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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  January 20, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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ahead, the growing momentum for an oscar good morning, it's 8:25.
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stories. a lockdown lifted at st. augustine's university after student was injured following a shooting reported on campus around 1:00 a.m. the victim in the suspected shooter know each other. classes are in progress as normal. we will have this story as we learn more. the american red cross is asking people to stabilize. they need blood and platelet donations. the organization says the need in north carolina is critical and they hope to prevent a shortage. meteorologist mike moss now. let's take a look at temperatures, on the cold side as we kick off today. mainly teens and low 20s, 18 in roxboro, 19 around rocky mount and wilson. 20 at the raleigh durham airport, 25 in clinton and as we take a look at satellite and radar, quite day yesterday, since then we have had high and mid-level clouds across central
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radar echoes indicating snow of often western piedmont in over the mountains, so far not much of that reaching the ground. as we go through the day, moisture will lower a little bit. mostly cloudy by lunchtime, cold and 31 degrees then. and isolated story or two, better chance of flurries over central and northern parts of the viewing area later in the afternoon. 36 at 4:00 and flurries or isolated snow showers on out to 7:00, 8:00 p.m., one or two spots could see a light coating and the might be isolated places with slick spots on the road. over to brian for look at traffic. 440 westbound at lake boone trail, lookout for an accident on the shoulder. stay in the left and center lanes. expect a little bit of a delay on westbound 440 away from glenwood avenue down toward the wade avenue area. elsewhere, we have an accident at new hope road, minor crash not causing problems. lookout for an accident with
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from rock quarry road to martin luther king jr. boulevard. over in mooresville, we have a report of an accident on 54 in shiloh glenn dry. over in durham, geer street blocking both directions of hardee street. local deputies are performing winter weather welfare checks. ahead on fox50, the county
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i'm kathryn brown. let's send it over to brian shrader for check on the traffic. we have a mess on the beltline, here is 440 and newborn avenue, we have an accident blocking that right lane. as part of the states move over law, when you see flashing lights give them one way to work with and if you're not able to do that, slowed down considerably people try to make the late shifts. looking at 440 out toward wade avenue, a couple of accidents plaguing us on 440 westbound at wake forest road and also lake boone trail. those are getting cleared up. we still have a major delay from an accident on the eastern side of the beltline. we also have an accident in cary on us-1 northbound on the right shoulder as you get to the walnut street interchange. that's backing up traffic on the northbound side leading apex. looking at 10 minutes from 55 up to i-40.
8:09 am
to walnut street. looks like an active map but for the most part these are minor accidents not causing problems on major routes. all major approaches into rtp looking okay. a lockdown lifted overnight at st. augustine's university after a student was injured following the shooting on campus around 1:00 i am. the victim and suspected shooter know each other. classes are in progress as normal. we will update the story as we learn more. five duke university faculty members host a public forum. they will examine the impact of isis at home and abroad. among questions, how to the rise of isis happen and what is the threat posed to civilians? the form will be this afternoon at 5:30 in room 4 of the sanford school of public policy. it is open to the public. the american red cross is asking people to help stabilize. they need blood or platelet donations. the organizations has the needed north carolina is critical. they are hoping to prevent a winter shortage. we've got no shortage of
8:10 am
take a look at temperatures where we read from upper teams in the north and a 20s in the south. 19 at roxboro, 20 in rocky mount, 22 at the raleigh durham airport. 25 in southern pines and a degree warmer for fayetteville and clinton. satellite and radar showing clear skies yesterday, giving way to an increasing clouds last night. radar echoes over western north carolina. most of those are not reaching the ground because of dry air in the lower atmosphere but as the day goes on we have mostly cloudy skies. we will reach 31 by lunchtime, isolated flurry through the afternoon, 36 by 4:00 and turn evening, there could be a couple of pockets of slightly heavier snow showers across the north. 32 by 8:00 p.m. >> thanks. local deputies are performing winter welfare check points. ahead on fox50, the county patrolling and how you can
8:11 am
stay with us. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, our dr. david agus met with vice president biden in switzerland
8:12 am
so-called moon shot to battle cancer. he is standing by to talk about the renewed fight. there he is! >> also sports writer is in our green room. his new novel explores impact on a family and the new issues the nfl is facing. that is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. los angeles times reports on toxins in algae that may cause changes in the brain similar to alzheimer's. the toxin to monkeys after 140 days their brains had tangled with alzheimer's disease. monkeys fed amin that acid had less slack. >> mercury, venous, mars and jupiter are aligning in the southern sky from the left to the right. all five planets were visible to the naked eye this morning. if you looked up y cld s the planets every day.
