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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  March 4, 2018 5:00pm-5:29pm EST

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ware n the impact of a nor'easter owe s and traces ematic. sunday night i'm sarah bloomquist. perez on action news is aftermath on a nor'easter and new informationm the news room. haverford township schools tomor due to power outages county ace monk hardest hit areas by friday's nor'easter to day county officials held a planning session to figure out how to address damage which includes to two shattered on old west chest pike and limited power and heat to area hospitals and retirement communities. let's go live to haver township delaware county and "action news" reporter fan with more,? to ship schools willheerfo tomorrow, officials posted tha earlier this afternoon saying they made the decision after consulting with the township. peco and that the down trees and and road close anothers could make it dangerous for students walking to sch make it impossible for busesto get around to pick up i't j laware county. take a look what we fou earlier thisnoon as we made our t this tree is stillown, wissohickon and rittenhouse in germantown, block ago this road and still on top of thee street.
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stationt intersection has been withouth esf wednesday, for the lihe for cash olynd>> ur buse,tter tor him and delaware county atlast check more han 42,000 customers are still without power, according to peco and about 5,000 of those are in hereain haverford schools will be closed tomorrow, because of the storm damage. live trish hartman for channel six "action news". >> walter that storm pack a tri some municipalities have set up warming and charging stations like this one in northampton township, library there i in bucks county. for a full list of the warming station locations go to our web site at six ood news amtrak tonight all scheduled amtrak northeast corridor services between washington d.c., amtrak was also in the of issuing refunds to travelers affected by cancellations over the past few days. >> so this stor does continue but the wind is still a factor tonight. week will start off dry but accu weather now tracking another storm. >> time for a check of the accu weather meteorologist melis sarah we arel d evening and intoight.t st hour
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36 miles an hou at 32 miles an hou here's satellite six withou can see the cloud cover as a result of nor'easter, that is brought out along the atlantic but cloud shield across areas of new england we ar dealing with the constant wind s from the north and northwest and that is why wind s are a factor throughout the rest of this evening and g a. flo we advisory from seaside heights into cape may west ward into delaware. high tide time on the oceanfront, it is close to 10:00 o'clock tonight. later this initial to effect at 8:00 o'clock tonight. we're looking at weather headlines 39 degrees f at 7:00 p.m. thirty-seven at 8:00 o'clock. temperatures staying in the 30 's with the potential coastal storm as we get into next wednesday. ssa two police vehicles were involved in the crash in deners ounty police officer. now this is viewer video shot on broadway immediately after the accident. are officers on the ground one is sitting up but the other is laying there on its side and unclear whether the vehicles collided or if anyone else was involved. breaking news right now in abington township police are on the scene of the stabbing that ended with police
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shooting a man. "action news" reporter christie ileto is there and she joins us live chris -- christie. >> reporter: walter, still a heavy police presence here that started as a domestic dispute and then quickly turned violent. one of the stabbing victims a woman ran across the street to the fire department to get help. net filed police who swarmed the home, with that armed suspect barricaded, inside. >> nd i cannot move i cannot move, and, you know, that was pretty much it. >> reporter: commotion this man who didn't want to be identified heard was an armed man, stabbing several people in the apartment below. sources say that a woman and her children lived in that apartment of the duplex on the 800 block of jenkintown road for the last couple of years. her boyfriend had recently moved in. >> officers immediately forced entry into the house confronted the suspect, the suspect refused to comply, with officers, demands and the officer had to discharge
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his weapon and shoot the suspect. >> reporter: now police could not go into details with how many victims were stabbed or if that suspect was killed but right now homicide detectives with the d.a.'s office are on the scene. reporting live from abington christie ileto for channel six "action news" sarah. >> christie thank you. no arrests have been made in connection with the double shooting that ended with a man killed in the spring garden section of philadelphia, police tell "action news" that the 34 year-old victim was found outside of a black audi sedan around 2:45 this morning here on the 400 block of north sixth street. he was taken to hahnemann hospital where he died a short time later. a second victim a 30 year-old man found nearby was hospitalized in critical condition. well we're learning more about a crash in the tioga nicetown section of philadelphia that left one man dead. investigators say that a 2007 gmc envoy hit a concrete barrier along 4200 block of wissohickon avenue just before
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12:30 this morning. the vehicle veered off the road and hit a fence. the driver a 48 year-old man, was ejected from the suv and pronounced dead at the scene. police in north philadelphia are asking for the public's help to find two children hoff been missing since friday afternoon. investigators say that nine year-old anastasia rodriguez and 11 year-old gleasha perez was last seen 4:00 p.m. friday on the 2900 block of north sixth street. rodriguez was wearing blue jeans and white shirt, perez blue pantsrt ou haveshi information pleae. a memorial service was held today in the fox chase hia unidentified child who who was found dead inside a cardboard box 60 years ago. boy's remains why found on febr 2 historical marker was placed at the site where he was found f theawe have been ordered to fly at half mast following death of the city police officer police september stephen misetic did are died yk. he was a 21 year-old veteran
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of the department and common ers of the drugs organized crime and vice unit. police escorted his body to a funeral home. community came together to help a restaurant from olde city impacted by a devastating four alarm fire two weeks ago. the damage was so severe that the restaurant could be closed for months. "action news" reporter bob brooks has more on today's effort to help the staff of the little lion. >> reporter: today, inside of a fishtown it is about help, and help for collogues the litt third suffered serious damage in the fire that burned several buildings two weeks ago. according to the owners the future is still right now very much so uncertain. >> i'm obviously going through a time like this it is tough because we don't have a lot of work for the staff right now. we have not been allowed in the building. they are holding all of those buildings on the corner. >> reporter: thinks an event to raise money for staff of the little lion that is out of work help them get by for a little while.
