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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  March 3, 2018 5:00pm-5:35pm EST

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist medical list a magee, jeff skversky and walter perez. from power outage toss down trees yesterday's nor'easter left a giant mess all across the delaware and lehigh valley. i'm walter perez. big story at 5:00 is damage that has some people still without power.
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it has been american 24 hours since that storm first blew through and we are still feeling effects and tonight we have team coverage. "action news" reporter trish hartman is in delaware county which was hit hard and remains under a state of emergency. but first we will begin with meteorologist medical wrist a magee with the windy remnants from that storm. >> even those that moisture is long gown in the atlantic we have blustery wins in the wake of the powerful nor'easter. peak wind gustness dover, coming in at 49 miles per hour , a gusts, earlier today in atlantic city up to 48 miles an hour. here in philadelphia clocking in at 46 miles an hour. same thing in reading, millville coming in at 45 miles per hour. current gusts, still pretty strong. 38 miles an hour in the city. thirty-five in the poconos. twenty-nine at the coast in atlantic city. we have a gust in dover come in at 30 miles an hour. moisture is departing but is there still a bit of concern at the coastal flood warning stays up across sections of new jersey, from sea side heights down to cape may, also into areas of delaware, and rehoboth beach, is included,
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in that warning, for the rest of tonight. looking at the high tide times , barnegat late later this evening at 8:56, minor to moderate flooding is a concern atlantic city your high tide is 8:45. cape may is after 9:00 and close to 10:00 o'clock tonight there in lewis, delaware. we will talk about the weather headlines and what you can expect for rest of tonight. we have got coastal concerns, for our saturday night, even into early tomorrow morning, the wins will slack even a bit gusting to 25 to 35 miles an hour tonight, and it is brisk, chilly, and we have got more weather as we track into the rest of next week. those details coming up with the accu weather forecast, walter. lets move to "action news" reporter trish hartman who joins us live from davis avenue in blue mall, in delaware county, trish. >> reporter: hi, walter i want to show you one example of the damage here in this area, this tree was just snapped in, half by the strong, wins that have been experiencing, and toppled right over, now this
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was one that felon to i lawn erines, on hoehuind us here i run generator. we have talk to a couple people in this neighborhood without power. latest numbers from peco more than 72,000 customers are without power here in delaware county at last check abe more than 7,000 customers, are without power in marple township. in delaware county a state emergency has been e dow power outages, folks are dealing w take a look at video from middletown township earlier today this house on chip monk lane was heavily dama tt right down on top of it during the height of storm. you can see the trunk smashed right through that second floor of the home, and in one was hurt, fortunately. now the head of the delaware county emergency services said they saw a historic level of demand for emergency services yesterday, their call volume was double. county officials are urging people to check on the elderly or vulnerable neighbors
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without heat or power. they are urging people to be safe and use warming stations they have set autopsy cross the county. >> what the state of emergency enables us to do is bring all of the resource as veilable to delaware county to bear. namely, we have double our staff here at emergency operations center, council has authorized emergency purchase of more generators, more equipment to support, shelters all across delaware county. >> i have all individual, if they have someone they know hoist older someone vulnerable , someone in need please check on them and make sure that they are safe, comfortable. >> reporter: now, marple township police have opened up its doors, this afternoon, as a warming/charging station for folks without power, and they will be opened today until 6:00 p.m. live from broomall, trish hartman for channel six "action news", walter. >> thanks, trish w that said delaware county and montgomery county took the largest hit when it came to losing power. peco still has more than
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228,000 customers, without electricity, in the five county region. atlantic city electric has more than 10,000 outages, most are in cape may and cumberland counties. pse and g has 5600 customers in our region still in the dark. del marva has about 8,000 customers without power at this time. and down trees hampered septa's bus, trolley and regional rail lines services this morning. this bus got stuck on manayunk avenue in manayunk due to slick conditions. septa's regional rail services remains suspended until further notice due to power problems caused by ice covered up lines and down trees. there is a linc to septa's alternative service options on the web site at six amtrak, meanwhile is beginning to restore services after a coming to the complete halt along northeast corridor at the height of the storm yesterday. is there modified services being offered between washington d.c. and new york city, as well as services from new york to boston. amtrak, keystone services that runs to and from new york,
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philadelphia, and harrisburg is also operating on a modified schedule. amtrak says that it is working to get refunds to customers, whose trips were cancelled. and as philadelphia international airport, it is recovery day, lot of people are trying to get out after their flights were cancelled yesterday. the airport did have a few more cancellations and delays today, and if you are flying this evening, you would be wise to check your flight status before you head to the airport. in the port richmond section of the city strong win s brought down a power line as you can see right there blocking the intersection of the salmon and east cumberland street. most drivers simply turned around when they realize there had was no way around. a huge tree is causing problems for drivers, in fairmount parkas well. a tree is blocking the lane and ford road and as a result there is no vehicular access to martin luther king drive from there. meanwhile down the shore minor flooding caused a problem at the shore, ventnor the water rose, along edge water avenue coming right up to the sidewalk, and a similar
