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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 27, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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for about an hour. as for the grown ups that ran the district. they said there could be no discussion about the teacher. it was a personnel matter and a letter from the superintendant and asked if he supported the walkout and he said he will only say he urged the students to stay inside in the interest of safety. students exited the building in waves. circling the track and then to the front of the school. they walked out they said in part because they don't believe their school with its many schools is safe enough. >> free mr. luck! >> and they believe that the school district unfairly dismiss the timothy luck after an ap history class last week. mr. luck served in the air force and had his belongings searched and was ordered to get
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psychiatric evaluation. >> we are lacking proper foundations and proper school funding for security. >> this student says she was in lock's class during the discussion. >> he was just saying we need more safety and security. that is all true. we do. the school superintendant declined to talk to "action news's" dann cuellar. nor would he talk about the current security procedures. this morning the neighbor was disheartened that these kids is part of a generation of students during shootings that are speaking up. >> i think it's awesome and a bright future. and i think it's hopeful. makes me hopeful. >> reporter: well, at this point the district has not released the number of kids that walked today. earlier indications that is pro tests may be disciplined by the
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school. and it has not materialized. the school principal in a letter says that he is now proud of what the students did. as for what is next, it's not clear. the school board meeting is scheduled tonight over at the administration building at 7:00 p.m. and not clear if any of the students that walked or anyone else for that matter may go over there to question the school board members. channel 6 "action news." >> yes, the students making their stance known. >> investigators are searching through the charred debris of a house fire that turned deadly in strawberry mansion. the fire killed one person and sent two others to the hospital for treatment. they were called to north new kirk street at 9:00 this morning where they found heavy smoke coming from the first floor. "action news" reporter bob brooks spoke to someone that tried to help the victims he has a live report at 5:00. one of four people shot in
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philadelphia last night has died as police search for the masked gunman. they believe that one of the innocent victims was an innocent bystand bystander. the victims were targeted at point-blank range. and more news on the death of a philadelphia police officer. we told but the story as breaking news yesterday at 4:00. the officer and a man were found inside of a home in port richmond. sara bloomquist is live now on mercer street. what are you learning today? >> reporter: well, it starts with the autopsy, that the exam found no signs of trauma to this off duty philadelphia police officer or her male acquaintance also found dead in the home yesterday. the deaths are considered suspicious but investigators now have to wait for the results of toxicology tests to determine
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how the two died. the 36-year-old woman and 42-year-old boyfriend were discovered dead in the home of the 2900 block of mercer street yesterday afternoon. the woman was a philadelphia police officer. at this point the department has not confirmed the name or the released the name of her male companion. yesterday officers came to check on the veteran of the force when she didn't show up for her shift. the source says the man was found in the kitchen facedown on the floor and the police officer was found dead in the living room area upright on a sofa. the autopsy today found no signs of trauma to either the man or woman. >> so again police will await the reports of toxicology tests are not not likely to come back for weeks. >> thank you. lawyers presented their closing arguments today in the
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federal corruption case against the mayor of allentown. prosecutors outlined nine bribery screens that they say ed pawlowski orchestrated. the mayor has denied wrong doing and took the stand in his own defense. the jury could begin deliberation as early as this evening. time for the bright spot of the day, the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist adam joseph is standing by outside. we are waiting for the sunshine and we have it. >> we have it today. not a cloud in the sky and what a way to almost end the month of february. we look at the numbers so far philadelphia 56 degrees and 9 degrees above average and if we close out the day tomorrow. with temperatures going above normal which they will be, it will be either the third or fourth warmer february in philadelphia's history. last february was number one the warmest in philadelphia's history.
