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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  February 24, 2018 9:00am-10:00am EST

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we're working on on for you on "action news." a week after a four-alarm fire ripped through a building in old city. we have details on how the fire is causing problems for businesses in the area. >> new insight into the dramatic past of the florida school shooter and the many missed warns about him. >> doug peterson is about to get a major honor from the town he calls home. >> let's go outside to chris sowers with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. damp and dreary out there, chris. >> reporter: rain, but the sun is about to peek out, that's probably all the sun you'll see this entire day. we had a dense fog advisory in effect for the western suburbs. it was discontinued about a half-hour ago. lancaster, reading, 2 miles. allentown, 2 miles. philadelphia 2 1/2. another dense area of fog, a pocket setting up over the
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delaware bay from dover to fortescue to wildwood, visibility down to .3 of a mile. take it easy this morning. the good news we're not seeing any reported travel delays. all the major hubs, all the flights are on time. there's moisture building to the west. here's a look at storm tracker 6 live, yet another round another area of low pressure will be sliding through during the day, that means lots of clouds throughout afternoon with light rain developing or showers from time to time and this will all transition over to a steadier period of rain correspondent tonight and through the morning tomorrow. for today, cloudy skies, you have a couple of peeks of sun but the idea today mainly clouds and mainly drizzle this afternoon. a comfortable high of 54. there's been a silver lining to the miserable pattern, temperatures have been fairly mild. 54 today. 06 tomorrow. when i come back we'll have more on when the rain clears out of
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here and when we see the sunshine and temperatures in the 60s next week. >> one week after the four-alarm blaze destroyed and tore through 239 chestnut. the impact on local businesses can be felt in old city. they are taking commercial heat from the fire. >> reporter: this friday night third and chestnut is considered a collapse zone with police cars blocking the devastating fire scene at least one nearby business had plenty of empty tables, other like the best western hotel and the little lion restaurant is closed leaving dozens out of work. >> five days later we're not allowed in the buildings. reality is setting in, we don't have any information. owner chris young estimates the little lion won't reopen until two months. he put out a call to find new positions for his 80 staff members. the city tavern the first of to
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open their doors. >> we reached out to them, we said if they want to come here, permanently or temporarily, we would be happy to take employees off their hands to get people back to work. >> reporter: i'm overwhelmed how many people responded it was really, really cool. >> reporter: the city announced plans to demolish of what remains of 237 chestnut street next week. the building was destroyed forcing 260 people to evacuate. an inspection revealed 170-year-old facade is too deteriorated to save. >> it's hard because the 200 block of chestnut street is one of the intact rows or blocks of 19th century fabric we have really in the entire city. >> reporter: meanwhile, young is busy talking with insurance companies and planning a fundraiser for his out of work staff, dwraifl to -- grateful to a community who rallied around them. >> certainly not everybody has found a job, but there's enough
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offers out there to potentially land everybody. >> reporter: there's an iron facade that will be salvage we're told. demolition begins next week and it will last a week, if you come down here, be aware of road closures. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> more than a dozen people are assessing the damage after a driver hit several parked cars in south philadelphia. an "action news" you're sent in this video showing the scene at third and porter streets. a resident telling "action news" 16 vehicles were damaged. the driver's truck was badly damaged and we are told that the driver was held at the scene by a dproop of people. we're waiting to hear from police about charges. new this morning, a head on crash in overbrook section sent a person to the hospital. it happened at landsdown and haverford avenue this morning. police say a man who was driving one vehicle was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries.
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no word on the cause of the crash. one person was hospitalized following a house fire in west philadelphia. the action cam was along the 4300 block of ludlow street when the fire broke out before 10:00. one person was taken to penn presbyterian hospital. what parked the fire remains under investigation. no word on the victim answer condition. this morning we follow the latest details on the florida school shooting. there's new questions about how sheriff deputies responded to the attack. deputy assigned to the school did not enter the building. three other deputies responding to the scene failed to enter the buildings. >> reporter: this morning the sheriff's office investigating why three other deputies stayed outside the high school as nikolas cruz opened fire.
