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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 27, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. fighting back. the embattled sheriff's deputy accused of doing nothing to help those students during the high school shooting is now defending himself. newly revealed audio recordings raise questions about what happened as president trump weighs in saying he would have handled it differently. >> i really believe i'd run in even if i didn't have a weapon. >> happening now, massive manhunt for a murderer who killed a man on a facebook live stream. chaos on the highway. dozens of bikers caught on camera taking over boston's interstate terrorizing drivers, clashing with police. many of them escaping. ♪ and counting down to the oscars. one-on-one with host jimmy kimmel. how he plans to handle the me too movement, politics and the thousands of jokes he's
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considering. how will you know if you've gone too far. >> i'm sure the internet will tell me. >> plus his heartwarping message about his son billy and what he's now saying about that oscar moment no one will ever forget only on "gma" this morning. good morning, america. big welcome to all of you. welcome back to paula faris. looks like you had fun with jimmy kimmel. >> he has his work cut out for him. the worst thing that can happen everything goes perfectly. he gravitates towards chaos. why he wants something like this to happen again. he wants the wheels to fall off. >> good for comedy. yeah, you guys didn't tell me it was green day. >> it was a telepathic message. you didn't get it. >> i even changed my die. i didn't like the other one and ended up with this one. what's wrong with you, george? >> we'll get you right. before we get to your
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interview which we cannot wait to see we will start with the sheriff's deputy now defending himself over accusations he did nothing to stop the florida school shooting. victor oquendo has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's the first time we've heard anything from former deputy scot peterson through his attorney. he's defending himself saying the criticism from the sheriff is unfounded and that he is not a coward. this morning, the school resource officer accused of failing to enter stoneman douglas high during that deadly massacre is speaking out. scot peterson whose alleged inaction was called into question by the sheriff last week. >> was he there when the shooter was still inside the building. >> yes, he was. >> what should he have done. >> went in, addressed the killer. killed the killer. >> reporter: now defending himself, his lawyer releasing a letter saying peterson who was previously named school resource officer of the year -- >> i'm scot peterson. i've been a police officer for 30 years. >> reporter: had been unfairly attacked by many including the
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sheriff and that the allegations he was a coward are patently untrue. peterson's attorney calling the remarks a gross oversimplification of the events omitting the following facts saying initially he received a call of firecrackers and when he heard the shots he thought they were coming from the outside. a belief his lawyer says these audio recordings from the time of the shooting confirm. >> request units to go to the football field for the shooting. >> reporter: his attorney saying peterson had the presence of mind to send administrators to the school video room to obtain a description of the shooter. president trump remarked pita taufatofua peterson was either a coward or he would have done things differently. >> i think i really believe i'd run even if i didn't have a weapon and i think most of the people in this room would have done that too. >> reporter: as students prepare to return to school later this week, a triumphant moment for injured student maddy wilford.
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>> i'd just like to say that i'm so grateful to be here and it wouldn't be possible without those officers and first responders. >> reporter: a high school junior who survived three gunshot wounds. >> clearly her recovery is going very well. when do you think maddy can go back to school. >> i expect her to go back to school next week. >> reporter: doctors say maddy is lucky to be alive. as for nikolas cruz his court appearance has been canceled today. next hearing set for thursday. >> thanks very much. we saw president trump at that white house meeting. he also promised some action on guns there but had some praise for the nra. >> don't worry about the nra. they are owe on our sides. half of you are so afraid of the nra. there's fog to be afraid of. and you know what, if they're not with you, we have to fight them every once in a while. that's okay. they're doing what they hi is right. >> let's bring in cecilia vega for more. the president trying to thread a needle. so far no full-throated support for a new approach on guns.
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>> reporter: we have heard him talk a lot about ideas like arming trained educators, banning bump stocks but no formal support of major new legislation and now this white house is facing pretty tough questions about whether they are backing away from another idea he seemed to support, this idea of raising the minimum age limit from 18 to 21 to purchase long gun, the president had last week some pretty strong words of support for that plan. the white house now says that he supports age limits in concept. this comes after the president had a lunch meeting with nra leadership at the white house here on sunday. they are adamantly opposed to this idea of minimum age limits. the white house is denying, george, that the president has softened his position on this one. he will be meeting with the bipartisan group of lawmakers to talk about guns tomorrow. capitol hill is really looking for the president to drive the agenda on this one. so far not a lot of incentive for them to take up gun control. >> we'll see if he backs a legislative proposal. we saw the first lady offering
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support for those student activists who have come out of parkland. >> i have been heartened to see children across this country using their voices to speak out and try to create change. they're our future and they deserve a voice. >> reporter: well, sarah sanders says president trump supports absolutely agrees with what the first lady is saying there, that these are voices from these students that teed to be heard and despite the fact that many of them are calling for legislative change like banning assault weapon, something this administration is not supportive of this is the first time we've heard from the first lady on the parkland attack, george, rare public comments from her there. >> complicated dna. we'll see where the president goes next. thanks very much. paula. >> thanks, george. multiple companies are cutting ties with the nra in the wake of this school shooting. delta is facing severe backlash from saw lawmakers for that decision but some companies like fedex are standing by the nra.
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rebecca jarvis is here with more. >> reporter: gop lawmakers including the lieutenant governor of georgia are threatening to derail a $40 million tax break for delta unless the airline reinstates its discount program for nra members. delta which has its headquarters in atlanta and is one of the largest employers of the state says it will end its contract for discounted fares on travel to the nra's annual meeting this year out of respect to customers and employees on both sides. delta also says it supports and continues to support the second amendment but the pressure has been mounting on companies to sever ties with the nra including this hashtag boycott nra that's making the rounds on twitter. the nra is fighting back saying the companies that choose to end their students are showing a shameful display of public cowardice. >> do you expect pore to withdraw. >> dozens more. fedex standing its ground. they have been maintaining that
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they will continue to support that ban on assault rifles but the company does not and will not stop services against any legal entity regardless of their policy positions or political views standing by those discounts they currently offer. >> a lot of pressure on them. thank you. we got new developments in the russia investigation. the president's closest personal aide hope hicks is heading to capitol hill for an interview with the house intelligence committee as trump's son-in-law jared kushner white house's role is clouded about questions over his security clearance. pierre thomas is tracking the latest. good morning. >> reporter: george, good morning. one of the key questions we expect democrats on the house intelligence committee to pursue is hope hicks' role on that air force one flight back from the summit where she helped the president respond to questions about that trump tower meeting involving donald trump jr., jared kushner, paul manafort and a number of russians. don junior with help from the president helpeded up making a misleading statement saying it
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was about russian adoptions and later learned it was set up in order for the trump campaign to receive damaging information on hillary clinton that was supposed to be provided by the russians. mark corallo, the former spokesman for the legal defense team has claimed hicks has said information about the meeting's real purpose would never get out, an allegation the democrats will certainly want to focus on. >> we'll see if she answers those questions. chief of staff john kelly said anybody in the white house without a permanent security clearance would lose their access to classified information on friday. it's unclear whether that's happened to jared kushner despite warnings from the justice department that he's not going to get a permanent clearance. >> reporter: we're told the deputy attorney general rosenstein warned officials that there were issues with his clearance that required further review. he did not offer specifics but did make clear he would not get full clearance any time soon. >> the white house will not say what's happened to his access to classified information. thanks very much. we're going to turn to that
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major flooding from louisiana to michigan, rivers still rising this morning taking over roads and neighborhoods and now many of those hard-hit areas are bracing for another storm, rob is tracking all of that and good morning to you, rob. >> good morning to you, michael. for now we have clear skies over the flood zone but in ten hours more rain is going to come. this is what it looks like under those sunshiny sky, ohio river near louisville looking at the highest rise in ten years, the tenth highest rise on record. police department boats checking on some of the high water. there you see a street sign and just making sure everybody is okay for now. look at all these rivers under flood stage and the watches because we do have more rain coming right over the areas flooded including the white river in arkansas. you'll go to major flood stage not till next week. this rain coming later on tonight and tomorrow. another batch coming with severe storms another four to five inches of rainfall across the tennessee and mississippi river valleys plus the northeast storm that we're tracking later in the
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program. back over to you. >> thank you. hopefully everybody can get off the water. >> let's hope for that. the latest on the search for a killer in north carolina. his image captured on facebook live by the man he murdered. abc's linsey davis here with that. >> reporter: good morning. prentiss robinson was known for facebook live streaming around his neighborhood. he was on his way back home from the police station after filing a complaint one of his cell phones had been stolen when he was gunned down. but the livestream kept on rolling. family and friends say prentiss robinson frequently walked through his windgate, north carolina, neighborhood making facebook live videos like this one. >> trying to find your address. >> reporter: using social media to call out drug dealers and criminals in the community. >> i think he was trying to get some cleanup around here. >> reporter: monday as he was live streaming his walk home from the police department, he spotted a man running toward him. he can be overheard saying, you on live several times pointing the camera at the man. >> you on live. >> huh. >> you on live.
