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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 22, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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tunnel. >> they are having trouble because of different factors. john rawlins live now where the victim lives. >> reporter: very peculiar narrative. it happened at 6:00 last night a busy time on the feast extension but authorities did not know a there was a truck involved or b a fatality until almost 9:00. there were cameras in the area but they are not recorded. and hopefully witnesses can come forward to help them understand the sequence of events. these images show how a portion of electrical conduit came down and pierced the roof and windshield of the truck and instantly killing the driver howard sexton of howard county. sexton's widow michelle today trying to understand the bizarre incident. sexton an employee of ray more and flannigan was driving
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northbound at the lehigh tunnel. the conduit carries wiring and lights for fans on the tunnel. and he was fatally struck in the head by the conduit. and traveled for about a distance of a mile before coming to a stop along the highway unnoticed. initial police activity focused on other vehicles that had minor damage. sexton and his truck was not found for several hours, it was located only after a welfare check from raymore and flannigans. >> reporter: now, the family of the driver, 70-year-old howard sexton said he had a long safe driving record and learned to drive heavy trucks in the army as a young man and his plan twooz retire in august.
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john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. authorities have charged a chester county father with first degree murder in the death of his infant daughter, zion shochley is charged with shaking and throwing and dropping the 5-month-old girl over the period of several months. he was the baby's primary caretaker and held without bail. and police are looking for the person that shot and killed an innocent victim. taisha timones was shot as she drove a van in the logan section. her sister and two other women and four young children were in the van and only she was hit. it crossed several lanes and cross nood a building on york road. wilmington police are responding to the area of north clayton street after officers reported hearing gun fire there. and when they arrived they found bullet holes in several cars on north clayton street.
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starting at 3:00 p.m. the entire block is shut down so authorities can collect evidence and that a shooting victim showed up at ai dupont hospital with gunshot wounds to his arm and foot. president trump spoke out today on changes he would like to see in the wake of the deadly school shooting in florida. at the white house he met with state and local officials to talk about school safety today. he says his administration wants to get something done. >> we are going to do strong background checks and work on getting the age up to 21 instead of 18 and getting rid of the bump stocks and going to be focusing on mental health. >> president trump also talked about the idea of getting weapons training and arming some teachers and school staff across the country. world news with david muir will have more on president trump's comments on increasing school safety, you can watch that tonight at 6:30 following
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"action news" at 6:00. turning to the weather beautiful sunny days of soggy dreary conditions today. meteorologist, cecily tynan, is in the weather center with the latest. >> they will stick around through the weekend and get usioned to it and keep the umbrellas nearby you'll need them. double scan live radar showing the first wave of a series of low pressures is moving off the coast right now. and we get a break in the action across the ohio and tennessee valleys and the next wave is starting to gather strength in the southern plains and that will be moving in tomorrow. so temperatures show you what a difference a day makes. we are 40 degrees in philadelphia. and up to the north temperatures in the 20s and 30s. with the wind out of the northeast. 24 chan it's 34 degrees colder in philadelphia. than it was yesterday. new york city 40 degrees colder and that is just the air temperature not including the windchills. windchills currently are in the 30s. the accuweather highlights show
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you three more days of damp dreary weather and yes that takes us through the weekend and the next sunny day is tuesday. on monday we'll have cloud tods battle, no snow in the seven-day forecast, but there is a chance of more rain later this week. we'll talk about that in the full accuweather forecast. >> all right thank you. of course get the latest on the forecast any te and check stormtracker 6 live double scan yourself on your phone or tablet. the 6 abc app is a free download. all right, well it's one of philadelphia's most treasured and popular haunts and is celebrating a big birthday. >> the reading terminal market turned 125 years old. gray hall is live. >> reporter: hi, what a great party this was. there was something for the entire family of course great food and partied like it was 1893. at reading terminal market there was a party and everyone was
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invited. back in 1893 the market opened for business and today the community said happy 125th birthday. and manager says what kept it thriving for over is hundred years. >> two things it's merchants, 80 unique family owned philadelphia centric businesses and they pour everything they have into making their wonderful products each and every day. and then the customers. >> it was a partner for the commune and state and local leaders showed up and governor wolf took a trip back in time and arrived in a horse drawn carriage. >> for another 125 years it's a great place non-center city we have something this magnificent. >> the ice-cream was the first to open. >> we were the first ones to sign the lease in 1893 and we
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are the only original still here. >> yes, the ice-cream. >> you can tell you liked it, what flavor? >> chocolate. >> yes. >> i don't know how i guessed it. >> because it's brown good and it's on your face. >> it's one of the oldest public parquets. and earn admits it's a one of a kind place you must experience. we saw amazing food and treats and we got beautiful flowers and ice-cream as you can tell. >> all right back out live a great event to celebrate here the 125. and folks got really good discounts dating back to 1893 and if you missed out on the festivities there are recents throughout the year including a big party on saturday. live at the reading terminal, gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> great place. thank you. time for a check of the "action news" traffic report. >> now we are good and hungry.