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sheriff scott said he did not see any other deputies outside the school along with peterson. this comes as we learned more about cruz. >> the thing i lost my mother a couple of weeks ago, i'm dealing with a bunch of of things right now. >> reporter: the 911 call appearing to be the voice of cruz before he opened fire in the florida school taking lives of 17 students and educators. this another call the woman who had taken in cruz. >> there was a fight in my house, i'm afraid he is coming back he has a lot of weapons. he put a gun to his head before, he did that to his mom. >> reporter: before those incidents they responded to the cruz's park land home 23 times, 18 related to cruz himself. this morning new questions about missing warning signs abc news
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obtaining the transcript of the tip at her telling the fbi, cruz was going to explode saying she was worried about him getting into a school and shooting the place up. the fbi has admitted to failing to follow up on the tip. this wasn't the first missed sign in february 2016 broward sheriff's office has told that cruz threatened to shoot up the school. ment information sent to resource deputy scott peterson. and peterson was informed that cruz was possibly suicidal and wanted to buy a gun. five days later, the investigator from florida department of children and families ruled cruz was stable. >> nra facing corporate backlash, several companies saying they are cutting ties with the gun lobby and no longer offering discounts to nra members including rents car
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companies, insurance company met life and first national bank of omaha and life lock. some of this appears to have been the result of direct customer pressure and boycott nra social media campaign. >> happening today, he led the eagles to their first super bowl victory, now head coach doug peterson will be honored by the town he lives in. the township council of moorestown will recognize peterson on the front lawn of the community house at 10:00 a.m. they plan to present peterson for super bowl 52. while many of you were sleeping the archbishop carroll high school of delaware county raise $59,000 for children's hospital. it was part of the third on on -
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thon, they participated from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. a big congratulations to all students, you earned much-needed rest this weekend. >> they did a great job. >> reporter: 9:09 a.m. much more to come on "action news," u.s. army correspond of engineers responds to a report claiming the agency did not warn the public ahead of devastating hurricane harvey. following the release the black panther, we'll tell you why a small town in illinois is getting unusual phone calls. >> reporter: coming up in weather, a nice surprise, some of you are seeing sunshine as we look at storm tracker 6 live, mar rain and drizzle is on the way. i'll time it out for you on future tracker 6 when we come right back. >> so glad you stayed with us,
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time 9:12 a.m., follow the release of marvel black panther, a small midwestern town is getting a whole lot of attention, this is wakanda the fictional place in the movie. this is wakanda, i i illinois. they are getting calls about where they are hiding the vibranium. they are asking for them to change the town mascot a bulldog
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to a back panther, they will not change it for now. >> reporter: let's go over to the weather center, look at the greens overspreading the ohio and tennessee valleys. we are getting ready to end the month of february and move into march. february has brung a lot of spring-like temperatures. march is going to be colder. we'll see a dip in the jet stream across the eastern half of the united states. colder temperatures will move on in. we're starting to see signals or signs that it could be rather stormy at least the first two weeks of the month of march. doesn't mean snow, but it looks stormy. there are signs there could snow out there. the good news we're gaining daylight each and everyday, and spring arrives march 20th. old man winter is running out of time. but with that said as we flip the calendar page and get into
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march, colder weather will make a run toward the area. future tracker 6 showing we're clear rain in the far western suburbs, we'll zoom into berks and lancaster county, 322 heading into lebanon an harrisburg and central pennsylvania. light rain should get into the city shortly after the midday hour of after that it's on and off stuff all day. 46 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint, 44. winds are calm, pressure 30.19-inch. 46 for allentown and philadelphia. 47 in millville and wilmington. trenton, 47. dover, 48. and cape may, 44. that's the silver lining that's the good news, we're not seeing any snow because temperatures are way too warm. actually the rain snow line is farther west than milwaukee and chicago. you have to go out across the high plains in the upper midwest
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to see any frozen precipitation. the next system is rain and not snow. colder air doesn't arrive until next weekend. even that doesn't look too cold. future tracker 6 this model showing green overspreading the area by lunchtime. temperatures in the 50s, the model getting hung up there. 11:00 p.m., cloudy skies, damp and rain, if you're not seeing the rain you're picking up the drizzle. first thing tomorrow morning, same thing, 4:00 a.m., 5:00 a.m., 6:00 a.m., heavier rains. once this band pulls through, from that point on, cloudy sunday afternoon with occasional showers from time to time or spotty drizzle. mild temperatures as the warm front crosses the area. by 4:00, it doesn't look like it's in the lehigh valley you're in the 40s, look at the 60s to the south. dover, 67. philadelphia, 60. millville, 64 degrees. the idea for this weekend more
