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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  February 28, 2018 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> ♪ >> good morning, everyone, it's 5 o'clock on this wednesday february 28th. here's what we're following on "action news." >> gunshots and a standoff in burlington county. the barricade situation just came to an end. we're live with the breaking developments with what just happened in the past few minutes. >> scary moments for passengers on a flight to los angeles. their plane was diverted to the lehigh valley because the crew smelled smoke. >> and the king responds. hear what lebron james says about those billboards in his backyard encouraging him to join the sixers. and they are creative billboards. >> they are. >> yeah, let me guess he said yes, sure, i'll come. is that it. >> be right there. >> i can't wait to hear the response to that one. >> he'll come the next time cleveland comes. >> that's right. in the meanwhile we've got dry roads today. last day of dry roads this week. >> yeah, actually. clouds are increasing, too, so that's a big change. i hope you enjoyed yesterday. bright blue skies. it was really nice. took a walk in the afternoon.
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fantastic. still going to be okay to get things done but it's going to be a little grayer. it's chilly. 39 degrees in philadelphia, upper 30's up and down i-95 and down toward millville we've got some low 40's down closer to the shore and up in allentown you're still at the freezing mark. as we go through the day it's going to be mild but we'll see more clouds mixing with any sun we manage to squeeze out. 46 degrees by 9 o'clock. looks like a high of about 58 around 3 o'clock and there you see how we're going to climb during the day. during the evening hours back down into the low 50's, really not too bad. karen when i come back we've got to talk more about that coastal storm which will be bringing some rain on thursday and again on friday and some winds and all kinds of yuck. that's coming up. [laughter] >> all kinds of yuck. all right, let's hit the roads right now. we're starting live on the schuylkill expressway. traffic's moving okay so this is the shot where we saw those cones set up and the westbound constructioning block the right lane. it cleared. we had a little bit of a delay but that's cleared. crews will return 10 again at
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9 o'clock. on the big picture as we check your majors blue route is looking good, schuylkill now no problems. you see all the construction zones here. on the vine street expressway we had construction westbound that's cleared. near broad street traffic is moving better. in olde city chestnut street blocked between third and second street from last weekend. let's take a look on the ben franklin bridge. we do have construction eastbound blocking the right lane but westbound no delay just yet coming into the city moving pretty nicely, tam. >> okay. thank you, karen. going on to our breaking news this morning after nearly three hours a s.w.a.t. situation just ended in south jersey and it's been an ugly and fatal scene. one person dead another person in the hospital with a gunshot wound. jeanette reyes is near the scene on the 200 block of roosevelt avenue and jeanette, you have new details that have just come in. >> reporter: well -- tam, rather, i spoke with authorities just minutes ago and they tell me this shooter took his own life. so that is the one person that is dead.
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this female victim we're told is at cooper hospital recovering from her injuries. we're not sure just how severe they were. take a live look behind me. still a little bit of activity. you can see the tape is still up and in the distance you can see the home where this all happened. investigators are inside right now taking pictures and video of the scene as they collect evidence. take a look at this video, though. this is about an hour ago as s.w.a.t. teams packed up and left after a three-hour standoff that began around 1 o'clock this morning along the 200 block of roosevelt avenue here in edgewater park and we understand that police and medics were called to this scene. medics likely here to transport that female victim to the hospital. again, her condition is unknown this morning. one thing we are trying to confirm for you is whether the victim was shot before this barricade started or during t in other words, was that what prompted this barricade. this is under investigation and still somewhat of a fluid situation. as soon as we get that information we'll make sure to pass it right along to you. reporting live in edgewater
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park, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." matt. >> we'll go back to you soon. thank you jeanette. officials have still not released the identity of a person killed in a deadly fire in the city's strawberry mansion section early yesterday morning. two others were injured in the blaze on the 2500 block of north newkirk street. a neighbor tried to run into the home but said the smoke was too thick. the two other people who escaped jumped off the porch balcony. no word yet on a cause. detectives are working to solve philadelphia's latest homicide. gunshots rang out at 52nd and jefferson streets in west philadelphia last night. the person who was shot died minutes after arriving at penn presbyterian hospital. police have not identified the victim or offered word on suspects or a motive. >> it is 5:04. new this morning the united airlines plane made an emergency landing at lehigh valley international. the plane took off from newark last night and was headed to l.a. but the crew decided to divert the plane to lehigh international when they smelled smoke in the cockpit.
