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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  February 22, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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inside. >> students stand with parkland. schools stage walkouts in support of increased school safety. >> grab a jacket we're in for a couple of dreary days, accuweather is tracking rain. >> david and karen, it's going down. >> reporter: everything is going downhill. we're starting off it's not too bad at the moment. >> reporter: temperatures are similar to yesterday for now. we're seeing precipitation moving in across the east in our direction. a lot of day will look like, where it's raining you'll have intermittent rain and drizzle. you can see the showers coming through in lancaster and crossing the border in a couple of spots. northern reading and southern lehigh county starting to trade off rain up there. expect it to be cloudy and cooler overall today and damp. temperatures are starting out
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not bad. 52 in philadelphia. 52 in wilmington, 56 in millville. still just 45 degrees in allentown and reading, actually with winds out of the north where you are right now is about as highs you will be, temperatures have a tendency to drop from there. in philadelphia, we have dropped two degrees below where we were yesterday, it's a bigger drop in places like reading and allentown. yesterday we were up in the 70s. today it is the opposite direction we'll drop into the mid 40s by noon and low 40s by dinnertime and intermittent rain and drizzle all the way. tomorrow we have a repeat for this forecast. temperatures bounce a little bit on the weekend a lot more rain. >> reporter: heading out on i-95, no fog looking okay at cottman, southbound traffic heading toward center city, building volume, no delays just
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yet. live on the scion -- vine street expressway, good on the vine. live on the boulevard extension ridge avenue, southbound traffic heading toward the schuylkill expressway. more cars than half-hour ago, but no problems, matt and tam. an out-of-control is an crossed busy broad street and crashed into a building. when police got to the scene, they discovered what was going on, the driver was shot to death and young passengers were hurt. jeanette reyes is live outside the police headquarters with reaction to the murder. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam, much of the tragedy is a mystery to police. it was a hail of gunfire most of the bullets aimed at the drivers side door. this morning a 23-year-old woman was dead. >> she was not involved in what was going on with the gun play. she was just driving down the
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street. >> reporter: police say the victim suffered a gunshot wound and was pronounced by medics at the scene. five people were in the car including children ages 3 and 4, and the victim's twin sister. all were injured in the crash, but only 9 driver was shot. authorities believe someone in the car opened fire on the van traveling northbound on broad street. the shots came from the 5800 block of broad. the driver lost control and crossed over several lanes of traffic and crashed into the build on old york road. >> appears the van was struck five times by gunfire. we found five bullet holes on the he drivers side of the van s well as driver door. that's how the 23-year-old was shot. >> she was doing what most 23-year-olds are doing trying to
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make a life for herself until she was struck down by nonsense. >> reporter: police are not ruling anything out. they don't have a suspect description or vehicle descriptionaying they are looking for a dark-colored car. the investigation is underway of course this morning. reporting live at police headquarters, jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that jennette. charges are expected today in connection with the standoff? montgomery county. police say a woman pointed a gun on law enforcement while they were serve ago warrant. she and another person barricaded her is, fortunately, in a home -- herself in a home. she came out and now faces charges. president trump had a listening session with parents and teachers from parkland,
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newtown and columbine. students walked out of their classes one week after the deadly shooting in park left hand. all students are demanding change including those who met with the president. >> i was born into a world write never got to experience safety and peace. there needs to be significance change in the country because this never has to happen again. people need to feel when they go to school they can be safe. >> president trump floated the idea of arming teachers and school staff which was met with many support from many. he supported restriction of bump fire stocks and strengthening backgrounds checks for gun
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purchases. [bagpipes]. >> reporter: an easton north hampton county native was laid to rest with military honors. chris hicks son was the athletic director at the marjory stoneman douglas high school high school. he was remembered as a hero who try to save his students and ran toward the gunfire. many are taking time to meet with parents to address concerns about school safety. allentown community met to discuss the deadly park left hand shooting but they arrested an student the following day. 19-year-old was arrested for threatening to shoot up the classroom, no guns were found. police are working with police to reassess their safety protocols. a big box retailer is closing more stores as it
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struggles to shift to online retail. >> reporter: toys "r" us plans to close 200 stores and layoff its corporate staff. this comes after the closing comes after disappointing holiday sales. retailers announced plans to close 180 locations. they report toys "r" us is telling workers there is no serveance pay if they are let go. stocks closed up, after minutes of the last fed meeting. looks like futures are pointing to a mixed open. we have a report on weekly jobless claims that's due out later. taking a live look at the ben franklin bridge from sky6 live hd it's warmer right now than it will be after the sun comes up. >> oh, my goodness, i looked over my shoulder what karen has got and those poor people, karen.
