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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  February 27, 2018 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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david murphy. hello again. we begin this half hour with the latest on a developing story out of the strawberry mansion section of philadelphia. the house fire has claimed someone's life. this is video sent to us showing the smoke filled scene outside of the home at north new kirk street. one person was killed and two others were hurt and rushed to the hospital. here is the video from the scene capture aid short time ago from chopper 6 hd firefighters are still here trying to determine a cause of the fatal fire. and of course, we'll continue to follow the stories and bring you updates on air and online at other news at 12:30, philadelphia police say that a woman wounded in a shooting in north philadelphia overnight was an innocent bystanders. >> one of three people shot and the other victims were men and one of them died. bob brooks live outside of the 25th police district headquarters in hunting park
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with the latest. >> reporter: well, this happened down on 6th and west clear field and according to police this was done execution-style and the suspect walked up to the victims and shot one point blank in the back of the head and the suspect is still on the loose. one of the people shot last night is now dead. a brazen attack in the early evening at 6:30, police say that two of the three victims were the intended targets. >> walked out of the corner store on the 600 block of west clear field when the shooter walked up to them point-blank range and fired at least five shots. >> the 30-year-old is pronounced dead and the second man a 24-year-old was struck in the arm and is he is stibl. a woman was hit in the back and
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unfortunately an innocent bystander. >> a brazen move. didn't care about anything else that was around and that is not atypical. we hope someone will come forward with information. >> the police spent the night watching the surveillance video inside of the convenience store and the man used a semi automatic .9 millimeter handgun and was last seen running west away from the scene. >> according to the commissioner they say they will need help on this one. if you are the person give the philadelphia police a call. bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. cherry hill east students stage aid walkout today as they demand school district officialed bring back a teacher who was suspended. chopper 6 hd was over the football field as they showed
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support for teacher timothy lock. they were upset about the similar incident at the one in florida could happen at their school. the principal threatened to take away privileges for any student that participated in the walkout. >> and president trump is addressing the english den again this time saying he would have done things differently on that day. yesterday he told a group of state governors he is hosting at the white house that he believes if he was at the school that day he would have run into the school even without a weapon and his remarks were made as the focus remains on the school resource officer that was on the scene but did not stop the gunman. scott peterson defended his decision to stay out and responded to a call for fireworks and when he heard the gunshots he thought they were coming from outside. a man broadcasting himself live on facebook walking down the street was shot and killed
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by another man and police say they have made an arrest. >> reporter: prince robinson would walk around the neighborhood making facebook live videos. >> family and friends say he was using social media to call out drug dealers and criminals he is saw is any win gait neighborhood. and his live feed was interru interrupted by a gunman. he points the gun at the man. the shooter fired any way killing robinson right behind the police station where moments before robinson was reporting a stolen cell phone. >> just spoke to him. it's so hard to say anything about that. just got through talking to him. >> police believe the man in this video is douglas colson after a massive manhunt that shut down the city that man
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turned himself into the authorities. >> it's unreal for someone to walk out into the open and kill a man like that. it's nonsense. >> not the first time facebook live was used to broadcast such a violent event. a woman used after police killed her boyfriend philando cast he'll. and his killer broadcast the murder on facebook live. in response to this violence behavior on facebook live. the company announced they would add 3,000 new jobs to help monitor content online. abc news new york. back here philadelphia police are looking for three men accused of robbing a wawa in mt. airy on valentine's day at 10:30 at night on german town avenue. one suspect points a gun at several people and the second suspect gets money from the register. all three suspects fled in a dark sedan.
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and all the taillights appear to be damaged and the door is a different color. you are asked to call police if you have information about the crime. a box truck and two cars collided this morning at 2012 at south mattlack street. and one person was rescued from the wreckage and rushed to the hospital. turning to the forecast now the sunshine has finally returned and warmer temperatures as well. it's turning out to be a nice tuesday. sky 6 hd showing you temple university from our camera. get out and enjoy the day. that is what meteorologist, david murphy, is doing now outdoors on the terrace with the details from accuweather. >> a good looking day across the region with bright blue skies and probably jacket worthy, but not bad for late february. and there is satellite and the closest cloud cover on the other side of toronto up in canada and even new york state is look agent a bright one and all the way south to richmond, virginia.
