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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  February 26, 2016 7:00am-8:59am EST

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ca fd by cbs oritayfeuary 26t e cbisor." m r aruztearo donald trumpn t final debate before super tuesda could this be a turning point? a gunman storms a kansas facty,ling coworkers. victims desc the chaos they tried to run from the bullet anspike lees in studi 57. we will ta about the oscars shin ce lld. tin lo ay' or."
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een the g p a oith ak-47nd w shsde he wehe d d iobuilng ayhoot sn as. law eorntffllinis aorkplaviceit was a gebate i y umtnd s a >> whenh finsthe gan of eight,e ? was firing dni rn "cpprentice. drewod now? n i 're embaassed au arto b kigin d swswg thefenc >> the who
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ll you.>> augpr eses utlehe est qu heas sevent. our ndubc safet and oueed forva iscrhi eachhe >>its spi peta. >> dramatimagesut of columbia as office pull up on ng of robbe and all captured on a ficer's body cam. >> where are yougoing? hey! right no we have no stalls or llision! >> tom brady introducing the fa'sew dflufndters.ood rn wderuftert.that ainhag. if yede flate d e l theatodcot bshis mo selly about t tu toartherndin entire year i >> c hun days i d to.
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morningontoyota. ces!ome to mog." >>yle kings of naiishewe th debere sersd meli a ei fhtith o rard hitti. >>r ti aloth iexic ina ou sra war aiyown es. younowg causyo l >>'tnoing about baruni wis yr ? hat is problem s your planth yodoha a >> yd about t pic s. yo 3
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unersity of hon,he s te. >>r: grnin e republanebatanswedhiurning onyoet w ine pocal spiowif sedo w pled a ner nrils hed ainopo momentum we l toni h toel yoyo>>onal xeahea m re you'he bket segohe, goea t get tehe trgw.ush had aacald asadoteds,
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>> tmp oimmiatn. >>f t way h b trpere w ilmino do . stf 're gabout beati llls b you y! b oureal gng to ed policy,id t af e t th. he pal aot al eate deal no, no. art a rta deal d i nea loimo. oungit teorr:he m heate exgeved inttr plreobacould h r o lisohe i n mpioweave getid othe l theste. rti hielf. no ntingmylf.
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timeouti nded ymak f ohis a isan thi guy i ar owou'remas a u oo k inr theporte i teh othho mchesere s new to tinouonhtt llwobe you b me ohe suncof al-- >>, o tho sues nkidve ortene qstion that snwered inebatsneleasedrs t retuertion, trump ed a ooiuditorigngre ean rai thiissue, 201 rubeey saidha exse nama kruo ws nm hon. ser, grn>>d dit p lni
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i can j a c abt tpuan psemend whao t lo aor yust trump had nrs l t onheue ofea ytoha rept edhe mia pumpinim st bldo tmp ite forkingayhe ao wo ppl yea a otherdidanhi ce h recor wil ns t,fortatel ppeup benyhethe media with ano hes e tot in the g el.l so ind wow aontist take ove coervaveem dd ion a i whato t tmp ould look senar?ul one kws i loo ob le pitio
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wholly urepaesidt he uatfuse a qst sfi nonca, aut lagog utbty ctingnd d evwled and he a folupanno p n eny pfter i triedoet the morators to k m t at thiss e importantob the pne we are nve moo an who eas anyst rtant .e nodun to anndual d e nsert --care stiin to op. ase ew mes>> wtoou sply meength cnnis rn at youmpgn mag torsehdoranoslity ateo tatto the mioniscussed.hat methinyo kiab n
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he w inw,averf detes and off coul tri tst freeer tntr tndh rather have s w nonationhice t a lik dalump. ou'vsa tum timeist lonal um you've bnn wh ouout tspaseasyo w diffe lghanetiane ever seeu. >> well, becset' arcembnuo, acknowlede aranunrdog you aha u edhi o. llst of al get aht ththlica but
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y're a rca andoudour ton aist l dond tr utednd tomarum andoins t lowcy. >> a nol swstd ums s aouble gi ats wh i askedhaonut pantton dald trum lltoination. y y wne t'neweol andlsno the se fla.i tael andit iot f liketr i wiwlge a me peowatcng oat iri isker d oriteuy tr 40 s ohe lit guy o tor. >>ne o binsil, u know paid? thlittle guyhoorfom. ne rke nato yofor ts mo u. ank u. sface tti" modend political
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disos i washgton ooing,ch >> reporte hel uand ingan ptye t ienic a norah susetoo like trumpoing a rit noti su.laig wesue marco ta on u' notng to witr withd tr thde venueneic oldhy tr cld ers e rtck g ameren y ghoutgach na y're trealng pnts y h from the satorre dieliveras oyld hprerd ut tohathoinch
