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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  February 27, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday february 27th. here's what we're following. >> a mystery this morning surrounding the death of a philadelphia police officer and a man both discovered inside the officer's port richmond home. >> a dangling wire damages an amtrak train and delays passengers in delaware county. >> excitement is building for the oscars this weekend and when the envelope is read, there will be new rules to prevent another flub like last year. >> all that to get to but let's go over to david and karen. they've got a look at your weather and traffic here. good morning. >> it's sick that i hope for another flub. it was fun to watch but i do feel bad. >> and the forecast is rain, oh, wait, no, it's not. >> wrong paper. >> let's take a look. you're not going to see any rain in the weather center. in fact there's very little cloud cover out there. it's well down off the coast.
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we're expecting bright sunshine over the horizon today and we'll stick with that all day long. we are cold to start out though. we flip to 32 degrees in trenton, 27 degrees allentown, 28 reading, 36 in philadelphia, 35 in wilmington and just 34 degrees in millville. not much wind out there, so we won't bother you with wind chills and temperatures improve quickly today. by 8 o'clock, we're at 38. but how about a jump all the way to 47 by 10:00. 52 by 12:00 and i'm expecting a high of 57 right around 3 o'clock today. sunshine all the way. even for the evening commute. still fairly mild. 50 degrees. even milder tomorrow with a few more clouds, karen. then we've got that late week rain. i'll have the latest from accuweather. >> all right dave. we have breaking news. looking live at a new accident that just popped up. look at the number of emergency workers with this accident scene. we're hearing it's involving a tractor-trailer and another vehicle and someone may be trapped in the wreckage of this accident and that's why so many emergency workers are converging on the scene. this is in west chester in chester county on 202 southbound at matlack street
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and you can see that traffic is just trying to squeeze by in the left lane. on the northbound side we also have a jam with police and emergency workers responding there as well so restricting traffic in both directions. the right lane and the off-ramp is blocked. you see the number of emergency workers responding to the scene of a new accident involving a tractor-trailer right on 202 southbound. in wynnefield section of the city we have a building fire going on right now. so, you'll see crews coming to the scene on belmont avenue at conshohocken avenue so watch for some delays. and problems in olde city. so, you know we've had portions of chestnut second and third blocked for awhile with a fire location from last week. well, now we've got market street also blocked in olde city so at market and chestnut block it's going to cause some problems. on market they're doing sewer repairs. particular stick to race or arch instead of market matt. >> it was an unexpectedly long night for dozens of passengers on board an acela train that was supposed to stop after hitting a dangling wire.
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a conductor on another train noticed the wire dangling near the folcroft station in delaware county at about 11:00 last night. and oncoming acela train didn't have time to stop and then hit it. it damaged the head carriage on top of the engine. a backup train later arrived to transport the passengers. amtrak does not expect any disruptions for this morning's commute. investigators are hoping to solve the mysterious death of a philadelphia police officer. authorities say the off duty female officer and a man were both found dead inside a home in the city's port richmond section. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live at police headquarters with what we know so far. good morning, jeanette. >> reporter:. goodgood morning, matt. this morning police continue the investigation into the sudden death of one of their own. a veteran police officer was that found dead inside of her port richmond home along with another man. this is video of the scene from yesterday. police say the off duty police officer was discovered inside of his house along the 2900 block of mercer just
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afternoon. she was found with a male acquaintance and he was also found sed. -- dead. they both had no signs of obvious trauma. neighbors and -- neighbors told "action news" that the 14 year veteran who worked in the first district was well liked, loved animals and was heavily involved in the community. we saw investigators combing through the home looking for evidence and processing the scene while neighbors looked on. later on in the afternoon marked police cruisers and detectives followed the ambulance that transported the officer's body to the medical examiner's office. take a listen. >> don't usually have too much stuff going on around here so something like that is just a bit of a shock. just want to know what happened. >> reporter: and police aren't saying much about this one but we do know that bags of evidence were carried away and a car parked out front was also towed away. a full autopsy will be performed along with toxicology tests. reporting live at police headquarters, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." tam. >> okay, thank you, jeanette.
