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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 23, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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special counsel's ongoing russia investigation. it is a very busy friday afternoon. i'm brian taff. >> i'm sharrie williams. rick gates was facing dozens of the charges but pleaded to one count each of conspiracy and providing a false statement to investigators. >> gates faces a maximum sentence of four to seven years in prison. gates now becomes the third trump associate believed to be cooperating with the russia investigation though there is no indication yet that these charges relate in any way to work he performed on the campaign. now he joins michael flynn and george papadopoulos in cooperating. "action news" will have much more on this breaking story including on world news tonight with david muir. >> now to the search for a driver responsible for a deadly hit-and-run in mercer county. police say charles nevius jr. was run over as he tried to stop the car that was speeding off from the scene of a crash. "action news" reporter vernon odom live now at the scene in lawrence and vern, you spoke
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to friends of the victim. >> reporter: and they all say he was a kind and wonderful guy and they're deeply grieving about his untimely passing. he was a father of two. he passed away after being hit by a hit-and-run driver at this gas station on monday afternoon and an intense manhunt continues tonight for the hit-and-run driver who never stopped and looked back at what he'd done. local police and mercer county prosecutor need help in finding the suspect who left man to ultimately die. charles nevius jr. resided in trenton but he was most popular here in lawrence township where he long worked as a gas attendant at this quick check. a hit-and-run driver struck him monday afternoon while he was trying to flee a separate hit-and-run of a vehicle seconds earlier here on the station's lot. witnesses say negative yes was trying to -- say nevius was trying to stop the driver. the good samaritan known as
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simply chucky the father of two passed away the next day at age 28. >> him trying to intervene with a traffic offense basically at his place of work ended up costing his life. >> reporter: so moved by this tragedy registered nurse and regular customer kimberly organized a wednesday night vigil at the station to celebrate chucky's life and the man the suspect remains at large surrender to police. >> he just always was very friendly and from what i hear i know of chucky from family and friends from what everyone has said about him that he would do anything for anyone and that he was a good father. >> reporter: this is the only surveillance footage available of the suspect so far. if you can identify him or the gray nissan altima he was driving, contact the lawrence township police. the driver was wearing a bandana and a sweatshirt.
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his vehicle has tinted windows on the front and rear doors. >> it hurt me. 'cause you know, knowing what kind of guy he is. so, hopefully justice is done for him. that's all we can ask. >> reporter: again, mercer county's prosecutor and the lawrence township police are asking for the public's help to try to track down this person who killed ultimately in a hit-and-run situation charles nevius. i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news" in lawrence township, new jersey. >> all right, vernon, thank you. a school bus depot in the lehigh valley went up in flames overnight forcing officials to cancel classes for the day. 30 buses were either damaged or destroyed. the massive fire broke out around 3 a.m. off stadium drive in orfield. no one was hurt. parkland school district officials say an announcement about classes on monday will come out some point over the weekend. bob brooks will have much more in the way of details on this
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in a live report from the scene coming up at 5:00. >> demolition will soon begin on one of the fire damaged buildings in olde city. officials announced the plans today for 239 chestnut. the address where sunday's blaze broke out. well, upon further inspection they determined that only the first floor facade is salvageable. they will also document the building's exact dimensions to help determine the design for future reconstruction. multiple road closures will remain in effect throughout the demolition process which is expected to last about a week. >> time now for accuweather. drizzly kind of nasty out there but it's friday. >> yeah, that's the good part about it. meteorologist adam joseph here with more from accuweather. hi, adam. >> probably the only good part of the weekend because what you see out your window is what you're going to get from start to finish as we head into your saturday sunday. this batch of rain continues to lift to the north and east. that blue in the poconos up into new york state parts of
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new england and the berkshires that is some freezing rain freezing but much like yesterday there is a break coming in and then you got more rain refiring down to the south new orleans jacksonville omaha, oklahoma city to little rock. all this will be pinwheeling and curving to the east heading in our direction for the weekend. we're still in the chill. 43 philadelphia. that raw damp feeling that continues down to richmond at 51. behind this warm front you do see 60's, 70's, 81 right now in nashville with severe weather that rocked through there but all this warmth will be coming to the north as we get into your saturday and sunday, so more rain and drizzle this weekend. the heaviest and steadiest of the rain is saturday night into sunday morning but even when it's not raining, it's at least misting or drizzling out. bringing in an additional half inch to an inch of rain between saturday and sunday but temperatures at least bump out of the 40's where we've