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matt pellman is in the traffic center with a check of the highways. >> if you are in the market for traffic jams you came to the right place. 95 jammed in both directions at the betsy ross bridge, it's northbound headlights at a slow crawl out of center city and southbound is backing down if you head in early to that flyers game this evening and not a lot better on the schuylkill expressway 8 miles per hour on the westbound side. there by south street. and last we spoke a crash on the pennsylvania turnpike. westbound direction just beyond 309 and the fort washington interchange, it's now pushed off to the side and you are look agent speeds like unlucky 13 miles per hour coming west of willow grove and eastbound speeds are slowing, normal afternoon volume in combination with the wet conditions. arch bishop wood look for a crash at york road. and we have a pair of accidents in bensalem. one along street road by the
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sunoco station and the other along 13 bristol pike. tomato pies that sounds delicious. couple of updates, mass transit power problems on some lines. the one most severely impacted is the elwin regional rail line, inbound is suspended coming in from delaware county. think about the 101 or 102 trolleys as alternates. and septa 36 trop trolley sees eastbound delays because a demonstration partially blocking the tracks and if you ride the buses the transit division is getting new schedules on sunday and monday as we get ready for spring. >> thank you. much more ahead on "action news" tonight. a lot of people that want to shed extra pounds are looking for new ways to get it done. one local man did it on the golf course. ali gorman has more.
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>> and today they left port charles and came here to spend a day at "action news." alicia vitarelli here from the kelly monoco and billy miller story on the major milestone and characters and new adventure when "action news" continues tonight.
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police in connecticut are investigating a dangerous incident at a hospital in middletown. that a driver purposefully drove his car into the emergency room and set himself on fire. the suspect has prior interaction with police apparently but they are trying to determine a possible motive. nobody at the hospital was hurt in the crash. and delaware's proposed budget may bring an end to a program that brought health care to women across the state. the mammography van provides the screening and allows opinions to be screened for cervical cancer and get glucose and blood pressure numbers. and cutting it could save close to $300,000. a local man has lost more than 100 pounds and if you look to lose weight or improve your
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health, he is sharing his story to inspire you. ali gorman looks at how he lost all the weight. >> it will give people inspiration, he says it was a mix of perseverance and faith that helped him and picking up a new sport, golf gave him new motivation. once a week you can see peter caruso helping to serve sunday's mass on 6 abc. week you find hi hitting golf balls to enjoy the fresh air and appreciate the turn his life has taken. >> i thank god every day for this great accomplishment. >> that is successful weight loss and says it wasn't quick or easy. five years ago he was recently divorced or depressed and it took a toll on his health and then doctors found a blockage in his heart tonight was a wake-up call. i had to do something and make a
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change and started the jenny craig weight loss plan, he started working out and joining the plymouth country club. >> i lost about 133 pounds and his diet now is healthy and lean protein and vegetables with a cheat meal once a week. he works out every day and is happy. he tells others trying to improve their health to take it day by day. it may be difficult to start but then it becomes habit. >> stay with it. have you to be committed to it. >> and caruso tells others to be patient and he says he didn't gain the weight overnight and didn't expect to lose it that quickly either. >> that is a great story. >> he will need two pairs of pants in case he get a hole in one. >> really? >> sorry i couldn't resist. many manayunk you'll hear exciting sights and soundses of the mummers, the fifth annual
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a montgomery county postal service driver was honored today for the safe driving while driving the mail. joe was given an elite group status today the million mile drivers club. he has driven 1 million miles without a single accident. he is a 31 year veteran with the postal service. and engineers from west philadelphia are being applauded for their academic excellence, they had a swearing in ceremony for the first chapter of whack engineers. they added it for diversity to the engineering profession. and the 6 abc dunkin' donuts food drive was able to give back in a big way. philabundance received 186,000 there's. 6 abc president and general manager, bernie prazenica, was
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there to help present the check and received 2,000 pounds of dunkin' donuts coffee today as well. and this year's food drive benefitted four other local food banks as well. in north philadelphia a special (ation honoring african-american women that made a difference and students presented the live museum where the eighth grade girls portrayed a heroin of their choice. rosa parks. and philadelphia song stress marion anderson was also represented. and even famous tennis players venus williams and her sister serena.