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>> reporter: but it didn't stop the shooter who fired several times killing robinson and then running off. this morning authorities here have launched a massive manhunt for this man, douglas colson who they believe is the prime suspect. those closest to robinson worry he could have made enemies by confronting the wrong people with his camera phone. >> he's an outspoken person. >> reporter: this is not the first time facebook live has been used to broadcast such a violent event. a woman made headlines after she live streamed the after math of a police officer shooting her boyfriend. last year a 74-year-old grandfather was murdered on easter sunday. his killer broadcast the murder on facebook live. facebook took fire for rolling out the live streaming product without an adequate plan to preventages of vice from being shown to its users. it has since pledged to use a combination of content moderators and artificial intelligence to remove videos that contain graphic or
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inappropriate material. this one makes you shake your head. >> okay, thanks very much. tough to watch. now to a midair scare. a southwest flight forced to make an emergency landing after what looks like flames shooting out from the engine. abc's david kerley is at reagan airport. david, it was a passenger who noticed the problem and alerted the crew? >> reporter: that's what he says. he's the one who shot the video. southwest is saying the pilots noticed an indication in the cockpit. it was an amazing scene which could be seen from the ground too. no passenger wants to see this out the window of their jetliner. flames out of the engine just after takeoff from salt lake city. a photographer on the ground was able to capture the southwest jet spitting flames from its right engine. >> saw balls of fire and it was pretty intense for a few minutes. >> lots of praying and holding hands. >> half of me was panicked. the other half was like get it
7:14 am
together. >> reporter: this video taken inside the jet by che cullenbine and within seconds the pilots were calling air traffic control. >> but i don't have any cockpit indications of fire so it might just be in the engine. >> reporter: the pilots were taking no chances. >> but certainly when we land we're going to need crash crew. >> reporter: they were met by salt lake city fire crew, no one injured. while seeing flames shoot out is frightening experts say it is a surge or compression stall sort of like a car backfiring, rarely threatening a jetliner. now, southwest is saying that the engine only suffered a performance issue. it's not saying what caused that issue. all the passengers got on another aircraft and got to los angeles and, paula, i got to tell you even some of the frequent flyers on that plane said there were some nervous mopes. >> i bet they were terrified.
7:15 am
kudos to the crew for acting so quickly. michael. >> i'm nervous sitting here in my seat. >> get on a flight right afterwards. >> i fly too much to see something like that. all right, everybody, poff to the wild scenen 0 the road in boston. dozens of bikers taking over a highway terrorizing dozens of drivers over the weekend. six of them are set to appear in court later today. abc's gio benitez is here with the story. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, michael. good morning. this morning police are looking at a piece of video, this one right here that appeared to be posted by one of the bikers who got away hoping to identify each and every person there. this is the moment of chaos caught on camera on boston's interstate 93. a sort of flash mob of bikers and atv riders taking over the road crashing into concrete barriers trying to get away on foot as police close in on them from both sides of the street. but the driver holding the camera somehow gets his bike over the median and onto the other side of the highway
7:16 am
appearing to get away. photos obtained by "the boston herald" show the aftermath. you can see how close they are to the cars on the road. the bikers clashing with police, officers arresting and charging seven of them including 28-year-old man lumping with his foot bandaged up. police say they shot him because he accelerated toward a trooper, a boston officer and a canine. >> as the suspect intentionally drove at that trooper as well as bpd officer, the reporting officer ordered the operator of the atv to stop and lay down on the ground. >> reporter: his attorney says he did but police say what happened on that road was clearly illegal. state politician saying it was the largest gathering they've seen. video obtained by abc affiliate wcvb shows motorcyclists taking over boston streets, even driving on sidewalks.
7:17 am
it's not clear if these were the same bikers. and police believe as many as 35 people were riding those bikes and atvs and seized about 20 of them. detectives are working to find the people who got away because they say this did just too dangerous, michael. >> all right, thank you so much, gio. very dangerous, up deed. we'll turn now to the big welcome home for the u.s. men's curling team. they are back in minnesota from the olympics where they became instant heroes of the winter games overcoming early losses to pull off what many thought was impossible. winning the first gold medal in curling for team usa. last night hundreds gathered in their hometown of duluth as they returned home from south korea. families and fans were hugging and cheering, u-s-a. you can cheer with me one time. the curling club said the response has been overwhelming and the city is planning a public celebration tonight. i guarantee you curling enrollment in these classes. >> ain't no party like a curling
7:18 am
party. >> and the curling party don't stop. >> that's for sure. want to go back to rob with >> we do the same one bringing flooding rain across the midsection of the country. this will get to the northeast and develop into a coastal low. how strong the winds get is yet to be seen. coastal flooding and rain in the forecast. time for your tuesday trivia brought to you by edward jones. >> ♪ >> all right everybody we are dry on storm tracker6 live double scan and as we head outside, bright sunshine building across region. a little chilly to start out.
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some outlying suburbs in the 20's, philadelphia in the 30's we'll bounce up quickly. a high today of 57, 10 degrees above average. tomorrow 58 although clouds will increase and then rain will arrive during the day on thursday, 54 and it could be heavy at times. thursday, thursday night and you add some wind to the picture on friday. nt. what he hopes will happen this time around after that unforgettable moment last year. that's first on "gma." plus, a terrifying new alert for parents about teens and sexting. the alarming new study, how common it really is and why even receiving one of those texts could get your teen this trouble. that's coming up on this tuesday morning.