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rain and drizzle, the heaviest occurring tonight through the morning tomorrow, additionally we could pick up a half inch to an inch. if you're not picking up the rain and drizzle, you'll see the fog from time to time, as well. 54 in philadelphia, wilmington and trenton today, millville and dover, 57. rain and drizzle, allentown, 51. overnight tonight it's mild, temperatures in the 40s with more rain at times drizzle. areas of fog after midnight. cape may, 45. lehigh valley close to 40. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, once we get past the weekend, of course the sun comes back out. 56 anticipate sunny for monday, clouds to sun, tuesday and wednesday looks good, 58 and 60. more rain for thursday and friday, guys. >> all right, chris thank you. here's a look at what's happening in and around area this weekend. take a look glaxacon returns 11
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to 5:30 p.m. in middletown. tickets are $5 a piece or $10 for a family pass. bridal showcase at the holiday inn cherry hill, new jersey. runway fashion show by formal expressions and there will be prizes abbey give ways, meet wedding specialists to help you plan your wedding. it will run tomorrow from noon to 3:00 p.m. ann cost you five dollars. >> a top advisor to the trump
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campaign rick gates pleaded guilty to conspiring against the u.s. government. investigators say gates and paul manafort hid millions of dollars from the ukrainian lobby work. gates is cooperating with robert mueller investigation. he faces four to six years behind bars. this morning there's no word on why a woman drove into a
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gate yards from the white house. the 35-year-old woman ignored repeated orders to stop trying to get through the barriers. secret service arrested the woman and bomb squad was called to inspect the scene. the secret serb -- service has had problems with the woman near the white house before. u.s. army of engineers failed to reveal the forecast of harvey ahead of storm. record show they revealed flooding forecast as it made its way toward houston and a storm lingered in the area. billy graham will be brought to his hometown to be
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laid to rest. city officials have made designated viewing areas for well wishers. it's part of a week of mourning for america's pastor who died wednesday at the age of 99. a viewing and funeral are planned for next week. much more to come on "action news" saturday morning, including details abouters markell fultz being the subject of an fbi probe.
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so glad you stayed with us, turning to sports, let's the games begin, the phillies took on the blue jays for the first game of the preseason. dozen basketball teams are the subject of fbi probe, jamie apody has saturday morning sports. >> reporter: good morning, let the games begin, the phillies
9:24 am
kicked off grapefruit play yesterday to quote pop -- gary papa they will stop selling beer at the ballpark because they lost the game opener. phils take on the blue jays. this is how the game started. homerun, jays tagged him for two runs in the first, the phils lost to toronto 2-1. check out the hats they wore against the blue jays, it stands for stoneman douglass. every major league team wore the caps, the players sent them to be auctioned off for the victims and their families. >> we feel for the families and the kids who were lost, we wanted to something about it. this is the least we can do, wear the hats today. >> we're thankful we can play our tiny little small part and
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say that all of our hearts and prayers are going out to the people that are involved an wish that there's going to be a change. >> being called the ncaa worst nightmare an fbi probe uncovered violations by to division one basketball programs with 25 players being linked to receiving improper benefits from agents. among those named in the report, sixers top draft pick markell fultz allegedly received ten thousand dollars at the university of washington from am sports in 2015. it was after he signed with the huskies but before he attended the school. he left for the nba after one season and never signed with the agency. quakers ran away with it, penn wins 74-46 their 20th win of season. it's their first 21 season since
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2006/2007. flyers hit the road they play at with -- ottawa. they were off the pace of washington for top spot. crazy a few months after losing ten in a row, the flyers have a hot of winning the division, the coach says that comes from the top. >> there's a certain level of confidence and certain level of calmness whether it's under fire or things when things are going well there's a certain level of focus that our leaders have carried. >> reporter: they are playing great, the sixers hope to keep their wing streak alive against the magic today, have a great saturday. if you struggle between hitting the gym after work or sitting down with a glass of wine, one woman's idea might be the solution to for you. check out this video posted by meghan.
