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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 23, 2018 2:10am-2:40am EST

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>> the phillies open tomorrow against the bluejays. today they played an exhibition game against the university of tampa. phils off to a good start. tommy joseph, andrew knapp in the third. 1-0 phillies. same count in the fourth inning. 6-0. manager was pleased with the staff today. >> walks on a day fairly unusual in a spring training game. we didn't even work a lot of three ball counts. guys on top of it. >> drexel hosting delaware. blue hens lead by 34 points. dragondragons storm all the way. drexel wins 85-83. the come back is the largest in
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division one men's basketball history. >> it's a shame nobody saw it. it was all about style in philadelphia. the sente 21 department store hosted a runway show part of fan week. with us phyllis of pink lips, melissa magee the event. and choosing the canvass for benefit therapy. the designer challenge unway in langhorne. designers picked up the if you were the they have to months to transform. it will be auctioned off at a gala in april.
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>> you think i have any shot? >> you can do it. >> "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel6 followed by "nightline." guests oprah winfrey, shall may and music from andrea day. >> all right. for "action news," i'm jim gardner. maybe we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." >> fed up neighbors take out their frustrations on a car,
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smashing, grinding and hacking away. the reason they took matters into their own hands. >> it's a long awaited homecoming day and everybody is getting a big surprise. the emotional reunion one by one by one. >> oh, this is one of those places where -- people have to figure it out. >> see how many tries it takes to do that. >> and a pedicure for a brave man who's cutting the talons off. we'll reveal how a little grooming goes a very long way. >> oh, my gosh. hey, that's like a local -- >> typically we applaud people for taking matters into their own hands. in this case, i think it's going to be up for debate. watch what these guys are up to. >> oh, no.
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>> at least three of them going at this car with a golf club an ax and a portable power tool, smashing, grinding and hacking away at this car in london. >> thif this is some kind of social justice they're going for, they are basically breaking the law now. they're the ones going to get in trouble. >> it doesn't seem like they're worried about the law. they're totally laughing about it. and what sparked this whole thing is, it was parked there for what they say was months. they believe the car was abandoned. it had been parked there for a long time in their neighborhood where it's very crowded, parking spots are limited, they also claim that the tags had expired and you can see a boot on the wheel there too, so this was their way of getting the attention of authorities to say, get this car out of our neighborhood. some reports say that the car was towed about a day later, but still, is this the right way to get attention to the problem? i don't know. and no word if these guys are
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going to be facing any kind of charges. >> i don't think it's the right way, but if they'd already been trying to get authorities out there, this was -- seems like the only way they were able to get results. >> stay away from the light. >> okay. >> he just kept running. is he drunk? >> well, some reports say that he may have been a little tuned up. he runs straight towards it, drives right through that glass and off he goes. police are looking for this guy though. >> air force sergeant josh is home. a week early and everybody is getting a big surprise. starting with his son right here. >> how are you? >> oh, cute! >> he's so happy to see dad.
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>> oh, that's going to get me. >> he was trying to be tough but the tears got him too. josh has more than one child. here comes two more. >> they're happy to see daddy. everybody's got lots of catching up including josh's mom. my favorite though is his dad's reaction. >> oh, his dad just turned into one of the kids. >> he just jumped right into his son's arms. >> that is so cool. >> now it's time to surprise josh's brother. here comes the sergeant sneaking up the stairs. tapped him on the shoulder. >> hey! >> and then the high schoolteacher and then that babysitter that used to look after me. >> he stopped at first cousin. his cousin is like who is that at the door? >> what the? >> i think dad's reaction won.
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>> yeah, and the last one, he's got to greet his dog. >> nice sneaking up on them. >> the dog is like, thank you for your service, josh, and welcome home. >> florida swampfest was just this past weekend but we had the opportunity to go look at the track and as you can see there's all kinds of jumps and ramps and things to play on, but he was attracted to this. >> oh, cool. >> an open loop, so you're going to ride and then suddenly it's going to disappear and you've got to figure it out. >> he's going to give it a go. >> oh! >> yeah. wow. >> that's terrifying. >> he said it was the scariest thing he's ever done. >> what are you supposed to do when the ramp ends? how do you finish this? >> he goes again.