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and police are trying to track down the gunman who unleashed a barrage of bullets in north philadelphia hitting three people. it happened at sheridan and west clearfield streets last night a24-year-old man and a 23-year-old woman are now in stable condition. a 34-year-old man was shot in the head. police believe the two men were the intended targets here and that woman was perhaps just an unlucky bystander hit by a stray bullet. we'll have much more on this in a live report coming up in our next half hour. it is 6:05. police are still investigating what caused a serious crash involving multiple cars in feltonville. the crash happened last night and closed down the inner lanes of the roosevelt boulevard at rising sun avenue. at least three vehicles were involved. two women were hurt. one of them was trapped in the wreckage and had to be pulled out. the crash actually happened at one of the intersections on the roosevelt boulevard that's getting new red light cameras. the other being added at pratt street langdon street fifth street and broad street. the project will be funded by a half million dollars in
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state grants from previous red light camera tickets. >> camden county police need the public's help in finding the driver who struck an eight-year-old girl and just kept going. investigators released this picture saying this is the car that hit the young girl as she was crossing the street at ferry avenue and philip street one week ago. the girl's injuries were not life-threatening. >> ♪ >> sam's club is making some changes. not only will you be able to get it in bulk you'll now be able to get it delivered. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in times square with more on all of this. good morning, maribel. >> reporter: hey, good morning, tam. sam's club teaming up with insta cart to offer same day delivery of groceries and other items. sam's is a division of wal-mart. it's seen as a way to better compete with amazon and whole foods. the insta cart delivery will roll out in three markets to start dallas fort worth saint louis and austin texas. stocks gained thanks to a rally in tech stocks. looks like futures are reporting to a lower opened. new federal reserve chair
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jerome power will testify on capitol hill. you can get free pancakes at ihop today. the promotion is part of the chain's annual national pancake day celebration. ihop will be giving away short stacks of buttermilk pancakes a dish that usually sells for $5.79. the offer is good from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. but you'll need to dine in to get the freebie. today is the day tam to carb it up. >> i will go in and get my short stack but and syrup. thank you maribel. freshman at fels high school in philadelphia's somerdale section has been arrested for carrying a loaded gun to school. police say the 15-year-old had it in his backpack. the stolen .40 caliber handgun was discovered when the teen tried to go through the metal detectors. that discovery led to a lockdown. police are looking to the possibility that the student may have been armed for what he thought was his protection. other students have told him that the young man was recently beaten up. two cheltenham students were taken into custody by police yesterday for threatening harm at the high school. the principal says the threats
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were made on an instagram group chat. he says the students who reported the threat to authorities deserve our praise. >> time is now 6:08. taking a live look at philadelphia international airport. some planes getting ready to move out as we see the sun coming up earlier and earlier. dawn is breaking right now. >> and karen, you might be a little jealous if they're going somewhere warm. we won't be having that for awhile but we know you're going to start with traffic. good morning. >> yes, i would be jealous. we have breaking news with this accident scene. look at the number of emergency workers you're seeing respond to this accident. it's happening here in west chester and chopper6 headed to the scene right now. this is the tractor-trailer involved with the accident. there's another vehicle also and we're hearing that someone's trapped in the wreckage and that's why we're seeing police emergency ambulance on the scene right now with this, fire crews on the scene. so, blocking all but one lane. you can see this lane kind of crawling by on 202 southbound at matlack street so if you're on 202 heading towards chadds
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ford, you're dealing with this backup and we also have a backup on the northbound side of 202 because you have emergency workers here as well so on both sides of the highway, chopper6 headed to the scene right now of a serious accident. instead of matlack use westtown road or high street and certainly expect delays. and we're already seeing delays on the vine street expressway this morning commute is kicking in already. this is your westbound traffic heading towards the schuylkill. you're jammed this morning so watch for that one approaching the schuylkill on the vine westbound. we did have an accident in camden and this one cleared on kaighn avenue at ken wood avenue. so traffic there is moving a lot better. let's check the weather for you as you head out. i'm wondering if we could see even a slick spot or two. i had a little frost on my windshield so it is that kind of morning. you see temperatures below freezing. it's 26 in bethlehem and quakertown, only 30 in pottstown, just had a live update in kirkwood, 26. it's 31 in malvern, 36 degrees in center city, so above freezing in the city itself but in most all of your suburbs in new jersey below freezing.
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29 in browns mills, 28 in hammonton, 27, 28 in vineland and glassboro, 28 in claymont and temperatures ranging in some spots up to 20 degrees cooler. so, 57 for your high this afternoon even though we're starting off chilly, it does turn mild. david is coming back in the seven-day in a minute. he's going to talk about the frosty start but a mild and sunny afternoon and he is tracking that coastal storm so the latest models with that coming up in just a minute matt and tam. >> okay karen thanks. 6:10 now. making an emergency landing. worried people on the ground spot a plane spitting flames into the sky. >> later a look back at the best picture bungle that went down in oscars history. find out what the academy is doing this year to prevent another jaw dropping mistake. >> ♪
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>> it is 6:14 and an engine fire force add southwest airlines jet to have to go back shortly after it had taken off a witness says he was getting out of his car when he looked up and saw orange flames shooting from the right side of the plane. the pilot came back to salt lake city international and was met by emergency vehicles. passengers were put on another plane to take them onto l.a. >> residents in western kentucky are keeping a close eye on the swollen ohio river. it is expected to crest this week 11 feet above flood stage. heavy rains over the weekend left many roads impassable in the town of beals. emergency response crews have been working around the clock to help people trapped in their homes or cars as water levels continues to rise.