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>> what vehicle gets stuck this is what you deal with, a jam that pops up quickly. 422 at route 23, eastbound traffic heading toward king of prussia. you can see the flashing lights. we have a disabled vehicle, penndot is saying with the arrow board get out of the left lane. you're seeing eastbound traffic jammed from saints gabe's curve. waze app, 422 eastbound, speeds 13 miles per hour. disabled vehicle really jamming you up. we have an accident involving a deer in chadds ford saint maurice drive at centerville road. northeast extension southbound is shut down. she had a bridge in the lehigh valley, one of the beams collapsed. now they are doing emergency construction. northeast extension southbound
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closed between mahoning valley and lehigh valley. in the 40s in the lehigh valley. 57 in atlantic city. looking at the big change yesterday at 4:00 p.m. 77 degrees with sunshine. today will be 30 degrees cooler by 6:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m., it will be 43. temperatures are dropping through the day today. normally we have a high of 46. as you look at storm tracker 6 live 3d. you can see it will be kind of the same way tomorrow, kind of damp and dreary. saturday, 56. sunday a oaking -- soaking rain, dave will be back with the seven day and talk about where numbers go from there. >> we're following developing news from overseas, security is tightened at an embassy that came under attack. a couple take a page out of
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the book of cast away after being shipwrecked in australia. we'll be right back. >> developing overnight a
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suicide bomber threw an expleesive into -- explosive into the yard of the u.s. embassy and another device killing himself. the imlas -- blast created a crater, but no other damage. they are working to confirm all staff is safe. an s-o-s in the stand saved
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a couple in australia. they were stranded on avoid island. they spelled out the word help they were stuck on the island for 8 hours before rescue crews air airlifted them to safety. >> good thing they didn't run into the smoke monster. >> reporter: i don't know where you're going with that, but, okay. >> lost. >> reporter: okay, storm tracker 6 live double scan, i'm like the only person on earth two didn't watch that. >> you should treat myself. >> reporter: my kids described it to me, and i kind of know how it turns out. >> the best. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live showing there's a whole lot of rain out there. mixed precipitation in pottstown, it's light and mostly nuisance rain right now. we have cloudy skies over talen
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energy stadium, where the union will be playing games again next month. 52 degrees, we're not starting out all that different than where we were this time yesterday. 2 degrees in philadelphia. the winds out of the northeast instead of the south at 14 miles per hour that's bringing in cooler air. yesterday boy, did we zoom. we got up to a record high of 76 degrees at the airport in atlantic city. all these records highlighted in yellow. they were not just daily highs, but monthly highs for of february. we're running 5 1/2 degrees above average for the month. it's amazing, too, you see all the below average days we had earlier. the month starting out cold. as we look ahead for next week we'll look ahead for a higher value on theottom. most of the month looks above average. in terms of rain, between now
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arena 9:00 and up to noon we'll be intermittent rain and drizzle and cloudy and cooling as the day goes on. heavier stuff in berks county than down south. finally swee a -- we see a lessening of rain. 58 degrees by 10:00. 46 by noon. dinnertime we're in the low 40s, look for cloudy, school, damp conditions, but the temperatures dropping all day. as we take a look at highs be these are not the official highs, this is what to expect over the next hour or so. up in allentown, we might be in the upper 30s by dinnertime. tomorrow, socked in by the clouds and occasionally damp, too with a passing sprinkle or shower around. not a washout today or tomorrow, but there will be moisture in
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the atmosphere and it is cloudy and cool. as we go through the next four days, we get another round of rain sunday night, the total gets up to an inch and a half in the northern and western suburbs. today we'll fall in the 40s, it's cloudy and cooler and damp, rain and drizzle. tomorrow, cloudy, rain and drizzle around as you saw. average high of 46 for a change. 56 on saturday, 64 on sunday. rain in the morning, afternoon drying on sunday. monday, high temperatures in the 50s, which is above average, enthough it's cooler than yesterday. >> reporter: i miss yesterday. it was so nice. ice cream with the kids. >> i look forward to the future. >> reporter: whatever, you do, though. >> you're such a downer. >> reporter: i want to be contemporary to whatever you
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say -- contrary to whatever you say. look at this travel time instead of a 6 minute ride it's 30 minutes between oaks and 202. you're jammed from the saint gabe's curve at 23 because of this disabled vehicle 422 at 23. we have an accident west pots grove township at vine street. alshl -- alshon jeffrey had an injury that he played through for the whole season. >> reporter: hi, everybody, shoshanna i have the perfect twist on a squat jack.
