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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  February 8, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>>good morning. it is monday, february 8th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the denver broncos are super bowl champions. will peyton manning decide to go out on top? >> donald trump tries to hold off marco rubio ahead of tomorrow's high stakes primary. we will talk to them both from new hampshire. naussa is going back to mars. only on cbs, a look at the red planet. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. the denver broncos have taken super bowl 50. >> this one is for pat! >> denver takes home their third super bowl title. >> we call ourselves the grinder a championship. >> is this it? will you ever step foot on the field again?
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my family and teammates and i'm going to drink lye beer tonight, jim. budweiser. von miller is buying. >> how does it feel to hold that thing up? >> it feels good. amazing. i wanted to do that my whole life. >> just by getting to the super bowl, both teams are winners, with the exception of the panthers who lost. >> they booed me when i attacked. poor, poor, jeb bush who brings out his mother because he needs help. mommy, please, walk in snow, mom. >> what is really going on here, john, is disturbing to me. >> you talked a lot about the donations hillary clinton receives from the financial service sector. she called that an artful smear. >> it's a fact. >> north korea is facing new sanctions after state-run media announced pyongyang had successfully announced a satellite. >> lady gaga kicked off super bowl 50 with a powerful performance. >> all eyes on the halftime show.
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>> for many viewers, best one of the super bowl was watching the commercials. >> happy monkeybaby. >> we rate the commercial. people do this. >> this is your last super bowl in the white house. what is the menu? >> wings, pizza, nachos and guac. >> i got the super bowl mvp right here, von miller. >> are you going to take any souvenir, like a lock of jim nantz's air? >> hey, there is not much of that left. be careful. >> can you give us a quick dab right now? let's go! >> baby! >> thank you, jim. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." denver and the broncos are
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bowl victory over the carolina panthers. quarterback peyton manning lifted the team's first championship trophy in 17 years. manning and the broncos stifling defense controlled the game from the beginning. they beat carolina 24-10. >> broncos fans filled the streets of downtown denver after the game. police reported a dozen arrests but no significant damage. james brown, host of "the nfl today" on cbs is in santa clara, california, the site of super bowl 50. j.b., good morning. what a great game. >> that, it was. and good morning to you, norah, as well. you know, the most talked about story line going into this game was, of course, the future hall of famer peyton manning going against the league's mvp the up and coming new ager, cam newton but you know what? it never really materialized. >> and the panthers have a third and ten. here comes pressure! and they have gotten to him.
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in the end zone and it's recovered by malik jackson for the touchdown! >> reporter: it was supposed to be the matchup of the super bowl. instead, it was an after-thought. >> third and three. here they come. it's kuechly! >> reporter: broncos quarterback, 39-year-old peyton manning, against carolina quarterback cam newton, 13 years his junior. >> and that will close out the half. >> reporter: took a back seat to hard-nosed defensive football, throwing both men off their rhythm and neither quarterback threw for a touchdown all game. >> newton is down at the 22. >> reporter: high-powered passing attacks normally on display during the super bowl were replaced by a slug fest on the ground. >> in the end zone for the touchdown. >> reporter: even after that score put the broncos up by 12 points late in the fourth quarter, peyton's younger brother eli still looked concern. >> the lombardi trophy is coming home to the mile high city. >> reporter: but the broncos defense silenced carolina's
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winning their third super bowl title in franchise history. i'm a star >> reporter: the game wasn't the only big show in town. the halftime event dazzled, featuring beyonce, coldplay, and bruno mars. fellows, let's get this stadium shaking! >> reporter: who lit up a crowd inside levi stadium and around 100 million across the globe. uptown boogie >> reporter: for peyton manning who likely played his final football game, hollywood couldn't have disrupted a better ending. the future hall of famer lifted his second lombardi trophy and notched his 200th career victory and he is the oldest starting quarterback to ever win a super bowl title. >> this is it. will you ever step foot on the field again? >> this is an emotional week and emotional night.