8:13 am
you have a chances to see it. in miami a mansion once owned by colombia drug lord pablo escobar is now in rubbles. he bought the home in 1980. the home was likely used for a hideout for his men and a landing site for cocaine. u.s. government seizes the mansion in 1987. the current owner will likely build a larger home. >> "time" reports on microsoft making a new version of game mind craft for use in the classroom and education addition of the world building game is based on a version tweaked by teachers and they are interesting students in stem cell language and many other subjects. it was bought for $2.5 billion and very popular with the kids. "the washington post" reports on the most common passwords for 2015. the past two years, these top the list.
8:14 am
including different number sequences qusplus football and baseball and qwerty. if yours is on the list, it's time to change. >> change it to baseball 1! football 1! there you go. nme, the british magazine, says that david bow onny shot down over a request by the band coldplay to collaborate on a song. coldplay's drummer told a british magazine that they reached out to bowie because their song had a david bowey type character. >> i think chris said and he came back and said, not a very good song, is it? okay. so he was very discerning. he wouldn't put his name to anything so i give him credit for that. >> they said they were all incredibly sad by david bowie's death and the world lost a musical hero.
8:15 am
to switzerland to attend the world economic forum in dabos yesterday. >> our goal is make an advance in five years, instead of ten and eventually end cancer as we know it. >> president obama put biden in charge of what he called mission control at last week's state of the union biden enlisted the top cancer experts and dr. david agus leads the westside cancer center at the university of southern california and with us now from dabos. david, good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> tell us what you believe now about the moon shot, having talked to the vice president. >> so when i initially heard it from president obama, i was somewhat skeptical. you know, there is not going be was an allotment of dollars for this and when biden spoke, he said things that were reasonable.
8:16 am
big obstacles blocking kansas city -- cancer. he said this isn't a one-year project for him. this is his post vice presidency product the rest of his life and came from a personal side which i respect. >> a lot of people had a personal story in addition to joe biden and many people on the pam i understand lost a family member to cancer. was this an agreement on the panel, david? >> amazing to me. you had a diverse panel. heads of cleveland clinic and sloan-kettering and several other large constitutions and we said what the big impediment we can impraes can address and all of us said making data with the same terms. you call it a broken leg and i call it a fractured leg. we have to get better at sharing data. something as simple as that is reachable. big data is going to give us the answers. we saw just this year, an
8:17 am
ovarian cancer and on one particular blood pressure medicine, you lived much longer. that is the tip of the iceberg. >> isn't a company like ibm and watson working on that very thing like sharing data on cancer? >> watson is more about using artificial intelligence for data. they are relying on a public domain data that a research publisher puts out for the world to see. what we are talking about is the data that resides in your medical records. the data that reside in a sample. so historically those have been restricted and people have been scared about sharing their data and hospitals say i don't want to sue the data because i can be sued and we have to change that. peple have to step up and say i want to be a part of the solution, not the problem. i want be to be part of the cure hopefully, myself but if not me for my children and grandchildren and here is my data. >> would the effort against
8:18 am
federal government spent more money? >> i'm not sure it's a money issue as a collaboration issue. right now, there's so many different effort across the country. one here, one here, one here. if we all started to work together with a leader, i i think we are going to make staggering process. so i think biden stepping up, in a really amazing fashion, and saying this is my passion for the next decade, this is what i care about. i lost my son to this horrible disease and i got to see firsthand, he said, that the inadequacies of our satisfactory and data doesn't help us. we can't transfer from one doctor to another. how barbaric some treatments are and use that emotion in myself to help others. i think that is powerful and we need it in our state. >> this marks the one-year anniversary that they have been in office.
