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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  February 28, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news police in burlington county
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reveal what led to a tense standoff. and same bridge different day, the mistake that keeps on happening in radnor. the big story on "action news" at noon. the emotional return to the scene of a mass shooting in florida. students are back in class at marjorie stone mman douglas hig school. they were met with heavy security at the campus this morning. >> reporter: with the heavy heart and new fears -- parents send their kids off to school this morning in parkland. the students once mundane journey now without with emotion. >> finding a new norm. we can't go back to normal. >> the return to stoneman douglas high is greet bid an outpouring of support from the local community. hours before they returned students from other schools and
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nearly every off-duty police officer in the region added. adding to the growing memorial and surround issing the students and school with their love. >> thank you for being here we appreciate your support. >> thank you. >> many students returning to school today are working tirelessly since the shooting -- their voices already pressuring companies to change. dick sporting goods announced this morning they will no longer sell assault rifle or firearms to anyone under 21 years after age. >> this isn't going to make everyone happy. if the kids are brave enough to organize, we are brave enough to take these out of here. >> we have to get something done. there is no alternatives. his plans including an increased police presence at all schools along with metal detectors steel doors and upgraded locks.
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>> the students coming will be on a modified schedule for the week. and the top priorities are emotional readiness and comfort not curriculum. and even telling student there's is no need to bring a backpack. channel 6 "action news." a local police department is now recruiting armed guards to protect students in evesham township. they will hire a number of safety officers to work at schools throughout the district. they are specifically looking for retired law enforcement officers with who live in new jersey. a second person has died following a shooting following a shooting in allentown. and police found a man dead at the scene at airport road at 1:00 a.m. and a sec man died at the hospital ain third man remains in critical condition. and a gas station employee says that the shots were fired at the gas pumps and near the convenience store. jury deliberations are set to begin today in the federal corruption trial of allentown
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mayor, ed pawlowski. they say that the democrat traded city contracts for campaign cash. and the mayor says he is 100% innocent of the charges. we are learning about the tense standoff that kept a local neighborhood on edge. that a man barricaded himself inside a burlington county home after he shot his wife. leaving him in critical condition before he took his own life. jeanette reyes is live now. >> reporter: this is a quiet neighborhood and this road is a dead-end street. many neighbors are shocked and we understand that a woman is in critical condition after being shot by her husband and he is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. they are providing little in the way of details but investigators say that the fatal shooting happened at 1:00 along the 200
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block of roosevelt boulevard inside of this home. it turned into a barricade situation and s.w.a.t. arrived on scene shortly thereafter. ta to surgery for at least one d gunshot wound. and back at the home the standoff lasted several hours, at 4:00 in the morning the s.w.a.t. unit packed up their things and left and animal control later arrived and we learn that the husband had taken his own life. and the investigators spent hours looking for evidence and they were looking for shell cases in the front yard across the street. and we saw an upstairs window in the couple's home with a bullet hole. neighbors say they were a quiet couple and moved in back in 2013. most of the residents seemed to have slept through it all. >> neighbors say the husband was a crossing guard at an
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elementary school less han a mile away. and not much is known about the wife or if the couple had children. >> and no officers were injured as far as the woman, the victim here, we are told she is in critical and stable condition after going into surgery because of those gunshot wounds. the burlington county prosecutors office telling us they will release more information in the coming hours. channel 6 "action news." and investigators are pouring through a west philadelphia home where a man died in a fire and the one alarm blaze spread to a neighboring home and ray street. vernon odom has a live report from the scene at 12:30. chopper 6 hd is over the remains of a charred homes in morristown. "action news" viewer shared the video of the early morning flames and nobody was hurt and