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as we look at other temperatures think no signs of winter. even near 60 in richmond with high pressure in control. and that high again voiding everyone of cloud cover along the eastern seaboard and any clouds well north of cleveland mainly in southern parts of canada. the high will remain in control as we get into your wednesday but later on in the week. you see the spin in southern parts of california and in fact snow outside of los angeles in the mountains there. not unheard of. but unique to see that. this will collide with another system to the north and it will bring quite a powerful storm here into thursday and friday. and we'll chat about that the full accuweather forecast. >> for now soak in the rays while we have got them. >> thank you. >> "action news" has learn that a crash earlier this month is now suspected as a case of road rage, medford township police is
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looking for the man that looks like the person seen in the sketch. investigators believe he was driving a silver or gray four door sedan with a dent over the rear tire. it ended with a woman losing control and crashing into a pole along church road near arch road. she was air lifted to the hop and at some point the suspect threatened her with a baseball bat. if you know anything about this case are you asked to call detectives right away. one person had to be cut out of their car after a collision with a box truck in westchester on the intersection of 20 it and south mattlock street. it caused delays during the morning rush. to the latest on the ongoing debate in washington over gun sales and regulation. this morning house speaker, paul ryan, says he does not support restrictions on purchasing gun
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in the wake of the school shooting in florida. what he believes failed is the current background check system and says that both local law enforcement in broward county and national law enforcement within the fbi also failed. both leading up to and during the shooting. he did not appear to favor the idea of taking up the issue of tightening the laws on buying firearms. >> we shouldn't be banning guns from law abiding citizens but make sure that citizens that shouldn't get guns in the first place don't get the guns. that is why we see a shut down in the system. >> as a parent he likes the idea of arming teachers but that has to be addressed on the local level. and a bipartisan group of nine senators introducing individuals on terrorist watch lists from buying guns and happening in washington today attorney general, jeff sessions, says that the justice department is
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working on banning bump fire stocks and announce manies coming on that soon. they allow semi automatic weapons to fire at a more rapid rate and this afternoon the white house says that despite what speaker ryan said earlier president trump supports raising the age limit on some guns. a lot of debate and a lot of talk. >> more talk yet to come. >> thanks. the philadelphia police department went on a bit a recruiting blitz today and "action news" was at hunting park as they told residents how to join the force. the starting salary for a recruit is more than $51,000 a year and can you apply if you are so inclined online. >> time for the "action news" traffic report. matt pellman is standing by with a first check this afternoon. >> reporter: we are starting the nice tuesday afternoon with forceful delays out of town brian and sharrie, on the westbound side of the schuylkill expressway in full effect by
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city avenue, see the full moving traffic westbound toward belmont and gladwyne and a crash here earlier gone now and all lanes are open and the travel time is double what it ideally should be coming out of town on the westbound schuylkill. and an accident on the off ramp to passyunk that is now cleared and on the big picture speeds start to drop on the blue route and 95 in delaware county. camden county reports of a gas main break southbound on 130 away from the airport circle heading down to 168 the right lane is out of commission because of the gas main break and a bad crash in landsdale montgomery county near main street. and coming out of christiana toward bear in delaware. slow going southbound side of 1 because of a crash approaching 273. watch for restrictions because of that accident. and time to check the waze app on the roosevelt boulevard inner
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drive southbound also affecting the northbound side by masher you see slow speeds 7 and 11 miles per hour because of a crash reported in the area. we'll checks it again in the next half hour. >> thank you. up next on "action news" a murder plays out live onocial media. >> plus, hear from a man that is an eagles fan that survived being struck by lightning and his friends he says are the only reason he is alive to tell his story.
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shoppers in dealt wear return to their cars to find glass shattered everyone where and their belongings stolen. and police are investigating a string of break-ins at the shop creek center. they are looking into the string
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in hockessin the thieves struck there in january. police in north carolina say they have arrested a man that committed murder on facebook live. 65-year-old douglas colson is in custody suspected of shooting princess robinson. the 55-year-old victim was found dead on the street. >> it's unreal for someone to have that kint of heart to walk out in the open and kill a man like that. that is nonsense. >> police have not released information about a possible motive but in response to this kind of violence behavior appearing on facebook. the company added 3,000 new positions to help monitor online content. the man that ran the digital site of president trump's campaign will run the whole thing in 2020. that brad parscalwill be the campaign manager for the next election.
