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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  February 28, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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double scan live shows the moisture gathering from the south that is with one low pressure and that combines with another one and the second one brings the energy and colder air and could change the rain over to snow in parts of our viewing area, it's hard to believe philadelphia 61 degrees today that is 14 degrees above normal and this is typical for early april than late february. wednesday, this shows by 7:00 tonight that low pressure begins to reach areas northern and west of us. by tomorrow afternoon. temperatures are in the 50s as this moves in it starts as rain. across the entire viewing area and this low pressure transfers energy to a coastal low and that deepens quickly and infence if is and trapped in the atmospheric traffic jam than pulls down colder air from higher in the atmosphere during the day on friday and that brings a change over to snow in parts of our viewing area, but
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look at the rain. generally we look at an inch to two inches north and east of philadelphia. areas of south be the wind gusts that will be the biggest part. the storm system with power outages, through friday and friday night the major concern and moderate concerns for the heavy rain. the falling temperatures and coastal flooding and there is concern for heavy snow. i'll talk about snowfall accumulation and how high the winds gust if the full accuweather forecast. >> you can get constant updates as the coastal storm approaches. including stormtracker 6 live double scan live any time. on your smart phone or tablet and a free download for your mobile device. >> breaking news from the omni section of philadelphia the search is on for the person that shot up a house it happened along 5:25 along delfine street.
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police found 1200 shell casings along the block and now a gunshot victim atinestein medical center. they are trying to connect it to this incident, and no motive but there was a shooting and police are investigating. what an emotional day this was in parkland, florida. as students returned to stoneman douglas high school for the first time since the shooting there. hundreds of off-duty police officers were there to lend their support in addition to the lawmen that were assign issed to the school today. and the school was on a half day schedule. it began with fourth period and students could be with the kids they were with. when the shooting broke out. inside the desks of students no longer there were decorated with
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memento of loves. right now gray hall is at dicks sporting goods in king of prussia. you have reaction -- >> reporter: indeed. this is a topic that has a whole lot of people talk. some people say what the ceo did is the right move on others are not sure. there was no shortage of opinions outside of the sports goods outside of king of prussia. customers are sounding off that it is no longer selling assault style rifles and banning gun sales to people under the age of 21. >> think it's overstepping as far as rights go. a rifle is a tool. and it has to do with the person itself. >> on "good morning america," dicks ceo says that it was the right thing to do. >> we looked at what happened in parkland and we were so disturbed and saddened we felt
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we needed to do something. >> the new policy takes place immediately and follows that nikolas cruz the alleged shooting behind the shooting in florida bought a gun at dicks in 2017 but not the gun or kind of gun used in the shooting and many dicks customers support it including the new age restriction in purchasing firearms. >> i don't have the correct mind set at 18 to be able to handle that sort of responsibility, i think it should be 25. as the debate over gun control rages in the poconos hundreds showed up with high powered rifles that were unloaded and zip tied. others wonder if others will follow. >> it's a great move. >> it's important that companies have an opinion on the issues and not just go sell out to the
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highest bidder. >>. >> reporter: so back out live, we mention that dicks says it will no longer sell the high capacity magazines and calling on elect officials to enact what they call common sense gun reform. and a burlington county police department is recruiting in an effort to boost school security. evesham county police are looking for law enforcement under 65 years old that live in new jersey. the armed guards would be assign issed to schools throughout the district. -- world news tonight with david muir will have more on the students return to stoneman douglas and dicks sporting goods policy at 6:30 after "action news." other news a woman is in critical condition after being shot by her husband who then killed himself. police were called to the 200 block of roosevelt avenue in edge water park at 1:00 this
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morning. police found michelle moses martin outside with several gunshot wounds to the chest and cause aid standoff with the husband and police forced their way into the home to find that gregory martin had taken his own life. and now the jury is deliberating the fate of allentown mayor, ed pawlowski. walter perez is live outside of federal court. what is the story? >> reporter: well jim, we are told that deliberation was end for the day at 6:00. at this point it seems unlikely a verdict is reached as the mayor of pennsylvania's third largest city awaits his fate. >> the jury is deliberating the fate of allentown mayor, ed pawlowski five and a half weeks after the corruption trial started. and deliberations started a bit past noon after jurors receive issed two hours worth of instructions from the judge.