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order. i want to go kiss my wife and my kids and celebrate with my teammates. buzz wider, von miller is buying. >> reporter: the man buying the beer is bringing home the extra hardware. von miller claimed super bowl mvp honors. >> i'm so proud of my guys. it's been every last one in the locker room that gotten me to this moment right here and i'll celebrate this all summer. >> reporter: for the carolina panthers and fans the sting of a loss on sunday is hard to stomach and for cam newton, his disappointment was difficult to put into words. us. i don't know what you want me to say. >> reporter: you know, charlie, norah, and gayle, as i was coming into the lobby i seen a few players who have been up all night. i said how do they feel? they said after a pause, world champions. they planned on staying up not
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today but the super bowl parade on tuesday. >> a great day for the broncos. you can't blame them. i want to go back to cam newton for a second. i saw your interview. i like him but he was sour puss. you said it was diplomatic for him to put it into words. that was not nice. >> gayle, thank you for pointing that part of the script out, because you're absolutely correct. he's got to learn how to lose like a champion, as well as play like a champion when they win. clearly that was not the way to handle it. many people can take notes from peyton manning who understands what it's like to be an ambassador for the sport. >> yeah, these guys pour their heart and soul into the game and we saw that on the field. >> j.b., how about a word for john elway for putting this team after the devastating loss two years ago and bringing in a great defensive coordinator who really has dominated the season? >> reporter: you know what? that is why you are charlie
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sensational question. he made bold moves in the middle of the season and after last year firing in john fox and bringing in gary kubiak and wade phillips, he went on from being a hall of famer player to an outstanding executive as well. great question, charlie. >> that's what he does. >> j.b., thank you. linebacker demarcus ware was was a huge part of the broncos stifling defense. >> all of the defense that denver has created. >> malik jackson wrapping him up at the fire at the 5. >> reporter: ware wrapping him up at the 5. good morning and congratulations. >> thank you. good morning, guys. >> reporter: have your feet touched the ground yet? you must be on such a high. >> haven't touched the ground yet. still dark here and sill celebrating with some of the guys right now. >> reporter: did you say anything to cam during the game? >> i don't talk. i tell the guys -- some of the
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out there and i told them, i said, guys i mean, i say, talk with your pants. at the end of the day that is what talks. >> talk with your skills. >> play in between the lines and i say everything else, i said just be a man of standard out there. i tell all of the guys that all the time. >> reporter: demarcus, at what point in the game did you personally feel, we got this? we got it? >> to be honest, with you, i felt that in the locker room when we said our prayer as a team, because all of the guys, you can see the fire in that look in their eyes and how we felt. and before we even, you know, stepped out there on the field, we felt like, you know, it was for us to take and that is what we went out there and did. >> reporter: what do you think about peyton? >> you know what? you know, peyton really gave us a sentimental speech the night before the game and it was really heartfelt. all of the guys felt what it feels like to play for so long and to even get to the point of
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and i feel like this is the staple point of his career. if he is not going to be playing next year, he went out on top. >> i have to ask you about cam newton. i don't know if you're friends or not friends. had he a news conference afterwards and he was very cranky shall we say and short with the press and walked out and some people said sore loser today. what do you think about that and him? >> he is one of fun. a phenomenal player. you have to understand what type of player he is. cam is going to be cam. but the thing is with this type of profession and this type of game there is a way you do things. sometimes you lose and you have to do press and sometimes you win and you have to do press. you have to take your wins with your losses and i think just look at it that way. he's a great player. >> demarcus, we are here cheering you on today. congrats. i can't wait to see what you're going to do next. >> thank you, guys, so much. >> bye.
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ahead, we are going to talk to denver quarterback peyton manning. millions also tuned into the super bowl for the ads. we will have a look at the commercials that made us laugh and the ones that made us cringe. that is all ahead right here on "cbs this morning." the new hampshire primary is tomorrow and the biggest contest may be for second place. donald trump holds a 16-point lead in the most recent poll. john kasich and marco rubio and jeb bush and ted cruz are bunched up together behind him and they reached out to voters in a prime time debate over the weekend. major garrett is in salem, new hampshire, where donald trump is holding his first rally of the day. >> reporter: good morning. the voters of new hampshire are about to play travel agent for the republican presidential candidates. the question? how many tickets will they issue after the primary? donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio all of the money to continue but for the rest? it's a mad and nerve wracking scramble to finish in the top five.