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silent auction all of therentnessha berthleno is one of the staff of work. little jobs here and thereding for people that need help but other than that i don't have anything. >> reporter: shethm says >> thing i have ever seen. i didn't expect to see this. i'm in awe. >> reporter: people in the community that were willing to help strangers almost. >> yes there is no no >> reporter: little lion em that is a lot of people without work right now so needless to say that this event comes at a huge help. reporting from fishtown bob brooks channel six "action news". nice effort, they need the help. >> absolutely. still to come hollywood's biggest night is here we have a preview of the 90th academy awards as the stars prepare for red carpet. we will be right back.
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no, at santander bank, they personally ensured my account and app were set up before i left. they call it walk out working. oh, no, thank you. we give you and your money respect. not surprises. and, at santander bank respect adds up. the entertained us this past year with comedy, drama and action and hollywood's biggest stars and directors are vying for top pry in motion picture industry. the red carpet has been rolled out and ready for tonight's academy award. marci gonzales has more from hollywood. >> reporter: the flash the fashion, the grand finally of the awards season. >> this is the dream, that you dream about. it ties good to be true moment >> reporter: hollywood's biggest night about to begin. >> lauren what did you do. >> reporter: jimmy kimmel back to host the 90th academy award s after last years un forgettable best picture mix
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up. >> i will be honest it would be funny fit happened again. >> reporter: safe guard are in place to make sure it does not happen again but there could be a different kind of surprise with the best picture category this year. many expect the shape of water with most nominations at 13 tozeone pic then other categories manye an upset. >> shape of water is a favorihas a good chance to pull it out. >> reporter: other big categories are morevoror best actor sam rockwell for best supporting actor. >> you get over here. >> reporter: co-star? three co-starring ebbing missouri frances milk dor manned and many expect allison janne. >> i made you a champion. >> to take h oscar gold. that wasarci gonzales reporting. you can see oscars live tonight right here on six abc, coverage kicks off with a red carpet special starting at 5:30 right here after "action news" and then at 6:30 we have live coverage in los angeles as the stars arrive and then starts
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at 8:00 o'clock. you can see it all right here on six abc. exciting night ahead. >> good stuff. >> much more to come on "action news" this sunday, flyers hope for i differ resultnthers after falling to t lightening yesterday, that is sports. thanoming in todmes t th first comes denial. not worried. plenty of time and money. then anger. why didn't i start saving years ago?? then fear. what am i gonna do now? bargaining. what if i start saving more next year. then, acceptance.
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flyers had high hopes for weekend but turning out to be not so back to back. >> down in south florida they are so close to income first place all by themselves but they are blowing opportunities here. two points out of first place the flyers trying to rebound today begins florida avenue blowing a two goal lead, twice yesterday, and things do not get any easier against red hot panthers. things go south in south florida two minutes in against panthers had co gudas drills a guy draws a penalty anal sander farcof piece peter mrazek flyers down one to
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nothing. panthers cherry picking here the other way mrazek well allowed 11 goals in just two days. flyers down four to nothing right now in the third, trying to avoid losing three straight for the first time in a movement. sixers are fighting for the playoffs, and one of the teams that they are fighting with for seeding is very teae facing they are a behind sixers for sixth spot in the east. >> it is a collective progressive growth born out of some rough times early in the season, and now sort of delivered into march, withe excitement that we're really close to achieving something, in our eyes, that is special and was a planned goal and that toys play in the playoffs >> they will tip off tonight at 8:00 o'clock. one month ago today, eagles won the super bowl, and eagles fans this will make it even sweet tore day. cowboys owner jerry jones says it raises and puts more pressure on the cowboys. the under dog, man's best prussia at
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philadelphia sports card and memorabilia show. jason kelce was among eagles signing autographs yes thumbs up is right alshon jeffery wearing a sling so high fiveing fans signing autographs meeting and greeting all the fans out there and eagles yes they feel the love. >> you are a hero to them. all they can say is thank you. >> it is special because they have another day to come out here celebrate this win and see the players, and you no do something that everybody has been waiting for a long time. >> well, how about this to honor the globetrotters in eagles jersey running their own version of the philly special and it ends, with a slam dunk and at the show at wells fargo center nicely done, guys. tough start for gabe kapler and phillies. they have lost eight out of 10 of the gate. good thing these games do not count. can you believe it has been nearly 10 years since they won the world series, jimmy
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rollins among former phillies honored in clearwater. jay roll's presence get phillies rolling. carlos santana getting first two hits of the spring. scott henry continues his red hot, start to spring training with two hits, including the double right there, phillies beat blue jays four-two. win. selection sunday one week from tonight v they are a lock temple they need a win their conference tornment to get back to the big dance. temple with a rough start in the regular season finally against tulsa, corry henderson junior on fire for tulsa owls fall behind 24 to nothing start to game. and they didn't score their first point for more than 10 minutes in. temple never recovers they drop finally 76-58. they are 16-14. drexel begins charleston in their conference tournament quarter finals curtly would a move, breaking ankles, drag up by one but drexel down
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the stretch out scored 14-six, they are doomed. drexel loses 60-59. they finished 13-20 perhaps some of our other college basketball teams will, fairome march madness. >> we can hope. >> thanks, jeff. >> much more "action news" coming up stick around including a local church making a world church to fight world hunger. >> plus sky six over ben franklin bridge. a check on your exclusive accu weather forecast is next up on "action news".