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squat down as you jack out with the legs, press it up into the shoulders and back down, keeping this movement, press and lower, up and up and down, stay as low as you can, you do not get stronger by watching me do it, you get crorng by me -- you get stronger by me doing it. you get stronger by you doing it. >> 6:19 a.m., "healthcheck" is next. a new option for local commuters it rivals public transportation and it could save you money. >> reporter: snap chat is taking action because of user complaints. redesign makes it more difficult to use. snap chat promising more tweets to address concerns. in the school shooting in
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science is in that shows antidepressants work. experts conducted a vast research study involving 116,000 patients, they found all 21 antiexpressants cruised were better than having a -- used were better than a placebo.
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doctors hope this will put to rest doubts about the controversial medicine. eagles super bowl one. yet the birds are flying high. sharrie williams sits down with safety malcom jenkins who knows that the championship has had abdomin -- an effect on everyone. >> so many grown men and women bawling. >> reporter: me included. >> he talks about the fans and the eagles chance for a repeat. >> anytime you get to see a phillies special. >> reporter: that looks like a good interview. i want to show you the mess on 422 it's getting worse here, it's a 44 minute drive that's
6:25 am
huge. from oaks to 202. compare it to 6 minutes, westbound, this is a mess because of a disabled vehicle blocking the left lane,olice are assisting with it, 422 live past oaks, as you head toward king of prussia you're crawling along. a mess on 422 left lane is blocked. >> reporter: there was an angry windmill there, too. we're a little damp out there, we have sprinkles and showers coming out of lancaster county and bothering you in chester county and berks and the lehigh valley, as well. this will shift toward the east and through the day, we'll be cloudy and cooler through the day and at times damp. here's where the numbers are going, they are going in the opposite direction than they usually do. 50 degrees by 7:00 you can see how the temperatures slide all day with the northerly flow replacing the warm air from yesterday. we'll be close to 40 degrees all
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day, off and on rain and drizzle not a total washout. we have that as part of the package. we have rain in dallas fort worth that's one of the big travel destinations that have rain this morning. people are placing wagers on the details. royal wedding there's speculation over who will design the royal gown. markle and prince harry will get married in may. brits think she'll wear mcqueen design. people put money on him. markle's future center in law, duchess kate wore a lace mcqueen wedding address to mar ry prince william. she maybe about to make an
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unknown designer very famous. packing heat while you pray. local church leaders consider increased security measures now that a suspect who threatened the faithful is back on the street. now on "action news" a
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gunman opened fire on a van filled with women and children killing the driver and triggering an out-of-control crash. >> it should have been one
6:31 am
school shooting and we should have fixed it. >> demanding action, president trump hears from parents and survivors touched by school shooting open to change. >> so lock, -- so long, spring weather, we're entering a soggy stretch that feels like february, oh, right it is february. >> let's finds about accuweather with david murphy and karen rogers is helping you get to work and school. >> reporter: it's going to be dreary. >> reporter: springtime flowers need the rain right now to get them going. as we look at the weather center we have clouds around this morning, obviously. there's a batch of rain marching through the eastern united states and some of it already arriving here. so far light rain, drizzle, bits and pieces of it, pushing through lancaster county some of it spreading east into delaware county. these are hit or miss light
6:32 am
sprinkle and showers. as we go through the afternoon we'll see more and more of that coming in from the west. 50 degrees in trenton. 52 in philadelphia. 52 in wilmington. we're cooling down in the mid 40s in allentown and reading. unlike yesterday when the winds were coming from the south we're dropping to the north. we expect the numbers to hold where we are for a couple of hours and dropping from there. not much of a change between now and yesterday. down 2 degrees in philadelphia. some spots like trenton and reading are experiencing a bigger drop, and you're probably noticing that this morning. yesterday we started out around 50 and went up to the 70s. today starting at the same point, but going down, dinnertime, 40 degrees, the rain and drizzle adding to the cooler and damp feel, as karen said.
