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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  February 28, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> ♪ >> breaking now on "action news," a shooting and a police standoff in new jersey. we have brand new details on how it all ended. >> a deadly day for the philadelphia fire department. crews do their best against a fire that still claimed a man's life hours after fighting another fatal blaze. >> demanding answers. parents and students bombard a south jersey school board with questions about a teach here they say was unfairly suspended for his comments on school safety. >> good morning. it's 5:30 on this wednesday, february 28th. time to find out that weather and traffic with david and karen. good morning. >> good morning. i am loving these mild afternoons. >> i know, yesterday was gorgeous, wasn't it. >> yeah. >> lots of sunshine, i put sunscreen on when i went out for my walk. today a different story. take a look at the weather center. there's more cloud cover moving in. the bulk of this is down to the south and i think there's a shot at early sunshine but generally speaking more clouds than yesterday and maybe getting a little bit cloudier as the day goes on. starting out chilly this morning. in allentown you're at the freezing mark. upper 30's everywhere else.
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39 inly if. -- 39 in philadelphia. everybody wants a coat this morning. but as we go through the afternoon it is going to be mild again so this is another day karen will like. 7 o'clock 40 degrees. 46 by 9 o'clock. i'm going for a high of 58. we'll probably be there on or about 3 o'clock. might even hold that for about an hour or so and for the evening commute not bad. looks like mid to low 50's which isn't too bad for this time of year. karen we have rain arriving tomorrow and it gets rainy and windy thursday and friday with a coastal low forming. details on that coming up. >> we had construction and a delay here on the schuylkill westbound at south street but it's clear. all lanes opened. so no problems traveling on the schuylkill. crews will return again tonight at 9 o'clock and cause those restrictions. overall on your majors i-95, the schuylkill, 422, you see the green traffic flow. everything's looking pretty good as you head out the door so no huge issues. live on the ben franklin bridge we have construction eastbound.
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that's blocking the right lane but you can see this westbound traffic coming into the city and moving just fine, maybe a touch more volume than we saw a half hour ago. we had an issue in new castle county, route one right now in both directions near biddle corners toll plaza. we've had construction causing some restrictions. currently though speeds of 65 miles an hour so you're moving just fine, matt. >> sounds like it. thank you, karen. >> an armed standoff in south jersey has come to an end. we have new information on what happened to the gunman as a shooting victim is rushed to the hospital. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live near the scene in edgewater park burlington county. what do we know, jeanette? >> reporter: matt just under an hour ago authorities telling us that the suspected gunman is dead after shooting himself and we understand that a woman was shot a couple of hours ago. she was taken to cooper hospital o allegedly possibly by that gunman. take a live look behind me. this is the scene. you can see it's taped off by edgewater police. you can see in the distance there investigators inside of
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that home where the garage door is on, they've been taking pictures, processing the evidence there. this is where this all happened around 1 o'clock this morning is when police were called to the scene. this is the 200 block of roosevelt avenue. we know police medics and s.w.a.t. units were called to the scene as well. the man inside of the home would not leave, leading to this standoff. what we're trying to confirm is whether the shooting of the woman prompted the standoff or if that happened during this barricade but again, we're told that that man is dead after a self inflicted gunshot to himself. we're not sure exactly where. as far as the condition of that woman that hasn't been released but she's been taken to cooper hospital where she's recovering from her injuries. reporting live in edgewater park burlington county jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." tam. >> thank you jeanette. investigators are sorting through what is left of a west philadelphia row home where a man died in a fire last night. it came in as a routine call just one alarm but then it quickly spread through the
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roof and into a neighboring home on the 5300 block of race street. >> coming out the roof and for a minute there i thought it was going to explode. >> there was a lot of fire in the building of origin and the -- it had already extended to the occupancy next door so basically when they arrived there was fire more than two stories up above the building. >> this was the second deadly fire in the city in one day. yesterday morning a person died in a fire at a home in the strawberry mansion neighborhood. and firefighters kept busy heading just a few blocks away to a second scene last night. at least one person was injured in this fire. this is the 100 block of south 50th street. the victim is at jefferson university hospital. they have second and third degree burns to the back, legs and arms. >> time is now 5:34. parents and students from cherry hill high school east packed the school board meeting demanding answers regarding the suspension of a beloved teacher. chaos erupted last night when
