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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  February 25, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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overnight, heavy rain moving through the area and there is more to come. >> after a plus president trump clarifies his position who should be responsible for arming teachers. >> we've just incredible, february is one of the drier months during the course of the year but we continue to see the rounds of rain pull through and this is the last of the rounds of rain that will sweep through here. the cold front sits back across the appalachians all the way down to the smoky mountains. once that crosses that's when everything will finally shut off. we do have heavy rain in and around the area this morning. from philly through center city, these yellows and oranges here sliding into western portions of gloucester and camden county.
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if you're not picking up the heavy rains you're certainly seeing patchy fog. moderate to heavy rain this morning and most of the afternoon is cloudy and kind of mild with temperatures in the mid 50s. but that temperature will be dependent upon where you are. there's a warm front that's going to be pushing through. if you're in the lie hee valley high temperatures will only be in the 40s but in south jersey and delaware it will be in the 60s. morning rain, some of it heavy at times lots of ponding on the roadways. it was a slow go for me heading into work this morning. then the skies may actually try to brighten up late in the day. i'll be back along in just a few minutes when we talk about the return of sunshine in that accuweather 7-day forecast.
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>> breaking news to tell you about from the oxford circle of philadelphia. a home invasion at about 4:30 this morning police got a call from a man who had escaped from the home to a nearby wawa. when police arrived to the home they say they found another man inside tied up in a second floor bedroom. he had been hit on the head with a gun. he's in the hospital where there's no word about his condition and so far police have not indicated how many suspects they're looking for and whether they made off with anything. stick with action news for updates on this breaking news story. and there is some new information to tell you about this morning medics rushing a man to the hospital after he was shot in the neck. right now police are looking for the shooter in southwest philadelphia. we're working to learn if the man survived and if he was sitting in that car when he was shot. right now police are trying to
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figure out a motive. also new this morning a teenager is in the hospital after a rollover accident. this happened in the southbound lanes just before midnight. that teenaged driver is listed in stable condition. there's no word what caused the driver to lose control and eventually overturn. there's an update to a story that we've been following classes will resume tomorrow in the lehigh valley school district. 25 buses were damaged or destroyed the district says that fire is certainly not believed to be suspicious. >> in the wake of the florida school shooting tragedy, present donald trump appears to be
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clarifying. he says such a plan should be left up to states. last week he indicated. only the best should be given guns. he does not want all teachers to have gunls. most teachers and law enforcement organizations oppose the idea of arming teachers with weapons. the national rifle association is responding to corporate backlash. as we told you yesterday some companies are pulling out of deals they have with the nra. delta and united being the latest just yesterday. the nra calling all of these company's actions a shameful display of political cowardice. more students from marjory stoneman douglas high school took to the streets yesterday calling for improved gun control legislation. they hold a student orientation
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today. students return to class later this week. >> your time now 6:05. the democrats are having their say of the russian election hacking investigation. they released a memo countering republican claims that top fbi adjusted officials abusing their powers. >> a twitter war erupting over a contentious memo. democrats finally releasing a redacted version of their point-by-point rebuttal to the so-called republican memo from two weeks ago. subject line, correcting the record. the russia investigation. the nunez memo questions the investigation. the democrats insist the fbi and doj officials did not but it is
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blacked out president trump tweeted saturday evening the memo response on government surveillance abuses is a total i political and legal bus. ranking member of the house intelligence committee wrong again mr. president it confirms the fbi acted appropriately and advised your advisors and your campaign that russia was compared to help you by disseminating stolen clinton emails. it comes as general kelly is clamping down on white house security clearances after rob porter never received a permanent security clearance. some of the president's closest advisors, including trump's son-in-law jared kushner are working with temporary esident
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decides to keep top secret. >> general kelly will make that call. >> reporter: until now kushner has had access to some of the most classified documents. >> the olympics are wrapping up in south korea. president trump's daughter ivanka is in south korea. on friday the white house imposed its largest package of sanctions on north korea. ivanka trump is an advisor to her father. >> at least two people are dead following strong storms down south. this is the damage right here caused by possible tornadoes that hit the kentucky-tennessee border. an elderly woman is among the dead this morning. she was crushed by a wall that came right on top of her. strong winds also destroying the home of some newly wednesdays. a motel in arkansas caught in
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the path of another tornado. guests say there was little warning of what was coming their way. the saturated ground is setting off alerts. the trees could topple suddenly. and missouri under a state of emergency because of some flash flooding there. some towns already partially under water. rain has been pelting towns all weekend long and the bulk of that is soaking the southern part of missouri. >> demolition will begin this week by a massive fire sunday. 2900 block of chestnut street remains closed this morning. the city is planning to demolish what remains. the apartment building was destroy forcing 160 people to evacuate. no one was hurt. before demolition begins a wrought iron facade will be salvaged. still ahead here on action news for a sunday morning, a mother seeking out babysitters in delaware and this morning her
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baby is dead. the babysitters are charged in this child's death. >> and neighbors react to getting their cars smashed by a pickup truck. >> more rain heading this way but the good news this is the last of the series of low pressure that will be sliiding each. the return of sunshine. i'll have the details coming up after this. you've worked hard. busted tail. and impressed the boss. maybe it's time to be your own?
