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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  February 21, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> ♪ >> developing now on "action news" a woman is struck by a driver who flees the scene. >> gun control activists rally outside philadelphia city hall as the victims of the florida school shooting prepare to make an impassioned plea to their own state lawmakers. >> it's another springlike start with lingering fog this morning but don't get used to the warmer days. don't pack away the coats hats and gloves. accuweather is tracking a reality check. >> it still could be a long winter. >> indeed. >> good morning everyone. 4:30 on this wednesday
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february 21st. david and karen shaking their heads. >> i was yesterday talking about the beach, dreaming of warmer weather. 70's will get you doing that. >> we set some records yesterday, we'll set more today. we've got some cloud cover out there and there are some areas of fog. i'll look at those in just a second for you. generally speaking less cloud cover overall than what we had early yesterday and i do think we'll transition to clouds and sun mixing. we're starting out very mild again. we're at 53 degrees in philadelphia. up in allentown, kind of stubbornly holding onto 42 right now and down the road in reading you're at 58. in in allentown you'll bounce way up later today. 60 trenton 50 in wilmington, 57 in millville. i always bring home a coat at night depending on what i think the weather is going to be the next morning so i brought like sort of that light fleecy i've jacket. i didn't even need that this morning. it's super mild as you step outside, not all that much wind. we've got visibility issues again. not as bad as yesterday, not as widespread but up in allentown and the poconos .3 miles, a third of a mile
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visibility, pretty low. might run into some dense fog there. same thing in wilmington. there's a stretch of south jersey all the way down to millville and wildwood that also has this. philadelphia's dropping a little bit, too, and they are reporting fog at the airport now. like yesterday, you want to slow it down if you happen to run into any of that dense stuff and it looks like it's probably out of the picture after about 9, 10 o'clock. as we go later into the day, we get some sunshine mixing with clouds and a high of 76 degrees. that will be a record. the old record 72. and we did that manage 73 yesterday, karen. that was also a record. as matt and tam mentioned, though, we are really looking at a dip in temperatures tomorrow and some rain coming in as soon as this evening. details on future tracker6 coming up. >> all right dave. we're seeing a little bit of fog in some spots. this is certainly doesn't look bad here on the schuylkill at south street. we have construction crews, no eastbound work was done overnight but westbound at the vine we see construction blocking the right lane so you'll want to watch for that one. should be clear in about another half hour. we're outside live on i-95 and
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there goes penndot heading out of here. right now looking at cottman, that's your southbound traffic heading towards center city. you see some of the fog in the distance, not causing a big problem this morning, though, on i-95. we do have an accident here on 95 in delaware. it's southbound at harvey road and in delaware one of the spots where we really are seeing a lot of fog so be careful. here's a car fire i-95 southbound at the maryland state line. all lanes are in the process of reopening there right now. and in new jersey, doesn't look too bad on 42. that's your northbound traffic coming up from deptford or turnersville without a major delay, tam. >> all right, thank you, karen. >> ♪ survivors of last week's school shooting in florida took an eight-hour bus ride from parkland to the state capitol of tallahassee. there they're to rally for a ban on assault rifles like the one used in a massacre. some of their classmates were already in the state capitol yesterday and watched lawmakers defeat a similar measure. a move that left some of the
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teenagers in tears. and other students and families from parkland will be in washington today. they're going to join the president for a listening session hoping that their heart felt pleas will urge him to push for more gun control. abc's arlette saenz is in that washington this morning with more. good morning,. >> reporter: tam, good morning its been one week since a gunman opened fire on stoneman douglas high school. this morning, the survivors of that massacre are taking their fight to the florida statehouse. survivors turned activist storming the capitol to demand action. >> this is not about democrats, republicans, left or right. this is a movement for humanity for safety for keeping our citizens a life. one week after the parkland shooting students are ramping up the pressure on state lawmakers. >> we're talking about gun safety, talking about school safety and we're talking about mental health. >> reporter: while the student rode on buses to tallahassee florida lawmakers
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voted to not consider a bill to ban assault rifles. one survivor watching the vote overcome with emotion. >> it was a big punch in the gut. >> reporter: in the nation's capitol, president trump directed his attorney general to find a way to ban bump stocks a device not used in parkland but used in the las vegas rampage. >> i signed a memorandum directing the attorney general to propose regulations to ban all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns. >> reporter: democratic senator dianne feinstein said the directive won't be enough tweeting legislation is the only answer. the president also wants to strengthen background checks while the white house is facing questions about assault weapons. >> does the president believe there should be an age limit for those who buy an ar-15. >> i think that's certainly that's on the table for us to discuss. >> reporter: president trump will meet with high school students and teachers at the white house later today. an official guest list hasn't been released yet but the