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she said her husband made her wine weight so they could curl an swirl at the same time. while we demonstrated the workout with red wine, i'm sure white would work, too. i'm sure i could get iend that. >> 9:27 much more to come on "action news" saturday morning. a dog is credited with saving the life of a 16-year-old boy, we're share his heroic story. plus rejiewrve sunrising your -- re-- rejuvenating your face on a budget. those stories and meteorologist chris sowers with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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to save others react to the shocking updates of the florida school shooting. plus a school shooting threat right here in pennsylvania, we'll tell you who police have in custody. third trump associate is cooperating with the robert mueller probe what it means for the administer -- administration and on going investigation. >> let's go outside to david murphy, we have rain knocking on the door. >> reporter: i'll take a step off the step, sun shining brightly. we have sun right now, but the clouds will roll back in and more rain heading this way this afternoon. lots of rain overspreading the ohio and tennessee valleys. you can see the yellows and orangeses that's where the heaviest rain is at this point. we'll call it a line through williams sport and columbus cincinnati in highway.
9:31 am
rainfall hotels this month has been impressive. philadelphia averages 3 inches we're up to 5.3. atlantic city, 6.1. it's all been rain because the temperatures have been extremely mild even on the cooler days, the temperatures were above seasonal a. monday, 49. tuesday and wednesday, almost like summer out there, 72, 77. wednesday actual missed the all time record highest mark ever in philadelphia. that number is 79 in the months of february. fell short of that 77. thursday, 58. friday, 45 degrees, all those clouds and showers and drizzle, even that is above average. 44 in pottstown, malvern, 45. center city, 46. newtown, 46. lots of mid 40s showing up for south jersey and delaware. for today, cloudy skies or clouding back up again during the late morning hours, light
9:32 am
rain developing in the afternoon, drizzle, patchy fog overnight tonight, more rain and drizzle. i'll be back along in just a few minutes we'll see when this gets out of here with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. nydia? >> thank you. students are set to return to class on monday, more than a week after the deadly shooting in parkland, florida, many of the teacher and staff went back to marjory stoneman douglas high school for the first time yesterday. this morning we're learning about the armed officer assigned to the school who ran for cover instead of engaging the gunman. scott peterson resign this week, he characterized himself a person who would not shrink in the face of danger. this is an incident he described at atlantic technical college in 2015. there were four males inside the cafeteria. i chased them, i identified who i was, i apprehended two of them
9:33 am
4800 block of coconut creek threw them in the back, kept going grabbed the other two. >> officials say he was a stellar officer before the valentine's day massacre. he was a former employee of the month and form he resource officer of the year. peterson has been working at the high school since 2005. he is distraught over the shooting. >> scott peterson's actions or inactions were the discussion of subject for first responders in south jersey where they were hang out awards for valour. >> expectation to go in and neutralize the threat. >> reporter: at these tables hundreds of first responders. the 200 club of burlington county annual awardses -- awarned dinner where we met the
9:34 am
chiefs. if there's an armed officer he is to engage and not wait for backup. move fast, stop the gunman. is to the controversy around the action of scott peterson. my agency i would expect that person to do the right thing to go in because it could be their family member inside that place. >> i can't imagine anyone not going in and stabilize not doing so, you have to risk your life for others, if you're not willing to do that 100% of the time especially when it's your job to do that, i can't understand why you would be doing this job. , that was the consistent message from all three chiefs. it is dangerous to confront an unknown gunman, but it's the kind of risk that police officers sign on for, in cinnaminson, john rawlins channel 6 "action news." >> an alert student is being credited to what could have been a similar tragedy in
9:35 am
pennsylvania. officers got a tip on austin lehman who was talking about shooting other students he has been charged with terroristic threats. there's no word on what started a huge fire that damaged two dozen school buses in the lehigh valley. the buses that were destroyed or damage belonged to parkland school district in south white hall. when they firefighters got there they found exploding fuel tanks and tires bursting off their rims. school leaders canceled classes friday, but hope classes can resume monday. an 18-year-old turned himself in after this fight in milford, delaware. the happened at smyrna and cape henlopen were playing at smyrna central academy. 18-year-old randy rickert for assault.
