selfie olympics. >> basically trying to out do themselves with funny selfies.
3:16 am
vid dwroe games in the bath tub and so on and so forth. this was his attempt to bring it back. we're bringing back the selfie olympics for 2018. now other people are respondinging with their own versions. people fake sleeping, trying to balance things on their heads. the whole thing is silly. >> who needs to bring selfie back? >> oh, there -- >> that was a candid shot. >> yeah, we just happened to be playing twister on the mirror and taking a selfie in another mirror. >> it does ait by accident. how did you get into my phone like that? >> hackers. coming up in our next half hour we're going inside the secret sounds of st"star wars."
3:17 am
how do they bring the gal ax far, far away to life and what bird call is hidden in the porg's chirp? >> wam, wam, nailed it. but first meet the 26 year old living the high tech high life after betting big on bitcoin but is the bubble about the burst? somehow we always leave packing to the last minute. guys, i have a couple of things to wash we got this. even on quick cycle, tide pods cleans great 6x the cleaning power, even in the quick cycle it's got to be tide
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♪ in a rich man's world money money money ♪ so if you invested just $100 in bitcoin eight years ago, it might be worth $10 million. >> bought few weeks ago it would have been worth even more. the question is what is bitcoin and should you try to cash in? >> reporter: it's a week night in san francisco but you'd never know it. the music thumping, the drinks flowing and jeremy gardner is
3:20 am
holding court but he isn't a tv star or a mogul. he's been dubbed a crypto celebrity. sillicon valley his kingdom and bitcoin it source of his riches. are you a millionaire? >> yes, many times over. bitcoin is the world's most popular crypto currency. you could use like cash but unlike other currencies, it isn't backed by any government. you don't carry it in your pocket. it exists solely online. it's experienced an astronomical rise in value. when it started you could pick up a single bitcoin for a penny. last year that same bitcoin would have cost $20,000 at one point. but it's been extremely volatile leading some to question is it all just hype? it's even become part of college
3:21 am
curriculums. this class at new york university. >> there's no question crypto currency has crossed over into the mainstream. >> reporter: bitcoin wants the preferred currency to buy drugs and elicit market site, silkroad. the fbi seizing over 173,000 bitcoins which would be worth over 1 $1/2 billion today. for jeremy, he's confident there's a crypty currency on the rise. >> we're going to see across enterprises, in real estate, in health care, in government and i think at that point it will become much more real to people. >> you got that? you understand exactly how it works now? >> so bitcoin is worth about 11,000 right now. >> how much money does that make
3:22 am
you a? >> i can't afford to buy one.
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...wear for up to 12 weeks. unstopables by downy. it is time now for the mix and we have to put this one out there. is this luck? skill? or just the most ridiculous shot you've ever seen? so in the middle of serving a ball ato his opponent when he lost a grip on the racket. so he's serving, drops the racket, catches the racket and wins the point. >> that's insane. >> the racket perfectly bounced off in such a way he was able to pick it up and keep on going. how do you play tennis with or without a racket? >> usually you have one of those accidental shots and you wave off to your opponent, he's just
3:26 am
like it just happens. another trick shot but this one really, really a lucky one for a guy in minnesota. he's at the minnesota golf show. if he nails this shot 120 feet away, he earns a pretty good price. going for it. does he make it? 120 foot hole enone. $100,000 prize. $75,000 ponn to and $25,000 cash all because of that one shot. >> that is a good prize and the crowd goes wild. >> all right. over to water sports now awhere voting on the water is like so last year. we now have -- we now have the
3:27 am
flying jet ski. so remember the thing you put on your feet and it shoots hydro jets in the water sn this is kind of like that only jet ski. this is to make hydro flight for beginners. you can just hit a button and suddenly it goes into a barrel. >> which could be dangerous. >> i guess. why you got to ruin it? a british snowboarder has gone where nobody else has or faster than anybody else has. take a look. breaking a guinness world record here, going an average top speed of 92 miles per hour. being towed by ea maserati no less. >> that's not fair. >> he required a second run but his slightly slower speed brought the top down to and
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this morning on "world news now," president trump says he wants to take action after the florida school massacre, possibly banning bump stocks. this as he reprepares to meet with victims and survivors of mass shootings. with millions braesing for snow, freezing rain and some flooding. as a warm blast in the east is a welcome change for many folks. and new developments in a mystery at sea. >> newlyweds when the wife disappeared. now the husband charged with her murder. and a fashion first, her majesty queen elizabeth sat front row with anna wintor. but she's in trouble with a