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>> let's turn now to dave murphy. bundle up but you might see some things this afternoon you like. >> yeah even later this morning. it is a cold start. it's not going to stay that way. storm tracker6 live double scan shows that you we're dry which is always nice and as we take a look outside, there it is, the sunshine getting ready to come up nice and bright. and that's going to be part of the package all day today and these chilly numbers that i'm going to show you aren't going to hang around all that much longer. right now we're at 36 degrees in philadelphia. 35 in wilmington. still the freezing mark in trenton. and we have dipped to 27 in allentown and 28 in reading. 34 in millville. so, a heavier coat a good idea early on. but plenty of sunshine is on the way. you can see any cloud cover that was left over from yesterday along with any rain to our south all shooting away from us and up in allentown we're expecting lots of sun today. not much wind. and we're going to rebound from the 20's all the way up to a high of 56. that's probably about nine, 10 degrees above average for today's high. and at the shore mostly sunny, cool, but nice, a high of 51 degrees. in philadelphia, starting out in the 30's but winding up with a pleasant high of
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57 degrees, lots of sun later on, winds out of the southwest again not all that much of a bother today. then overnight tonight, we're mainly clear and cold. not much wind but we'll dip to 38 for an overnight low in philadelphia and i could see some of the outlying suburbs getting down closer to the freezing mark. tomorrow even milder, 58 degrees, the change tomorrow is that a system will be approaching that starts to spread clouds over the area during the day. but we should stay dry during the day. this rain is more of a factor on thursday and then on friday especially as a coastal low sets up and starts really churning. so, what we're expecting thursday into friday, this is when the rain comes back first of all. you'll start to see some of it coming in maybe late morning but probably afternoon. it builds in intensity a little bit and especially is rather windy and wet on friday morning. one to 2 inches of rainfall overall, most of the models trending closer to one than two. wind gusts especially early on friday morning and through the day on friday are going to be strong and blustery and there could be some coastal coastal fg
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and maybe each erosion depending on the the strength that of coastal low. cold air stretching in on the back edge of this may change us over to wet snow right at the tail end. best chance will be up in the lehigh valley and on up to the poconos. 57 today, lots of sun, a real beauty. if you have to put off chores or getting things done until tomorrow you can still do it. increasing clouds but 58 degrees and dry. then thursday rain arrives, 54 is the high. the rain gradually grows in intensity overnight into friday morning and friday we're looking at windy conditions, wind swept rain some of which could be heavy especially early in the day. we start to dry out later on. a chilly high of 44 and then the weekend looks dry. this is going to be the first time in like five or six weekends where we haven't had any rain but it is going to be chilly, 45 the high on saturday. 46 i should say. and then 45 on sunday and a little bit breezy and chilly both days. union opening up on saturday night at home. you'll want to bundle up for that one. >> for sure. >> yeah. >> traffic is really going downhill. i'm wondering if it could be slick in a few spots here. we're looking live at a new
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problem. this is the vine street expressway past the schuylkill. that's your eastbound traffic on your right. you see that truck that's just stuck there, it's blocking the right lane. penndot is assisting. expect these delays to spill back onto the schuylkill. it's the vine eastbound. westbound we have an accident blocking the right lane up ahead so that's creating a jam, too. let's switch to another new problem here. this is i-95. look at the backup here at bridge street. southbound traffic on your right heading towards center city, a tractor-trailer accident on the shoulder. that's new. we're already heavy now from cottman to girard, matt. >> thanks, karen. the sixers take on the miami heat tonight at american airlines arena. the flyers pete the canadiens in a shootout one to nothing. that sends the orange and black into first place in the metropolitan division. new goalie petr mrazek finding his place with the team making 28 saves in the shutout. it was the flyers' sixth straight win. >> in today's fitness tips shoshana helps you tone up your midsection with her favorite type of crunch. >> everybody it's shoshana at
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soul beats you studio with "action news"'s fitness tip. i've got the most effective abmove. i love it. i've been doing it all the time and i feel it for days. so i'm ready to share it with you. so come down on the floor right leg extends. reach those arms out. you're going to scoop and lower that chest all the way down extend the arms over the head pulling the belly in meet it with that right leg and twist. scoot and lower. pull the belly up and in and twist. 10 on the right, 10 on the left. i know you can do it. this is how you get that core stronger and more defined. get to it. >> that's my new favorite crunch now, too. i'm going to try it. >> you say it like you ever had a favorite crunch, it's your new favorite crunch. >> 6:19 now. a sneak peek at some changes to the oscars ceremony are next and coming up at 6:30, trying to convince lebron james to wear a sixers uniform. a local company is kickstarting a campaign on james' turf. >> ♪ >> in today's tech bytes at this rate apple's iphone has gone from this to this.
