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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 1, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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. tv's number one daily viral video show, right this minute. the family's all excited for this man to open a huge box. the amazing reunion 16 years in the making. a pilot shows some serious skill with the a-10. why going vertical has never looked so thrilling. it's a cool new website that lets you follow in the famous footsteps of celebrities. now the force of nature behind galaxy shares the travel story behind one idea.
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>> i planned my entire trip based on celebrity sitings and it was the best ever. >> we're break down the best on the web including a twin spin on the challenge. see why when ballet and reggae meet. >> it's so beautiful. >> i loved it. the gift he's about to receive for his birthday is way up there. that's a big box. a huge box, the size of his living room and he's about to open it and this woman pops out. and he can't move. she's rubbing his head and kissing himment that's his
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mother. he hasn't seen her in 16 years. she hasn't been able to make it to the states. family members got together and decided there's no time like the present. >> there's nothing more to be said. they just hugged and hugged and cried and hugged. >> there has to be some as well for them. they haven't seen each other in 16 years. often times they start to get sick and ill and you can't see them. that has to be the most heartbreaking thing you could ever experience. they probably have a lot to catch up on. this is probably one of the best birthday gifts they could have given him.
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water is a beautiful turquoise color but not clear. they're on a dive. they see one guy push that shark away and as the shark goes away from that diver, you see his flipper, just kind of get real close to the shark. that scares the shark. >> oh, shoot. >> and it got so startled it swam right into the face of elton. 38 years old. that knocked his mask off and the regulator out of his mouth. >> factor in the adrenaline of being surrounded by sharks. >> that's crazy. >> there were no injuries to elton or the shark. everybody remained calm. they also made sure to electrical us it was not an
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attack. the shark simply got startled. one of the other divers had it going. you can see it right in his hand. now let's head over to the philippines where many people may look at this and go oh. >> they are related. you can see it certainly around the head area. it's much different than a man tee. the diver here said he has only ever seen these in the aquarium and never out in the wild. of course it's always much more thrilling to see these animals. the very dramatic video captured the moment a boy, 1 year, 8 months old is pulled out of a hole he's been in for 13 hours. you can hear him crying and they're calling out his name. they have been working this
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entire time for hours with a lifeline giving him okay general and water to keep him hydrated. right here is when they are finally able to pull him out. >> how did he get in there. >> reports say he was with his mom and on their way to feed animals and suddenly he disappeared. that's because there was an open hole he fell right into. mom started panicking when she couldn't find her son and when she realized he had fallen into the hole, she started calling out his name sure that maybe he was dead. all of their attempts to pull him back up the hole were unsuccessful and had to bring in larger pieces of machinery to cut a hole through the earth to where the little guy was. >> once we see this video, we can see it at the construction site. >> wondering if it was a
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sinkhole or something. >> the child and the mother had to be completely terrified. can you imagine walking with your kid and being gone. >> they took him to the hospital and he was treated for non-life threatening injuries. in fact, he was quickly relea d released. >> it would sound like a road or something but you're thinking about the a-10 thunder bobolt, warhawk. known as that for quite a reason. i didn't know it was quite so maneuverly. you can see those engines behind his head. a vertical 540. that would be 540 degrees. nice move there. bringing it all back down. the a-10 is a crazy durable aircraft. it's like a fly tank and the entire plane is built around a 13 millimeter cannon. it is just enormous.
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it goes off. and the whole thing, just the weapon is 20 feet long and the barrels themselves are 90 inches. these things can put down 4,200 rounds a minute. >> and another thing you can see, having some fun -- pretty cool aircraft. >> i'd love to see these things up close. it's supposed to be kind of a fun video. >> it's a calm scene on security cam and then -- >> suddenly, we have an intruder. >> how the little bandit pulls off a mission impossible style escape. >> now that is cool. >> and when it comes to weight lifting, sometimes all you need is one arm and a whole lot of determination. inspirational story behind the man that's going beast mode. >> dang, th
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brushing teeth - easy! new act kids toothpaste strengthens and protects developing teeth, and helps prevent cavities. new act kids toothpaste. find tonss of videos and share them with your friends. >> picture yourself at the gym,
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shoulder presses, pull ups, kind of normal. two hands, not always. sometimes all you need is one arm and a whole lot of determination. this guy is trevor and he has gotten into cross fit with help from people around the jim. here he is in a squat position balancing that heavy weight on his shoulder with just one arm. >> 300 pounds? what is that? >> i don't know, it's a lot of weight and he's pushing it off. >> that is wild. in 2006 he lost his left arm in a motorcycle accident. he also had other injuries that he relied on booze and painkillers to help him through. he was introduced to exercise and fitness by some friends and
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it definitely changed his life. maybe even saved his life. >> oh my goodness. >> yeah, he found a number of different ways to adapt his personal style to the jim. >> yeah. >> just get out there and do it. >> have the thing for you. it's a new website called and it allows regular folks like you and me to follow in famous footsteps. all you have to do is pop in a celebrity, location and category and you're living like beyonce. >> it shows you where they are, where they have been, or what they've done. >> we're not following them in real time. we're just going to the places they have been. >> or in some cases, where they
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has been. >> it allows you to save and share travel plans based on the places your favorite celebrities have been. first, let's get to the founder of welcome. all right. so tell us about and how you came up with this idea. >> so i like to think that i was born to do this because my parents named me after carly simon but the ah-ha moment came when i was in london for the second time and i didn't know where to go. i started following where did prince harry party at or where did rihanna go to the club and i researched it and i did my entire trip based on celebrity citings and it was the best trip ever. >> how do you do it? there's a lot of stuff happening every day. >> so i usually scroll all of social media and i try to look for if they checked in somewhere or if they posted a picture of the menu and then i find out the
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address and the information and edit the photo and upload so it that everybody else can search and save it and then head to that place themselves. >> what are some other cool places that you found? >> everybody loves beyonce, right? i love new orleans so i went to galaxy and found out all the locations she went to in nola. down the street and across the way it's the world war ii museum that she went to. >> how can this site help people that really don't care about the celebrity as much as just enjoying a good time? >> you don't have to care about who went where so much as the where. you know they're going to the best places in all the cities and also the safest neighborhoods. this is not a website to find a celebrity, it's the website to have the same experience as them. >> the actor doesn't come with the meal? >> no. >> thanks for joining us. we'll see you soon.