3:31 am
fashion faux pas of her own. they say fashion favs, but it's forever. >> who says that? there are new things that anna wintor was a dame. hello, dame. students arriving overnight in the state capitol. >> about a thousand students from stoneman douglas high were cheered after more than eight hours on the road. they're meeting with legislatures who refused to take up a bill to ban assault rifles. and president trump will meet. >> reporter: and survivors demand action, vowing washington is next at the white house they're already feeling the pressure. >> does the president have any
3:32 am
ideas, any ideas at all on how to address this? >> i can tell you the president supports not having the use of bump stocks. >> on the broader problem of deranged individuals killing people indiscriminately. >> the president is very focussed on mental illness. unfortunately can't just flip a switch. there is a process. >> reporter: and the president announcing he is taking action on the bump stocks. >> just a few moments ago i signed a memorandum directing the attorney general to propose regulations that turn guns into -- instead a student in ar-15. >> we don't think that people
3:33 am
should be able to possess a semiautomatic, which can be a weapon of mass destruction. >> this the had way we're all driving our grief. we're making something negative to positive energy and change for the future. >> reporter: experts and law makers seem to agree he's leakly going to need congress to do it. any unilateral move will be used in court and the top democrat has a message for the president. in a statement she says words are one thing but we need meaningful action. call a 81gressional republicans and tell them to stop blocking our bill. mary bruce, abc news the white house. and in addition to proposing that whole ban, the white house says he wants to make background
3:34 am
more -- and we're getting a dwlimps at the crime scene at stoneman douglas high school. offer as first look at some of the classroom in the freshman building where the shooting took place. you can see a student's head phones left on a desk. you can also see a broken window believed to have been shattered by the gunman so he can fire inside. the three rotc vets who were killed in the shooting. wang was shot while holding the door open so others could escape. his life long dream was going to west point. the school honoring hymn posthumously. >> all 30 teams will wear stoneless dugman hoss hos.
3:35 am
police in maryland may have foiled a plot to attack a high school. al chen gave money. authorities found several more weapons, alaung with an parntd list of grievances against other students. and frightening moments at a police near cleveland. he's now hospitalized in unknown condition. the school was locked down for hours. it's not clear how the boy managed to get a .22 caliber rifle into the school. classes set to begin again this morning. and tsa said a record number of guns have gone to travel-on bags. agents across the country found 104 firearms. 27 were loaded.
3:36 am
atlanta hartfield airport as the most with 11. >> he's charged with his newly wed wife. >> reporter: the fbi arresting lewis bhent for allegedly murdering his wife, isabella helmet. then trying to make it look like an accident at sea. the couple were on a sailing trip enmay when the coast guard received a disress. >> it gan takeong water. >> bennet telling investigators he had gone to sleep. within days of her disappearance. bennet asking for a letter declaring his wife's dead. the expert concluding the two
3:37 am
eskam hatches found open. a friend saying the couple had been arguinging about his plans to go to australia. bennet has already been in jail for the last six months on a separate charge. abc news, new york. thank you and a massive winter weather system is spawning tornados and coating some states in ice. >> many of those rescues were by boat. >> farther norths, sleet and rain class sidewalks. meanwhile, a lot of the ooez and accuweather's paul williams with the latest. >> very warm, record challenging farm gd along the coast koost. looking for widespread flooding
3:38 am
to orcomfrom cincinnati, and even to little rock. from the werks an ice invasion with the cold air with a chance off snow showers throughout the inlandiaryias and then bracing for cold air by early march. sglrs we'll still take it for now. and there was one thing missing from the forecast. the weather in wakanda. >> there are now non-stop flights the pangtder's homeland. >> they jot jokes there had. the airport hasn't revealed a name of the airline as yet. 80% of black panther was shot in atlanta. >> you don't need to leave the arpd to go to wakanda. >> it's basicallied a lant aau. >> he's in the airport. . where every bap, beep, wam are
3:39 am
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sex scandal anchlts sex scandal has now cost louisville an ncaa championship. they all stemmed from algashzs that a former staffer hired strippers to sleep with recruits. they forfeit 123 wins including the 2013 title and tournament income. the governing body covers up sex abuse cases. >> they claim the abuse began in the '80s when a coach assaulted a 12 year old girl and claims u.s.a. swim ogficials were awear and did nothing.
