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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  February 18, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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ahead, the state department asks hollywood how to fight isis
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iplyfeelt' f alals. a wor celon. ultiat. re ne'ro in the chahip onsh 's that feeling. multiplied.intriplicr a cto win. and a chance to multiply your winnings. yea, that feeling the republicans got together for a debate and the last debate, the intros were messed up a and this year they figured out a fool-proof way so nobody could get confused on how to come on.
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voters tonight so help the candidates come out on top. so, gentlemen, please join us on stage. >> i love it! how about major and john on "ellen"? so good! >> look at john's face. >> they all got to the podium. >> it worked. very funny, ellen. we like a shout-out. thanks. welcome back to "cbs this morning." this half hour, hollywood is asking the government to find help on fighting isis. john kerry met this week. they say the politics could lead to propaganda. >> he set up a medical clinic and examined patients at the age of 18. police say he pretended to be a doctor. why the teenager says he is not upset over his arrest for allegedly practicing medicine without a license. that story is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "usa today" reports that a company owned by a saudi investor works on air force one.
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contractor with foreign ties has serviced the president's plane. an air force spokesman says the company only installed furnishings and notes that contractors are always supervised. the white house declined to comment. the "los angeles times" reports that two of the city's police officers are charged with sexually assaulting women while on duty and accused of forcing the women to commit sex acts sometimes in the police car. the l.a.p.d. placed the officers on unpaid leave more than two years ago after a stop and start internal investigation. convictions here could carry life sentences. the philadelphia inquirer says cosby filed a suit earlier this month and he is suing andrea constand over alleged breach of confidentiality agreement they signed with the federal government more than a decade ago.
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drugging and sexually assaulting her in 2014. manny pacquiao made comments about gays. he is running for senator in the philippines. he partially apologized but nike says his comments are abhorrent. >> the united states is listing a new recruit in the fight against isis. hollywood. we showed you yesterday a photo tweeted by secretary of state john kerry. 2 tshows his meeting in los angeles tuesday with about a dozen studio executives and hollywood insiders. ben tracy is in los angeles with why the government is seeking help from the entertainment industry. ben, good morning. >> reporter: charlie, good morning. so secretary kerry says he called this meeting simply to discuss some ideas how to combat what he calls the isis narrative. some are concerned he is actually trying to get studio executives to produce anti-isis propaganda. >> america. we claim to have the greatest army history has known.
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of the hallmarks of a hollywood movie trailer. but it's actually a pro-isis propaganda piece, produced by the radical islamic terror group. now the u.s. government is asking hollywood for advice on how to counter that message. >> this is not just a military battle. it's a battle of ideas and a battle of ideas between competing narratives. >> reporter: richard stengel, a top kerry aide, was in tuesday's closed door meeting with almost a dozen studios executives when the secretary of state made his pitch. >> hollywood is one of the greatest competitive advantages we have as a country. it's revered all around the planet and our second largest export. >> reporter: the film industry grosses tens of billions of dollars worldwide every year and it's not the first time hollywood has teamed up with uncle sam. the pentagon worked with
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1986 for "top gun," a box office hit that became an effective recruiting tool for one of the fighter pilots. >> what is the target? >> reporter: collaborationed have produced mixed results. some critics thought the advice that cia officials made the makers of zero dark 30 led to a controversial torture techniques. "variety" ted johnson says this week's meeting took a different approach. >> the government, from what i understand, is just trying to get ideas. they are trying to get ideas on how they counter the message that isis is spreading. >> reporter: but when the messenger is just the u.s. government, some worry that message can get lost. >> the reason the united states can't be the brand behind the counternarrative is because we have no credibility when we are talking about islam. >> reporter: something secretary kerry seems to understand. >> by tweeting out that photo, he is saying, hey, we are on top of it, we are thinking outside the box.
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but a strategy of diplomacy, a strategy of power. >> reporter: secretary kerry's 90-minute meeting with these studio executives were not just about isis. they also talked about content piracy and somehow american show business is perceived around the world. >> thank you, ben. a teenager in florida this morning is accused of pretending to be a doctor. malachi love-robinson was arrested yesterday and charged with practicing medicine without a license. vladimir duthiers shows us how the teenager managed to pull off this alleged scam. >> reporter: according to police, llamaal malachi love-robinson posed as a doctor last year and he began screening patients. with a white lab coat, a stethoscope, malachi love-robinson may look like a young physician. but his apparent malpractice is right out of a hollywood con film. >> dr. harris? >> yes.
