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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  February 25, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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in daltrump's tax returns? mitt romney suggests the billionaire has something to hide. u.s. soccer legend hope solo is in studio 57 for her first interview since raising concerns about zika at the rio olympics. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. a lot of wind whipping. >> this is just, like, not even real. >> powerful storms stretch across the east coast. >> coast guard vessel cap sized during a rescue mission. they were tending on a fishing boat run that had run aground. >> this operation is still under way. >> winter weather hammered indiana and illinois. >> officials say this is some of the worst conditions they have seen. after trump's landslide victory in nevada, mitt romney called on the billionaire to release his tax returns. >> mitt romney said every candidate should release their tax returns. will you do to? >> siventthe nice thing i haven't made that much money that i need a
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>> sanders is holding rallies in a bunch of states. >> look out, when i look out at this crowd, i don't think there is any way we are going to lose on tuesday! apple ceo tim cook speaking out the company's privacy fight with the fbi. >> to place a back door in the iphone, we believe it does put hundreds of millions of customers at risk. president obama considering a republican nominee. brian sandoval, the governor of nevada, to fill the vacancy on the supreme court. >> when with e-cigarettes exploded inside a man's pocket in kentucky. >> all that. >> adele! >> adele has stolen the show at this year's brit awards. >> you love me! >> christopher was discovered. mostly cue in "science" magazine. >> that happens every year? >> it does. you don't follow it? >> here i am worried about the oscars! >> all that matters. >> do you plan to campaign for her? >> i don't think they need me,
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he might need me, but she doesn't. on "cbs this morning." >> a third consecutive win in the nevada caucuses keeps donald trump well-positioned to steam roll his way to victory a super tuesday. >> like many other las vegas visitors, the gop woke up this morning with a raging hangover! wondering what the hell happened last night? announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go place. welcome to "cbs this morning." we begin with a dramatic rescue going on right now to get the crew of a stranded fishing boat to safety in new york. a coast guard helicopter is trying to pull crew members off the boat and an early attempt to rescue the sailors failed when a coast guard boat cap-sized. all of the coast guard crewmembers swam to safety. >> these are live pictures right now. this rescue effort comes after
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east coast. winds flipped over a semitruck on new york's george washington bridge. the storm brought down a home in the bronx but no one hurt. power lines sparked one car fire. the powerful band of storms is responsible for at least eight deaths in the south and several tornadoes ripped through virginia killing four. chip reid is in waverly, south of richmond, where a state of emergency is in place. >> reporter: good morning. i am standing in the middle of what used to be a small mobile home park here in waverly, virginia. as you can see, this was the laundromat and it was meat of brick and cinder block but it has been completely destroyed. walk down here. take a look at this. that trailer there behind the bushes that is largely destroyed, we talk to a man who lived there. he can hardly believe he is alive and that is partly because on the other side of that trailer is where another trailer used to be and that is where
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2-year-old child, died. a deadly storm system lashed the east coast wednesday, pummeling it with violent winds. and torrential rain. multiple tornadoes were reported in virginia where at least four people have died and dozens more have been injured. >> a tornado just came through right on 460 right now. tore place to pieces. waverly. a 2-year-old child and two men who were found 300 yards from their own home. vincent donald lived next door. >> spinning and lift the roof. i survived. >> reporter: in pennsylvania more than 30,000 people lost power and tornado warnings were issued and several homes were torn apart. >> you hear stuff tossing and turning. we heard debris and this is just, like, not even real. >> reporter: a steady downpour led to flash flooding in and around washington, d.c. where
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evening commute. >> tree just fell down. >> reporter: at least three tornadoes were reported in north carolina. straight line winds and pounding rains toppled trees and cut one home nearly in half. time lapse video shows the storm as it rolled through downtown charlotte. >> that is one wild storm. >> reporter: the system made its way to the northeast where strong gusts flipped over this truck in new york. and in new jersey, manhole covers were spent flying into the air. the wet weather caused underground electric explosions in elizabeth. first responders spent the night going through this area, going through this incredible debris field, trying to make sure there is nobody unaccounted for. there is still, apparently, some question whether this was officially a tornado. just look. it's hard to believe it could have been anything other than that. >> i'll say. the pictures really tell the store there. firefighters in indiana rescued more than two dozen
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snowy eye. an accident during the snowstorm made the word impassible. two fire trucks got stuck in six feet of snow and firefighters faced strong winds and blinding snow and walked car-to-car to bring 30 people to safety. donald trump is facing questions about his taxes this morning from the last republican presidential nominee, mitt romney. he claims the republican front-runner has not released his tax returns because they may contain a bombshell. trump tweeted in response that taxes made romney, quote, look like a fool in 2012. he sarcastically called romney a tough guy. major garrett in washington looked at the issue that may affect tonight's republican debate in houston. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. on the republican debate stage tonight in houston, mitt romney -- no, no, not in person, of course. but through this issue of tax returns that he lobbed at donald trump yesterday.