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scene on monmouth avenue where water made it tough to get through this intersection, cones were up but some people still decided to take their chance. anytime a storm hits keep track of the very latest where ever you are by using our free six abc app tt gives you updates posted by our team of accu weather meteorologists, access live double scan radar and traffic cameras to check road conditions across the region. well, a man accused of killing his wife and his mother in the mayfair section of the philadelphia is in custody at abington jefferson hospital. he was arrested after a chase that stretched into montgomery county, the victims were the suspect's 42 year-old wife and 71 year-old mother, they were each found shot in the head on chip dale street in philadelphia after police spotted the man in the bustleton section they chipped him to the bet heirs train station in lower more land. police say he pointed a gun at officers there and they fired, striking him in the arm. a driver lost control and went airborne in new castle delaware this morning before
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slamming into a tree. here you can see remnants of the crash. it happened on northbound lanes of the route 13 near red lion road, police say several people weren't injured but no further information about this case is being released at this time. much more to come on "action news" we are not only won feeling effects of yesterday's nor'easter, we will show you problems they are face nothing massachusetts when the governor has declared a state of emergency. also a scare at the white house, secret service says a man walk up to the fence, and pulled out a gun and shot himself.
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a man shot himself to death outside the white house today creating quite a scare. secret service has identified him but that information has in the yet been released. around 11:45 this morning he approached the north fence removed a concealed handgun and fired several rounds before taking his own life. nobody else was injured. the president and first lady were in mar-a-lago when the incident took place. police arrested a 19 year-old student accused of killing his parents at central michigan university following an intense search. investigators say james davis, junior was spotted shortly after midnight on a train near campus. investigators say davis shot and killed his parents on friday inside of a campus dormitory. when they arrived to pick him up for spring break. they say officer spoke to davis thursday night during a drug-related incident but was released after questioning. a fund set up to help families of victims from last years las vegas massacre has raised more than 31
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million-dollar. organizers say more than 90,000 private and corporate donors have contributed. loved ones of the 58 people killed in the attack will receive $275,000, and survivors will, of course, also receive financial help. distribution is scheduled to begin on monday. now back to that nor'easter that has claimed at least seven lives and caused millions of dollars worth of damage all across the coast. crews are working hard to restore power to 2 million customers. here's abc mark remlard with more. >> reporter: on the second day of the powerful nor'easter, high tide surging several feet in massachusetts pushing sea walls, at times, winds gusting up to 90 miles an hour blasting the water in to house s in, salisbury massachusetts, tides and winds surge go through the streets. the massachusetts governor declaring a national emergency , states national guard busy all night rescuing over a hundred people in the town of quincy including these
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children. >> we do have the national guard still with us, that are helping us transport people back and forth. >> reporter: they have been transporting transported residents after water washed out roads this couple and their dog brought to safety on a boat. fire department in ducksberry, trapped under a collapsed structure and in pennsylvania, many digging out from the wet snow mess. >> last you could shake that off it wasn't wet or mud. >> reporter: high winds toppling power lines, crews working overtime to get more than 2 million people back own line. out west another storm dropping 4 feet of snow in the sierra nevada causing avalanches one crashing down on five people near lake tahoe , all survived including one man uncovered after six minutes and in snow boarded down the mountain. >> i saw 8 feet of snow and second later. it hit us. very tip of my snow board was showing, and, many props to the skiers around us. >> reporter: mark remalard for
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abc news, insuring. amazing video there, my goodness. people in the united kingdom are still dealing with the week of snow and now ice n wales they are using bull dose tours remove the snow, because as you can see it is quite high this white suv is barely visible. this has been coldest march on record there but now, normally mild southwest, up to the scottish border, there are now flood warnings as rising temperatures are beginning to melt that snow. much more to come on "action news", we will take to you los angeles for a preview of tomorrow night's the oscars show, oscars show, and find out when those famous cherry blossoms are expected to bloom in washington d.c. and next we will take you to the philadelphia flower show, which is bursting with color. at the ikea kitchen event. - hon- [narrator] going big (yelling)
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pick your free yogurt at ikea, we believe that everything you need
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should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen th. ikpend $2000 or more at the ikea kitchen event. despite old man winter's nasty necessary thousands enjoyed a piece of spring at opening day of the philadelphia flower show. for this years theme wonders of the water is there plenty of lush greens. at entrance you can walk through rain forest or imagine yourself relaxing around a backyard pond. side desert plants which thrive o very little water. show continues, through next with that said flower show once again in full bloom this weekend. watch our preview tonight our special at 7:00 o'clock right here on six abc. cherry blossom lovers, listen to this, if you flock to the nation's capitol to see them youay be in for anearly tr. national park service say that it is expects blooms to peak between march 17th and