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hello. >> according to bloomberg the company is planning to release its biggest iphone yet with a 6.5-inch screen. that's an inch bigger than the screen on the iphone8 plus and slightly bigger than the screen on the new samsung galaxy phone. driverless cars without backup drivers could hit california roads as soon as april for testing. >> the state is still requiring a remote operator to take over if needed but a consumer watchdog is calling it a deadly video game that threatens highway safety. and android users can now try before they buy on amazon. >> amazon's augmented reality technology allows customers to see what that piece of furniture looks on their home. >> amazon has 15,000 products for viewing in augmented reality. mom can i call you whatting. >> those are your tech bytes. >> no, that's okay. all right. cool. oncalifornia-grown blue diamond almonds in our almondmilk.
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>> we're gearing up for oscars sunday. the show will be live right here on 6abc.
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>> new procedures thankfully will be in place this year to prevent another best picture mixup. abc's danya bacchus tells us what the producers will be doing. >> reporter: it went down in oscar history. that unforgettable moment. >> "la-la land." >> reporter: the "la-la land" was announced best picture of 2017 but three minutes later. >> sorry, no, there's a mistake. "moonlight" you guys won best picture. >> reporter: it was revealed the envelope for best actress instead of best picture was handed to warren beatty and fay dawn away. >> you know i dream about it every night. >> reporter: oscar host jimmy kimmel still can't get over it. he jokes about in it a commercial for the academy awards. it's no laughing matter for price waterhouse coopers. for eight decades the accounting firm has counted the oscar ballots. this year they're making sure another snafu doesn't happen again. the accounting partners will not be returning.
6:25 am
two new stage side partners are overseeing the envelopes and a third balloting partner will now sit with oscar producers in the show's control room. a new formal procedure is in place for when envelopes are handed over. both the celebrity presenter and stage manager will confirm they've been given the correct envelope. in all three balloting partners will also attend show rehearsals to practice what to do if something goes wrong. the finals went into effect immediately after last year's oscars. twc part partners are no longer allowed to use social media before the show. >> like children you can't have your phones. >> they're busy texting and taking pictures and no one was paying attention. come on people. >> do your job. >> i want to show you this accident scene. it's a big one here on 202 southbound at matlack street. this is in west chester chester county. chopper6 headed to the scene. they're currently blocking all lanes. last time we looked at this
6:26 am
they were letting traffic sneak by. now not the case. you see a number of emergency workers with that accident involving a tractor-trailer. another new one just popped up in upper providence township and that one is on 29 at mennonite road dave. >> karen it's cold out there this morning. we're in the 30's on the el station platform and the bus stop. that's not going to last for long. we get up to a-57 degrees by 3 o'clock this afternoon, lots of sun all the way. winds are light and for the evening commute you're probably ranging from the mid to low 50's feeling a lot better out there. a quick look at the airport in case you're leaving this nice day behind in philadelphia. all green aircraft. no major delays. and no sign of any rain in any of our big travel destinations, matt, tam. >> allall right, thank you davi. 6:26. students in south jersey are planning a walkout today to support a teacher. >> president trump makes a bold statement while addressing the investigation into the florida school shooting. what he says he would do if placed in a former sheriff's deputy's shoes. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> now on "action news," a stray bullet strikes a woman standing nearly a block away from the scene of a shooting. >> students taking a stand. a walkout is planned at a south jersey school today where a teacher is on leave for questioning school safety. >> courting the king. a local company takes out ad space in cleveland hoping to get somebody's eye, one of the nba's best players might be willing to complete the process. >> good morning it's 6:30 on this tuesday february 27th.
6:31 am
i don't know, james, embiid, simmons. >> it would be a power house. >> it would be a good lineup david and karen. >> sounds good, doesn't it? i like them the way they are right now but that would really put us over the top. take a look at the weather center. big changes today and they're mostly really nice. look at the cloud cover from yesterday all the way down south, this stuff up north just not wanting to have any part of us today and it looks like we're going to have sunshine from start to finish. we're starting out cold this morning. 32 degrees in trenton. just 27 in allentown and reading. we talked about this yesterday how it was going to be a colder start, what with last night's stars coming out. 36 in philadelphia, 35 in wilmington, 34 in millville. not much wind though so we don't have to worry about a wind chill and those cold numbers don't last long. 38 degrees by 8 o'clock. but as soon as noon we're up to 52. and i'm expecting a high of 57 at about 3 o'clock, a little above this model. lots of sun and still holding the mid 40's by 8 o'clock. it gets a little milder tomorrow although cloudier and then on thursday, rain arrives. latest on that coming up from accuweather, karen.