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that school board president barry dickinson announced law prevents the board from speaking about personnel matters. dickinson said nothing he has seen in the public domain is based on fact. >> everything related to this matter is conjecture. an investigation is under way no facts exist in public. >> students staged a massive walkout at the high school yesterday morning protesting the absence of history teacher timothy locke. parents and students say locke was suspended over comments he made regarding the school's lack of security. they also say his bag was searched for weapons and he was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. >> ♪ >> emotional day for students at parkland florida. they'll try to get back to normal somewhat going back to classes at stoneman douglas high school after going through the completely abnormal deadly mass school shooting. the principal has been tweeting messages of support to them telling them don't
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worry about the backpacking, leave all the books and stuff at home. today is just about being together, about comfort and healing, not the curriculum. and the officer who captured the suspect was honored at an event yesterday. officer michael leonard was reluctant to call himself a hero and he got emotional as he reflected upon the day. and new reports claim that suspect nikolas cruz had as many as 180 rounds left when he was finally stopped dropping his rifle. 17 students and staff members were killed. >> new jersey lawmakers will consider seven different gun control measures today. the bills are up for review by the assembly's judiciary committee. one calls for seizing someone's firearm if a mental health professional determines that person possess a threat. another bill would require background checks for private gun sales. if approved the measures would go to the democrat controlled full assembly for a vote. >> time now to turn to dave murphy. yesterday felt great. >> wasn't it nice? >> yes. >> it looked so nice, too.
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today it's going to feel the same but looks a little different. no rain but we'll get more clouds in play. as we take a look outside right now on storm tracker, all we've got is dry conditions. radar getting ready for tomorrow, though. live view now on sky6 and we're looking at center city. clouds are starting to build in but we'll probably see some early sunshine and obviously the clouds not low enough to obscure the tops of the sky scrapers, that's pretty much expected when you're not looking at rain in the forecast. 39 degrees, though, a little bit chilly as you step outside to start out your morning and winds are light at 7 miles per hour. not all that bad. as we take a look at your temperatures across the region, 39 in philadelphia. allentown is really the colder spot this morning so as you get up into northern bucks, montgomery county, up toward the lehigh valley a little bit colder up there. as we take a look at satellite, there's the cloud cover beginning to move in. again, i could see some breaks early on with some sun and eventually the stuff that you see down to the south and west fills in during the day. it is going to be on the mild side, though. as soon as 10 o'clock we're going to be close to 50 and
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then your high today is going to be 58 degrees at 3 o'clock. that's well above average. average high today is still about 47 degrees. so, we're enjoying another break in that typically cooler weather. high temperatures across the region not much of a difference really. up in allentown all the way down to philadelphia and trenton it's upper 50's. same thing in reading and wilmington. mid 50 in the heart of south jersey. if you're down the shore looks like about 54 on the beach at cape may. even that is a milder than usual. >> temp. as we take a look at rain tomorrow it's going to cloud up overnight. rain in the afternoon rolls through. this is going to be a system transferring its energy off the coast and forming a coastal low. it will have a lot of moisture with it to start out. during the day on thursday and thursday night we could have pockets of heavy rain models kind of want to dry things out a little bit in the overnight hours but the problem is that we've still got that strong storm. it will be very windy at times wet and eventually cold air sweeps in from the west and we