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20th. cherry blossom festival starts on the 20th. trees are considered to be in peak bloom when 70 percent of the blossoms are opened. another group washington post capitol weather gang predict the peak will actually occur between 23rd and 27th but that is still ahead of sedule. blosm during first weeks of april. first few days of april. time for a check of the accu weather forecast with storm,ssp blew on by but it did and we've got aftermat prove ben franklin bridge, and, you can see i-95 as well, drytki are ix inla getting up in the air after many delays and cancellations asf thatorght now the city weco. allentown 39. forty-one in reading. at the cot in cape may 45 degrees. forty-four beach haven. the north/northwest and eeyvenbese otth 3 weouourackew t
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k live fs i ats woul m hav tack . epong t ly sticeonn watch. fhid,hes fr cks. a cor8:00 llowedtiaward cos
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ly sticeonn watch. fhid,hes fr cks. a cor8:00 llowedtiaward cos snok abo e nhi longnevon thaw ribey ly sticeonn watch. fhid,hes fr cks. a cor8:00 llowedtiaward cos snok abo porkorseor the gopri e nhi longnevon
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they celebrated girl power at city hall in philadelphia. national youth foundation hosted a girls rally with toy recognize six outstanding women in their fie honoraries inclued she ldilityilemerde hertcher frle ed> cding positive oler a f froph correspondent lindsey davis, wasooil sat down with alycia variety rel toy share inspiration her ne children's book a wcorldwake, ay daygstuterou hh, w the wondersfrl t ahd,s thon, aho
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to f years itdte.pi mt ks theak tw also says tnref b wzing all godionsutro ad right fi blackan bsn home > wen wey wil su
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welcome back. here are the stories we are covering at 5:30. nor'easter has proven to be awe busy one for clean up and
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utility cruz and hundreds of thousands of people may be looking at a second night without power. also, it is a fate many drivers fear during yesterday 'storm falling debris is being blamed for killing a man while driving in montgomery county. also, how a classroom lesson turned into an experience of teachers and students wl never forget. time for another check of the accu weather forecast, once again thousands of people across will delaware and lehigh valleys still without power and winds are whipping hard. meteorologist melissa magee has this check of the accu weather forecast, medical list hi there walter, yesterday was a combination of the precipitation that moved on through and those powerful wind gust that is blew that snow around the delaware and lehigh veils. winds are still strong at this hour. these are sustain wind speed across the delaware and lehigh valleys coming in at 25 miles an hour in philadelphia. we have got a sustained wind in allentown of 24. same thing in the poconos. up the coast from beach haven to the boardwalk in cape may not as strong as, in the locations, but still a stiff
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northwesterly wind moving on through. here's satellite six with action radar, this is the area of low pressure, this is nor'easter responsible for all of the crazy weather we have had yesterday. this is well out along the atlantic but now we have got high pressure that is trying to come in across the great lakes. we're sandwich in between these to and we are still e north andnd itinds out of qit this ede the trewn h oe re dry at dy ski good for cleaning up later on tonight. 8:00 p.m. a temperature of 40. same thing at 9:00. we will hold in the upper 30's at 10 and 11:00 o'clockxpect we stillo coastal flood through the rest of tonight and it is still breezy tonight warning that is up, right right into early tomorrow morning. in to 20 to 30 temperaturesorstur ve got metsitl xclu mel ho vn helawsefusbecok .la w sith ssustll h oying
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rod my lwn every it is a mess. >> west chester pike, township line is there a tree down. is there trees down every where. >> reporter: early this morning before today light we had a tree down near chadham and city avenue as well, there is was one down on lincoln drive near wissohickon avenue and queen lane in east falls, earlier the winds continued to whip up until the sun cme up but once it did it started to get a little bit warmer and the snow was melting. so those i spoke with are calling the last few days a perfect example of typical march weather. nor'easter one day and sunny and 46 today. >> i know and that is the sad thing. >> we're used to it now. we're used to it. still craze any march, always. >> reporter: along with all of the debris out on the road with that snow melts, it falls , and a lot of things fall witt. we he have been watching branches coming down here so keep an eye out for that as well. reporting from overbrook, bob brooks, channel six "action news". on the same line many people are thanking their lucky stars today after close
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calls with fallen trees. david byrne of d.a.wes, a 80- foot white pine in his neighbor's backyard crashed through a fence, shed and garage coming to reza begins his bedroom wall. in fact poked a hall in the wall about a foot from his bed >> i'm glad it didn't happen while i was sleeping, i would probably have had a heart attack. >> it sounded like bombs blew up on top of my house. >> reporter: meanwhile another white pine fell down the she from byrne but that one didn't cause much damage. this huge tree was ripped out of the ground by the bala cynwyd. it felt on someone's front lawn 0200 block of sycamore avenue. reenforcement have been brought in from other states to restore power. action cam on the scene here, called in crew from his indiana working in whitpain township montgomery county. they were working to restore and repair three utility poles that snapped, at lewis lane and morris road.
