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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 26, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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again, two people including an off duty philadelphia police officer were found dead in a home. you can see detectives officers and the crime scene unit still remain out here. now, police did confirm two people were found dead after noon today. the off duty female officer and also a male acquaintance. now, as police processed the scene here in the 2900 block of mercer friends and family members are watching outside. now, friends tell us the man found inside the home was a long time acquaintance of the officer's. friends say that the officer did not show up to work today and it was officers from her district who came and made the discoveries. now, back out here live like we say you can still see that there's a heavy police presence out here. we're seeing detectives from east detectives, also from the homicide unit and also the crime scene unit as well but at this point police have not said whether or not these deaths are suspicious. we're still waiting to find out more details about exactly what happened. for now reporting live in port
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richmond, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> all right, annie, thank you. now to a developing story. and a personal tragedy for bill cosby one of his three daughters ensa has died. the 44-year-old woman died from renal disease on friday. no other details were given n a statement cosby's attorney asked for prayers for the family ton give them peace at this time. bill cosby lost his son ennis to gun violence in 1997. ensa just seen in the photo with her other sisters erica and even was a staunch supporter of her father during his recent legal battles. there she is. a pretrial hearing is scheduled for next monday in norristown for cosby's upcoming retrial. cosby is not required to be there, though. >> a ninth grader at fels high school is facing gun charges tonight after officials allegedly found a loaded .40 caliber gun in his backpack this morning. it was discovered while the 15-year-old was walking through the metal detectors. the school was immediately
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locked down while police have responded. the boy told authorities he had stolen the gun from a car in his neighborhood last week. investigators say the student had no disciplinary problems and no criminal background and we'll hear from parents and students about it coming up on "action news" at 6:00. in northampton county a student at pen argyl high school facing charges for allegedly threatening to "shoot up that school." he also allegedly claimed to have a hit list of people he wanted to kill. investigators took the 16-year-old into custody friday and charged him with making terroristic threats. police searched his home but say they found no weapons and no hit list. two thieves working in the cover of darkness targeted a bucks county gardening center loading up whatever they could fit in and on top of their cars. "action news" reporter walter perez spoke to police and the owner of the shop. he's live in falls township. this burglary has gotten quite a response on social media, hasn't it? >> reporter: no doubt about it, monica. it's one of those things that
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really just makes you shake your head and now police are hoping that someone will recognize the person caught on surveillance video. it's a crime that's getting a lot of attention on social media and here's why. late friday night, surveillance cameras capture a woman stealing a stray cat sanctuary set up outside the fairless hills garden center on lincoln highway. the shop owner says they set up the sanctuary to protect the cats from the cold. >> everybody was upset it was the cat sanctuary that she stole. she had to shake out the straw out of it. it's disgusting honestly. >> reporter: after going on to steal an appointment of paving stones at the center's store outside the suspect whose face shows up pretty clearly on video returns a few hours later with a cat sanctuary still on top of her vehicle to steal more stones. the woman arrives this time with someone driving a second vehicle which she once again takes several paving stones
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and levers. steinberg posted the video on the shop's facebook page and has received more than 200,000 views with more than 800 comments so far. quite frankly very few of the comments were about the hundreds of dollars of stolen stones. they're upset about the cat shelter. >> more people view that than any other post we've had about plants or anything like that, so it's funny that way. >> reporter: we spoke with a few customers here at the shop about what happened. most were at a loss for words. >> it's incredible. you wonder what people are thinking. you just -- just wonder, you just wonder. >> reporter: now, investigators say they're not sure what the person in that second vehicle was doing there. they ran the tags on the first vehicle but that car is registered to someone who is deceased so anyone with information is asked to call the falls township police. walter perez channel6 "action news." rick. >> philadelphia police released very clear
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surveillance video of a man using a rock to bust into a center city jewelry store yesterday morning. happened along the 100 block of south 13th street just after 5:00 a.m. you can see one man throw a rock at the window but didn't break it at first. that's when another man walked up and watched what was happening. a second attempt worked and that's when both men grabbed $5,000 worth of jewelry and then they took off. philadelphia police believe the driver of this pickup truck stole $30,000 worth of power tools from a work van in east falls. they say the ford f-150 is silver with black air vents on the hood and after market fog lights on the front grille. the tools were stolen on friday february 16th. and they want anyone who recognizes this truck to give detectives a call. well, a philadelphia area company is taking a page from an oscar nominated movie this year and purchased three billboards in the cleveland, ohio, area. the purpose, to hopefully encourage basketball superstar
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lebron james to sign with the sixers next season. it is an eye catching plot and a employ and it's drawing reaction in both cities especially right here. "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist is live outside of the wells fargo center tonight with more on the story. hi, sarah. >> reporter: hi, rick. as you know, sixers fans were told to trust the process. well, the employees at this philadelphia company want to move on from that. they are saying they want to complete the process as they're putting it. they want to convince lebron james to come here to philadelphia when he becomes a free agent this coming summer. to do it, they purchased three billboards in cleveland where of course lebron currently plays for the cavaliers. they went up this morning along i480 in cleveland, ohio, the first sign features a number 23 along with the numbers of 76ers players. the second billboard says complete the process. a riff on the sixers mantra trust the process.