9:36 am
there are two additional students who have not been identified, but plan to surrender. 935, special counsel robert mueller has a third member of the trump campaign cooperating with the investigation. rick gate joins michael flynn and george popopulous. >> we have the latest from the white house. >> reporter: outside the federal course house in washington, d.c. a dramatic entrance for this 45-year-old former political consultant now center stage in the russia probe. during the campaign rick gates was strictly a background player, quite literally so at the republican national convention, that's him standing right behind the nominee during a rehearsal. gates traveled on the candidates plane through election day and
9:37 am
served as a consultant during the transition to, he pled guilty to conspiracy against the u.s. and to lying to fbi investigators last february. he is the third former trump associate to flip along with former national security advisor michael flynn and former frp age george popadopalous. all agreeing to cooperate with robert mueller. despite my initial desire to dwrend -- myself i've had a a change of heart in a letter, calling it a gut wrenching decision. >> robert mueller would not have made the deal unless he felt gates had something to add to the case and the investigation. >> reporter: president trump insisted he is not worried about the investigation which he visa distraction. >> there's been no collusion
9:38 am
between us and the russians. >> reporter: the gates decision to plea bargain clearly increases the pressure on the man who was his partner for decades. former trump campaign chairman man who said in his own statement i continue to maintain my innocence, i hoped and expected my business colleague would have had the strength to continue the battle to approve our innocence for reasons yet to surface, he chose to do otherwise. >> there's no question that paul manafort has been to be concerned about the fact thats long-time partner is now playing on the government's side. >> that was david wright with that report. a congressional map in pennsylvania survived a request from the 8 of the congressman for federal judges to throw it out immediately. they declined to hold up
9:39 am
implementation of the map put in place by the state supreme court. the map was widely viewed as among the nation's jerry -- gerrymandered or membershipped map. septa's changes go into effect. route 38 bus will go to neshaminy mall. route 6 will operate with new routing at lansdale station. 939 much more to come on "action news" saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. including "shelter me rescue of the week." >> reporter: i'm karen rogers this is prince from the pennsylvania spca, we'll tell you about prince, his buddies and what they are doing for the lonely hearts club. that's coming up later this morning on "action news." >> regulations to keep internet
9:40 am
use fair for all users to set to come to an end when net neutrality will no longer be enforced. >> coming back you'll get a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, meteorologist chris sowers says if you head out today, don't forget the umbrella.
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>> so glad you stayed with us, you may have seep this making -- seen this making its way around social media. people are calling this
9:43 am
2-year-old screrm shepherd a -- german shepherd a hero. two men broke into the family's seattle, washington home and started ransacking downstairs rooms, when they ran into the bedroom where the 16-year-old was hiding. rex lunged at the two men and and they shot the dog three times. he said his dog saved his life. >> rex is an angel, he is my four legged achele we have at our house. >> what an incredible story, thank you, r. he x. it's deserves treats for a lifetime. the burglars took off after hearing the sirens. rex survived the shooting despite the bullet going into his neck and hind legs. >> we wish him a speedy
9:44 am
recovery. >> reporter: good boy. >> no good weather. >> reporter: no, we're expecting more rain tonight and tomorrow. there's spring mountain you can see bare spots. they are having problems keeping a base this morning. it was a good year for skiers, especially around the holidays, now we have warm temperatures, we have bare spots out there. and unfortunately mother nature will bring rain and warm temperatures that means more melting snow on the slopes. here's reading and lancaster, lehigh valley, allentown up through here, the movement is southwest to northeast. this part of the viewing area here, pottstown, quakertown, allentown picking up rain in the hour. some of it is steadier side. you can see across and oranges, there's more out west, ohio valley, cleveland, columbus, cincinnati, louisville reporting light to moderate rain and moderate west of roanoke and
9:45 am