8:19 am
they can get done in that time? >> i think start to put the framework together to free the data and we can be part of that solution. at the same time, they can work with regulatory agencies. the fda, some of the medicare services and work them to get things done quicker. we could develop one drug to treat cancer and fountainin the future develop more drugs. he is starting to work with me and many other cancer doctors across the country to make a difference. >> david, the vice president paid you a compliment about your ability to explain science. here is that video. >> you're speaking plainly, straightforwardly, that everybody can understand exactly why it's important in the examples you've given. >> so, david, coming out of -- go ahead. >> you know, it's a privilege to be here. when you have the vice president of the united states coming to a world forum and saying cancer is a disease that has suffered, not just in the united states but
8:20 am
going to take a leadership role to ease the suffering and to be able to be on that panel was truly, you know, special to me and i think special to everybody there. >> thank you, david. >> the vice president coming and giving you a shout-out, david, that is pretty nice. we already know that that is true. good to see you. >> good to see you, dr. david
8:21 am
sports writer mike we lost two of them games. i'm trying to get one with of them. try to walk out of here 1-3. this will be my third game here. >> one and two? >> you know what i mean. >> no, i don't! >> no, wait. you played two games and you add one, that means -- >> that's three games! >> yeah. but you said 1-3. >> if we win! >> one four three? >> that's what i meant. >> usc, baby! >> they must be really good friends! that is kyle lowery of the toronto raptors giving his teammate a hard lesson. he hopes to improve his games
8:22 am
he said it was a bit off. >> for more than 40 years mike lupica has covered will every sport and authored 22 sports theme knowledge for young adults. he sold five million copies of his book oip the extra yard" is his newest novel about an eighth grade boy who deals with challenges on and off the field. the book is published by a division of cbs. great to have you here. what happened to the other eight or nine books? i'm just kidding. >> really? >> we have the playoffs. >> yeah. >> we have peyton manning and tom brady. break it down. >> the funny thing is you always hear about brady versus manning. i always thought about it as manning versus bill belichick. they are not guarding each other and not in the low post in basketball. interesting to watch peyton play now and to go to another sport, is like somebody who is a great
8:23 am
now throwing melons and cantaloupe. he clearly can't throw the ball and he is getting by on guiel. the only advantage they have on sunday, i think, is that the game is in denver instead of foxborough foxborough. >> how about their defense? >> broncos defense, i believe, has been the most formidable in the sport this year. we saw what happened when brock osweiler was the quarterback against the patriots before and the denver broncos defense beat brady. it's hard to do that twice in the same year. >> you're predicting the patriots? >> i do. only for my own twisted amusement. because the patriots make everybody so crazy, outside of, like, a six-state area in new england. so they are always being accused of something and i just love the fact that it makes most of the country this passionate. >> your twisted amusement is fun to watch. your latest column about the nfl coin toss and you're not a fan
8:24 am
>> a billion dollar industry, the biggest we have ever had in sports in this country, often comes down to a flip of the coin. you tell me another place in sports -- then they don't use a real coin! >> the question whether it's flipped or not as we had this past weekend. >> all i know is that you can make a case that aaron rodgers might be the best player in football. two years in a row, because of a coin flip, he never gets to touch the ball in overtime. that is a bone-headed system. >> right. what would you replace it with? >> in the regular season, charlie, i see why they have to keep the line moving to television. play until the game is resolved. certainly play an extra quarter. where do they have to be? nowhere. >> let's talk about your new book "the extra yard." >> look at the dedication to your agent. >> agent to the stars and me. >> it's about an eighth grader, teddy. what are some of the underlying themes in this book? >> norah, i got into this world
8:25 am
the kids who got cut in my town and started a team of my own and gave them a chance to give back. i didn't know what i was doing. my wife now says in retrospect, honey, you writing inside of the mind of a 12-year-old seems like pretty much a perfect fit! but if you start reading my book, you know i'm going to ask my main character to overcome something. teddy in this book has grown up without a father because of a divorce and his father lives on the other side of the country. you would think he would be thrilled when his father comes back into his life. it's not that easy. this is a book that kind of tips the whole father/son and sports thing. >> you coached all of your kids? >> i tried not to screw them up but let me tell you something. these books are written in that spirit. there's not a time, norah, when i go by a field or a gym where i coached and wouldn't give up a zillion dollars to have one more friday night or saturday afternoon back. >> who is the audience for your books?