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time for a final check of the accu weather forecast, much better than friday but still breezy out there. >> we have he got winds, slowly start to slacking up as we get in the rest of tonight and monday and then we are watching a coastal storm as we get into wednesday here we go we will talk about details
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picture outside action cam outside earlier this afternoon right along ben franklin parkway you can see flags gently blowing in the winds we had included toss start but cloud clear way for plenty of sunshine and temperatures were pretty comfortable despite that win. here's sky six live in hd from our temple university camera looking at a nice shot of the center city sky line. we are dry as we go throughout the rest of tonight n fact looking at weather headlines it is still breezy but we're dry on monday, clouds will be increasing as we get into tuesday, late tuesday into wednesday, we are tracking a potential of another coastal storm across the delaware and lehigh valley. high today in philadelphia at 48 degrees. we should be where we should be for this time of the year. forty-four in the city. forty in allentown. forty-seven in dover. at the coast in cape may 46 degrees. forty-three in beach haven. wins are a factor right now we have had winds gusting earlier today up to 38 miles per hour, in the city sustain wind right now out of the northwest at 22 miles per hour in the
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city same thing in allentown. 17 miles an hour sustain wind in lancaster but they are dying down in cape may and beach haven at 6 miles an hour satellite six with action radar, showing you it is dry but we still have those cloud shields because of that nor'easter that is brought out along the atlantic but still expansive here, we still see cloud across northern sections of new england and blustery winds in the north and northwest. it is partly cloudy brisk, chilly we will go down to 26 in the suburbs and 39 degrees in philadelphia for overnight low with that north/ northwesterly wind at 12 to 25 miles an hour. fast forward into the day tomorrow breezy once again but still some sun, to get the day started. 7:00 a.m. that temperature chilly at 29 degrees. 11:00 a.m. 39. lunchtime in the lower 30's and as we get into tomorrow afternoon we will get a partly sunny skies in the region. all eyes will be on the system that we are tracking as we get into late tuesday into wednesday. right now that storm system is
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coming out of the rockies and then by monday night monday afternoon it will be pressing into much of the northern plane states into the ohio valley, snow to the north, rain to the south and then as we get into late tuesday into wednesday this storm system works its way in to the mid-atlantic region with area of low pressure intensifying off the coast and bombing out once again over new england. so this is what we know is key take away points as of right now. the track is still unknown, and uncertainty but what we do know is we will have more cold air in place in the comparison to the storm we were just dealing with. so that will more than likely mean snow for city and points to the north and rain and snow to the south and east. here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast still breeze which sun tomorrow at 45. increasing cloud on tuesday with that precipitation arriving late high of 47, and then we're tracking up up the coast, it could be plowable snow for some, and drying out as we get into thursday and another system next week even guys we are getting busy for
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march. >> thanks, melissa. volunteers in montgomery county, spent the day preparing thousands of bags of food for those in need. saint elinor catholic church in collegeville sponsored first i have ride as begins hunger event more than 3,000 volunteers of all ages pack up donated food to provide 13000 meals to people in need nearby, and overseas. on the red carpet a oscars live is next here on channel six. don't miss "action news" at 10 on phl17 tonight and then we're back here again on six abc at 11:00. now for melissa magee jeff skversky walter perez and the entire "action news" team i'm sarah bloomquist, we will see you right back here after the oscars at 11:00 o'clock. ♪ you gave to me your all and all ♪
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announcer: live from the heart of hollywood at the dolby theatre, "on the red carpet at the oscars." george: hello, everyone. and welcome to "on the red carpet at the oscars." i'm george pennacchio. if you're just joining us, things are starting to happen here. the red carpet opened about half an hour ago and people are now starting to arrive here. performers, presenters and nominees are expected and hundreds and hundreds of guests and we're ready to talk to whoever comes our way next. this really is hollywood's biggest night of the year, always coming with unexpected surprises and this year the
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oscars are really taking it a step further with some record-breaking historic firsts. "get out" director jordan peele has become the first ever black person
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