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might see a changeover to some wet snow at the tail end of this. i'm not thinking it has much impact down around here but the farther you go up towards the poconos and lehigh valley you could have some accumulation. so mainly rain, winds picking up thursday into friday morning especially and then perhaps a late changeover to wet snow. a lot of stuff going on with that system. 58 degrees is today's high, clouds increasing. tomorrow rain arrives, 54 the high. rain heavy at times. winds picking up overnight into friday morning. then friday we have the accuweather alert. that's where you'll have the worst combination of rain and strong gusty winds. perhaps coastal flooding down the shore. keep your eyes on friday. maybe a changeover to wet snow later in the day and then 44 degrees the high. not a particularly comfortable day. on saturday i've got a bunch of you saying boy it's been raining so much on the weekends, one lady was like i'm trying to get my mom and sister to visit but they won't
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come but it will be dry but chilly. next chance of rain looks to be tuesday. >> okay. >> okay. >> that's not bad. that's days away. we can enjoy that sunshine. >> right, tam, that is the way to look at it. >> it is 5:40. parking violators are getting a little bit of a break. the parking authority is wiping away certain tickets. find out. >> handling for pregnancy. a woman has taken to the streets to raise money to have a baby. >> several south jersey police officers are under investigation after an alleged assault is caught on camera. karen. >> we had an accident over here in bristol township bucks county on the ramp from 413 to i-95 southbound. it has cleared. we'll take you to west conshohocken coming up next. >> ♪ flush
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look at the view out across penn's landing over to the ben franklin bridge. 5:43 right now, 39 degrees. little brisk out there. >> feel like a deer in the headlights right now, karen. >> yeah, as you look out at the headlights, we do a little bit. let's look live right now and check west conshohocken. this is the blue route approaching the schuylkill where traffic is moving pretty nicely. we had construction on the schuylkill itself. it has cleared and we're doing okay right here in west conshohocken: on the northeast extension heading northbound between quakertown we have construction crews two separate zones in the process of clearing out. let's take a look overall at your majors. we're not seeing any huge
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problems. you see the green traffic flow on route 42 in new jersey, 55, 295, so if you're coming out of new jersey, if you're traveling in pennsylvania no accidents to speak of. we did find someone on the waze app linda loves karate talking about an object on the road on i-95 southbound in tinicum township. let's take a look at today's fork. it's a little chilly to start but what an afternoon. a high of 58 degrees. we won't have tomorrow's sunshine. we'll have lots of clouds this afternoon well above the average high of 47 so we're doing all right today. if you think about it february hasn't really felt like february has it? overall, these are the days where we've had above average temperatures. we're averaging almost 6 degrees above average will had been one of the warmest members on record matt and tam. >> thank you, karen. two confederate statues are about to be unveiled. a virginia judge ruled
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yesterday that tourists artists and historians should be allowed to see the sculptures. city officials say they are unhappy with the decision but plan to honor it. >> a confrontation between a suspect and police is under investigation in camden county. edward minguela says officers approached him last thursday with guns drawn and he says he put up his hands. after they restrained him video shows an officer punching minguela while he's on the ground. minguela is facing charges of resisting arrest and obstruction of justice. the three officers are currently on paid desk duty as the camden county prosecutor determines whether this is a case of police brutality or justified force. >> two philadelphia police officers have just been honored for a life saving action caught on camera. officers nicholas harper and eugene donahue saved a man in a wheelchair from a fire in north philadelphia last year. they just happened to be nearby when that 911 call came
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in. however, in an unusual twist that man, 48-year-old henry flowers who they saved was later convicted of setting the fire as part of a feud with a neighbor. >> a utah woman has turned to panhandling to make her dream of becoming a mother a reality >> jessica gale and her husband have been trying to have a baby for 13 years with no luck. gale works two jobs at a hair salon and as a custodian at a local school and recently decided to add panhandling to try to make some extra money. gale hopes to earn enough money for in vitro fertilization which she says costs between $800 and $1,000 per month. >> it is 5:46. i can tell you what we'll be doing at my house at 8 o'clock tonight. the super bowl champion eagles get a special tribute tonight on abc's time. >> i'm doing the dvr 'cause i'm in bed. video of a western pennsylvania college student that is touching millions of hearts. >> ♪
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>> welcome back. breaking news. firefighters battling a house fire in burlington county. you can see through the dark that it is a smoky and flame filled scene there.