6:32 am
>> big accident this morning is our breaking news right here in west chester, chester county. an accident on 202 at matlack street. it's a little lighter now and you can kind of see this tractor-trailer that's involved with the accident. there's another vehicle as well and we were hearing that someone was trapped in the wreckage of this so a serious accident. we had a number of emergency workers, looks like another guy trying to get through the backup right here and coming to the scene. for a moment they were blocking all lanes. now they're letting traffic get by but southbound if you were on 202 heading towards chadds ford you've got a big accident that's slowing you done. even northbound is slow right now with construction crews on the scene. vine street expressway we've got a problem here as well. this is your westbound traffic headed towards the schuylkill. you can see this accident that's blocking the right lane. so you're extra heavy now on the vine westbound. in addition to that eastbound we had a disabled truck. now, that cleared but we still have the accident westbound that's causing problems right now. also in the wynnefield section of the city a building fire and crews are coming to the scene right now belmont avenue at conshohocken avenue and in
6:33 am
this map you can kind of see the slow speeds on the schuylkill westbound near the boulevard, just 15 miles an hour. we also have a couple accidents in the suburbs. we'll talk about that coming up in just a couple minutes matt. >> karen thank you. students at cherry hill east high school in camden county are planning to walk out of class today. they're criticizing administrators for suspending a teacher who questioned the school's safety. >> free mr. locke, free mr. locke. >> students are holding rallies and signing petitions to demand the return of timothy locke. the school sent the history teacher home last week for suggesting that current security measures could leave cherry hill east vulnerable to an attack. >> we have four security guards two of them are police officers. none of them have firearms on them. >> if we don't have the right to talk about this controversial issue in our school system, then how are we ever going to move forward as a society let alone a school system. >> "action news" was unable to
6:34 am
get in touch with locke for comment. the school district superintendent decided -- declined to talk with us before a public event last night. >> during a massive gun control rally in tallahassee florida yesterday, state lawmakers voted for a bill that would raise the purchase age for rifles from 18 to 21 and create a three day waiting period for gun purchases. in washington, president trump continues to berate former broward county deputy sheriff scott peterson. the president called peterson a coward for staying outside stoneman douglas high school during the deadly rampage. >> you know, i really believe you don't know until you're tested but i think i -- i really believe i would run in even if i didn't have a weapon. >> peterson claims he thought the shots were coming from outdoors. back in parkland, florida, volunteers and students packed up donated supplies for teachers. the teachers are back in the building getting ready for classes to resume again as of tomorrow. >> coming up on 6:35, closing argument from scheduled to begin today in the trial of allentown mayor ed pawlowski.
6:35 am
the defense rested its case yesterday following cross-examination of the mayor. federal prosecutors tried to attack potential inconsistencies in his testimony in his july 2nd interview with fbi agents. the democrat is charged with trading favors and city contracts in exchange for campaign donations. bill cosby's family has asked for prayers and peace as they mourn the loss of the comedian's daughter ensa. a spokesman says the 44-year-old died in massachusetts on friday from kidney disease. ensa was a strong supporter of her father and said she believed he was innocent of the sexual assault claims against him. cosby's retrial in norristown is set to begin on april 2nd. a man accused of lewd acts in delaware is now off the streets. delancy small wood faces charges in three acts of indecent exposure in new castle county this month. police say small wood asked a woman for directions on saturday but when she walked up to his car she said he was
6:36 am
exposing himself. detectives say they linked small wood to two prior incidents involving juveniles. >> a motorcyclist wrecked his bike during a police chase through northeast philadelphia. the crash happened on roosevelt boulevard near southampton road around 1:30 this morning. police say they found drugs on the man. he suffered minor injuries. and that caused them to take him to the hospital. they say they'll take him into custody once he's released. autopsies are expected to be performed today on two people, one of them a philadelphia police officer found dead in a port richmond home. friends say the off duty female officer did not show up for work yesterday. another officer made the discovery at the home in the 2900 block of mercer street. police say the 36-year-old officer and her 42-year-old male acquaintance had no obvious signs of trauma. an innocent woman is among three people wounded during a triple shooting in north philadelphia. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live outside of police headquarters with the latest on this investigation. jeanette, it seems as though the gunman was after two
6:37 am
people and a third was just in a bad spot. >> reporter: that's exactly right, tam. in fact we just finished talking to the police commissioner and he tells me this morning they are anxiously hoping for some surveillance cameras footage to help with this ongoing investigation. of course, one person, a man s-in critical condition. two others are recovering from their injuries. this is video from the scene yesterday night. this happened at 25th and sheridan in north philadelphia around 6:30 in the evening. police say all three victims were standing on the sidewalk when the 24-year-old was hit twice in the arm. that was a man, a 23-year-old woman was hit in the arm and back with a stray bullet and the third victim was shot in the back of the head in critical condition. now, detectives spent much of the evening looking over this corner store's video hoping to find something there and identify the shooter. take a listen to what police had to say. >> two male victims were just standing just feet away from the shooter when the shooter walked up, pulled a firearm