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>> bye. >> security footage in the middle of the night, everything is dark. we can see what looks like a car right there in the distance. maybe a little know flying across our screen. >> and suddenly we have an intruder. >> okay. raccoon maybe. >> that's exactly what that is, watch this. it's probably already broken into the house, taken what it wants and now it's making its mission impossible. >> i love how we actually positioned the camera in a way that enabled him to be really cool. >> if you wanted to upload the footage on youtube. >> exactly. >> he's tom cruising down the side of this building. >> look how he is. he has perfect form. >> that is cool. i'm just like that is cool. >> right. at the very bottom, just gets off and keeps going. >> see how fat and happy that raccoon is?
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that raccoon hasn't missed any meals. what has it been eating and how? >> it's all about kid talk. >> i've got no idea what they're talking about. >> next right this minute. and still to come. >> wait, wait, three of us, who is getting hurt? >> not me. >> but see what happens when this lady takes quite the tumble. that was supposed to happen. plus, roman and his family have helped lots of dogs. >> but this time, my dog needs help. >> what that means is something specific. >> here's the desperate plea to keep bubba with the family. >> i love you so much. it's all pop-culture trivia, but it gets pretty intense.
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humility, clarity. nature gives, give back. join us in supporting the national park foundation with these specially marked nature valley boxes. wait, wait, the three of us? who is getting hurt? >> not me what was supposed to
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happen? >> i don't know what they thought would happen but oh to be young and dumb. >> she's going to need all the ice inside that cooler to help her feel better. >> that's pretty brutal. >> it looks like she's got it. >> tighten your core. then it all comes undone and splat. >> that is a tiny mat, though this is probably the first time in history that we've had an all family fail.
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>> hi, everyone. this is my dog, bubba. we helped a lot of dogs but this time my dog needs help. this is roman. he was talking about legend the dog in november trying to get that dog a home as part of project freedom ride but now his own dog bubba needs some help. >> we're moving to georgia this summer and we can't take him to georgia because he is as big as a car and he won't fit in the car. he has a number of health issues. going in a car is too much for them. he won't be medically cleared to fly on a commercial flight.
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>> i know that people out there have their own plane that can fly my dog bubba to georgia. >> what they need is somebody that has a carter plane that's flying from washington to georgia because dad has new orders. >> bubba is 14. he has a lot going on medically. when he was 12 my husband got orders so we separated our family, roman, myself and our two daogs stayed in washington state. and now we have orders for georgia. >> they helped so many other do dogs. >> there has to be someone that knows someone. >> considering how much good they have done for other people or other dogs. it's only the matter of time before the right person hears this calls them up and flies them over. >> thank you.
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this looks like a ton of fun. >> this set of twins are keeping everybody on their toes. >> there's a challenge going around social media and that's why they're dancing to that song but they put their own spin on it. >> no one elts is going to be able to do this. >> i'm sorry. we're talking. >> pop back into reality there. >> this is a challenge that i support fully. >> me too and so do millions of other people. because combined they have about 150,000 instagram followers.
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but once daddy yankee took their video and posted it to his 20 million followers the video has gone viral and it's been viewed millions of times. they also posted this other video to their instagram page. and they're killing it. absolutely killing it. i don't know what you call this except amazing. >> they're beautiful and talented and you can understand why they're getting so much attention. >> what are you talking ability? >> that's our show. we'll see you next time on rtm.
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hey, oscar, kim. hi. i'm so glad i found you guys. hey. i wasn't expecting to see you here. yeah, and i wasn't expecting the sewage to back up into my pub. listen, oscar. i'm really sorry to disappoint you and your friends, but we're not gonna be able to hold the dance at charlie's tonight. i'm sorry. i -- i really wanted to help. well, no. you can't just cancel on us. like, three dozen people already confirmed on myface. okay, well, sweetheart, it's a plumbing issue, so mr. jerome has no control over that. yeah. yeah, listen, oscar, the only people that are gonna be at my pub tonight are the hazmat team. that's not exactly a party atmosphere. i really am sorry. i wish there was something i can do. well, there isn't, okay? not unless you can find another place in the next two hours. ♪ well, the ceremony honoring me and finn


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