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that flame in the middle flaring up. but you can see up to the top of your screen the smoke going up and reflected against the light. this just after 5 o'clock starting on the 100 block of wyndmere drive in moorestown. again, heavy fire showing when crews go the to the scene but at least a little bit of good news. there's no reports of injury. >> a western pa basketball player hopes his good deed inspires others. >> sorry to bother you. i, uh, i noticed you out here all week. >> duquesne university sophomore mike lewis posted this video of him delivering pizza and wings to patricia smith. he noticed her living out of her car near campus. >> you know, somebody remembers you. >> i feel like there's more good in the world. focus on the negative things instead of the positive things. i'm glad people focused on the positive things more. >> the posting has been seen more than 2 million times. >> really glad that he got
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video of that, too, and got somebody to shoot it because it's a nice message to spread. >> something all of us can easily do. >> acts of kindness. love to see it. let's take a look outside right now and check the roads. we're looking live on the vine street expressway approaching the schuylkill westbound traffic on your right headed towards the schuylkill. no problems. the overnight construction is clear and you're looking pretty good. overall with mass transit, no delays. don't forget septa city and suburban buses trolleys and subways, new spring schedules took effect this week, dave. >> karen on the big board we're watching a couple of slugs of energy out in the west. niece these are going to come over towards the east and thursday into friday form a coastal low and that's going to give us some quote/unquote fun. we're probably going to have rain thursday into friday, strong gusty winds especially friday morning, maybe some coastal flooding and even some wet snow friday afternoon. but ahead of all of that you can get stuff done today 'cause today is a pretty nice one. 41 degrees, a little cool by 7 o'clock but we are going for a high of 58 degrees. it stays dry. you can get things done today.
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the only change really between yesterday and today is that we've got more clouds. matt, tam. >> thank you david. today is the final day of february and the final day of black history month. and there's something special you can check out on in honor of that. one civil rights icon in philadelphia was recently honored with a statue outside of city hall. octavius catto was a champion for minorities. he fought for literacy education voting rights and protested segregation and this was all done during the late 1800s. i recently sat down with two local authors who have gotten high mark for their catto biography. they say they're sharing his legos so it's not forgotten. >> great thing for the city now that the statue is up that even though that history has been hidden and buried and not taught for many generations, there's a chance for this generation of school kids to learn about those men and women and do their own research. >> you can see much more of my
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interview catto was a fascinating person just go to history. and tonight on 6abc the goldbergs celebrates its philadelphia roots with a salute to the super bowl champion eagles. cameos will include eagles legend mike quick and voice of the eagles merrill reese. the hail barry episode airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. right here on 6abc. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look here philadelphia international airport. it is 5:56. we're about to head into our 6:00 a.m. hour. cold out there right now, 39 degrees. >> investigators in the lehigh valley say they may never know what sparked last week's massive fire in the parkland school district. the flames destroyed 16 buses and damaged 14 others. the superintendent says there isn't any reason to believe it was intentional. the atf has officially declared the origin and cause of the fire as undetermined. jury deliberations are set to begin today in the federal corruption trial of allentown mayor ed pawlowski. prosecutors claim the democrat gave contracts too business owners who contributed money to his campaigns. the mayor's attorney said pawlowski is instenty sent. >> the philadelphia parking
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authority gets a bad rap for being merciless for handing out tickets. tomorrow it will give some of you a break. the fine for tickets issued before 2013 will be wiped out as long as you pay for all of your recent violations. if you don't have recent unpaid parking tickets your outstanding tickets from before 2013 could be for given for just a $50 late fee but the amnesty period will run out. you've got until april 30th. >> 5:57 is the time. the big screen surprise. coming up the local businessman who fills an entire movie theater with children to see "black panther" for free. >> also how a business pitch failed on "shark tank" has become a billion dollar venture in just a few short years.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david
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murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone. 6 o'clock on this wednesday february 28th and here's what we're following on "action news." >> gunshots an standoff in burlington county. the barricade situation came to an end in the last hour. we are live with the breaking developments with what's just happened in the past few minutes. >> scary moments for passengers on a flight to los angeles. their plane had to be diverted to the lehigh valley because the crew smelled smoke. >> and king responds. hear what lebron james had to say about those billboards encouraging him to join the sixers. you can kind of read into it what you want . >> [laughter] >> maybe it's a no, maybe it's a yes. it's hard to tell. >> i know what i want to read into it. [laughter] >> i'm with you on that. hey, everybody, we made it halfway through the week. congratulations and it's another pretty nice one. >> it is actually more clouds over in the weather center. you see that kind of building in overnight on satellite. i can see us getting some sunny breaks at times but it


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