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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 28, 2018 2:40am-4:00am EST

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to his house, you go thet a light? >> actually, yes. tracy is currently in cosmetology school. she usually does her daughter lisa's hair and eyebrows so she can practice and why not get it done for free. her 11-year-old sister talia wanted in on the action. >> uh-oh. >> so tracy is waxing her eyebrows. >> off, like the whole thing? did you see that? good-bye eyebrow. >> not the whole thing. she's got it nice and lined up. >> talia never had her eyebrows wax. >> she's 11. i don't think so. she watched her sister do it. the very thought of it already has her tripping out a little bit. just brace yourself, little sis.
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>> on three. one -- >> just relax. >> ooh. that looked like a slap. >> one down, one to go. >> did she agree to the second one? >> no choice after the first. >> somebody might say no. >> no, you got to finish up. oh no! for those of us who have had to be waxed, we know that this is not dramatic. the tears are real. >> the dude in the background is like, nope. >> now every time tracy even goes toward the tape, talia jumps back. >> what's that? >> it's hot wax for a reason. okay, tracy starts to press it and press it.
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>> what was that sound? da, da, da, da! >> the price of beauty. >> she is really crying. >> but your brows look good. >> it's over. you can relax. something tells me she's not going to relax. >> something tells me she's not going to do this again. thanks for laughing along with us today. we appreciate it. has a lot more entertaining content. don't forget to check us out on the next all new "rtm."
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so this was the scene in charlotte. caused plenty of delays on the ground there and apparently desruptive passenger removed from a united airlines flight squaring off against airport workers. right there on the tarmac. wasn't that warm there. video from another passenger shows that man punched one of the workers during that confrontation. >> that's one way to cause a delay. and shark tank didn't like a
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particular company but amazon does. >> five years ago when the company was called door bot, none of the investors on "shark tank" were interested. it allows people to see people at the door and speak to them. >> amazon is paying nearly a billion for the company. looks like they're doing just fine. and papa john's will no longer work with the nfl. the sponsorship deal is no longer over. the ceo says it was a mutual agreement. papa john said players taking a knee to protest police brutality was hurt hadding business. a marijuana start up is listing on a major u.s. stork market for the first time. kronos group became the first pot company to trade on nasdaq. the american market alone is
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expected to reach $50 billion by 2026. a two-fold increase since 2016. and released the list of best states in which to live. . >> new hampshire number five and you have to head to heartland. north dakota, minnesota. >> states are judged on education, health care, crime and other categories. >> okay. there were airth criteria includinging quality of life and health care as well. >> iowa, home of ashton kutcher, tom arnold. >> neal long. all right. are are had right. cool. michael strachan sits down with jennifer lawrence and she's weighing in on the oscar best picture race. trrs that, do i? actually, you do.
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. all right. so jennifer lawrence' last movie was called "mother." it was voted by many as the worst movie of 2017. so you can understand if she's hoping for a lettal bit better luck. >> and thanks to she already has an oscar on the mantle. >> i have to go away for a while. >> reporter: the new spy thriller that has jennifer lawrence stepping out of her comfort zone and into a secret government intelligence service that trains her to use her mind and body as weapons. >> you must learn to push yourself beyond all limitations. >> she was sexually exploited, dehumanized. was it hard for you to film those scenes? >> the year before when i knew i was going to be doing those
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scenes, the hardest part was the night before. i just laid in bed like. >> what do you think? >> a literal nightmare coming through, being naked in front of a classroom of people. >> could you be a spy? >> no. not at all. >> why not? >> i'm a terrible liar and i would get bright red and turn myself in. >> reporter: a spy no, but an oscar winner for sure. at 27 she's already scored four nominations and won best actress for her role in "silver lining's playback." what do you remember the most? >> that shock. i'll never forget that moment when i heard my name. >> jennifer lawrence. >> reporter: and i still to this day stand by it's so unfair to make a human being speak at that moment to the world.d. it's so shocking.