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51 in philadelphia and the winds that were waffling down from the north are coming from the southwest. and that brings in milder air. wilmington up to 56 and philadelphia will get up to that and probably another degree abthe winds are not bad and pleasant and bright, good looking. 55 by 2:00, a high of 57 probably around the 3:00 hour today. and we dip back into the mid-40s at 8:00 and 10:00. and the forward forecast shows that to you we dip by tomorrow morning, but look at that quick bounce up tomorrow. noon we are back up to where we are now. and tomorrow afternoon a southerly flow gets us a degree or two milder. of course, things change on thursday and friday after a storm system sets up on the coast and delivers rain and wet snow at the tail end. we'll have details on that but
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for now grab a jacket and get outside. it's bright and beautiful today. of course this reminder you can get the forecast and stormtracker 6 live double scan any time by going to our 6 abc app it's a free download for your mobile device. much more ahead on "action news" at 12:30. trying to keep last year's bad oscars moment from happening again. we'll tell you about the changes to this year's oscar event so there is no mixup. and if you love fun in the warm sun how to win a florida vacation. when "action news" continues.
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a convicted criminal did not do a good job of covering his tracks. a video of thomas hartman in an interrogation room. they caught him climb on the table and sticking his hands on
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the ceiling. officers were watching and taping the entire time. he was tried to hide a bag of cocaine. bullet proof backpacks are in high demand as parents struggle to protect their children in the event of a mass shooting. they tested backpacks, the guard dog backpacks stopped a .45 and .12 game shot gone and no match for an ar 14. and they are trying to make them -- providing some measure of protection. >> right now students are afraid and you want them to feel confident that they have something that will allow them to protect themselves until police show up and their parents come and pick them up.
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>> most bullet proof backpacks cost $200. the 90th academy awards are just days away sunday night and new procedures in place and the wrong winner for best picture was announced. >> best picture -- >> it when down in oscar history the unforgettable moment -- >> lala land -- >> it was announced best picture in 2017 but three minutes later -- >> there is a mistake, moonlight, you guys won best picture the they for best actress was handed to warn beatty and fay. -- >> he jokes about it in a commercial for the academy awards but no laughing matter
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for price waterhouse cooper. this year they are making sure another envelope snafu does not happen again. first accounting partners that worked the awards last year will not be returning. and two new stage side partners are overseeing the envelopes and a third will sit with the p produpr producers in the control room and both the celebrity presenter and stage manager will confirm they were given the wrong envelope. and practice what to do if something goes wrong. >> the final check went into affect immediately. and they are no longer allowed to use cell phones or social media during the show. abc news los angeles. and be sure to tune in to see who wins sunday night at the oscars here on 6 abc. the red carpet coverage kicks off at 5:30 and the awards show starts at 8:00 with jimmy kimmel
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as the host. a classic childrens novel is a big screen adventure. the live adaption of the novel "wrinkle in time" we heard a cry in the universe -- >> we believe he is -- >> among the stars in the movie oprah winfrey. the entire cast walked the red carpet last night in los angeles. oprah plays one of the three celestial guides helping a teenage girl navigate her way through time and space in a sometime dangerous adventure. oprah is the number one cheerleader for the movie. >> i said it at the golden globes, a new horizon is on the way. the horizon is here. >> found my little ava making this movie. >> a wrinkle in time opens next friday march 9th, and disney is
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the parent company of 6 abc. still ahead on "action news" at noon, another check of the forecast for you. stepping live outside. sky 6 hd showing you downtown wilmington, delaware. david murphy has the update when "action news" comes right back.