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been the last two days heading back into the 50's to near 60 degrees. a closer look at future tracker saturday night sunday morning and also a brighter part of the seven-day sharrie coming up in a little bit. >> adam thanks. get the latest on the forecast plus check storm tracker6 live any time on your phone or tablet thanks to the 6abc app its a free download for your mobile device. the execution of a convicted murderer has been delayed he was found guilty in the 2012 suffocation of a 10 month old and the stabbing death of her 61-year-old grandmother. the killings were part of a botched kidnapping for ransom plot in king of prussia. the pennsylvania department of corrections says his execution originally scheduled for today is now on hold due to an automatic federal appeal but that appeal aside, there is also a moratorium on the death penalty which was enacted by governor tom wolf. well, two men are now
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behind bars accused of stealing more than $52,000 of merchandise from wal-marts all over the region. john beverly and marquise foreman allegedly committed the crimes from july of 2017 until early january of this year. investigators say the duo typically targeted the electronics department including local stores in pottstown, king of prussia, norristown and hilltown township. at one point they are accused of holding a gun to an employee's head. both suspects are still in custody. >> teachers an staff returned to marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland florida today, the first time since the deadly mass shooting. there are new details this afternoon about an armed deputy who was on campus during the attack but did not act. abc's maggie rulli live with more on how this information is adding to an already heated debate on gun control. maggie. >> reporter: alicia, today the community in parkland came together for yet another funeral this time 17-year-old
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helena ramsey and as they continued to grieve together now they're starting to also slowly open back up the school. today teachers are back on campus at stoneman douglas high school. the pain still raw. for the first time we're hearing gut wrenching accounts from first responders many whose own children were inside the school that day. >> my wife and my son heard the fire alarm and decided to evacuate. they found each other. >> reporter: we're now learning new details about what happened in the months leading up to last week's shooting. a 911 call from someone who appears to be the alleged shooter about three months before the shooting happened. in it, someone calls to describe an altercation at the house he's staying in. >> thing is i lost my mother a couple years ago so like i'm dealing with a bunch of things right now. >> reporter: the broward county sheriff's office says they were called to the alleged shooter's former parkland home 23 times, two of those calls were directly related to the concerns that this person could potentially
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shoot up a school. the sheriff's department is now investigating those calls as well as the response from a senior resource officer at the high school when the shooting began, the deputy was armed in uniform and aware that an active shooter was on campus yet he remained outside. students across the country are standing behind stoneman douglas. many met with top government officials this week including florida governor rick scott. >> my message to them has been very simple. are you not alone. >> reporter: today scott announced a new action plan that puts nearly $500 million towards school safety program. the students and their families will be back on campus this sunday for an orientation to start with the superintendent says a week of transition for the students getting them back together to find some level of normalcy. in new york maggie rulli channel6 "action news." >> such a strong community maggie. thank you. it is time for a first check on the "action news" traffic report today.
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>> let's go live to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center this friday. hi, matt. >> yeah, another dreary afternoon out there brian and sharrie, but it is friday so that's making it a little more manageable i suppose but still a couple things to watch out for as you try and head home on this friday afternoon including this situation in bucks county. it's an accident involving a vehicle that that went off the southbound side of route one, the super highway right here by the pennsylvania turnpike as you can see. they're trying to tow the vehicle out of the grassy area where it landed. you can see the tow truck there on the scene and police are still out here as well. so, right lane blocked. traffic at a crawl coming south of langhorne along route one. i think i'd stay on 95. don't try and use the super highway which is not so super this afternoon. hey visibility is not so super either. as we look live in center city it's foggy, mist is coming down and you can see hopefully had some headlights and taillights on the vine stacked up in both directions here by the schuylkill expressway. on the schuylkill itself, speeds like 11, 13 miles an
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hour. have crash we're watching in prospect park along 420 lincoln avenue near second avenue and elsewhere in delaware county there's one on 322. already dealing with the construction. now an accident blocking the westbound lanes just beyond 452. maybe stay up on concorde road or 202 as alternates. let's grab the ipad check your ways home with the waze app on this friday afternoon. greenwich township reports of a crash along 295, the northbound side approaching harmony road. looks like a lot of people are talking about slowing there on 295 northbound. might want to use 130 or the turnpike instead. we'll check it again brian and sharrie coming up in the next half hour. >> matt thank you. up next on "action news" a call for change after high school basketball player was forced to sit out of a game because of her religious head covering. a group is that demanding action. >> and more from my conversation with eagles star malcolm jenkins. he talked about his viral dance moves and his dedication to social justice.