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>> and then you get to the third billboard and it says #philly wants to run and, you know, i think that connected all the dots. >> reporter: yes, the message is clear and now we know who paid to put up these three billboards not far from the cleveland cavaliers quicken loans arena. asha ray. he says the billboards were the brainchild of his employees. they wanted to keep the philadelphia winning spirit alive coming off the super bowl win. >> they were like how do we complete the process and we started talking about lebron coming here would be the best thing ever and it would be a win-win. they would win right away and lebron would love playing here and we would just talking about how do we take that happen. >> reporter: now he hopes these billboards will keep philadelphia in the conversation about where remember bran plays next. >> the day they show up here in philadelphia i think they're the best team in the nba and he's got young really good legs that he's running
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with and he's got like the best fans in the world behind him. and, yes, the billboards were inspired after the employees saw the oscar nominated film three billboards outside ebbing missouri. ray field says the company didn't even want to put their logo on the billboards but the company told them they had to because for legal reasons they consider them to be political. appears everything is these days. the sixers play the cavs in cleveland thursday night. live at the sports complex in south philadelphia, i'm sarah bloomquist channel6 "action news." back to you. >> all right. >> great player. >> also a pretty good movie. >> yes. time for a check of that "action news" traffic report monday night. >> matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center how we looking. >> from king james to royal delays this evening in barrington camden county. it is a really slow go and it has been all afternoon along 295 southbound. the lane now starts approaching route 38 -- the
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delay now starts approaching route 38, to the white horse pike just up ahead south of the white horse pike there's a crash still occupying the right lane so you're looking at some single digit speeds coming down from 38, really a nasty ride. stick with the new jersey turnpike if you can spare the couple bucks or stay local on kings highway. we've had issues this afternoon along 130 or else that would normally be an alternate. there was a crash on the northbound side by the airport crash is gone. problem is fire crews that were on the scene of the accident are stuck in the mud here in the grassy median. a major mess. they tried to get the truck moving again. this is still attracting attention here by the old airport circle. 130 southbound in bridgeboro still have a downed pole blocking a lane there by bridgeboro street and crossing the river to south philadelphia we just can't seem to get rid of this crash. it's the southbound side of 26th street right here at penrose avenue and the platt bridge. so it's causing delays as you come south away from the
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schuylkill expressway. you might want to use broad street instead. and in claymont delaware a crash along namaans road along center station road. we'll check it again rick and monica in the next half hour. >> sounds good. >> thanks matt. >> still ahead on "action news" it has been the source of widespread protests. demonstration debates on capitol hill and stern words from the president. today the supreme court took a look at daca. what they've decided. >> also it's a story that every parent with preteens and teenagers with cell phones need to hear. a new study was just done on text ting and sexting and the findings are shocking to say the least. we've got the details coming up. cecily. >> despite all the cloud cover, temperatures managed to make it up into the low 50's today, slightly above normal. i'm tracking a return of bright sunshine tomorrow but then march begins with a coastal storm. i'll have the details on that on "action news" when it returns. >> ♪
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>> the u.s. supreme court today handed a victory to so-called dreamers. those are the young undocumented immigrants who are facing deportation. the high court decided for now to not consider the fate of the daca program. president trump wants to do away with it. the supreme court chose today to leave the program's future in the hands of lower courts. in doing that it gives dreamers time to update their legal status. a new report says roughly