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almost an impressive gymnastic landing though. >> it's a bit more splat in the third one. >> oh! >> yeah, as he calls it, palms and there was an exposed nail. >> super close on the next one though. basically lands it, but he's not happy with it. the obstacle is not complete. i did not jump it. >> he wants to make sure he does it properly. >> yeah. >> say yes if you actually want to ride an open loop. it takes six goes. anyone can do it. that's hajalapeno pancake. >> that is wild. >> nibbles and smooches for
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everybody. i was thinking the bird was going to nibble too hard. >> what a cute little relationship between the both of them. it gives her a little smooch. >> i thought that was going to be a wrap too. i knew he was going to start swinging. no, it was just a way to show some love. anybody want a cheese burger? >> always. >> okay. well, if you are going to have a cheese burger make sure you don't have it in front of this pug. >> a puggle. >> yes. >> it's a pug and a beagle mixed. they realize that the dog might want some of the hamberger so they went back through the drive through. she sees she's getting a reaction but didn't know it was going to go like this. yeah, this is you on a cheap date. >> you're never going to be able to eat any of your food because this puggle is going to eat all of it. >> it's like the dog is trying to nip at her hands because it is so excited. >> wherever it was from, get 12
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more. >> any time they get a cheese burger, it's a wrap. police are chasing the 18-year-old driver and a suspected stolen vehicle. >> see what happens when they try to stop him. >> get out of the car. get out of the car right now! >> and there's a great debate going on online. >> number one this should not be a debated topic because who the hell cares what you're wearing? >> but it doesn't have to become a debate. everybody's got their opinion. comfort and protection that's why pampers swaddlers is the #1 choice of hospitals to wrap your baby in blanket-like softness so all they feel is love pampers swaddlers [coughs] that cough doesn't sound so good. well i think you sound great. move over. easy booger man. take mucinex dm. it'll take care of your cough. fine! i'll text you in 4 hours when your cough returns. one pill lasts 12 hours, so...
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closed captioning provided by -- among leading brands. turn off pain. smart relief. here in australia, police are chasing the 18-year-old driver in a suspected stolen
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vehicle. he's hit multiple vehicles. they're trying to get him to stop. he's not stopping. at one point they think he's going to ram them. >> he runs over the median and he ends up in a ditch. then, police are on their man. >> get out of the car. get out of the car right now! stop the vehicle. >> i'd listen to them if i was you. >> they were able to get him out of that truck. they got him cuffed and he's in a world of trouble. police say that he is suspected of damages multiple cars during this chase. he was wanted for multiple break-ins and he's also in trouble for dangerous driving in a police chase. they're investigating if he was involved in this incident. they say that shots were fired at the window of this home the night previous and they're trying to figure out if there's
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any connection between the kids, the car and that incident at that house. he's in jail now facing 13 charges. he's got a whole laundry list of stuff that he's in trouble for. >> all units stand down. one in custody. there's a great debate happening online and it's not what you would expect, but boy are people upset. >> so there's a big debate going on about yoga pants again and so if you thought that debate had died, it has not. it has been resurrected. there was an opinion piece in the new york times talking about why women really shouldn't wear yoga pants. >> she talked about how women wear them only they're sexy and not because they're functional. a lot of people that really like yoga pants are really upset. especially merideth from that's inappropriate. >> we should just go back to wearing sweat pants. where are all the sweat pants. >> 50 bucks says that person has
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shares in sweat pants. >> if you want to wear yoga pants, i own i don't know how many pairs of yoga pants. >> this one appears to have really struck a chord with her. >> and what that means for me personally is i remember to put on a pair of pants prior to leaving the house. >> people on twitter and social media have an opinion about this and they really don't like that op ed. >> and i don't care that my yoga pants show my dimples and my celluli cellulite. that doesn't bother me and if you don't like yoga pants, don't wear them and if you only want to wear sweat pants, wear sweat bants. i wear them and i love them. my sweat pants have pockets. >> why can't they write op eds about giving women pockets? >> you like wearing yoga pants but you feel like the sexiest beast in the neighborhood, wear it, flaunt it, love it. twerk in the front yard for
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crying out loud. who the hell cares. >> there is a very good chance you saw that viral video from boston dynamics that featured these things. they went and opened the door together. well, everybody freaked out. they produced another video and it turns out it's so much worse. so now they're putting them to task to see how robust they are. going to open the door and he's got a hockey stick. he's pushing out of the way. he gets the grip, nope, he smacks it away. it goes back. starts opening the door but then he puts force on the door. he tries to get it open. okay. pretty convinced he's got it. starts opening that door, i'm through, but now he's pushing the door closed and grabbed it, pulled it, it struggles to stay up. it resets, goes back and after all that manages to open the door all by itself and wander on through. just so you know, in only two instances is there any sort of human control. they were basically giving it
