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tv   WRAL News Saturday  NBC  January 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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a massive winter storm slamming the east coast is causing flight delays and cancellations. >> that impact is felt by airline passengers here. wral kathryn brown joins us . >> reporter: look here and terminals a and b. you can see how quiet it is. that tells part of the story. not many people here but don't let that fool you. there is plenty of frustration. most people were smart enough to have checked and other flights are either delayed or canceled. here is a live look at the big work. it is lighting up in red. many delays and cancellations. some flights to boston are getting out and others to miami are canceled. you need to make sure to stay on top of this if you are expecting someone or are trying to get out. the runways are open. we have seen some flights coming in today. and airport worker told me he expects conditions to
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he described much of the ground as a sheet of ice. when we move inside, those who are here and trying to get out these challenges. not just conditions here but the snowstorm to the north that is wreaking havoc on air travel. most to our here are like sheryl. she is traveling with a group from kerry hoping to make it to fort lauderdale by 3:00 tomorrow to board a cruise for aruba. their flight was canceled and now she is left hoping she can piece together a trip and salvage her vacation. >> we are heading to fort lauderdale to get on a cruise ship by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. they had canceled the flight. they've canceled the bus. now we're out here begging to get on something. >> reporter: they have been here for a while. just after we spoke, she learned that one option to go
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what caused her an extra $1300. that option is out. she and many options there's others are stuck at the mercy of mother nature. even when conditions ease up, airline officials say they expect the backup to last days and weeks as the deal with thousands of travelers who are stuck in the system. >> the thoughts of aruba. wow. kathryn brown reporting live at rdu international. road conditions are improving but that does not mean you should be heading out if you don't have to. they were bad early. governor mccrory asked the wolfpack faithful to put their pride aside for the big game with the duke. >> this is a big game. it will be a great game to watch on tv. we do not want you to go to the game. >> please respect our public safety officials who are responding to thousands of wrecks in this area. >> fans did not seem to heed that warning. fans still made it out to the game duke and nc state fans
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the game and the chance to see the old rivals in person. this was too tempting for the fans to pass up. >> nothing that two women like us couldn't handle. >> fans are rolling in the door. that will not hold them back at all. the safety of wayne county and the state of north carolina, that is a big concern. when you have duke and estate running, you have to come. >> new -- we knew there s way to get to this game. the roads were clear as can be. >> duke beat nc state, 88-78. mandy mitchell will have highlights coming up in a few minutes. for panthers fans plan to take the train to charlotte for the title game between the panthers and the cardinals tomorrow, the trains are running on schedule tomorrow morning as well as late morning. i just checked the web, there are plenty of seats still available. let's go live to dc to look at what is happening there at the white house.
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over a foot of snow has fallen. let's go to times square. what a mess they are having. a few people had ventured out. as of 2:30 pm, if you were driving anywhere in new york city and you're not in an official capacity, you could be arrested and jailed. that's how serious it is. broadway is dark tonight. it's been a beautiful for so many people around central park. people love it but this is very dangerous. >> it looks like a plow just went through. i'm sure they want people off the roads to they can get the plows and salt and stands there's sand down there. >> times square lights i don't think our ever turned off. no matter what. they do not need to worry about power situations there. here, power is out for so many and we know many of you are watching us on the app, the wral news app. that is how you are getting your information.
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