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9 million americans will lose their healthcare by next year. the d.c. think tank urban institute blames that in part on congress' elimination next year of the individual mandate in the affordable care act. the institute estimates that the mandate's elimination as well as reduced federal support of open enrollment will leave 6.4 million people without healthcare coverage. another 2.5 million will opt for short term policies according to the report. >> in health check tonight america's child obesity rate is climbing according to a new federal study. data collected from 1999 to 2016 shows a significant increase in severe obesity among children ages two to five years old. rates are even higher among african-american and hispanic children. excess weight continues to go up despite major public health initiatives. previously reported improvements were inaccurate according to this new study. new research aims to put to rest concerns in hormonal
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contraceptives are linked to depression. a team at ohio state university medical center looked at thousands of studies on birth control pills hormonal injections and implants. they say this should not be a concern for most women. >> they're at least looking at broad populations. it doesn't seem like those hormonal contraception methods necessarily directly cause depression. >> the doctor says some individual women may have side effects. he says women should thoroughly discuss all the options and their concerns with their healthcare providers. >> well, a new study says more kids are sexting these days sharing sexually explicit videos messages electronically. nearly 30 percent of kids are receiving texts. 12 percent of the teens have forwarded a sext without the
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other person concerning it. study leaders didn't look into why they did that but they said they could predict sexual activity or other risky behavior. high mark lending a hand in the fight against opioid abuse. the health insurer announced $300,000 in grants. the money will go to drug and alcohol rehab center gad tend ya' as well as boys and girls club of delaware and two other organizations committed to reducing opioid use ♪ ♪ like buying a home. ♪ ♪ (knocking sound)
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>> ♪ >> harvey weinstein's former film studio is reportedly heading for bankruptcy. the weinstein company sale collapsed. the new york attorney general's office filed a lawsuit claiming the company covered up sexual harassment complaints against weinstein. he's been accused of sexual harassment or abuse by more than 60 women and he's denied any accounts of nonconsensual sex. samsung hoping to reclaim its title as the top smartphone maker in the world. the company just unveiled the new galaxy s9 and the s9 plus.
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both models have better cameras an video mode that appears to freeze fast moving shots. the s9 will be available for purchase beginning march 16th. it's slightly more expensive than previous samsung phones with a price tag starting around $800. >> fifth graders from four local schools went head to head in the annual heritage bowl. the students competed in a jeopardy style competition focusing on facts surrounding famous african-americans and history about the city of chester. the bowl happened inside chester city council chambers. students from the widener partnership charter school were the winners. congratulations to all of the participants there. well, it is one of the most popular games for tweens and teens and it has many parents wondering how to pull them away. chad pradelli takes a look at the frenzy tonight at 11:00. >> reporter: it's the video game shattering records. fort night. >> get ready to fight. >> reporter: here they come. >> reporter: think a "hunger
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games" and it has 45 million fans glued to their screens. >> he's always on the game. i can't get him off. >> reporter: why the game is so popular and should parents be worried. that's tonight on "action news" at 11:00.
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>> a rare snow day in italy turned into a snowball fight at the vatican. a storm brought at least 2-inches of snow to rome.
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that's the city's biggest report of snowfall since 2012. because this is so rare there it closed schools and halted some public transportation. >> all right. we're not expecting any of that at least not today. so, let's get the lowdown with meteorologist cecily tynan. >> it's been almost a week since we've had full sunshine so we need the sunshine and we're beginning to see it from the northwest to the southeast. let's head to the "action news" weather center and this is a live shot from the pagoda in reading. you can see how the sunshine has returned there. still a lot of lingering clouds in philadelphia but temperatures today did manage to make it up into the 50's. normal high for this time of the year is 47 so slightly above normal. 51 in philadelphia right now, the same in trenton, atlantic city also 51. reading 50 and allentown 51 degrees. and as we head through the overnight hours with this clearing skies, temperatures will gradually be dropping down into the 30's so seasonable levels for tomorrow morning. the good news is tomorrow you step outside, you will need the sunglasses. the sunshine will finally be back.