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after rubio surprisingly wobbly prime time televised performance in the debate. an event he has tried to doggedly rebound from the morning after. if marco rubio is on the ropes, you'd have a hard time telling from his packed campaign events. >> let's turn this country around together. >> reporter: but the debate reviews are in and they weren't good. >> let's dispel once and for all this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing. he knows exactly what is he doing. we are not facing a president doing. he knows what he is doing. >> reporter: marco rubio in a deep debate mantra when cress christie called him out. >> >> there it is! it fed the critics. >> i'm going to continue to say because it happens to be one of the main reasons why i am
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christie wouldn't let the issue go. >> we cannot nomtinate what the democrats did seven years ago. unprepared for the race. >> reporter: rubio changed little. donald trump stuck to his own script. >> if i'm elected president, we will win and we will win and we will win. >> reporter: at one point, taking his feud with jeb bush into the audience. >> let me talk. quiet. >> how -- >> out of time. a lot of times -- that's all of his donors and special interests out there. it's what it is. >> reporter: every campaign is hunting for votes. trump caan canvassers and bush, kasich and christie worked the town hall circuit. trump told us he no longer banks on the data because he now knows voters decide the outcome.
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the polls but the polls have me leading. i think they are going to show up but if they don't show up, it doesn't happen because nobody again. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich stands to benefit the most from rubio's poor debate yesterday, most of the candidates took at least half of the day off in honor of the unofficial super bowl holiday. rubio was the busiest, four attended. garrett. in our next half hour, donald trump will be with us live from new hampshire waenel talk to senator marco rubio in an interview only on "cbs this morning." that's all ahead. the latest democratic polls show bernie sanders still leading in new hampshire. not just among men, but women as well. hillary clinton is reaching out to female voters to close the gap. at a weekend rally, former secretary of state madeleine albright had a sharp message for women who may vote for sanders. >> just remember, there is a
7:15 am
who don't help each other. >> clinton later defended albright saying, quote, she understands the struggle is not over. former president bill clinton lashed out at sanders more directly. he tied the vermont senator to supporters who harass female clinton voters online. >> vicious trolling and attacks are a literally too profane >> look. we don't want that crap. we can't -- look we will do everything we can and i think we have tried. look. anybody who was supporting me is doing sexist things is -- we don't want them. >> sanders took his campaign to "saturday night live." he appeared with look-alike host larry david. north korea could face new sanctions over itself launch of long-range fire rockets in the capital today. they celebrated the launch. the u.n. security council
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the use of missile technology is a violation of several security council resolutions. they say the country placed an observation satellite into orbit. one watcherer in the u.s. said the satellite passed almost over the super bowl stadium, an hour after the game ended. rocket launch was topic number one with when we spoke with president obama before the super bowl. our interview followed a conversation with both the president and the first lady. afterward, the president talked about north korea and other big issues when we joined him in the oval office. could that missile reach the united states? how concerned should we be? >> i think we have been concerned about north korea's behavior for a while. this is an authoritarian rooem that regime that is provocative. i spoke with the president of china few days before this launch about the need to tighten
7:17 am
what we are also doing is consulting with the south koreans for the first time about more missile defense capabilities to prevent any possibility that north korea could reach u.s. facilities or u.s. populations. >> were you surprised that they had actually launched a missile over the weekend? >> no. this is something we anticipated. we are not very good at feeding their people but they invest a huge amount in their weapon systems. >> let's talk about the zika virus. most americans hadn't heard of it two weeks ago. >> the good news it's not like ebola. people don't die of zika. a lot of people get it and don't know they have it. what we now know, though, there appears to be some significant risk for pregnant women or women who are thinking about getting pregnant. >> when you look at the pictures of the babies, it's very disturbing. >> yeah. and we don't know exactly what
7:18 am
there is enough correlation that we have to take this very seriously, and so we are going to be putting up a legislative proposal to congress to research the vaccines and dying notit is something we have to take seriously. >> the president making clear very little takes he or the administration off-guard and they are well aware what is happening. parts of new england under a blizzard warning. a massive winter storm is pushing northeast and it could bring snow and strong winds from new jersey to maine. the snow began falling overnight on cape cod and areas along the new england kofedcoast will be the hardest to hit and some could morning. carried a political message. how it became a headlining act.