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it's based out of trump tower once again and paying florallies for a year now. and president trump is expected to announce the bid sometime today. meanwhile the white house communications director an aide to donald trump was called in today for an interview. hope hicks is seen as a keywity and to president trump's actions over the past few years, it's unclear how much she told the committee some lawmakers have said she refused to answer several questions. >> a look at closing numbers today from the stocks and we are all down here all red arrows, down almost 300 points because key rates will increase in contain inflation and the nasdaq down 90 points and s&p down 30
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points on the day. and the development group is getting a boost. the oxford circle christian community association was awarded 40,000 there's. state representative jared solomon made the announcements on the intersection in northeast philadelphia. one of the areas that the group is focusing on improving and hopes to create jobs and draw new businesses to the area look at the weather souther live on sky 6 hd. the philadelphia international airport. a nice evening for flying and day for flying. and nice night for flying this is what we like to see. crystal clear sky and that will remain the case tonight into tomorrow. 53 in philadelphia and 57 in reading and 56 in trenton and 55 in millville.
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almost everyone in the middle to upper 50s. a little cooler at the shore with a light wind off the water and if you are a walker or jogger take the dog out this evening. we are capping up for the last several days. with the dreary weather. 55 at 5:00 and 49 at 7:00 and dropping to 43 degrees by 10:00 tonight. as we take a look at the month of february -- tomorrow is the last day. but the last two weeks have been exceptionally warm almost every day is an afternoon high temperature of above normal running close to 6 degrees above normal for the month. last february of 2017 almost 8.5 degrees above normal. back to back temperatures running way above average in the top five warmests. as we look at satellite and radar, nothing to show you, this isn't a bad thing no clouds whatsoever. the moon lit sky coming in towards the end of the week and
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not too killy allentown and 38 in philadelphia and 38 in millville and the boardwalk 39 degrees. we start in the 30s tomorrow morning and sun and clouds and an increase and a bump up in clouds, and we go close to 60 during the middle part of the day and watch the system on the west coast race across the country here by thursday afternoon. rain showers arrive with the primary low going over the great lakes and bringing warm and with it. it will be transferring its energy to a powerful nor'easter to the east and friday morning. this low fall as part and the winds whipping around it. it grabs cold air and on the brink of snow lehigh valley and the poconos. we'll see how cold and how much of that snow collapses down over the region on friday. as we look at the four day at 4:00 forecast. near 60 and mild and sun and clouds and afternoon rain arrives on thursday and warm and 54 and powerful winds on friday
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and coastal erosion as well as coastal flooding, 44 with rain and wet snow. the wet snow farther to the north and west and the chilly wind and drier saturday of 46 degrees. more on the friday system coming in in the next half hour. >> see you then. with the oscars more than a week away. the show has new rules in place to avoid the repeat of last year's embarrassing mixup when the wrong winner was announced for best picture. to make sure that doesn't happen again both the celebrity (er and stage worker will check the envelope and a third balloting partner will sit why the producers there in the show's control room. they don't want that to happen again. tune in to see who wins for real when you watch the oscars this sunday night here on 6 abc. the red carpet coverage begin at 5:30 and awards show at 8:00 with jimmy kimmel as your host
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we want to get to breaking news we are following here at 4:00. landed down delaware county where firefighters are busy at work battling what is a two alarm fire right now that broke out 25 minutes ago. this is in the 200 block of oh with when avenue in landsdowne county. you see firefighters attacking it from the roof trying to open it up and ventilate the building this three story home. possibly because the temperatures are high and trying to get ventilation in and give them more visibility if they are going in on the lower floors. but a lot of activity on this home. the 200 block of owen avenue and now smoke and a dozen or so firefighters on the roof. philadelphia police are looking for two men that rob aid juniata park pharmacy at gun point. the video shows both suspects
4:25 pm
dressed in construction vests last tuesday on east hunting park avenue. they walked into smith's pharmacy and ordered everyone to get to the ground as they demanded drugs and cash after filling a large bag with prescription pills, both men left the building and took off in a dodge charger. phil murphy set up a special council for the engineers. governor murphy signed an executive order establishing the jobs and economic opportunity council. they will analyze state goals to attract more jobs to the state of new jersey. now an incredible story from a man from utah who lives to tell he was struck by lightning on the golf course. jared shared the the harrowing brush with death from a las vegas hospital.