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double scan live showing most of our region is dry. we did have a few sprinkles in southern delaware, southern new jersey, but we should be done with the rain for the month of february, which is good because we do not need any more rain. generally, we've seen about five and a half to 6-inches of rain this month. so, combine in with some minimal snow melt, philadelphia this is our fifth wettest february on record. atlantic city the second. allentown and wilmington the fourth and trenton reporting the sixth wettest february on record. so, we need to dry things out and we will. satellite and radar showing the system to our south that's tossed the clouds our way that's moving out, high pressure is building in. that means tonight clearing skies, it will be seasonably chill. 34 in philadelphia, allentown 29, trenton 33, cape may 35. and lancaster 31 degrees. look at this. tomorrow wall to wall sunshine, blue bird skies. hardly can say sunshine. haven't seen it for a week
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now. 43 degrees at 9 o'clock, by 3 o'clock up to about 56 degrees so maybe a light jacket. a wind breaker or sweatshirt for the afternoon and wednesday we start with the sunshine, temps in the 30's. as we head through the day some increasing high thin clouds ahead of our next system. that will bring us a wet start to march. so, the five day at 5:00 showing tomorrow much better, lots of sunshine, 56 degrees. temperatures on the mild side. wednesday very warm for february standards. 58 degrees, increasing high clouds late in the day. first day of march rain arriving in the afternoon, 54 degrees. this will become a coastal storm bringing us windy conditions, periods of rain, heavier at times on friday. 45 degrees and saturday we will begin to dry things out, 46 degrees. we'll have more details on the coastal storm coming up in the seven-day forecast guys. a lot going on this week. >> all right. >> absolutely. >> thank you cecily. >> thanks so much. we'll have to keep tabs on it. still to come in our next half hour of "action news" animals rescued from a suspected dog fighting ring in chester county are now recovering.
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>> also the search for the man accused in a shooting at a bucks county racket club comes to an end. >> dramatic rescue caught on camera as firefighters say the mother and child -- save a mother and child from their burning apartment. >> those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> hello again. here's what's happening on "action news" monday night. president trump presses the issue of making our schools safer as new investigation connected to this month's mass school shooting in florida is announc the search is on for the gunman who shot and kled two and a teacher in county jersey is charged in a hit-and-run death of a 44-year-old woman. >> now the details on president trump's calls to arm teachers and takenl following the parkland florida school massacre earlier this movement nation's goverrs are now weighing in how they believe we should protect schools. abc's kenneth moton live in washington, d.c. tonight with the latest on this hot debate. kenneth. >> reporter: monica president trump says it's time
5:30 pm
to turn grief into academics after the deadly florida school shooting. he turned up his attacks on the response to the massacre. president trump face to face with the nation's governor demanding action to protect schools. >> we have to take steps to harden our schools so that they're less vulnerable to attack. >> reporter: the president's proposal banning bump stocks and raising the minimum age to buy rifles from 18 to 21. the nra opposes both. >> half of you are so afraid of the nra. there's nothing to be afraid of and you know what, if they're not with you, we have to fight them every once in awhile. that's okay. >> reporter: the most controversial part of trump's plan, arming some educators. >> educators should educate and they should not be hoisted upon this responsibility of packing heat in first grade classes. we need a little less tweeting here, a little more listening and let's just take that off the table and move forward. >> reporter: the debate comes nearly two weeks after the florida school massacre in parkland. president trump harshly criticized the response to the