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looking beautiful. turnier won in the pageant held at drexel university last night. turner, a drexel senior prepared aerial acroba acrobatics. a big congratulations to amy turner. >> congratulations. we couldn't ask for a better emcee. >> unfortunately our weather isn't funny. we've had enough of this. it keeps raining and raining and unfortunately there is more rain on the way. it's actually in the process of sliding through now. the good news this is the very last of it after we get through the morning hours, everything should begin to dry out later this afternoon and then we have a couple of very nice days heading this way. monday through wednesday all
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look really nice. in the meantime we're going to zoom right into philadelphia county, western portions of gloucester and camden counties in south jersey and we're still seeing lighter rains but every now and then we start running into pockets of heavier moisture indicated by the yellows and oranges. if you're traveling into philadelphia county, center city northeast, it's going to be a slow-go lots of ponding on the roadways. that is the last of the heavier stuff for now we do have one more band waiting in the wings. that's the cold front itself. once this front pulls through, that's when everything will shut off. you can see all the drying out here periods of rain this morning, some of it will be heavy at times. february rainfall for the city of philadelphia right now 5.54 inches this month. it's the seventh wettest february on record and records date back to 1874. so we have about 143 years worth
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of data. this is the seventh wettest so far. we only need about a quarter inch to break the top five. 44 degrees right now in philadelphia, the dew point of 42. winds are out of the east northeast at 6 miles per hour. lots of temperatures out there this morning thanks to an easterly breeze. any time you get a breeze off the ocean this time of year it usually keeps temperatures milder we're certainly seeing that. especially considering the time of year it could be a lot colder out there. mid 40s we can handle that. by 10:00 a.m. another round of heavy to moderate rain will be pushing through. you can see a lot of yellows out there, and then by lunchtime, 1:00, give or take, everything should start to relax here. things calm down, it's mainly just cloudy, left over spritz or sprinkles. late in the day maybe a leftover
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shower. skies may try to brighten up a little bit to our west before sunset. tomorrow morning waking up to more cloud cover and by afternoon we clear everything out. monday afternoon, tuesday, wednesday, all look really nice with the return of some sunshine, but as we go a little bit wider here and we fast forward into thursday and friday, here comes another system and this will be a two-part area of low pressure. the first low races off the coast but it's the second low that will slowly drift east and kind of stall and meander about. this will bring rain to the area thursday, friday and possibly into saturday. it looks like another rain event is on the way. high temperatures today it depends where you are. the warm front is not going to get that far to the north. 47 in allentown, 55 in philadelphia. look at the low to mid 60s to the south. so you are south of that warm front there. overnight tonight everybody is fairly mild. 43 degrees in philadelphia, 42 in millville. mostly cloudy 41 in trenton and
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45 in cape may. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, finally got some sunshine out there. 55, rain and showers ending midday today. for tomorrow partly sunny and breezy 56. tuesday is gorgeous. more rain thursday, friday and saturday. >> get the latest on the forecast plus storm tracker 6 live right on your phone or tablet. the 6abc app is a free landlord for your mobile device. as we wind down winter we look forward to a summer tradition, music fest. the general public can buy tickets to shows concerts on march 2nd. bill gert and jason mraz. tickets went on sale the past week or so. music fest runs august.