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♪ >> ♪ >> good morning, i'm matt o'donnell. it's 7:23 on this tuesday, february 27th. blue route activity something going on. here's karen rogers with traffic. >> yeah, we have slow traffic here on the blue route, matt and it's because of an accident off to the side. the blue route here at the route one media bypass as you're heading southbound towards i-95, you're seeing some slow speeds right now with that accident and there you get a better view of it right there. on the vine street expressway we had an accident that cleared but we are nonetheless still jammed. this is your westbound traffic right here jammed from eighth street to approaching the schuylkill, so watch for that one right now on the vine westbound. an accident we had in oaklyn, camden county cleared on white horse pike but one here in gloucester city still out here on 130 at clem avenue much it's been a little busy with accidents. we spotted one in wilmington on king street at third street as well as one on knorr drive
7:24 am
at bean drive so a handful of problems. >> the sun is out. let's go to dave murphy after the break with accuweather. >> ♪ to offer more precise and less invasive treatment options than before. like advanced genomic testing and immunotherapy. see how we're fighting to outsmart cancer at
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>> we have lots of sunshine up over the horizon but i've got a heavier coat on this morning for some chilly startup temperatures. we're at 37 degrees in philadelphia. allentown just 28. not much wind this morning. and this afternoon we can probably do away with some of the extra gear because we're going up to 57 with lots of sun and 10 degrees above average later today. tomorrow increasing clouds but 58. then thursday rain arrives during the day, builds a little bit during the afternoon and at night with a high of 54. and by friday, the winds are picking up. we've still got pockets of heavy rain especially in the morning and a chillier high in the mid 40's. matt, we are looking at a cooldown as we head toward the weekend. >> thanks, david. a delaware county business is trying to lure lebron james to
7:27 am
the sixers. see how on >> ♪
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the nominees include a story of two brothers, you got to be kidding me. wait. hold on a minute. what is with the music? am i being played off? you can't play me -- i'm just presenting. you can't play me off. why are they playing me off? >> oh, that's so good. >> you got to love it. welcome back to "gma," of course, that's jimmy kimmel targeting his frenemy matt damon at last year's oscars. one of the many moments that got a lot of laughs so what does he have in store for this year. he told you because you had a chance to sit down. >> secrets in just a couple minutes. we have like 45 seconds. >> you got to believe matt damon is coming back. >> that duo is awesome. >> a lot else happening including the sign of hope as teachers return to marjory
7:31 am
stoneman douglas high school. faculty and staff greeted by that rainbow and thanked everyone for their love and support as they prepare to welcome students back tomorrow. some good news in the fight against the flu. there's evidence that may have finally reached its peak. the cdc reports that visits to the doctors for flu-like symptoms were down and the fda is looking ahead to the next season working to make the vaccine more effective. the world health organization is recommending changing two of the strains. >> that's good news because i had the flu back-to-back years and i had the shot both years. >> for everybody's sake. >> now the moment. you asked for jimmy kimmel. >> already? >> yes, you shall receive. to you to my interview with jimmy kimmel back at it for the second year in a row. jimmy and i sat down for a frank and funny conversation about what he has in store. how he's going to navigate the me too movement. how political he plans to get and why he kind of is hoping for another mishap like last year's best picture blunder.
7:32 am
>> what did you do? >> i want to tell you what happened. >> we're a year removed from the moment. have you been able to process exactly what happened? >> i'm still not clear on how the wrong envelope got into warren beatty's hands. color coating might be a nice thing to think of this time around but i'll be honest it would be funny if it happened again. >> you secretly want the wheels to fall off a little bit. >> at least one wheel. >> i knew i would screw this show up. i really did. >> reporter: so are there any safeguards in place this year to make sure what happened last year doesn't happen again. >> i think that the biggest safeguard there is is that this company pricewaterhousecoopers will literally have to go out of business if they do it a second time so i think they're going to be very, very careful. >> reporter: but this year kimmel will be walking a tightrope anchored by divisive politics and sexual misconduct. a tightrope his predecessors gingerly walked at the s.a.g.
7:33 am
awards and golden globes where seth meyers met the me too and time's up movements head on. >> good evening, ladies and remaining gentlemen. >> are you nervous at all that you're going to strike the right tone. >> yeah, that i do worry about that because i have a tendency to not strike the right tone in my life. and so i do think about. >> how will you poe if you've gone too far. >> i'm sure the internet will tell me. >> in realtime. >> almost immediately. >> so you probably saw there was "the usa today" poll that was released that said 94% of women in hollywood have been harassed or assaulted. that's your audience right there. how do you address it. >> well, listen, here's the thing. this show is not about reliving people's sexual assaults. it's an awards show for people who have been dreaming about maybe winning an oscar for their whole lives. and the last thing i want to do
7:34 am
is ruin that for someone who is, you know, nominated for, you know, best leading actress or best supporting or best director or cinematographer or whatever by making it unpleasant. you know, that's not what i want to do. i'm not going to stop any bad behavior with my jokes. >> the one thing that's stable about donald trump is his fried chicken intake. nothing else is stable. >> reporter: no doubt he won't be shy when it comes to the government, legislation or the president. what do you say to your critics that say who are you to speak out on these issues? >> i'm an american. that's who i am. you know, a lot of people are going with this line of reasoning where they say, people in show business shouldn't speak out about politics and yet they elected donald trump, the president of the united states. so i think that argument is pretty well jumped out the window. >> do you think that maybe there have been times where you pushed the envelope too far and maybe
7:35 am
become a little too political? >> no, i don't. >> you don't regret anything you've said. >> not at all. i don't think you can go too far. i think i'm till doing a comedy show and i need to be funny and entertain my audience but i also think that we've matured enough to the point where we can accept late night talk show hosts speaking about a serious subject and i think that it's almost necessary now. >> if the president would come on your show, i'm sure you've thought about a couple questions you would ask him. >> i would love for the president to come on my show. overall i think i'd be curious why he's changed his opinion on so many important things. i do think that there's probably a person in there who knows what the right thing to do is and who wants to do the right thing. >> nonetheless he's still looking forward to sunday night and trying to keep realistic expectations.
7:36 am
>> unless something, you know, overtly disastrous happens everybody in your life will go, oh, that was great but, you know, for me if i see people laughing i'll feel good about it. >> so many people are calling this the oscars of our generation. you talk about land mines he has to avoid and just striking that right tone. he's testing out his jokes right now but he's not nervous. he says he wasn't nervous last year. he isn't this year and he is a shy person. >> he's in his element when he's up on the stage. >> he did it and immediately said i'll do it again. he enjoys it and has a lot of things he wants to get off his chest. >> i'm looking forward to that one wheel falling off as he said. we'll have much more from my interview with jimmy kimmel coming up in our next hour including one of the craziest moments you didn't see. when we come back next surprising new study about teens and seconding. it could get your kids in legal trouble without even realizing. prudential asked these couples: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement?
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we are back with a surprising new study about teens and sexting. it suggests it's on the rise and could cause them legal trouble. adrienne bankert has details. good morning. >> good morning. images shared between teens on their phones whether by text or social media is becoming more and more explicit and more and more the norm. a new pediatric study finds one in four teens receive sexts. sending them could be criminal. teens may be seconding moxting.
7:41 am
>> guys ask for them. they're not really -- they're not really like shy about asking. they'll just ask you straight out. hey, send me nudes. >> megan, 15 and alaina, 17, who don't send or share explicit photos but block the numbers of guys who do say most students they know send nudes. aka sexting. a new study finds 27% of kids under 18 receive sext messages. nearly 15% of teens send them. >> there are some teens that don't recognize the cause and effect nature of sexting and that once you press that send button there is a possibility that those pictures will be distributed. >> reporter: bethany was in high school when she sent a revealing shot to a boy she was dated but ended up in the wrong hands.
7:42 am
>> i just wanted to be alone. i felt horrible. >> reporter: for three years she says she received threatening messages from an anonymous number demanding she send more explicit photos. >> i got a text that said i have some photos of you. if you don't do what i say, you're going to regret it relationship the person on the other end a former classmate found guilty of exploiting her. he remains behind bars. some of the most concerning new data in the report relates to consent. a study finds 1% of teens forward a sext without permission. teens who send pornographic photos risk arrest and jail time. >> it's important for parents to have conversations about healthy dating relationships and sexting, sexuality and peer relationships with their teens. >> megan and alaina's mom have all their phones check in at night. no rooms in the phone after
7:43 am
9:00 p.m. experts advise parents to talk to their kids about it. >> let's talk about it with sunny hostin. it's not a game. >> it's very serious and were just discussing these technically images qualify as child pornography and the child pornography laws federally and by state are very robust. these are felony charges you're possibly exposed to. if you're convicted even as a child you have to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life. >> more states are going to be passing these laws. >> well, i think there are about 20 states that have these sexting laws so the fines and penalties are less significant because they understand that these are children. but not the majority of states have them and so we have to be really careful with our kids. i know i always tell my kids you don't send them. you don't ask them. you don't forward them on. if you get them delete them immediately. parents need to talk to their -- >> delete them. not send them on to police. >> to their friend. >> certainly not to friends. >> not to their friends, yeah. >> no sharing. >> so what else should parents
7:44 am
know about this. >> i think parents really need to do their due diligence and do their research and find out what the law is in their state. do you have a child sexting law and if you don't what are the ramifications for child pornography? and then discuss it with your children because i don't think they understand the import of it. i don't think they understand what the penalties are. once they do because my children do their eyes get wide and realize, wow, this is really serious. >> this could change everything. >> this could change everything for me. unfortunately, the law, the wheels of justice move very slowly when it comes to technology. we just haven't caught up so beware. >> and have the conversation. sunny, thanks very much. >> thanks. coming up on our big board the new crackdown on distracted walking. could you now be fined for talking on your cell phone or even looking at it. >> looking at it? >> what? >> i guess i'm paying a fine right now. >> pay up. any object. any surface.