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if you thought today's wehe bad. floodwaters took over people's doorsteped in indiana. they told people they could take any belongings they could fit on a raft. >> my goodness. >> we have soggy weather but nothing like that. cecily tynan is here with the latest. >> nothing like that but waves of rain and generally on the light side. the bad news is it is sticking around and lets head to the weather center and a familiar sight wet roads across the region and this february actually has been definitely a
5:24 pm
damp one. if you look at these stats, the normal average rainfall this time of february two and a half and we have had four weekends with rain or snow, this will be the fifth one on the way. 80% saturday and sunday and finally as we head back to work and school that is when we dry out. not only is it wet out there it's on the cool side. double scan live radar showing that we have generally light rain east of philadelphia and the first batch is moving out of here and we dry out overnight and heading to the poconos be aware a winter weather advisory is in effect there until 1:00 a of this light rain is freezing rain. temperatures are cold enough in the poconos for that. holding at 32 degrees. south of the poconos though we are in the upper 30s and low 40s. too warm for anything froze and
5:25 pm
t compared to yesterday it's a shock to the system and especially if you look at the windchills it feels like 32 degrees in philadelphia. definitely a day you need the winter coat. and satellite 6 along with action radar the first batch moving out and plenty more moisture waiting in the wings and that keeps us damp and dreary through the weekend. through tonight the rain is moving out and clouds and drizz37 degrees in philadelphia. allentown 33. and cape may 40 and trenton 45 and the next wave of rain arrives for the morning commute. we have the rnd freezing rain across the 7:30 and the 39 in rain pushes east of philadelphia around lunch time. and then we have another wave arriving later in the afternoon
5:26 pm
around 4:30 and temperatures just stuck in the mid-40s where we should be this time of year. the five-day at 5:00 showing more periods of rain on and off through the day and on the light side. 46 degrees and on saturday the first half of the day cloudy and damp and showers developing in the afternoon but we are south of a warm front. temperatures are heading up. 58 degrees on saturday. and sunday 62 degrees and after a wet start to the day. the rain should be moving out later in the afternoon and monday clouds breaking for some breaks of sunshine and 56 degrees, and finally on tuesday, a bright sunny day with a high of 56 and march arrives on thursday, what will that bring? adam will have the answer in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you cecily. >> more ahead on "action news," our next half hour of "action news" at 5:30. the debate about gun control and the president offers ideas the nra is lashing out on those that say those using the florida
5:27 pm
school shooting for political gain. and how the globe trotters are honoring a local girl making a big continues on the high school basketball team. and two stars of general hospital sit down with "action news" to talk about a unique show they are planning to benefit a great cause. "action news" continues tonight. my shoulders carry more than my country's pride
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody rick williams and monica malpass. hello again. here are stories we are following for tonight on "action news" at 5:30. calls for chain today to try to keep students safe. what president trump is endorsing to prevent shootings at schools. and how to make a change and shut down for good. and the iconic soap opera general hospital is celebrating a milestone with a unique show. we'll hear about their live performance. and a day of debate over the gun control from the president
5:30 pm
of the united states and the president of the n rx a it was fiery and emotional. and they unced active shooter drills. >> the white house suggested that perhaps teachers should have guns in classroom for protection. and they request if they could be properly trained to handle a weapon in a crisis situation. >> in america's battle over guns, teachers found themselves on the front line. >> i want my schools protected like my banks are protected. >> the president tweeted highly adepted teachers and coaches -- >> and pam compares them to sky marshals on planes. >> why don't we have protection in the schools. >> the teachers themselveses are divided. >> the the thought of carrying
5:31 pm
in a corner and protecting your students with no options other than just standing there hoping nobody comes in. just didn't right with me. i wanted more protection for my students. >> no, that is not the solution, this is not a prison this is a high school. >> former fbi agent brad garret acknowledges there is an emotional appeal to arm teachers but it's a reality check. >> their job is not to be a combat shooter and s.w.a.t. team. we have to get away from the stereotype that a teacher will take down a mass shooter. tangibleness of a gun in your hand is real. but is it the best place for the gun to be? >> the national education association say they overwhelmingly reject arming school staff. our kids in school need more books and school supplies and
5:32 pm
counselors they do not need more guns. >> all right thank you. meanwhile, representatives from the national rifle association delivered an impassioned defense of the second amendment today saying that the liberal democrats and news media and liberal opportunists are planning to eradicate individual freedoms. they spoke to the conservative political action committee in maryland known as cpac. it's not gun control but to arm them against attacks. dana lash criticized media conk of school shooting. >> many in legacy media love mass shootings. you guys love it. now, i'm not saying that you love the tragedy -- but i am saying that you love the ratings.