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a terrifying encounter was caught on surveillance video in oklahoma. watch as a robber hoelgds up a mother and daughter in the family's liquor story. as he begins to leave the mother grabs her gun and shoots the robber. the suspect comes back, grabs her and pistol whips her and takes her gun. the daughter grabs another gun and struggles with the mom. she describes those heart-stopping moments trying to fend him off. >> i was pulling the trigger trying to keep him from getting
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the gun and i kept pulling the trigger. >> eventually the mother and daughter got away. the suspect injured and in custody. may be connected to ten other robberies in the area. >> frightening video there. your time now 6:21 in health check the cleveland clinic is talking about a troubling study concerning women with heart devices for people with heart failure and irregular heartbeat an implanted device can get the rhythm back where it should be. women are less than 30% likely to get the implantable device even though research shows they work and they work even better in women than in men. >> differences which i think are very important to understand to identify and therefore we can apply defibrillator therapy more
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precisely to patients who need it most. >> as more baby boomers age, doctors are seeing more people with these problems. experts say it is vital to look at all patients regardless of gender and women should talk to their health care providers about what's best for them. the study is punished in the journal of the american heart association. >> the methodist community came together for a black history explosion. the young people told the story of the african diaspora of song and dance. they are encouraged to remember the fight for freedom and embrace their social responsibility for change. copd makes it hard to breathe.
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us, it is now 6:24. knock on some wood, the home teams keep on winning. two memorial streaks live on. here's jeff skversky. >> it's magical. there is something in the air in philadelphia. since the eagles won the super bowl, the sixers and flyers have not lost in regulation. sixers have won a season high seven straight. carson wentz in the house, last night he brings down the house. huge ovation for the eagles quarterback. but jo jo steels the show against orlando. joel embiid, the game starting to become easy for him. rebound takes it out, turns it around, drops it. seconds later. a block coming up right here. sixers win 116-105. they've won ten straight at
6:26 am
home. the longest streak in 16 years. >> getting better. we're on the right track. >> the sixers take on the wizards later today. the flyers are on fire too. the flyers were in last place in the beginning of december. now they're only one point out of first. flyers flat out hot in ottawa yesterday. 28 seconds into the game, 1-0 flyers. fast forward to the third, ottawa brutal flyover, flyers capitalize. 3-1 flyers. everything going their way, even this. unbelievable goal. later in the third, manning wraps it around, dumps it in. it dumps into the net.
6:27 am
flyers win 5-3. they won nine of ten. spring training baseball had a moment of silence for roadway halladay yesterday. trying to make a case for the phillies starting catcher yes this helps, a grand slam. phillies go on to win 9-6. nova 52 seconds left, a basket and a foul, nova up 2. 35 seconds left in regulation. sends it to overtime. cats go ice cold in their seven to last nine shots. nova loses 89-83. they drop to 25 and 4 and that could hurt their shot big time at a number one seed in the ncaa tournament. that is sports. i'm jeff skversky have a good
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day. >> a 93-year-old woman had the time of her life when she worked out with her personal trainer. she just can't contain her laughter as she goes through the motions. really moving those feet, right? or not. since the trainer's daughter, it has been seen millions of times online. >> happy birthday. 93 looking good. all right. >> we'll be right back after this. > 6:30.