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>> ♪ >> the trump administration is ramping up pressure on north korea today rolling out what it calls the heaviest sanctions ever imposed on a country. the latest sanctions are aimed at shipping and trade companies accused of doing illicit business with the north some based in china. the effort is aimed at further depriving north korea of any resources for its nuclear program. it follows three sets of sanctions imposed by the united nations over the past year. >> stocks today on this friday and we've got green arrows across-the-board here as stocks closed higher to end the week. the dow jones rallying big time today closing above 347 points. the nasdaq up more than 127. the s & p 500 closing up more than 43 points on this friday. well, more than $1 million was at stake today in warminster bucks county. teams of two students battled it outputting their car skills to the test part of the
4:16 pm
automotive technology competition. 24 area schools competed for scholarships prizes an shot to advance to the national competition in new york. when all was said and done, bucks county technical high school took home the top prize, more than $260,000 in scholarships. >> overbrook high school proudly unveiling its new multimedia communications center. philadelphia school superintendent dr. william hite was on hand for the ribbon cutting. it's a two points 5 million-dollar project that's been in the works since 2014. overbrook students will get training in front of the camera and behind the scenes. classes will also incorporate social media and they can get college credit for this work. >> now that the eagles are super bowl champs there are so many interesting facts and tidbits to learn about the players and what it was like along their magical journey. i sat down with safety malcolm jenkins who is also captain of the team for some insight on what was a very lively locker room.
4:17 pm
[applause] >> are you a proud member of omega sci-fi fraternity. >> yeah. >> i've seen your moves. >> ♪ >> i've also seen jeffrey lurie's moves. >> oh, yeah. >> right. >> okay, so who is the better dancer now. >> his dance can be replicator. i think his might catch on a little more. you know, couple guys lawyers on the side line. we call it the lawyer now. my dance is -- you got to earn those. >> yours are a little more complicated. >> a little more complicated. lurie is a little more, it's inclusive. >> his might be a little more catchy, might take off. >> yeah, yeah, little more trendy, mainstream. [laughter] >> all right. inclusive. there was plenty of dancing and fun touchdown celebrations all season. but jenkins also took several fans off the field speaking out on social issues like krimial justice reform and equality for under served communities. i asked him why was it so
4:18 pm
important to focus on human rights while also in pursuit of a super bowl ring. >> it's important to me because, you know, a lot of my family, you know, is represented in those same groups, a lot of philadelphia is under served, you know, poverty ridden and you look around our country, you look at the relationship between law enforcement and our community -- >> ♪ >> somebody would come from those communities it's my responsibility to play a role in ad advancing it. a lot of times i get people that say, you know, i'm proud of you or all the work that you do off the field and one of the things that i want to start challenging the fan base is to actually get involved. because everybody has a role. everybody has influence. >> jenkins is currently pushing for the so-called clean slate bill in the pennsylvania legislature. the bill would automatically seal old nonviolent misdemeanor offenses for residents who haven't had any additional convictions in the
4:19 pm
last 10 years. advocates say it will help people get employment and also be productive citizens so this eagles player very busy on and off the field making his voice heard on many, many topics. >> got platform and using it very well. >> yeah. >> i like this inclusive term for certain dance moves. >> the next half hour we talk a little bit more about his family as well. >> good. looking forward to it. how about the accuweather forecast. >> dancing in the rain. >> a lot of rain. >> all weekend long. >> yeah. >> this is one of those -- i think it was monica malpass she was like just let your kids go out jump in puddles get soaking wet for an hour. >> i want to see those pictures. >> the type a in me is like no, you can't wet get. another dreary day. sky6 live at philadelphia international airport not only do we have the clouds, the cool temperatures, the rain at times, the drizzle at times, but the fog setting in so creating some trouble at the airport so definitely want to check in with your carriers if you're heading out this
4:20 pm
evening, saturday or sunday because the rain will be with us at times. as we look at storm tracker6 live double scan you see most of the region it is just mist at this point but there are some steadier showers in berks county, the lehigh valley and then as you head up to the poconos you bump into the blue there, lake harmony, mount pocono where freezing rain is falling, just nasty up there in the mountains to start off the weekend and unfortunately going to be socked in the clouds and the rain through much of the weekend there as well. just like here at home as we look at the visibilities, a mile and a half in philadelphia, below that in trenton. right around that reading allentown, wilmington. millville 2-mile visibility. so that fog is setting up across the area and once the sun sets definitely want to take it easy and always use your low beams when you're encountering fog at night. and even during the day. as you look at temperatures, 40 in allentown, 40 reading, 43 philadelphia, 45 millville. the temperatures aren't going to drop overnight.
