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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  February 26, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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suspicious. they will only say that they are in the early stages of their investigation but detectives were in and out of this home where those bodies were discovered earlier today. they are doing that for much of the day. this is video from the scene. philadelphia police did confirm two people were found dead inside the home in the 2900 block of mercer afternoon today. the 36-year-old off duty female police officer is inside and also a male acquaintances in his 40's, both discovered dead. now, police have kept a large presence out here as they process the scene. friends and family members remained outside for much of the day. friends tell us the man found inside the home was a long time acquaintance of the officer's. friends say that the officer did not show up to work in the first district and it was her colleagues who came to check on her and then made the discovery. now back out here live jim, just about a half hour ago the bodies were taken away from this scene about 15 minutes ago there was a police tow truck that did remove a car from the street. but again, at this point on
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the record officially police are not saying much about this investigation. for now reporting live in port richmond, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you jim. >> annie thank you so much. it happened this morning at fels high school in the summerdale section of philadelphia. police say a ninth grade student was carrying a loaded gun in his backpack and the weapon was discovered as the student tried to go through metal detectors. live at the school tonight "action news" reporter bob brooks. bob, the student taken into custody. what are police saying about this? >> reporter: well, jim, still very much still a mystery. police don't know yet why he brought this gun to school but i can tell you up until this point this teen did not have a criminal record but moving forward he will be charged for bringing the gun to school and according to police he has admitted to stealing this gun. the police rush in in. the samuel fels high school placed on lockdown. a 15-year-old student puts his bag through the scanner an loaded gun is found inside. >> it was a .40 caliber smith
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and wesson loaded with 12 rounds. it was loaded to capacity. >> reporter: inside the students say they're rushed into the auditorium. this all happened during arrivals. many students were left lingering outside word there was a gun in the school started to spread fast. >> it was scary and shocking to me. >> reporter: so far police say they're still trying to determine why the teen brought the gun to school. i asked if they suspect he had any ill intentions. >> no in fact what i'm told is he was otherwise nonproblematic child. >> reporter: detectives thinks there's a chance he forgot it was in there but in the same breath say he may have known. they just don't know yet. the way the police say the teen got his hands on it means even more trouble. >> he did admit to stealing it from the car so we are certain that by the fact it was in his possession and by his statement that he stole the gun from his neighbor's car. >> reporter: school officials say the lockdown lasted until 8:22. no one was harmed. >> and the threat was neutralized very quickly but there's an external search and an internal review to make sure everything was all safe before and the philadelphia police are the ones who
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essentially lift the lockdown. >> reporter: for families living around the school this was certainly a scare today. >> it was extra scary and then i live right there. right up -- my son buses come, he come out that way and come down here. you know, it's extra scary. >> reporter: very scary indeed. this teen is facing serious charges one of them possessing a weapon on school property also going to face a felony for stealing this gun from that car. now whether or not he's tried as an adult that's a decision that will have to come from the district attorney's office. for now reporting live at fels high school, bob brooks channel6 "action news." jim. >> all right, bob, thank you. norristown police are searching for clues in an overnight double homicide. two men were found shot to death in a car on the 700 block of chain street just after midnight. officers arrived to to find the car in the middle of the street with the passenger door opened. one victim was pronounced dead at the scene. the other was rushed to the hospital where he later died.
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pennsylvania state police are making a new push to identify the remains of a woman found in ridley creek state park in delaware county. based on new analysis, this is what investigators believe the woman looked like. they believe she was between the ages of 25 and 45 years old. she was also wearing distinct jewelry including a gold irish clatter ring, a gold ring bearing the initial c and a gold diamond ring. hikers discovered the remains in january 2016. a 54-year-old philadelphia man sentenced to life in prison without parole was resentenced today. this is mark robinson. at age 17, just before he and four other minors were convicted for a fatal armed robbery in 1981. two years ago, the u.s. supreme court ruled life sentences for minors were unconstitutional. today a judge resentenced robinson to 35 years. he has served 37.