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ardssdgh we be ooot trelthoclossotuthnati? we snt?what will >>sstioan mentumon tayni 1 teisne w be te esn h doell in h own statbutr if hes ofof t ,st egg thatthe queswhater btear? ifon a wh e thle the rs m b letes, it llhi ndf snowballif e tvistio bemesil peoin bd aign?there isom en tain qst w lle kingt th ouhahappen. di thankonilk w setoted cruz >>moatou ecen e ovle. ta s gtr
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e wre suer tse g showlohohenl l atllhele looole.whicppents te meathe e thackground e orotu the'sha kil her chdid.>> "e new yo tes rng lls co releens of pai lleetdisers errit to w told ou on tuesday cateill bring esul ti
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oonghe aschaondedt facto e ser ed >> nif terifo.urrecos e h p inthrerters ohe dury good g,anuel rqz. >> rter:oleay of thsre in eild he at cel plantredora ter. er s appeare rmhe toor ay. inigatowryin t gere ooth h asight tin thin ses.>>orteov os rus to exc itr hen, y d ti. ceicfo, 38 em othire hkeellethi thatotenti rned arod op akead li aewde bere a nd win orr: ah saweonole ampageta o rd
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veed shog person in theg liircahen ho extohe shot o pers iking l a thsi ding b an oer gu he l enfmen n ednho h fien ie ndaviple multiples.,'mer repor who keit ohi atitm h spal >>e hed ts a peopl we jus ru dy . an y f i th leg.>> won b hap uil i s y know? iht tv. >> oy
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th , ande. buapeheoven knosst are thcoan sim turt'li is be serok ct ceyd ngressrookel herphones>> t cbifnd isartingm nual that ikelto be ze >> repteheeren kippoevopoftw atwoulrtisablehe eseunes thone cln afterasco t. insistsheuestviests fir amendment ts t af s softwa l
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ivonceetdan lru>>r:pp ss esund a coorad wh inigfoutte hasersked o teamo s wo. apwi aual sheholders t monupornia. the rst hng id rard. > jur parti in in eathe departnt, p warn russianyrn theill watc ary wil n ines aedafiliat gupfront. ourza ps -controlletoth >>epor goo we have rithutf a on t f anmbg. thrianeran
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elizablm, a.thk u.>>ald pgs annohis portion s th" reatap ay. thlutionfmethe smalcreen. >>evap the pulse siend o ryto caup. wss bahi
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party, people! it is friday, february 26th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more news ahead including a tag team verbal assault on donald trump at the gop debate. about marco rubio and ted cruz do enough to improve their chances on super tuesday? first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. police say all of the deaths occurred in the building behind me. his coworkers say he appeared normal when he arrived to work. what do you get when you combine political desperation
8:01 am
a shouting match and boarded on bedlem bedlem. >> you're not winning a twitter war with donald trump. >> no way we would let a con artist to overtake the conservative movement and donald trump is a con art ilvet. >> >>ist. >> he is pouring sweat i've never seen anything like it and i don't know what the problem is but he is pouring down sweat. we have to have somebody that doesn't sweat. >> when donald trump released his tax returns it would show his income and what percentage he is paying in taxes but he says he can't. >> barack obama used to be their number one politician and now it's bernie sanders. >> poor obama. young people used to think he was so cool. this was him in 2008. and now he is considered less cool than this guy. he is playing basketball with hands inpens in his pocket. hold on a second, that is two
8:02 am
this morning" sponsored by nationwide. o'donnell and vinita nair. gayle is off. investigators this morning say they are close to identifying a motive in kansas. three people were killed by the gunman and at least 15 hurt. at least four are in critical condition. early indications do not show any connection between the groups. police say the gunman was served a protective order for an abusive relationship shortly before the shootings. cbs news has identified the gunman as cedric ford. he was armed with an assault-style weapon. the shooting stretched across two towns outside of wichita. the shooting occurred at excel industries where ford worked and he was killed an hour after the rampage was started by police.