4:26 pm
>> hug your kids and wife because you never know. >> a sunny day on the golf course quickly turned to snow there in vegas and his golf buddy, brett heard a screeching roar like no owner and realized his friend was struck by lightning on the green. >> i recognized his body was on fire and a flame the size of your hand on his right hip. my immediate reaction was get the flame out. >> brett and another friend smothered the flame with their jackets and other bystanders jumped in and performed cpr and suffered both external and internal burns. his recovery was a long one but he survived this. if you are watching this and wondering about the eagles gear they are wearing. they are from utah but big fans of the birds and clearly carson
4:27 pm
wentz as well. and they like his fighting spirit and his friend as well. >> thank you. more to come in the next 30 minutes of "action news" at 4:00 including details on the punishment handed down to a doctor accused of running a pill mill. and three county officers are on desk duty following a violence confrontation caught on camera. hear from the man in the center of this arrest and the officials next.
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hello again. 4:30 and "action news" continues with the reason some singles are swapping swiping for swabbing. inside dna dating coming up ahead. >> plus makeup to home decor all kinds of companies are simplifying online shopping and to try before you buy. that includes amazon we'll show you what the augmented reality app can do. and the controversial solution to bullying, one mom did not take her 11-year-old to the counselor, when she got picked up she took her to a cosmetic surgeon. we begin way caught on camera confrontation that landed a man in the hospital and three camden county police officers on desk duty. vernon odom talked to the man
4:30 pm
assaulted they say during an arrest last week and talk with officials. vernon odom joins us live with the full story today. >> reporter: good evening sharrie, that incident is causing a great deal of cons nation and concern around town. three camden county police officers are off the streets and desk duties. they look into the behavior last week in camden. >> i am not no saint but what they did to me yesterday was, i mean, it was last week, it was uncalled for. >> edward says he was brutally beaten last thursday night by camden county police as he was walking home with a friend. this is surveillance video of the incident. he is in the white hat. he says he put his hands up on their orders and never offered any resistance whatsoever. as they approached.
4:31 pm
>> they said put your hands on and i said they are already up and the manholestered his pistol and throws me to the floor and hitting me in the head, i was in and out of consciousness. >> he complied with the officers, with what the officers wer saying and they took him down and once they had him down they punched on him. one was punching him and the other was holding him down. >> the three officers investigators that he matched the gun suspect. and the employee officers involved are placed on desk duty with pay. as the county prosecutor run are a full investigation. >> we have serious concerns, it's disturbing on a number of different levels. it's not consistent with the policy and training and standards of this department. >> want the cops to be held
4:32 pm
accountability for what they did. >> late today frank moran told me by phone he has quote, confidence in the prosecutors office and police internal affairs and believes they will do a fair and extensive investigation and any bad apples will be dealt with in an appropriate fashion. >> sharrie, so far no comments from the prosecutors office. and no time table announced yet for when they cleat their vest gage. live in camden, vernon odom, channel 6 "action news" at police headquarters. disturbing video thank you. >> the montgomery county district attorney's office has launched an investigation into the police involved shooting in norristown. chopper 6 hd was over the scene along the 200 block of east chestnut street earlier today. that is where officers accounted an armed man while investigating a disturbance. police say when the gunman took off running through the backyard. one of his officers shot him in
4:33 pm
the shoulder. and that person is recovering in the hop. philadelphia police released new video of a gunman shooting a 16-year-old boy trying to get away from him. cameras captured two men at the golden chinese takeout on broad street. that is when the teenager was trying to hide from them friday night and one pulls out a gun and fire a shot into the restaurant hitting the boy in his arm and the teen was not seriously hurt. and teens are asking for the public to find a trio of armed bandits that terrorized a pizza hut worker on monday. video shows the robbers leaping over the counter, they immediately confront the the worker that is blurred in the video and tried to fight back pushing over a rack of pizzas in the process and it works and all three gunmen left without cash. if you have any information on either of these crimes, contact philadelphia police.
