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tv   CBS Morning News  NBC  February 9, 2016 4:00am-4:29am EST

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liat t de pta e xpd ceattack. sharks ' ss attacked 98 people and killed six last year. experts say global warming is expanding sharks in territorial waters. still ahead, a leopard
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here's look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. an escaped leopard attacked this man and injured at least five others inside a school in bangladore on monday. it took animal experts ten hours to corner and tranquilize the into the wild. on the "cbs moneywatch" starbucks offers romantic treats for valentines and super bowl
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>> good morning, anne-marie. japan's nikkei dropped more than 5% this morning. australia's index fell nearly 3%. the shanghai composite is closed for the holiday. losses on wall street were led by bank and the tech sector. the dow fell 177 points to close the day. at one point, though, it plunged over 400 points. the s&p lost 26. the nasdaq finished 79 points lower. as way to win back lost business, chipotles offered free burritos to customers for a short time yesterday. it was a temporary peace offering for those who had a craving for it. restaurants were closed so they could have a food safety meeting. regulators in india have shut down facebook's plan to offer free internet service. facebook planned to offer free
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a limited number of websites but indian regulateors ruled that it violates net neutrality. facebook offers basic service in nearly 40 countries. starbucks is brugge us three special chocolate drinks in the days leading up to valentine's day. molten chocolate frappe, frappuccino, and hot chocolate. they're going to be sold at participating starbucks through february 14th. and this year's super bowl was the third most watched television event ever. 111.9 million people watched denver beat carolina in super bowl 50. that is actually down from the previous two years. last year's game between new england and seattle holds the record with 114.4 million viewers. anne-marie, i'm still stuck on the hot chocolate. >> i know. you read my mind. let's go back to that. molten what?
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julie sims is live.
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