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and i fell on my face so i forgot everything i wanted to say. i recently watched that back a few months ago and i wish i could get a do over on that one. it was the most if credible moment of my life. >> is there a performance or movie from this year that you are excited or you think has a chance to take home an oscar? >> i don't -- i can't. i love the movies this year. they were so good. "the post" i loved. i mean meryl streep. >> a lot of people compare you to meryl streep. >> that's ridiculous. that's silly. i mean thank you. >> i'm just telling you what i'm hearing on the streets. >> i'm not -- no. >> so even if her movies aren't necessarily good, she's not crying. she's made $25 million.
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>> she's been nominated five times. hello, aloe.
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♪ frank is interested in today's weird science. so, frank, this is a proud moment for america. the world's biggest plane which weighs about half a million pounds. >> wow. >> it is reached a new milestone. >> huge. >> it reached up to 46 miles an hour, the top speed on a runway. >> 46 miles per hour? that's not that fast. >> i know. and normal take off aspeed is 150 miles per hour. so it goes 46 miles per hour and it actually never takes off or it hasn't yet. >> wait, it hasn't left the ground yet? >> slow but steady.
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it's a big plane. >> but the definition of a plane means it has to fly, right? >> it's getting there. this is all part of allen's brain child. >> the potential plane. it's a giant aspiring plane. >> it's got potential. >> congratulations on the aspiring plane. >> a little different. >> they actually got it off the ground. still working on that one. from aspiring planes to politicians. forget about trying to appeal to people's heart strings or their political views. apparently the key is all in the nose. a study at a stockholm university in sweden found the link to their sense of smell and political leanings. they were given questions pair would different smells. people more disgusted by odors like urine and sweat were more
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likely to vote for donald trump than those less sensitive. there you go news you can use. >> just going to leave that one right out there. so just in case we end up on the moon there is good news you can use. apparently there will be cell service soon. the moon will get its first 4g mobile network next year. this is a german company, nokia and audio are teaming up for the first privately funded moon landing and put up a 4g mobile phone service next year. >> seems like an ununlikely collaboration. >> we can't get 4g in the subway but the moon is going to get it. yea.
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this morning on "world news now" the hazmat alert right outside washington. >> nearly a dozen marines became ill at a key military base home to the chairman of the joint chiefs and other top commanders. and new developments from washington. a security down grade for trump aid and son in law, jared kushner, losing his access to top secret intelligence information and what it means for his role in the white house. and communications director, hope hicks spending hours testifying in the russian probe but we're learning she didn't say a lot. and parkland students return to class today. we'll tell you about the changes they'll see and new details about the suspect. and it is countdown for jimmy kimmel. he explains what it takes to host the oscars and why he
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secretly hopes for chaos. >> we're look for a little bit more calm on this wednesday, february 28th. >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now." >> chaos. i can't imagine what that's like. >> we thrive on that here. let's start with that suspicious letter received near the pentagon. >> nearly a dozen people got sick after the envelope was opened. there are three now hospitalized in stable condition. >> the building has been decontaminated. because of its proximity to the nation's capitol. some are sounding the alarm. sfwlr . >> reporter: chairman meyer is where the chairman of the joint chief of staffs live.
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hazmat surrounded this building where a battalion is head quartered. a marine opened an envelope containing an unknown substance. that's when several marines started feeling a burning sensation on their face and hands. hazmat units doused those who were effected. 11 marines were assessed on the scene. three of them trance fosported medical facility. the fbi as sent that substance to quantico to be tested. but the marines are enstable condition. and son in law has been stripped of his security clearance. this comes as the washington post reports at least four countries have privately discussed ways to manipulate
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kushner through his business arrangement and lack of foreign policy experience. >> he's a valued member of the team and he will continue to do the important work he's been doing since he started in the administration. >> reporter: kushner's been tasked with a series of complicated assignments, including brokering middle east peace. to the team of another top aid to the president. white house communications director hope hicks, that her job occasionally required her to tell white lies. sfwlrks she >> reporter: she's a true insider. white house communications director, hope hicks, often seen by the president's side. and she's under increased scrutiny after getting called to answer questions in the investigation into possible russian collusion.