4:34 pm
>> a local doctor is going to prison for running a pill mill in philadelphia. dr. allen summers seen in the youtube video received a two year sentence in federal court. the 79-year-old pleaded guilty to multiple charges last year and that he sold commonly abused prescription drugs in exchange for cash business and it earned him $5 million. he is ordered to pay much of that money back in restitution. all right lets turn our attention to the accuweather forecast. and all the sunshine we are finally seeing today. meteorologist, adam joseph here now with our beautiful day. we are loving it today. this is the way to be soak. and enjoying it taking the vitamin d in and temperatures with all of that sun really moving on out. 57 in allentown trenton and philadelphia as with well as wilmington. temperatures are not varying all ma much in inland locations and a bit cooler at the shore and
4:35 pm
the atlantic city airport now at 50 degrees. speaking of the shore take a look there. sky 6 hd in cape may. that pretty picture with the deep blue sky and equally blue water there and a light wind and cooler in cape may. in the 40s you are surrounded by more water than other areas, as we look at future tracker 6 tomorrow afternoon sunshine and clouds and a pretty similar picture here upper 50s for reading and allentown 57 and philadelphia a degree or two higher today and 58 in trenton and atlantic city 57 degrees and the poconos in the 50s. wet changes and with that coastal storm coming in wednesday into friday we'll chat about the position of this. coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> see you in a bit adam thanks. >> local veterans has a chance to get their questions answered. they hosted this town hall meeting former service members were able to provide feedback
4:36 pm
and concerns they have with their health care and other benefits. families in need got help filling the cupboards in philadelphia. the action cam was at mercy as staffers brought in the results of a two month cereal drive. the 450 boxes of cereal and more than 200 jars of peanut butter will make thousands of breakfasts and lunches. a local man whose help was keeping him from being the father he wanted to be is getting the chance to shine in his daughter's eyes. "action news" anchor. monica malpass is live in the newsroom with more on this and it sounded like an inspiring story. >> hi sharrie, the story of a single father that laz a medical problem and suffers from heart failure and the heart condition stole moments from him and his
4:37 pm
daughter and now a heart device is allowing him and others to lead better and fuller lives. and great news for driver who's have a history with the philadelphia parking authority, if you have unpaid parking tickets and the fines are piling up there is hope for you. details of a new amnesty program. coming your way on "action news" at 5:00. >> thanks. students in philadelphia got a lesson in nutrition today from a super bowl champion. eagles wide receiver, tory smith visited edwin stanton elementary in philadelphia. and talked with students about the important of eating breakfast and how healthy eat cog lead to success in the classroom and life. and fun games like yogurt stacking competition and hula-ho hula-hooping. and he took pictures with the staff and students. a group of montgomery county seniors tried their luck today.
4:38 pm
the luther home in hatfield gave their residents a day at the casino and set up the tables and dealers to show them how to play. still to come on "action news" at 4:00. why leave love up to chance when you can leave it up to science. that is the pitch behind the new dating site. we'll tell you how it works in big talkers. >> one virginia mom discovered her 11-year-old was being bullied and took matters into her own hand by taking her to a cosmetic surgeon. why she let her daughter go under the knife.