8:03 am
front-runner donald trump last night's debate on everything from health care to immigration. >> you're the only person on this stage has ever been fined for hireing people to work on your projects illegal. >> i'm the only one on the stage that has hired people. you haven't hired anybody. >> he said, i'm not going to pay for that, quote, f'ing wall. >> this guy used a filthy sdust disgusting word on television and he should be ashamed of himself and should apologize. the wall is $10 billion to 12 billion if i do it and if these guys do it will cost 200 billion. >> if he builds the wall like trump towers he will be using illegal labor to do it. >> i get along with everybody. you don't get along with anybody. you don't have one republican senator, and you work with them every day of your life and skip a lot of time, these are minor details. >> i think donald is right. he is promising if he is elected he will cut deals in washington. he right. he has supported giving hundreds
8:04 am
democrats. >> this is robin hood over here. he talks about corruption on his financial disclosure form. he didn't even put that he has borrowed money from citibank and from goldman sachs. >> the insurance companies take care of the politicians and insurance companies get what they want. we should have gotten rid of the lines around each state so we could have real competition. >> is that the only part of the plan? just lines? >> you have many different plans. you'll have competitionship you'll have so many different plans. >> now he is repeating himddle. >> -- himself. >> no, i'm not repeating myself. >> you are repeating yourself. >> here is the guy repeating himself. >> five things, everyone is dumb and he going to make america great again. >> senator rubio, please stop! >> every night, same thing! >> well, last night's debate both marco rubio and ted cruz
8:05 am
in a court filing on thursday apple hit back hard at the government over unlocking an iphone of the san bernardino terrorist. apple said the following. fbi director james comey said thursday, quote, the hardest question i've seen in government and it's going to require negotiation and conversation. the cofounder paypal max levchin has joined that conversation and joined on yelp's board until last year and he is of a tech company. welcome. >> great to be here. >> let me ask you this one simple question. how do you see this controversy, other than the need for
8:06 am
what is at issue here for you? >> so is this a blank question? a tough answer. but i fundamentally changed my views the last several days listening to the debate going from helping is terrorist clear-cut black and eye test to my view today which i think is the right one. fundamentally supporting tim cook in what he is trying to do. this is ultimately a question of drawing the line in the sand and it's a brand-new set of problems. fbi or law enforcement asking a company to write code to survey its customers is unprecedented and what tim cook is trying to do is bring it into the public debate all the way to congress, all the way to the supreme court. and have a clear set of laws created becausthere isn't anything on the books today. so i think that is profound lie important. >> you've heard the case that the fbi director said on capitol hill yesterday. the code the judge has directed apple to write works on only this phone.