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it is around the alligation that he favored favors and city contracts in exchange for campaign donations. prosecutors played for the jury secret fbi recordings in which pawlowski is heard expressing his frustration for organizations that were previously granted contracts to make donations to the campaigns. >> and it's defense attorney argued even after recording pawlowski for more than three years the mayor is never heard agreeing to any so-called pay to play deals and pawlowski pled not guilty to all counts against him including bribery conspiracy and fraud. >> we'll double-check to make sure a verdict has not yet been reached. they are reconvene tomorrow morning. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." robert lisbon jr. has joined
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the da's office and he was the head of the federal office of juvenile justice in the obama administration and most recently worked at drexel university and an overstatement to say but this seems like a monthly occurrence another truck crashed into the radnor railroad underpass today. john rawlins was there. >> reporter: two men and a truck. by the end of the morning the truck was a wreck and the two men arrested. the driver for suspicion of driving under the influence and the height is clearly marked but people in the area says too often ignored. >> i don't understand why they don't look up and see the sign that says how many feet. can they not read? because the height is there on the bridge. very clear. >> remarkable to me. >> every few month.
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>> this was the fourth time since november and the police estimate they have generated 100 accident reports in here in 10 years and one theory too many truck drivers have their focus on navigational apps for cars that don't factor in overhead clearance and everybody is look agent apps and looking at and listening to whatever the voice in the machine is telling them without observing them around them and saying i'm a big truck that is a small clearance. >> can anything be done to improve things? something hard toward ignore? >> blinking lights or neon, so when you approach it it's really obvious. >> high tech alarm is discussed and these plastic pipes they strung across the road the goal a warning racket hopefully stopping the driver of a tall truck before there is damage. >> both the high tech and low tech warning options are
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discussed between radnor and penndot but so far no decision is made on what to do. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> coming up tonight a beloved school aid gets a special sendoff as she walked out for the last time after three decades on the job. >> the future of nick foles the big topic of discussion at the nfl combine and ducis rogers with that story coming up. >> coastal flood watches are posted late thursday into saturday for a powerful slow moving coastal storm. i'll have details on what to expect as far as rain, snow and wind where you live in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> those stories and more when "action news" continues tonight. more and more student debt
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new castle county believe this is the vehicle behind the thief of the car brakeins, we told you about the braeak-ins yesterday on "action news." the thefts happened in three locations. the pike creek and paper mill park. >> some supporters in philadelphia's controversial soda tax visit aid pre-k class today and city councilman curtis jones and invited guests spend their time at services in winfield heights where some of the 2,000 additional pre-k slots were created by revenue of the soda tax. students presented their gifts with hand made cards as a way of saying thank you. and this is the way students
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and faculty in an elementary school in philadelphia wish aid happy retirement to their favorite cafeteria worker of after 35 years, carol goodwin helped to serve her last lunch and students wanted to give her a special send your and boy did they ever. she doesn't is want to retire but has to focus on her health. 20,000 food items could be given to those that need it thanks the remarkable efforts of the parkville district in allen tonight. they were loaded on to trucks forsake -- sacred heart food banks today.
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all right all kinds of controversy brewing here. what about nick foles and his future that is what they are talking about in the combine. a topic of debate on talk radio and studios. >> right here.
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the nfl combine is all about the scouting of the future the eagles brain trust is there and doug peterson and howie roseman is talk about the future offic follows. the stock is never higher following his super bowl mvp performance earlier this month. it doesn't sound like eagles are shopping follows but any about executive has to keep an open mind. >> we are keeping as many good players as possible. you are talking about a super bowl mvp. he is great for us. a franchise quarterback and super bowl mvp and a young quarterback that works as well. that is how we are looking at it. >> he is driving up the price. that is what he was doing. three months ago the flyers seemed done and lost ten straight games and the coach appeared to be on the hot seat and now one of the best teams in
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all of hockey. >> jeff skversky was at the practice. >> you said we would be in the running for first place in february i would say you are raise crazy. >> since losing ten straights and sitting in dead last place the flyers are on fireflying up the standings to first earlier this week and now one point out. >> people are on the fence and i would say it shows our maturity as you mature as a team and stuck together and management believes in us. >> captain claude giroux says that the locker room never changes. >> we lost ten in a row and it's pretty much the same. i come to the rink and it's a lot of fun. >> you don't know if we lost ten in a row or win. >> they have 19 games to go and the majority of the games are
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with teams with a winning record including tomorrow at home against carolina. >> a tough schedule and big challenge for us. i see it as more of an opportunities and try to improve ourselves. >> and the flyers want to make a statement as they shoot to make a deep playoff run. jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." >> spring training is flying back four weeks from tomorrow the phillies open in atlanta and another tuneup against the blue jays than is curtis granderson with a two-run shot. the phillies fall 7-1. time to get back on track for the villanova wildcats as they visit seton hall and dropped three of six games falling from number one in the nation to number four. seton hall comes in 20-9 and the pirates play the cats tough and coach wright explains why. >> we have a familiarity with
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each other and their players from new york and new jersey and know our guys. and i just feel like they are very confident against us and comfortable because we have so many battles and know each other so well. >> la salle and temple in action this evening. cecily tynan has the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment.