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so it will be up top a parole board to decide when he'll be released. new jersey democrats proposed legislation that would allow thousands of inmates to vote. lawmakers along with members of the new jersey institute for social justice held a news conference today in trenton. new jersey is one of several states where felons aren't allowed to vote until after they have finished serving parole or probation. this new bill would allow prisoners to vote by mail in the district where they lived before their incarceration. in lehigh county students in the parkland school district went back to school today. fire at a school bus depot in orfield forced cancellation of classes on friday. mechanics spent the weekend working overtime to make repairs to the 14 buses that could be salvaged. fire officials are still investigating how it all started. fortunately nobody was hurt. a chester based company is causing quite a stir by putting up three billboards in cleveland trying to entice one
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lebron james to bring his talents to philadelphia and the 76ers. "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist was live at the wells fargo center tonight. sarah what is the company tower home remodeling doing trying to make philadelphia the next place for king james. >> reporter: jim, this is a young innovative company. i got the feeling this was a morale boosting team building project. they wanted to build on that feeling the city had following the super bowl parade so they looked to the sixers. fans were told to trust the process. they feel there's one guy who can complete the process. lebron james. the three billboards went up along i480 in cleveland ohio this morning. not far from quicken loans arena home of the cleveland cavaliers. the first sign features cavs star lebron james' number along with some of the sixers numbers. the second billboard says complete the process. a riff on the team's trust the
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process mantra. the third billboard #philly wants lebron. >> and all of a sudden it went from nothing to what's going on on my twitter account, like everyone that i know is texting me and including every one of our employees. >> reporter: asher ray field is the co-owner of a home remodeling company based in chester county. he says his employees came up with the billboard idea after seeing the oscar nominated film three billboards outside ebbing missouri. they also felt the eagles had done something to make philly special. >> i think it's the best city in the world. it's why we have our headquarters here. and i think that he would -- i think that he would love playing in front of our fans and i think anybody that saw the parade would know that. >> reporter: ray field wants to keep philadelphia in the conversation about where lebron should go. he sees this young team as the perfect fit. better than other teams in the nba he might be considering. >> he shouldn't go to l.a. you know, he's -- he could be a movie star regardless.
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he's a mogul regardless. what i think is more important to him is is he like part of the conversation of one of the best players of all time or is he like -- are people saying he is the best player of all time? and he needs to win championships in order to do that and he can do that here. >> reporter: the company told us they didn't want to put their logo on the billboard but the billboard company told them they have to for legal reasons. apparently the message is considered political. the sixers take on the cavs in cleveland on thursday night. live at the sports complex in south philadelphia, i'm sarah sh bloomquist channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you sarah. coming up on "action news" tonight she's not quite a stealth cat burglar but a strange theft in bucks county has many upset and sharing the story on social media to help nab a thief. >> super bowl champ today torrey smith came to plymouth
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whitemarsh high school to talk about unity. we'll hear what he had to say coming up. >> the rain finally moves out. the clouds still in place. temperatures in the low 50's today. slightly above normal but i am tracking a coastal storm as we start march. i'll explain in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> and we have flyers trade news. that and more when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪
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>> in bucks county police are trying to sort through the circumstances of a bizarre theft at a garden center in fairless hills. "action news" reporter walter perez has the details. >> reporter: it was late friday night when surveillance cameras outside the fairless hills garden center captured the scene as a woman steals a
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stray cat sanctuary. shop owner gary steinberg says they set up that shelter to protect the local cats from the winter cold. >> everybody was just so shocked that it was a cat sanctuary that she stole and she had to take out the straw out of it and -- it's just disgusting. >> reporter: the thief casually steals a bunch of paving stones and leaves. then a few hours later the suspect returns with someone driving a second vehicle to steal even more stones. as you can see, the cat sanctuary is still on top of the original vehicle. local investigators say fortunately the video is pretty clear. >> the vehicle and the person are extremely easily identifiable to if somebody knows who this woman is, they'll be able to identify them and we hope that they'll be able to contact us so that we can held her accountable. >> reporter: steinberg posted the video on the shop's facebook page and the response has been overwhelming. so far, the post has received more than 200,000 views with more than 800 comments.