5:31 pm
shooting. the broward county sheriff's office is investigating claims deputies waited instead of rushing. the deputy scott peterson resigned. video allegedly showed him failing to confront the shooter. >> the way they performed was frankly disgusting. i really believe i'd run in even if i didn't have a weapon and i think most of the people in this room would have done that, too. >> reporter: peterson's attorney released a statement calling the allegations against the former deputy uncalled for unfounded and not true. president trump urged those governors to take action in their states on guns and school safety instead of waiting on congress, rick. reporting live here in washington, kenneth moton channel6 "action news." >> all right, kenneth thank you. world news tonight with david muir digs dear into the ongoing gun reform debate as well as information into former deputy scott peterson's actions the day of the parkland shooting. that's coming up tonight at 6:30 right after "action news" at 6:00. well, the man accused of
5:32 pm
firing shots inside of a racket club in bucks county has turned himself in. falls township police say 33-year-old luis medina turned himself in to detectives this afternoon. they say medina opened fire at around 6 o'clock saturday night inside of the pennsbury racket and athletic club. one person was hospitalized in stable condition. so far a motive for the shooting is not known. >> 10 animals in the care of the brandywine valley spca following an investigation into dog fighting in chester county. police say six dogs and four rabbits are getting medical treatment as they are held as evidence in the case. investigators charge 39-year-old dwayne molina of coatesville city of animal cruelty. stays police observed a dog with severe wounds in molina's car allegedly during a traffic stop. >> no arrests have been made after a shooting that left two people dead in montgomery county overnight. the victims were found inside of a car right after midnight in norristown. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes spoke to
5:33 pm
neighbors who say their street is normally quiet. >> reporter: minutes after shots were fired last night some residents say you could hardly tell this quiet street would become the scene of a double homicide. >> no yelling, it was so quiet. >> reporter: by morning crime scene tape was down flashing lights gone but there were still telltale signs of what occurred hours before like these doorknob tags from norristown police asking residents for any information. detectives specifically reached out to those with surveillance cameras. >> i was in there watching a movie. i heard two quick bangs. came out. nobody was out here but a car in the middle of the street with the headlights on. and when i looked outside, nobody else was looking outside and i didn't think nothing of it much. >> reporter: police say around 12:15 this morning, two men were shot in this blue car along chain street and west woke despite dozens of residents surrounding the scene of what would eventually be ruled a double homicide it
5:34 pm
took a few minutes for someone to call police. >> i did find that very unusual for a car just to be sitting in the middle of the street with the headlights on, you know, people can leave their car on and go in the house but then there was two cars behind it and they were beeping. >> reporter: one man was that pronounced dead at the scene. the other was rushed to einstein medical center in extremely critical condition. he would later die from his injuries. the gunman is still on the run this afternoon. and it appears many residents either didn't hear those gunshots or didn't feel it was safe enough to come out. so the lack of witnesses is making it difficult for police. still, they're asking anyone who heard or saw anything unusual to please come forward. reporting in norristown, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." >> still no word what caused a fire at a waste management facility in the tacony section of the city early this morning. crews were called to the 5100 block of bleigh avenue about midnight for the report of a fire. there they found an activated sprinkler system and smoke showing out of the building. the fire was put under control. no injuries were reported.