8:07 am
the wild and working on my phone or your phone experts tell me is not the real thing. is that argument -- >> i think it runs on this particular iphone but by extension, it's true that they can write code that works on any other iphone, yours for example or my laptop or your laptop. if there is ultimately a law is a thassays that is okay, tim cook is saying we need to hear it and stated to the american people we are all fine with this. >> max, what do you think has changed? because as i look at this debate, apple has been cooperating with law enforcement, as well as us intelligence agencies for years. last year they handed over 3,000 cases and why all of a sudden has apple decided to draw a line in the sand on this case? >> i can't speak for apple, obviously. i suspect and -- just like i said, it's a really complex issue and all of us, certainly i as a parent or a husband, the initial reaction let's help the
8:08 am
it's very clear that apple has been andments to continue to do so. but it must have felt that the slope has gotten very slippery, where you start by handi over data that you had access to as court order would compel you do you're asked to do more and build more software. why not expect to have software in your phone to record what you say and that is something they clearly could not deal with without having it completely heard out publicly. >> why is it that the government needs apple's help? i think people would think, naturally why not recruit people on your own from silicon valley and you have your own capability of hacking into the phone. >> it turns out this particular one issue technologically without apple's help is impossible. the security within the iphone today is strong enough where the company, itself, has means to unlock it if they are compelled to do so, but the best hark in the world, without apple's help, could not.
8:09 am
i mean, as you know, it's a need to ask this. you worry about precedent and you worry about having access by anybody and, clearly, people around the world will use the precedent. >> uh-huh. >> but what is it that prevents this society from figuring out a way to allow them to get information about terrorism? >> i think we are ultimately worried about the precedent. i think that is the most important thing here. >> precedent takes precedent over the lives of people who might be endangered by terrorism? >> i think that's the hardest part about this case, and i think what tim koom cookcook is saying, yes, it does. it's really hard for me to say, yes, it does, but i think from the prospective we want to live in and what law we want to do firefight it does or doesn't we need off a public debate about
8:10 am
it means. we have been here before. the precedent from waterboarding and we have put asidehe conversation what is important to us as a society, as a country in favor of solving a problem that is immediately in front of us, and, subsequently, we found ourselves soul searching over and over again. i think that is what they are trying to prevent. >> do you think this process and this conversation is taking place now and that either at the supreme court level or before congress, something will change? >> absolutely. i think it is out. >> max, thank you. spike lee is in the toyota green room. we will take a closer look at
8:11 am
will learn about his new michael announcer: this portion of "cbs thisng" spred tiwide
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tomorrow night "48 hours" examines a bizarre killing in seattle. a man was sitting in traffic and gunned down simply for the thrill. that is what prosecutors say was the motive for murder. the man arrested in the shooting was hailed as a genius. peter van sant investigates the prodigy who allegedly trained for years to commit the perfect murder. here is a preview. >> reporter: it was a murder that put the city of seattle on edge. >> it was like a bomb had dropped. >> none of us is ever safe. any of us could have been him. >> reporter: prosecutors adrian mccoy and kristen richardson say the murder of yancy noel shot to death in his car while stopped at a red light seemed totally random. >> the police went all out.
8:17 am
>> reporter: it happened on a quiet summer's night in 2012. local wine steward yancy noel was driving home from work when he was shot four times in the head by a man in a bmw sports car who fled the scene. >> yancy had no criminal history history, no history of being a hot-head. >> reporter: detective dana duffy and her partner frank clark suspected it might be a case of road rage on steroids. >> we didn't know if it was a targeted shooting or if it was a random shooting. >> reporter: weeks went by and then police got a tip. the name vin bowman who appeared to be the most unlikely of potential suspects. >> the people that we have spoken to have described him as brilliant. a genius. >> reporter: bowman and his wife jennifer were taken to police headquarters where bowman refused to talk. his wife jennifer dodged questions. police suspected she was
8:18 am
>> have you heard of any murders like, within a few blocks of your house in the last few weeks? >> i'm not sure. >> you're not sure? it's a yes or no question. do you want to talk to a lawyer or talk to us first? >> i guess i'd like to talk to a lawyer. >> reporter: bowman got his lawyer and he was arrested. wife jennifer was released but stood by her man. there were hundreds of jailhouse phone calls. >> they had pet names, jen was bunny. and mrs. bowman, jennifer, was snuggles. >> when they talked to each other, they talk in baby talk. >> honey, how are you? >> i'm doing good. how is my little snuggle? >> i dream about you. >> yea! >> reporter: when police examined bowman's computer, they discovered he had been building a library of information on death and murder. and videos reveal he was an expert marksman. >> police didn't know they were looking for a student of murder.