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through this campaign as a weak nominee who should have won in 2012. trump's republican rivals at another texas forum last night, they sided with romney. >> they are not exotic but we will release them. >> very glad to release tax returns. >> nothing to hide. not a problem. >> the nice thing i haven't made enough money that my tax returns are not that interesting. >> reporter: donald trump closest rivals had no problem respond from a challenge to 2012 nominee mitt romney who had this to say about trump's tax returns. >> frankly, i think we have good reason to believe that there is a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. every time he is asked about his taxes, he dodges and delays and says, well, we are working on it. >> reporter: the tax issue tripped up romney's white house bid but trump said he feels no pressure to release his returns at all. >> my returns are extremely complex and i'll make a determination at the right time. i'm in no rush to do it. nobody has been bringing it up except for mitt romney. >> reporter: a carter gop field
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the candidates are scrambling to dull that edge but no one appears to be willing to give up their smaller share of support. >> once this race begins to narrow you'll see more of that support consolidateing. >> reporter: three candidates yet to win aren't dropping out. marco rubio finished second in south carolina and nevada. >> we are not going to allow the conservative movement to be defined by a nominee who isn't a conservative. >> reporter: john kasich has back-to-back fifth place finishes. >> we are not stopping and i'm not giving up! >> reporter: ben carson hasn't finished higher than fourth. >> it's like a baseball game. everybody wants to call the game after the first inning. >> reporter: a loss on cruz's home turf could cripple his campaign. of the delegates up for grabs on tuesday, texas has the most with 155. >> he called it himself the big prize. hillary clinton is focusing on south carolina this morning but bernie sanders is hundreds
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ohio, michigan, and illinois. clinton is making four stops in the state where democrats vote on saturday. nancy cordes is in columbia, south carolina, where clinton is also thinking about the gop front-runner. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. republicans are not the only ones who are starting to come to grips with the notion that trump could be the gop nominee. yesterday, the clinton campaign sent out this fund-raising appeal saying, everything is coming up trump. a message meant to scare their supporters into opening their wallets. >> when with you talk about the trump's of the world to divide us up. >> reporter: trump that united the democratic candidates, at least temporarily. >> i listen to the rhetoric on the republican side. i don't recognize my country. you know? senator sanders and i have been trying to run a campaign based on issues. they run a campaign based on insults. >> reporter: clinton is camped out in south carolina, protecting her large lead in the polls here.
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>> reporter: sanders headed west in search of greener pastures and he found them. >> here in missouri! >> reporter: 7,000 people came to here him speak in kansas city. almost 10,000 in tulsa. >> i look out add this crowd, i don't think there is any way we are going to lose on tuesday! >> reporter: the only other candidate drawing crowds this large is trump. but, so far, the enthusiasm has not translated into turnout, which is down on the democratic dein 28 the three contests held so far. and that is a problem for sanders, who says this all the time. >> voter turnout is everything. our job is to create a high voter turnout. if there is a large turnout, i think we will do very well. >> reporter: translation? sanders needs his young supporters to hit the polls in record numbers and offset clinton's advantage with older and more reliable advantage. in nevada she won by a full 50
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you say you want to create the revolution that clinton couldn't. is turnout a sign that that revolution isn't happening? >> it's a sign that barack obama ran a brilliant campaign in 2008. unprecedented. >> reporter: and even with that unprecedented campaign, though, obama just barely edged out hillary clinton. this time, sanders says he is going to win several super tuesday states and keep pace with clinton in the delegate count. >> thank you, nancy. see you on tuesday. president obama may reach across the aisle to get the senate to vote on his next supreme court nominee. reports say the white house is considering nevada's republican governor to replace justice antonin scalia. jan crawford is on capitol hill and watching the supreme court debate. >> reporter: good morning. senator republicans say they will block anyone the president nominates even if it's someone from their own party. yesterday, the president
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>> i recognize the politics are hard for them. >> reporter: from the oval office, president obama suggested that eventually republicans will back down and give his supreme court nominee a shot. >> there is not a lot of vigor when they defend the position that they are taking that they wouldn't even meet, for example, with a supreme court nominee. they are pretty sheepish about it when they make those comments. >> reporter: across town, the senate's top democrat, harry reid, offered a surprise pick, a rpublican. nevada governor brian sandoval. >> if he were picked, i would support the man. he's a good person. he has a great record. and he has been a tremendously good governor. >> reporter: sandoval may be seen as a moderateonservative but he is no fan of the president's signature achievement -- the affordable care act. he has called many aspects of the law unconstitutional and threatened to fight to have them overturned. in a statement, sandoval's office said neither the governor nor his staff has been contacted
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administration regarding any potential vetting and that did not surprise utah senator mike lee. >> i don't think that is a legitimate rumor. i don't think it reflects any truth. i don't think that is who president obama is going to nominate. but even if it is, our position remains unchanged. >> reporter: lee says regardless of the nominee, most senate republicans are holding firm until the country elects a new president. >> it's not up to the president. we are a coordinate branch. government. this is our discussion, not his. >> reporter: the president says the sandoval buzz is read and they are playing games. a republican to the supreme court would make a conservative majority on that court for a generation. charlie? >> thanks, jan. apple ceo tim cook defended the company in his first interview about the standoff over the san bernardino gunman's iphone. he calls the government's request to unlock it bad for america.