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>> thank you, donald trump. >> reporter: the 29 year old hicks was one of the first people to sign on to the presidential campaign. >> now hope hicks is a tremendously talented person. >> reporter: she's someone with access to the oval office. they say hicks told the committee she was instructed not to by the white house. >> she refused all of of the questions pertaining to her time in the administration. >> she answered every single question on the campaign and my understanding is the white house as asked her not to comment on her time in the white house. >> reporter: democrats wanted to press hicks on that misleading statement that she said she was involved in the meeting with russians to discuss quote the adoption of children.
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then he had agreed to meet the russians because he was promised dirt on hillary clinton. hicks'f testimony went more than eight hours. and some democrats want all the questions answered. one person told me they want her to come back and testify again. a defense fund will pay for legal bills if cured as a result of the russia investigations by the special counsel and congress. t thes and his family can't actually benefit from the fund. students at marjory stoneman douglas high school will be back for the first time after valentine's day attack. >> counselor's will be on hand and security has been increased. they have asked for off duty officers to greet kids as they
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afriev class. the building where 17 people were killed is fenced off from the rest of the school. and we're learning that he had been suggested to go to a alternative school. wut he refused to go back and since he was already 18, he couldn't be forced to transfer. he also halted hental education services he had been receiving for years. 180 rounds of ammunition left. >> and the police officer has received a special houner. leonard made the arrest about an hour after the attack. he notice theed suspect near the school. he says he was just doing his job. >> when you come against evil
3:07 am
like that and you have children at home close to that age, it's close to the heart. it's difficult but i'm honored i was able to do my part. >> sounds like he's still emotional about it. he said all his law enforcement brothers and sisters had a role to play on the day off the attack. >> well, we're glad he played his. and striking west virginia teachers returned with the prommase of greater pay. they're ending the walkout after it required all state employees to receive a 3% raise next year. west virginia's governor says the main goal was to get kids and teachers back in school. >> i'm always trying to listen and do the right thing. i've said it over and over and over. nobody loves education more than me. >> the state legislature has to
3:08 am
approve the increase. average teacher's pay marks 48. states across the south and midmest. >> flood warnings remain in effect along the mississippi and ohio rivers as well. and even the stadium where the cincinnati reds play -- you can see all the weather surrounding it. morning, paul. >> damaging thunderstorms. chance of isolated tornados. little rock, into memphis and nashville. the raen that's going to dump another problem. urban flash flooding, nashville to little rock, memphis down into the deep south. then that problem off flash
3:09 am
flooding lifts up towards chicago, including detroit and central and northern ohio. if that's not enough producing one to three inches of snow in buffalo. we have problems with two to 4 feet of snow. kendis. diane. and a suspected burglar didn't do such a good job as being smooth. >> he was arrested for allegedly stealing a pot of meat balls from a man's garage. >> reporter: the vilktmal says when they found potter he was covered in tomato sauce. his face, his beard, clothes wlur coated in marinarmarinara. the pot and spoon were found nearby. >> it's hard to -- it's
3:10 am
spaghetti. >> i can sympathize. >> if it's really, really good. >> might be tough for him to argue. >> so the victim and potter apparently know each other. so he knows potter -- potter knows where to go to get a good pot of meat balls. in this case he just didn't ask for permission. and jimmy kaim kimmal explains why he wishes for something to go wrong. first, hear how nuch department lit by ben carson spent on furniture 7 and remember to find us on facebook. we love hearing from you.