8:19 am
kill. >> peter van sant is here with "more just to kill." that is the motive? >> yes. this was a random killing and one of the most terrifying kind by a genius engineer. this man was working on making the first electric motorcycle. he designed robotics and went to college when he was 1.2. very much a loner. fancied himself like james bond and could fire handguns accurately and won a shooting competition with both hands and played it out to this tragic end. >> what question is your piece asking? >> our piece is trying to get inside the mind of someone who had everything in life to achieve and, yet, chose a random act of violence that is similar to what a gang member would do. he pulled up alongside a complete stranger and put four bullets in his head and why? the back story is fascinating. >> especially based on what you've told us. what a prodigy he was.
8:20 am
you can see his full report "a student of murder" "tomorrow night on cbs, at 10:00/9:00 central on cbs. the sneak preview of an auction that rocks! you're watching "cbs this
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da >> that is new england quarterback tom brady recreating a classic "lion king" moment to welcome his new puppy to the family. brady got the pup named fluffy from an animal shelter in los angeles. >> so cute! >> he is a stream of light coming down on the puppy. >> very cute. kind of a different picture than what we saw gronk doing yesterday. sort of a contrast.
8:31 am
a new documentary on michael jackson looks at a major turning point for the king of pop. the man behind that documentary, director spike lee is right here in studio 57. how he believes hollywood can take on the diversity issue with this week's oscars under fire. that is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. the cleveland plain dealer reports on the nation's first uterus transplant. wednesday's operation took place at the cleveland clinic. a 26-year-old woman was a recipient. the uterus was from a deceased donor. the patient has to wait a year before trying to become pregnant through in vitro fertilization. >> isn't that amazing? medicine, medicine, medicine. the st. louis patch dispatch is covering a university of
8:32 am
the university said melissa click was not encouraged to physical limitation against a student. the oscars are still missing many faces when it comes to diversity. the second straight year, all 20 academy award acting nominees are white. 91% of oscar voters are white. down 3% since 2012. 76% are male. 1% drop. about 3% are black. a slight increase. the academy members are picked for life slowing the push to diversify. >> the 88th annual oscars are two days away. big hollywood names will not be there. two-time nominee and oscar recipient spike lee revealed on instagram he and his wife will not attend sunday's ceremony. the motion picture academy announced in january it will take historic action to make its membership more conclusive but lee thinks the problem goes much
8:33 am
he is out with a new documentary "michael jackie's journey from motown to off the wall." welcome to studio 57. >> how are you doing? you didn't ask me where i'm going to be? >> where are you going to be? >> the world's norah o'donnell most famous be arena, madison square garden. my beloved new york knicks will hopefully put up a good performance against the miami heat. >> that will be a good one. >> have you looked at the standings laltedtely? we are at the ttom of the east! >> we are talking about what your beloved knicks need. >> yeah. >> where are you going to be on the night of the oscars? >> the world's most famous arena! >> okay. >> can you help him? >> what he meant to say -- >> i thought you were just joking with me because we love the knicks. >> no, no, i'm going to the game! >> we were talking about earlier was your decision. you're not calling it a boycott. your decision to not attend. this has been longstanding for you. you've commented about this for years now.