7:45 am
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we are back with our big board. if you were thinking about texting while crossing the street, well, think again. in one california city, that's now illegal. >> and it could cost you a whole lot of money if you are caught. abc's nick watt joins us from los angeles with all the details. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, paula. well, listen in montclair, california, you will now get a $100 ticket if you're caught texting, talking on the phone, listening to music, even just looking at your phone while you're crossing. the only exception, if you're calling 911 at the time.
7:49 am
we have all done it and it's a real serious problem. the number of texting pedestrians injured on america's streets is riding rapidly. thousands of people every year, solutions are needed. on streets and on the sidewalks. remember, this video from new jersey last year. this is real life in the 21st century. this happens. now, in parts of london they've tried wrapping padding around lampposts. they're trying something similar in saltzburg, austria to stop cell phone zombies getting hurt. >> i think we've all seen that and all may have been a party to being one. montclair is not the first u.s. city to pass a law like this, is it? >> reporter: absolutely not. honolulu became the first major city to ban texting while crossing, a $15 fine for the first offense and massachusetts right now is the first state to start a statewide ban. this problem is not going away. it's getting worse. we are getting worse.
7:50 am
>> i think it would do us all good to put the phones away especially when crossing the streak. >> unplug when you're walking. thanks. coming up we have the new amazon shopping revolution. how you can see what furniture looking like in your home before you buy it. a live demo coming up on "gma." sing like in your home before you buy it. a live demo coming up on "gma." e you buy it. a live demo coming up on "gma." you buy it. a live demo coming up on "gma." you buy it. a live demo coming up on "gma." it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol increase the risk of death from asthma problems. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections,
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7:54 am
spreading south and some much needed snow across the sierra, three feet or more maybe as far south as san diego. 10 inches above 6,000 feet. this segment oh no. oh no. oh no. i hate this belt. man oh man. mom, we have a situation. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach.
7:55 am
>> announcer: this week we're counting down to oscar sunday from the nominees before they were stars to big star surprises and celebrating oscar going from dollywood to hollywood with dolly parton live. >> no one does oscar like "gma." if they say they do they're lying. "good morning america" is brought to you by t-mobile. switch to the network built for unlimited data.
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>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm matt o'donnell. 7:56 on this tuesday february 27th. we're going to see the sun today. first up traffic with karen rogers. >> yes, roads are clear and dry. why the problems out there? looking live outside at 422 at 23. 422 always has a problem. today the problem is right here a disabled vehicle off to the shoulder but eastbound traffic right here as you're heading towards 202, you can see it's pretty heavy from 29 to 23. we're getting reports of an accident in lower merion involving a school bus. no injuries here but we are hearing that there was one child on the bus. so watch for crews on the scene here at conshohocken state road at rider's mill road. give the crews a little bit of space to work on that accident scene. i-95 quite a jam. look at this, a 43 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine on i-95 southbound jamming past academy to girard a lot of people trying to head towards center city, matt. >> okay, thank you, karen. taking a live look on sky6 center city philadelphia. dave murphy has the
7:57 am
accuweather forecast. david. >> lots of sunshine as you mentioned matt. really up over the horizon nice and bright. take a look though. we're still in the 30's in most neighborhoods. 39 in philadelphia. down to the freezing mark in allentown. but no worries, later on sunny and milder. we're going get up to 57. that's 10 degrees above average. tomorrow another decent day. more clouds build in but we're dry with 58. rain arrives during the day on thursday, 54 degrees is the high. rain will be steady at times thursday, thursday night and by friday the winds pick up and that could be a wind swept rain day with some pockets of heavy rain especially in the morning. we're hoping for some slackening off of that rain friday afternoon but you can see the cooler high 44. weekend looks dry matt but both days highs in the mid 40's. >> thanks, david. autopsies are expected to be performed today on two people found dead in a port richmond home. police say the off duty female philadelphia police officer and her 42-year-old male acquaintance had no obvious signs of trauma. students at cherry east high school plan to walk out of
7:58 am
class today to protest the suspension of a teacher. the reason behind the suspension on >> ♪ [nature sounds] ♪ harmonica plays now is the only reality that we have. it's time to secure your domain. i chose but you should pick a name that is not my company.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. president trump vows action on guns at the same time he is praising the nra after those comments that he would have gone in after the florida shooter. the future of shopping. the new way to try before you buy. how amazon just revealed they're taking the hassle out of shopping for your home. we're trying it out live just ahead. social media and self-esteem. teen girls own the so-called social internet but how is all that time affecting them? our revealing conversation and our own social experiment right here on "gma." and jimmy kimmel one-on-one before he takes the stage this sunday at the oscars. the catastrophe behind last year
8:01 am
that no one knew about plus how many jokes will make the final cut this year. who he is testing them out on and the latest on baby billy. >> three superhero stars live in times square for one blockbuster kickoff that starts right here, karen, paul, sebastian and they're here to say -- >> all: good morning, america. ♪ i'm gonna love you >> good morning, america. it is a super tuesday as we love to call it. we're excited to have some of the avengers here. take a look at karen gillan, paul bettany and sebastian stan. they just took an epic photo with their brand-new action figures. looks like they're trying to beat each other up. >> they are avengers. we are posting that photo that michael just mentioned on our instagram page. we need everyone to go and like that photo but it's for a really, really great cause.
8:02 am
a philanthropic cause that we'll tell you about. >> pull out the phones right now. first the latest on president trump and all the fallout from that mass shooting in florida. our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega, the big question right now, that is the president going to get behind? what kind of gun control measures will he support? >> reporter: yeah, exactly. that is the big question this morning and the white house is actually even trying to clarify a statement that the president made here at the white house yesterday in speaking to a group of governors. they say he was trying to say that as a leader he would have stepped up to help but take a listen to that comment. >> you know, i really believe you don't know until you test it but i think i really believe i'd run in there even if i didn't have a weapon and i think most of the people would have done that too in this room. >> reporter: is the president trying to soften his stance on something that he seemed to support last week, raising the minimum age limit to purchase these long guns like the one that was used in parkland from 18 to 21 years old. he had voiced strong support for that. the white house now says that
8:03 am
president trump supports raising age limbs in concept. this comes after he had a meeting on sunday here at the white house with the leadership of the nra, they are adamantly opposed to this idea of raising the minimum age limit. now, tomorrow, george, the president will meet with the bipartisan group of lawmakers to talk about school safety. >> they are waiting for his direction as well. cecilia vega, thanks very much. michael. thank you, george. now to that major flooding. there are watches and warnings from texas to michigan right now. and rob, there are even more big storms on the way to some of those areas. >> you see that bright color on the map. rarely is that a good sign. this is shawneetown, illinois. the cities downstream pay the price, ohio river tough to distinguish, all the tributaries trying to drain down to the gulf of mexico, a the lot won't get into major flood stage till next week. the next batch of rain, dry for the next eight to ten. little rock you'll get it later on this afternoon to tonight and
8:04 am
potential for severe weather with tomorrow's batch, four to five inches across the flood zone. back over to you. >> whoa. rain keeps on coming. >> i got baby news. now to a big surprise for nicole and caleb, a kansas city couple with one toddler. they were surprised when they were told they were expecting twins then the doctor said it was identical triplets. the odds nearly 30 babies in 1 million. the three little boys came six weeks early but the good news they are doing great and so is mom. she is a rock star but, dad, let's take a listen. >> she was unsure she could carry them. but she was very excited. i was anxious because that's a lot of babies in one go. >> a lot of babies. he says his first thought was what am i going to drive? he never thought of himself as a van guy but three car seats with their big brother to get around a minivan is in his future and it's called a swagger wagon. and i have one. >> swagger wagon. >> minivan.