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a partial building collapse left a man trapped in new york city. they say he was skavaging for materials. the first floor gave away while the vacant 100-year old building
3:14 am
was being demolished. he's in critical condition at the hospital. housing and urban development secretary, ben carson is coming under fire. >> the custom table and chairs cost $31,000. this comes months after an official warned against that expense. she says she was demoted for raising those concerns. by law any amount over $5,000 requires approval by congress. so this is a photo of the new furniture provided by the department. >> that's what 31 grand gets you. okay. >> maybe there were heated seats. a spokesman told the new york times secretary carson did not know it had been purchased but doesn't inten tenttend to retur. 31,000 for that? >> maybe he really likes the heated seats. >> we're assuming it's heated
3:15 am
seats. and a search afor a cdc scientist who's ben missing for two weeks. >> here's abc. >> reporter: atlanta police say it doesn't make sense why this scientist with a six-figure job at the cdc would just vanish. timothy cunningham is a intelligence officer and here he is turning 35 years old with family and friends in december. colleagues say he went homesick february 12th and was never seen again. car keys, wallet, credit card, phone and even dog found locked inside his house. >> there's a lot i can't simply explain. it is not common in missing person cases for us to find someone's entire belongings. >> reporter: police say he lost out on a promotion and learned
3:16 am
why on the day he disappeared. on the way home he tried to call his mother but it went to voice mail. >> this is not normal. it's definitely out of the ordinary. it's not the news you want to hear that your child is missing. >> reporter: they've searched hospitals, even this cemetery. >> quite a mystery. and he's involved in many investigations at the cdc including the ebola virus and zika virus emergencies. a confrontation caught on camera as a united airlines bags are too big to bring on a plane.
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♪ all right. oscar host jimmy kimmel is gearing up for the big night sunday, the big awards. but it turns out he's not the only one. >> this year it's a family affair. >> reporter: kimmel will host the oscars this sunday, his second in a row. >> so much has happened since you hosted last year. time's up movement, me too movement. everything with gun control and politics. are you worried at all about striking the right tone? >> i'm worried about that because i have a tendency to not strike the right tone enmy life. >> reporter: how will you know if you've gone too far? >> i'm sure they'll tell me. >> reporter: the jokes were flowing last year with many of his signature stunts.
3:20 am
you might remember the awe struck tour group walking into dolby theater. and who could forget that infamous best picture snafoo. >> i'm still not clear on how the wrong envelope got into warren baety's hands. i'll be honest. it would be funny if it happened again. >> reporter: working closely with his wife, molly who's head writer for jimmy kimmel live and co writer for the oscars. does she have the final say or you? >> i have the final say. i'm the one who has to say it. if you have the final say and the person who's saying it doesn't, you probably got a problem. i twubt make sure everything is right and the jokes are as good as they possibly be.
3:21 am
probably widalled it down to 500 jokes. so hopefully by the end of next yeek i'll have that widalled down. so you go from about 500 to 30? >> no, from thousands to 30. >> jokes aside it's his quest for imperfection makes it a success. the worst thing that could happen is everything goes perfectly. >> reporter: you secretly want the wheel to fall off a little bit. >> at least one. >> reporter: not two? >> two you're grounded but one you can repair. >> reporter: you thrive in the chaos? >> sdwyou have to stay on your toes. >> he revealed part of the set collapsed last year.
3:22 am
>> you've set the bar pretty low.
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it is time for your hump day mix and we are going to start -- oh, my god frank is here. frank is excited to be here. >> mixing it up with us. >> so norway is going to spend $12 million to upgrade its doom's day. because it's february 28th and it's your birthday. it's a national holiday. ♪ look, you got the balloons, frank is here. >> guys, it's so great to be 28 years old. >> the cake comes out on cue. it's perfect. >> all these balloons. look at that. >> just like practice.
