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tv   WRAL News 5AM  NBC  February 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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criticism coming from pope francis, it's different from the republican front runner's typical aggressive style. you are going to love how we finish out the week weather wise. good morning, everyone. i'm renee chou. >> i'm bill leslie. i had my share of winter. >> you had your fix. we are good. i'm ready for a little bit of spring to come knocking on the door. >> close to march 1st. variable heading closer to spring like that. we will be feeling spring-like over the weekend. another intrusion of cooler air in to next week. that whole thing plays out in the seven-day forecast coming up in 15 minutes, first off, we will focus on today and how we are finishing the week. let's look at morning temperatureses most of us are colder than at the same time yesterday. not a big difference.
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lewisburg. 27 roanoke rapids. 31 for durham, 28 in goldsboro, 25 for sanford, around 30 in fayetteville. clinton 34, the satellite and radar, yesterday, sunshine, during the night, fair skies, this morning, few high clouds, over western part of the viewing area, we may see the high cirrus clouds from time to time, 29 degrees at 8:00, lunchtime, we will reach 45, mostly sunny skies, mix of sunshine and a few high clouds through afternoon, 3:00 or 4:00, high around 51. the jury in the travion smith trial could deliberate as early as monday. >> the jury convicted him of murdering melissa huggins jones during a burglary. the state is going to have the opportunity to put on rebuttal witnesses after the
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therapists and family members. they talked about him having abusive childhood and difficulties in school he could receive a death sentence for the crimes. his lawyers are trying to per side jurors to choose the other option, life in prison without parole. they hope the witnesss showed smith in a sympathetic light. >> he was a kind, loving respectful kid. he came in with an attitude that he wanted to do the right thing. >> closing arguments are set for monday morning, the jury will begin deliberations, wake county jury has not handed down a death sentence since 2007. a decision to sentence a person to death require as unanimous decision by all 12 jurors. federal investigators are expected to look in to the cause of a small plane crash in union county. officers say the pilot died, the plane went down 7 last night in a wooded area,
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to figure out what caused the crash. officials have not released information on the pilot's identity or where the flight originated. we are working to learn if any charges will be filed in a crash involving a pedestrian. this happened at 6:00 last night on garner road. first responders rushed a woman to wake med after she was hit by a car. the driver was designed, police wouldn't say why. the woman's injuries are not life threatening. this is the final full day of cam papering in south carolina, before voters go to the polls for the republican presidential primary. donald trump holds a double digit lead, there is a real battle for second and third. a new fox news poll has donald trump at 32%, ted cruz 19% and marco rubio at 15%. those are the only three candidates with double digit support in south carolina. donald trump so muched his response to statements about
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>> the pope said trump is not christian if he favors using a wall to stem illegal border crossings and made the remark on his way back to the vatican following a visit to mexico. trump called the comment disgraceful, he toned his reaction down at a town hall meeting for the candidates. >> it was probably a little bit nicer statement than reported by you folks in the media. after i read it, it was softer. the bottom line is we got to have a border and security, we have tremendous illegal immigration. >> jeb bush who also attended the town hall said he didn't think it was appropriate to question trump's faith. trump doesn't remember a 2002 interview with 2002. for months trump has insisted he opposed the war before the iraq invasion.