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new this morning. medics rushing people to the hospital after a collision the action cam at this scene i-95 north near philadelphia international airport. the crash happened just before 4:00 this morning. one of the vehicles flipped
6:31 am
over. police right now trying to determine if the rain played a role in this accident. >> and turning to our weather, sky 6hd taking a live look right now the skyline from our temple university camera you can see it is foggy out there and the heaviest of today's rain is pushing through the area. if you're headed out get those rain jackets or be sure to take your umbrella. let's go to meteorologist chris sowers with more. rain, rain go away we're tired of it. >> even if it's just for an hour, please give me the sunshine today at some point. it's depressing you wake up and look out the window and you see more clouds and gray and gloom and more rain and here we go. more rain falling across parts of the area mainly north of the pennsylvania turnpike and the atlantic city expressway but still areas to the south if you're not picking up the rain you're certainly seeing the drizzle. here is one quick zoom, the heaviest rains indicated here by the yellows and the oranges all of this is pushing through
6:32 am
traveling to the east at about 20-25 miles per hour. another zoom will take us into ocean county, here's belmar, seaside heights. more downpours are being reported at this point. as we expand the view here and go a little bit farther out, you can see again most of it is let's say just to the north of this line here. so pennsylvania turnpike, atlantic city expressway, from those areas north, we're seeing the rain from that point south we're seeing mainly cloudy skies with some patchy drizzle and fog every now and then we see the occasional shower. going a bit wider out here, it's raining quite heavily from state college through johnstown and altoona stretching south. that's the actual cold front itself. that has to clear the region before we start to see our skies here in the delaware valley brighten up. it doesn't look like it will be until late in the day.
6:33 am
visibility reports, it's not nearly as bad as what we saw the same time yesterday. two miles in millville, philadelphia international right now reporting 7 miles. forecast for today, rain this morning, cloudy skies by afternoon. 55 degrees is the forecasted high. guys? >> all right chris, thank you. a reminder you can get the forecast an hour earlier tonight. walter prez, sarah bloomquist are on action news at 5:00 p.m. >> this morning a 15 month old child is dead and a family of course is devastated. police say that baby was killed by the people who the mother left to care for this child. action news reporter annie mccormick has reaction. >> reporter: family members of 15 month old chosen are grieving after his death a week ago. saturday wilmington police announced two people are charged with his death, a 37-year-old and 22-year-old. >> they get what they deserve because he's a baby.
6:34 am
he was so handsome. >> reporter: they remembered just seeing him days ago. >> i seen him like two days before he remind me of my son. he was smiling just crazy and to find out two days later he ain't here it's just crazy. >> according to police the mother left with the suspects to babysit. someone from the couple's apartment took the child to the hospital last saturday where he later died. wilmington police began an investigation working with the attorney general's office and child services. the medical examiner deemed this a homicide after disclosing chosen died of blunt force trauma. a go fund me page shows a photo of chosen's smiling face with a bref message saying on 2/17 our life was forever changed. both adults are charged with murder by abuse or neglect in
6:35 am
the first degree. they remain in jail. reporting in wilmington, annie mccormick, channel 6 action news. >> shots were fired inside an athletic club in bucks county. police say two men were arguing when one of them shot the other. the victim in the hospital in stable condition we're told the suspect got away. a philadelphia police officer was injured in the leg when he was hit by a stolen car. an officer was called about 6:30 last night for reports of a vehicle crashing into parked cars. the officer got out to check on this and was hit by a car driven by a female driver. police arrested that woman a short time later charges against her this morning are pending. >> president trump has blasted pennsylvania's revised congressional district map. in a tweet he said the new degree drawn map is unfair to republicans and to the country as a whole. he said it must be appealed to
6:36 am
the u.s. supreme court asap. the state gop appealed the case on wednesday. last month the state threw out the map. later this morning to dig deeper in the issue, you can see that right here at 11:30. health officials in mexico and the united states are maintaining good relations despite reports that a tentative plan to visit the white house has been put on hold. the washington post reported the meeting has been shelved for now following a phone call between president trump and the mexican president. trump continues to pledge to build a wall on the u.s.-mexican border saying it will stem the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs. >> we continue to follow the aftermath of that florida school shooting massacre. the final victim of that shooting was laid to rest this weekend. he was a member of the jrotc. he's also one of three cadets