8:05 am
obviously you don't have one. >> who would have thought a minivan. when we come back amazon's new shopping revolution technology that lets you virtually try something before you buy it. we'll show you how to use it live. how to help your daughters handle the pressure to be perfect and break free from the stress of social media. i got to make sure i pay attention to that. lara is upstairs with superheroes. >> michael, these are the real deals here. i'm with the avengers. [ cheers and applause ] karen, paul, sebastian, getting ready for the brand-new movie, "infinity war" with a big announcement just for you right here on "good morning america." don't go anywhere. plete job from any one else. so why accept it from your allergy pills? most pills don't finish the job because they don't relieve nasal congestion. flonase allergy relief is different. flonase relieves sneezing, itchy, watery eyes and a runny nose, plus nasal congestion, which pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances.
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8:10 am
welcome back to "gma." welcome to this fantastic audience this tuesday morning. a lot of smiles. they are ready for "pop news." >> i hope so. good morning, everybody. a lot going on. let's get to it. it's ed sheeran's perfect year. the four-time grammy winner was just named the best-selling recording artist of 2017. nabbing both the number one "di number one song "shape of you." it's huge. the first time ever that a recording artist of the year has topped both of these categories making sheeran the biggest selling music star in the world. [ cheers and applause ] i mean, kind of a big deal. and yet we had hill on the show. just him and his guitar. nice as can be. thrilled for you. coming in second place was
8:11 am
drake and rounding out the top three recording artist of the year, miss taylor swift. congrats to all of them. [ applause ] >> "shape of you". also making news this morning, nba superstar lebron is a free agent this summer and some die-hard philadelphia 76er fans are trying to woo him oscar style. so inspired by the oscar nominated film "three billboards outside ebbing, missouri." they bought these along the highway in cleveland. it's a special message. the first features that, a diagram of a basketball court, hi number alongside four of the numbers of the current 76ers. the second billboard says simply complete the process. and then the third and final billboard announces #phillywantslebron. they're making it very clear. very brave. the ceo of the philadelphia company that bought the
8:12 am
billboards says it's very simple. we think if lebron comes to philly he gets a couple pore championships, boom. drop the mike. >> i like it. >> you guys are both -- you're from cleveland. you guys are both into sports. >> philly has a good team. >> do you think there's a shot this could happen? >> i think anything -- everybody wants lebron. who doesn't want him? >> they can't afford anybody else once they pay him. >> with lebron you only need one player on the court. like one against five. >> unbelievable. well, we shall see. we'll be talking about it. and then finally in "pop," arkansas is about to get all shook up. elvis d. presley, there he is, is running for congress. george, i took a political story from -- >> is this legit. >> this is legit, people. needless to say this politician is also an elvis impersonator. i'm sure i didn't need to tell you that. no political novice. he made bids in the part for
8:13 am
arkansas' governor, land commission and the state legislature all sadly resulting in heartbreak hotel. but presley's going for it again this november. he's going against republican incumbent rick crawford. if it doesn't happen, though, at least he has his day job to fall back on. we wish you luck, mr. presley. ♪ i'm all shook up >> i read about it. stranger things have happened. >> shaking things up. >> i love it. >> shaking things up. >> let's go, girl. >> that's "pop news." >> thank you, lara spencer. we're going to go to our "gma" cover story. amazon revolutionizing the way you shop with what they call new augmented reality technology that lets you virtually try something in your home before you buy it. rebecca jarvis is back with us with more on that. hey, rebecca. >> hey, michael. good morning to all of you. what's the biggest obstacle when you shop online? you never know how it's going to
8:14 am
look in real life. well, now retail giant amazon is trying to change this with new augmented reality technology. >> picturing your new says can be a challenge. >> reporter: the new way to try before you buy. >> ar view in the amazon app lets you see how different items will look before you buy them. >> reporter: amazon customers using an apple or android device can see exactly what that furniture home decor or toy might look like inside their home without having to purchase it. >> i suspect they will move ar into other areas of retail. just imagine seeing a sweater you really like and being able to map it immediately on to your own body. >> reporter: the retail giant joining a growing list of companies now offering the latest augmented reality technology. from ikea and target to sephora and benefit which let you give makeup a virtual test run and it's just the beginning.
8:15 am
>> i mean, really incredible technology and they said it gets you over the hump of like what would something look like in my home but how else might they use it. >> this is probably in the future going to get a lot better, a lot stronger than the technology is today. you'll see it used with clothing, for example, being able to try actually try clothes on at home when you're shopping online and a lot of stores are looking at how to incorporate the technology more into the store experience as well, michael, so that you could even open a box, for example, without having to actually open a box. >> that's freaky. how does it work? show us. >> we have it on this phone. we've got it here on this phone which literally just locked on me so i apologize for that. >> we have i on the phone but the phone is locked. >> can you open the phone? >> we need your fingerprint. >> do you know the code? >> yeah, here it is. >> now we've got it. we've got it on the phone. it was just a matter of opening it. we really appreciate it. let's try it here. you'll go into the ar view on
8:16 am
your phone inside of amazon, you actually hit on the camera view and i've just selected here on the camera view a lamp to try here on this table, okay. so you click on the spot where it is and here you see it, guys. do you see that. the lamp now here on the table. you can get it from -- yes, three your hand through it, michael. >> how do we turn it off. >> we can move it around the table to get a sense of where it will fit and decide if that works. y do you think, does it work? >> i love it. >> guy, should we buy it? [ applause ] >> yeah. thank you. that is awesome. while we have the phone open i'll go on his social media account. >> do buy some stuff. >> while i'm doing that we'll take it to george. we'll take a closer look at teens and social media, a subject rachel simmons tackles in "enough as she is." we'll talk to her about how parents can help lessen that online pressure to be perfect. first deborah roberts is here. you had a conversation with some young women. >> eye opening of we've both got
8:17 am
girls and a lot of people out there do. you know how tough it is to reign in the addiction to snapchat. girls kind of own social media. turning to it. it rates much higher than boys. these young women i spoke with admit it can be a dangerous trap of competition, jealousy and low self-esteem. how would you describe your social media persona compared to your every day persona? same, different. >> same with like a filter. >> with a filter. >> yeah. making it look just a little better. >> yeah, i mean i try to post like a lot of my friends will wait three or four days after an event happened to post a picture to wait for the perfect time, you know, apparently 8:45 is like the golden hour to get as many likes as possible. >> i think sometimes the likes are kind of a measure of your self-worth. as seen by other people. >> reporter: young women and
8:18 am
social media, uneasy companions but the urge hard to resist. how many of you pick up your phone as soon as you wake up or before you barely open your eyes? ? sometimes i feel like my phone is my only connection to the outside world. and i find that constantly when i flip over my phone i'm looking and see i have an instagram message like my heart rate almost speeds up. like, okay, what is this? >> reporter: despite the jolt the apps can be a gateway to toxic self-esteem says rachel simmons in her new book, "enough as she is." she says research shows students on facebook are convinced their online friends are happier and more successful than they are. >> there are mopes and i think it's situational where i'm like, i am not good enough because look at her. it's not kim kardashian. it is like friend group. come out of it feeling worse about ourselves when we see other people being their best. >> i think a lot of times people are trying to show wealth actually so they'll show look at this vacation on i'm. >> loneliness feels worse when
8:19 am