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the time the iraq war begun, he was against it. in las vegas, clinton accused sanders of attacking the democratic presidents, barack obama and her husband. sanders was responding to reporters questions when he described clinton's trade agreement and welfare overhaul. president obama and michelle will pay respects to antonin scalia, he died of natural causes during a hunting trip to texas. the death sparked a fierce debate in washington, on the campaign trail and all over as to who should replace him and make the call. the funeral is coming up tomorrow. president obama will not be attending that service. the vice president and biden will be there. house republicans say the fastest way for president obama
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spread of the zika virus is to tap left over funding from the battle against ebola. there is plenty of unspent anti ebola funding to cover the $1.8 billion the president seeks to fight the zika virus. th administration needs financial flexibility. pope francis suggested women threatened with zika could use artificial contraception, aidg pregnancy is not an absolute evil in the face of the global health emergency. north carolina health officials reported three flu- related deaths. pief people died since a flu re -- 5 people died since the flu- related illness. though the season has been mild, health experts say do not let your guard down, it runs through may. fighting is lama phobia in
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the presentation focused on the history of islam and the meaning behind the religious oh observance pes. observances. >> i'm honor to learn what is going on. i'm not afraid anymore. >> the forum was put on by leadership triangle, a non profit working to bring different facilitys of the triangle together. they will get an opportunity to tour the islamic center and learn more about islam. an open house planned for saturday march 5th. changes to more square station. they are kicking off the renovation and the go raleigh station.
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ceremony, starting at 10 this morning. one company is showing the determination to bring space tour is tom the mainstream. -- tourism to the mainstream. debate over alligator hunting in north carolina continues.
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ed gs buviinan pleading for help in the community, lotus was shot and killed while playing in a yard during a birthday party in september. detectives say police searched the area, conducted dozens of interviews and spent hundreds of hours on the investigation, still, no arrests. no charges are expected to be filed after a driver hit and killed a man doing roadside work in moore county on plank road in robins yesterday morning. a crew hired by the dot was setting up a woodchipper when a car ran in to the back of the chipper. tony wood died on scene. the driver of the car is believed to have a health issue. electronics stolen from the boys and girls club have been recovered. winter mill police found 7i pads and accessories stolen during a break in, in january. larry williams was named a person of interest in the case.
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broken and a truck stolen, damage estimated at more than $20,000. north carolina is saying no to the idea of alligator hunting for now. hunting has never been allowed in our state. as the numbers grow and because other states allow hunting, that could change. north carolina is the northern most range for alligators with most of the population in the states southeast corner. after several public hearings, officials say they are not ready for a hunting season this year. >> we need to do some science and get better estimates of population growth rates before we do that. also the distribution in abundance of alligators on private lands. >> allen of the wildlife resources commission says it could be a few years before the state is ready to allow gator hunting and would be by permit only. sad news from the north carolina zoo.
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terry was 47, she passed away in her sleep. one of the zoo's original chimps on exhibit and delighted visitors with her big ears and playful nature since 1980. university of north carolina greensboro is getting rids rid of the name of the school auditorium. akoch was the 50th governor and improved the education system and promoted white supremacy. unc g isn't the only university to take on tissue. east carolina and duke removed the name. unc is removing references on buildings to the former governor as well. duke faculty say they deserve better treatment. they took up a resolution serving the push to unionize. the group duke teaching first, sent representatives to talk to the council.
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disparities including pay. construction on the new police headquarters is about to start, by the end of the year. council members saw the latest drawings of what the building will look like and shown two options, most counselors preferred option a, many wanted to make sure the complex was inviting to all citizens. a burt county firefighter rushed to save a heart attack patient and later learned the patient was his dad. >> steve kitty says by the time he arrived at the scene, cpr had started and the patient's face was covered. his first reaction, saving a life and it was only after the chief came up and asked kitty if he was all right that kitty realized who he was working on. when he realized it was his father, he stood up and let others take over. michael kitty was rushed to a hospital where he spent the next 10 days. he has returned home and
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bill of health. what are the odds? >> had to be a shock when he heard that. we are going to do well with our temperatures over the course of the weekend. we will trade away the sunshine, as we get in to saturday and sunday. let's look at what we got on sky cam, this is at the raleigh durham airport, hard to see the sky this early on, fair skies out there. couple of thin high clouds, they have been thicker at times this morning off to the west just a bit. airport, reporting 30 degrees for a current temperature, winds are calm, our dew point at 18, a fairly dry low level air mass, a pressure of 30.54 inches, heading up, a look at the town by town temperatures, they are colder than yesterday, 27 degrees in roxboro, same