6:33 am
we have big changes for the weekend, i'll have that coming up. >> reporter: our big disaster of the morning is driving on 422. expect a major delay, 6 minute ride between oaks and 02 normally. now 60 minute ride. traffic is jammed, you're crawling about 7, 4 miles per hour on 422 eastbound. jammed approaching oaks to 23. nearly an hour delay even though that lane just reopened a moment ago. we have a problem in west pottsgrove township vine street an accident there. we had an accident involving a deer in chadds ford that cleared, traffic is moving better here. matt. >> a woman is shot and killed while driving a van sending the vehicle into a spiral and crash. several young children were in the back seat at the time.
6:34 am
now detectives are trying to figure out who would want the woman dead. jeanette reyes is live at police head quawrtsdz -- headquarters where they are trying to sort this out. >> reporter: much of this is a mystery, at this point they don't know if it was targeted, road rage or random. but we know they are looking for the shooter. >> i got a phone call from my brother and he said my niece was in an accident. >> reporter: the family is trying to come to terms with the senseless violence that killed this young woman. >> she was a nice person, goal oriented, two jobs, ready to move into her own place. >> reporter: police say the victim suffered one gunshot wound and pronounced at the scene. five children were in the car including two ages 3 and 4 as opposed to twin senior was in --
6:35 am
the victim's twin sister. investigators say the shots appear to have come from the 5800 block of broad. the driver lost control and crossed over several lanes of traffic and crashed into the buildings on old york road. >> appears that the van was struck at least five times by gunfire. we found five bullet holes on the drivers side of the van, as well as the driver door that appears to be how the 23-year-old female driver was shot. >> reporter: police don't have a suspect description or detailed vehicle description they are looking for a dark colored car. the investigation into the shooting is still underway. reporting at police head quarters, jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> new here at 6:30, a stabbing in camden sent a person to the hospital. it happened on the ten hundred
6:36 am
block of morton street at 3:00 a.m. police have not released any details on the victim or possible suspect or motive. i lost a best friend, he was practically a brother and i am here to use my voice because i know he can't. >> grief stricken friends and family put on brave faces to tackle the subject of gun violence. president trump under people to put politics aside and do something. he look add possible ways to take action with the group in washington yesterday. let's go over to kenneth moten who is live in washington with the latest on what to expect today. good morning kenneth. >> reporter: good morning, tam, president trump said focused on stronger background checks for
6:37 am
gun as he heard from people related to columbine, newtown and parkland. >> it doesn't make sense, it should have been one school shooting we should have fixed it. >> reporter: president trump listened to victims and parents and educators impacted by gun vials. ar-15 was used to kill 17 people in parkland. >> beyond why i can go into a store and buy a weapon of war. >> i was born into a world where i never got to experience safety and peace. >> reporter: the president asked for solutions and advocated to more mentality institutions and looking for arming teachers. >> does everybody feel strongly? i understand that, we'll study it along with many ideas. >> reporter: tallahassee, florida, park lrnd students face
6:38 am
to -- parkland students face-to-face with lawmakers. during a tense scene town hall debate, marko rubio shifted his stance on guns. >> number one i absolutely believe that in this country if you're 18 careers of able you should not buy a rifle i will support a law that takes that right away. >> the nra quick to respond to opose any minimum age from 18 is to 21 matt. kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." >> republican pat toomey said he will expand his bill on background checks that requires limits on guns bought on law and
6:39 am
gun shows. a water main break knocked out service to dozens of people in south philadelphia at cross street. it broke after repairs were done. crews from the philadelphia water department are back on the scene to fix the issue. taking a live look auto across philadelphia international as the skies get a little bit lighter as this thursday gets going. 6:39 a.m., 52 degrees. >> i hope they have the book takes place going, karen. >> reporter: what a mess. i want to show you the jam on 422. 55 minutes almost an hour now to get eastbound between oaks and 202. compare that to 6 minutes with no delay because of a disabled vehicle eastbound at 23 blocking the left lane. the disabled vehicle cleared a few minutes ago, nonetheless
6:40 am
you're jammed solid from 29 to 23. it's a long slow ride in. don't drink a lot of coffee. manner road and hibernia road. we have a accident in chester county. we have a few accidents in the suburbs this morning. i-95 cottman, southbound traffic jammed approaching cottman to girard. 42 i'm noticing some building volume not a major delay, building volume northbound coming up from deptford or turnersville. what a great day it was yesterday. i love everybody tweeting me pictures. lisa tweeted this, she took her daughter out to the did you -- f field farm. we had showers moving through, damp and dreary, yesterday's high in the afternoon, 77. this afternoon, our temperature will be 43.