charles ton. all this has to swing through before we clear this out, that will happen late morning monday, or monday afternoon. 54 degrees is the forecasted high. we keep the winning streak going as far as temperatures are concerned. 46 we're above average. we'll be in the 60s tomorrow at least part of the areas. millville, 47. lehigh valley, 47 degrees. trenton, 49. cape may, 45. and dover, 48. we've had this conveyer belt of moisture which stretches from mexico. if you go farther out here off the pacific ocean stretching through mexico and the ohio and tennessee valleys over us in the philadelphia area wrapping around this area of high pressure. unfortunately we have another round to go, as we head into the overnight and tomorrow morning. once that round pulls through, that's it, we'll catch a break, this is high pressure here, monday, tuesday, wednesday, this system will push in thursday and
9:46 am
friday with more rain and some of that could be heavy at times. here's future tracker 63:00 p.m., lots of clouds out there, patchy drizzle from time to time. scattered showers and lighter periods of rain. correspondent tonight, same thing especially during the evening hours. we get a heavier band that swings through 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. especially for areas west of philadelphia. once that lifts to the north, we'll see mainly cloudy skies during the afternoon with the hit or miss shower and perhaps leftover drizzle. more importantly this warm front slides through late in the day. look what it does to the temperatures, hadn't crossed the lehigh valley, but you're in the 40s. dover, 67, millville, 64. once again we get the late april-type weather in here. 54 degrees is the forecasted high. more rain and drizzle overnight tonight. mild night, 39 degrees outlying suburbs, 44 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, at least
9:47 am
we'll see some sunshine next week. 54 degrees afternoon rain and drizzle today. tomorrow, morning rain, some of it could be heavy at times, leftover shower by afternoon, 60. monday, tuesday, wednesday, we're clear, 56, 58, 60. there's the last system, thursday into friday, more clouds, more rain, more drizzle and temperatures are cooler for next weekend, but still not bad 40s. >> i'm hearing you talk about all this rain i'm thinking man, i wish it could snow. >> reporter: right. >> [laughter]. unfortunately there are pets at shelters that get overlooked, so one local group has decided to hit the forgotten faces. karen rogers has the details in this week's "shelter me rescue of the week." >> reporter: the pennsylvania spca created will only hearts club who all sing the same tiewnl. >> tiewnl -- tune. we have wonderful dogs here who
9:48 am
get controversy looked. this is an opportunity for the forgotten pets to let their personality shine outside their cages. >> sometimes the dogs have kennel behavior that isn't wonderful. but you get them out and she show their true consider. >> this is hailey, she is the lucille ball of the kennel. she was very abused and she was skin and bones. now this american bulldog is fully recovered and full of personality. >> is he wears a flower because she knows she is a lady. >> drake is one of our clowns. >> he is a 3-year-old grayhound mix goof ball. >> they say baby, around 5 years old. >> baby did go to charm school and passed with an of a-plus. once you get to know here, she
9:49 am
has a great personality. baby down, good girl. >> this is prince an adult male pit mix, he came to the shelter in november emaciated. he is looking for a home with extra tlc. if you're interested in any of the pets you met today, we posted a link on our website"shelter me rescue of the week." if you would like to share your shelter story post a picture and details on our "fyi philly" facebook page using the #6abc shelter me. with prince i'm karen rogers channel 6 "action news."
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weekend call from accuweather, rain and drizzle, otherwise lots of clouds, 54. tomorrow, rain during the morning, showers by afternoon, it's a milder day, though. highs around 60. >> all right, thank you. jack hanna's "wild countdown" next on channel 6. "action news" continues later tonight him we'll be back tomorrow morning. here's a look at the stories we're working on. >> when it comes to getting a car most of us buy rent or lease and now we have a new option. we'll explain how it works. >> for chris sowers, nydia han, and the entire "action news" team, i'm gray hall. make it a great day.
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announcer: "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. jack: hi, everybody. i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." most of the time, the wilderness is a peaceful place, but some creatures can become real animals if they have to defend their turf, like hotheaded hippos... robert: they're trying to establish who is dominant. jack: you're seeing something i've only seen one time. howling mad monkeys... he just about scared me out of my pants. guide: yeah. jack: and enormous elephant seals. today, we've got 6 incredibly tough territorial species. plus, my blooper of


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