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show us apple's case. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. apple executives and the tech giants attorneys say this is a slippery slope. tomorrow the company will put its arguments in writing when it's expected to file its legal challenge to the government. >> some things are hard and some things are right. and some things are both. this is one of those things. >> reporter: speaking publicly about the controversy, apple's ceo tim cook laid out his reasons for refusing a court order to unlock the iphone of syed farook, one of the terrorists behind the deadly attack in san bernardino, three months ago. >> to oppose your government on something doesn't feel good. and to oppose it on something where we are advocating for civil liberties, which they are supposed to protect, it is incredibly ironic. >> reporter: cook says the decision would compel the company to write newew software
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in the wrong hands, could make all iphones vulnerable to hackers. >> our smartphones are loaded with our intimate conversations, our financial data, our health records. they are also loaded with the location of our kids in many cases. >> reporter: cook says apple has cooperated with law enforcement, but contends investigators made a crucial error by telling farook's employer, san bernardino county, to reset his icloud password. apple says that limited the information that could be retrieved but even with the password change, the fbi says there may still be information on the phone that would not be accessible without apple's assistance. >> if a court can ask us to write this piece of software think of what else they ask us to write. maybe an operating system for surveillance, maybe it's the ability for the law enforcement to turn on the camera. this is not what should be happening in america. >> i think this is going to be a question for the american people
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we want to make these communications devices immune to warrants when we know that they are used in crimes all the time. >> reporter: cook and bill gates agree that this issue will ultimately have to be decided by congress. >> eventually, as it has been with the patriotic act, this will all be subject to democratic discussion. >> reporter: today, fbi director james comey will be on capitol hill where he is expected to discuss the government's case against apple. norah? >> jeff, thank you. the debate continues. isis this morning is threatening two silicon valley titans. a new video purportedly made by supporters of target, mark zuckerberg and zach dorsey. the propaganda video is in response to facebook and twitter suspending accounts and removing posts that promote terrorism. president obama is tamping down expectations about the partial truce in syria that takes effect at midnight on
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syrian government troops are fighting in a suburb outside of damascus. the assad regime says the area is excluded from the cease-fire because al qaeda-linkeded group is there. our elizabeth palmer got a firsthand look on the lines above and on the ground. >> reporter: how confident is the syrian army right now? well, enough to have a group of local journalists tour their latest victory. a half of a square mile of total destruction and five miles from the center of dah mass mus.mascusdamascus. this general leads the way through what used to be family homes that is a wreck now. a sniper was right here only yesterday, he says. we are in the suburb of daria. the army says 24 hours ago, it pushed the opposition fighters half a mile back to the next cluster of buildings.
7:18 am
machine guns and from the air. overhead, the sound of the helicopters scouting its target. then a strike. they are using barrel bombs, cheap and deadly. are there any civilians left over there? no, he says. there aren't. in fact, by now, almost everyone has fled. bombs smashed this area to bits. the opposition fighters only survived by going underground into a network of tunnels. this is the road. the soldiers showing us around, this one explains this tunnel was under the main road. you can see the black strike that gave extra protection. the army says the fighters here were with al qaeda-linked al nusra not in this weekend's cease-fire so no let up on this world of the suburbs of damascus.
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coming up, our electronic grets announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by
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johnson & johnson fight back after losing a 72 million dollar lawsui. ahead why the health care giant says talcum powder is not 7:26. i'm bill leslie with your top stories. troubles in fortify work zone. let's check in with brian
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we have to left lane blocked on the westbound side of gorman street on i-40. it appears this was a minor accident. he can see tow trucks right now continue to get this situation cleared up. we have a d.o.t. imap crew trying to get back cleaned up. hopefully we will get all lanes open before too long. a big backup coming in through garner from raleigh with stop and go conditions from the 440 split out toward gorman street. taking a look at the latest sensor readings through garner, not so bad. 15 minutes but although that will get worse as traffic backs up toward jones sausage road. keep that in mind as you come in from garner toward raleigh. then that 41 train -- minute trip. consider using 70 business to get in from raleigh, or if you can get to garner up through the 440 split, take 440 westbound run wade avenue interchange. that's another option. also penny road in cary is closed as they repair following powerlines from last night. it will be closed from midmorning, consider using ten
7:27 am
alternate routes. cleanup continues today after violent storms in north carolina but the storm damaged homes in a dairy farm in oxford. several homes are still without power this morning. chris lawing's murder trial resumes in raleigh today. lawing is accused of killing his pregnant women -- girlfriend, lacoy mcqueen. a friend recalls a heated argument shortly before lacoy mcqueen disappeared. watch the trial live on starting at 9:30. the wind is an issue this morning. elizabeth, when will it die down? >> alters morning, once again past lunchtime, it should lighten up a little bit. we may see winds, 20 to 25 sustained, testing 30 to 35. that may knock down a few limbs or small trees. our skycam looking nice and
7:28 am
all of the school buses out there trying to get everybody to school this morning. temperatures in the low to mid 40s. not terribly cold. tomorrow morning will be noticeably colder. high of 56 this afternoon with sunshine. we start tomorrow morning at 32 interstate school through saturday. bill?