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the plane landed without incident and no one was injured. there's still no word on what led to that smell of smoke. and the national transportation board is expected to wrap up its investigation into what caused a freak accident that killed a truck driver on the northeast extension. howard sexton was killed last week when a piece of metal conduit fell from the lehigh valley tunnel ceiling piercing his windshield. federal investigators shut down part of the tunnel yesterday so they could get a closer look at that ceiling. the pennsylvania turnpike commission said a preliminary report on the crash could be out in the next two to four weeks. >> there was disappointment for some parents and relief for others who were hoping to enroll their children in a popular philadelphia charter school. mast community charter school held its student lottery in the city's somerton section last night. nearly 11,000 applicants were vying for roughly 150 spots. >> my heart is beating out of my chest. just really hoping fingers crossed to get him in here.
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>> really excited. the school is like really good and i really wanted my family to get in. >> the wait list at the school has quadrupled since 2011. the lottery is random while siblings of current mast students have priority. >> well,. >> yeah, i know. >> it was tense watching that. >> well, good luck to all those parents and we hope if they don't get in there there's something else. >> it's the state of education is another component to that story that we can't really get into but it's sad that you have people waiting in line to go to a school that they would prefer. >> no kidding. >> let's talk about the weather. >> all right. stormstorm tracker6 live double scan right now guys shows you that we are dry. taking a look outside we have sky6 and we're going to cloud up more today than we did yesterday. in fact i think that might be the moon trying to poke through the clouds just above some of the center city sky scrapers and it's a little bit on the chilly side out there this morning, too. right now in allentown, for example, we're down to the freezing mark. again, 39 degrees in philadelphia. and it looks like down the shore we've got the low 40's out there.
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as we take a look at satellite, well, you can see those bright blue skies from yesterday will be fading behind increasing clouds today. there will be some sunshine poking through particularly in the morning but i do expect the clouds to get thicker. up in allentown we'll go more clouds than yesterday certainly. light wind. you know the thing about today, though, it's still mild. 58 degrees is a nice high for this time of year in the lehigh valley and if you have things to get done that you didn't quite get done yesterday, today's a good day to get out and do 'em as it's going to be mild and dry. increasing clouds at the shore, still mild, 55 degrees. just had a tweet from somebody saying, hey, it's almost striper season. report the ocean temperature because we need to know if you're fishing for stripers. we're at 44 degrees as we get ready for that season. 58 degrees is your high in philadelphia. more clouds building in during the day, winds out of the southwest but really not all that strong. it's not going to be a big wind day. and then tonight lots of clouds. not as cold. only going down to 43 degrees so when you wake up tomorrow morning in philadelphia, you won't be in the 30's for the first time in several mornings. and then tomorrow, of course,
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we'll be cloudy as we get up to about midday you'll start to see some rain moving in and through the afternoon we'll have pockets of steady to heavy rain and even when it isn't super heavy it will still be wet. 11 o'clock tomorrow night still kind of damp. as this thing starts to roll out of here on friday we could end with a little bit of wet snow. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, today's high is 58 degrees. thursday rain arrives, 54 degrees and then the rain gets heavy at times overnight and on friday in particular it's going to be real windy with occasional rain and maybe a changeover to wet snow so we have an accuweather alert on friday. coastal flooding also a possibility on friday as a coastal storm sets up. 44 is the chilly high. then we get into the weekend and saturday 46 degrees. we're dry but it's still going to be brisk and chilly. you want to bundle up for that union match at talen energy stadium the first of the season. can't believe the union is back. that's fun. and then 45 degrees and sunny on sunday. looks like we climb into the upper 40's as we head into monday, tuesday. maybe some tuesday rain.
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>> okay. getting out of those 50-degree temperatures though. >> yeah. >> thanks, david. 5:09. an airline crew is caught on camera arguing with a passover the size of her bag even though it appears to fit in the bin. video coming up. >> wild police chase ends with a carjacking suspect in handcuffs. the dramatic move that helped police stop him. >> lebron james reacts to those billboards in cleveland trying to entice him to join the sixers. karen. >> can't wait to see that reaction. looking live at i-95 at bridge street. the overnight construction is clear. traffic is moving fine. we'll take you to king of prussia and check 202 coming up next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look there out across center city. still lit up against the night sky but before you know it dawn will break. it is 5:12 here and it's a cold morning. it's 39 degrees. >> karen, you need to ease us out of february and into march with this commute. >> yes, i'm going to do that for you. actually i'm going to say so far we've got a pretty good commute so we can ease right out of february. we're looking live here in king of prussia. this is the schuylkill expressway near 202. roads are clear this morning. no weather related issues impacting your commute and no problems. we have some earlier construction that's all clear so all your lanes are opened on 202 and the schuylkill expressway. we did have a problem here just cleared on pennsylvania avenue near tyburn road that's morrisville bucks county. let's look live in new jersey and check 42. this is right near 130. no problems here.