6:38 am
and immediately fired numerous shots from point blank range. >> reporter: now, the gunman was seen heading eastbound from the scene. not much is being released about the shooter -- not much is known at this point. there's also no known motive. reporting live at police headquarters, jeanette reyes, channel6 "action news." >> okay, jeanette, thank you for that. now let's go out and take a live look here, the view of this beautiful sunrise here on this tuesday morning. now, that's a beautiful orange. it is 6:38 and 36 degrees. >> catching the sunrise right as it hits and karen you got something going on in traffic. >> we do. we're coming back to breaking news because chopper6 has just arrived on the scene and we get a better look at what's happening now. this is 202 southbound at matlack street. and when we first showed you this we saw the ambulance, the fire crews on the scene and it looked like an emergency situation. we're hearing someone was trapped in one of the vehicles. now what we're seeing is they're in the process of clearing it out so they have this truck hooked up to a tow truck right now and that's why they're blocking matlack
6:39 am
street. it created a big problem with this truck and two other vehicles involved. so, it's still blocking a lane. 202 southbound is moving a little bit better as chopper pans back. we had quite the delay but it's still blocking matlack street and this is in west chester in chester county and chopper6 live on the scene of this morning backup on 202 southbound. if you're heading towards chadds ford you're going to expect a delay but right now lanes are getting by. it was a little worse earlier when they were blocking all lanes. here's another view of this where you can see 202 and how backed up it is. here they are trying to clear out that truck and in the process, they're blocking lanes at times. you can kind of see that right now as they're currently blocking all lanes while they pull this out of there. so, watch out for 202 at matlack street. it's creating a big backup as you head right now towards chadds ford. big problem right there and chopper6 has been on the scene. in other areas, we have some other accidents popping up as well. in upper providence we've got one here on 29 at mennonite road. in horsham we have an accident this morning at welsh and farm
6:40 am
view. another accident just popped up on stenton avenue and flourtown road. so a few other accidents out there this morning. you know, it's cold out there and it's a little frosty in spots. temperatures are below freezing quite a bit colder than yesterday morning. 27 in bethlehem and quakertown, below freezing in warminster and malvern. it's 36 right now in center city. in the suburbs in new jersey, you're just in the upper 20's. so it is a cold start to the day and there could be a little frost on your windshield or the roads but we're heading up to 57 today, so even though it's a cold start, it's a milder afternoon. here's what you have to look forward to. the sun finally returns in full blast this afternoon but after a frosty start, dave is coming back with the seven-day in a minute and he's tracking this coastal storm. he'll have the latest model information to give us an idea of when we get so wet. that's coming up in a couple minutes matt and tam. >> thank you, karen. mail carriers probably see it all but one postal worker has apparently seen enough now that a nudist community is among one of the stops. >> talk about lebron james
6:41 am
coming to philadelphia reaches new heights with a local company taking out three billboards in cleveland, ohio. >> ♪
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> bulletproof backpacks are in high demand as many parents struggle with ways to protect their children from school shootings. our sister station in raleigh tested the backpacks. it was no match against fire power from an ar-15. security experts say only trauma plates will add the kind of protection necessary to stop the ammunition fire from sump such an assault rifle. some anxious students see them as providing some measure of protection. >> right now students are afraid and you want them to feel confident that they at least have something that's going to allow them to protect themselves until police show up, their parents come to pick them up. >> most bulletproof backpacks cost about $200. >> "black panther" is raking in big money at the box office and now disney is giving a cut of that back to children. the company is donating a million dollars to boys boys and girls club of america.
6:45 am
the donation will support youth stem programs. if you saw the movie there is symmetry in the ending and what they're doing now. "black panther" as brought in 700 million worldwide since its release. walt disney is the parent company of 6abc. when lebron james becomes a free agent this summer one company in delaware county wants the king to bring his reign to philadelphia. they've come up with catchy slogans like complete the process and the #philly wants lebron. the messages are displayed on three billboards right in lebron's backyard cleveland, ohio. chester based remodeling company power home improvement is behind the campaign. the sixers next play the cavs this thursday in cleveland. >> you put james on that team. >> yeah. >> they tear apart golden state. >> it looks -- well, yeah, i mean, they got to play the games, matt. >> i love that. >> i don't like anyone on golden state. >> see the storm tracker6 it looks like golden state around here today as we got bright sunshine and a lack of rain.