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but first they had to remove and considerable amount of debris. here's good news from september, services resumed on some regional rail lines, including the lansdale/ doyletown, paoli and warminster line. however, riders can expect delays, and the other lines are still, are still a concern, big concerns along the new jersey shore. several counties remain under a coastal flood warning. meanwhile, surfers took advantage of the high waves in ocean city. the water was equally wild down at ventnor heights. it comes with a price, visible signs of beach erosion, across that area. anytime a storm hits you can keep track with the very latest where ever you are by using our free six abc app that gives you updates posted by our team of accu weather meteorologists, access to live double scan radar and traffic cameras to check on road conditions before they leave home. investigators have not yet released the name of the 57 year-old man who was killed last night, when a tree,
5:29 pm
crashed on to a car in montgomery county. police tell "action news" it happened at 7:00 o'clock on the south gulf road area between arden and upper gulf roads in upper merion township at the scene they found a 40- foot long section of the tree, on top of the victim's vehicle. the tree landed on top of the front windshield, dashboard and front seat, no other injuries have been reported. police need your help in finding a five three-year old man who is missing from the wynfield section of the philadelphia. anthony medially was last seen leaving work the attack owe bell on city avenue right around 5:00 o'clock yesterday evening. police say he normally catches the 65 bus, and a g bus but he never came home last night and his family is worried he may have gotten lost along the way his family says he is mentally impaired and anyone with any information, on medially's whereabouts is asked to contact the police. much more to come on "action news" tonight, a big weekend for the flyers, jeff skversky has details coming up in sports. plus, the video game for tonight is a huge hit for kids but find out why some parents
5:30 pm
are concerned bit. finally the touching story of how a teacher from south jersey opened up to his students, and has spark a whole lot of kindness along the way.
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a teach other from south jersey made a decision to share a personal, private tragedy with the students in washington township high school gloucester county. what started with grief turned to compassion, and then joy, and now gratitude. "action news" was there as teacher surprised the students to thank them for their kind ness and support. "action news" reporter alycia
5:33 pm
vitarelli has the touching story. >> can't do this, right. >> reporter: this was the moment that had people clicking love, share on line. matt groark health and physical education teacher breaking down as his second period class came together to lift his spirits. matt and his wife recently received heart breaking news, though they have two healthy boys, they just suffered their fifth miscarriage, in seven years. >> we didn't get a heartbeat and our world kind of crashed. >> reporter: he says opened, honest with his students. >> you know, we spent i day or so talking about it. they let me be upset. they let me do what i had to do. >> reporter: then, two students, also decided to do something. >> you could see how upset he was.e came upde mle,mmediately,y >> reporter: class raised money to send the teacher and
5:34 pm
me. tickeixin to the sixers >> reporter: they wrote we want to thank you for teaching trheust pce just heartfelt us, head up, even when life hits rock bottom to come from juniors in high school, that are 16, 17 years old, as a parent, you know, what is going on in this world , and on the news, media, it was pretty amazing to see some young adults do that and show that kind of compassion and empathy. >> reporter: trying to find a way to thank them, he also, took to social media and through donors and a few contacts was able to make this surprise announcement. >> sixers are giving me 22 tickets for a game. >> reporter: for channel six "action news" i'm alycia vitarelli. sixers have upped that to 30 tickets and somebody offered balcony suite for chaperones. they call this a experience they will never forget and teachable moment for kids and
5:35 pm
themselves. great story there. time for a check of sports jeff skversky, flyers trying to come off a bad loss. >> they are down in florida where they have played well, on the road, and they have not lost on the road since february the first. big weekend for the boys. flyers wake up today only one point out of first place with back to back games in florida, starting with tampa bay the best team in hockey. flyers have struggled to score the last few games, not today in tampa. they are red hot. rate second, they fire, between the legs of the defenseman, and the goalie, the flyers up four-three. fast forward start of the third a minute in ivan provorov, wide opened, flyers up five-three. but they blow blow it. lightening come back in the flash scoring three straight, victor beat peter mrazek, wow flyers down six-five. just like. that under three to go, down by one provorov gets to it claude giroux, who scores, ties it at six. game goes to a shoot-out.
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stephen stamkos, yeah, flyers lose seven-six. they pick up a they are now tied for first
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