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white house says it will include who are impacted by the mass shootings at parkland columbine and newtown. reporting live in washington, arlette saenz channel6 "action news." matt back to you. >> thank you. people gathered outside city hall. district attorney larry krasner and various community groups called for tougher gun laws and an end to gun violence. high school students who happened to walk by felt compelled to join and make their voices heard. >> i feel as though i need to do something to protect myself because quite frankly i feel as though adults and higher authority figures aren't doing enough. >> for way too long the nra has had much too much influence over gun policy. we got to vote some people out. >> today marked one week since the tragedy in parkland, florida. >> philadelphia police are searching for the driver who struck a woman and then fled
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the scene. it happened around midnight at the intersection of hunting park and pulaski avenues in the tioga-nicetown section. the woman is in stable condition with an arm injury and so far police do not have a description of the vehicle or the person driving wanted for this hit-and-run. a judge in new york has declared a mistrial in the fraud case against philadelphia mob boss joey merlino. merlino was accused of participating in gambling and health insurance schemes. the jury deliberated for nearly four days but said that they could not get over a deadlock. merlino insisted he quit his life of crime after a lengthy prison term. government officials have not said whether they'll seek another trial. >> republicans can file a lawsuit as early as today that would seek to block the new congressional district map in pennsylvania. the democrat leaning state supreme court ruled the old districts were unfairly drawn in 2011 to give republicans an advantage. the new map on the right shows the fixes to get rid of so-called gerrymandered districts. republicans argued that only
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legislators and governors have the constitutional authority to draw these maps. it is an issue that may have to be decided by the u.s. supreme court. the primary election in pennsylvania on may 15th is fast approaching. >> a philadelphia teen is quite the baller but she was forced to keep her skills off the courts over what she was wearing. a call that's opening up a debate about civil rights. 16-year-old nasihah thompson king was benched during her varsity basketball game this weekend for not taking off her religious headdress. that's because anything worn on the head for medical or religious purposes must be approved by the state's athletic association and officials said she did not have the proper paperwork for that allowance. the philadelphia school district is calling for a general religious exemption saying the garment does not alter the sport or provide a competitive advantage. >> david joins us and you're saying some fog out there but not as bad as it was yesterday. >> yeah, in most areas it's not as bad. philadelphia's visibility starting to drop a little bit.
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everybody's got to be careful. storm tracker6 live double scan though shows you that we are dry other than the drizzle you might have on your windshield if you drive through some of that fog. as we take a look outside, let's see what it looks like out there in terms of fog. really not looking bad on penn's landing and the ben franklin bridge. yesterday it was kind of hard to seat bridge and even as you look down on the highway there in the foreground we had problems with, you know, visibility and the fog being more evident than it is now but we still have some areas of precipitation out there and -- excuse me fog out there and your going to want to be careful of that. the worst i'm seeing is down through central south jersey here and through the northern and western suburbs. 53 degrees in philadelphia, mild. still kind of cool up in allentown, 42. 58 in reading. 50 in wilmington. 60 degrees in trenton. really busting mild numbers early this morning. 56 in millville and 62 in dover if you're down in cape may again we're still in the 40's. satellite and radar showing you that there is some cloud cover out there.
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we will probably see some of that for awhile this morning but overall we're looking at a mix of clouds and sun. and we'll go with some sun up in the lehigh valley today. and record warmth. that once again is going to be the story across the region today. in allentown, 72. that will break the old record i believe by 2 degrees. but we are looking for record territory there. at the shore it will still be cooler, 63 at the coast but you move inland a little ways like, say, to the atlantic city airport, record high 74 there. that beats the old record by a couple of degrees. and in philadelphia we're going to go for 76. that would shatter the old 72-degree record. some sun, record warmth and winds continuing out of the southwest drawing in that mild air and getting us up to about 76 for a high. future tracker6 showing you that clouds mix with some sunny breaks as we go through the day. it's possible that at some point we'll see a little spotty sprinkle or shower during the day but i think the better chance is this evening as after about 6, 7 o'clock we start to see some showers pop down through the region and eventually make it all the way down the shore. overnight tonight 48 degrees.