6:46 am
sun is coming up over the horizon and we've got very little cloud cover across the region. there's our live sky6 camera looking down from morgan hall at temple university. 36 degrees currently. chilly as you first step outside but today overall is looking good. get the shades ready. very little cloud cover anywhere closer than maybe on the other side of toronto. and as we go through the day yeah, 39 degrees by 8 o'clock but by 10 o'clock you're up to 47 and by lunchtime 52. 57 at 3 o'clock well above our average high of 47 and pretty comfortable for this time of year as we wind down the month of february. 57 in philadelphia, 56 wilmington. this afternoon we'll see 56 in trenton allentown reading, 57 in lancaster and then a little cooler as you go down through the heart of south jersey but still not bad in millville 54 and 49 in cape may. tomorrow is another mild one. a high of 58 degrees with a continued southerly flow. but clouds will start to filter in during the day and by thursday, we'll be on the lookout for rain and by friday
6:47 am
morning, heavy pockets of rain and wind. so big changes coming. on thursday, most of our rain holds off until the afternoon. pockets of steady rain possible here or there. and then we go overnight all the way up to 11 o'clock thursday. still looks like cecily and adam will have something to show you on storm tracker at night. by 2:00 in the morning on friday the rain starting to get a little bit more filled in. we start to get more blustery winds involved and this cold air rushes in, we might see a changeover to wet snow at the tail end of all of this. what to expect? again, this is thursday through the day in through thursday night and the first part of friday night one to 2 inches of rain. winds could get blustery especially as we head towards friday morning. 30 to 40 miles per hour with a coastal low beginning to develop and churning things up. coastal flooding wouldn't be out of the question. not only do you have on shore winds but there's also a high tide lunar tide and maybe beach erosion and wet snow on the back end far northern and western suburbs. here's your seven-day from accuweather. today no problems, lots of sun
6:48 am
57. thursday rain arrives during the morning and afternoon. gets steady at times especially later at night and overnight 54 is the high. and windy with heavy pockets of rain on friday morning. and then hopefully tapering off a little bit but it is going to be chillier with a high of 44. for the weekend 46, windy and chilly on saturday. clouds giving way to some sunny breaks. bundle up for that union home opener at 7 o'clock at night at talon energy stadium. still cool on sunday 45 degrees but dry there as well. >> it could be nice to see the sun. >> i can't even tell you how much i've missed it and five wet weekends in a row is enough. >> yeah. >> let's take a look outside i'm want to update you on this accident we had involving a tractor-trailer on i-95 southbound at bridge city. it is cleared but you can see how jammed we still are southbound here at cottman so watch for a slow go. two new accidents just popped up. it's been busy today. one in oaklyn camden county on the white horse pike. other in gloucester city on 130, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen.
6:49 am
a man was taken into custody with police. they left him in a room with the cameras running. and this is what they caught. he didn't do a very good job. police in nebraska just released that it is video of thomas hartman in an interrogation room from last october. cameras caught him stacking a chair on the table and sticking his hands into the ceiling. officers were watching and taping. a tech later found what hartman had been trying to hide, a bag of cocaine. >> a nudist community in florida is angry over a mail carrier's refusal to deliver mail inside their gates. most of the mail is placed in mailboxes outside the eden rv resort in hudson but residents say one carrier refuses to deliver packages inside the park because she is offended by the naked lifestyle. the u.s. postal service says the carrier has every right to refuse to go beyond the gates if she is not comfortable. >> time now to see what's coming up on "gma." >> let's turn to paula ferris live in times square. paula i know we'll learn a little bit more about what was going on with that sheriff's
6:50 am
deputy outside the parkland, florida, high school. >> reporter: yeah, that's actually our lead story this morning, matt and tam. great to be with both of you this morning. coming up on "gma" as you just mentioned matt the school resource officer at the center of the florida shooting firestorm now defending himself against those who say he should have entered the school and approached the killer. we're live from parkland, florida, this morning. also ahead we sat down with this year's oscars host jimmy kimmel as he gears up for the big night. how he's going to approach the show in the wake of the me too movement, what he's saying about that infamous envelope swap and the incredible number of jokes he says he wrote in preparation plus a few of the stars of the upcoming avengers. they're here with a big announcement about the entire marvel universe. make sure you tune into "gma" on this tuesday. you guys have a great show. back to you in philly. >> thank you paula. wonder what that's about. we'll see soon. a team of firefighters from massachusetts praised for coming to the aid of a woman who was 800 miles away. the woman didn't have a phone so she contacted can the
6:51 am
wayland fire department through facebook when her son began choking but she accidentally contacted the fire department in wayland, massachusetts, while she, herself, was in wayland, michigan. first responders called the wayland fire department in michigan. the michigan crew managed to get to the woman and her son in time. >> we had to do what we could with what we had. seconds do count. the stars were absolutely in alignment. you know, it really worked out. >> firefighters say social media not the best way to seek help in an emergency situation and instead she say call 911 whenever possible. >> ♪ - honey, look what we got! - [narrator] going big... (yelling) - [narrator] isn't always best. - who's our little puppy? - sweetheart, daddy got you a new. sweetheart? elizabeth, where are you? she's under the bears!