you're on social media. when i'm scrolling through and getting together or having a party it feels like maybe i should be interacting with people. >> reporter: these college women telling us it's taken years but some are slowly beginning to pull away from social media. >> i've tried really hard to like consciously view social media as an opportunity to connect rather than an obligation or a place to compare yourself. i think most of us are very aware of its downsides. >> had academic year i deleted my social media or all the apps on my phone so i can't access in. >> why? >> it's wasting my time and contributing to unhealthal mental health. people don't like it. they're just double tapping on their phone. it has no significance. >> rachel simmons joins us with deborah and, boy, we have all seen this. we have teens as well. that competition for likes on instagram, on snapchat. how do you discourage it. >> it's so easy to think the likes define them of the listen, your likes have nothing to do with how kind you are, how hard
8:20 am
working you are, what a good person you are and she will roll her eyes. if she doesn't you're doing it wrong but she is still listening. >> he do roll their eyes when they see people trying too hard. >> absolutely. >> they know that it's fake b buts's our job as parents to keep reminding them because they're on it all the time. practically 24 hours a day. >> in fact, they say it's so hard i issued a challenge to the girls before i left to see if they could stay off social media the rest of the day. a couple said they could do it. a couple others said it's too hard. >> we have a hard time getting through dinner. >> exactly. >> but we do. you got an experiment. one table got hot coffee. another didn't. >> we gave out coffee to a table we picked and the whole audience watched them get that coffee. they went, oh, and we did that in part to show that it's so easy to feel left out when one group gets attention and others don't and we've got to tell our kids we all feel left out sometimes. >> rachel said to make sure they are coming to social media with intention. why are you posting these pictures? is it about validation or
8:21 am
connecting? >> we want to tell our girls not to try to compare themselves to other people. you may notice your friend is pretty. you don't have to say she's prettier. she's not smarter. she's smart. so we want to tell our kids to use it to express themselves and connect but not to compete >> that's the most important thing that girls especially have to remember. >> because they get so much pressure about their looks. they're so pressured to define themselves about their look. it's not about how you look or how many times someone taps on a screen and gives you a like. >> they're refreshing all the time. >> the girls you talked to seem to get it but it takes time. >> they've worked with you but all said they've been judged and know those feelings of low elf esteem but they are now starting to realize they can pull back from time to time. >> hard habit to break. >> very hard habit. we have to realize you don't have to are perfect. you'll make mistakes. as parents we're here for you no matter what happens. >> you say embrace failure. >> absolutely because no one can be perfect online. let's not use fear and shame but tell them you're learning a new
8:22 am
skill and make safe, smart choices. we'll be here if you screw up. >> hey george, i am in the corner of the room. you guys are still upset you didn't get a coffee. we are struggling over here but i have some video in your "gma" moment that will have you liking and reposting and retweeting. [laughter] i have no explanation. maybe he had some pot pizza or hot coffee and the window is cold. this is out of ohio. we thank them for sending this in. post that away. all right. time now for a look at your local forecast. we'll have some coffee. >> disinfect on that window. we're dry. heading outside we've got sunshine across the region right now and we're going to stay sunny. starting out a little bit cool with temperatures in the 20's and 30's but your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast shows a high 10 degrees above average. we'll get to 57.
8:23 am
tomorrow 58 more clouds. rain on thursday, could be heavy at times thursday night into friday morning. friday we'll add wind to the picture and it cools down, too. 44 is friday's chilly high. vid. our countdown to the oscars and for from my one-on-one with host jimmy kimmel giving hints about what we can expect plus a great update on the health of his baby boy billy. >> people don't even realize this but during our rehearsal on the day of the oscars the whole set fell down and i'm not talking about a little piece of the set. i'm talking about a huge wooden structure came crashing down to the floor. if that had happened during the oscars that could have been a tragic occurrence but by comparison to that this didn't seem like such a big deal. >> do you have any anxiety. >> i want to make sure everything is right and the jokes are as good as they can possibly be. i have commwhittled it down to
8:24 am
and hopefully then 100 jokes and then into the -- >> how many jokes will make the final cut. >> probably 30 i guess. >> you go from 500 to 30. >> no, i go from thousands to 30. >> oh, my goodness gracious. how do you know your jokes are going to work? do you test them out. >> i do test them out but i'm worried barbara comstockics will test them at comedy clubs but i'm worried somebody will put them on twitter or something and then they'll be ruined, you know, so i try to keep them within a small circle of friends who are funny or comedians. >> jimmy kimmel! >> reporter: "jimmy kimmel live" is a family operation. his wife molly is the show's head writer. >> your wife molly, is she the lead writer for the oscars. >> one of two head writers. molly and danny ricker. >> does she have the final say. >> no, i have the final say, don't be silly. in any scenario this is a great lesson for young comedy writers.
8:25 am
if you have the final say and the person saying it doesn't you probably got a problem. >> reporter: it was a big year in kimmel's life off camera. his son billy having open heart surgery soon after birth. >> billy was born with a heart disease. >> reporter: just a few weeks after the oscars. now he's relishing his healing and recovery. >> daddy cries on tv but billy doesn't. it's unbelievable. >> he's had two surgeries. >> yes. >> he's going to have one more, right, when he a little bit older. >> he had another open heart surgery last year and we're having his lips done when he turns 6. no, he's -- >> is he okay with ha. >> he asked for it. it was his decision. we don't force these things on our children. no, he is having another open heart surgery when he's around 6 years old. >> you love to shock people. you just shocked me with that. >> it helps me get through the serious moments. >> but he's a happy boy. >> he a very happy boy. it's crazy of he has no idea
8:26 am
what happened. like sometimes i look at him and go, you -- you don't care what we went through. you just want oatmeal. [ applause ] >> that's the way it should be. >> i love his ability to just throw it out there and shock you completely with something that he says. he'll do a great job. >> we've seen a lot of his heart this year. a lot of hit passion. >> and so grateful billy is doing better many one more surgery ahead of him. >> he's taking it in stride. using humor to get through it. >> you just want oatmeal, billy. that's all you want. >> thank you. great piece, paula. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. [ applause ]
8:27 am
>> ♪ >> hi, everyone, 8:27 on this tuesday february 27th. i'm matt o'donnell. karen rogers is here with an early look at traffic. good morning karen. >> yeah matt we had this accident on 295 northbound past 130. this is bordentown. it was blocking the right lane. a second ago it cleared. traffic moving a lot better but you see that backup of 8 miles an hour traveling northbound on 295 you'll want to watch for that. live upon 295 at florence road and you can really see that heavy traffic because of that accident so you're traveling in the single digits and look at that travel time. 64 minute drive time just to get from route 73 to route one. you're heavy past mount who to bordentown because of that accident. good news it just cleared. this speeds will look a little better but it will take time to clear. 73 hammonton at blue anchor
8:28 am
watch for an accident here matt. >> little chilly to start. david. >> the sun is coming up. we know the temperatures are going higher than they did yesterday. as we take a look we're still at 39 in philadelphia and the freezing mark in allentown so bundle up a bit. but this afternoon you can take that heavier coat and throw it over your shoulder. we'll get up to 57 for a high. very sunny today. and 10 degrees above average. tomorrow 58 but increasing clouds and then on thursday, less of an outdoor day. rain arriving during the morning and afternoon, it could be steady at times later in the day and at night with a high of 54. then friday we get winds coming in off the ocean, some pockets of heavy rain especially during the morning and a much chillier high of 44. look for cold wind swept rain on friday maybe a changeover of wet snow at the tail end. weekend is dry and chilly. matt we'll have highs on saturday and sunday in the mid 40's. >> okay thanks, david. "action news" takes a closer look at all this frenzy over the video game fortnite on
8:29 am
>> ♪
8:30 am
welcome back to "gma." and fonsi, fonsi is doing hike that to make the audience quiet down because they are fantastic and they are excited. yes. this tuesday morning. >> bring them up. >> fonsi is usually doing this. >> he's doing it again. >> the new dance. the fons. the topic popping up about adulting which do you know what it is. >> we were just debating on the definition. it's kind of a millennial thing isn't it as a verb. >> to learn how to be an adult. >> doing grown-up things like having a 9:00 to 5:00 job. one twitter user sharing her husband's habits.