4:21 pm
the lows are going to stay where they are right now if not start to rise a little bit. so, here's that batch of precipitation working into new england. a break but here we go more rain coming in down to the south kind of along this boundary that is draped over our region so at 11 o'clock tonight, temperatures there still in the mid 40's but you can see a lack of green on future tracker, just some drizzle around. but we get more showers to pivot in here 8 o'clock tomorrow morning, temperatures starting to hit 50 or better. we go into the 50's so warmer tomorrow afternoon but again, still dealing with rain and when it's not raining, it is drizzling. that continues into saturday night early sunday morning when the steadiest heaviest rain comes in and that continues into sunday morning as well. if you're thinking of hitting the poconos, bring the rain gear if you're going to be skiing or snowboarding, drizzle and rain tomorrow, 48 degrees and a soaking rain on sunday morning at 51. as we look at the four day at 4:00 forecast temperatures do warm again over the weekend into the 50's to near 60.
4:22 pm
drizzle, rain at times tomorrow. heavy rain on sunday, some drying in the afternoon and then we break out of the pattern monday, sun and clouds, 56. and gorgeous on tuesday, 58 degrees with full sun. i'll let you know how march will fare in that seven-day forecast as we head into the new month in the next half hour guys. >> looking forward to that tuesday. >> okay. >> clean slate. adam thanks. more "action news" coming up right after this. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> now to the latest on a controversy over religious head wear that's been playing out on a local basketball court. this is 16-year-old nas center city ihah thompson king. he was benched because she didn't have waiver to wear her religious head covering. she got back into the game after the pennsylvania interscholastic association approved it. she's a student at mastery
4:26 pm
charter school's shoemaker campus and is part of the push to eliminate the need for the piaa to approve anything worn on the head for medical or roll lidge purposes during a game. this has been a longstanding rule that schools and teams have been aware of for years but today a civil rights lawyer from care and the school's principal started the movement to reverse this policy calling it prejudiced and unconstitutional. >> for her to wear her hijab and have a waiver as a requirement to do so is inherently discriminatory and is unduly targeted her and other similarly situated students as a consequence the piaa should either amend this policy or do away with it altogether. >> come in and just come in rapidly and i'm really proud of that. >> and she's been at the forefront of it. the school says there was a break down in communication filling out the paperwork that she needed last week. but they were aware of the
4:27 pm
rule so far the piaa says it stands by its policy. brian and sharrie. >> pushing for change. all right alicia. there is still much more to come on "action news" at 4:00 including a story that might make you think twice before you use a certain emoji. >> plus off the truck and into the air. an "action news" viewer sent us video of an amazon driver throwing her package at her door. it turns out she's not alone. the other clips we found coming up. >> ♪ (avo) if you're burdened by belly pain and constipation, and you've tried any number of laxatives, probiotics,
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> hello again. 4:30 now and "action news" continues with the final freebie friday of february where you can get everything from pancakes to cheese burgers free of charge. >> plus, basketball brawl. police in delaware say they're zeroing in on those responsible for a stand clearing game stopping fight during a high school matchup. >> and coming up later here, what does chocolate milk have to do with people of color women and the disabled? that's the internet has been asking after the governor of illinois took a sip to demonstrate his commitment to diversity. >> but first, when you order something from amazon, it's boxed up and shipped out with care. but in some cases that consideration stops on the assembly line. "action news" received two videos in as many days showing delivery drivers hurling those packages at porches. and as "action news"'s gray hall discovered today, there were more than two cases.