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quite frankly, very few of the comments are about the hundreds of dollars of stolen stones. they're upset about the cat shelter. >> most people view that than other posts we've had about plants or anything like that so it's funny that way. >> reporter: we also spoke with customers who say this case is just sad. >> it's awful. you think people are more decent than that. it's a shame. >> it's incredible. you wonder what people are thinking. you just -- just wonder. >> reporter: now, investigators say they're not sure what the person in that second vehicle was doing there. they ran the tags on the first vehicle but that car is registered to someone who is deceased. so, anyone with any information is asked to call falls township police. reporting from fairless hills, walter perez channel6 "action news." >> the philadelphia international flower show starts this week and septa is offering discounted rides. starting today, you can purchase a one day independence pass for $13 a person or a family pass for $30. the pass allows unlimited one
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day travel on all trains, trolleys and buses. you can also purchase discounted flower show tickets at septa offices. the philadelphia flower show runs march third through march 11th. and preparations are under way for the 2018 atlantic city boat show. crews spent the day moving the boats into the convention center setting them up and shining them up. the boat show opens wednesday and runs through the weekend.
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>> there is a new philadelphia flyer. >> while the team is preparing tonight the front officers makes a move. it's not a major move on the day of the nhl deadline but the flyers make one that they hope addresses a lead. flyers james johnny oduya off waivers from on the. what he's been a part of two stanley cup titles. despite their recent success the flyers defense in front of the net hasn't been great. gm ron hextall says he did his homework on him before making
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the move. >> we had a great group in our room and you got to be careful to not mess too much with the chemistry. you know, if you got a hole you got to try and fill it but you want to do some background on whatever player is coming in to make sure you got a good person coming in. i know with johnny we got a good person coming in. >> phillies and yankees beat in tampa at the bottom of the hour in grapefruit league play. ben lively start for the phillies. area roan -- aaron nola will be the starter. he's happy but not doing back flips. >> it's definitely exciting an honor to be named that. but it's one game and, you know, that's got a lot of other games that i want to pitch throughout the season. >> here's the deal. he's earned it. he's unequivocally the right choice and he's an absolute gamer grinder and a stud.
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>> okay. the eagles have stayed busy since winning the super bowl earlier this month. there have been -- there's been a parade autograph sciences. today one player went to school. jaime apody was there. >> ♪ >> reporter: at plymouth whitemarsh high school today they were marching for unity. the entire student body took a lap around the track to celebrate their diversity and then gathered to hear the message of one super speaker. >> we were looking offer the buses and i could see different races, different hack grounds and everyone would suggest the things that unite you guys here together you guys. >> reporter: torrey smith wife's a grad was instrumental in starting a black cultural awareness club on campus. his mother-in-law at the adviser. >> there are some issues and this generation is important and challenging and changing that. to be here to talk to them is huge. >> reporter: the theme
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centered around the unifying event we went through. he said as the buses paraded through the streets of philadelphia we all were one so he asked the kids to take a challenge. >> everyone raise your hand for me. this challenge right here is to be bold and i want you to step out of your comfort zone by reaching out to someone talking to someone who doesn't act like you, who doesn't look like you. >> reporter: it's a message the wide receiver would like to keep delivering in philadelphia. set to make $5 million next year the eagles can release him without a cap hit. sounds like he would be opened to coming back at a lower price. >> i know how the business works but they know i want to be here, they want me to be here things will work out. >> reporter: smith is making a difference helping to turn words into action. >> let's show unity and more importantly let's live it. peace. >> reporter: in plymouth meeting jaime apody channel6 "action news." >> one of the good guys on the team. >> good message. >> uh-huh. >> cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment.