8:31 am
single men tend to sleep on tu ton mattresses on the floor. he also had a clean clothes pile and a dirty clothes pile. washed take-out cutlery in the dishwasher. >> but he washed it. >> but it was take-out. >> but people started sounding off on twitter and shared other stories of their nonadult like behavior. i owned two arm chars and no couch. we would push them together so we could hold hands while watching tv. >> make it work. >> george likes these ideas. what do you think? is this appropriate adult behavior? no? >> is what appropriate adult behavior? >> i mean, i guess back for me i was always trying to be an adult when it comes to my living situation. the only thing -- like i would buy the leather couch. who didn't have black leather couches when you first made money. >> oversize ones. >> and cool to get a pool table and i put the pool table --
8:32 am
>> in the living room. >> in the room but it was too small so had to open a window to hit certain shots. >> that's hilarious. >> what's dulling, people. >> apparently -- >> very true. >> things off limits. if you have a few ton or posters unframed. cd racks in the house. >> i'm 57 years old. no. >> i had a cd rack back when they were popular. >> i apparently fail in this because i still have my christmas lights up. i had them up year round and apparently that's really tacky. >> answer this question, do you light them year round? >> i don't unplug them because i'm too lazy, does that -- >> is your tree still up. >> no, i took that down about three or four weeks after christmas but i still have wreaths up. >> you just like to celebrate. >> some people leave the lights up if you can't see them in a large tree so you don't have to get it restrung. >> white lights, it looks beautiful. >> oh, you light them year
8:33 am
round. >> yeah, i don't actually unplug them. >> all right. all right. come on over, guys. >> we're all adults. >> yes. >> they're telling us to poff on. >> because we're not acting like adults. >> we'll go now to another adult actress, jennifer lawrence, had a chance to sit down to talk to her about what it's like to win oscar gold and ho she's rooting for at the oscars this year. >> i have to go away for awhile. >> reporter: it's the new spy thriller that has jennifer lawrence stepping out of her comfort zone and into the role of dominica, a russian prima ballerina recruited into sparrow school. a secret government intelligence service that trains her to use her mind and body as weapons. >> you must learn to push yourself beyond all limitation. take off your clothes. >> "red sparrow," so different for you. >> yeah. >> what made you say yes to the script. >> oh, god, so many things. i've never seen a spy movie with
8:34 am
this unique perspective on the life of a spy. it's not glamorizing espionage or about the weapons. it's really just about the brutality of the lifestyle of living a double life and also how empowering i found it to look at abuse and the use and manipulation of women through the lens of a woman who's being used and ends up coming out and regaining her freedom through her intellect. >> take off your dress? she was sexually exploited. she was dehumanized. was it hard for you to film those scenes? >> it actually wasn't -- the year before where i knew i was going to be going those scenes and like all of that anxiety, the hardest was the night before. i didn't sleep at all. i just laid in bed like -- >> what do you worry about? >> literal nightmare coming through being naked in front of a classroom of people of i've had that dream. i've always had anxiety, insecurities when it comes to sexuality and the fear of being judged and then when i finally
8:35 am
did it, and i realized it's so not a big deal i felt really kind of freed from all of that. there's no nudity in a sexual context and it was really very necessary for telling the story. >> my country if you don't matter to the men if power you do not matter. >> could you be a spy? >> no. not at all. >> you play a convincing one in the movie so why not? >> i'm a terrible liar and i would just get bright red and be like, i'm kidding and just turn myself in. >> reporter: a spy, no. but an oscar winner for sure. at 27, lawrence already scored four nominations and one best actress win for her role in "silver linings playbook." what is the thing you remembered the most about that day? that night? >> the shock. i mean i'll never forget that moment when i heard my name. >> jennifer lawrence. "silver linings playbook." >> and still to this day stand by it is so unfair to make a human being speak at that moment
8:36 am
to the world. it's so shocking and, of course, i fell on my face and so i forgot everything i wanted to say. >> this is nuts. i recently watched that back with a friend like a few months ago and i was like, ooh. i wish i could get just a do-over on that. it was the most incredible moment of my life. >> is there a performance or a movie out there, film from this year that you are excited or you think has a chance to take home an oscar? >> oh, well, i can't. i love the movies this year. they were so good. "three billboards." frances mcdormand. "the post," i loved. meryl streep. >> a lot people compare you to meryl streep. >> that's ridiculous. that's silly. i mean, thank you. but -- >> i'm just telling you what i'm hearing on the streets. >> i'm not, no. >> this is what you were meant to do. >> i want to say this movie was fantastic. i thought your performance was fantastic. >> thank you. >> you knocked it out of the box. >> thank you. [ applause ]
8:37 am
>> she really did. >> how she sees herself. >> it's a really good movie and she -- when you talk to her is just as you feel like you're talking to your best friend. >> very real. >> very real. very up there and out front and very talented on top of it all. you should go see it. i'll even buy your ticket in thank you, so. >> what about lara and i. >> i'll buy tickets for all of you. "red sparrow," you too, fonsi. in theaters on friday. make sure you check it out and coming up we have celebrity trainer harley pasternak. he is here with his five habits to help you get in shape. [ applause ] >> there is a bathing suit. >> cure for the mom bod. >> we have makeovers.
8:38 am
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8:40 am
>> back now with a big announcement from our sponsors chobani. they've made a huge donation to no kid hungry. the man behind that effort the company's founder and ceo is here with us. congratulations on 10 years. i can't believe it's been that long and you guys just had a great event down at grand central people got to come in and plant a virtual seed in a virtual guard 10. tell me about that. >> it was amazing. virtually grab a seat and it goes to the no, sir kid hungry. this is our tenth year. we don't really celebrate rob but this was a special time just to take care and say thank you america. thank you for giving us the
8:41 am
opportunity, thank you giving us the shine, thank you reaching out the american dream so coming from this little town five factory workers to here in 10 years it's amazing. >> america loves your yogurt. you travel all over the world to basically feed hungry kids. what drives you to do that. >> you know, my background. i grew up in a farm, in rural area in turkey. you know, never thought i would be in business but i found out the power of business, that if you act right you can really help. i saw in it my local community in upstate new york where big companies close the factory, five factory workers and us, let's bring this back, let's just do the work and we did and i saw with my own eyes the impact it does so first let's build little league baseball field in our town and celebrate it and then let's reach out to whatever we can reach out so now we looking at everywhere and then i think the businesses is going to help.
8:42 am
>> well, it's just amazing what you've been doing and your generous spirit is alive and well here on good morning america. >> great yogurt. you can go to and get a free cup of yogurt and enjoy it on us. >> that's my favorite price and not only at the web site but everybody here guys is going to get a free chocolate yogurt. everybody else will go home way free cup of yogurt from this man and your fantastic company. congratulations. time for a look at your local forecast including update new york. >> south of there we're die and we've got plenty of sunshine over the horizon. still chill out there with temperatures climbing through the 30's but this afternoon we get a high of 57, 10 degrees above average. get your shades ready. 58 with more clouds tomorrow. rain thursday. ul thing, rob, thk you. so, time for our series celeb your life. this is the fitness edition and pairing celebrity trainers with viewers like you and this morning it's harley pasternak.