7:29 am
raleigh native in addition to the like button, facebook has now added buttons for love, wow, ha ha, sad, and angry. in other words, facebook copied the emotional journey of any adele album. >> i guess it did well in spain because it's now available everywhere. here they are. there is like. which we had.
7:30 am
is there wow. -- there is wow and there is sad and there is enough with the baby photos already! >> facebook is doing what i tried and failed at with so many women. moving -- moving beyond just like! >> i like the wow emjoi. do you have a favorite one? >> i haven't used them yet. i wasn't a facebook yesterday. >> i haven't used them either. >> you have a favorite? >> i like wow. welcome back to "cbs this morning." wow! coming up in this half hour new fears about an explosive danger linked to electronic cigarettes. one man says he was burned when an e-cigarette burned up in his pocket. that is scary. what may be causing them to catch fire is ahead. we will look at a dramatic redesign that may be coming to your favorite airline and see how it can affect your wallet. that is ahead. gayle, can you imagine sitting on a bench?
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>> that's all you have to say about that? >> i don't want anybody sitting on a bench on a plane. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "the new york times" reports on the united nations security council to vote today on tough comik sanctions against north korea. this is a response to the north's recent nuclear test. among the measures the united states wants to reportedly limit north korean access to north korea ports. "time" is reporting on the zika virus the world health organization says the virus will spread globally. at least 109 cases here in the united states. zika is linked with a severe birth defect. "the washington post" reveals that antonin scalia was vacationing a secret of hunting fraternity when with he died. he was at a texas ranch with members of the international order of st. hubert.
7:32 am
in europe more than 300 years ago and not known if the supreme court justice had any official affiliation with the secret dallas morning news reports a plane was headed from washington to san antonio last night and diverted to dallas after losing cabin pressure. a passenger's photo shows oxygen masks deployed as the plane suddenly subsidy suddenly descended 20,000 feet. a man says electronic cigarette battery exploded in his pocket. surveillance video captured the very frightening moment on saturday at a gas station. vinita nair is here to show us why the devices may be "lighting up" scary stuff. >> yes. this latest incident caught on tape is raising new concerns
7:33 am
e-cigarette industry. >> reporter: surveillance footage captured the moment josh hamilton's pants suddenly burst into flames at a kentucky gas station. he ran outside struggling to ditch his clothes before a man dous douses him with a fire extinguisher. he tweeted the following. it's the latest incident linked to electronic vaporizers across the country. >> ts an alternative to smoking grets. it's supposed to be a safer and health care healthier way of doing it. >> reporter: evan was in a coma three days at a mom hospital after he says an e-cigarette blew up in his mouth in october. and earlier this week at ohio fire department issues a warning on its facebook page after a rechargeable e-cigarette battery apparently exploded inside the pocket of a victim's lab coat.
7:34 am
incidents and fires caused by e-cigarettes between 2009 and 2014. >> it has the same fuel capability as gasoline. >> reporter: many are linked to the lithium ion battery and overcharging and manufacturing defects and punctures can cause it to overheat and triggering an explosion. the lithium ion batteries are the same type found in many hoverboards which have been criticized for catching fire. >> in terms of the actual product itself this is the chemistry you use you are comparing apples and apples between what happens in the hoverboard and what happens in an e-cigarette. >> reporter: vaporing advocates remain that the explosion of e-cigarettes are rare. the association said the
7:35 am
the fdaood and drug administration does not regulate e-cigarettes. you should avoid metal objects with coins and keys and jewelry, the things we all have in our pocket. >> thank you. this morning, johnson & johnson is fighting back against a 72 million dollar verdict. the judgment was awarded to a woman who claimed the company's talcum powder products caused her ovarian cancer. layers say the award is the first of its type. anna werner has been looking at the lawsuit's claims and the actual cancer risks. >> reporter: jacqueline fox was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in march of 2015 and died last october. her lawsuit claimed the talcum powder in johnson's baby powder and shower to shower is carcinogenic. >> reporter: generations of women have used johnson &
7:36 am
to help them feel clean and fresh. >> it's a feeling you never outgrow. >> reporter: jacqueline fox used them for feminine hygiene for decades. her lawyer, jerry beasley, says those products ultimately caused her death. >> johnson & johnson knew of the association of talc and ovarian cancer starting back in 1979. >> reporter: the american cancer society says results of studies on a possible link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer have been mixed with some studies reporting a slightly increased risk and some reporting no risk. an expert for. conducted his own study in september showing there shows an increased risk. >> there has been a number of studies and the majority of these have found an elevated risk. >> reporter: during trial, fox's lawyers introduced into evidence this 1997 letter in which johnson & johnson's own
7:37 am