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almost as if to laugh in our face. winter giving us no break as with we leave february. you think we are heading into march and great weather is on the way. a nice day it was.
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it's gorgeous ac cam taking a look over the schuylkill river trail. enjoying the sunny 61 degree weather on the final day of february the third warmest february on record. and another viewpoint kevin posted this put his drone up to put the blue skies and sunshine and keep sending me the photos and temperatures it doesn't feel like the end of february. and the same if february and wilmington and allentown 54 and trenton 56 and cape may 54 degrees. and overnight tonight pretty mild and back up into the low 50s tomorrow and when the moisture moves in it will begin as rain. across our entire viewing area. even across the poconos and satellite 6 along with action radar showing there are pieces to the storm. one piece is is the surface low pulling you of the southern plains. that provides the moisture and another piece to provide the
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energy help the coastal storm develop and bring colder air higher in the atmosphere and the storm as it intensifies taps into the colder air. tomorrow morning future tracker 6 showing 7:00 in the morning no problems for the morning commute and peeks of sunshine north of philadelphia. and temperatures are mild in the 40s as we head into the afternoon this is when the showers develop and temperatures in the mid-50s and lights rain to start. and this system really starts to ramp up tomorrow night around 8:30, it's pouring in philadelphia all areas up to the north and then as it intensifies. and it starts to pull down the colder air. that means we'll start to see a change over to snow in the poconos early friday morning. and then it's a catchup game. how quickly can the cold air catch up to the moisture this future tracker 6 showing by 6:30 this is our inhouse model showing the change over will be extending into philadelphia even
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into south jersey. but with temperatures in the 60s today and limited moisture at the end, it will have trouble accumulating. this is our first call snowfall map. looks like the northern lehigh valley and the poconos a good am of snow. 3 to 6 inches of snow great fuse for the ski resorts. and it's northwest suburbs upper montgomery and bucks and chester county into southern lehigh county. we are look agent 1 to 3 slushy inks primarily on grassy surfaces and philadelphia to the north and south could get a grassy coating and doesn't look to be more than that. and that could change. really the big impact with the storm system the wind gusts are fierce, especially friday evening. 7:30 in the evening, wind gusts 45, 50 to more than 60 miles per hour. with the saturated ground. and this will lead to power outages tree limbs and older trees could be coming down.
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friday into saturday that the point here. looks light to moderate. the storm track, if that system tucks in could be move intense and widespread beach erosion, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast rain moves in during afternoon 56 degrees and friday intensifying to wet snow north to the south. 44 degrees and it's breezy on saturday. and 48 and windchills in the 30s. the winds ease on sunday and clouds up and 49. and wednesday another storm on the way with rain perhaps wet snow north and west. i am getting new information tonight, what could really change is the expected snowfall map. i could have to extend that snow farther south i'll have new information on "action news" at 11:00. >> you know what this is? unacceptable. i get it. abc world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6. and "action news" continues on
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phl 17, and then please join us for a special report on channel 6 at 11:00. and brian taff looks at a new show that tests human limits. >> the reality show making headlines around the world. >> chris is immeshed in i web of lies, that is important i want him to feel there is only one way out. >> can a normal person be manipulated in committing an appalling act like murder. join us at 11:00 for this experiment in how far is too far. >> for cecily tynan and ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight, breaking news. the resignation at the white house. less than 24 hours after answering questions on capitol hill, hope hicks now resigns. president trump's longest serving aide stepping down. abc news learning hicks told house investigators just yesterday she had occasionally told white lies on the president's behalf. the white house says the timing today is coincidental. also tonight, the president's call to take action on guns. oftentimes siding with the democrats at the table. tonight, supporting universal background checks. and what about raising the age limit on buying guns? a new scare at a school tonight. students running for their lives. this time, a teacher, armed with a gun, barricading himself inside a classroom, firing his weapon. we are tracking a nor'easter off the coast tonight, moving in


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