5:35 pm
a teacher at a new jersey school for individuals with special needs is now charged in a deadly hit-and-run. police say nicholas jahn hit a 44-year-old woman with his suv saturday on the southbound shoulder of route 42 in washington township. the woman died from her injuries. police say jahn left the scene. he was arrested later that day and charged with vehicular homicide. >> activists and friends of mumia abu jamal gathered outside of the criminal justice center in philadelphia today asking once again for his freedom. a judge was supposed to hear an update on court action related to abu jamaal's case. he's serving life in prison for the murder of a philadelphia police officer in 1981. the defense team believes releasing files that were kept by a former district attorney will pave the way to overturn abu jamaal's conviction. >> american airlines says it plans to extend services
5:36 pm
between philadelphia and quebec. the airline announced it will add a second daily service between philadelphia international airport and quebec due to popular demand. the flights begin june 7th. they'll operate until november 3rd. that is one month longer than in previous seasons. >> all right. time now to check out the conditions on the highways and byways at this hour. >> over to matt pelman live in our "action news" traffic center. hi, matt. >> wanted to show you guys something kind of unusual this evening, it's sunshine out here in king of prussia. we're seeing it in the traffic camera along the schuylkill expressway. what is not so unusual is this eastbound delay coming away from 202 heading into gulph mills where we had an accident earlier that's now gone and the delay persists then on into the conshohocken curve. 76 eastbound is heavy. westbound we've got speeds like 24 miles per hour passing south street and if you're getting off the schuylkill getting onto 26th street southbound heading toward the platt bridge, we still have that crash, 26th southbound at penrose taking out one of the lanes so that is still a slow
5:37 pm
go. might want to use broad street southbound instead of 26th street southbound. and here's a biggy. oh, boy. in glenolden this started today it's bridge replacement along macdade boulevard a short chunk of it is closed but it's causing some pretty big implications traffic-wise. through august locally academy avenue is an alternate or stay down on 13 chester pike but expect a crowd as people detour around that new construction zone. claymont delaware a bad crash along namaans road. use namaans creek instead. newark delaware an overturned vehicle crash along ott's chapel road. 896 college avenue can get you around that. over in south jersey it's getting better but it's still really slow here on 295 southbound in camden county. at least our crash has cleared there around route 30, the white horse pike but still slow speeds in that area. >> much more still ahead on "action news" tonight. a former melrose place star is in legal trouble. what she's charged with after
5:38 pm
police showed up at her california home. >> less than two weeks after tragedy their school how a hockey team got a win. >> almost done with february,. >> and the sunshine is returning. >> great. >> time of year as we kind of dry ourselves out but over the last three days temperatures in philadelphia right around that 50-degree mark which is technically above the average. we'll go even higher the next two days and again that sunshine returning before a coastal storm. i'll have all the details coming up in that seven-day. >> all right. also the flyers make some roster changes ahead of tonight's big game against montreal. that's all next for you in sports. >> okay.
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>> firefighters in houston texas worked quickly to rescue a woman and her children from their burning apartment. video shows the family carried down a ladder as flames burst through the building behind them. the woman says her family barely had time to grab their coats because the fire was spreading so fast. 16 apartment units were destroyed in the three alarm blaze but fortunately no injuries were reported. a southwest flight was forced to make an emergency landing in utah when one of its engines suddenly caught on fire. the flight to los angeles had
5:42 pm
just departed from salt lake city international airport when flames were spotted. the pilots turned the plane around and landed without any further issues. no injuries were reported. and passengers say everyone on board stayed calm. at this time it's still unclear what caused the engine to catch fire. >> well, out of heartbreak came something special. marjory stoneman douglas high school has won florida's state ice hockey title. that is the school of course where a gunman killed 17 people on valentine's day. stoneman douglas was the lowest seed in that hockey tournament going in. >> we plan to bring all of the medals to the school. >> the players did, they almost didn't go to the tournament at all because they didn't know if they would feel up to playing after the tragedy but afterwards they say they are happy they played. the team will now go on to the national tournament in minnesota next month. good for them. >> good for them. speaking of hockey the flyers on the move and making some moves tonight.