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have ever seen. so terrific. >> lady gaga was so good. >> she was. a good s announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by brookdale.
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living. from new hampshire. >> ahead, his reaction to this weekend's debate and his important primary. morning right here on "cbs this morning." announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by persil prole l deent. perienmium.
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donald trump holds four events today in new hampshire ahead of tomorrow's republican primary. the latest poll shows trump holding a double digit lead in the state. trump clashed with his rivals and members of the audience in a weekend debate in new hampshire. donald trump, good morning. >> good morning. >> is your campaign changing at all after new hampshire -- because of new hampshire? >> well, you mean because of iowa? >> no, i don't. actually, i mean in terms of what the challenge is in new
7:37 am
debate -- >> no, i think -- right. the debate was strong. we did well with the debate. everybody seems to think i won the debate, which is always nice to read. it's nice to read you won as opposed to you lost and the numbers seem to be good. i guess the new polls are showing me up since the last debate the ones that came out this morning. we feel very well. we did very well in iowa and strong second and probably first had the votes not shifted from ben which was a terrible thing done to ben carson, in my opinion. and, frankly, i think we are really doing well in new hampshire. i hope to do well. i hope we don't have, charlie, they are talking about a snowstorm tomorrow. that's not what i want. >> you want a big turnout. >> i want a big turnout and snowstorms generally don't help. >> boy, it looks like -- >> but we are doing really well. >> we watched the debate and, boy, it seemed like you and jeb bush really got into it. you. >> well, you know, he is trying to show he is a tough guy, which he is not. he is sort of the opposite.
7:38 am
spent about $25 million on ads against me. he spent over a hundred million dollars on his campaign and it's gone nowhere. he's a very stiff guy. it sort of sad to watch, funt to know the truth, but he spent a lot of money on ads and then he goes into the debate and he tries to show that he is tough about eminent domain but it came out his family has private eminent domain to do a stadium in texas and he doesn't mention things like that. i don't see him going anywhere. i don't see him having the persona or personality to go much further. >> youi want you to respond. he was tough in new hampshire yesterday where he called you a loser. listen. >> here is a sign of real weakness. when you call john mccain or anybody who was a p.o.w. who served this country who should be admired and calling them losers?
7:39 am
>> how would you respond to that? >> it just shows you how they lie. i never called john mccain a loser. as you know. i like john and supported him and i call him a loser because he got caught, to a certain extent. if you remember, i didn't call him a loser. so he has lied when he made that up. leo, i don't know. i don't know julio is. so he is making some other name, probably an american hero, and he made that up. >> another p.o.w. >> the look at the fact -- yeah, but i just don't know him, charlie, and i never made a comment about him and i never said that about john mccain. jeb is a loser. he spent $110 million so far and toward the bottom of the pack and going nowhere. the only thing he does is attack me. he thinks if he attacks me, that is going to show he is tough. but every time he attacks me, he melts like butter. is just a guy -- i mean, it's really sad. every time i see an ad about myself, it's him spending a lot of money of special interest money.
7:40 am
lobbyists and special interests to attack me. look. i don't see him going anywhere. the last thing we need, frankly, is another bush. >> okay. the story coming out of new hampshire so far is, one, that you have a huge lead. that is second story is that marco rubio suffered in the debate. after the analysts after the debate said he took a hard blow. what do you think of that? >> well, did he. i was standing next to him. he was to my right. and he was having a hard time. it was sort of interesting to watch, because he made the one statement and i'm one with a good memory so i'm hearing the one statement and a couple of minutes later he made the same statement almost identical on. i thought that is okay. we have repeated ourselves on occasion, charlie, right? >> yes. >> other than norah and gayle! but charlie and i repeat ourselves constantly, right? but, okay, so then i heard it again and then i heard it a third time and fourth time. i think even a fifth time. and i said, wow, that is really strange.