3:26 am
look at that. happy birthday. >> are we not actually doing a mix? we're doing a mix but we don't care about the dooms day in norwae. >> that's so nice. >> yeah, we didn't have a knife for it so you can dig in face first right now. it's okay. >> you think i won't? >> actually i'm kind of scared that you will. perfect. you can see what it says. >> delicious. >> is it? >> yes. >> nice. it's your birthday so i think i should dig enin as well. not afraid to dig in on tv. we're so happy for you to spend
3:27 am
your birthday with us. but there is a mix. >> how was it? >> shall we girl with the pigeons. this is a girl after my own heart. so mom and dot rr out, the pigeons are out, they start feeding the pigeons. i'm saving that for later. the one year old was not too thrilled about the pigeon eating her food. so this is her reaction. she literally grabs the pigeon by the head and pulls the little treat right out. >> how did they get video of you as a child in china. >> beware you've been warned everybody. and hosting the puppies and pilates class this past weekend. >> frank, you can d
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this morning on "world news now" an emotional day ahead at marjory stoneman douglas high school. teachers and students return for the first time since the valentine's day shooting. president trump's top intelligence official testifies america is not doing enough to stop the russians from meddling in future u.s. elections and that he hasn't received direct orders from the white house to do anything about it. and new this half hour president trump strikes a deal for two new air force ones. >> though they're at odds of how much of a deal we're actually getting from boeing. ♪ all alone in the moonlight
3:31 am
and barbara streisand is trying to save some of her memories in an interesting way. after her dog passed last year she had it cloned not once but twice. and frank is here to weigh in on the pet cloning debate on this wednesday, february 28th. >> isn't that from "cats." ♪ memories leave again >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now." >> i guess she's a dog person. who knew after all that. >> so how did it end up that got used in "cats?" >> they probably designed the show around other things. but this is a big day. first day of class in florida for it survivors of the school shooting attack.
3:32 am
they're returning to stoneman douglas high school. >> armed security will be beefed up through the end of the school year. there will also be four hour school days this week to everybody transition. one girl said it will never be the same again. i am going back to school. it's kind of strange to be going back that place where so much horrible things happened. i don't have my best friend isn't there. so it's kind of hard to see everybody and not have that connection with someone. so it's a mex of emotions. >> understandably so. the school principal said in a tweet there's no need for backpacks and everyone should come to school ready to start the healing process. some students plan to walk arm in arm ena show of unity. >> the school principal said he
3:33 am
plans to hug all 3100 students if possible. and they recommended in 2016 the suspected shooter be transferred to alternative high school. but he refused to go back and since he was already 18 he could not be forced to return. they say he chose to end mental health and special education services he had been receiving. still no significant action. >> congress is struggling to take any sort of action. this despite calls from students who have seen violence first hand. >> reporter: they're pressing law makers to act on guns but their calls are falling flat. >> we shouldn't be banning guns for law abiding citizens. we should focus those who
3:34 am
shouldabout get guns don't get guns. >> reporter: there's a bill that stalled in the senate and leakry would not have stopped the florida shooter. >> if that is all congress does, we won't have done our job to keep america's families safe. >> reporter: are you confident you're doing enough. >> this is not just one thing but we've got to get started somewhere and the worst thing we could do is leave here this week empty handed. >> reporter:. >> it doesn't seem to make sense you have to wait until you're 21 years old to get a pistol but to get a gun like this maniac used in the school you get at 18. >> reporter: the president also wants to ban bump stocks. the attorney general says they're moving ahead with or without congress. law maker have already rejected an assault weapon ban but did take a first step to raising the
3:35 am
minimum purchase age to 21. but florida law makers have just one week left in session to acted on this. and military and civilian agencies are investigating a possible terror incident near the pentagon. fort meyers just across the river from washington and top military officials live across the building where that envelope was opened. they're calling for hope hilks hicks to be subpoenaed. she was grilled for eight hours by the house intelligence committee. they're looking for possible links between russia and the trump campaign. she said her work for president trump sometimes requires had her to tell white lies. among other things. law makers are looking for answers on a misleading
3:36 am
statement on donald trump jr.'s meeting with a russian lawyer. and the washington post is reporting at least four countries have discussed ways to manipulate jared kushner. israel, china, mexico and the united arab emirates were looking to take advantage of his inexperience with foreign policy. he will no longer have access to top secret intelligence. and a strong response to deter russia and sewing discord across the country. but that the president hasn't. -- >> reporter: on capitol hill a senator confronted a top intelligence official with a question she recently received from a woman in the grocery
3:37 am
store. can russia be stopped from meddling in our election? >> are we strong enough and smart enough that we can keep them from doing this again? >> yes. >> the next question she asked me are we doing that right now? >> we're taking steps but we're probably not doing enoughf. >> reporter: so she wants to know and i want to know why the hell not? >> reporter: admiral mike rogers who runs the military cyber command says part of the answer is russia simply hasn't been punished enoughf for interfering in the last election. >> they haven't paid a price sufficient enough to get them to change their behavior. >> reporter: and the trump administration has not given him increased authority to take on the russians in cyber space. >> no one has asked you to take additional steps? >> i haven't been granted any additional authority, capacity.