6:41 am
some 30-degree plus difference. a big change in the overnight hours. the other change it's damp and dreary. it gets milder for the weekend, mostly cloudy on saturday, 56. 64 on sunday, a soaking rain, but a david does have the sunshine in the seven day, he'll be back in a moment with that. more brand new stories up next, two americans injured in a ferry explosion are speaking out about their ordeal. a family is forever indebted to a complete stranger who stops an attempted child aducks you'll hear from them after the break.
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>> an explosion ripped through a ferry as it unloaded passengers in mexico yesterday. the surveillance video shows the blast shooting debris off the dock ferry. 25 people were hurt, including two americans. >> it was a very loud bang and there was glass and other metal pieces that flew out. there was scratches and bruises. >> authorities say none of the injuries are life threatening. investigators are looking into a
6:45 am
mechanical failure as a possible calls. a woman in california said her motherrerly instincts kicked in when she foiled a kidnapping. she gave us amy martinez a big hug. she said she started screaming when a woman abducted her on the way to school. >> amy was struggling to get away, so those were the signs that something wasn't right. >> i thought i was never going to my mom or family again. >> it's a place where there is a lot of cars and not one stopped until this laid came she is going to be our angel. >> officers arrested 34-year-old claudia hernandez for the attempted kidnapping. insurance institute for highway safety is ranking the best ways to say void backing --
6:46 am
to avoid backing into something in your cars. rear view mirrors reduce crashes by 42%. rear automatic breaking lowers back end crashes by 78%. cadillac xt5 and subaru crowd back for their abbott to operate safely in their diverse. >> we got a car with that feature for the first time. we love it. >> it tells you that something is coming from the side. it sort of takes care of my stupidity automatically. there's moisture creeping up from the southwest. most of it is located in allentown and reading and there's a bit of it popping through southern delaware county and chester county. this will be an on and off issue throughout the day. we look outside, cloudy skies in
6:47 am
philadelphia, over the ben franklin bridge. maybe a little bit of blue off in the distance. generally speaking this will be an overcast day and damp. we're at 52 in philadelphia. 52 in wilmington. 50 in trenton. mid 40s in allentown and reading. a bit milder in millville and dover. when the wind is coming up from the warm south. shifting to the cool north northeast that will drive the numbers down the rest of the day. yesterday was a warm one incredible so. in wilmington, allentown and reading and trenton these were not only daily highs they were all time february highs in the cities. philadelphia didn't get that warm, but we did wind up with a daily high of 77 degrees, that's in the rear view mirror now. in terms of precipitation 9:00. noon, into the afternoon you'll
6:48 am
be in and out of rain and drizzle. in some cases up north it might be a steadier rain, most of you will see a nuisance rainfall today. it will die down a little bit. in the lehigh valley, rain and drizzle. i'm posting high temperatures which are below the official highs which were a few hours ago. keep in mind these numbers will slide during the day and by dinnertime you're in the 30s in the lehigh valley. 52 degrees at the shore. sliding into the mid 40s. temperatures sliding from the upper 40s to the low 40s by dinnertime on the northeast wind. overnight 35 degrees, cloudy skies, a little damp in the evening hours in particular. and cooler when we get up tomorrow morning. and then we're on the rain train today all the way through sunday as there's going to be a series of waves of low pressure riding along stalled front that wind up bringing us increasing rainfall there will be more today and tomorrow and more saturday night
6:49 am
into sunday. by the time we head into sunday afternoon, expect 1 1/2 inches in philadelphia and points close by, maybe more up north. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we're dropping in the 40s, cloudy, cooler, damp at times. tomorrow, cloudy and damp intermittent rain and drizzle. 46. saturday, dry during the day, high of 56. looking like rain saturday night into sunday morning. we dry out sunday afternoon. sunday's high, a little bit better, 64. we're back in the 50s, monday, tuesday, wednesday, dry and still above average those three days. >> i'm thinking we'll get a lot of lions in march because of all the nice weather in february. not many lambs. >> reporter: watch out lion alert. we have a line on the road on 422. this is eastbound traffic 48 minute ride jammed from 29 to 23 all because of a disabled