the risks could mean the talc industry will be perceived by the public it perceived the cigarette industry and denying the obvious in the face of all evidence in the contrary. >> they have made a conscious decision not to warn the customers that are using a very dangerous product. >> reporter: on monday a jury in st. louis ordered johnson & johnson to pay fox's family $10 million in compensatory damages and another $62 million in punitive damages. marvin, her son. >> the whole fight was not just women. and that is why i continue -- that is why i continued this >> reporter: johnson & johnson said in a statement it sympathizes with fox' family but said the verdict goes against decades of sound
7:38 am
talc as a cosmetic ingredient in multiple products. >> there is a warning this morning for travelers. they are being told don't get too comfortable in your seat. >> reporter: flying has always come with a cost. i'm kris van cleave. coming up on "cbs this morning," a new design for airline seats that could make the way you fly now history. if you are heading out the door, don't forget, you can watch us live through the cbs all-access app on your digital device. we are betting you don't want to miss hope solo who is here from the women's world soccer team. we will be right back. ave moderatesevere ulceti colr crohptomeft withame vi it me time fferent pect if othatmeven' wo well gh, k yo dtor abt enty
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airlines ee a very difrednanfuture. aircft merrbusiledteor aindf
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atould b lge jusdo talltthat bch sonceldal o t ses ereigntor pseee dicedi ween or std re the hef urhdr atu clm aimeit ta autg m repter: csson in tveor saod" netwk. >> ali go be vy rel t saha se ific class peop. u owchs ovweight pe o evefamilies. don want tbe aus oinisatyut thinthnythg w a oio diergrle mind mtable.>> rter:ypicalhas fhe
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d w otfore s ziaat ahexhextagon tesecoss s cohen worrocf sqg o exttsulmakeng tly d faim s s. f out amergcy e thei sdn't beft a acci. afr ant,soo re te aiay every tes oed snd t vast m o ly res knle it'into t fl >>opt's o
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i init'sto>>t isto >>aks. ou that?>>et clos yeit ble. if itere thehr of, wlddr seri > wt hnshen ss n have gs - .thiss ry serious he mingp. > wil happenn studen cav gun camp ahd, c pross niveyre pr b
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>> yes. >> i just didn't know if you could give me that. >> i love jack. >> i have to start working on new impressions because i've been doing them too often and now i have to start working on new ones. >> we were just talking to your team here about working on a charlie rose. i said it would involve a lot of hands. that is the way that works. and computers. >> always a lot of and do this. i can't wait to see what he does you. >> i can wait. >> i can't wait to see what he does! all in the hands, that's what kevin spacey says. he plays president frank unrwood on "house of cards." throwing out a new role on charlie rose's pbs program last night. does it make you uncomfortable when people say i'm going to star working myharlrose >>es hes ve g he is very go. e will bright .
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7:56 am
de of 40go s atas lg enr a whe r delayso rklvesou im aui provint ou soh leigthleis in garnere trafc slg ivaofat 440 metake y tons rn 40 wou roh rn, telweestainut. er usi 7busines anerte rte. throh e foifrk ze, utro44-1st inthere. dota aerna ute, tti with various ns. alsveny roblked around tenen rd in s theypollen es. you'llun io detail -- you wi run into to coerngda until theyanthreen. soeeinowdowns cae
7:57 am
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7:58 am
hour we cldup0, 45fochteesn thto m s.roky uniln fa
7:59 am
coulr top of the morning to you. it is thursday, february 25th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real nus ahead, including the dramatic sea rescue this morning in new york city. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> this was the laundromat and
8:00 am
but it has been completely destroyed. >> trump has dismissed romney through this campaign. >> severing coming up trump. a message meant to scare their supporters. >> senate republicans are saying they are going to block anyone the president nominates even if it's someone from their own party. >> today, fbi director james comey will be on capitol hill where he is expected to discuss the government's case against apple. >> this incident caught on tape is raising new concerns about the new multibillion dollar e-cigarette industry. >> this seating concept could usher in a day where the airlines could truly price by your size. >> if it were the three of us, we wouldn't mind those seats, right? >> i'm pretty sure why trump won nevada. this is a campaign sign supporting ted cruz. this is a sign supporting marco rubio. and this is the one for donald trump. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by
8:01 am
i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. we begin with a dramatic rescue this morning in new york. the crew of a stranded fishing boat has been saved after it took on water. the coast guard received a distress call from the 176-foot vessel around 2:00 a.m. seven crewmembers were on board. >> the coast guard sent a rescue boat to assist but that boat cap-sized. all five crewmembers had to swim ashore. eventually a coast guard helicopter assists in the rescue. all crewmembers were pulled off the boat and no reports of any injuries here. >> very scary. the high waves are the effect of a powerful storm system killed eight people this week. storms lashed the east coast yesterday with violent winds and heavy rain. several tornadoes ripped through the south. four people died in virginia.