4:30 pm
gray's live now in deptford township to explain this one. hi, gray. >> reporter: hi, sharrie. well, some people tell me they think this is a really bad trend with some of those contracted drivers, so they contacted "action news" also they contacted amazon in hopes to putting a stop to all of this. it's video that would make any homeowner furious. watch as this driver contracted with amazon tosses a package with complete starred instead of properly placing it at the customer's door. robert condo is that amazon customer and shared this video with "action news." i. >> i just think you should take a little more pride in your job and especially when you're delivering people's personal items and property. you don't want to throw that. that's kind of disrespect full tossing their items around. >> reporter: condo posted this video on line and says he quickly discovered other neighbors in his deptford new jersey township community had similar encounters. >> i think it's over 10,000 views now and a lot of comments of people getting things thrown and broken and
4:31 pm
other videos were posted so it's obviously a common thing that these drivers are doing. >> reporter: his mother lives next door hadn't a deliver on the same day. she says the same driver repeated that tossing theme with her package. >> i said i can't believe he just threw that package there 'cause i hope it wasn't brakable. >> reporter: another "action news" viewer from delaware county in the prospect park area posted this video. take a look and you'll see why she's upset. another amazon contracted driver is caught in the act using a package like a baseball and chunking it at her door. as you can see that package never makes it to her porch and lands in the grass. amazon did reach out to "action news" and in a statement says we have high standards for our delivery partners and expect every package to be handled with care. we are investigating and we'll work with the customer directly on this matter. condo hopes this is a wakeup call to other delivery drivers and he has some advice. >> just remember you're always being watched. and be professional. >> reporter: all right good advice and back out live we can tell you that the good
4:32 pm
news in all of this the customers tell us that their packages did not receive any major damages. they also say a. son responded quickly and credited their accounts. amazon says if you have a problem with a driver or contracted driver or your package you should report it right away to its customer service line. live in deptford township, gray hall channel6 "action news." sharrie. >> yeah, the images tell the story. gray, thank you. some drivers in stanton, delaware, should expect delays tonight all because of an overturned hay truck. "action news" was on the scene near the intersection of route seven, northbound and route four eastbound. this video however is from a different story. there is where the truck was loaded with hay and then overturned around noon today. the driver was not hurt. police had to close the roads in that area. they say it will remain that way for some time. investigators are still trying to determine why that truck flipped over. >> police in delaware expect
4:33 pm
to make several arrests. three arrest warrants have been issued for a fight that broke out during a game between smyrna and cape henlopen last night. it he escalated quickly soon involving several fans and players. it took a number of police officers coaches and referees to break this up. police have not yet said what sparked the violence but have identified the main perpetrators. one suspect has already turned himself in and as you might guess officials ended this game early. >> well, philadelphia parents have another hour or so to enroll their children in free full day pre-k for the 2018 school year. the school district is taking applications until 6 o'clock tonight so an hour and a half. but to be eligible kids must be at least three years old on or before september 1st. now, we put a full list of eligibility requirements and what you need to bring, all that information right now on our web site >> all right. turning now to the accuweather forecast as we head into what appears to be a rather wet weekend. >> yeah. the key word there weekend.
4:34 pm
meteorologist adam joseph here now with the details and it's going to be a wet one. >> we're used to it by now. i mean basically over a month's worth of weekends that we've dealt with rain or snow so here we go again. as we take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan, we're dealing with some steady showers especially north of philadelphia, heading towards the lehigh valley and then far enough north you see some of that blue. that is that freezing rain up in the poconos but this is the last batch of concentrated rain that will move out and then we'll just see that fog mist and drizzle overnight tonight. take a look at sky6 live in spring mountain right now, just a couple of skiers and snowboarders out there. but you're starting to see the snow deteriorate along the slopes here as mother nature really giving a hard go at our ski resorts with the warm temperatures and the rain. in fact, visibility is down to a half a mile or so across much of the area with the low clouds and the fog and because of that, we do have some delays especially in
4:35 pm
philadelphia at the international airport over an hour delay right now with the low clouds, the drizzle, at 43 degrees but the places you want to hit orlando, atlanta, upper 70's to near 80 with sun and clouds, zero delays and even with some rain in boston they're fairing far better than us with no delays even with the fog and the rain in the city of boston. we will chat about our seven-day forecast coming up and when all of this breaks and it will and really nice weather on the way coming up in just a little bit. >> i needed to hear that. >> end on a bright note. >> there you go. the city of philadelphia is rewarding residents who pay their taxes on time. the department of revenue held a taxpayer appreciation day at the municipal services building today. visitors were treated to live entertainment by a student string quartet from the creative and performing arts high school. they could gather useful information about the city's real estate tax and water bill assistance programs. middle school in horsham continuing a 42 year tradition