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4:41 pm
traveled through germany and confessed to leaving a gun out in the open but that charge was tropped. each of the counts of child endangerment carries two years in jail but her attorney says she will likely get probation. the alaska man the victim of a robbery found himself on the other side of the law because of his bizarre behavior. >> bang bang! >> well, that is 25-year-old thomas hartman banging on the wall of an omaha police interrogation room screaming to his girlfriend on the other side. whenane a police report saying his brother robbed him and they discovered that his story was false, his girlfriend may be a victim of sex trafficking. but it soon got worse when officers left him alone for a few minutes, he stacked the chair on the table and hid
4:42 pm
cocaine in the ceiling. >> in the police station and you put a chair on the table -- and tried to get up in the ceiling. >> well, hartman's poor decision led him nine months of probation for drug possession. big talkers how we start with the story of how a young girl reacted to bullying. bella underwent surgery because of of her ears. >> her friends were teasing her because they said she had elf ears. when the bullies got to be too much. >> the more people point tropical disturbance out is when i wanted to change it. i thought they sticked outweigh too much. >> told her it's okay and doesn't matter what they think. and it did to her. >> mom says this was no different in a way than getting
4:43 pm
braces and if changing your appearance make its happy go for it. bella says the decision c her life. the conversation about 11-year-olds and plastic surgery is drawing opinions go to my facebook page to share yours. so you have been set up and swiped left and right and you are still missing cupid's aero, for those looking for love science is stepping in a dating app called fer more. uses dna to help pair up singles. two women founded the company two years ago they are jeanetc exp 11 genes that code proteins for your immune system and they run the labs and determine who you would be attracted to. the inside of you scientific soul mate. through h
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and they say your information is safe and protected. fer more. if you try it let us know if it works. >> finally another day and show of love for avocados. the super food is really having a moment now, so much so there say cafe in brooklyn that is all about it. there is one item on the menu that has the most passionate divided. this is avocado appetite. all you ever wanted. and sliced like fries you dip them in everything, they are battered and deep fried and some people are beyond excited. they can't wait to feed the avocado addiction and some people are not sold. why do we always have to lead something healthy to the dark
4:45 pm
side. >> fry anything. >> i'll give is a try. sounds interesting. >> thanks. it is time for a check of the roads today. >> matt, standing by with the update for us. >> people feel fried after a long day at work and the last thing you want is for your vehicle to break down on the way home. unfortunately for this guy it happened on the off ramp for girard avenue and the zoo, and the ramp would be busy as you can see. the right lane and partially blocked on the schuylkill with this disabled vehicle, do not fear penndot is clear. and running before too long, over on 95 southbound debris near bridge street blocking the center lane. and traffic is squeezing by and slower on the northbound side out of town, with normal afternoon volume. camden county gas main break blocking the lane at 130 at the black horse pike and the jammed up there coming southbound from
4:46 pm
the old airport circle. the crash by saint stan are you good to go there. and broken down vehicle northbound side of 1 and bakers basin, it's gone but single digits speeds out of trenton. in cherry hill at fulton bank in the process of clearing and congested along kings highway and northern delaware a crash closing thompsons bridge road close to the brandywine creek and mount smith is an alternate. one more is a crash in christiana southbound side of route 1. 19 miles per hour coming south of 95. we'll check it again coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> we'll see you then thanks. stepping outside shall we with a live view from sky 6 hd in center city and cars are on the move on people are on foot.
4:47 pm
meteorologist, adam joseph, standing by with the exclusive accuweather forecast next.