8:02 am
of richmond, where one community was torn apart. chip, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you can see behind me, a big pile of just somebody's belongings. but what is really sad about where i'm standing right now is that cinder block foundation back there, that used to be where a mobile home was. it was picked up and sent, who knows where, by this tornado and that is where three people lived, two men and a 2-year-old child, all of them died. it's believed that it all took off about 300 yards in that direction. >> a tornado just came through right on 460 right now. . tore this place to pieces. >> reporter: there were reports of multiple tornadoes in
8:03 am
three fatalities in waverly. homes were torn apart in pennsylvania also where 30,000 people lost power. at least three tornadoes were reported in north carolina. powerful straight line winds and pounding rains toppled trees and cut one home nearly in half. virginia governor terry mcauliffe will be here later this morning and survey the damage and pay respects to the victims. it is being reported now he is sending in the national guard to help this area recover. >> thanks, chip. the republican presidential candidates hold their last debate tonight before super tuesday after three straight wins for donald trump, his opponents in the party are looking for some way to stop him. r nom2012 nominee mitt romney said we have good reason to believe that there is a bombshell in donald trump's taxes.
8:04 am
should follow. >> i said that donald's tax returns a little more complicated. you know, an awful lot of people speculate he hasn't made as much money as he says. who knows? because he hasn't released his tax returns. i do think mitt has a good point, that the voters are entitled to know before they vote because you better believe the democrats, if there is anything in there, the democrats are going to go to town on this one. >> donald trump said last night that his tax returns are, quote, extremely complex and he will make a decision at the right time. he tweeted this this morning. mitt romney, who is one of the dumbest and worst candidates in the history of republican politics, is now pushing me on tax returns. dope. >> certainly a topic in the debate tonight, no doubt. 53 democratic delegates at stake in saturday's south carolina primary, that is a practicalion of those available on super tuesday. bernie sanders is rallying people in super tuesday states
8:05 am
the theme at his rallies has not turned into voter turnout which is lower than 2008 so far. he told a crowd in tulsa yesterday that voting is crucial. >> if people don't get involved in the political process, if people don't vote, there is a political vacuum. that vacuum will be filled by well-paid lobbyists and campaign contributors. >> hillary clinton is camped in south carolina and working hard to protect her lead in the polls and bring home a decisive win. she and former bill clinton have seven events today and covering the northeastern half of the state. professors learn a new gun law threatens free speech and safety on campus. texas is a state to allow concealed weapons at public universities and law was signed last june. georgia's house monday passed a similar bill. manuel bojorquez is on the
8:06 am
members are taking precaution. manuel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. republican presidential candidates will debate here tonight. but there is already a political discussion under way about the campus carry law. starting august 1st, if you have the proper permit for a gun you can bring it to you with class on this 40,000 student campus. in texas, guns are common. out on the range. and in some places, out in the open. but professors at the university of houston are targeting guns on campus, where concealed carry will be allowed later this year. >> it's an uncomfortable position to be in but it's a discussion that faculty need to have. >> reporter: during a recent university of houston faculty meeting, staffed discussed how to teach when some students could be carrying concealed weapons. among the suggestions? be careful discussing sensitive topics and remove certain topics
8:07 am
there if you sense anger. this is the law. it will happen. so what can you do? >> there is not very much and this is precisely what we are talking to faculty about and what they should not do in the classroom is express their displeasure of students bringing guns to class. >> reporter: some faculty and students say they must establish sensible guidelines while complying with the new law. >> we know there are concerns about safety on campus and we will do everything we can do to protect the members of our community. >> we are students. we are not criminals. >> reporter: sophomore edwin is running for student body president. >> i do not have my concealed carry license yet. >> reporter: will you apply for one? >> yes, sir. >>eporter: to obtain a handgun license in texas, applicants must be 21 years old. the initial application fee is $140 and the process requires up to six hours of classroom
8:08 am
it seems like there are many professors who feel they can't have a robust debate on this topic or any other topic in their classrooms. >> to say that we aregoing to snap because we have a debate? no. >> reporter: the university is expected to release its official guidelines next week, including exactly where on this campus concealed guns will be allowed. >> manuel, thank you. she will be protecting the net as team usa shoots for a fifth olympic gold medal. soccer legend hope solo is right here in studio 57.
8:09 am
for the rio olympics and her announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by nationwide.
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8:15 am
first its. sas their dauter y arayinis thehavehi t llyult be t thhave a ld houldir w decease daughter's >> wt d s sbo pes wou be beuse ve saiin caliadict braihere i f whereif youanyour es toviur h,tar y c aoign re tn an to bab t cs and myhi bau m ptsweh re
8:16 am
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8:17 am
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8:22 am
>> hello, adele. >> song of the year goes to adele! i said is earlier but to come back, i was really lost for a while. i didn't know if i would ever come back and for you to so nice to me! >> adele! we are so glad she is back. a very emotional adele stole the show at last night's brit awards in london. the singer took home four trophies including the album of the year for "25". she supports kesha who accuses her musical producer of sexual abuse. >> i want to thank my manager and my record label for embracing the fact that i'm a woman and being encouraged by it. i would also like to take this moment to publicly support kesha. >> adele moved past her sound problems at the grammys and closed the show with a flawless performance of her hit song "when we young."