4:36 pm
of helping others. the students are in the middle of a 15 hour floor hockey marathon. they'll be passing the puck until midnight. proceeds help make dreams come true for the seriously ill kids served by the make-a-wish foundation. to date this long running event has raised more than $1 million. >> well, this afternoon philadelphia magazine honored its 14th woman as the winner of their annual trailblazer award. it's a celebration of a leader who embodies vision, excellence and is also a local pioneer. this year merle levitt the ceo of visit philadelphia received this distinction. our very own alicia vitarelli was once again on hand to emcee this event at the fairmount water works. levitt was celebrated for spending the last few decades giving philadelphia a distinct image and boosting local tourism. >> big congrats to her. >> yes. >> well, the sneezing, the wheezing, the coughing, the chills, yes, the flu is still here but has it gotten any
4:37 pm
better in our area? "action news" reporter monica malpass live in the news room with the word on that today. hi, monica. >> hi, brian, that's right you're right this has been one of the worst flu seasons on record. in fact, every state in the united states has been impacted by this quite seriously. and today the center for disease control released updated numbers for the flu and what is doing to our area. could a universal flu vaccine now be on the way all of that with ali gorman coming up in health check. the phillies in clearwater are not wearing their usual red caps today and they're not alone. why they are sporting these snazzy sd hats during spring training and why the players are hoping to make some money from them. we'll give you a hint. it is for a good cause. those stories and more at 5:00. >> not san diego. it's a meaningful story. monica thanks. these bucks county students can already call themselves accomplished inventors. under the direction of their teacher they worked to design and build their own contraptions at the holy trinity school in morrisville. they had the chance to display
4:38 pm
and explain their impressive contraptions today during a special invention convention. >> eagles pro bowler and super bowl champ malcolm jenkins has been very busy lately. he's been on a coast to coast tour making appearances on talk shows and his family recently expanded. as he and his wife welcomed another baby girl. it all happened as the eagles were making their playoff run to the super bowl. here's what he shared with me about his family. >> anything to be said about being a daddy again. >> going from one to two is a tough transition 'cause now we both in man to man coverage all. [laughter] but it's -- man, it's cool. i got my second daughter and she's great. because now my four-year-old has got a little bit more responsibility so it's -- but the volume in my house is -- is up there. it's up. the volume is up. but -- >> finding quiet moments not so easy. >> no, not at all. >> that's what happens when
4:39 pm
you add more children to the home, that's what i hear. there he is with his family his beautiful wife and his two daughters. we've been sharing these different moments we've had with malcolm with that sitdown conversation. he's now a daddy or two and i think you know a thing or two about that. >> i can relate to the volume about which he speaks. still ahead here on "action news" at 4:00 today from cheese burgers to pancakes to coffee final freebie friday of the move proves good things come to those who wait. >> plus, taking a drink for diversity. this one here getting a lot of attention on and social media. the backlash that's being received after a governor in illinois took a drink of chocolate milk. we'll explain this story coming up. >> plus, one wakanda is "black panther"'s fictional nation of origin. the other wakanda is real. a small midwestern town but that doesn't seem to matter to some fans. we'll explain coming up. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> some bb&t bank customers still locked out of their accounts today more than 24 hours after a major outage. the bank tells "action news" the systems are being restored. and atm's are now working but other services are still down. the outage initially impacted almost all online banking, the mobile banking app and atm's. bb&t says the problem was not an issue with cyber security but, rather, a malfunction in the data center. they also say if any customer incurred a fee related to the outage they will reimburse them. >> well, two parents in two states identify what they call weak security at their children's schools and now one of them is facing charges for how he did it. this is cell phone video shot by a mom in belair texas. she was able to walk right into the school and freely roam the hallways. she says with no questions asked. >> no lock, no buzzer, no nothing. now i'm headed to the main
4:43 pm
office. main office. see all the kids walking around. very easy. >> could easily be a catastrophe. a wisconsin dad is under arrest for the way he chose to make the same point. jonathan fitzgerald entered his son's school went to the second grade classroom and handed the teacher a sign with the gun written on it. both parents may have been well intentioned but their actions could have caused panic or worse. if you have real concerns about security pick up the phone and report them. >> big talkers now and here's another case of well intentioned. a moment meant to promote diversity is creating quite the stir on social media. this is illinois governor bruce rauner over here and he drinks to diversity in corporate america with a glass of chocolate milk. >> there you go. so diversity is really, really good.