8:43 am
he is amazing and he's here sharing his five top habits to get fit. one woman trying them out. check it out. lady gaga, ariana grande and katy perry, the man behind these beautiful bodies, celebrity trainer and nutritionist harley pasternak. but what does it take to eat and work out like harley's celebrity clients. >> it's about these small habits. walking more, sleeping better, managing stress, eating better. >> reporter: 31-year-old nicolette mason works long hours as a fashion designer and really needs a workout and diet to help her reduce stress. >> i think fitness is a really great part of mental health and for me it's definitely just something that makes me feel good? if it's about busy people regardless of what you do for a living that's why creating these simple daily habits works for everybody. >> his five, hit at least 12,000 steps a day. sleep at least seven hours a night. unplug from technology for an hour a day.
8:44 am
one simple exercise for eight mens a day and a diet of whole foods. >> it's an apple pie smoothie. you'll love it. >> reporter: nicolette took on the challenge for three weeks. >> did quinoa i can spread out over the next few days. all the alcohol i'm not going to be consuming. >> reporter: eating three meals and two snacks a day, everyone sticking with a strict criteria. protein, vegetable, fiber and healthy fats. >> here i do an omelet with one egg and three whites and i have on the side, it looks like rice but it's cauliflower and broccoli and carrots all shredded together to look like a rice. >> i made a little egg white scramble. >> reporter: to mix it up he recommends smoothies for breakfast or snacks. >> supposed to be one smoothie. that's a lot. >> reporter: surprisingly it's not about killing yourself at the gym but about being consistent. >> the truth is you'll do about eight minutes of these a day. one exercise a day.
8:45 am
>> reporter: how is thicklet feeling after three weeks? let's find out right now live. >> really great and so now we're joined with harley and linicolee and look what she accomplished. get ready. 252,000 steps. amazing. 147 hours of sleep. i wish. 105 servings of protein and fiber. 105 minutes of resistance training and 21 peaceful hours totally unplugged. what was the hardest part? >> that's right. >> unplugging was a challenge. especially, you know, i work as an influencer, i have a fashion line. i'm always plugged in but it really did help to actually disconnect, plug my phone in, walk away from it especially late night hours and traveling with a little bit of a challenge because i spent my time between new york and l.a. getting in all those steps when you're in transit for ten hours is not as easy but the program was really great. >> so, harley, i want to ask you
8:46 am
this, why -- what's the hardest part about doing this because when you break it down it sounds doable. >> there's 168 hours in the week and we focus too much on the one or two or four hours we spend in the gym. so there's 164 we're not in the gym and that's what we need to focus on. we need to sleep more and move more. we need to eat smarter and unplug and then sometimes five minutes a day push something heavy. lift something heavy. >> he works us out like lunatics. i've worked out with you. you're saying that's not the important thing. getting something really good into your body. you started with an apple pie smoothie. that sounds like something we can do. >> if it's delicious you tick to it. >> it was easy. it was so easy to incorporate. >> we have the mats out so let's head over here. you had simple workouts but want to show our viewers because you can go online and check them out. there is a couple you can go wrong. >> so simple. the first thing at the end of the day if your fitbit doesn't say 10,000 steps, you failed. you dot to move throughout the
8:47 am
day and this is a tiff leg dead lift. pushing your butt back. >> knees a little bent. just a little bent. your back should be arched. bring your hips forward. imagine there is someone behind you, you want to knock down with your butt. >> they're going down. >> a simple move. you feel a stretch in the hamstrings. >> feels good. these are all simple. nicolette, congratulations. you did it. >> don't stop. >> come on. >> you can do it too. but coming up, we want you to stay with us. the avengers are with us live.
8:48 am
8:49 am
we're back with some of the stars of "avengers: infinity war," sebastian stan, karen gillan and paul bettany. give it up. >> thank you. >> they are uniting right here in times square for a big
8:50 am
announcement. it's about the entire marvel universe interest our parent company, disney so thank all of you for coming. >> thanks for having us. >> yes. >> we do have a big announcement but before we get to that, we got to talk about the movie. >> right. >> "avengers: infinity war." tell us the whole script. [ laughter ] >> you are the one man who hasn't read it. look, i mean it's a combination of ten years of characters that people have grown up with so it's exciting. >> very exciting. everybody can't wait for this. comes out may 4th by the way. you're here to kick off an event marvel universe unites and involves action figures so let's check them out. come on over here. >> yes. [ applause ] >> this is me. >> this is you. >> this is you. come on this side. >> come on this side. >> it feels like christmas. >> the cameras come this way so we should face that -- >> i've never seen a camera
8:51 am
before. i don't know. >> you would never know that. >> but this is the big deal. open the boxes. let's see what we got inside. >> wow. >> oh, my gosh. >> these boxes, there he is. >> they're full of infinity war toys out there for everybody who can see this. now, karen, why are these so special. >> these are going to be donated to starlight children's foundation after we finish playing with them and taking pictures with them for a very long time. >> i like that. >> yes. >> i mean -- >> i love it. you each have your own action figure. paul, how does it feel to see yourself. >> it's humiliating because my 6-year-old daughter -- she uses it to punish me. she only cares about that one right over there. >> well, it doesn't stop here. you guys took a picture earlier and put it out there and we hashtagged it hero acts and we have 8,204 likes as of about ten minutes ago. and i know it went up.
8:52 am
and why should everybody like this photo? ? well, because if we can get a million of them, we're going to get -- marvel is -- >> donating a quarter of a million dollars. >> a quarter of a million dollars. >> to hospitals. >> and disney will donate 10% of this weekend's marvel sales. >> 10% of this weekend's marvel sales. >> okay, everybody, make sure you go out. you like this photo. we need to reach 1 million for a quarter of a million dollars and, audience, we didn't forget about you. of course, we didn't. come on guys, bring it out. bring it out. you are all going home with the new augmented reality hero vision. and this lets you -- this is cool because it lets you be iron man and this is thanks to our friends at hasbro. i got to say thank you. karen, thank you so much. paul, thank you, paul.
8:53 am
we'll be right back.
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we got to give a big thanks to these guys from "the avengers." we're playing with all these toys. we need 1 million likes. make sure you go out and like that photo, everybody. thanks for watching. we'll see you. have a great tuesday. >> ♪ >> hi, everyone it's 8:56 on this tuesday february 27th. morning commute starting to wind down. here's karen rogers with an update. >> nobody told these folks on
8:57 am
422 it's time to wind down the morning commute. eastbound traffic still heavy from past royersford to 23. it's a slow go right now coming in on 422 and heading towards king of prussia. here's a new accident on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound approaching willow grove. we're looking at some really slow speeds. we're hearing there are four vehicles involved with this accident and westbound traffic jams from bensalem to norristown there. also in bordentown this accident on 295 although it's clear, still looking at slow speeds about 19 miles an hour. it's been taking people a long ride in coming in on 295 in bordentown. new one on 206 southbound right now in southampton township burlington county. southbound traffic blocked here so a big accident. stick to smithville road as your alternate matt. >> thank you, karen. dave murphy is outside with the accuweather forecast. lots of sun out there, david. >> lots of sun, matt. it's been a chilly start but we're now seeing temperatures improve. we're up to 43 in philadelphia and allentown has jumped 5 degrees. a high of 57 today, that's
8:58 am
10 degrees above average. you'll need your shades all the way. tomorrow sun gives way to increasing clouds still mild 58. thursday rain will pull in during the day and probably get a little steadier later in the afternoon and at night with a high of 54. the winds pick up on friday. we still have rain heavy at times in the morning tapering off later but matt a high of just 44 on friday. >> thanks, david. there's new fallout over the suspension of a teacher in south jersey. new video here from chopper6 shows a student walkout happening right now at cherry hill east high school. the students are protesting their teacher's removal for expressing his concern about school security. live report at noon. keifer sutherland live on kelly and ryan. i'm matt o'donnell. have a great tuesday.
8:59 am
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the hit drama "designated survivor," kiefer sutherland. and star of the series "the good fight," christine baranski. and performing their new hit "she's with me," high valley. and another member of the audience could leave the studio with a pocket full of cash as we continue our "live" oscarames. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪


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