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and following that evening shower, we could actually see the development of some more fog in spots tomorrow anyway. and obviously the clouds will get a lot thicker with a frontal boundary dropping to the south of us, too, it's also going to be cooler tomorrow, so record warmth yesterday, record warmth today but tomorrow a big change with a high of just 49 degrees. lots of clouds. and kind of dreary and damp. there will be some rain at times tomorrow. probably not super steady but we're kind of stuck with that thursday and friday before a little bit of a bounceback on the weekend. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, 76 degrees today for those of you who like a break like this in the wintertime, get out there and enjoy this. and then later in the evening a sprinkle or shower. tomorrow much different cooler and damp cloudy 49 degrees. 46 for a high on friday which i believe is the average high for friday so it's more like what you would expect this time of year and we will have periods of rain. for the weekend saturday back up to 59. sunday 61. but there's another system coming in that's going to give us some rain through the day on saturday.
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the steadiest in the afternoon and saturday night. and i think sunday is basically rain in the morning and then probably drying out in the afternoon. again, on or about 60 both of those days. and then early next week we're back to the 50's, a little bit cooler, still above average and it looks like we start out the work week dry. >> thanks, david. >> uh-huh. >> 4:42. new on "action news" police and school officials in delaware county address concerns over a social media post that shows a high school student with guns. >> hollywood elites help teenaged survivors of the florida school shooting as they plan a march in washington. karen. >> we had police activity here and it cleared on the ramp from 422 westbound to trooper so traffic now moving okay. this really dark shot this morning. we'll take you to west conshohocken coming up next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 4:44. wednesday morning. peering down taking a look at center city philadelphia. we see that there aren't any low lying clouds, at least in center city but in other areas you're going to see some fog during the morning commute. >> and i see we have something going on already on the roads. let's go to karen rogers to get you the update. good morning. >> construction out here partially blocking the ramp in west conshohocken, the ramp from the blue route southbound to the schuylkill so watch for construction crews. a little bit of slowing out there as you round that ramp right now so be careful for that in west conshohocken. as you're looking at this shot, only really the hint of fog. it isn't too bad here. elsewhere we're having some problems and on the waze app i found michelle out here talking about problems with the fog in lower macungie on 222 northbound and showing us this picture of the fog. so tweet me any pictures you
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have of what it looks like outside of your community as you're driving as a passenger there i hope. and looking at this shot right now you can see it's not that bad in west conshohocken but we do have some construction crews, watch for construction crews, watch for pedestrians. we saw a couple problems with that yesterday. northeast extension northbound near mid-county tolls, they're out there blocking the right lane. also blocking the left lane on the northeast extension southbound near lehigh valley. in northern delaware we've got an accident on i-95 southbound here at harvey road. let's bring in the visibility reports with the fog. it's just .3 of a mile now, not just in allentown and mount pocono but in wilmington, in millville, in wildwood, half a mile visibility in a.c. 1 mile visibility in philadelphia. so, the fog is impacting your morning commute throughout these regions. how about temperatures today? wasn't yesterday something of a treat? look at today, temps are more than 30 degrees above average. 76 for your high. normally we would just be at 45 so enjoy this taste of
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spring while you can, tam. >> loving it. thank you, karen. parents in delaware county address school safety concerns with district fishes in -- officials in the wake of a social media post. a 17-year-old student posted a photo of himself holding an air soft rifle. police with the marple township police were flooded with tips something they say they encourage. >> we don't have time ourselves to sit and look at every single social media post but there's enough people out there if they pay attention and they see something that's out of the norm, pick up the phone and call us and we're more than happy to take up the investigation. >> the teen's family is cooperating with the investigation. so far no charges have been filed. additional police and counselors have been on hand at the high school, though police say there's no credible threat to the community. >> new jersey's governor is calling for a review of school shooting protocols in the garden state. democrat phil murphy held a press conference in trenton
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yesterday to lay out a safety plan at the state level. it involves specialists in behavioral health and state police. troopers have already started increasing stops at schools within their patrol areas. celebrities are showing their support for the survivors of the school shooting in florida. donations for the march for our lives organization have now topped $2 million. that is thanks to $500,000 pledges from oprah winfrey, george and amal clooney, director steven spielberg and jeffrey katzenberg. the students involved in the march plan to gather in washington, d.c. on march 24th. >> ♪
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>> just about everyone is taking advantage of our record setting warm weather. the action cam was in rittenhouse square last night the perfect night to stroll in short sleeves or at the most a light jacket. >> i couldn't imagine it being february. it feels like it's like early fall or early spring. it feels so nice outside. >> look at it. everybody in smiles. people also took advantage of the unseasonably warm night to move their workouts to the steps outside the art museum. >> nice. i did some gardening yesterday. >> yeah, me, too. >> much needed. it was fun. kids had ice cream and today, too. let's take -- you just got to get to work.