4:44 pm
diversity. >> so, it's not the governor's idea, he's going along with the emcee here who says that chocolate syrup is meant to represent everyone from people of color to women the list goes on to not to leave the groups at the bottom you have to stir and shake things up. you get the analogy while it was well intentioned the on that ticks sent twitter into a tizzy with people calling it from tone deaf of offensive the governor says he's just going along. >> emojis used instead of nouns and verbs caught way of getting your thoughts out without having to say anything at all. sometimes the emoji lines can get crossed. for instance, is this praying or begging. that's leading to an uptick in emoji court cases. emojis have been admissible evidence in legal cases from criminal to real estate law work contracts to misinterpret to the fact that you know,
4:45 pm
some emojis look different on different phones. these imma much are now causing some misunderstandings and thus some legal headaches. apparently the biggest offender is the wink. some are not sure whether someone is being sarcastic or serious. guess what, real court drama. think about your emojis. finally right now as you know it's all about wakanda the mythical african nation in the blockbuster film "black panther" and fans really want it to be real. right about now. so, as it turns out there is a real wakanda in illinois. there it is. different spelling but mom him ins count here people and officials of this small rural midwestern town are now getting calls from uber fans of the film. the mayor says one started grilling her asking where the town was hiding its vibra in. ium a fictional metal in the
4:46 pm
film said to be stronger than any other. some have been pressing this whack couldn't today to -- wakanda to change its mascot to a "black panther." atlanta's main airport they're offering nonstop flights to the kingdom of wakanda. can't be sure where you'll end up but if you get on let us know. >> great. >> you'll be in for an adventure if you take that flight. >> the real wakanda looks pretty nice. >> yeah, cute. >> pretty decent. >> good. alicia thanks. let's get another check on the roads. >> matt here now with the update for us this afternoon. hi, matt. >> i was reading if the fictional wakanda is sort of a transportation utility tomorrow pennsylvania which -- utopia. it's not perfect especially this afternoon a little tough to see where you're going.
4:47 pm
some heavy fog, some mist coming down and as we try to look in east falls at the roosevelt boulevard extension maybe you can make out the headlights coming southbound toward the schuylkill. i don't think you can make out the taillights all backed up from the schuylkill up to broad street. it is definitely heavy on that part of route one. this is another chunk of route one, the not so super highway here in langhorne. southbound come the headlights and it's still a slow pace coming down from langhorne on down to the pennsylvania turnpike but at least that crash involving the vehicle that ran off the roadway into the embankment is now clear. still, though, if you're coming south on one, i would bail on 95 and use that through the construction zone in bristol township instead of southbound one. in coatesville chester county watching a crash along lincoln highway business 30 at third avenue there by the coatesville flower shop. and we have one in upper chichester that's really been jamming traffic along 322 in the construction zone near 452. i would stick with concorde road, maybe namaans creek even 202 the concorde pike instead. in gloucester county our crash i told you about on 295
4:48 pm
northbound has cleared to the shoulder so speeds are better there. we'll check it again, brian and sharrie in the 5 o'clock hour. >> some improvement here and there. okay, matt, thanks. >> looking for some improvement in the forecast as well. meteorologist adam joseph standing by with word on when it might arrive next. >> ♪ new tv, new speakers, netflix. this is going to be the place for binge watching, ladies. is it, ladies? don't get me wrong, you have killer tech mrs. d, but you still don't have fios. ok? fios is a 100% fiber-optic network, literally engineered for streaming. good advice. i've also got some ideas on a better cereal selection, which i will keep to myself. experience netflix on the 100% fiber-optic network made for streaming switch to fios and get a year of netflix on us with a two-year agreement.