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goldsboro. 30 fayetteville, at freezing for clinton, the temperatures in most areas, colder than we were on thursday morning. from 3-8 degrees for most of us from around the triangle area eastward to the wests towards the triad, it's a couple of degrees warmer than this time yesterday morning, thanks in part to the fact high clouds were thicker through part of the night and a little bit of a southeast breeze blowing there. 3 degrees colder than we were at the same time yesterday, raleigh, 5 goldsboro, 8 degrees colder than yesterday in fayetteville. late last night, the upper level moisture coming in, a little bit thicker over western, north carolina, thinning a little since then, probably a few whispy high clouds during the morning and those thin out a little bit and a couple more drift in from the north and west. it will be a bright day, dominated by an elongated ridge of high pressure along the
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there, dominating in to eastern north carolina, back to our west, we have a frontal boundary, a cold front, slow to move across the southeast united states, over the next several days, we will see that come across our area probably sunday night in to early monday ushering in cooler air for next week, before it gets here, the warm front goes by to the north, tonight and tomorrow, the warmer air that is off to the south and west and a couple of places in texas, and oklahoma, they got to 90 degrees yesterday. we are not going to be anything like. that the warmer warmer in tryings will be -- the warm intrusion will be felt. a lot of sunshine and blue skies and maybe a few whispy high clouds from the northwest, from time to time, partly to mostly cloudy later uq8dstn\e gtonight, =gvt: more clouds than sun overall, through u"t mid and high clouds for the
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wind blow, that is likely to lead us to a good weekend. today's high 51, on the short side of normal. 29 at 8:00 this morning, mostly sunny and 45 at lunchtime, we top out around 51, stay there until 5:00 p.m., tonight, low of 38, tomorrow's high, 63, that compares to a normal high of 56, below the old record of 75 from 1939 and way above the old record for coldest temperatures for that date of 26. we will warm more on sunday, with upper 60s for most of us for highs, more clouds than sun, a slight chance of a sprinkle or two, slender chance of a sprinkle or two on monday, south and east of the triangle. 56 then to start the cooling trend and we get in to the low 40s on tuesday. good chance of rain then. a look at a couple of traffic cameras, this isics 40, nc54, cary, starting to pick up,
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morning, no problems to report there. alexander drive, durham, there might be abandoned vehicle on the side. next, eric stall talks about the future of the hurricanes and jeff gravley breaks down the daytona duals. time for your pet picture, say hello to nacho. this happenedsome little guy loves a little rope toy.
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hersl metrwingars fair skies to start the day, maybe a couple of thin high clouds out there in places. we got temperatures town by town, 28 hillsborough, 31 holly springs, 27 henderson, willmington 30, 38 night dale, 28 smithfield as well. at the bus stop today, don't have to worry about precipitation, seeing a mission of sun and high clouds, 29 degrees or so, upper 20s to around 30 to start the day. looks like on the way home this afternoon, our temperatures a little on the short side of normal, well within the normal range, we are looking for highs in the low 50s, should see sunshine, couple of streaky high clouds in places.
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area are warning residents of scammers posing as irs or u.s. treasury investigators. they say there is a 400% jump in report of phishing emails in the fist six weeks compared to the last year at the same time, the same period, the scammers are trying to confuse and trick taxpayers in to thinking the irs is trying to contact them. remember, the irs does not anybodyuate contact through an email, a text or a phone call. if you are contacted, don't share any of your personal information. airlines get a fourth of their revenue from charging additional fees. for baggage. another of the biggest money makers is the charge to change or cancel a ticket. that can cost $200. consumers paid airlines $3 billion in flight cancellation
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that's triple what they paid in 2007. the so called flawn fliewn teen heads back to court today what the judge will --
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the maryland court of appeals, -- porter's case ended in a mistrial, he is expected to be retried. flint michigan will get permission to remace the water
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city's drinking water supply. it's come from the distressed city's fund. karen weaver wants to start removing the lead pipes. governor rick schneider wants an engineering company to map the pipes before tearing them out. investigators will be in hawaii today to look in to the crash of a tour helicopter that critically injured a 15-year- old boy. >> camera was rolling when the helicopter made a hard landing and sank near the visitors center, five people were on board, witnesses say it happened so fast. >> it started coming low and coming straight at me. it seemed out of place and not normal. i switched to video real quick and shot the video clip and the rest you can can see. >> good samaritans jumped in the water to help rescue the people inside. so far, no word on what caused the helicopter to go down.