3:38 am
that's true. >> reporter: why not give him the authority? >> ware rr looking at a number of different ways we can put pressure. let's not forget it happened under obama. if you want to blame somebody on past problems, then you need look at the obama administration. >> this is about protecting against the next election. >> reporter: and admiral rogers said they hadn't received the kind of sustaened aggression from the russians with midterm elections just months away. north korea we're told may be helping the syrian government use chemical weapons on civilians. north korea has been shipping supplies to the assad regime that could be used to produce weapons that gives north korea much needed cash. it also says though north korean
3:39 am
technicians have ben spotted working at chemical weapons facilities. the white house says it's strauk great deal on planes. the white house says president trump negotiated the price down by more than a billion. however pentagon shows it was always enthat range. and president trump tweeted a cost over 4 billion was aout of control. they say the island's toilet paper supply is in danger of being wiped out. the cost of a roll could jump by as much as 30%. >> taiwanese officials are keeping an eye out for price gouging. they will call for an investigation if it notices
3:40 am
abnormal movement in market prices. >> price gouge on toilet paper? who knew? how much would you pay if you were in need of a roll? >> let me just get a mortgage loan. whatever you need. you've got me. oy. >> here you go. coming up another airline alteration caught on camera. a passing cer records a heated exchange over bag size. and demy lovato launches her world tour and she's not sorry. that's coming up. ♪ because the grass is greener under me ♪
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your hair is so soft! did you use head and shoulders two in one? i did mom. wanna try it? yes. it intensely moisturizes your hair and scalp and keeps you flake free. manolo? look at my soft hair. i should be in the shot now too. try head and shoulders two in one. dramatic body cam dramatic body cam footage out of tampa. showing teamwork. his dog, a k9 named shep took
3:44 am
off after the other suspect. carmack forces him to run with him to catch up with shep. who had caught suspect number two. his teeth clamped down on the man's arm. shep, by the way, was not hurt during the take down. >> nice job. and over in tennessee video played in court of a deadly bus crash shows the driver on his cell phone. >> walker faces 12 counts of homicide for the deaths of children ranging in age from six to 10 years old. they say he was speeding 20 miles over the speed limit when he crashed and cell phone data shows he was on the phone at the time of the incident. >> his had attorney said the crash may have been caused by a second vehicle causing him to swerve. and an incident caught on
3:45 am
video. >> so a mother and daughter were checking in for a flight when united staff gave them a hard time about that carry h-on bag here. >> you're telling me this bag doesn't fit? >> rules are rules. >> you're telling me this bag doesn't fit in here? what are you talking about? this bag fits in here. >> it's obviously not fitting. >> it doesn't fit? okay. >> you can't force it down. >> it fits perfectly in here. what are you talking about. >> but even if you push it down, it fits. they were told they weren't getting on the flight. eventually they were allowed to board with the handbag. >> so the fee to check a bag on united is $25. so apparently this entire thing
3:46 am
was over 25 bucks. >> it's the principal. >> on the part of the airline too. all of this over 25 bucks. >> and united made millions of dollars in profits from fees. >> she said at this point i wouldn't fly with them again. when we come back a tennis star is getting the lebron james treatment. tennis star is getting lebron james treatment. way of a good night's sleep. that's when he needs vicks vaporub. proven cough medicine. with 8 hours of vapors. so he can sleep. vicks vaporub. goodnight coughs.
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♪ skinny the skinny the skinny frank in the house. >> frank in the house. first time on the new skinny set. >> do you like what we did with the place, frank? >> i think he approves, especially of the scripts over here. we're getting started with demy lovato with her tell me love me tour. >> demi personally reached out to snof students from parkland school and had them joan her. she was concerned about their mental health after the tragedy.