5:43 pm
>> they are on a five game winning streak that's right and a point out of first place in the division. flyers have a new player today. making a move at the trade deadline. welcome johnny odua. they claimed him off waivers from the senators. he brings much need playoff experience to the dressing room as the team is poised for hopeful a post season ron. >> we like johnny. we like the playoff experience. felt like he really added to our depth on defense so we're excited about that acquisition. >> the nightcap for the phillies who face the yankees in grapefruit play later tonight. ben lively on the hill. opening day one month from thursday it will be aaron nola on the mound gabe kapler giving nola the mound that will make him the youngest opening day starter for the phillies964. jeff skversky caught up with the kid in clearwater. >> reporter: gabe cab he says that you carry yourself
5:44 pm
like a superstar. areare you a sewer -- superstar. i try to carry myself in the best way possible and do the right thing and focus on my routine and really try to discipline myself because i think if i'm going to be the most successful i can be i have to do it that way. >> what is the definition of being the most successful you can be? do you say i want to be the best that has ever played, do i want to be the best pitcher? what are the expectations you put on yourself. >> reporter: you can always say you want to be the best that ever played but for myself i think i want to be the best that i can be. i want to get everything out of my ability and that comes with carrying myself and discipline and focusing on, you know, my skill set, the things that i'm good at and then focusing on the things that i'm not good at and it takes time. you're not going to get it in
5:45 pm
one year. >> latest loss the villanova basketball team still in the driver's seat for a number one seed in the dance. wildcats dropped one spot to number four in the ap poll despite their loss to creighton over the weekend. cats visit seton hall wednesday and finish up with georgetown before the big east tournament next week. for torrey smith this has been quite a month super bowl win super bowl parade. today he went to school. say cheese. the eagles wide receiver posing for pictures with the black cultural awareness club at plymouth whitemarsh high school. his wife was instrumental in getting the club started and his mother-in-law is the adviser. today he helped the kids celebrate their differences but talked a little game with me. i asked him about a big decision that howie roseman will soon have on his hand. what would do with nick foles. >> i don't think it's a tough decision. carson is hurt h you don't know when he's going to be ready to play. you know you have a super bowl winning quarterback just chilling so that's a great
5:46 pm
problem to have and i think people underestimate how -- how united they are. >> reporter: unity was the message as the school set braitd its diversity. hear what he had to say and the challenge he had the kid take coming up at 6:00. i'll tell you he's a great human being and let's hope he's back here next year as well. >> all right. >> sounds like a great guy. >> he is. >> thank you. a visit from the harlem globetrotters. take a look at this. swish young and one of her teammates surprised students at the widener memorial school in north philadelphia today. wheelchair basketball players and learned some of the globetrotters moved of moves and they loved it. flow globetrotters play at the temple liacouras center and they're at the wells fargo center on sunday. >> so much fun to watch. still to come that exclusive accuweather forecast. >> taking a live look at our sky6 camera at the philadelphia international airport this evening. meteorologist adam joseph will have the details of the accuweather forecast for the work week when we come right
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>> actress heather locklear faces domestic violence charges following an incident at her home in california. police say the 56-year-old was booked on one count of domestic battery and three counts of battery on a police officer. the former melrose place star has been released. she's due in court march 13th.
5:50 pm
actor and filmmaker kevin smith says he had not canceled the show and gone to the hospital this weekend he literally would have died. smith tweeted that he suffered a major heart attack last night. the 47-year-old had just performed a stand up routine at sixth sunday night and had another show scheduled for 9 p.m. but he chose to go to the hospital instead. the doctor who treated him said one of smith's arteries was completely blocked. now smith is recovering. >> all right. time for that accuweather forecast. meteorologist adam joseph is here now after a soggy weekend it was nice to see peaks of sunshine. >> five days of clouds and rain. >> oh, my. >> look out your window right now and you're going whoa, what is that. >> get your sunglasses. >> the sun has returned. take a look at the weather center here. the sun setting right now, 5:50 is sunset. it is exactly 5:50. but you can still see that glow on the horizon and in this picture as we're looking westbound at the center city skyline there's no clouds whatsoever, so they are quickly pushing from the north to the south.