7:41 am
blowing up -- it turned out to certainly different. i'm standing there and i'm saying, did i hear that five times now? what is going on here? and it was, obviously, a sound bite that he likes but you can use a sound bite once but you can't use it five times. >> donald trump, there is a lot you. there has never been a campaign like yours, never been a candidate like you, there is something online today that says 24 of the most outrageous donald trump quotes. do you ever have a moment where you say what your critics say about you, maybe they have a point and maybe i should try to do -- maybe i shouldn't have said. do you ever have moments like that? >> well, i do, but i also, you know, don't dwell on the past. i learn from the past. you know, we all make mistakes and certain things you would have done dimple in life, all of us. who wouldn't have if you have that option but we never have that option. so you have to learn from life. if you do something, you don't do it again, that's all. i've run good campaigns.
7:42 am
remember, these guys i'm competing against are governors and senators and all they do. i've been a job creator. i do developments and i do deals and i've been very successfully and i've employed tens of thousands of people over the years and i have thousands of employees right now. there is something awfully good about that but i'm no a politician and never done it before. i'm having a lot of fun doing it, to be honest with you. >> we can tell. i say to people if you question anything about donald trump, look at his kids. you have great children and that says something about you. >> so nice, so nice. >> thank you, donald trump. we forward to seeing you next week in the studio live and in color. >> we will see you next week. i love it. thanks. senator marco rubio will be with us from new hampshire and ask him why he is not backing away from the debate moment that critics are blasting. only ahead on "cbs this morning." you might have seen president obama make his pick for the super bowl during our white house interview. how did the leader of the free world do? we will open the envelope to see
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i'm still standing better than i ever did i'm looking like a true survivor feeling like a little kid we were hopping and bopping
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here we go lah-lah lah-lah >> that is sir elton john joining late late show host james corden for crocodile rocking. a post super bowl edition last night. sir elton admits he is a long time admirer of corden and i love the fun glasses they were wearing. >> i think the feeling was mutual. didn't he look weird in that bow? i was kidding. he loves that kind of stuff. another good one for james corden. peyton manning, speaking of good, is the nfl's all-time winning quarterback but he has won enough do you think? we will talk with the super bowl winner. they call him the sheriff. that's after your local news. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:14 am
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8:17 am
ofyo so let's welcome the candidates for the republican
8:18 am
christie. >> dr. ben carson. texas senator ted cruz. >> saturday night's republican presidential debate on abc got off to what is best described as an awkward start. ben carson missed his cue and caused a backup of sorts. donald trump got caught up in the confusion and he stayed behind with carson. look at jeb bush's face. both had to be called several times to come on on the stage. the moderators blamed the problem on loud applause. i don't know what is worse that he didn't hear the cue or the moderators didn't say, okay, come on out that they didn't notice he hadn't come out yet. very comfortable to watch that. >> not the best way to do it. >> no.