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>> concur with what, sir? >> reporter: according to law enforcement officials, love-robinson was arrested after he allegedly performed a physical exam on an undercover agent without a valid medical license. the teen posted bl a spoke briefly at a press conference last night. >> i've had some great supporters and i've had some people who have said some negative things but everyone is entitled to their opinion and once again, i am not upset. >> reporter: love-robinson opened the new birth new life medical center in urgent care in west palm beach. its grand opening celebration even advertised on facebook. on the practice's website the teen is listed as a doctor with ph.d. who treats and cares for patient. william mckenzie is his gradfather. >> does he have a ph.d.? well, from what i hear, you can't get that on online! i don't know! >> reporter: on facebook, love-robinson posted this certificate claiming he is a practitioner in alternative medicine. >> he may have did something wrong with trying to do what he
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intentions of trying to help people. >> reporter: in october, love-robinson was cited by the florida department of health to cease and desist practicing medicine without holding an active license. >> and i was simply asking if you can please pray for us in this time that everything that has happened that we get the truth out of it. >> reporter: love-robinson could face up to five years in prison if convicted of practicing medicine without a license. according to the palm beach sheriff, he is also charged with grand theft and forgery. earlier this year an 86-year-old woman claim love-robinson stole cash and forged personal checks after she was physically examined by the teenager. >> what a bizarre story! >> the florida newspaper says he was allegedly posing as a gynecologist which makes me go ew! >> yeah. >> he looks like a real-life doogie howser. i'm surprised anybody would think he is a doctor. >> the catch me if you can scene we showed. with you you would think with the technology we have and
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if northbound issomebody is legit or not. >> he treated patients? very bizarre. >> we've said everything we need to say. >> yes. they are saying, time to go now. this important story now. when is 100% graded parmesan cheese not living up to its name? we will look at the scandal rocking the dairy industry and see how much powder from wood pulp could be in your toppings! if you're heading out the door, watch us live through the cbs all-access app on your digital device. you don't want to miss this incredible story coming up about a mother who ran seven marathons on seven continents in seven
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bayerin. thank you to everybody. and my parents have flown in here to come to the grammys every singleear and every time i lose, they go, "maybe next year!"
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tribute to his parents. this is not his mom and dad! the broadcast accidentally cut to the wrong people! here are ed sheeran's real parents as seen on instagram. >> they look more like him too! >> they were in the audience on monday. cbs says it was a mistake and it was human error. >> they look like their parents! look so cute. my gosh.
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sthatrleeav yhith uthe tht a pe mps the time now, 8:55. i'm bill leslie. >> i'm renee chou. here are your top stories. state lawmakers me today in special session to vote on a new congressional districts math.
8:55 am
george boulder into the 12th district and, adams into the 13th. they are under a court order deadline for a new map tomorrow. a toddler injured in a drive-by shootings out of the hospital. the shooting happened to stay on wilmouth durham. it punctured a house which doubles as tatum's christian care. so far no one has been arrested. time to get a check on the forecast with aimee wilmouth in for elizabeth. >> plenty of cloud cover but expect sunshine later today. temperatures will be on the cool side. take a look at the durham sky cam. nice and pretty, little bit of cloud cover but the sunshine will win out over the course of the day today. it'll be nice and bright out there. temperatures are chilly this morning, we're coming up a bit, though. 35 degrees now in south hill. tanda town, 43 and two in erwin, 30 in clinton, and 38 degrees in fayetteville.
8:56 am
shows you it's really quite across our part of the country. a little bit of cloud cover in the eastern communities but other than that nice and quite with plenty of sunshine. bit cooler compared to yesterday with highs near 50th northwind at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. low 50s tomorrow as well, mostly sunny, and 60s return saturday. brian? we are following breaking news and clayton area. we have an accident on highway interchange. a witness at the scene tells us one person has been killed. we have crew on the way and hope to have details on and of course on our news at noon. sing a little bit of a slow down on that area through 42. avoided if you can as they get the accident cleared up and also investigate it. as we check in a run the rest of the triangle, pretty busy with minor accidents. nondairy series or causing any at least. on 440 eastbound this morning,
8:57 am
the right shoulder between hillsboro and weight. some good news, earlier delays on 40 westbound through wake county, all gone now. the largest grain community in the triangle is expanding. today at noon, we are live at the briar chapel groundbreaking for the first of four commercial development. also, president obama is going to cuba. today at 4:00 on fox 50, we tell you when the historic trip is scheduled to take place. it has been called gender pricing. that is identical products or services with higher prices for women. it happens a lot. what is that all about? we have an eye-opening 5 on
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>> that is >> announcer: today on an all-new "dr. phil." >> dr. phil: twin sisters in and out of rehab over 80 times each. >> heroin, cocaine, anything an g a identical twins. >> these two needles are like my kids. >> dr. phil: you say we are out looking for drugs and we get more because we are twins.
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>> announcer: has the entire family hit rock bottom? >> i wld do anything to have them back. >> but they can't. excuses for these girls because they are sisters. >> dr. phil: lets do it. > dr. phil: this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> dr. phil: i'm trying to direction. >> five, four... [cheering and applauding] >> dr. phil: how are you? well, twin sisters talia and alissa are identical in every way. they look alike, they sound alike, they share the same aneurysms and have been


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