3:43 am
the news just weeks after a -- was arrested for abusing members in his care. and chris cornell who committed suicide last year. >> vicki cornell has opened up about her husband, saying she doesn't believe he meant to kill himself. >> he was the furthest thing from a box star junky. he was the best had husband had. the greatest father. i lost my soul mate and love of my life. >> and you believe it was the addiction that led him to do what he did that night in taking his life? >> i don't think he could make any decisions with the level of
3:44 am
impairment? i know he would say can't blame yourself and i'm trying not to. but there were signs. people think that addiction -- people don't recognize it as a disease and it was -- i feel guilty. you think addiction is a choice. and it's not. >> and you can see robin's full interview later today. when we come back the star who has quite an opinion on curling and what curling has to say about it. curling and what curling has to say about it. i'm so frustrated. i just want to find a used car without getting ripped off. you could start your search at the all-new that might help. show me the carfax. now the car you want and the history you need are easy to find. show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs]
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♪ skinny the skinny the ♪ skinny the skinny the skinny it is skinny time and a fashion first. the queen is hitting london fashion week. >> her majesty was a surprise guest at richard quin's show. she was of course in the front
3:47 am
row with a special cushion on her seat. >> and she was seated right next to anna wintor. she became a dane in 2008 and the two of them appeared to get along well. chatting throughout. >> do you thinking the queen was like oh, my god, it's anna wintor. >> but she left those trademark oversized sunglasses on, even in the presence of the queen. >> that's a no, no. she's previously said she wears the glasses to hide her emotion in a show. >> in other news she says she has emotions. >> i don't believe it. >> don't hate the player, hate the game. actor will smith joined instagram in december and has since racked up some 10 million followers. >> his family hijinx, hanging
3:48 am
with celebrity fans. basically he makes instagram look good. >> launched on ellen december 14th, she has 60 million followers. she taught me about selfies, duck lips and holding white babies. justin timberlake helped out. i showed him my nipple. adopted a wombat, took multiple blows of my gen tailia, bought a new camera i didn't need, jury duty, eagles won the super bowl, eagles won the super bowl. >> i love him. he also included a post about imitating his son jaden's icon video and what a mistake the glitter was. congrats to will. 10 million followers now. you have a different strategy
3:49 am
when it comes to acquiring instagram followers. >> lately i've noticed if i don't post photos, i get more followers. i haven't posted in a week. >> every now and then there's someone singing real badly or playing an instrument badly. like i'll give you five bucks if you stop. do you feel like that's what people are doing with you. i will follow you if you stop posting those nike ad photos. >> no, theres someone following me as i run. there's a little olympic controversy brewing at home. kirstie alley who starred in "look who's talking" "look who's talking 2" and "look who's talking now."
3:50 am
>> i'm not trying to be mean but curling is boring. they responded right back. we're not trying to be mean either but your movies weren't exactly riveting theater. >> she backs down saying okay. i'm going to give it another chance. my son loves curling. and team u.s.a. adding allow us or our good friends at hollywood curl to show you and your friend the ropes some time. >> but her movies did suck. >> i liked "look who's talking." >> that was good. "look who's talking 2" did not need to be made. >> but you saw it. we talked about sally field. >> sally and her son were texting about adam's performance. long story short she tagged adam
3:51 am
on twitter. he said sam, your mom, i admire her sp so i'm sure we're going to meet. >> she was the it one who made the happen, not sam. >> i got to tell you adam rippon probably has a lot of people sliding into the dm. >> all because rippon got ripped off is a really good catch race. i think he's winning a lot regardress had. coming up we got the inside scoop where a galaxy far, far away is brought to life. lyrics: ooh-oo child
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lyrics: thing's are gonna get easier. lyrics: ooh-oo child, lyrics: things'll get brighter. lyrics: ooh-oo child lyrics: thing's are gonna get easier. lyrics: ooh-oo child, lyrics: things'll get brighter.
3:55 am
do you remember? i'm still witter about the last jedi when leah was flying midair. what was that? >> well, maybe we'll learn a little bit about how it was made. you've heard the bleeps, the bloops, the swoops and the wam. >> or the sound effect when leah was flying midair. we're getting a look that sounds bp. >> reporter: "the last jetti" wouldn't be a "star wars" film
3:56 am
without special effects. but it's not what you see but what you hear. why is it so loud? this is skywalker sound? a faunic play grond for artists creating every new blast and burp in that galaxy far, far away. >> one creature, the pork sound is a staung mach mash up. of chickens and an inturn with a turkey call. turkey foxes get their call from simple parb of wind chime. dv8 filled with coins. it's this. and that's not an slight aber and jedi's biggest sound moment
3:57 am
of all has gun. >> that's the thing you do bigger and bigger and bigger explosions. >> reporter: the right sound making special effects just a little more special. >> see. >> silence is golden. >> answered all of your questions. >> except what was the flying thing about? >> what's so confusing? >> when did leah get the ability to boo esuperman? >> she's a jedi. she has the force. >> spoiler. >> which makes her vader's daughter. >> done, done. >> he's still working on season two of "game of thrones." going to take a while.
3:58 am
3:59 am
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. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it is 4 o'clock on this wednesday, february 21st. >> here's what we're following. survivors of the high school shooting in florida are heading to washington today fighting for a ban on assault style rifles. >> school officials in philadelphia want rules changed after referee benched a student athlete over her wearing


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