8:19 am
coming up in this half hour, super bowl winner, that would be peyton manning, he promised a big-time celebration last night after the broncos victory. we will talk to him about that. and see if he has thought any more about the "r" word. >> plus we go inside the recovery mission to mars where. we are the first broadcast to take you behind the scenes of the assembly work behind mars red recovery. a blast on sunday was so real here that a lot of people including children in a nearby park were upset. notice has been sent to residents about a controlled explosion. new action starring jackie chan and pierce brosnan. a sinking feeling for cars that lake geneva's winter fest in wisconsin. 15 broke through the frozen
8:20 am
cars park this every year but ten vehicles are apparently a total loss. no one was hurt. >> oh, my. >> nobody was hurt. all good. "sports illustrated" is reporting on apple's ceo taking a little bit of heat for a blurry super bowl photo. tim cook posted the picture as he congratulated broncos on camera. it made tweets of iphone's camera and suggested cook upgrade his own. later tim cook posted a crystal clear picture of the picture and congratulateing von miller and peyton manning. >> peyton manning is now the oldest quarterback to win a super bowl and the first to win 200 games in his career and the only quarterback to start in the super bowl and win lombardi
8:21 am
teams. good morning and congratulations. >> charlie, you don't have to keep reminding me about being the oldest quarterback out there. >> what i want to know what are you doing for the defense? are you going to give them all new cars? what? >> well, von miller is going to get a car for being the mvp. but i've been thanking them all year long, charlie. and i've just been very grateful that i don't have to play against those guys. i get to practice against them. they don't get to hit me in practice and it's not full-speed contact. what a great group of guys to play with. really the entire team. we have had a bunch of tough, unfish, resilient guys. our defense has led the way. and i've just been very grateful to be a part of the journey with those guys. >> peyton, i'm not going to ask you if you're going to retire, but i will say this -- your mom thinks you should retire. were you a kid that always listened to his mom? >> sure -- well, my mother has
8:22 am
me. eli, my father, certainly. my older brother. >> that not the question, peyton! do you listen to your mom? >> yeah, i understand, i understand. i tell you, i really haven't spoken with anybody about it yet. i'll certainly talk about it with ashley and i'll pray about it to the big man upstairs. but, right now, i'm still running on adrenaline and have not gone to sleep tonight and been celebrating all nig wh falynd friends. but i'm very much at peace, gayle, with however that decision is going to go town and when it goes down. i'm very much at peace about it. >> we loved hearing you say to jim nantz last night that you were going to kiss your wife and kiss your kids and then drink a bunch of beer. so how many beers have you had? >> well, i've done all of those things, you know? i've done a lot of kissing with my kids and ashley. and i've had a few budweiser's and it's been a special night. yeah, i've had a chance to be a part of a super bowl team ten
8:23 am
i remember how special that game was and the celebration. and it's not something that you want to just rush through. you want to embrace it all. so i've done that tonight. and it's special to be with your family to celebrate it and a lot of friends. >> peyton, what did you say to the team before the game started? >> well, demarcus ware and i had a chance to address the team last night. he and i were asked by coach kubiak and he and i did some reflecting on a lot of things that have occurred this season, some serious things, some special memories, also some humorous things. just kind of thank them for allowing us to be a part of the journey with these guys. we thanked our support staff. you know, to win a super bowl, charlie, it's so hard just to get here, but to win it, it truly takes a lot of people doing their part. so it was a time to say thank you to a lot of people. also some time to reflect and just wishing great favor and best wishes for a great game, and it ended up being that way. >> peyton, you can't see norah and i, but we are wearing
8:24 am
bronco orange in your honor today. >> good, good. >> i just want you to know that. but i wonder when you walked down on the field super bowl 50, did you feel you had something to prove? >> no. i really didn't feel that way. i was truly honored to be a part of that game, to be playing in the 50th super bowl. i've been, obviously, a huge football fan growing up and watched a ton of super bowls. and walking out on that field for the pregame warm-ups, it was just about as beautiful a setting as you could possibly imagine. and to be playing in it, i felt so honored and grateful. >> you have to tell us what was wrong with eli's sour-puss face at the end of the game? did you say, little brother, what is up? >> eli is just like me. eli is analyzing the game and thinking about whether we were going for two or whether it was going to be reviewed. eli is kind of like me. he wasn't going to relax until that final second ticked off. so i've had a great chance to celebrate with eli.
8:25 am
me, just like i've always been of him. >> peyton, if you decide to come back, what is the main reason you would decide to come back? the love of the game? >> charlie, i haven't -- like i yet. just trying to enjoy this moment and i'm definitely going to take my time doing that. >> good to see you. >> congratulations. >> thank you all! ahead, never before-seen
8:26 am
spacecraft orbiting the r you are seeing these pictures of mars for the first time anywhere. mars reconnaissance orbiter captured these 200 miles above the red planet. you can see the possible landing site for a future mission. nasa has big plans. the next major project is mars 2020. "cbs this morning" is the first to go inside the assembly room. jan crawford is in pasadena, california, where the highly sensitive work is under way. jan, is that you? >> reporter: yes, it is, charlie! in fact, everyone that goes in this room have to be suited up.