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a little damp in this shot in northern montgomery county with the low clouds out there. this is 309 at walnut street. traffic on your right headed towards sellersville moving pretty nicely. let's go live in new jersey and check moorestown burlington county. this is route 38 at nixon drive. a little bit of fog here and a touch damp. not as damp as it was yesterday morning with these low clouds, dave. >> yup, fog here and there. not so much in center city. we do have 59 degrees on the thermometer. by about 6:00 a.m. and then 61 by 8 o'clock so it's very mild to start out. i'm going to go for a high of 76 degrees this afternoon around 3 o'clock and then you see how we really do drop by 5:00 in the morning tomorrow we're down to 51 and temperatures sliding down in through the upper 40's tomorrow, so clouds, some sun today, still nice. maybe some evening showers moving in around here but tomorrow much different, what with the drop in temperatures and clouds and, you know, also some spotty rain tomorrow. it feels like spring yesterday and today, though. set something records both days and hey, why not look ahead to what's coming.
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27 days away spring. phillies home opener is only 43 days away. 81 days we'll be celebrating mother's day. >> a dedicated high school team manager had his big chance on the basketball court in new hampshire. the student has cerebral palsy but that did not stop him from sinking his very first shot. >> when he was little he used to get out and try to play. he had cuff crutches and then as he got older he took on more of a manager's position but to watch him be able to be on this court was great. >> he had a bet with how many shots it was going to be before his basket so he got it on his first one so we're proud of him. >> he plans to study sports management when he goes on to college. >> ♪
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>> from our new jersey news room, gunshots rattled a community in gloucester county. woodbury police say someone was snot in a public parking garage at cooper and broad streets. the person was not seriously hurt and officers assure the public there's no general threat. >> "action news" obtained surveillance video of the pickup truck that drove into an auto zone along the jersey shore on monday night. footage from the ventnor store shows a customer was nearly run over as the impact blasted glass and steel and all sorts of merchandise all over the place. another angle shows stocked
4:57 am
shelves collapsing as the pickup truck rams right through the entrance. one customer was buried by the debris. fortunately he was able to walk away without serious injuries. police are still investigating what caused that driver to lose control. >> it's 4:57 and the key to losing weight may have nothing to do with counting calories. find out why what you eat not ouch might really be the key -- not how much you eat might really be the key. >> find out why a church in the poconos is encouraging its members to bring their assault rifles with them to church. >> ♪ mother...nature! sure smells amazing... even in accounts receivable.
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>> ♪ >> "action news" delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday, february 21st. here's what we're following. >> the survivors of last week's school shooting are set for a showdown with lawmakers at the state and national level. they are fighting for gun control and to make schools safer. >> a teenager is kicked off the court for what she was wearing to her basketball game. it's now opening up a debate about civil rights. >> it is another foggy start to your morning as accuweather prepares you for record breaking high temperatures today. >> let's find out about all of that and go on over to meteorologist, david murphy and karen murphy. they've got accuweather and your commute. good morning. >> i feel like i can deal with the rest of winter knowing we had a little bit of a break. >> it was nice yesterday, going to be nice again today. i just got an e-mail from the american red cross


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