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>> ♪ >> meteorologist adam joseph now with the weekend forecast. a lot like the last four weekends around here. >> yeah, you should -- >> i should be paying attention. you know what, it is the weekend, let's chat about it. this at least is a bright spot for you. take a look at this beautiful photo taken by bob watts one of our editors here at channel6. it was at the forsythe wildlife refuge in oceanville new jersey this is of a snowy
4:51 pm
owl, the only thing that's snowy around here. we've had a lot of rain and a lack of more winter-like air around here as of late. right now visibilities they are down because of that fog. about a mile and a half trenton, philadelphia, beach haven, the atlantic city airport the shore all the way up to the lehigh valley so watch this fog going into the evening and overnight hours. once the sunset it gets really hard to see. low beams needed to and night. 40 in allentown, 43 philadelphia, 45 millville, 44 right now cape may so there is a damp chill to the air but we will at least change that and warm it up as we head into saturday and sunday. storm tracker6 live double scan not a lot of solid rain, not a lot of showers around the region, just way up to the north lehigh valley, up into the poconos. the rest of us a little mist coming out of that fog but as you can see some steady heavy rain even there was a period of freezing rain in the poconos in the last hour, lake harmony allentown seeing that steady rain about to end and
4:52 pm
that should be the last of the steady rain until we get into late saturday into sunday. that's the next round of very heavy rainfall. so, weekend woes. this is the fifth straight weekend with either rain or snow. we're expecting an additional half inch to an inch of rain this coming weekend and so far we've had over 5-inches of rain this month making it the top 10 wettest februaries in philadelphia history. first batch, it is moving on. the next one setting up down to the south. this will be working in the same trajectory as the last couple of rounds of rain so wake up tomorrow morning, showers around the region but temperatures staying steady overnight if not warming into the 50's. going into the 50's tomorrow afternoon. you still see those scattered showers around the region and then we'll get into saturday night. showers still at that point with temperatures near 50 and then we'll get some pops of yellow with a round of heavy rain early on sunday morning. and then that will push to the east as we get into sunday
4:53 pm
afternoon. 60's in southern areas here sunday afternoon. the last drop should fall sometime midafternoon on sunday. but before that, here it is. you can see some of those totals as we whiz right by them. it was a half inch to an inch of rain. i wiped it out 'cause you just don't want to look at it. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast drizzle rain at times saturday 56 degrees. morning rain on sunday, afternoon drying at 60 degrees. and then the sun starts to peek out on monday, 56 degrees. the pick of the seven-day tuesday. 58, lots of sun. 60 beautiful on wednesday, last day of february. then as we head into a new month, it starts dry, 54 on thursday with some late day rain and more rain likely on friday with temperatures a little cooler at 45 degrees. so, a very warm seven-day forecast and rain book end there start to finish on the seven-day. >> okay, thanks adam. >> yeah. >> freebie friday the last one of the month coming up next. >> ♪
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. >> ♪ >> we have a very delicious edition of freebie friday starting with free lunch or dinner for you at naf naf the middle eastern grille. they're offering you a free on tray when you download their app and sign up a new account. you get to choose the entree. coming tuesday is national pancake day ihop will give you a free stack of buttermilk pancakes. donation is totally voluntary. either way you get the free pancakes it's from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. this coming tuesday at ihop. and through sunday corner bakery offering a free small coffee. we have the coupon you need to grab that one and finally, the habit burger grille is offering you a coupon for a free char burger when you sign
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up for their char club. comes right to your in box. we have all the freebies plus details on a free pretzel party on don't say we didn't feed you this week. [laughter] >> so true. so much free food. all right alicia. >> that will do it for "action news" rat at 4:00. hope you'll join me along with sharrie adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. >> so we'll see you tonight. "action news" at 5:00 is coming up next. >> ♪ hey, are you taking the tissue test?
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> it looked like a wall of flames in the dark sky but this was more than two dozen school buses burning out of control at a bus depot in lehigh county. so far authorities are not sure what touched off the inferno. >> it's friday night and the big story on "action news" a school district in lehigh county was forced to cancel classes today because of this sweeping fire. >> 30 buses were impacted by the blaze that took several hours to put down. "action news" reporter bob brooks live outside the depot in orfield with the details for us. bob, good evening.
5:00 pm
>> reporter: good evening, rick and monica. just a bad fire all around, millions of dollars worth of damage. some of these buses burned down to the frame, there's nothing left and they are just behind me right there. you can see 16 again burned down to their frames. another 14 damaged. luckily, no injures and it was a bad fire with lots of explosions in there. the flames lit up the early morning sky. parkland east school district. on fire with plenty of fuel inside 16 buses. crews did their best to contain it. explosions were routinely heard. luckily no one was hurt. but what a mess it has made. the district had to cancel school. according to the school superintendent, at least 30 buses are now either destroyed or out of service. >> 16 obviously were lost in the fire and another 14 had ancillary damage. >> reporter: between the buses and property the estimated cost and damage in the millions. >


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