3:49 am
>> they even had a charter jet fly them from florida to california. so there's rich and then there's barbara streisand who cloned her dog not once but twice. >> two of her dogs were cloned from her 14-year-old pet samantha who died last year. the cells were harvested from sam's mouth and stomach but says the clones have different personali personalities. streisand has a third dog of the same breed that is a distant cousin. >> some reports put the number around $100,000. would you clone him? >> i'm trying to figure out how much i would pay for a frank clone. he's one of a kind. >> frank is like your ninth rabbit so obviously you get over it pretty quickly. >> frank, i would be devastated but i don't think i'd pay
3:50 am
$100,000 to clone you. >> i don't have $100,000. and serena williams is returning to the court for the first time since giving birth and her hubby put up billboards. >> they say greatest mama of all time. g. m.o.a.t. >> there we go. she has been called the greatest athlete of all time, so she's upping the ante with greatest mama of all time. lebron only got three. so according to a new poll the movie "shape of water" would win best picture at the academy awards. these are all people who did not
3:51 am
see the "shape of water." >> kendis was a big fan. but more than 7,000 movie goers were asked which of the nominees they would give the award to and they went with the fishman movie. >> world war ii drama "dunkirk" and the horror film rounded out the top three. >> "the big sick" wasn't a nominee but should have been. sorry, i digress. >> "chocolate" was a nominee one year. i never thought it deserved it. frrsh > another line on his resume. he showed off his cat-like reflexes in the green room of the "today" show. >> so he caught a mouse in his coffee cup and proudly explained
3:52 am
we got it. just for the record "good morning america" doesn't have mice. morning. these birds once affected by oil
3:53 am
3:54 am
are heading back home. thanks to dawn, rescue workers only trust dawn, because it's tough on grease yet gentle. i am home, i am home, i am home
3:55 am
♪ here you come again looking better than a body has a right to ♪ ♪ and all i really know is he will come again ♪ ♪ and here i go isn't that the theme song from tv show from way back when? >> quick question for the insomniacs. >> to one group of kids she's simply the lady with the book. >> now she's marking a literary milestone with the library of congress. >> reporter: from behind the curtain at the library of congress, dolly parten goes to washington and she was there because of a gift she began giving more than 20 years ago.
3:56 am
she's been quietly donating millions of books to children. her nonprofit called imagination library. they documented the families who have received a book a month from birth to kindergarten and the 100 millionth book. she was one of 12 children. inspired by her father who never went to school but raised the family. telling our team he was the smartest man she ever knew. >> i certainly had a lot of pride when i was walking on stage and thinking of my dad. for dad and all had the little kids that are benefitting from the imagination library and our 100 millionth book. >> reporter: they began calling her not dolly it singer, but the book lady. >> i never thought about being the book lady. the painted lady, yes. but that just goes to show you
3:57 am
can't judge a book by looking at the cover. >> reporter: and borrowing from one of her favorite songs. >> "coat of many colors" and the little girl is supposed to be me. >> reporter: she began reading and then singing. ♪ in my coat of many colors my mama made for me ♪ ♪ made only from rags but i wore it so proudly ♪ ♪ and although we no money i was rich as i could be ♪ ♪ in my coat of many colors mama made for me ♪ >> you know i would read a lot more if dolly would sing are had t -- all the books to me. >> and man, she's got quite the resume there. book author, singer, amusement park owner. >> there's a lot going on there. love you, dolly. >> announcer: this is abc's
3:58 am
3:59 am
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making news in america this morning, jared kushner's security clearance downgraded. the president's son-in-law and senior adviser loses his access to top secret information and this morning, new allegations that countries including china have tried to manipulate him. taxpayer outrage over the budget for decorating hud secretary ben carson's office, the $31,000 dining set and a staffer who claimed she told $5,000 won't even buy a decent chair. back to school this morning at stoneman douglas high. the new details on who will greet the students before classes resume today and the remarkable show of support and love from people across the country and around the world in the wake of the shooting. also this morning, amazon pays a billion dollars for a smart doorbell. a court dec


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