8:26 am
grade. we go from, like, 8 to 15. and the great thing is once i get them, they stay with me. i was telling gayle before the show today, i'll be out in public now and i'll see somebody who i know is a mom and coming towards me. i know they are not going to want to talk about my dopey newspaper column or tv. they are are going to tell me a story how i got their kids to want to read. then they will say, you probably get tired of hearing that. i said, not at all! >> mike, what is so good about the book in this particular book, you have boys talking to each other. you never see boys talking to each other about their problems and their vulnerabilities. i think that is an important message to send to young boys. >> i have three sons and they were like that. i mean, our dinner table was, you know, sometimes sounded like a counseling session. people would say the kids in your book sound real. i think they ought to because it came out of the back seat of my car, our dinner table, sidelines, and locker rooms. >> do you want your kids to play
8:27 am
>> man i tell you what, charlie. i would have to think long and hard about that. fortunately, my sons were all pacifists and his uniform never got dirty and my wife never had to wash it. >> bottom line, you have reservations? >> with cognitive difficulties of ex-players, how can you not? >> thank you, mike. >> should we mention the book one more time? >> yes! >> it's called "the extra yard" and on sale now. congratulations, mike. he spent nearly 12 hours unconscious and frozen in a snow bank. next, that remarkable recovery that allowed the college student
8:28 am
refused to give up on him! r n mp
8:29 am
fpuththinig t w w good morning.
8:30 am
>> i'm bill leslie. top stories beginning with cary police who are looking for four suspects in a robbery that sent the person to the hospital. this happened on wisdom dr., monday nine. the victim told police all suspects were armed and wearing dark clothing. the victim's injuries were not life-threatening. durham county deputies are on cold patrol looking for people who need help. they will respond to welfare checks and will assist to summon strange or in need of resources. deputies will focus on highways in rural areas within the county. a quick check of the forecast, mike moss -- mike mays -- >> there you go, i was going to see if you cut that. we are cold, not close to records, 19 in roanoke rapids, 21 in durham, 23 around rocky mount and wilson, 25 at the station in raleigh. as we move to the south, 22 in
8:31 am
also fayetteville and 43 -- 23 around goldsboro. clear skies yesterday yielding to increasing clouds during the nighttime hours. you can see radar echoes to the west, so far most of those not resulting in snow at the surface. about 31 at lunchtime with mostly cloudy skies. by midafternoon a few flurries, about 36. with this afternoon and evening, flurries and a couple pockets of slightly heavier snow showers, down to 32 at 8:00 p.m. brian? >> you know, wral mike blank would be the hardest crossword puzzle question to solve. anyway, let's head out to new bern avenue, traffic accident at brentwood all clear, traffic moving freely and all clear on 440 westbound on to wait avenue. take a look at the life . there is a report of an accident on the s. saunders st. just south of energy 40. those other accidents you see on the map getting cleared up. here's one around us-1, make sure it's working fine.
8:32 am
roads after the morning commute. getting ready for any potential winter weather, we could see later this evening. not anticipating any problems but there could be slick spots later and certainly later in the day. look out for those dot trucks. back to you >> thank you. a large winter weather system is making its way toward north carolina. the dot is getting ready. today at noon we are live with the latest track and how the state is preparing. durham police investigate a series of robberies targeting asian businesses. they are 4:00 on fox50, the reward being offered. mike muscala this will make you feel better, i wrote a song about you, and not about mike's maze.
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>> tre you go. theperk thie isan emuchal awant' i'inget s rity. ust cerea ake t itlove live ghing) . >> announcer: today on an all-new "dr. phil." >> i believe god has anointed me as a prophet. >> dr. phil: he told you to marry jeff so you stalk four jeffs. >> there was two. >> announcer: is her spiritual life -- >> if you're praying over road kill, you need a reality check. >> announcer: hurting her home life? >> you don't worry about your
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