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the overnight construction is clear so 42's looking good. all your majors in new jersey are showing no problems at the moment. hopping into delaware in ashland here we have barley mill road shut down because of some downed wires. stick to old wilmington road as your alternate. let's look at the weather for you. how would you like another mild afternoon here? 58 degrees for your high. more than 10 degrees above average. so, it's a little cool to start for sure but nice and mild this afternoon. overall looking at the month it looks like february will wrap up as perhaps the third or fourth warmest and we can look at temperatures already nearly 6 degrees above average for the month, matt and tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. we should learn more today about what caused an apparent hazmat situation at a virginia military base not far from the pentagon. yesterday afternoon 11 marines became sick when an envelope with a suspicious substance was opened. three of them had to go to the hospital but the good news this morning is that all of them are in stable condition. the building was evacuated.
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it's now been dee contaminated and that envelope is being tested at the lab for the fbi in quantico. a carjacking suspect took police on a high speed chase in southern california. police say a man forced a woman to go with him against her will near long beach yesterday. police caught up with them along the highway. and the pursuit ended with a pit maneuver you see it right there before the suspect was arrested. the woman did not appear to be injured. >> the sixers are in the midst of a tough stretch. three straight road games against playoff caliber teams. it did not get off to a good start. joel embiid scored 23 points in a loss to the miami heat and it was razor sharp. 102 to 101. it was their second straight loss after having won seven straight. >> the sixers next game is against the cavaliers in cleveland tomorrow. as we have reported a delaware county company is trying to lure lebron james, a free agent this summer, to come to philadelphia. and put up three billboards in
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cleveland with catchy slogans like complete the process and #philly wants lebron. the signs have caught king james' attention. >> actually very flattering and i'm sitting here at 33 in my 15th year and teams or guys, i'm going to say teams, you know, that comes to tampering but people in their respective cities want me to play for them. i mean, that's cool i think. that's dope. >> dope if you come here. [laughter] >> james joined an exclusive club of which he is the only member last night during the team's win over the nets he notched his 8,000's assist and is the only player in nba history with 30,000 points and 8,000 resists. >> i want to say what that's cool that's dope means. hundreds of kids took a trip to whack dan thanks to a generous man. greg parker rented out the amc broad street seven in north philadelphia last night for a
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showing of the movie "black panther." er first rented the theater out on friday but so many kids showed up that some had to be turned away and he said we're not going to leave it there. he decided to host a second screening last night. >> this movie was definitely important for them to see. it depicts african-american super heroes. they really need to see that positive light. >> i think it's nice that they actually get to see actors in the role that their parents actually play for them every day as a superhero because parents are super heroes. >> nearly 600 kids have now seen the box office hit thanks to parker. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> a woman in florida found a unique way to let the water department know she's not happy. she showed up to the office with that wheelbarrow which was loaded filled with pennies. 493 -- how does that work out because it's $493 times 100, 493,000. the woman used the pennies to protest her bills which she believes are too high. >> 400 bucks is a lot. >> that is a lot. >> here's why i don't like that. it's not that person at the window's fault and they're going to have to deal with all those pennies. i get she's making a good -- >> you would be a good mediator. that's not the place to take that out. >> calm down people. >> i'm with the lady, though. let's take a look outside right now. bucks county, the ramp on 413
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to i-95 southbound we had an accident here a minute ago and it just cleared the scene. they pushed it off to the side. traffic is moving just fine. no delays just yet going through this ongoing construction zone. let's check mass transit. regional rails everything is on time. septa's market frankford line eastbound we've got one train leaving 69th street canceled. others should be running pretty soon, david. >> all right, on the big board otherwise, commuter-wise, we are looking at temperatures probably down around 40 degrees between 7 o'clock and 8 o'clock on the platforms for the bus and the el. does look like we'll get up to a high around 58. this model has 60. i can see that in a couple spots. for the evening commute probably only falling from the upper 50's down to the mid-50's so it should be fairly mild overall. we are going to see more clouds around but it will be dry and on the mild side. if you are flying all green aircraft, no major delays. let's see. we got some rain in atlanta. there would be a spot where we might have a problem later on. tam. >> thank you david. going on to health check now, it's a battle every parent faces, controlling how much time your child spends in