5:51 pm
right now 51 degrees the air temperature in philadelphia. and that dewpoint is weigh below the air temperature, 27 so that indicates dry air. which those two numbers are farther apart the drier the air that is in place. and that's the case now. winds out of the west-northwest at 9 miles per hour. pressure 30.19. everyone basically in the lower 50's here from northwest, to i-95, couple of upper 40's for millville as well as the extreme shore communities, but the atlantic city airport, dover, both coming in right around that 50-degree mark. as we look at satellite and radar, there you could see the clouds that were hanging tough all day long and it's now just before sunset that we're starting to see those clouds push quickly to the south here as they erode south jersey, southern delaware, the clouds probably will not be out in time for any sort of twilight so you'll have to wait until tomorrow but you'll get that full sun like we are seeing right now in pennsylvania. tonight turning clear, not too chilly as well. 29 in the suburbs, 34 degrees
5:52 pm
for center city. northwest wind between five and 10 miles an hour. as we look at the day planner here for your tuesday, cannot get any more perfect than this. full sunshine, temperatures close to 10 degrees above average, so if you have tomorrow off, big winner for you. if you don't, try to squeeze out when you can outdoors for even a lunch break. 55 in the lehigh valley, 55 trenton, 56 in philadelphia and pretty close to that for millville and dover. a little bit cooler right on the water's edge with temperatures there in the upper 40's. now, as we get towards the end of the week, there's another big change happening in our atmosphere. you got to look way above our heads where the river of air that steers our weather system, there's going to be a traffic jam. large high pressure near greenland, that's a greenland block called the north atlantic oscillation, the nao. on either side of this high nothing can move. you have cold air that pushed into europe. we saw the video of the snow in parts of london as well as italy. for us on the western side of
5:53 pm
the high, low pressure is going to develop, a coastal storm and in fact one to 2 inches of rain, another soaking rain thursday afternoon into friday. windy as well. 30 to 40 miles an hour, will be some coastal flooding and beach erosion going into friday especially in the morning and then there could end as a little bit of wet snow before the system wraps up towards the lehigh valley and poconos only. as we look at the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 56, beautiful tomorrow. 58 clouds will be coming back in and a high variety on wednesday and then they lower thicken thursday with rain developing thursday afternoon. that soaking rain thursday night. friday winds kick up, 45 degrees and it stays windy saturday and chilly but at least the sun returns at 46. 45 partly sunny on sunday. bright but cool on monday 47 degrees. so finally a dry weekend. >> thank you adam. >> as always get the latest on the forecast and check storm tracker6 live any time on your
5:54 pm
phone or tablet. the 6abc app is a free download for your member device. coming up tonight at 10:00 dr. sean murphy returns. the good doctor is back and new tonight, you can watch the latest episode right before "action news" at 11:00 only on 6abc. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ceremony was held in new york city today to honor the victims of the 1993 world trade center garage explosion. today marks the 25th anniversary of that tragic event that killed six people and injured more than a thousand others. six suspects were convicted for their role in that bombing. a seventh was never captured. a moment of silence was held and roses were laid for the victims of the. >> philadelphia is seeking resource parents for more than 6,000 abused or neglected children and young people. resource parents can be
5:57 pm
mentors or people who offer support for the child's parents. a young woman who took in some children talked today about the need for other young people help. >> it's so many kids like they said over 6,000 in the system with nowhere to go. we all love the fact that we're able to return home to our families. these kids looking for the same thing. >> resource parents do receive money for the cost of caring for a child and you can find out more by contacting the department of human services. >> ♪ >> right now jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by with these stories and much more at 6 o'clock. breaking news from port richmond where a philadelphia police officer was found dead. "action news" crews are on the scene gathering the latest details. also the arrest at a philadelphia high school after a student brings a loaded gun to school this morning. >> and a chester county company is courting lebron james to become part of the sixers process. those stories and more coming your way on "action "action "act 6:00. for the entire "action news" team, i'm monica malpass. you make it a good night
5:58 pm
tonight. >> good night.
5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> it is monday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is breaking news from the port richmond section of philadelphia. an off duty policewoman has been found dead in a mercer street row home along with a man. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live on the 2900 block of mercer. annie, what's the story? >> reporter: jim, at this point officially police are not saying much about these deaths, if they believe that these are criminal or
6:00 pm
suspicious. they will only say that they are in the early stages of their investigation but detectives were in and out of this home where those bodies were discovered earlier today. they are doing that for much of the day. this is video from the scene. philadelphia police did confirm two people were found dead inside the home in the 2900 block of mercer afternoon today. the 36-year-old off duty female police officer is inside and also a male acquaintances in his 40's, both discovered dead. now, police have kept a large presence out here as they process the scene. friends and family members remained outside for much of the day. friends tell us the man found inside the home was a long time acquaintance of the officer's. friends say that the officer did not show up to work in the first district and it was her colleagues who came to check on her and then made the discovery. now back out here live jim, just about a half hour ago the bodies were taken away from this scene about 15 minutes ago there was a police tow truck that did remove a car from the street.
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