8:23 am
qualify for the grammys here but look for the grammys in 2017. adele, adele, adele. >> why was she worried about coming back? >> she had a baby and she was wondering how that would affect her voice and she had some throat issues and she said she was just working through stuff. >> but she came back? >> came back strong. a star-studded lineup at the white house last night paid tribute to ray charles. hey ho hey hey ho ho feel. >> that was fun. >> president obama led the crowd in a sing-along. he said the late singer's legacy was on display in the musicians he influenced, including some on stage. >> the president called ray charles and electrifying
8:24 am
course of cultures and what makes america beautiful. >> i think they like music at the white house. >> i know! >> looked like a lot of fun. that is the guy from "empire." >> nice to see alabama shakes there. >> i loved ray charles. superstar goalkeeper hope solo has five straight shutouts going into the rio summer olympics and she is in our toyota green room to tell us how s llan om t north na yte
8:25 am
d a y rm njs ep sehurearouwe morn 'sr l esesheaccu khis pregnt gri ln.a frnd a hntvi theou shpe. thl owww.wr.c sing at a new repts rahighliosok theif's careity in gh amongmar k iner to o ivcpa oktoreca > chk inth the wind elh tosee if th wl die wn an issue. l bltebend y's ute won't y orer l to deal
8:26 am
wetainednd15 to0, g cou he st r . th could cree es reveling ou th mor brn k abth a fete there'a look ev t ouide of st osuns itlooks lihilly. 44 in ex te 1s towhh tsus freezing. f ts oo 49dasaturdaymain t buen we warmp su a ie r ia . i veot hea anobms this in but u need to kp . sue bi aeeifsu e on eas g utdurhading in s ralgh from anli incenare
8:27 am
buston esr ns 70eswestunasa to toh rah.o haveri bltboundsi e kniglepass earlier dent mothac e rishlder. sometheep mi leavg knhtle heading io leh onheoundsi of 2 is just before yt pe r we ing aent ea binesand e. eft ke ng abi afc.
8:28 am
8:29 am
tewibe > neenand triotsig end rob wski ias u'orribo r oyin off-seon s n' heeruing t has with500f h biggt e gronk rt ip w going dow boogie booeboogie!
8:30 am
boogie boogie! >>ou got to love him. we do. how heav team hadn? o>>iswah. >> we do le gronasmo wrealdo hes foat aff thel >>o t. fro? t ight!e boy good. ocb rning." ng uins ha , cc ld, a ympit s i i r yoreen om e wiho howmsa s w ces and whait wl ke to wicit f e fi >> g em
8:31 am
hla for prairie. time to owof morng'heads athgle. s.ews d rt beisew bilonai piwoe in capaltook yo chehe na. sccor shai based research outlet. moscow is number three and followed byong ng and shanghai. thatells you something, doesn'it? >> tells me i need to goo beijing is what it tells me! > "the washington pos reports -- >>hat would be a very intereg idea! >> yes. gayle and mr. wong, thatldbeyintere > "t whin " reports onfe-le rob als beg us to crackow llal hti i uolled ys w hh rcane of tsedeys
8:32 am
here is e queson. sheak erthe swers o ght.s prego. yeaoo m liik >> so. theroone. or lookse to me. >>we all on rk p i po t w on ts his. wopo awiidf wi a thae psingnicelyth f report s hiackurryeft le woods iow 4 hasn't etedbo shs >>thto a sugge atll t mtpupeon g w. e new yorkls decline izcrts gnghtt. n csy strahtsistheoparkfpastry. rv.