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investigators are working to determine the cause. time for a check of the accuweather forecast. on the final day of february. going live outside, a pretty picture, sky 6 hd showing you the view of the center city skyline. a mild and calm afternoon. but we are tracking big changes heading our way. meteorologist, david murphy, over in the weather center with more. >> always nice when you get february to take off like a lamb and march represents a change. and as we take a look there is cloud cover out there. but we managed to squeeze out a decent amount of sunshine with the clouds and you saw that on sky 6 hd. and cloud cover could get thicker but it's a beautiful day. temperatures are on the move. 56 degrees now in philadelphia and mild air coming up from the south really affecting everybody and down in dover are you at 60 and cooler along the coast as you have the cool air coming in
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off the chilly ocean water. there is that wind coming in off the south. 13 miles per hour in philadelphia and most areas in the single digits and every now and then you get a burst of wind in the boardwalk in atlantic city and down in dover. overall not expecting winds to go that strong today. temperatures are looking good. 58 degree on the model at 2:00 and we could get up to 59 and we see how we only slowly slide as late as 10:00 tonight if you plan on taking the dog out for a late walk. we are looking at 50 and not too bad. 2:00 a.m. 47 and overnight lows stay in the 40s in most neighborhoods, versus the last couple of mornings we were cooler than that in the 30s. systems to the west they converge across the country and that helps to form the coastal low that winds upbringing the rain in during the afternoon tomorrow and intensifying that rain and wind thursday night. friday looks like it could be a
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windy one with coastal flooding and pour drainage area away from the ocean. when come back a closer look at future tracker 6 what that may mean for us and that could include wet snowflakes before it's out of here on friday. >> thank you. in other news an overpass near the radnor strain station is hit by a truck once again. this is the fourth time it happened in the last four months. this time the moving truck slammed into the overpass on radnor road and police were able to remove the overturned vehicle. and the same bridge was hit by oversize trucks twice in december and once in nor of last year. the final day of black history month and local students are closing out the celebration with song and dance. the dance team's performance was one of the many at the creighton
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charter school in long crest. and they were recently honored for their academic success and celebrating strides made by african-americans. still to come the president's former campaign manager has just appeared in federal court in connection to the russian investigation, what happened during his hearing. and the body of the late billy graham is now being honored in the nation's capital. and david murphy has your seven-day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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a man is behind bars for random chainsaw attack in florida. police say that 20-year-old juan cabrera tackle aid woman in her 60s and took her to the ground in front of the motel 6. and the investigators think that they are confident that the suspect and the victim had no prior connection. and the former campaign manager to donald trump entered a not guilty plea in federal court. paul manafort was arraigned on an indictment in washington.
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manafort's trial is scheduled to begin in september. the body of the late billy graham, is lying in washington, d.c. it's lying in repose in the rotunda in the capital building. he was only the fourth person to lie in honor in the rotunda. he died last week at the age of 99 and will be laid to rest in his home town of charlotte north carolina on friday. two confederate statues in charlottesville, virginia, are about to be uncovered once again. shrouds were placed over them back in august after the deadly unite the right rally. that the public should be allowed to see the sculptures and officials say they are unhappy the decision and plan to honor it. >> three astronauts are back on
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earth. after they spent the day in space. because one russian strepped down in katz ic stan. they are conducting speexperime on board the lap since september. the votes are in last night was the deadline for the motion picture academy to pick their votes for the winners. this year the academy has added new and more diverse members after the show was criticized for its lack of diversity and some say it's far from enough. we'll look at the progress coming up at 12:30 and don't forget to watch the oscars live with jimmy kimmel here on 6 abc. the show begins at 8:00 sunday night.
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a new warning for online shoppers. federal officials uncovered fake products sold on five major retail sites including amazon, wal-mart and ebay. and they include urban decay cosmetics and yetty travel mugs.
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health check this noon. a large study, a new study found that daily e-cigarette use can double the risk for heart attack. they have low level cancer causing ingredients but the e-cigarettes have other toxins that can increase the risk for heart and lung disease. and a staple for tv viewing but the controversial if you show may test the limits. >> that is important -- i need him to feel like there is only one way out -- >> the show goes inside the human mind to find out how we can be manipulated and can we be pushed to do things off limb is like murder. join brian taff for the special report into the experiment how far is too far at 11:00.