5:33 pm
crying white mothers are ratings gold. >> back in our area philadelphia mayor, jim kenney says it's up to lawmakers to take action to keep schools safe. >> i think congress and the state legislature needs to exam their conscious and see if they are keeping us safe and some cher aid you saw yesterday with president trump and others, speaking to the issue without caring about it is really sad. >> and the young people the survivors of the shooting in florida and those that join in the cause will lead the way in creating change. >> world news with david muir has the latest control debate comin6:30 tonight after "action news" at 6:00. in other news a home in burlington was heavily damaged by fire today chopper 6 hd was over the scene of ivy lane and you see the flames shooting from the two story home and it took crews two hours to get it
5:34 pm
under control. and a late night water main break knocked out customers of a south philadelphia neighborhood and the action cam was on cross street and the break happened at 9:00 p.m. and water service was shut down for several blocks and repairs were finished earlier and service was turned back on. nobody was injured when an explosion blue the cover off ah. it happened at m and peco crews responded to the scene and no customers were effected. they are trying to figure out the cause. holy cross academy is doing whatever they can to stay hope after trenton pulls the funding. it's on their own as july 1st. and community members and alumni are coming up with a plan to run the school independently. and the board will take over the school will thrive and survive.
5:35 pm
>> holy cross is a school that is a huge part this have community in burlington county. the only catholic high school in burlington county and that important to people of faith. and people under the value taught here. >> they pride themselves about the family aspect. >> and holy cross has an open house this coming sunday from 12:00 until 2:00 and encourage anyone interested in the school to come by. and mercy philadelphia broke ground on a space that will become new offices and patient facilities and celebrate the year long 100th anniversary and symbolized the continued education to the west philadelphia community. time for an update on the highways. with another check of the "action news" traffic -- >> matt pellman has the latest. >> what is that?
5:36 pm
things are not going on the schuylkill expressway we have accidents in both directions by the vine street expressway westbound 1 cleared out eastbound 1 is right here on the shoulder involving that truck. and the travel times also no go, 56 minutes from the blue route from this point to the vine, that should be 15 minutes and pushing an hour now and not a lot better on the westbound side and 45 minute s that is three thymes what it should be. alem one on bristol pike at n bensalem boulevard at bella maria tomato pies and the crash at archbishop wood cleared out. and the crash on the turnpike westbound near fort washington is gone but sluggish west of willow grove. and jammed on the eastbound side with normal afternoon volume.
5:37 pm
in coatesville a crash near lincoln highway, and better news on the mass transit front fb the media elwin line resumed inbound service and suspended for a short time and 20 minute delays and eastbound delays on the trolley for a demonstration going on. >> thank you. well, breaking into the workforce is not always easy but this event in aston, could help. they host wardrobed for work program. and could pick up shirts to shoes and suits. and best of all it's free of charge. >> very nice. still to come on "action news" the skills on the football field and now we know jason kelce's talent. and a thrilling end to an epic rivalry the u.s. womens hockey wins gold in a dramatic win over canada. >> and the highlights are in sp
5:38 pm
weather. >> wet and chilly as well. some rain moving on and drizzle philadelphia and the temperatur do 40 degrees where they wh t time yterday and we' abou stretch in theexclus forecast. >> thanks adam. - [narrator] look around.