6:52 am
- [narrator] unless it's a aaa plus membership. - woo! - [narrator] get 100 towing miles and free emergency gas delivery. when going big is best. aaa. go ahead. - [man] woo!
6:53 am
>> philadelphia police have just released clear surveillance footage of two smash and grab robbers in center city. a man broke into a jewelry store by throwing a rock through the store on south 13th street sunday morning. officers say he and a second suspect then stole $5,000 worth of merchandise. it actually took them two attempts to successfully gain access to the store. bizarre theft in bucks county has left the store workers baffled. on friday night surveillance
6:54 am
cameras outside the fairless hills garden center captured a woman stealing a pet sanctuary set up to protect stray cats from the cold. the thief then casually steals paving stones and leaves but a few hours later the suspect comes back to steal even more stones. all while the cat sanctuary is still on the top of her car. were there any cats in the? the video has been posted to the shop's facebook page and it's been shared now thousands of times. >> the boy's basketball team from roman catholic high school has dedicated its league championship to a former nba player from their school. this is the final play as roman edged on the bonner prendie for the title as teammates cleared the bench you can see some of the players wearing a purple warmup jersey. each shirt had the number 45 and the name butler on the back. rasual butler a roman catholic grad and lasalle player as well as an nba player was killed in a car crash in los
6:55 am
angeles last month. the girls of cardinal o'hara clinched their second straight title last night. the team beat neumann-goretti 54 to 39. >> much more ahead on "action news" as we work to update you on our top stories. david and karen. >> you'll need your sunglasses on the way out the door and that's probably good news for most of us. the closest cloud cover well off in ontario. we'll have rundown of where numbers are going coming up next. >> nice that roads are dry. we're slowing down on the schuylkill eastbound past the boulevard. pretty heavy from the blue route to the curve and past city avenue to girard. we're going to update you on that big accident in west chester when we come right back. >> ♪
6:56 am
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most pills only block one. flonase. >> ♪ >> top stories at 6:57. autopsies are expected to be performed today on two people who were found dead in a port
6:58 am
richmond home. police say the off duty female philadelphia police officer and her 42-year-old male acquaintance had no obvious signs of trauma. a gunman unleashed a bar ramp of bullets in north philadelphia hitting three people. police believe two men were the intended targets while the third victim, a woman was an innocent bystander hit by a stray bullet. students at cherry hill east high school in camden county are planning to walk out of class today. they are criticizing administrators for suspending a teacher who questioned the school's safety. >> chopper6 live on the scene of what was our breaking news. it was a terrible accident on 202 southbound at matlack street where someone was trapped in the wreckage. now you can see it's much clearer. they've moved that accident out of there. you still have a little bit of residual issue as people are driving through what was a fuel spill. moving a lot better on 202 southbound. no more delay there. checking our traffic cameras you can see here on the vine street expressway westbound we had an accident blocking the right lane and it's still pretty heavy now from 95 to
6:59 am
approaching the schuylkill dave. >> this today. cold to start out. later we get a high of 57, a full 10 degrees above average and when i show you where numbers are going, check out all that sun. bright sunshine all the way. 37 by 7:00 but obviously a lot better later this afternoon and for the evening commute probably still holding onto the low 50's. >> that's it for us. we're about to head off to "gma" but we'll be back here in 30 minutes to keep showing you beautiful sunrise pictures. >> why not. >> and we'll have the latest on weather and traffic. for karen rogers matt o'donnell, dave murphy i'm tamala edwards. have a good tuesday. >> hey, lebron come to philly. you really should. [laughter] >> ♪ a
7:00 am
good morning, america. fighting back. the embattled sheriff's deputy accused of doing nothing to help those students during the high school shooting is now defending himself. newly revealed audio recordings raise questions about what happened as president trump weighs in saying he would have handled it differently. >> i really believe i'd run in even if i didn't have a weapon. >> happening now, massive manhunt for a murderer who killed a man on a facebook live stream. chaos on the highway. dozens of bikers caught on camera taking over boston's interstate terrorizing drivers, clashing with police. many of them escaping. ♪ and counting down to the oscars. one-on-one with host jimmy kimmel. how he plans to handle the me too movement, politics and the


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