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front of the tv tablet or phone. i get asked every day. there is a new study that may give you some motivation to say nope we're not watching right now. it looked into the long term effects of watching too much tv when your child is a toddler. for each additional half hour of tv a two-year-old watched it led to significantly worse eating habits by the age of 13. coming up on "gma," find out what happens when one family actually let's the kids manage their own screen time. my guess is they didn't do anything else all day. that's right after "action news." >> casual dining in a california community just became a little more upscale. the city council in malibu unanimously voted to ban all plastic cutler re. so instead of plastic forks knives responses strauss and stirrers businesses will have to provide items made from paper wood or bamboo. it's a move to keep malibu's famous beaches clean and protect the environment. >> serena williams' husband's romantic gesture is earning
5:22 am
him praise across social media. boy he really went all out. in the morning buzz see how he's showing his love and support for the new mom. >> closer look at hollywood's efforts to increase diversity. first up "gma"'s first look. >> in this morning's "gma" first look,. >> you're telling me this bag doesn't fit in here. >> the friendly skies? >> you're telling me that this -- this bag, this purse here doesn't fit in here, this is what you're telling me. >> yeah, it doesn't fit. >> not so friendly for 27-year-old natalia who was traveling with her mother from chicago to newark when according to them a united airlines agent stopped them from checking in all because of the size of her mom's carry on. the agent then reportedly taking the bag out of the rack placing it on top. >> we're sticking by the rules. >> you're telling me this bag doesn't fit in here? what are you talking about? this bag fits in here. >> they say the agent was fed up and started to storm off and coming up at 7:00 a.m.,
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mom, we got girl scout cookies to sell. the girl scout cookie inspired flavors you love. now in the dunkin' coffees you love. only at dunkin'. >> ♪ >> good morning, everyone,. taking a live look at philadelphia international airport, wednesday, last day in the month of february. 39 degrees on city avenue. getting up to 57 today, tam. >> okay, we're of course talking oscars matt.
5:26 am
the votes are now in. last night was the deadline for members of the motion picture academy to cast their votes for the oscars. they'll be tam lead -- tallied today. you're taking a look there. that is the dolby theater in hollywood. preps already under way. you got to get that red carpet out, get the bleachers up. get ready for the 90th academy awards. this year the academy has added new and more diverse members to do some of that voting so this is all done after the awards show was criticized for a lack of diversity. that may have led to more diversity in this year's nominations in the best director category. mexican director guillermo del toro. jordan peel nominated for directing and writing the movie "get out" and getting a nod for best supporting actress this year actresses octavia spencer and singer mary j blige. we'll see if any of them end
5:27 am
up taking home a prize. you saw daniel kaluuya nominated forget out. watch the oscars with host jimmy kimmel right here on 6abc at 8:00 on sunday. if you miss anything we'll be here of course on monday morning to break down all of the memorable moments and of course the fashion. and the award perhaps for best husband right now may be going to alexis ohanian who helped support the tennis star before she goes back to tournament play next month. he had four inspiring billboards featuring pictures of the new daughter alexis old olympia ohanian jr. with cute saying like greatest mom of all time. >> if you have unpaid parking tickets in philadelphia find out when the city will cut i was break. a college basketball player from western pa is getting a lot of credit for
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delivering a pizza. we'll explain why he hopes this gesture will inspire others. following breaking news in south jersey. a shooting leads to an armed barricade situation that seems to have been resolved. we're live with the latest details when "action news" continues. >> ♪ this is so exciting, dave! hey gus, meet tucker... . awwww... whoaaaa !! ...and axle, angie, frank, charlie,
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>> ♪ >> breaking now on "action news," a shooting and a police standoff in new jersey. we have brand new details on how it all ended. >> a deadly day for the philadelphia fire department. crews do their best against a fire that still claimed a man's life hours after fighting another fatal blaze. >> demanding answers. parents and students bombard a south jersey school board with questions about a teach here they say was unfairly suspended for his comments on school safety. >> good morning. it's 5:30 on this wednesday, february 28th. time to find out that weather and traffic with david and karen. good morning. >> good morning. i am loving these mild afternoons. >> i know, yesterday was gorgeous, wasn't it. >> yeah. >> lots of sunshine, i put sunscreen on when i went out for my walk. today a different story. take a look at the weather center. there's more cloud cover moving in. the bulk of this is down to the south and i think there's a shot at early sunshine but generally speaking more clouds than yesterday and maybe getting a little bit cloudier as the day goes on. starting out chilly this morning. in allentown you're at the freezing mark. upper 30's


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