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wow how about that. the one and only jason kelce showing off saxophone with students at central high. students from ohio were also there as part of an exchange program. he did play the saxophone in that school in the band. >> he is a man of many tal ens. >> speaking of sports jaime apody is here now with the phillies that got a chance to play a team. >> this is exciting after a cool and much happier winter thanks to the kelce and the eagles.
5:42 pm
the phanatic also getting early work in as the phils took on the university of tampa in an exhibition before the grapefruit league opener. that is daniel ortiz making it 3-0. phillies on top. in the bottom of the seventh, an rue pullin pulled one in. and phillies won it 7-0 and tomorrow they take on the toronto blue jays in the opener. >> and the flyers may not have travis tonight as they take on columbus and left early the foot from the last game is bugging them. but they will have their new goalie and they host the blue jackets. it will look weird and still wearing his red and white red wings pads but can't wait to play in the building and for the fans that gave him fits as an opposing player. >> how exciting are you to make
5:43 pm
the first start? >> really excited. feels like a first game. hope we play well and make saves and help the team to win. >> does it fee jitters. >> you enjoy those games and looking forward to t i can't wait for the game. >> the sixers return from the all-star break from chicago. and not a team in the nba has lost fewer games than the sixers since christmas and went 16-7 and brett brown could not be more proud of his team. >> fourth off and improving our defense. and we are getting a bit older and we live aid priviled life the old job where you always when to the playoffs and this is when it gets fun and why we do our jobs and i know what is around the corner and to share that with our guys and know the responsibility and it's so different the playoffs and regular soon and we just have to
5:44 pm
get in there. >> they will. right? they will. >> the unthinkable happened at the olympics the u.s. ended a 20 year drought in womens hockey with canada in a shootout no less. they stayed even through overtime so the shootout went. on the sixth shot check out this move. woo. that is monique's sister, jocelyn and a final chance for canada and the u.s.'s first olympic gold since 1998. fitting it happened to take place on the 38th anniversary of the 1980 mens miracle on ice. >> a double whammy. >> i think the flyers should sign her. it's a great game. >> it really was. you may not know the name
5:45 pm
kate spadaro but she is famous at catholic high school. the senior with down syndrome got the game of her life and got to play on the girls basketball team. and she took to the court in the game against lenape. and scored a basket in the first quarter there. and the harlem globetrotters go to give her another great moment. >> look what happened today. >> how about that? they visited kate and the team today. and gave her her own jersey and made a basket and couple of tricks and commended the team for showing compassion to kate part of the national bullying prevention program. and the globetrotters are here next week at the wells fargo center center and coming up the
5:46 pm
exclusive accuweather forecast. >> a live look through the sky 6 hd camera. the center city skyline dreary and wet. adam joseph will have the details when we come right back.
5:47 pm
5:48 pm
adam is here. >> i didn't listen -- i am talking over his conversation. lets go to the weather center
5:49 pm
and chat about the drearies. live on the platt bridge a slow go for the evening rush hour and not a lot of rain falling and wet roadways and slowing folks down and get used to the wet roads tomorrow, saturday and sunday. saturday as we head towards the weekend and quick preview for the weekend it turns milder and starts dry saturday morning and showers come in in the half noon and heavy round of rain late saturday night into sunday. another weekend with wet weather rainy to start your sunday morning and some drying in the afternoon and milder at 62 degrees and even though the rain sticks around for the weekend and not the cold raw rain we are dealing with right now. stormtracker 6 live double scan just a few lingering showers in parts of south jersey and central parts of south delaware but for the northern and western suburbs of philadelphia. the steady rain has shut off but mist or drizzle coming out of the cloud cover and that will be
5:50 pm
with us overnight tonight. kind of an upside down day. the warmer temperatures in the morning high at midnight at 53 degrees and 48 at 10:00 and 44 at 2:00 and right now sitting at 42 degrees and that cold air continues to drain in behind the front that came through yesterday. we are at 39 in trenton and freezing the poconos. they have a winter weather advisory in effect traveling north of the lehigh valley tunnel into the mountainous region and there you see icy conditions tonight into the day tomorrow. there is a break all of this rain coming in along the boundary and another area generating in the midwest. that pushes through here tomorrow. and for tonight drizzle around and chilly, damp and 33 in the suburbs and 37 for center city. future tracker 6 tomorrow morning for the rush hour, pack the patience again and steady showers coming back in and icing