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alicia vitarelli is live in the newsroom with a preview of 4:00. >> coming up today at 4:00, a south jersey woman claims she was thrown outs the of metropolitan museum of art because of what she was wearing but nothing to do with the dress code. we'll break it down today at 4:00. and a brand new way to shop for health care and putting it at your fingertips. the partnership with the philadelphia inquirer that is gaining users. we'll show you how it works and important for you to help contribute. >> and whether they want to test come patibility or never walk down the aisle. some couples choose to never marry. but sharing a home in one state is actually illegal. the push to getting rid of the living in sin laws. we'll talk about that when see you at 4:00. >> thank you. we'll check the accuweather forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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david murphy is back with the accuweather forecast on this nice sunny day. david murphy is back. >> we have sunshine and stormtracker 6 live double scan shows us that we are still rain free. of course we'll keep that radar running for you because tomorrow the rain arrives. at times it could be heavy. lets look at the cloud cover or lack of it. obviously bright and sunny next to dillworth park and city hall. and there is a few people with jackets on because it's on it's cool side. all things considered it's a nice end to february. 56 currently and sun is mixing with the clouds. and winds outs of the southwest at 13 miles per hour. very likely going to add a few more degrees to the temperature before we are done and numbers are cross the region are looking good. 55 in allentown and similar numbers in trenton and philadelphia and 57 in wilmington and then you head to
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dover, we have hit 60 and a couple of spots could touch 60 in spots and outside chance we get there in philadelphia. cloud cover is trying to well up and become thicker to the southwest. but so far so good. here it's just scattered cloud cover. later on we see them get thicker. in the lehigh valley. more clouds than yesterday and still squeezing out a bright morning and afternoon. light wins and very mild with a high of 58 degrees, it's average high in the lehigh valley. is in the low to mid-40s more or less in the region. and at the shore. increasing clouds today and still mild and 55 degrees. 44 in the water. i had a facebook message from a follower who said that striper season is upon us, they want to make sure we are pointing out the ocean temperature because apparently it matters to the striper fishing people. 59 is today's high in philadelphia. and some clouds and wins are not
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that strong, 5 to 10 miles per hour. and tonight clouds get thicker and not as cold. 43 is the overnight low and as you step out tomorrow morning it may feel 5, 6, 7 degrees miler than the last couple of mornings. and winds are light overnight. we start out with clouds in the morning and lunch time some southeastern areas or southwestern areas will begin to pick up at least light rain and then later into the afternoon you see how the rain is starting to fill in and get steadier. this is the 5:00 view and it's evening rush looks wet and tomorrow night the heavy rain starts to pop in and you see the downpours in store from the poconos through allentown and philadelphia and points closer to the shore are liable to get rocked with rain. and it looks like an inch or maybe two in spots. most of the recent model runs are breaking this up a bit. and we'll be damp. and the coastal low sets up and deepens and we wind up with
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strong winds rip aring through the region and down the shore it's possible at times thursday late at night and in through friday morning we have gusts as high as 50 miles per hour. and cold air on the backside of this later friday afternoon and the chance we see a change over to wet snow and could be decent accumulation in the poconos. if we see any farther south maybe slushy in allentown and reading and the rest of us just seeing wet roads. here is what to expect thursday afternoon into friday. it starts friday afternoon and gets heaviert timesrida night. asible change over to wet snow at the end and we are looking at the possibility of coastal floodingnd winds are on shore and we have a lunar high tide. 59 degrees today and sun. and tomorrow rain arrives and a high of 56.
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heavy at times and an accuweather alert for friday it's windy and still wet and we may get the change over to wet snow. saturday we bounce back to 47 and still brisk ands of sun and cool, 45 looks lick upper 40s next week with the next chance of rain likely tuesday. >> thank you david. >> more ahead on our next half hour of "action news" at 12:30. the glaring lack of diversity among the oscars two years has sparked changes this year. >> and hot air balloon roads and hand gliding, orlando, florida offers outdoor adventures and we get ready to offer a free tp to the sunshine state and melissa magee goes to check them out and give the adventures a try. those stories and more next.
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"action news" continues? hello again here are the stories we are following for you now. a man was found dead inside is of his west philadelphia home after the fire burned through the entire building. we are live with the latest. and returning after tragedy, the students and staff are back in class in florida after a gunman opened fire taking 17
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lives. and also new questions about jared kushner's role in the white house after he loses his top security clearance. >> and now the details, one person was killed in a house fire in west philadelphia. the fast moving fire ripped through two twin homes and one investigators sifted through the rubble they found that a resident did not make it out alive. vernon odom is live now along ray street with the full details. >> reporter: good afternoon sara, we are still waiting for philadelphia's medical examiner to release the name of the victim here described as an elderly man by neighbors who was known by the name of mr. kennedy. >> this is daylight video of the scorched twin home on the 5300 block of ray street. the rapidly spreading blaze broke out at 8:40 killing the elderly man that lived here and firefighters got here quickly but too late for the victim known to neighbors only at mr. kennedy. >> there was a lot o


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