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philadelphia flower show starts this weekend and accept is -- is offering discounted rides. you can get a family pass for 30. unlimited one day travel. and the show runs march 3rd through the 11th. a great way to predict spring. >> right. >> today is feeling spring like. >> certainly milder. >> not february. >> right right and next week looks okay for flower show devotees. and lets start you on stormtracker 6 live double scan
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no rain today and as we we look outside bright sunshine down the parkway and a breeze rolling through center city. but not much of one really and a lot of flags just gently draped toward the street. those that are waiving around are not getting ripped sideways. are they? fairly comfortable 52 degrees. winds out of the southwest at 8 miles per hour. officially at the airport than is as strong as the wins are going at times. 51 in philadelphia and 51 in trenton and the milder air from the southwest is affecting millville and milder in dover. and we'll bump up another 3 to 6 degrees over the current numbers. satellite shows you once again the lack of cloud cover and get the shades ready. 39 is where we were at 8:00 this morning and by noon better up into the low 50s and we expect a high of 57 degrees before we
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drop back to 51 by 6:00, here are the numbers for highs this afternoon and everybody is getting these around 3:00. 56 in allentown and reading and milder in philadelphia and the shore 54 in millville and spots down by the ocean water down to 50. we have high temperatures or current temperatures milder n far t the west and south. cincinnati bouncing up to 57 and 60s back in the midwest. of course that 70 in jacksonville is nice. and we dry into that. today milder than yesterday and tomorrse toward 60 deg and cloud up a bit tomorrow and then thursday, that is when things change. cloudy in the morning and probably around mid-day or early afternoon we see rain pushing up to philadelphia and 3:30 is may be here. this is the lel run indicating that. and notice a chilly wave of air off the ocean and even though breaks at time through 11:00 as we get through friday morning the rain could intensify and the
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wins are s as a coastal low gets by us and it may briefly change things over to wet snow and if you are in the poconos you could have a significant wet snow event on friday morning from this. and even the lehigh valley and northern and western suburbs. we'll keep an eye on those. storm thursday into friday. and inch of rain, 2 inches of spots. and winds as that coastal low forms assuming it forms fast enough we could get blustery and coastal erosion is possible. and the fact it's a lunar high tide. and the seven day from accuweather. we are ahead of that trouble. today sunny and 57 and looking good. tomorrow clouds increase but a nice day of 58. and rain gradually arrives on thursday high of 54 and steady at times overnight into friday and the win winds pick up.
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ain real transition from today and tomorrow where we'll be thursday night into friday morning and the storm leaves us over the weekend and leaves us chilly and windy on saturday. high of 46 and 45. i can see it being breezy and chilly on sunday. >> thank you, david. in case you have not heard we are giving away a trip for four to sunny orlando, florida. if you need inspiration. melissa magee travelled to the sunshine state an started at the theme park. >> it's beautiful here and i don't mean to rub it in but the wardrobe says it all. 80 degrees and nothing but sunshine on this february day. so much to see and do, lets kick it off at sea world, orlando. >> this summer sea world opens infinity falls immersing guests
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in a lush rain forest environment while delivering the thrill a lifetime. the tallest drop on a river raft drive. and aquatica orlando a ride that launches riders 33 feet per second. and at discovery cove interact with otters and swim and snorkel with dolphins and rays and tropical fish. there is more on the list, next up the universal orlando resort. >> at universal studios can you race against jimmy fallon in the streets and skies of the big apple. val cane obey opened last may a tropical paradise. and aqua coaster to speeding body slides that drop from the top of the volcano into the waters below and coming soon fast and furious super charge.
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we are told this ride will immerse you in the underground racing scene made famous in the film. and like nick foles in the wake of the fantastic super bowl win, we are headed to walt disney world. pandora the world of avatar nature come as live. and at epcot the international garden festival is back bringing amazing blooms and your favorite musical acts and outdoor kitchens serving up creative cuisine. and end your disney day with the newest and most spectacular fireworks showcase in magic kingdom history. happily ever after takes you through the journey through your favorite disney films. >> tune in tomorrow at 12:30 to see the outdoor adventures orlando has to offer. and of course melissa gave them
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talking about the oscars. >> that is coming on 6 abc not a bad day. lots of sun and not much wind and up into the mid-50s in the northern and western suburbs, and not much wind in and around philadelphia either. and temperatures in the 50s range. and down the shore chillier next to the cool ocean water. just 49 in cape may and 50 in sea isle city. even there the numbers are above average and it looks like a nice one. get out and enjoy. tomorrow mild and cloudier overall. a look at stories coming up
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on "action news" at 4:00. an amazing story of survival. hear from a man, an eagles fan, struck by lightning, he says his friends are the only reason he is alive to tell his story. >> you want to see how the couch looks in your living room. are you in luck new technology is changing the way folks are online shopping. today on what's the deal. >> don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon we'll see you later here today.
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