5:51 pm
in the poconos at 27 degrees and that continues into the afternoon an on and off day of steady showers and pockets of rain and drizzle. as you get into the morning a break here and clouded cool with temperatures in the 40s and more showers saturday afternoon as rounds of energy pass through and at least the temperatures warm over the weekend. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 46 tomorrow and chilly rainy drizzle and saturday milder with that afternoon rain coming in at 58 degrees and a very wet start to sunday morning into the early afternoon before sun drying late at 62 and peeks of sun we kind of shut the faucet off here on monday after degrees and tuesday is the pick really beautiful and after wall-to-wall sun and sun to clouds building on wednesday 54 degrees before more rain on thursday. as we get into the month of march. at 52 degrees. >> okay. >> thank you. >> and as always get the latest on the forecast check
5:52 pm
stormtracker 6 live double scan any time on your phone or tablet. the 6 abc happen is a free download for your mobile device. and be sure to wake up with the "action news" team to get a great head start to your day. join matt, tam and karen starting at 4:00 a.m. >> and it's a fan favorite for decaded and general hospital is entertaining fans since 1963. and several stars are doing something they have never do before. going live for a good cause. alicia vitarelli joins us with the details. >> we had soap opera royalty here at 6 abc. kelly and billy visited us here in the studios to dish about their upcoming live show for charity and we talked about the one that endeared fans for 55 years and counting. tomorrow general hospital is celebrating a landmark. its 14,000th episode.
5:53 pm
monoco is a nate of the frankford area of the city. and it's not that different from our loyalty to our sports teams. something that is passed down a family tradition of sorts. >> it's a generational thing like being an eagles fan. especially if you are from philadelphia. you will understand what i'm saying that our fathers fathers fathers started to take them to the game and then passed on and passed on. and i would like to think that we are all from the same way of thinking. >> the longest running script of the show in the history of television. it is amazing. >> iconic. >> we all work hard -- our crew -- >> longest running scripted show in the history of tv. they call themselves killy. kelly and billy and taking the show on the road this weekend
5:54 pm
and saturday night they host an event called killy live raising money for next jen face helping children with severe facial deformities. and they will let you star in scenes. and there are tickets available you know how our people here love their general hospital. >> big fans. thank you. much more ahead on "action news" thursday night. >> we'll be right back.
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if you want to eat healthier but need help here is the nutritious newark cook-off. cooking up healthy dishes at the science building and guests get to vote on which is the tastiest and healthiest and creative. >> right now jim gardner is standing by with these stories.
5:57 pm
at the wrong place at the wrong time. philadelphia police investigate the murder a woman driving along broad street and a new jersey trucker is impaled while driving through the lehigh tunnel. and the reading terminal market celebrates a big birthday bash today. i'm monica malpass have a good night.
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hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan and jim gardner. thursday night and former radnor commissioner phillip ahr
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faces federal pornography charges and radnor university sells the renowned westminster choir college. but the big story is the investigation into the killing of a 23-year-old woman whose only crime seems to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. surveillance video captures the moment after 23-year-old taisha timones was shot while driving a van on york street and logan. sara bloomquist is live at broad street and old york road and the victim had a van full of passengers including children. what are police saying about this? >> reporter: homicide investigators are reviewing surveillance video from along businesses along broad street and old york road trying to figure out who shot and killed 23-year-old taisha timones as she drove the van up broad street. she had three other women and
6:00 pm
three other children in the van with her. after the gun fire the van crashed into a building behind me. >> take my baby girl from me. if you know who you are, do the right thing please. >> lisa timons is pleading for the person that pulled the trigger killing her daughter taisha to sounder. >> if you all are listening to me do the right thing. >> surveillance video shows the van taisha was driving careened into a building on old york road last night. moment before it was traveling northern and broad industry when it came under a barrage of gun fire at the cricket store. we have descriptions of two black males wearing gray hoodies that fled. >> the van crashed on to a
6:01 pm
building o


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