8:27 am
contamination to this spacecraft. it is going to mars in four years. with an unmanned rover that is going to explore the surface and part of nasa's plan to send humans to mars in the next 20 to 30 years. this is what you have to do when you go into a room with a spacecraft headed for mars. wow! that is going to be on the surface of mars? >> absolutely. >> liftoff of "atlas 5 with cure curiosity curiosity. >> a spec in the sky. in four years, this spacecraft will blast off for an unmanned mission to the red planet. it's a crucial step toward nasa's goal of someday sending humans to mars. so everyone who works on this has to wear these suits. nasa agreed to let us go inside the clean room, where even
8:28 am
spacecraft have to be covered head-to-toe. >> it needs to be clean in order to work properly. it's going to the surface of mars and we can't have earth stuff going there. we don't want to contaminate mars. >> reporter: for generations, mars is a source of station. >> we can be on mars within 24 hours. >> reporter: a favorite of hollywood. >> 4.5 billion years, nobody here. and, now? me. >> reporter: but here is the jet cutting edge science. this piece of metal will be a sophisticated landing system for mars 2020. what gets put on this? >> the most important part that gets pull on this is our >>. the rocket. important. this animation shows how it will slow down the spacecraft.
8:29 am
rover on to the surface of the planet. >> we are decelebrating. >> reporter: nasa used the same nooek in 2012 to land "the curiosity" rover. >> curiosity" is the first rover to mars. >> reporter: this is a replica here at the mars yard. >> "curiosity" really is the parent of mars 2020. >> reporter: this is like the mom and daddy? >> the mom and daddy, exactly. >> reporter: the next generation rover will be loaded with a lot more technology. like, higher resolution cameras and an advanced robot ib arm and drill. >> this is the rock room. >> reporter: which dispute mission manager said will help life. >> we are actually going to drill cores and make small saleofartian rock we leave in seals and leave on mars future and hope the seals will
8:30 am
bring it back to earth so earth scientists can actually study those samples. >> reporter: we have never gotten anything off the surface of mars? >> we have never brought anything back from the surface of mars. >> reporter: for the first time nasa will test systems that future astronauts would use to survive their journey. in this room what you are doing could determine whether or not humans make it to mars in the near future. >> using this technology, that is absolutely true. >> reporter: that is a lot of pressure! >> it is. we try not to think about it. >> reporter: engineer jim lewis and his team are working on how to turn the mars atmosphere into oxygen for astronauts to breathe and use. this experiment is critical because astronauts couldn't bring enough oxygen from earth to last what will be a three-year mission. >> if you want to go to mars as a human or if you want to watch a rocket from mars to bring a sample back, you need oxidizer
8:31 am
>> reporter: all making this upcoming mission a giant leap for human travel into deep space. >> reporter: you think that someday humans will be on mars? >> oh, without question. >> reporter: without question? >> absolutely. >> eventually, we will be able to overcome all of the challenges that are ahead of us. >> reporter: that seems crazy! it seems like a movie. >> it's crazy but it's a wonderful goal. >> reporter: a goal jengenerations generationses in the making, now closer than ever. do you ever think that is 200 million miles away? >> it sometimes is just amazing to imagine we have built such a large system, so much complexity that is so capable, and we send it on a rocket and when you go out in the morning and you look and it's a point of light in the sky. >> reporter: now for all those kids out there who are going out at night and seeing that point of light in the sky, they could be the first humans to step foot on mars. and this spacecraft carrying
8:32 am
important research will pave the way to get them there. >> that's right. the first step in what we could see in our lifetime would be absolutely incredible. absolutely incredible. jan, thank you so much. >> i'm glad they are doing the job they are doing and bringing it all back for us. "cbs this morning" is partnering with jaunt vr and you can get 360-degree virtual tour inside the jet propulsion laboratory. go to our facebook page to scroll through the amazing rooms. >> virtual reality stuff is amazing. >> it's great. >> like you were there. >> i'm glad we can stay here and see it. super question in fashion, can you tell what is coming. for the better! cam newton or charlie rose? who are you voting for, norah o'donnell?
8:33 am
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