8:33 am
tit righip ahyca te dene apromhe r men'sis ilo for/ne, figh or,tvpeon yle,ougeoner!haar you loofohe. wosocceream this month - notsical th reaco ho ey enea i016 ri cs >> losa w'supamps, liatchamps. d geer ho had vetrthuto the
8:34 am
hooieamsan00 aenhetartin geeper mo thaaca>> will me tnsecthis here amanta t wintheir medadtsllat e, i ie ch toy, wldn' go th two-ti olympicedist herethe. pe sod moin oog. and foav >>e glad y'rhe o ll g t ieely rtat have to kehen hhat onganhapp innths i' littltsktil, t hont. ne came outoday things oblyouetse befe thtt it' y. d afeservationgog tol le i id'te m tecghtow e l tom
8:35 am
whaspical c zika vi j t i bo dsatu owt se ioant staly want tbe rried. n' the anxit he cttes. t want t rkhe saf a chd,lt of a d. 'st carynd eallo clens it u ino more i d't aleeli iake tivecisi ts are lehe u prablyo s tsehe, obab wld o eel me >> i j trt lotf atn ri now, so i n'thanodin ironsi buu ha ter that my teas fle wit dre endanom pdo liesme pe
8:36 am
it nerre afr wia rld p.rsd wan backamonever bforewa a pof aywa veeell the best goalkeeper ieto of e n's na tm. >>thn y w sa in the world. ld! dyou withth>> in e rld! n pe !>> i iftuetak gd askeeper?reatpe >> .stelf d in al k i a v dltdesi re kind o herhe at. ss olympic alatns bquicnso me a n th sy playi som poor coies andntry
8:37 am
the fieldh uauhe tiry,n do rllysptse eeasems who th'teaav arc inir soongetuch ono iote utts bidt earnedthem. >>healg peo init in0s .yore gngo be . ouneeleou'r even c in l, where woi ats go imething that yan ner altharema det tricac ml gore ain. s set is g part iis. wheveran tok ayecsere is methw learn challe anybody whome love cenge a le dink uou dthis? orld champ bk oung >> yeah. 12 yld andead a
8:38 am
how ulsog th noter iwa t '90ot '80s. the wo womeprer. iadsigticreha 't in thlm poss by god,happens. , avaay o pusorpo den equie eamtomething tn'tst a i wa to e onalcepl. want ahavent,ftrl iwa repordur wn jt ttee wiin g m wones moran at t wiloge pts? >> i a m ry p --e a
8:39 am
buit wn't eugh to tee tchan. or toge. >> ienlebutwe a teamavete evy nghe it a negots dim an eay tdoswon us bullied anrahees. roudf my. i'm a coming togeer sing ynow thme we needushfor equality and p f w htndeo aayingtentn. ha you >> i kn t we wilar ther bu tms , ion't owty onnt aleepi and thi te i'vehi e d keo eou tt s arli aftercarynd ithk y a wel y anhi else, ihi ey arepethe truth. illdmtexpssfears. >> go haou w wa.
8:40 am
>> z doeno srey holohaouy ch
8:41 am
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8:44 am
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8:45 am
ly idmprsf hethfirs lve s wul jt anothert- the wesasn evallr ct is mn dwt. r: bu n h 10000 sukierdid ioin sea a g byhis co >>t els pe nebrkaestod nd wardel reptes ilprd re c t midst desin, tosa ncoln, wre did graph edn 2006. >> our p i i herend diffencofhestar >>teuddlevices spts am andhe tir fm le'sit a thean sowanss .atitboutco tha
8:46 am
phenenit'supivomni trur reporau gtt mpilic plicollth. ve corue o ourorvasir the [ bleep ]. rr:oue from san aew yk atg? ou whereoin. r:no cpe ng ispethe me h i se$1 io n,sut>> c y a fasterit capital. me wh te t, ol co amini pto ando a hundroftware art-upon andon
8:47 am
ou j hearo people wco vnd out, they ,cos isol.aney ke,,>> rorter: there alnganieuged tatact oue in iestmtsast yearwe t -- rnia, new, ss t schgi. >> i don'thinktefs istribioreat enwith greatideas. repor s , a -fnderl,eads u revolu, cap plaotlose to1 billn cnieside. >>peleal i t nt id pejorati hiar gre trrebuilress >>epdl three employitas s praiouhe crosoft lincol zie idibly y re team auns a ithmount is. ter: hha emoys woing untrs bu i world headquargig
8:48 am
ssskincoln snds co atmerican st e ur to and te. >>ndn y l g.
8:49 am
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8:52 am
the ot soldhe awyey.e ed lthtihts so ank youmach a er ayedwho e up whner gaven. >> i'ly. the dail ben a
8:53 am
8:54 am
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8:55 am
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8:56 am
itch, o, a. eges iutlla isfteron in 50iscl ll t wthe weee crnind. ing frid suniys tughy moinp to ths sund > wee be acki den weunroh mu oth hn eaacn 40 rcahtmm ustofthe rning log beerga, 12 tehene spke a, 23ine e f . consng rn 's aow i probabtowaitf yo catiat. seec builngleing leheadg rtp. erccwehodge d w cleared . traffivingell, just a tt bitpring the beltne.
8:57 am
ros ocd aroundten te adilfoheorngidsi ten road aldre as aalteat > heperts heading to gto sst. ey want cwhhe rnone stmage a nooththei puresintl id nighin thbesu esday. toouon
8:58 am
8:59 am
oa ffnan o carmt >> announcer: today on an all-new "dr. phil." >> i believe that someone has been following me, recording me. >> announcer: she went from a house on the beach -- >> i believe they put mini chips in my eyebrows. >> dr. phil: you said there's something that is vandalizing your thoughts. >> my cd player is gone. that's my seat. >> dr. phil: we installed cameras. the only person we saw around the side of the car was you. >> announcer: now she's living with her brother.
9:00 am
been the biggest nightmare of my life. >> dr. phil: you ripped up your brother's couch? >> i didn't rip it up. i did rip it up. i did rip it up. >> announcer: but for how long? >> you're a liar. you're a liar, too. >> dr. phil: she hasn't said anything yet. >> dr. phil: let's do it! >> have a good show, everybody. >> dr. phil: this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> stand by, i'll count you down. >> dr. phil: i try to be an emotional compass and point you in the right direction. >> five, four -- >> dr. phil: i'm not giving up you. [cheers & applause] >> dr. phil: thanks very much. well, karen says two years ago she had it all. a successful business a


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