6:37 am
among those 17 victims of the mass shooting on valentine's day. students will begin to return to classes on wednesday in parkland, florida for the first time since the tragedy. >> 6:37 now. this morning we are hearing from people in south philadelphia who had their car damaged by an out-of-control pickup. we first told you about that crash yesterday morning. action news reporter bob brooks has more. >> reporter: it was a pretty scary couple of minutes. it's hard to see but you can clearly hear what's happening. police say a man in a ford pickup truck smashed into 16 cars. finally neighbors would put a stop to the chaos and yunk him out of his truck. >> i was able to open the door up. he was fighting back. >> reporter: quick thinking likely prevented further damage. >> we had to stop him because we didn't know if he was going to go all the way down the block,
6:38 am
hit somebody, kill somebody. >> reporter: one of the suv's damages belonged to sack. he said he and his girlfriend were inside watching a movie then this truck came crashing into their chevy. >> the next thing you know the banging you see a truck next to your car. >> my car got hit three times. >> reporter: the neighbors say he did not hit any of the cars on the right side of the road but he continuously rammed cars going down the left side he hit some of them so hard they literally launched up into the sidewalk. >> that vehicle ended up three wheels on the curb and at that point and pushed her back in the house. >> reporter: police have identified the driver as 43-year-old james kaiser. he's been arrested for dui. he put up quite the struggle before police arrived. >> he was saying i'm from the neighborhood. i don't care. my kid was out here he would have gotten killed. >> reporter: bob brooks, channel
6:39 am
6 action news. >> septa riders can expect some changes. new city and suburban transit schedules will take effect. 58 buses will provide service to the mall on sundays and beginning mid march route 96 buses will operate with new rouding in lands dale stationz. >> action news on sunday morning saving money in the grocery store. and philadelphia is home to several black history month celebrations. 6abc loves the arts. >> from open bars to free gourmet food to neck ties, we are revealing work perks being offered by some employers. >> sky 6hd looking at a wet penn's landing.
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44 degrees right now. the action cam taking a live look at old city. the roads are wet, they're going to get wetter so if you're heading out this morning maybe to church, take your umbrellas with you. >> meteorologist chris sowers tracking your forecast helping to plan your weekend. i don't know how much you can do with all this rain. >> we were talking about this yesterday at least it isn't snow. i was putting numbers together it would have been between 50 and 60 inches in philadelphia. >> i love the rain now. >> so we'll show you the view as
6:43 am
we look live on sky 6 and the cars are moving along just fine on the major roadways but we do have some ponding out there. every now and then we start running into a pocket of heavier rain. be prepared for rapidly changing visibilities and driving conditions over the next couple of hours. flip it right over to storm tracker you can see for the most part a lot of this steadier rain is to the north of the pennsylvania turnpike and of the atlantic city expressway. mercer county just east of trenton all of this pushing to the east at about 20-25 miles per hour and another little batch developing just west of surf city. areas to the west picking up cloud cover and either light rain or spotty drizzle this morning but there's more steadier rains out to the west. this is the last in a series of low pressure systems that will be sliding through and you can see behind it things start to dry out pretty nicely across the southern great lakes states.
6:44 am
also how far to the north this rain-snow line is. places like syracuse seeing rain this time around because the temperatures are so mild. albany, new york picking up some rain as well. you've got to get into northern portions of vermont and new hampshire to see any kind of snowfall out of this. and in terms of all-time wettest februarys ever in the region, this is the second wettest february ever for atlantic city out of 143 years of data. allentown the second wettest february ever. we've had a ton of rain. philadelphia quickly closing in on 6 inches for the month. 55 degrees is today's forecasted high, which is a good 9 degrees above the seasonal average of 46. but the high today really just depends where you are and how far to the north the warm front lifts. right now we think the warm front will left just to a position here. areas to the north a little bit cooler, you get into south jersey and delaware especially,
6:45 am
highs today are in the low to mid 60s, very mild down there. this moisture plume stretches from the mid atlantic and the northeast all the way down to the pacific ocean. a lot of this moisture coming off the pacific over mexico and it kind of plumes to the north here into the mid atlantic and the northeast. future tracker 6 showing steadier rains through about 10:00, 11:00 a.m. and everything starts to quiet down from west to east. at 1:00 it's still cloudy and tamp, there's still a little drizzle taking place. there's your warm front lifting to the north. by 6:00 it's just south of philadelphia and again you can see mild temperatures to the south, somewhat chilly to the north. allentown will still be in the 40s. so rain and showers ending right around midday today. by afternoon it's just cloudy. 55 degrees is the forecasted high. by 2:00, 54. steadier rains this morning, mainly just cloudy, leftover