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the go signal. there's a camera in the hands that comes up and locates the door handle. then the body also has cameras on it so it can sense when the door is open and its position relative to that open door, but in this case they wanted to see how the robots could deal with it when given different stimuli. >> can we appreciate the engineer is wearing his safety glasses? when this thing turns on you -- >> it's amazing. just please follow the three laws. >> can it pick up wine and play football? >> soon. >> new boyfriend. they're about to close those gates. >> personally, for the train to cross safely while traffic waits. >> but not everyone is paying attention. >> oh, my gosh. >> how did he not see that? >> yplus, nothing i say can
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prepare you for what you're about to see. my stomach is churning. >> find out what's going on, next. >> oh, my gosh. to find my drea. -right away, i could tell his priorities were a little unorthodox. -keep going. stop. a little bit down. stop. back up again. is this adequate sunlight for a komodo dragon? -yeah. -sure, i want that discount on car insurance just for owning a home, but i'm not compromising. -you're taking a shower? -water pressure's crucial, scott! it's like they say -- location, location, koi pond. -they don't say that. it's like they say -- location, location, koi pond. in this home i get to teach these kids that new things can become favorite things. what matters most is made at home. this is charlie not coughing because he took delsym. this is charlie not coughing while not to waking zeus. and this is charlie not coughing while getting really into nana's party.
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[ shaq ] icy hot. power past pain. you can clearly see the train crossing marked right here. but we have two guards to close those gates. there's a group of cyclists over here coming up to this ber section. moes of them stop. >> you couldn't have just waited five minutes. >> you notice that the attention goes from that fellow to this. >> oh! >> oh, my gosh! >> how did you not see that? >> this mo ped going quite fast goes straight into the gate breaking it and crashing right on top of the tracks as there apparently is a train coming. >> you don't belong on a bike -- you don't belong on two wheels if you didn't see that.
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people rush over to move the moped out of the way and then this happens. a bunch of clowns out there trying to make the bad situation worse. now, from that scary situation to this one, this person is driving and just enjoying the day. >> what the heck happened? >> it came off that truck. >> like a wheel that came off of something and went right underneath the back of that truck. >> it comes straight toward that truck. the good thing is that it hit that truck and there are no reported injuries. well, this is even crazier. >> these people in taiwan are driving down this road. it was a boulder that fell without warning. they have consistent earthquakes in this area so there's a lot of loose debris that happened to be falling at the exact right time where it was able to bounce off the road off to the other side without hitting any cars. >> that was a fraction of a
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second from being deadly. >> yeah. >> debridement. that's the removal of dead tissue to promote the healing of better tissue. that's what he's doing to himself. >> oh, my god, he's sawing off his foot. >> well, he's more like cutting off the dead skin, the callous skin on the bottom of his foot and it's not that he just has cracked heels. this is the entire bottom of his foot. a knife and cutting the callous off. >> oh, my gosh. that's amazing. >> that's like a loaf of bread. >> that looks like a block of parmesan cheese. >> it's cracked. >> they don't let us know what he does, whether his feet were in water for a long time, how these callouss formed, but i went looking around the internet and there are doctors who do this kind of service and they
2:36 am
did put phone numbers online saying if anybody knows a podiatrist that could help out with this let us know. but i feel bad for him because he obviously needs medical attention. >> no, he doesn't. he's doing just fine without it. >> no, he needs medical attention. >> and he needs a pair of boots. let's start there. >> p just for a moment consider this guy's life. how hard he must work. put yourself in his shoes so to speak and think about what this guy must go through to have feet like that. >> is he going to have to buy new shoes? he was a size ten. now he's a size eight. >> i don't think he has shoes. that's the thing. >> emma just turned two and got her first set of wheels. >> her parents surprised her with it. but she's not a fan. >> out. >> you want to get out?
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>> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, i have an important message about security. write down the number on your screen, so you can call when i finish. the lock i want to talk isn't the one on your door.
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2:40 am and click on tv show and you can check it out on our mobile app. >> most children can't wait to get their first set of wheels. >> it goes by itself. >> yeah, that's emma grace and she just turned two years old and she got this motorized toy. her parents surprised her with it. >> it's fun. >> and she didn't quite react the way they thought she would. she's leuko, i don't like it. >> don't be scared. >> hold


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