8:34 am
that made you say i'm not going? >> well, the nominations came out like the day before on national holiday for mlk day, and for the second year in a row, those keeping score at home, sports fans, 20-0. two years in a row, 20-0. two years, 40-0. that is ridiculous. i think so many performances that got overlooked. my wife and said, we can't go. we didn't call anybody. i was not on the phone with jada or will. we did this independently and they did it independently and other people have done it independently too. it's pervasive and people said we are fed up and not going. >> you say it's not just those who vote, you say it's a problem with the major studios. >> yeah. have you seen "hamilton" yet? >> yes. >> one of my favorite songs -- >> not in the room. >> yes, we got to be in the
8:35 am
i want to be i can't sing but we are not in the room. we are not in the gatekeeper positions. we don't have green lights. i'm happy that abc appointed an african-american woman as a new entertainment person. that's a start. the oscar thing, it's the biggest thing. we are not in the room and not in the gatekeeper position. >> a couple of things to do here. number one, what you want to do is more african-american executives at every level of the -- >> people of color. >> people of color? >> yes. like we need a version of the nfl's rooney rule. >> right. >> in the entertainment industry. >> do you think process is the only way things will change? we discussed that before throughout the show. >> you have a good point. it always comes down to from montgomery boycott to university
8:36 am
the football team was going to be on strike and they had to write a 1 million dollar check, that president of the university of missouri, the board of trade got together and he was out there. comes down to dollar bills. >> there was a new ucla study that found when half of the cast of a movie is not white, the film has more success at the box office. there is the argument to make the studio heads, right? >> that is the thing. forget about this being america and what is right to do. let's appeal to the bottom line. united states census bureau said by the year 2036 white americans would be a minority. >> right. >> if i'm a businessman, i want to make money, i'm going to appeal to what this country -- >> you're going to skirt the largest audience? >> yes. you cannot ignore people of color in this country like these industries have done, i don't think. >> you're advertising your new
8:37 am
>> no surprise there. >> where is our t-shirt? that is a nice looking t-shirt. what is great about your documentary, though is -- >> and the game plan is let's just deal with the music. all of the other stuff, not here. let's just deal with this genius and that is we have done with "bad" and "off the wall. >> i-seen a lot of genius before in him before. >> he was able james brown, gene and is a -- sinatra and others to make it his own. >> what about this particular time in his life? >> this is key because this follows him from one of the
8:38 am
him be starring in "the whiz" where he met quincy jones. now is a key thing on to his first solo album "off the wall." "thriller "thriller "thriller" and "bad" all off quincy jones. much. >> thanks for having me. go knicks, friday night! i will not be at the oscars in l.a. >> you can watch "off the wall michael jackson's journey" on
8:39 am
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wd. whl won pyedeoouc. >>onp gotore ombi b inevy >> weon are . yhink ntldk se t d ible yoo him. thehtoes. eva vict hugeli tlinton . >>ver dedac devonusilsavbeen cleaurtart in sowlihi .thomd pple executives sahis sliy bac droesilon ctors a .
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>>s.byerdi'thed a te ey ho oing d >> we e on h ses, . he ch o offtho >> bac front?>> bornt e books good. st b i' jea er t us becse itruge >> you said there should be a revo against pants >>, we are at a table so none of us have to wear pants. >> i think it's a good idea if we do. >> somebody you are condering to have context with traveled to south america or a place there is at zik
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questi >>have yl hto con c onhat n ykelst dof cn. croissare straighten out>>t' t m anythgi t ink they are t ru tthig icarolina said we made history tonight and i'm thinking, what kind ofhi
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seyo. >> announcer: today on an all-new "dr. phil." >> my husband's gambling is out of control. he pawned my wedding ring to gamble. >> announcer: he lost all his money. >> dr. phil: so you gambled away $800,000? >> but he gets mad if we use paper towels to drive hands. >> dr. phil: did you sell a car to pay bills? >> yeah. >> dr. phi what did you do with the money? >> gambled it away. >> announcer: he's about to lose his family. >> dr. phil: don't you start he fitso le? >> i have before. >> tim gets mad and he hits the doors and knocks it off the hinges.


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