6:50 am
vehicle that was blocking the left lane at 23. the cleared, but the delay remains. it will take a while to thin that out. disabled vehicle, allentown road at hoffman road. a threat made to a delaware county church has religious leaders considering armed security. 59-year-oldherwood hardgrove turned himself in and was released on $30,000 unsecured bail. it has police outraged. >> this is asinine. when you make those kinds of threats there had a to be consequences. >> the pastor is considering having armed and trained people to deal with potential conflicts. >> breaking news, we're getting to it right now, chopper 6 hd is
6:51 am
live over a raging and smoky house fire in burlington city, new jersey. this broke out just about 20 minutes ago on the unit block of ivy lane, 2 story single family house, crews are connected to the hydrants they are trying to douse this with as much water. you can see it is raging here. there are solar panels on top of the roof. just making an observation, raging fire burning on ivy lane, two story house in burlington city, new jersey. chopper 6 hd is live we'll stay over it as they try to contain the flames. >> 651 time to check in with our friends at "g.m.a." >> robin roberts joins us live from nyc. the gun control debate rageses on.
6:52 am
>> reporter: the dramatic listening session between president trump and families puts outrage always they confronted lawmakers in tallahassee. we'll speak to them live this morning. >> u.s. women's hockey striking olympic gold for the first time in a 20 years. they beat canada, dramatic shootout. amy will join us live from south korea. black panther star and david arquette is here live on this friday evening coming up on "g.m.a." matt and tam. >> you know, robin, i tried to see black panther yesterday, but i tried to go on my own to watch it. 1:30 p.m. completely sold out. >> same way here. >> okay. >> see you in 8 minutes. 6:52 a.m., a ride sharing
6:53 am
service is rolling out its cheapest option right here in philadelphia. >> candidates for pennsylvania governor my finite themselves in jeopardy for a future debate.
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> philadelphia's district attorney is ordering the change in the bail system in the city. larry krasner's office will no longer seek bail on misdemeanor and nonviolent felonies. happening today uber will roll out a new cheaper service in philadelphia that will compete with public transportation. it is called express pool. the service links up riders who are close by and heading to similar destinations, it is not door to door, customers will be dropped off a short walk from their requested locations. philadelphia is one of 6 major cities getting the service. jeopardy host alex trebek is trading in one podium for
6:56 am
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>> welcome back chopper 6 hd is over breaking news from burlington city, new jersey. chopper is live over a fierce smoky fire that broke out less than 0 minutes ago. look at the damage it has done from the roof to the middle of the structure, the home is gone. flames are coming through the roof and the back. so far no reports of any injuries. big mess of the morning,
6:59 am
traffic is on 422 i've got a great improvement. one point was an hour ride from oaks to 202 now you're down to 13 minutes. you can handle that. eastbound past 29 traffic is slow. get ready for your closeup. there's a movie shoot today in the atlantic brigantine connector tunnel is closed until 4:00. >> storm tracker 6 live double scan, we have speckled spattered precipitation, light rain in southeastern pennsylvania. everybody has a shot at that later. temperatures going in a different direction than yesterday, 49 by 8:00. 40 by dinnertime. >> looks like the fire in burlington city is out. we'll have updates during "good morning america." for david, tam, karen, i'm matt. have a great morning, everyone.
7:00 am
good morning, america. outrage overnight at a gun control town hall. >> senator rubio, can you tell me right now that you will not accept a single donation from the nra? >> survivors of that high school massacre and parents of the victims confronting lawmakers and the nra. >> my daughter running down the hallway was shot in the back. >> yes, sir. >> with an assault weapon, the weapon of choice. >> yes, sir. >> okay, it is too easy to get. it is a weapon of war. the fact that you can't stand with everybody in this building and say that, i'm sorry. >> as president trump confronts the heartbreak and anger of grieving parents. >> my daughter has no voice. she was murdered last week and she was taken from us.


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