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>> it has been a long slog but our patience will be rewarded tomorrow. >> yes. last wednesday was the last bright and sunny day when we had record warmth. all along i have been saying i'm excited for tuesday. i want to show you this shot live on sky6, center city skyline. look at that. the clouds have finally moved out. the sunset at 5:50. we did have a few more lingering clouds. the clouds were clearing out right in time for sunset and we are in store for a beautiful tuesday and we deserve it. wall to wall sunshine moves in
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tomorrow and the next three days will be relatively warm. temperatures running about 10 degrees above average but our luck runs out for the beginning of march. we're looking at a coastal storm developing late thursday through the day on friday. so, right now pretty quiet weather. philadelphia 50. our high 51. it's 4 degrees above normal so slightly on the warm side. allentown 48. trenton 49 and cape may 48 degrees. satellite and radar showing that we had a disturbance down to the south plus a few showers across southern delaware, southern new jersey but mainly it just brought us the clouds and you can see now how that cloud deck is approaching the coast. so, high pressure building in tonight. clearing skies. you'll see the moon, a full moon on thursday night and temperatures dropping slightly above normal. 34 in philadelphia, allentown 29, wilmington 32, and cape may 35 degrees. the normal low for this time of the year is 30 so pretty seasonable. tomorrow this high pressure right over us. it provides substenance
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sinking air, all the moisture in the atmosphere loads of sunshine, temperatures 9 degrees above average, 56 degrees, a lot of us having cabin fever after this weekend. get outside and enjoy it. the problem, though, is with another high pressure late this week and this could actually stand until the middle of next week. what this is is high pressure right over greenland. it creates a weather traffic jam. we have a trough over europe bringing a lot of cold air, another trough bringing some cold air to canada and with that kink in the jet stream it allows a coastal storm to develop and kind of sit there off the coast. that will be on friday bringing us rounds of heavy rain, high winds and if a storm develops fast enough it could end as some wet snow far north and west. so, this is what to expect late thursday through the day on friday. it's going to be pretty nasty. one to 2 inches of rain, it will be windy, wind gusts 30 to 40 miles an hour. could be some coastal flooding especially due to that full
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plan moon as well. beach erosion possible. again depending on how quickly the storm can intensify it can call dynamic cooling. that means at the end of it, could be wet snow far north and west perhaps the poconos, maybe even the lehigh valley. still far off in the future. i'll keep you posted as we get closer. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, let's focus on tomorrow. wall to wall sunshine, just a beautiful day. 56 degrees. wednesday not bad but clouds will roll in, high thin clouds, late in the day. warm, 58 degrees from february standards. as we end thursday. thursday clouds thicken, 54 degrees. friday looks to be a pretty nasty day. periods of rain, heavy at times. high gusty winds. 45 degrees the high. that storm system if it nudges far enough to the east that means we would dry out on saturday, it will be brisk and chilly, 46 degrees. sunday partly sunny with a high of 45 and monday bright
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sunshine but definitely on the cool side with a high of 47 degrees. i was up the ski resorts this weekend, they are hoping for accumulating snow in the poconos. i'll keep you posted. >> thank you cecily. we're thrilled to announce the "action news" family grew by one this weekend. we would like to introduce you to william alexander morris. he is the first child of john morris the vice president of multi platform programming and his wife, beth. william alexander was born saturday night weighing 7 pounds 1 ounce, 21-inches long. he was named after his great-grandparents. john said mom and baby are both healthy, happy -- john -- and amazing. abc's "world news tonight" with david muir next on channel6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff, sharrie williams adam joseph and ducis rodgers. then please join us for a special report at 11:00 here on channel6. it is one of the most popular games out there for tweens and
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teens and it has many parents wondering how to pull them away. chad pradelli takes a look at the fort night frenzy. >> reporter: it's the video game shattering records. fort night. >> get ready to fight here we come. >> reporter: think of a version of "the hunger games" and it has 45 million fans glued to their screens. >> he's always on the game and i can't get him off. >> reporter: why the game is so popular and should parents be worried. that's tonight on "action news" at 11:00. >> and for cecily tynan ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00. >> ♪
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. president trump now saying about the deadly school shooting, he would have run in, even if he didn't have a weapon. and one governor standing up and asking the president today to take arming teachers off the table. the storm system. at least eight dead. a dozen twisters in four states. communities under water tonight. and now the new storm brewing in the east. the midair scare. flames shooting from the engine today. a passenger jet on its way to l.a. forced to turn around. we have new reporting tonight on the deaths of four american soldiers in that deadly ambush in niger. and the new video from just days before. martha raddatz standing by. the young med student viciously attacked and killed at the library. and the mysterious disappearance of a cdc employee not seen since he left work two


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