6:46 am
drizzle or showers by afternoon. overnight tonight mostly cloudy and mild but no rain. 36 degrees outlying suburbs 43 for center city. nice weather head thg way monday, tuesday and wednesday. so 55 today with rain and showers ending around midday, partly sunny, breezy and nice for tomorrow 56. tuesday and wednesday look really nice. lots of sunshine, highs close to 60. and then guess what? more rain heading this way thursday and friday. but it's not snow. >> mother nature has impeccable timing. thank you chris. time for what's the deal. sunday is a big day for grocery shopping and along that comes planning meals. alicia vitarelli has a few cost-cutting measures. >> reporter: today we are tackling your grocery bill beyond coupons. clever ways to save on your family's food essentials. first have a dinner for just 5
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a grandmother says one of the last things her grandson did was respond to a text message and a short time later he was dead. >> sonya is very honest when it comes to her grandson. >> zakee was a good kid. he wasn't an angel. none of us are. but he didn't deserve that. >> she is referring to what happened on monday, june 19th. she says the 20-year-old was at his father's ahouse in west philadelphia. she received a text message around 3:00 a.m. he was sitting on the front porch when he was suddenly approached by a gunman. >> he was shot multiple times in
6:52 am
his chest. >> also died at the scene. >> i know people out there know who did this. but no one wants to come forward. >> reporter: the city of philadelphia is offering up to $20,000 in reward money for information that leads to the arrest and conviction for the person responsible. all you have to do is call the citizens crime commission at 215-546-tips. all calls remain anonymous. >> i would like to say think about your family. think if this was your loved one. how would you feel with people being out there knowing who did this horrific crime. >> the body of the reverend billy graham has been moved to his hometown of charlotte, north carolina.
6:53 am
billy graham was offered referred to as america's pastor. he died on wednesday at the age of 99. we'll be right back. copd makes it hard to breathe.
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get your first prescription free at mile visibility wise. be careful some of the outlying roads here. north of this line we're seeing the rains fall and some of it is on the heavier side. there's not much out here, open space, open land but we are seeing some of the downpours so a lot of these roads could have
6:56 am
puddling on them. jackson mills, where great adventure is and along the garden state parkway and route 9 from lbi northward through belmar and seaside heights. rainfall totals so far this month have been unbelievable. atlantic city this is the second wettest february on record for them. allentown also closing in on 5 inches of rain of the forecast for today jersey shore, morning rain perhaps a leftover shower this afternoon. same thing for philadelphia. 55 in the city and 45 for the poconos. gray? >> okay chris. thank you so much for the update. the mural arts project has commissioned a new mural to honor 19th century civil rights a activist. he was actually assassinated back in 1871 for giving
6:57 am
african-americans the right to vote. last year he became the first african-american to be honored with a memorial in philadelphia. >> walking down the aisle was the easy part. getting to the reception, not so simple. new bride melissa roger got stuck in the elevator on the way to her own reception. her husband snapped pictures of her looking out of the elevator as firefighters answered the call. >> i jumped in the elevator and we started to go up the elevator just kind of shuttered and we all thought oh, weird. and then the doors never opened. >> we were prepared to get her honeymoon clothes down to her. >> 35 minutes later they freed melissa and two wedding planners. rogers was handed a drink as we walked out. a 93-year-old woman at the time of her life when she worked out with her personal trainer.
6:58 am
helene miller from south dakota can't contain her laughter as she goes through the motions. look at her there. she's moving those feet. since the trainer's daughter posted this video, it has been seen millions of times online. >> happy birthday. your time now 6:58. coming up next, some breaking news a man is found tide up and injured in a home invasion in philadelphia. >> political theater increases in washington as a lawmaker release a democratic memo countering the public claims top law enforcement officials abuse their powers. action news sunday morning is next. you may have heard it
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overnight. heavy rain moving through the area and there is more to come. this is new video of the steady soaking in ardmor. >> after a large bus depot fire cancels some classes a district plans to reopen. >> president trump clarifies his position on who should be responsible for arming teachers. first your wl sky 6hd taking a look r


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