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4:49 pm
meteorologist, adam joseph back with us now pretty please. can we keep the sunshine for longer. you can have some for tomorrow. tomorrow is a nice day. clouds increasing and we pay for it here. unfortunately thursday. thursday night and friday. as we look at the action cam as well. many of you lots of blue up stairs in parts of fairmont park and that is the please touch museum to check out with the kiddos, this is one of the days you want to be outdoors to soak in the sun, we haven't had it all that much in the last week. sky 6 hd in the weather center here. looking at the center city skyline and a flawless cloudless
4:50 pm
sky out there as we round out our tuesday. as we move forward tomorrow is zero percent chance of rain. and looking good and then bump it up 90% on thursday and 90% on friday. and look at this, we drop it off as we head into the weekend. could be the first weekend in nearly six weeks that we don't have any precipitation. cross your fingers the storm moves out here late on friday. as we look at temperatures, upper 50s allentown and reading. trenton as well as wilmington and 55 in millville. wind off the ocean and the ocean temperature in beach haven and cape may are pretty much the same. as we go into the overnight hours, a moon lit sky and not that chilly. the southwesterly win 5 to 10 miles per hour. tomorrow we'll have sunshine in the morning and mild again but by the afternoon you'll notice a milky appearance to the sky. the whitish color and that is
4:51 pm
the high clouds that come in ahead of the system on thursday. at philadelphia and 57 in millville and 58 in dover and allentown and cape may non-the boardwalk coming in in the middle 50s. satellite and radar we have high pressure in control. and that stays in control tomorrow. we are watching this low pressure and the spin between las vegas and los angeles. and this is one piece of energy and the upper level of the atmosphere you see red on this, a bowling ball of energy in the upper atmosphere. that ejects from california and meet up from the northern and they start to phase in the midsection early thursday morning and pushes to the east coast and develops an east coast storm and is cut off from the jet stream and a powerful storm that doesn't move that quickly going into thursday and friday and wrapping a lot of wind our way. what we know at this point thursday afternoon into friday, it's heavy rain and 1 to 2 inches and strong winds 35 to 50
4:52 pm
miles per hour. and what is urn certain is the exact track and how close the low is and how much snow is on the back end west of philadelphia and the extent of coastal flooding could be moderate down at the shore. as we look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast near 60 and mild and sun and clouds on wednesday and afternoon rain develops and 54 and turns heavy and steady as the winds whip up and we watch the wet snow. possibly north and west and high of 44 and chilly wind we dry out on saturday. 46 degrees and nice on sunday 45 and stuck in the 40s going into the beginning of march here monday 47 and rain possible on tuesday with temperatures of 48 degrees. so enjoy tomorrow and then we'll watch the coastal storm for you. >> thanks adam. >> coming up app and websites that allow you to virtually try before you buy. details in what's the deal.
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time now for what's the deal. the latest on the high tech way to shop online or on an app. amazon the latest to offer augmented reality technology to see a product in your home or space or on yourself before you buy it. >> picture in your new space can be a challenge -- the techie new way to try before you buy. >> ar are view in the amazon app lets you see how they look before you buy them. now you can use an apple device. and appliances or more before you purchase it. >> i suspect that amazon will move ar into other areas of the retail. imagine seeing a sweater you
4:56 pm
really like. and put it immediately on to your own body. >> amazon joins a growing list of companies offering august manied reality shopping technology from ikea to overstock and target and sephora and benefit that lets you try on makeup virtually. choosing the perfect paint color is at your fingertips. you can see what it will look like before any paint hits the walls. >> hi. i'm jeffrey. toys r us is going virtual and letting you see how toys work with play chaser. >> so the retailers hope that you'll get an idea and inspiration and also this will help cut back on returns, things that don't work right. pretty cool. >> more than cool it's
4:57 pm
incredible. alicia thank you. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00. for sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. i hope you'll join me tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on ph almost 17. coming up next a fast moving house fire claims the life of one person in strawberry mansion, we'll talk about how the two people able to survive were able to make it out. >> plus, a fight on a philadelphia sidewalk ends with one man running from the area and the other in critical condition now police are asking the public for help catching the attacker before he strikes again.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. the smoke billowed into the air as philadelphia firefighters attacked a row home fire from all sides in the city today. and "action news" viewer took the video of the scene along new kirk street and the rescue came too late however for one person that lived inside. tuesday night and the big story on "action news" is a fast moving fire that killed one
5:00 pm
person and injured two others in strawberry mansion, the people that managed to get out took traumatic action to save their lives. bob brooks is along the scene of new kirk with more. >> reporter: yes, luckily these two occupants were able to escape the home and the home is behind me here. you can see how badly it's damaged. we are told that the two jumped out of the second story and off the porch roof and someone inside was trapped and they passed away and neighbors say they were in there screaming for help. >> we came down the street and heard the screams and he came down here and saw the whole house engulfed in flames. >> rodney tried his best to help the person trapped inside. and after 9:00 a.m. he noticed the home on new kirk street was on fire. and ran down and tried his best to go inside and call for


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