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my son-in-law used to right near that area. >> it's a very popular area. can you imagine the tourists there, looking at that and all the sudden witnessing something like that. >> it dropped quickly. we don't have anything dropping around here now in terms of precipitation. not expecting any for a while. a live look at the dual doppler 5000, a live sweep on it. showing nothing too much going on around the area this morning. as we head through the day, that should continue to be the case high cirrus clouds from time to time, that will do it for today. there is a look at the current temperatures, locally, 30 degrees around durham, 28 for cary, holly springs 31, 26 zebulon and wake forest. 30 at the station in raleigh, we winds things out, the same thing at the raleigh durham airport. mid 20s towards the virginia line to start the day, 32 around goldsboro, 30
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28 at southern pines. a real contrast weekend wise, between last weekend, and what we are coming up on the next couple of days, to take you back, last saturday, topped oh out at 34 degrees for a high on sunday, freezing, this weekend, on saturday, looking at 63, probably upper 60s on sunday, thanks to a southwest breeze through the course of the weekend. the breeze will come our way thanks to high pressure, at is over eastern, north carolina today, moving out, see the fair skies we had yesterday, fair skies overnight as well. moisture moving our direction, at times, as it moves in on the area of high pressure, the high pressure causing the air to sink, the high clouds coming our direction have tended to thin out and dissipates. you might see streaks of high clouds from time to time today. that should just about do it. a fairly bright day overall. a cold front to the north and west, watching the progress of that the next couple of days,
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that should come across the area in to maybe early monday, leave us cooler to start the week, however, we got this upper level ridge over the eastern united states today,, remains cold air stretched across the region, leaving us cooler than we were, than our normal temperatures for the day. look at the warming that goes on as we head in to the beginning of the weekend on saturday, kind of this sewn or west to east upper level flow from the white lines , the warming continues more in to sunday, we should add 3-4 degrees then as we finish out the weekend, on monday, we will have lower level air from the north and west, that is the frontal boundary across the region. not dramatically cold but highs in the 50s, and after that, we start to develop more and more of the trough to the west, on the east side of that, disturbances along it and a
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likely to see precipitation, mostly if the form of rain as we go through monday night, tuesday and tuesday night. for today, a mibs of sunshine and fair weather -- a mission of sunshine and fair weather high clouds, 45 lunchtime. 51 by 4:00 p.m. tonight, 38 for a low, tomorrow's high 63, in spite of more clouds than sun, sunday in spite of mostly cloudy skies overall, we get to 67 degrees, 10 degrees above normal, a slight chance of a sprinkle or two, record high sunday 76. it looks like we will cool off on monday, cloudy skies and a high 56. monday night in to tuesday, good chance of what looks to be a cold rain about 42 degrees for the high on tuesday, we bounce to 48 wednesday, with patchy rain around, and likely to be a little drier on thursday and edge in to the low 50s. looking good as we get
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fridays are quieter on the roads. it's quiet this morning here at 4:40, lake boon trail. very lightly traveled, the westbound trip delayed free from i-40s around the wade avenue interchange. let's take you to durham, downtown, nice and quiet. if you are heading between downtown, rtp on the freeway, no delay, i-40, taking 6 minutes, on the southbound side, mangum to i-40, 6 or 7 minutes. rest of the triangle, no accidents. major routes looking good. you have been cooking up things in the kitchen, turning sweet potatos in to tasty
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